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(1) 2C Kelvin Chan Chak Ho
(4) 2C David Chan Wai Man

     This is the cartoon character that
 I designed. His name is Tom. He is a
 cartoon character for Halloween. He
 is my favourite character now
 because I like my design very much.
 Let me introduce this character.
     He likes eating candy. His father
 is a pumpkin and his mother is a
 tree. Therefore, his head is a
 pumpkin-head and his body is made
 of wood. He always smiles. I think
 his face is so scary.
     He lives in the forest. When the
 day is near Halloween, he will come
 out. He will go to the city to scare
 people if they do not give out candy.
(5) 2C Felix Cheung Chun Kit

      My character is called Qcute. It is a
  mixture animal from a bear and a
  hamster. I made it because I like both
  bears and hamsters. It’s head is brown
  and its body is yellow.
      It lives in a small town and it needs
  to go to school. It has got a best friend
  called Lucky. They both like reading
  different kinds of books so they always
  get good results on every exam and test.
      It likes playing badminton but it can
  only play on holidays. It enjoys
  everyday and hopes that it can fly one
  day but it has no wings.
   (6) 2C Vincent Cheung

    This helicopter toy was designed by
me. I think this toy is the best toy I’ve
designed. It is made of iron and has
lights. I used green, red, black and
yellow to paint it. I also made a
controller to control it.
    You can switch on the light on the
helicopter toy. Then you can see many
things. You can also control it to shoot
some plastic bullets at some bad
    It can fly in the air and it has a
camera under it, so you can use it to find
someone. I hope children will like it but
won’t use it to shoot plastic bullets at
good children.
 (7) 2C Keith Chiu

    This is the cartoon character that
I designed. His name is Snow Ball,
because his body is covered with
white hair. His height is 35cm and
his weight is about 20kg. He can’t
speak but he can make some sounds
like ‘ bid bid ’.
    He does have a mouth, but you
can’t see it. He likes to eat anything,
so don’t let him eat your pen or you
    Snow Ball can also jump very
high. He usually likes to hide in a
corner and sleep there too.
(8) 2C Donald Fong Ka Ho

    This carton was designed by me. He
is a pirate called Peter. He has a cap and
an eye-patch. He also has a full beard
and his right hand is an iron hook. His
left leg was cut off so now he has a
wooden leg.
    He is very wicked. He usually robs
other ships on the sea.
    I love this character because he is
rich and he can do everything he loves.
   (9) 2C Angus Fung Chun Hin

    I have designed a toy that is
called Horseman. I designed it
because I love to watch horse races.
I designed it to be able to run very
fast and save people from danger.
Besides being able to run very fast,
he can fly in the sky.
    The colour of it’s head is orange
because it is a robot and he is made
of metal. It has a weapon that can
kill the bad guys.
    I think that children will love it
because it’s cool and it has a
function. It can make children run.
(10) 2C John Fung Chun Ting

    This character is male with a purple
body. He has wings like an angel, but his
head has fire which represents hell. He
has a stick with a pair of wings on it and
some sharp points with fire on them.
    He can do a lot of things. He can use
his fire on his head to keep himself
warm. He can also fly in the sky. He can
go up to heaven or down to hell.
Therefore, his boss is Jesus.
    His mission is to go down to the
human world and see how they use their
environment. If they have faults then he
sends them to hell.
(11) 2C Jack Ho Ka Wa

    This is a robot, but this robot is not
common because on its body there is a
special button. This button is used to
change the size of the robot. It can
become bigger than a house. Near the
button, there is a key hole, which will
open the robot.
    It has six hands and the shape of
each hand is different. The feet of the
robot can slide, so it runs fast.
    It has a brain which helps it do
anything. It has a computer monitor and
a TV, so you can see TV programs on
the monitor. It is white.
(12 ) 2C Archer Kam Wing Yan
       This is a robot, which is a good
   robot, because it can protect you, play
   music, speak and sleep. However, he
   can’t wash dishes for you, play football
   with you or play videos.
       He has rectangular eyes, a square
   mouth, rectangular body, rectangular
   hands, rectangular legs and rectangular
       He likes good guys and hates bad
   guys. He drinks oil to have energy only
   and does not eat for like us.
       He is gold in colour and is made of
   gold. So it is a golden robot and because
   of this reason, we call it “Golden”.
       Is the name cool? – I think so.
(14 ) 2C Jacky Lam Chin Shing

      My cartoon character is a bear.
 His name is Bobby and he likes
 helping people who are in difficulty.
 All people like him very much.
 When he sees that people are
 arguing, he will use his ‘Love Bag’ to
 take something out which can solve
 their problems.
      Do you know why he is so fat?
 After helping people, they give
 Bobby lots of chocolate or sweets.
 Therefore, he eats more and more
 snacks and becomes fat.
      His ears are longer than others,
 so he can listen to sounds that come
 from very far away. These things
 have made Bobby become famous.
(15) 2C Alan Lam Ming Kei
     This cartoon character was designed
by me. Its name is Jackie. It has red eyes
and two long teeth, but it can not eat
anything it wants because it has no
     It will hurt children in Halloween but
it is cute so I think no one will be afraid
of it. Its nose is big because it only
smells and watches food disappear. It
can’t run fast because its body will
break. It’s eyes glow brightly in the dark
night, so don’t go to the street at night.
     If you don’t want to attract it, you
shouldn’t eat food near it.
(16) 2C Jacky Lao Cheuk Hin

