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Search Engine Optimization the beginning to Internet Marketing

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Straight to the point on search engine optimization and what you need to
know before you get started in journey to the top of the rankings.

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So you’re interested in getting to the top of Google! If you’re
interested in search engine optimization then there’s about a 98% chance
that it’s the reason you are reading this article. In SEO you have two
choices you can hire a company to handle your search engine optimization,
or you can read about a thousand articles like this one and learn how to
do it your self in doing this I would also learn a little about html, and
find a way to do some sort of keyword analysis because if you can not
change your text on your website, and you choose worthless key words then
your site will not be associated in the right category therefore you will
not make any sales.

 If you’re still reading this then you’re looking for the great hidden
secret to getting to the top of Google. In order to rank high in Google
you have to do two things have a better word score then anyone else for
your keywords, and have more links coming to your site from sites with
high page ranks. In getting a high word score you need to have some text
on your home page and in this text you need to mention your keywords as
many times as possible. When you optimize your web site for keywords you
are basically getting your site ready for search engine optimization
which in all reality is just getting incoming links to your site.

 Before you submit your site to the search engines you should have a good
amount of keyword rich text, Meta tags (Which are not obsolete by the
way), a robots Meta tag, and a Google sitemap. Once you have done all
these things you are ready to get some links to your site (this is how
you get to the top). When you have incoming links to your site it matters
a lot that those sites have high page ranks for example if you have a
site with a page rank of 7 linking to you then Google’s algorithm will
crawl your site every 24 hours which is very good.

  There are some things that could have a negative effect on your ranking
with the search engines these things are called black hat SEO tactics.
You do not want to do anything to get your site black listed in the
search engines. Before Google and all the other search engines changed
there algorithms SEO Company’s and webmasters would use some techniques
to get to there links to the top like hiding text, hiding links, link
malls, and link farms. You should avoid anything that might have a
negative effect on your page rank.

There is a lot more to Internet Marketing then just search engine
optimization however search engine optimization is where it all starts.
Search engine optimization improves the volume and quality of traffic to
your web site. Before optimizing your site you should have knowledge of
how search algorithms work, and research on what people looking for your
site search for to get to it. This is one of the key factors in having a
productive website, and achieving a good page rank.

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