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									Pubblicaz. trimestrale. Spediz. in abb. post. 70% Filiale di Milano. Reg. Trib. Milano n. 494 del 24.9.1994 - Redazione: V.le Sarca 222 Milano

                                                                                                                                                    Far East,
                                                                                                                                                                   The quarterly magazine for Pirelli’s management throughout the world - November 2002 - No.33
                                                                                                                                                                   W RLD
                                                                                                                                                 Far Sightedness

                                                                                  The year 2002 is coming to an end:
                                          Pirelli’s Newborn Plant              what better way to bring down the cur-
                                                                               tain on the last twelve months than by
                                          A full report from the new Pirelli   inaugurating a new plant? In a little more
                                          INVEX plant in Baoying, China        than a year, the investment made in
                                          page 2                               China to finance this project has born
                                                                               fruit and we can now spotlight the new
                                                                               Baoying INVEX factory, which will
                                                                               manufacture enamelled products for
                                                                               power transformers (page 2). Moving
               MIRS Comes to                                                   from one continent to another, in late
               North America                                                   August Pirelli began production at the
                                                                               newest and largest MIRS facility, in
  The fourth and largest MIRS plant                                            Rome, Georgia (page 5).
   is inaugurated in Rome, Georgia                                                Two milestone agreements have been
                               page 5                                          signed by Pirelli. In motor racing, the
                                                                               long-standing partnership with the Fer-
                                                                               rari Maserati Group has been renewed,
                                                                               making Pirelli the exclusive technical
                                          Pirelli’s Women Dealers              partner in racing for Maserati and sup-
                                                                               plier of reference tyres for Ferrari’s GT
                                          The women’s point of view: two       racing programme (page 4). As for the
                                          stories from some of the biggest     Tyre Sector, Pirelli will collaborate with
                                          tyre dealers in South America        the Canadian company SmarTire to
                                          page 8                               develop new systems of on-board tyre
                                                                               pressure measurement. (page 15). The
                                                                               Intermot show in Munich was host to the
                                                                               launch of the Pirelli Diablo, a new high
            A Voyage in Time                                                   performance motorcycle tyre destined
               Through Italy                                                   for the supersport segment (page 10),
                                                                               and in racing Fabien Foret (interviewed
Presenting the 2003 Pirelli Calendar,
                                                                               on page 11) has become world super-
         shot in Italy by Bruce Weber
                                                                               sport champion on his Pirelli shod
                              page 12                                          Honda.
                                                                                  Turk Pirelli Cables and Systems have
                                                                               won a $9 million contract in Turkey to
                                          Fashion in Full Swing                meet increased demand for electricity
                                                                               from the city of Istanbul and its surroun-
                                          The new Spring-Summer 2003
                                                                               dings (page 14). In the fibre optic busi-
                                          collection from the Pirelli
                                                                               ness, a newly developed advanced rib-
                                          industrial design project
                                                                               bon distribution cable with 576 optical
                                                                               fibres bowed in at the NFOEC exhibition
                                          page 18                              in Dallas, Texas, in September (page 23).
                                                                                  November is a month filled with keen
                                                                               anticipation for Pirelli calendar collec-
     Showing the Engineers                                                     tors all over the world: on 4th November
                                                                               the new 2003 edition was launched to
   Pirelli’s fiber optic innovations at                                        the press and public in London (page
                     the 2002 NFOEC                                            12). Finally, the PZero fashion project
                                                                               has presented its new 2003 Spring/Sum-
                              page 23                                          mer collection, for not only men and
                                                                               women but also kids, with the launch of
                                                                               the PZero Acqua shoes (page 18).


             A new initiative in China: INVEX broadens its activities in the world

       New Plant in China
      The investment was given final approval in October 2001, construction work started
      last April and production will begin in December: the ICCB factory is growing fast

          hina is a difficult but pro-    gation into South East Asia and               The new company, INVEX Insu-
          mising market. Its GDP is       especially China as potential area         lated Conductors Buoying, was set
          now about 12%, while the        for future investment. Since then,         up at the beginning of 2002 to
average income of the population is       much progress has been made throu-         manufacture transposed cables and
constantly growing. People’s impro-       gh various direct and indirect acqui-      enamelled products: it represents
ved living conditions are pushing         sitions - direct with the establish-       Pirelli’s latest step in the consolida-
the economy and many new facto-           ment of a joint venture with Citic         tion of the Group’s position in a
ries are being built to help meet         Pacific in the telecom cable busi-         complex but interesting country like
demand from a billion potential           ness, for example, and indirect as a       China.
customers.                                consequence of the acquisition of             The development of an affiliate of
  In 1993, Pirelli started its investi-   Sidemen’s and BICC power cables            the Group’s INVEX company and
                                             activities. So today, Pirelli is pre-   factory in China to produce a range
                                                  sent in China with three con-      of the most sophisticated enameled
                                                       solidated joint ventures      products for power transformers
                                                            with a majority par-     was initiated at the beginning of
                                                             ticipation of at        2001 as a result of solicitation from
                                                             least two thirds of     ABB, which was expanding its
                                                             the capital, as well    China-wide operations in power
                                                             as with a trading       transformer production. This was
                                                             company and a           certainly the catalyst that lead Pirel-
                                                             new, recently esta-     li to seriously considering the new
                                                             blished      wholly     investment, spurred on by other rea-
                                                              owned      foreign     sons to proceed in that direction and
                                                              enterprise.            convinced the company’s board to
                                                                                     approve the project.
                                                                                              The first reason was Pirel-
                                                                                            li’s already consolidated
                                                                                            experience in the