     This cartoon character is called
Cam Cam. He is a camera robot. His
designer put a camera inside his
body. Therefore, he can take photos.
When he finishes taking photos, the
photos come out of his mouth. His
eyes are very big and they can give
out light. (That way the photos will
be clearer.)
     He is a robot, so he runs very
slowly, but the camera inside his
body is very special. It comes from
the future. He can take photos
without using his hands and the
photos are really clear.
     Finally, he is a very kind and
friendly robot. All the people can
take photos with him!
(18) 2C Tom Lee Kai Yuen

     This is the cartoon character that I
 designed called ‘Oranger’. It has half an
 orange for its cap. It has a blue coloured
 face. Oh! It’s face colour can change.
     How about the bottom part? It’s used
 for killing insects.
(19) 2C Michael Leung Chun Yeung
           This is a toy which belongs to Mr.
      Bean. It is brown and small, and Mr.
      Beans likes to play with it. Whenever
      Mr. Bean does anything, he takes it with
           I think it will be very happy, because
      Mr. Bean always shares his things with
      it, reads stories to it, and sleeps with it.
      Mr. Bean loves it very much.
           I also think that it is so funny and
  2C Jason Siu Yung Kit (21)

   Hi! I am an AI. I am the newest
robot. I can talk, move, and even fly!
Therefore, I am very helpful. My
master can order me to do anything,
but not bad things.
   When my master feels bored, I
can play with my master. When I feel
happy, my face will change to a
happy face. However, I will not cry
because I am a robot. I can protect
my master and myself, too.
Therefore, my master will take me
with him.
   I don’t need to eat. I just need oil.
However, I am very expensive, so
only a few people can afford me.
(22) 2C Kelvin So

    This is a cartoon character that I
designed called Fire Jack. It lives in a
royal family’s house. It is the highest
rank in the family.
    Fire Jack has a little room which is
really a stove. It needs to be burning
everyday, so Mr. Jack always puts wood
in the stove for burning.
    Mr. Jack knows that if Fire Jack dies,
the house will be destroyed, so he hasn’t
told his family members that Fire Jack is
in the stove.
    When everyone is out of the home, it
will dance in the stove happily but it can
not move when people are in the home.
 (23) 2C Edwin So Wai Lun

    This is a strong man called Bu-Bu.
Bu-Bu had long hair, and wore blue
clothes and blue shoes. He loved money
and killed rich people to get money. He
gave some of the money to poor people
because he was kind.
    He was a soldier of the Three-
Kingdoms. There were many wars in his
country so he learned martial art and
made a weapon that looks like an ‘X’.
This weapon could kill people in 1
second! Bu-Bu killed many people. At
last he died by his father Lu-Lu.
(25) 2C Ryan Yeung Ho Nam

    My character is called Low B.
On its boby, there is a TV. You can
play with him and watch TV shows
with him. It has wings, so it can fly.
It has a hi-fi, so it can make sounds
louder. It can store solar power for
electrical use.
    I love red and black very much si
I coloured Low B red and black. On
the top of Low B there is a light and
heat energy. The things on the sides
of its ears are the air-condtioners. I
hope everyone will like Low B.
(27) 2C Chan Ho Sum

     My name is Packy. I am just half-a-
 year old and a new immigrant from
 France. My body is full of fashionable
 style because my master likes to make
 me a ‘Fashion Electricity Dog’.
     I have a pair of big eyes that look so
 cute, a big mouth and a lovely face that
 gives people a nice impression. I have a
 sweet voice that can sing many lovely
     Sometimes, my master and I will go
 to some centres and play and talk with
 the elderly or some children. It is a very
 good thing to help people and be
 concerned about people who don’t have
 anyone to care for them. I think I have
 really got a good master.
 (28) 2C Gloria Chan Pui Yan

    My name is Cha Cha and I’m five
years old. My height is 17cm and my
weight is one kilo. I am orange with
three feelers on each side of my face and
only one front tooth.
    I like to imitate many things and
wear different clothes; for example, an
apple, a cat, a candy, a gentleman, etc.
    My three great interests in life are
singing, painting, and sports, but not ball
games. No matter which kind of ball
game, I would be hurt by it. That’s why
I hate ball games.
    I love to smile and I can make
anyone around me happy. I want to
bring joy to anyone who loves me!
(29) 2C Avon Sze-Lok Chan
     This toy is called ‘Moving
 Computer’ because it can walk and fly.
 It can also speak so you can always chat
 with it.
     It can be a computer. Its mouth is the
 screen and it can be controlled by your
 voice. You can use it as a computer but
 without a mouse. It can follow you
 everywhere because it can fly or walk
 near you.
     It’s energy comes from the light. It
 can keep some energy to use at night. It
 can protect our environment.
     It looks like a little demon because I
 think it’s cuter than the angel one.
 Angels have halos above their heads so
 they can’t fly at all.
 (30) 2C Clera Chau

