26 Financial Reports

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					Income Statement                Amounts

Sales Revenues                      1,000,000
Cost of goods sold                   300,000
Gross Margin                         700,000
Operating Expenses
Salaries Exp.                        25,000
Wages Exp.                            5,000
Rental Exp.                          12,000
Marketing Exp.                       55,000
Selling Exp.                          3,000
Promotion Exp.                       40,000
Depreciation of furniture             8,000
Dep. Of Plant assets                 120,000
Dep. Of Buildings                    12,000
Dep. of Cars                          5,000
Dep. Of Office supplies               5,000
Dep. Of Equipment                    45,000
Amortization Of goodwell             10,000
General Exp.                          5,000
Administrative Exp.                   7,500
Tiny Exp.                             2,500
Total Of Operating Exp.              360,000
Net Income(Losses)                   340,000

financial position                   amounts
tangible fixed assets
land                               12,000,000.00
building                           4,000,000.00
equipment                          8,000,000.00
vehicles                           2,500,000.00
tools                               500,000.00
total tangible fixed assets        27,000,000.00
intangible fixed assets
goodwell                           3,000,000.00
license                            1,000,000.00
total intangible fixed assets      4,000,000.00
current assets
cash and cash equivalent           6,000,000.00
inventories                        12,000,000.00
accounts receivable                1,500,000.00
notes receivable                    500,000.00
bank accounts                      15,000,000.00
short term deposits                3,500,000.00
total current assets               38,500,000.00
other assets
prepaid expenses                    100,000.00
accrued revenues                    400,000.00
total other assets                  500,000.00
total assets                                  70,000,000.00
owners equity
common capital stock                            20000000
additional paid in capital                      10000000
retaind earnings                                5000000
total owners equity                             35000000
long term liabilties
mortgage                                        15000000
long term debts                                 5000000
total long term liabilities                     20000000
short term liabilities
accounts payable                                4000000
notes payable                                   1000000
short term debts                                5000000
total short term liabilities                    10000000
other liabilities
accrued expenses                                 3000000
deferred revenues                                2000000
total other liabilities                          5000000
total owners equity and liabilities             70000000
check point for balance                        ‫الميزانية متوازنة‬

retaind earnings statement                       amounts
beginning retaind earnings                      5,000,000
net income during the year                       340,000
available for dividends                         5,340,000
dividends                                        340,000
ending retaind earnings                         5,000,000

cash flow statement                       partial                    total
operating activities
net income for the year                                                      340,000
add:decrease in current assets                              120000
add:increase in current liabilities                         150000
add:depreciation                                              5000
add:amortization                                              5000
add:losses on disposal                                       10000
less:increase in current assets                            -200000
less: decrease in current liabilities                       -50000
less:gain on disposal                                       -20000
net cash from operating activities                                            20000
cash available for investing activities                                      360,000
                         ‫قائمة الدخل‬

                        ‫إيراد المبيعات‬
              ‫تكلفة البضاعة المباعة‬
                          ‫مجمل الربح‬
                  ‫مصروفات التشغيل‬
                  ‫مصروفات األجور‬
‫األيجارات أو المصروفات األيجارية‬
                 ‫مصروفات التسويق‬
                     ‫مصروفات بيعية‬
                   ‫مصروفات ترويج‬
                  ‫مصاريف استهالك‬
            ‫استهالك األصول الثابتة‬
                      ‫استهالك المباني‬
                   ‫استهالك السيارات‬
          ‫استهالك األدوات المكتبية‬
                      ‫استهالك األالت‬
                      ‫استهالك الشهره‬
                 ‫مصروفات عمومية‬
                    ‫مصروفات ادارية‬
                     ‫مصروفات نثرية‬
         ‫اجمالي مصروفات التشغيل‬
           ‫اجمالي الربح أو الخسارة‬

            ‫االصول الثابتة الملموسة‬

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