country, matured during seven years
of managing cable operations in dif-
ficult market and logistic situations;
another was the successful achieve-
ment of efficient and profitable
organisations. Final approval of the
project was given on 17 October
2001. The operational schedule was
extremely tight, as it was driven by
ABB’s requirement of being sup-
plied with the new plant’s transpo-
sed cables from the beginning of
  The selection of the site took
several months and was a highly
sensitive operation, as both existing
partners in the power joint ventures
were extremely interested in hosting
the new initiative in their respective
provinces: the final choice of
Buoying in the Jiangsu province,
close to the existing PBCC power
cable installation, was made at the
end of July 2001. The decision was
clinched by the availability of a
building owned by PBCC, which
was in reasonably good condition,
and by the excellent relations that      PBCC industrial area, has permitted        position will be assured by its lean
exists with the local authorities. The   some sharing of functions, services        structure and efficient organisation,
new plant therefore is now part of an    and facilities with the Pirelli joint      for. IICB currently has fewer than
industrial area together with the        venture, producing a cost saving           30 employees, a number that will
PBCC buildings.                          effect for both companies.                 increase to about 70 when the fac-
  The new company, IICB, was               The venture’s registered capital is      tory is in full operation.
incorporated on January 2002. Con-       six million Euros and when opera-             In February, 15 members of IICB
struction work started last April           tional the IICB factory will pro-       went to Quattordio in Italy to be
and was completed in less                        duce about 2500 tons of            trained by INVEX operators, an
than six months, including                         cable a year. The new unit       experience that turned out to be
the erection of the 24-          Focus:             will specialise in the          extremely positive. The expert Ita-
meter high steel tower for                           manufacture of transpo-        lians were pleased to share their
the vertical enameling         quality and           sed cables, but it will also   knowledge with these young Chine-
oven: that includes machi-
nery and equipment were
                               technology           supply the local market
                                                   with other products, inclu-
                                                                                    se men, who were eager to learn.
                                                                                    After four months’ training, the 15
delivered to the site between                    ding paper and glass fibre         are now teaching a new group of
late June and the end of Septem-           wrapped strip, enameled and bare         workers, who joined the company in
ber, some completely new and some        strip. All of those products are the       November.
used but fully reconditioned, which      majority output of INVEX in Italy, a          So by the end of this year, there
came from the INVEX factory. The         company that will provide its expe-        will be a new operational member of
Italian plant has given the new ven-     rience and expertise to IICB.              the Pirelli family in China - and
ture strong technical support from         IICB’s strong point is its focus on      there is every reason to believe that
the outset.                              quality and technology, which will         the new company will write another
  Now, the factory is ready for start-   assure better performance against          successful chapter story of the
up and will begin production on          the products of local competitors.         Group in that huge country.
December. Its location, inside the       The new company’s competitive                by Cesare Savini, Baoying, China


               A glorious trio to race together again                                 spring, will take place on Pirelli tyres,
                                                                                      and Pirelli will also be the exclusive
                                                                                      original equipment tyre supplier for the

                Back to                                                               new Maserati GTS, due to be unveiled
                                                                                      in 2004. The framework agreement
                                                                                      with Ferrari confirms the exclusive
                                                                                      supply of Pirelli tyres for more than

               the Track                                                              200 cars in Italy, Europe and North
                                                                                      America that compete in the Ferrari
                                                                                      Challenge, plus Pirelli's role as the
                                                                                      exclusive tyre supplier for the Ferrari
After their pre and post war glory days, next year Ferrari, Maserati                  360 GT.
                                                                                         Centrepiece of the agreement with
and Pirelli will make an emotional return to motor racing together                    the Ferrari Maserati Group is the P
                                                                                      Zero, a name that appears on Pirelli’s

         irelli has signed an exclusive    Miglia and Targa Florio, Alberto Asca-     top tyres for high performance road
         two-year co-operation agree-      ri in the 1949 Grands Prix of Switzer-     cars, national and international track
         ment with the Ferrari Maserati    land and Italy, Villoresi in the Dutch     racing and world championship ral-
Group, covering all Maserati’s racing      GP, Luigi Chinetti and Lord Selsden in     lying. P Zero stands for the very best in
activities and confirming the renewal of   the 24 Hours of Le Mans and 24 Hours       Pirelli tyre expertise, which the com-
the Group’s collaboration with Mara-       of Spa, Biondetti again in the 1949        pany has gathered in nearly a century of
nello in the Ferrari Challenge. The        Targa Florio and Mille Miglia, José        motor racing. Created for Ferrari in the
agreement will run until 2005, with a      Froilan Gonzales in the 1954 24 Hours      mid-80s, the Pirelli P Zero has evolved
two-year option to 2007. Maserati-         of Le Mans and Mike Hawthorn in the        over the years in its role as a veritable
Pirelli victories date back to 1933,       1954 Tourist Trophy.                       laboratory product. Today it is the tyre
when Giuseppe Campari won the                 So a partnership therefore dates back   Maserati has chosen for its on-track
Grand Prix of France at Montlhéry on       many years, has been recently renewed      activity and next year it will be supplied
the company’s tyres in a Maserati 8C       under a new deal. Under the pact, join-    as exclusive original equipment for the
3000. Juan Manuel Fangio’s 1954 (sha-      tly announced on 15 November in            Ferrari 360 GT.
red with Mercedes-Benz) and 1957           Milan by Marco Tronchetti Provera,            “The commitment to the world of
Formula One World Championships            chairman of Pirelli SpA, and Luca Cor-     motor racing, in its various forms, has
followed, as well as 22 more GP victo-     dero di Montezemolo, chairman of the       always been so constant and effective
ries won on Pirelli-shod Maseratis. The    Ferrari Maserati Group, Pirelli will       as to become a characteristic of our
Ferrari-Pirelli story is equally succes-   become Maserati’s exclusive technical      company, of Pirelli notoriety and spirit”
sful. As well as the hundreds of victo-    partner in racing, starting in January     - said Marco Tronchetti Provera – “and
ries won by Scuderia Ferrari Alfa          2003, and the supplier of reference        in the glory years of racing it was pre-
Romeos on Pirelli, Ferrari wins on the     tyres for Ferrari’s GT racing.             cisely the collaboration first with Mase-
company’s tyres include those of Cle-         The eagerly awaited Maserati            rati and then with Ferrari, that made
mente Biondetti in the 1948 Mille          Trophy, which gets off the ground next     Pirelli a success and a household name
                                                                                      around the globe. This collaboration is
                                                                                      as valuable as ever from the standpoint
                                                                                      of technical and technological develop-
                                                                                      ment, the maximum expression of acti-
                                                                                      ve experimentation along with the con-
                                                                                      tinuous research activity in the Group's
                                                                                      laboratories worldwide. Today this
                                                                                      return to racing with Maserati and Fer-
                                                                                      rari is a significant milestone that for a
                                                                                      company like Pirelli, always projected
                                                                                      toward the future to remain competiti-
                                                                                      ve, represents a point of departure
                                                                                      towards new challenges”.
                                                                                                      by Daniele Pirola, Milan

             New U.S. tyre headquarters and plant                          gia. “We are pleased that Pirelli
                                                                           North America has recognised
                                                                           Georgia’s leadership and dedica-