     Hello. Nice to meet you. You can
call me Little Mush because I am a
little mushroom. I’m a girl and born
in Hong Kong.
     I have a very small mouth, a pair
of big shiny eyes but I haven’t got
any ears. I’m a mushroom so I hate to
eat mushroom because it looks like I
need to eat myself.
     I love reading and sleeping. If you
pull my hair, then I will vibrate. If
you hold my hand, then I will sing.
     I am so lonely, so please take me
home and be my master. Bye bye!
    (31) 2C Natalie Chang Chor Yi
    Chilli Chilli is a famous cartoon
character that all children know. She
is famous for being useful and cute.
She is a piece of cheese with big
black eyes.
    She has many uses. You can use
her to clean your computer, MP3,
ipod, telephone or TV. She can dance
and sing when you are using her.
    If you want to listen to the radio,
you need to push her right hand. If
you want to change the channel, you
need to roll her right leg. Is it very
    The children who are using her
have said that she is a useful toy and
very cute!
    How can you resist buying her?
(32) 2C Abby Ho Pui Yi

   Rinky and Yakumi are cute aliens
from another planet. Their names are
from Japanese designed by me. Rinky’s
name is from the Japanese meaning of
apple りんご / ri-n-go /, and
Yakumi’s name is from the Japanese
meaning of cloud くも / ku-mo /.
There shapes are similar to an apple
and a cloud.
   They came to the Earth to find their
own legs, as their legs are made of
human sins. If they want their legs
back, they must work hard on Earth to
take human sins away.
   Rinky is the quiet one and Yakumi is
the active one. Do you think they are
(33) 2C Kam Yi Kwan

   My character is a very cute mouse
named Mimi. Mimi has black and
white coloured stripes. She likes to eat
strawberries and cheese cakes. (She
became a little bit fat, but she is still so
cute.) Mimi lives with her family. She
has two brothers and one sister.
   Mimi is very smart.She likes going
to school and her favourite subject is
Mathematics. She thinks it is easy to
   She has many friends. Her best
friend is Bibi. (She’s a rabbit.) On
Sunday, they always go to the
swimming pool to swim or have a
competition. She thinks her life is
colourful and happy all the time.
(34) 2C Becky Lau Wing Sum
    I designed a ghost doll. If you feel
bored, you can play with this ghost doll.
She can talk with you! When you have
any happy thing, you can share it with
    Although she is a ghost, she still eats
food. She is like a pet. You need to take
care of her carefully because she is only
a 6-year-old little ghost.
    She is a ghost, so you can only see
her at night. She likes resting in the
morning and afternoon. Therefore, you
will not find her during that time. If you
do, she will feel angry.
(36) 2C Annick Leung Yuen Fan

    Her name is Kurumi and she is half-
a-year old. She is a white and brown cat-
like creature who wears a frog’s hat with
big eyes on the top and a green jacket
with a cat’s tail. Her body has a brown
dot pattern, which is cute. She is 11cm
    She is naughty because she likes
playing tricks on others. She is always
full of energy and never gets tired.
    Her favourite food is strawberry
cake. She always holds a red balloon
because she likes the colour red and she
likes things that can fly. She loves
herself very much.
(37) 2C Sherry Li Pik Kau

    This is my cartoon which I love
very much. He is my favourite
cartoon now. He is a boy named
Babe. He has two front teeth over his
mouth, which is very cute and just
like me. Babe has short hair and big
eyes. He likes sports, for example;
volleyball, football and badminton.
    I want him to be hard-working
and become smart because he is just
like my son. I would like to let him
become bigger and bigger.
    I hope I can make a Babe doll
myself in the future. Then I can play
and sleep with him everyday. I don’t
need to be afraid when he gets old
because if he gets dirty then I can
make a new one.
 (38) 2C Sukey Lui Ka Yee

     My toy is a doll. It’s name is
Plastic Angel. It is medium
sized—about 40 x 30cm. I think
its very cute. It always has a
bored face. Because of its size,
you can sleep with it by holding
it. It’s very comfortable.
     Also, it has different clothes
to wear and different attachments
to carry. On its clothes it says
‘Love and Peace.’ It means the
Plastic Angel loves the world too.
If we put this on the market,
maybe we can earn lots of money.
 (39) 2C Joanna Sui Wing Tung

    Her name is Jacaranda. She is named
after a beautiful five-lobed flowering
plant. She is a brown boot covered in
leather. Her hole can help you do
different things. You can put pens in her
hole or you can put your MP3s, mobile
phones, watches, etc.
    She can sing also. She can sing 200
different songs that you download. You
can use her to have fun. You can listen
to the radio or recordings.
    If you want her, then you need only
$380 to buy her. Please take her home!
   (40) 2C Karen Tang Siu Yan

    I designed this toy because I think
that when I am happy, it will smile
with me, play with me, and tell jokes
to me! When I am unhappy, it will be
sad also.
    It will always stay with you. If
you are lonely, it will be with you, so
you won’t feel alone. You can also
buy clothes for it!
    I think it is so cute, do you think

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