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					As could be anticipated, the interview retained the minimum degree of hype the game needs to be able to
both not be ignored about, and likewise not be so expected that our gamer brains burst as though we just
experienced the plot of Groundhog's Day on Christmas Eve. Plenty of intriguing items were pointed out, yet
mostly about how they perceived Diablo was going to become more Diablo-y as well as awesome-r. Just
what really captured my attention was something which was glossed over at the conclusion of the article.

AG: What are the chances we'll actually see Diablo III on consoles in the near future?

KM: We're definitely looking into it. We're seriously considering it. I would say that the whole system specs
thing is one of the cool things about Blizzard. You're always hearing in interviews with us about the death of
the PC gaming.

This is interesting to us since, for one, we were just going over the possible "Death of the PC" just the other
week. Yet, two, since it's been awhile since we have experienced Blizzard port a game over into a gaming
console, and now they're contemplating it.

The implications of this working with Battle.Net makes it appear to be it would be somewhat hard,
particularly if they do not intend to get into games consoles as a staple product. Nonetheless, if they too feel
the decline of PC gaming, Diablo would be a superb game title, and maybe their last franchise title, to use to
take Battle.Net into the gaming console sector.

As a quick aside, Blizzard has not really experienced the pangs that many developers most likely may with
the whole "drop of the PC" deal. This would be because, for me, they did the intelligent thing and developed
video games for both of the leading operating systems available, instead of a mass of other developers.

What numerous individuals might be disregarding in all of this is that Blizzard in fact unveiled console
video games before Warcraft ever took them to a new level of developer. The game titles were rather well
done and successful to boot. Lost Vikings and Rock and Roll Racing come to mind.

As a developer, Blizzard generally only releases games of high quality, despite the amount of time and
money put into it. Starcraft: Ghost, an FPS type game, was never released for this exact reason. I'm
personally anticipating seeing the way they integrate Battle.Net into the console experience.

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