    MIRS Comes
                                                                           tion to growing the automotive sec-
                                                                           tor in our state,” said Governor
                                                                           Barnes. “Pirelli shares our vision to
                                                                           make Georgia a world leader in
                                                                           manufacturing and technology, and

      to North                                                             our commitment to bringing jobs
                                                                           and economic growth to the
                                                                              Although the plant has been ope-

                                                                           rational since June, the Governor
                                                                           had the honour of pressing the but-
                                                                           ton to start production on Module
                                                                           1. At the end of the ceremony, Mr.
                                                                           Mannino presented the Governor
 Pirelli’s biggest MIRS production unit and its new North                  with a brand new P Zero Nero, the
American headquarters were officially opened in the presence               first production tyre from the new
  of the Governor of Georgia and other civic dignitaries                   facility, as a memento of the plant’s

          he official opening of       in every step of the process.”         The 400,000 square foot Rome
          Pirelli’s new North Ame-       According to GDITT officials,     factory is expected to employ
          rican headquarters and its   the automotive industry currently   around 300 people - 250 produc-
first MIRS tyre manufacturing          employs more than 46,000 Geor-      tion workers and 50 corporate per-
plant in the United States took        gians, and seven automotive com-    sonnel - after three years. “With its
place in Rome, Georgia on 17           panies have headquarters in Geor-   proprietary MIRS Technology,
August. The Honorable Roy E.
Barnes, Governor of Georgia,
attended to assist Pirelli North
America President and CEO, Gae-
tano Mannino, in the ribbon-cut-
ting ceremonies that signalled the
start-up of the Group’s most advan-
ced tyre manufacturing plant in the
world. Other dignitaries present
were Garry Fricks, chairman of the
Floyd County Commission; Ronnie
Evans, chairman of the Rome City
Commission; and Craig McDaniel,
chairman of the Greater Rome
Chamber of Commerce.
  “Georgia’s long history of auto-
motive industry leadership was a
key determining factor to locating
our headquarters in Rome,” said
Mr. Mannino. “Georgia’s infra-
structure, highly skilled workforce,
and business friendly climate were
all factors; plus the citizens and
leadership of Rome and the Geor-
gia Department of Industry, Trade
& Tourism (GDITT), who assisted

                                                                                     As a result, the MIRS tyre pos-
                                                                                  sesses highly innovative characte-
                                                                                  ristics as far as performance, relia-
                                                                                  bility and comfort are concerned: it
                                                                                  is also of far superior quality than a
                                                                                  product built using the traditional
                                                                                     From the very beginning, the
                                                                                  relationship between Pirelli and
                                                                                  Rome, Georgia, has been special
                                                                                  and extremely close. Pirelli entered
                                                                                  into a training agreement with the
                                                                                  Georgia Quick Start Programme
                                                                                  and Andrew Kearton, director of
                                                                                  manufacturing at the Rome plant,
                                                                                  said the Quick Start programme
                                                                                  has provided the company’s first
                                                                                  employees with a strong back-
                                                                                  ground in Pirelli’s high-tech manu-
                                                                                  facturing process.
                                                                                     “We sent our first 13 people to
                                                                                  the United Kingdom to train on the
Pirelli has demonstrated that it is in   new tyre is produced in just over        MIRS modules, but before they
the forefront of tyre manufacturing      three minutes.                           went, they participated in a Quick
across the world.                           In addition, MIRS requires only       Start training programme,” Kear-
  Our new production unit will           about one fifth of the space of con-     ton said. “My colleagues in
make sure that Rome is recognised        ventional production machinery           England could not believe the
worldwide for high-performance           and uses a third of the energy.          knowledge and expertise my guys
tyres,” Mannino said.                       A MIRS line is also much more         had without ever seeing a MIRS,”
  MIRS stands for Modular Inte-          flexible than traditional methods.       he said. The Rome facility will
grated Robotised System. Pirelli             In a conventional facility, chan-    begin production with three MIRS
holds several patents for this                    geover to a new product can     modules, and there are plans to
new technology, which                               require more than six         substantially increase that number
revolutionises the way           Pirelli’s           hours: MIRS only needs       by 2003.
tyres are built.                                      20 minutes. And whe-           The Georgia installation has been
  Conventional produc-        largest MIRS            reas the traditional pro-   built on enough land to be able to
tion is a predominantly
hand-built, labour intensi-
                                  plant              cess has a break-even
                                                    point of at least a few
                                                                                  add as many additional MIRS
                                                                                  modules as are required to fulfil
ve process employing highly                       thousand tyres, MIRS lots       market needs.
skilled workers and comprising               can be as small as one set of four      Pirelli currently has MIRS plants
14 different phases.                     covers, all tailored for a specific      in operation in Italy, Germany and
  In marked contrast to traditional      application. This innovative pro-        Great Britain. Rome will be Pirel-
hand-fabricated tyre production,         cess and product technology offers       li’s largest: robotised production
each MIRS module employs a               the market a tyre of radically new       will mainly be focused on SUV and
dedicated team of robots building        concept in structural composition –      HP/UHP car tyres for the original
tyres in a continuous operation.         the radial is actually produced          equipment and the North American
Workers have now become skilled          without any building joints. Tyre        replacement markets. Pirelli
specialists in robotics and pro-         quality is also higher with robotics     expects to announce new OE con-
gramming.                                than its human counterparts.             tracts for MIRS tyres with more
  Distinct fabrication processes            Pirelli engineers recorded a 50%      than one North American carmaker
have been reduced from 14 to three       reduction in manufacturing varia-        in the near future.
without the traditional intermediate     tions, positively affecting the qua-             by Jack Gerken, Huntington
handling or storage phases - and a       lity of the final product.                                        Beach, USA


