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CSS Mistakes

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Cascading Style sheet or CSS is one of the most used and convenient way
of coding the mark up languages.

CSS Mistakes, CSS Faqs

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Cascading Style sheet or CSS is one of the most used and convenient way
of coding the mark up languages. Most of the websites are built on an
HTML platform and hence it is important for us that the <a
href="http://www.css-faq.com/"><b>CSS</b></a> is also correctly applied
so that the information that the website wants to transmit to its viewers
is correct. But, designers often commit fundamental mistakes that can
make things go terribly wrong for a website. The css-faq.com mentions
some of the common mistakes occurred in CSS known as <a
href="http://www.css-faq.com/"><b>CSS Mistakes</b></a>.

You don't waste bytes by adding units such as px, pt, em, etc, when the
value is zero. The only reason to do so is when you want to change the
value quickly later on, otherwise declaring the unit is meaningless. Zero
pixels is the same as zero points. In order to get the accurate choice of
the color, you must specify the hex code rather than writing the color in
plain English. Never forget to add hash “#” at the start of the code so
that it can be parsed correctly. Otherwise, you will have to remember to
add another hash to prevent errors.

Unless you are likely to be changing your code much, avoid using several
lines when only one line can serve your purpose. For example, when
setting borders, some people set each side separately when each border is
the same. So condensing the code is required here. It is okay to style
the same element twice, if it means avoiding the repetition mentioned in
the point above. For example, let's say you have an element where only
the left border is different. Instead of writing out each border using
four lines, just use two.
But sometimes designers like to waste a lot of space in their code, by
using plenty of unnecessary line-breaks or spaces before and after code.
It'll only make the stylesheet bigger, meaning it'll cost you more in the
long run, as your bandwidth usage will be higher. Of course it's wise to
leave some space in to keep it readable, though some people like to
condense everything, leaving no space at all.
Designers must be careful about some common mistakes so that they can
design the web pages in a proper manner and convey the message to its
reader correctly.

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