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spelling list Year by jennyyingdi


									C2C Weekly spelling list — Year 2
                           Week 1                           Week 2                         Week 3                        Week 4                        Week 5

   Unit 1        Initial sounds ‘th’ ‘thr’ ‘br’   Revise final sounds ‘nd’      Diphthongs ‘ou’ and ‘ow’      Long /e/ - ‘e’ ‘ee’ ‘ea’ ‘y’   Long /a/ - ‘a’ ‘ai’ and ‘ay’
                 ‘cl’ and ‘wh’                    ‘ng’ ‘nt’ and ‘mp’
                 these            brown           send            went          our            now            behind            teach        April               Sunday
                 than             class           wind            pant          out            how            between           read         paint               Monday
                 throw            close           hand            jump          round          down           because           busy         sail                Tuesday
                 brake            why             spring          stamp         about          clown          need              family       ate                 Wednesday
                 break            white           rang            lamp          house          town           meet              story        made                Thursday
                                                                                                                                             today               Friday
   Unit 2        Long vowel /i/                   Diphthongs – ‘oi’ and ‘oy’;   Contractions                  Long vowel /o/                 Consolidation
                                                  ‘oo’ ‘ou’
                 find             fright          point           coin          you’re         they’ve        roll              most
                 wild             grind           boy             could         you’ve         we’re          cold              post
                 sight            mild            would           should        they’re        we’ve          stroll            host
                 kind             blind           noise           boil          could’ve       would’ve       told
                 child            right           enjoy           soon                                        fold
   Unit 3        Long vowel /i/ /o/ patterns      Long vowel /a/ /e/ /i/        Long vowel /o/ /u/ patterns   Triple /r/ blends              Triple blends
                                                  patterns                                                    /scr/ /str/ /spr/              /shr/ /thr/ /squ/
                 why              toast           eight           high          hold           roll           scrap             strip        shred               thread
                 sky              goat            veil            night         cold           told           screw             stretch      shrink              square
                 try              grow            field           sight         scroll         fruit          screen            sprain       shriek              squint
                 wipe             snow            brief           find          bolt           suit           street            spray        three               squash
                 time             flown           chief           kind          both           juice          string            spring       throw               squeal

Curriculum into the classroom (C2C) — C2C Weekly spelling list — Year 2                                                                      Version 2, 15 February 2012
Education Queensland
   Unit 4       Comparatives and               Plurals                    Plurals                  Adding –ing to regular      Consolidation
                superlatives                                                                       verbs
                hot             long           flies            cities    wives          calves    helping          stopping
                hotter          longer         berries          copies    knives         scarves   asking           patting
                hottest         longest        skies            duties    leaves         selves    talking          shopping
                big             small          babies           ladies    loaves         shelves   working          dropping
                                smaller        bodies           stories   lives          elves     counting         flipping

   Unit 5       Homophones                     Silent letters             /r/ influenced vowels    /r/ influenced vowels       Past tense – d and -ed

   Unit 6       Hard and soft /c/              Hard and soft /g/          Ambiguous vowels ‘ou’    Long vowel /i/              Consolidation
                                                                          ‘oo’ ‘ea’

   Unit 7       Making adjective – add /y/     Homographs                 Number names             /w/ influenced vowel        More complex
                                                                                                   patterns                    contractions

   Unit 8       Ordinal numbers – revise       Months of the year         Compound words           Dictionary skills/word      Consolidation
                1 to 10th                                                                          games

Curriculum into the classroom (C2C) — C2C Weekly spelling list — Year 2                                                        Version 1, 17 November 2011
Education Queensland

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