                                            Web Edi goes operational

From Paper to Screen
 Pirelli and ENEL Distribution have developed a new, faster and more efficient way of working

       ointly developed by ENEL            Executive Market Areas, Infrastruc-        the portal, it is possible to exchange
        Distribuzione and Pirelli Cables   ture and Networks of the ENEL              different kinds of information on-line:
        and Energy Systems, a new          Group, “thanks to the elimination of       ENEL sends details of its require-
programme called Web Edi has just          sending paper documents and the            ments and specific requests, Pirelli
gone into action. It is an electronic      improvement of all contractual mana-       responds by giving details of prepara-
data interchange system for the mana-      gement processes. The creation of          tion to test, consignment communica-
gement on-line by electronic procedu-      this system and of the e-procurement       tions, transportation documents and
res and documents of all commercial        platforms enables our company to           invoices. This system considerably
transactions that take place between       present itself today as one of the prin-   reduces transaction time and facilita-
the two partners.                          cipal organisations in Europe in the       tes bureaucratic operations, making
   The system, which is a point of refe-   field of e-business”.                      them fast and efficient.
rence for the entire                                                                                         In the future,
energy sector, gua-                                                                                       ENEL will extend
rantees both com-                                                                                         this       working
panies increased                                                                                          model to all its
efficiency. Thanks                                                                                        suppliers, making
to Web Edi, all the                                                                                       it standard proce-
exchange docu-                                                                                            dure. “The reco-
ments between the                                                                                         gnition of Pirelli as
two groups will be                                                                                        a preferred partner
electronically                                                                                            by ENEL Distribu-
managed, enabling                                                                                         zione for the deve-
staff to verify in                                                                                        lopment of this
real time and at                                                                                          programme is an
any moment the                                                                                            addition to the suc-
documentary                                                                                               cesses      already
situation of orders.                                                                                      achieved in the
It will substantially reduce the possi-       Once having elaborated the system       realms of the great e-Pirelli project,”
bility of error.                           to convert ENEL paper requests into        said Valerio Battista, Managing Direc-
   Web Edi, which will be used by          an electronic format, it was necessary     tor of Pirelli Cables and Systems
ENEL Distribuzione with all its sup-       for suppliers like Pirelli to find a       Energy. “Thanks to Web Edi, Pirelli
pliers, was conceived quickly – the        system that would make them visible        manages on-line over 90% of its
project was not started until January      inside the company. That is how a por-     cables and systems orders for the
2001 – due to the close collaboration      tal was devised within Pirelli, which      general market through Business-to-
that already existed between the utility   elaborates the information exchanged       Business portals aimed at specific ini-
and Pirelli Cables and Systems             between the two companies. The data        tiatives”.
Energy, one of ENEL Distribuzione’s        can be seen by all interested parties         So a major step forward has been
top suppliers of medium and low ten-       starting, for example, with Milan sales    made in improving cooperation
sion cables.                               – the people who maintain contact          between the supplier and the custo-
   “Web Edi will revolutionise rela-       with ENEL. Compared to the old             mer, as part of an ever-increasing use
tions between ENEL Distribuzione           system, the big difference is that all     of new technology for greater effi-
and its partners”, said Vincenzo Can-      transactions have been transferred         ciency.
natelli, Managing Director and Chief       from paper to digital format. Through                                          P.W.


                                     A female view of the tyre dealers’ world

Pirelli’s WomenDealers
     Pirelli World talks to women owners of some of the biggest tyre stores in South America.
                        In the next issue, two stories from Italy and Germany

    Argentina: The Candia Sisters            studied, but we had already decided to      you get on in such a male environment?
                                             work with our father and we gave him          Roxana: “I believe women are
   We are in Ituzaingo, Argentina, in the    a hand during the summer. Then we           always moving further ahead. I don’t
province of Buenos Aires, where Lilia-       stayed with him. We liked it very           feel discriminated against. When I was
na and Roxana Candia run Neumaticos          much”.                                      small my father used to take me on
Humaita S.A., a family business esta-          Liliana: “We lived in the same buil-      Pirelli incentive trips and later, when I
blished 42 years ago by their father,        ding of our father’s business premises,     went on my own, I felt a little different
Omar Candia and later associated with        so when we went downstairs we could         and I thought that perhaps this was not
Fabián Vicente, Roxana’s husband. At         smell the odour of cauoutchouc. He          exactly what I wanted. But today I am
first, the little company carried a multi-   was a wholesaler. After his death, we       used to it. The relationship between me
brand range of tyres, but in 1978-1979       introduced the notion of customer ser-      and my colleagues is one of equals and
it swung over                                                                             very cordial”.
completely to
Pirelli and, apart                                                                         What can women bring to the tyre
from a brief                                                                            business? Would you employ women
moment             in                                                                   for your shops?
1999, relations                                                                            Liliana: “Women are very good at
between Pirelli                                                                         organising and ordering things. The
and Humaita                                                                             administration of our shops is centrali-
have been opti-                                                                         sed in the Liniers office, where all our
mal.                                                                                    employees are women. I like to be able
   Liliana:                                                                             to talk to other women when I work:
“When            my                                                                     we discuss things not specifically con-
father started, he                                                                      nected to work, like our children, the
had a very small                                                                        home”.
store where they                                             Liliana and Roxana Candia.    Roxana: “In effect, women give a
fitted           and                                                                    different feeling to any business. They
demounted tyres. He made many sacri-         vice. It is a strategic element of our pay more attention to aesthetic things;
fices, but he had enormous determina-        business: today it is necessary to diffe- they are more creative in marketing. I
tion, the will to work and to get ahead.     rentiate oneself and offer excellent ser- would happily put a woman in a point
In time, he acquired other property and      vice. And then there is a new public, the of sale: if she has the right qualities, she
the shop began to grow”.                     women. You need to take account of can even do the job better than a man”.
   Roxana: “It was not just the will to      everything. Women don’t like to come
work, he put his heart and soul into it.     into an area where the fitters are rude,     If you could choose, would you chan-
And when there is that kind of enthu-        where the walls are covered with tacky ge jobs?
siasm, anything will go well”.               pin-up pictures, where the floor is dirty.   Liliana: “Not me. This is what I
                                             In our premises, women feel at ease: know how to do and I like it a lot. At the
  Liliana, you began to work with your       we offer them coffee, they come with moment, we are working on a good
father in 1977, then your sister Roxana      their children”.                           project with Pirelli to open a car tyre
joined in 1986. What do you remember                                                    point of sale next year. We’ll see: at the
of the beginnings?                             The tyre market has always been one moment, we are also dependent on the
  Roxana: “When we were girls we             made up principally of men. How do economic situation in our country”.

