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A Smart Internet Marketing Strategy: Targeting Niche Markets

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This article talks about the concept of Niche Marketing...what it is and
why it is important

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The World Wide Web has captivated my attention ever since I was
introduced to it by my mother (another WWW freak!). That was about 10
years ago and ever since that time, my interest about all the different
things that can be done through the internet has continued to grow.

For the last couple of years, I have been grappling with the idea of
making money online. Although I searched and found a lot of information,
but most of it was vague and did not give me any concrete answer to the
most important question: what to actually DO to make some money on the

During my quest of getting answers, I came across a very informative
video on the internet which gave me a lot of information about internet
marketing and gave me some pretty good food for thought. The video talked
about “Niche Markets”; what they are and why they are
important to any person who would like to make money on the internet by
selling a product or service. In fact, the concept of Niche Markets is
applicable to any business or service provider, whether they operate on
the internet or otherwise.

If you look it up in the dictionary, the word “Niche” means
“A situation or activity specially suited to a person's interests,
abilities, or nature”.

A “Niche Market” is a group of people with a common interest
or ability or nature, who would all be interested in a common product or
service. The common interest of these people can be any thing ranging
from a common hobby, a common problem, a common cultural background, to
any common desire they might have. Let me explain this to you with a few

1) A niche market of people who have a hobby of scrapbooking

2) A niche market of people who have common problem of lower backache

3) A niche market of people who are all Hispanics
4) A niche market of people who have a common desire of learning plumbing

People with common interests tend to cluster and you can easily find
pockets of such people online; in forums and groups or visiting websites
of their interest.

It is best to direct your marketing to select niche audiences for maximum
benefit to you and to them. It is always a waste of time, effort and
resources to market your product or service to a niche audience which is
not interested in what you are selling. For example, if you try to sell
scrapbooking materials to a niche audience who wants to learn plumbing,
you will not get any customers. Granted that you will find a rare plumber
who also likes to maintain his scrapbook, but you will not make a profit!
Similarly, marketing a new and effective acne product to a group of
people with lower backache will only lead you to lose the money you spent
on marketing your innovative acne solution to them.

Niche Marketing is very cost effective and powerful; the world's most
successful businesses use this concept to maximize their profits.
Therefore, if you have a certain product or service that you want to
sell, concentrate your marketing efforts to the Niche Market that it
caters too. Conversely, if you do not have a specific product in mind
that you want to sell online, it is advisable that you seek out large
Niche Markets and then think about what they would be interested in
buying and then provide them with that particular

I wish you great achievements and prosperity in all your endeavors.


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