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									The confusing world of credit repair can be stressful and time consuming. Lexington is billed as a
consumer advocacy law firm with over 20 years experience. They offer a network of attorneys and
paralegals throughout 18 states to work for you using their knowledge of consumer law.

Initially, you will be offered a consultation. From there a level of service is recommended based on your
needs. For each, there is a flat monthly fee. The benefit to this is that there is no billing per deletion so
you always know what you will pay each month. Those considering this should also be aware of the First
Work fee. This fee is $99.95 regardless of the service you choose and is charged after the first round of
disputes is completed.

At the Regular level, $59.95, you can expect to receive unlimited number of disputes, and no charge for
phone, email and chat support, as well as a same day consultation. They will begin gathering information
about your case the day you sign the retainer agreement.

The Concord Standard is $79.95 a month and offers the above assistance as well as Goodwill
Interventions. These are non-confrontational interventions that are recommended for mildly late accounts.
According to Lexington, these interventions help your relationship with the lender and can positively
impact the reporting of your record to the bureaus.

Concord Standard also offers Escalated Information Requests. This is recommended for seriously late
accounts and requests information concerning compliance with consumer protection legislation, as well
as a request for a change in the way the information is reported. Debt Validation is also offered at this
level. It is used for charged-off and collection accounts in which a complete history of the debt is
demanded as well as its removal from your report if necessary.

At the highest level, Concord Premier at $99.95 per month. Offers you the aforementioned services and
TransUnion report monitoring, a monthly score analysis and Identity Theft Assurance. You also receive
ReportWatch, in which alerts of changes to your report are sent through email. These alerts notify you of
both positive and negative changes that will impact your score. Another feature of the Concord Premier is
Inquiry Assist. Inquiries can have an impact on your score and they will help you address any of these
that are questionable.

They recommend that you retain their services for 12 months to receive the maximum benefit; however,
you are free to cancel at anytime without penalty. You should be aware that you are able to submit
disputes on your own free of charge, as often as you would like. Further, if you feel that you can not afford
these services, they also offer a free guide so that you can begin working on it immediately, and keep
them in mind should you find the process overwhelming and feel the need for assistance. However you
choose to fix your fico score realize that you are fully capable and legally able to do this.

For more about credit repair companies and the Lexington Law service and how their lawyers and
paralegals will work to fix your credit visit us - and you can also get a free consultation by calling
1-800-232-2903         .

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