  Roxana: I love jewellery but I                feminine abi-
couldn’t sell it, I wouldn’t know how. I        lity and turned
sell tyres. I want to continue to do my         over the mana-
job and to grow professionally. When            gement of the
you put everything into what you do             premises to
and see that things work, that is an            two of his dau-
enormous satisfaction”.                         ghters, Jacque-
                                                line Bastos
   What advice would you give to                Pombo and
women who want to become involved in            Maryane
a business like yours?                          Bastos Lima.
   Liliana: “Before entering this world,           It was such a
my advice would be to learn a lot. Sel-         s u c c e s s f u l Jacqueline and Maryane Bastos.
ling tyres is not like selling a T-shirt in     move          that
the market. You must know what you              today the Aldeota branch makes double personalised service – a characteristic
are selling, you must explain to people         the retail sales of the main store (mana- of the Bastos group – and we have the
which product to choose and why.                ged by their father Gerardo and reasons why the outlet produces such a
Ours’ is a market that one has to know          brothers Gerardo Filho and Josè). Said satisfactory result. Now, an average of
and for which you need to have the              Jacqueline: “The feminine touch 200 vehicles a day comes into the store,
right personality”.                             improved the quality of the store in where their owners buy either product
   by Fiorenza Garbati, BuenosAires,Argentina   small ways that are visible to any client. or service.
                                                Tidiness, comfort, care of the customer         Jacqueline first went to work with her
     Brazil: The Bastos Sisters                 and organisation are given great atten- father when she was seven years old.
                                                tion. On the one hand men enjoy, take But before managing one of the stores,
   Not far away from the Candias’               in and are grateful for such improve- she made it her business to learn in
world is another business in which              ments, on the other women are char- depth everything that concerned custo-
women play and important role. It is in         med by it”.                                  mer service. She has been a telephone
Cearà, a state in the north-eastern                Just by entering the store one can see operator, clerk and a receptionist and,
region of Brazil, where there is a store        care has been taken over every detail of after 21 years of work, she knows every
completely managed by women, which              the store’s ambiance. Extremely dedi- detail about the Bastos stores. Co-direc-
has captured customers’ preference.             cated, Jacqueline and Maryane have tor Maryane has been with the group
What difference can a point of sale             been able to prove that a tyre store can for 17 years but, unusually, she also has
managed by women make to customers              and must be clean, pleasant and well another job: she is a gynaecologist and
looking for tyres? And how can they             organised. The right sort of environ- divides her time between her practice
transform a casual customer into a              ment with which to attract women and the store. Besides Mairyane and
regular one? A question to be answered          customers, who already account for Jaqueline, two other sisters work with
by one of the managers of Gerardo               40% of local business.                       the Group: Norma Bastos Carvalho
Bastos S.A., the tyre sales leader in the          “Women feel more at ease knowing who, together with her brother Gerardo
region and owner of the world’s bigge-          that other women are there to help them Filho, is responsible for the financial
st tyre outlet.                                 in a clear way and without prejudice”, sector of the Group, and also Liane
   The Gerardo Bastos group owns five           said Maryane. “However” - continued Bastos Bardawil, Administrative direc-
stores, four of them located in the city        Jacqueline - “there are also men who tor of the stores.
of Fortaleza, the capital of Ceará, and         come to the store without knowing               But the first woman to work for
the fifth in San Paolo. The main store,         anything about the type of tyre their car Gerardo Bastos S.A. was the founder’s
managed by Gerardo Bastos and his               needs, or what kind of job has to be wife, Mirian Bastos, who is now vice-
sons, José Bastos and Gerardo Filho, is         done”.                                       president of the Group. Her current
also the largest one. The group’s second           But in practice, it is not only unpreju- responsibility is to make snap inspec-
largest outlet is the Aldeota POS, which        diced competence that attracts so many tions of the stores to ensure their image
covers 16,300 square metres in the              customers to the Aldeota branch. Jac- is just so, which probably accounts for
heart of Fortaleza, a noble and elitist         queline and Maryane feel the reason for tyre fitters and aligners wearing spo-
area in which customers usually                 their sales success is linked to the qua- tlessly clean clothes, buttoned shirts
demand VIP treatmentTo win such                 lity of the brand, the biggest attraction. and impeccable uniforms.
clients, Gerardo Bastos put his trust in        Add that to efficiency, knowledge and           by Zarhi El Malek, Santo André, Brazil


                              Pirelli’s new supersport motorcycle tyre bows in

        Hell For The Others
   After its world debut in Munich, the new Pirelli Diablo is tested on Portugal’s Grand Prix
              racing circuit and a demanding road route by the international press

          storil, Portugal. Two months       tinues the great tradition of Pirelli spor-   motorcycle design. Such is the perfor-
          after its dramatic world debut     ting radials, inspired by the emotion and     mance of Diablo that allows the most
          at Intermot in Munich last         exhilaration of out and out performance       complex electronic motorcycle techno-
September, the brilliant new Pirelli Dia-    riding. Non-stop research and develop-        logy to be exploited to the full, while
blo motorcycle tyre was tested on the        ment has put new materials and techno-        still operating on the two small foot-
Estoril circuit from 11-13 November by       logies to the ultimate test on the race-      prints of the Diablo’s contact patch.
leading members of the international         tracks of the world, with constant suc-          Computer Aided Design and advan-
press community. Journalists from all        cess in the Superbike, Supersport and         ced computerised testing have been
over Europe were able to sample the          Superstock Championships, dramatical-         used to achieve the tyre’s Ideal Contour
new tyre on the circuit host of the Portu-   ly accelerating the pace of development.      Shaping (ICS). This futuristic techno-
guese Grand Prix and over a challenging      Diablo has drawn directly on the tech-        logy identifies the structural profile that
road route along the coast of Portugal as    nology of the racing tyres that took          is always able to guarantee the best
far as Cabo de Roca, the most western        Fabien Foret to the 2002 World Super-         distribution of pressure and the opti-
point of the European continent.             sport Championship.                           mum tyre footprint on the road. The
   Buzzword for the Diablo develop-             As well as motorcycle tyre techno-         Pirelli Diablo will be available in a
ment engineering team was ‘sensation’.       logy, no-one understands the motivation       range of sizes 16 and 17 inch diameter,
This had to be a tyre that would continue    of the high performance rider better than     with 70% to 50% aspect ratios. Those
to perform on the limit, in any challen-     Pirelli. The philosophy behind Diablo         dimensions will cater for the majority of
ging road scenario. One that would cling     has been to create a tyre that both maxi-     the models currently on offer from
to the surface in the most demanding         mises the huge performance potential of       European and Japanese manufacturers
conditions of rain and cold asphalt. One     bikes in the supersport segment and uni-      in the supersport segment. The tyre is
that would always deliver a precise and      quely involves the rider. Constant            now being evaluated by both Aprilia, for
fast trajectory for a satisfying sporting    market research and intense technical         the RSV Mille and by Ducati for their
ride and would wear evenly, to guaran-       development have resulted in a revolu-        new 999. In addition, Diablo is the per-
        tee maximum performance              tionary tyre that is an integral compo-       fect tyre choice for the Honda CBR,
                      throughout its life.   nent      of      current                     Suzuki GSX-R, Yamaha R6 and R1 and
                             Diablo con-                                                   the new Aprilia Tuono.
                                                                                              Information on the Pirelli Diablo and
                                                                                           the forthcoming Diablo Challenge Race
                                                                                           series can be found on web site
                                                                                           www.pirellidiablo.com. There, visitors
                                                                                           can challenge the devil on-line but they
                                                                                           should be well informed, so they should
                                                                                           first, go to the technical section, with its
                                                                                           fitment chart and size range. Then it’s on
                                                                                           track, to find the limit of the tyre as a
                                                                                           genuine Pirelli Diablo tester.
                                                                                                     by Pierpaolo Gardella, Munich

