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Why Build a Website?

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A website: What is it really? Is it a virtual brochure or a portfolio of
your work, or is it a marketing tool to showcase your services or
products to customers around the world. A website is undoubtedly one of
the most important marketing tools these days. It is the company image, a
catalog and a portfolio of the company. With the cut-throat competition
and paradigm shift, website is of great significance in the marketing of
the business on the World Wide Web. The website is representation of t

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1.Promotion of a business

A website can bring wonders to your business, it can promote your
business to millions of customers around the globe. Although marketing
being the backbone of business, a website plays a very crucial role in
the promotion of the business. It helps the business to transcend the
barriers of time and distance. It acts as a brochure and a marketing tool
to make your customers aware of your services/products anytime and
anywhere in their own convenience.

2.Communicate your message

Communication is an integral part of any business success today. Through
with the help of a website, you can communicate your message economically
and effectively. Whatever be your message is, whether it would be
commercial, social or personnel, your website is available to your
customers/users 24 hrs a day in order to act upon your message.

3.Communicate with your customers

Make your presence felt among your customers whether they are in your
town, country or out of continent, a website is an excellent way to
provide comprehensive information to your customers about your services
or products in a more tranquil and peaceful environment than in a
traditional form of an advertisement. Even you can keep in touch with
your customers via mailing list, RSS or simply visit your website.

4.Facilitate knowledge-building

A website can be outstanding tool to share knowledge among the employees.
It can be used as a tool to facilitate knowledge building and share
important information knowledge among the employees. It can also be used
as forums, where people can exchange questions and answers and can post
their queries to get an answer.

5.A sales tool outside the office

Your website can act as a sales tool that works 24 hrs 365 days of the
year. Whether you are going to announce a press release or planning to
introduce new services and products in the market or going to enter in to
an alliance with the leading company. The corporate website of your
company makes your clients or customers updated with the latest events in
your organization thus making them updated with your products and

6.Reach an international market

If you have decided to enter in to the international market, it will be
highly beneficial to launch a websites for that market also. The website
will cater to their specific needs and expectations of that particular
market. The regional flavor of the website can help to earn loyalty of
the customers and make them feel closer to your company, its services and

7.Improve Branding

The brand can be defined as an emotional bond between a company,
products/services and customers. It is a way to set apart your products,
service or company from its competitors, and infuse loyalty among
customers or clients. The content, style, presentation and tools such as
Newsletters and press release allow you to separate from the crowd. It
helps to make your visitor feel good about the organization its products
and build loyalty.

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