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Computer Consulting: Spread the Word

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Computer consulting business can be generated by referrals or by asking your current clients and friends if
they know anyone who needs help. Speak up and be open to new opportunities for more business in
computer consulting.

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Make sure your current computer consulting clients, friends, and family know what types of companies you
work with, the types of things you do, and how much you would appreciate referrals from them.

A lot of times, by asking the right kind of open-ended questions, you can be very pleasantly surprised when
your computer consulting contacts start discussing something that evolves into a $10,000 or $15,000
services opportunity because they all of a sudden had a lightening bolt moment.

What You May Hear

“We have this woman in Accounting who is typing the same thing in three times over and over and over
again. I wonder if there’s some way that you could set up links or do something in Access that that would
eliminate that?” or “We have this crazy process where we’re still using this DOS-based 19.2 modem but
we’ve heard there’s a web-based way to do this. Can you look into it and help us implement it?” This is a
golden opportunity to get more computer consulting business.

Open Ended Questions are Best

Get your customers talking. Instead of asking, "Are we doing a good job?" Which gives you a "yes" or "no"
answer, you can ask questions that give you more opportunities to serve your customers. Ask them questions
"How are we doing?""What else can we help you with?""What do you like about how we’re
helping?""What do you like about how we’re servicing the account?""What do you think we can improve
Now take this information and suggest new ways of working together to benefit both of you.

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