                  Pirelli World talks to Fabien Foret                                     each situation. Now I am world cham-
                                                                                          pion it is difficult to do better! Retai-
                                                                                          ning the title will be a new challenge,

      Interview to                                                                        but I don’t have so much to prove, so
                                                                                          it should be better. Pirelli has been
                                                                                          good to me: they all work very hard.
                                                                                          They are very committed to racing,

      a Champion                                                                          very motivated and always easy to
                                                                                          work with. The tyres have improved a
                                                                                          lot in the last two years and they are
                                                                                          very competitive. I didn’t like the feel
   Pirelli’s World Supersport motorcycle racing champion                                  in the wet at first; it didn’t suit my
                                                                                          riding style. But that also improved a
 Fabien Foret was a student until he was 25. Then he started                              lot in the two years.
      to race bikes - and now he is on top of the world
                                                                                             What is your favourite circuit?

          abien Foret took the World         So there’s not been much time to                Imola. Not because it was the scene
          Supersport Championship by         think, but it’s still a great feeling.       of my first win at World Supersport
          storm this year on the yellow                                                   level in 2001, and not because I won
Ten Kate Honda CBR600FS. Despite                How has becoming world champion           the championship there this season. I
crashing at Brands Hatch and being           changed you?                                 like it because it has everything. It has
disqualified after winning at the Lau-          It’s better, but for racing life is the   fast turns, slow turns and chicanes. It
sitzring, he was still in the driving seat   same. Now I am looking forward to            goes up and down hill - it is everything
for the final                                                        defending my         a race track should be.
round at Imola,                                                      title, and maybe
with enough of a                                                     moving up –             How did your career start?
points advantage                                                     perhaps to WSB          I started quite late really, because I
to allow him to                                                      or MotoGP in         don’t come from a motor sport family.
cruise the final                                                     2004. I want to      I used to ride a scooter, from the age of
race and still                                                       be the champion      fourteen, just like most kids in France.
take the title. We                                                   again in 2003:       Myself and Sebastien Charpentier
spoke to him at                                                      we shall see. I      would hang around together and we
his home in                                                          always try my        started to tune our scooters, doing
France to find                                                       best and try to      crazy things to them and racing around
out how he felt                                                      enjoy my racing.     together. Then he started racing and
about his cham-                                                      I enjoyed myself     encouraged me to have a go. In 1991,
pionship win and                                                     this season but      I raced a 50cc bike. Then in ‘92, I did
the year ahead.                                                      towards the end      some races on a 125 in the TZR Cup in
                                                                     it became diffi-     France. In ‘94, I did a full season in
   Fabien, it was                                                    cult to stay         French 125 production racing and
a great year for                                                     relaxed. There       came fourth in the championship.
you, you’ve won                                                      was a lot of pres-
the World Super-                                                     sure and I was          What would you do if you weren’t
sport Champion-                                                      stressed. I didn’t   racing?
ship, how does it                                                    want to make a          I honestly don’t know. I can do lots
feel now?                                                            mistake at Imola,    of things because I studied until I was
   It feels good!                                                    which was a very     25: I studied logistics. So I can do
But I haven’t had                                                    hard race, but       other things. But I am a professional
much time to think about it, I’ve only       finally it all turned out very good. I       rider and I’m happy with that. I don’t
had maybe seven or eight days at             think now it will be easier to stay          think at all about what I will do after
home since winning the title. I’ve been      relaxed and control myself because I         my career. I just take it day to day. I
all over the place, Milan, Paris and         have all the experience from this year.      don’t know what will come next.
Amsterdam, doing work for sponsors.          I will know next year what to do in                                             P.W.

          THE CAL

                                                 The Cal 2003

           A Voyage in Time
             Through Italy
        Three locations in the south of Italy, 90 shots of 15 beautiful women and 8 men,
  a lot of sun, sea, and sensuality: Bruce Weber’s pictures in the new Cal are a hymn to Italy

          he 2003 Pirelli Calendar      with their wonderful singing, luring     well as rising stars in the fashion
           was launched on the 4th      them onto the rocks.                     world, including Marcelo Boldrini,
           November in spectacular         After six years without any Italian   Tomasino Ganesh, Jak Krauszer and
style at the Natural History Museum     beauties – the last being Monica         Ajay Lamas.
in London to press, to collectors and   Bellucci in 1997 – the 2003 Pirelli         But the Pirelli Calendar has an
to enthusiasts from all over the        Calendar boasts three splendid Ita-      artistic and cultural appeal that goes
world. Now in its thirty-fifth year,    lian models: Mariacarla Boscono,         far beyond the world of fashion and
the Pirelli Calendar is one of the      Eva Riccobono and Valentina Stilla.      glamour. For many years now, the
most eagerly awaited happenings in      Along with them are some of the          Pirelli Calendar has been expressing
the world of photography,                     most celebrated top models         - often frequently anticipating - new
fashion and beauty, as                           from throughout the world:      social trends, particularly the role
always an exclusive                                Sophie Dahl, Yamila           and image of women in modern
coming-together of art
                              The 2003 is           Diaz-Rahi, Isabeli Fonta-    society. And this is probably one of
and seduction. The inter-
nationally       renowned
                               the 35th             na, Bridget Hall, Heidi
                                                    Klum, Karolina Kurko-
                                                                                 the principal ingredients in the
                                                                                 calendar's ongoing success.
American photographer           edition            va, Natalia Vodianova,           The first calendar of the new mil-
and director Bruce Weber                          Sienna Rose Miller, Lisa       lennium, with the city of Naples as
shot the 2003 calendar in Italy               Seiffert. And, as is now tradi-    its backdrop, invited us to redisco-
(as did Mario Testino two years         tional, there are also some up-and-      ver our historical heritage and
ago) in over six days on the glorious   coming faces, such as Filippa            authentic Neapolitan values. And
Cilento coast, south of Amalfi.         Hamilton, Jessica Miller and Rania       the 2003 edition continues along
Various locations were chosen           Raslan.                                  this path, returning to the Campania
between Santa Maria di Castellaba-         Likewise, the male models inclu-      region, where the Cilento coast
te and Punta Licosa, also known as      de well-established actors, such as      combines superb natural scenery
“Sirens Promontory”, a name inspi-      Alessandro Gassman, Enrico Lo            and fascinating classical history.
red by the Homeric legend of the        Verso and Stephane Ferrara, along-       The true protagonist, however,
three mermaids, Leucosia, Ligea         side sportsman Richie La Montagne        remains the female personality in its
and Partenope, who seduced sailors      (American middleweight boxer), as        entirety, photographed against an

