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The TEEP Cycle - DOC 2 by 7lK8y5


									                                              The TEEP Cycle

Department: Science
Year: 8     Module: Biology               Lesson : 14

                            50 Mins
 Prepare for Learning       ‘Is light needed for photosynthesis?’ activity. As students enter the classroom, the
                            worksheets for this activity should be on their desks. Explain that diagrams A and
                            B show a leaf before and at the end of a photosynthesis experiment. The
                            experiment was carried out as follows:
                                   A leaf on a shrub was partially covered with aluminium foil
                                   The leaf was leaf was leaf to photosynthesise for two days
                                   It was then placed in iodine solution
                                   Some parts of the leaf turned blue-black in colour.

                            The students need to shade in the parts of the leaf in diagram B which would blue-
                            black, and then explain the reasons for this. The worksheets for this can be found
                            in drawers. (Badger starter activity - Year 9, 29).
    Agree Learning                Devise a way of measuring photosynthesis                  Bloom's
      Outcomes                    Identify the factors to be controlled                     Taxonomy

                                                                                           6 Evaluation
                                                                                           5 Synthesis
                                                                                           4 Analysis
                                                                                           3 Application
                                                                                           2 Comprehension
                                                                                           1 Knowledge
      Present New           Use Multimedia Science School to show the factors that affect photosynthesis.
Information Through All     These can be changed to affect the rate of photosynthesis. What way could we
       the Senses           measure the rate of photosynthesis in the laboratory?

                            (Multimedia Science school, Biology, Photosynthesis)

        Construct           Students need to use the planning and information sheets to construct a plan for
Activity – The Search for   carrying out measuring the rate of photosynthesis.
         Meaning            NB: Only use the planning section of the investigation planner worksheets with the

 Apply to Demonstrate
      Your New

        Review              Review pyramid

Step Back and Reflect on
     Your Learning

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