                                                                                                     Below left: the pictures
                                                                                                     from the new calendar,
                                                                                                     starting from the two
                                                                                                     cover pages,
                                                                                                     followed by the twelve
                                                                                                     shots that represents
                                                                                                     the months of the year.
enchanting, unspoilt natural back-                                                    emotional reaction to it; I want to
ground, the columns of the Temple         This year’s photographer:                   kiss her, I love her, she’s fabulous,
of Hera at Paestum (Posidonia), or                                                    how beautiful…”.
inside the Palazzo Belmonte, the
                                                Bruce Weber                             Once the photography was com-
historic 17th century home of the            Bruce Weber was born in 1946 in          plete, the long and complex job
Princes Granito Pignatelli, that          Greensburg, Pennsylvania. He graduated      began of selecting the photos and
dominates the charming fishing vil-       from Denison University in Ohio and then    designing the layout of the calendar
lage of Santa Maria di Castellabate.      attended NYU Art and Film Schools, and      – this year the calendar has a true
  “What I have always loved about         the New School for Social Research, NY.     wealth of pictures. The 2003 calen-
Italy is that she is like a mistress:     Weber is an internationally acclaimed       dar includes both six-colour and
you can’t live with her, but you          photographer and filmmaker. His photo-      black-and-white photos, with two
can’t live without her”, says Bruce       graphs have appeared in the Condé Nast      pictures for each month. The first
Weber. “When Pirelli first asked me       magazines, Rolling Stone and LIFE. He       series of female portraits is accom-
to photograph the calendar this           has enjoyed popular exhibitions of his      panied by a second series on the
time, I decided that I didn’t want        work in museums and galleries around        back of pictures including also the
too many concepts, I wanted to            the world, and his photographs are in the   men. The twelve traditional calen-
experience Italy again like I did         permanent collections of London’s Victo-    dar pages are also interspersed,
when I first came with the kids from      ria and Albert Museum, and in the Photo-    every three months, by a collage of
school. I wanted to see Italy again       graphy Division of the City of Paris.       every-day life photos, taken in the
as a child. I think there is something    Bruce has been presented with many          streets and among the people of
really beautiful when you see a           honours and awards over the years, cul-     Castellabate.
sense of freedom in a person, a free-     minating in 2000 with an award by the         This last series is completed by
dom of expression, and a freedom at       Pratt Institute of Art “The Living Legend   three splendid “still-life” shots of
being a wild child again….. When I        Award for Photography and Film”.            the locations used for the 2003
was a kid growing up in Pennsylva-                                                    calendar. The final result is one of
nia, every Monday night the town                                                      the most beautiful calendars ever
nearest to me showed Italian films.      taking photographs. The calendar             produced by Pirelli: an extraordi-
[…]I learnt about sex, about love,       has a cinematic feel about it, like a        nary combination of photographs to
about passion, about anger, about        scene from a great story, a great            be read as a single, natural sequen-
craziness, about fantasy – I learnt      emotion or a great moment in                 ce. A truly unique creation… that is
that all from Italian movies, and I      someone’s life. Each photograph              the 2003 Pirelli Calendar.
think about them a lot when I am         tells a whole story and provokes an                     by Livia Armellini, Milan


                       More power for Turkey                                        eastern shores of the Marmara Sea, at
                                                                                    the entrance of the Bosphorous chan-
                                                                                    nel in Göztepe district to the north

         Where Two                                                                  west of the Selimiye district.
                                                                                       The project will be a complete
                                                                                    turnkey operation of installation, civil
                                                                                    engineering, testing and final com-

         Continents                                                                 missioning. It will require 21 km of
                                                                                    154 kV power and seven kilometers
                                                                                    of optical fibre cable, plus various

                                                                                    accessories including 51 joints and six
                                                                                    indoor terminations. The cable will be
                                                                                    made up of a special 1000 mm2 cop-
                                                                                    per conductor with high-grade XLPE
                                                                                    insulation, copper wire concentric
      Turk Pirelli Cables and Systems has won a contract                            shielding and an outer jacketing with
                                                                                    an overall diameter of approximately
       to provide a turnkey project, which will increase                            11 cm, weighing 19 kg per meter.
           the amount of electrical power available                                 When completed, the transmission
               to the Anatolian side of Istanbul                                    cable will provide a total electrical
                                                                                    energy of 275 MW as a backup at 154
Selcuk Esendal reports from Turkey      first quarter of 2002. That led to an       kV level.
                                        official tender in June 2002 and, final-       Cable production is planned for

          o meet the increasing         ly, to the successful award of the con-     completion at the Mudanya manufac-
          demand for electricity from   tract to TURK PIRELLI Cables and            turing facility of Turk Pirelli Cables
          high concentration residen-   Systems. The contract was officially        and Systems by the end of January
tial and com-                                                    signed at the      2003. Accessories will be supplied
mercial areas                                                    end of Octo-       from the Livorno plant in Italy before
and to provide                                                   ber and is         the end of Feb 2003. Project survey
electrical load                                                  worth $9 mil-      work is currently being carried out to
transfer capa-                                                   lion. This was     detail the route, in coordination with
bility from                                                      the first major    two separate municipal and two regio-
different tran-                                                  cable project      nal authorities, in addition to TEIAS.
sformer sta-                                                     to have been       This phase is likely to have been con-
tions in the                                                     put out for ten-   cluded before the end of 2002.
area, a subter-                                                  der and awar-         Execution of the project will be
ranean cable                                                     ded by the         with field installations under main
project has                                                      Tu r k i s h       roads, with a number of crossings
been under                                                       Government         under major motorways and railways,
development                                                      since 1998,        located in the most fashionable
by a Turk                                                        due to a num-      district of the residential and commer-
Pirelli Project                                                  ber of econo-      cial sections of Istanbul on the Anato-
Team for the                                                     mic      down-     lian side of the city. Field installation
Turkish Elec-                                                    turns that have    is planned for the period from March
trical Tran-                                                     taken place in     to August 2003, due to the winter sea-
smission                                                         the country        son restrictions imposed on construc-
Authority                                                        during that        tion work by municipal authorities.
(TEIAS) since                                                    period.            Following the completion of site con-
the second half of 2001.                   The transmission cable will be           struction and installations, field tests
   Following extensive joint planning   installed on the Anatolian side of          and commissioning will be conducted
with TEIAS and pre-specification        Istanbul, and will cover a distance of      in the presence of the owner, TEIAS,
work, the project was included in       seven kilometres. The area is one           with plans to hand over the turnkey
Government investment plans in the      kilometre inland from the north             project in November 2003.


                                On the road to the truly ‘intelligent tyre’

   Milestone Agreement
                   Pirelli and SmarTire are working together to develop and market
                           a new system for the measurement of tyre pressure

         yres play a crucial role in     and increase fuel consumption.              ensure the control at any time of the
         the safety of a vehicle. As        Pirelli Tyres and SmarTire               tyre’s functionality, to the great
         the only part of the car that   Systems have begun to work together         advantage of safety and performan-
physically touches the ground, tyres     on the development and commercia-           ce. Today, a new phase begins in the
make a key contribution to a vehi-       lisation of systems for monitoring          evolution of Pirelli tyres which will
cle’s handling and overall safety.       the pressure and temperature of car,        see the tyre increasingly integrated
Under inflation of tyres is a serious    truck and motorcycle tyres. Produced        into, and able to dialogue with, the
safety concern, as it                    by SmarTire, tested and certified by        other vehicle management and con-
generates exces-                              Pirelli, who will market and sell      trol systems”.
sive sidewall                                          the new products under           “This supply agreement with Pirel-
flexing.                                                   the name X-Pressure‘,     li represents an important milestone
This                                                         the new systems will    in SmarTire’s multi-faceted strategy
                                                              be available by the    for selling tyre monitoring solutions
                                                              end of 2002 through    into the marketplace”, says Robert
                                                             Pirelli’s tyre sales    Rudman, President and Chief Execu-
                                                            channels in Italy,       tive Officer of SmarTire. “The tyre
                                                           Germany, the UK,          industry is rapidly moving toward
                                                          Spain and Switzerland.     the development and marketing of
                                                           For Pirelli, the agree-   the ‘intelligent tyre’ and with this
                                                       ment with the Canadian        new relationship with Pirelli, Smar-
                                                     company is a first step in      Tire can capitalise on this significant
                                                     its strategy of developing a    trend within the tyre industry”.
                                                     tyre able to actively inte-                   by Fabio Romeo, Milan
                                                    ract with the vehicle
                                                   systems: the Pirelli TPMS-
                                                  Tyre Pressure Monitoring                 A Note on SmarTire
                                                  System device will be the
                                                first of a family of products            SmarTire is a pioneer and market leader
                                             destined to transform the tyre           in the development of direct measurement
                                           from a passive component into an           tyre monitoring technology for all sectors of
                                         intelligent one that contributes to the      the automotive and transportation indu-
                                         global control of the vehicle in terms       stries. With the advent of the National
                                         of safety, comfort and performance.          Highway Traffic Safety Administration
                                            “The careful attention that Pirelli       (NHTSA) rule requiring the installation of
                                         always pays to the safety of its custo-      tyre pressure monitoring systems in all pas-
added                                    mers and its profound knowledge of           senger vehicles and light trucks from 1
stress on a tyre,                        tyre technology has led us to take           November 2003, there is substantial market
can build up extra internal heat and     this fundamental step”, said France-         potential for SmarTire technologies and
cause tyre failure. In addition, tyres   sco Gori, Managing Director of the           products. Established in 1987, SmarTire is
with low pressure wear more              Pirelli Tyre Sector. “The data gathe-        a public company with offices in Canada
quickly, degrade the vehicle’s hand-     red by X-Pressure™ on the status of          and the United Kingdom.
ling, lower its load-carrying ability    the air pressure inside the tyre will


                                                  Training progress

      Satisfying the Need
            to Know
                Great strides have been made in training over the last couple of years,
                          not least through the expansion of the Learning Lab

          he market has always guided      including the innovation introduced         boss, the employee then identifies his
          companies’ orientation: stra-    on the training portal - the Pirelli        training needs. After that, he shares a
          tegy, vision and the type of     Learning Lab.                               prepared training plan, which has
skills required are all essential prere-                                               been put together in order to learn two
quisites when facing up to one’s com-        The system of competence beco-            skills, with his boss: let us say a plan
petitors. A business responds to the       mes accessible                              in the fields of finance and diversity.
needs of the market, planning the use        First of all, training routes linked to   The two identify the relative portal
of its resources and modifying its         skills have been designed for the por-      paths to be taken and the employee
combination of them from the finan-        tal: finance, diversity, leadership and     signs on. Next, he follows the training
cial, technical and human                                                                          route, which comprises
viewpoints. In this context,                                                                       various components of on-
Pirelli’s training activity,                                                                       line and classroom tuition
which is always keen to                                                                            that demand little time –
make the necessary changes                                                                         once or twice a month for
so as to add value to its stra-                                                                    three to four months. At the
tegy, has altered its approach                                                                     end of the path, he is given
to the development of people                                                                       a credit in his training car-
over the last two years by the                                                                     net and is certified as pos-
introduction of a number of                                                                        sessing the skills concer-
different innovations.                                                                             ned.
   The first step in that direc-                                                                      With this simple proce-
tion was taken in 2000, when                                                                       dure, a number of new fea-
the traditional educational                                                                        tures of high added value
offer was made available                                                                           can be worked out. Trai-
through a channel of the trai-                                                                     ning is no longer limited to
ning portal: a development                                                                         classroom meetings; it also
that makes training availa-                                                                        follows the person outside
ble, but which still leaves people with    problem solving are among the abili-        the room of learning. And the
a margin of initiative so that they can    ties offered. Such skills – or organisa-    employee does not have to stay away
manage their own development.              tional behaviours – are the same as         from the office any more for three
   Secondly, the training offer conti-     those associated with Pirelli value         consecutive days. The process of cer-
nued become ever more suited to the        models, which are capabilities consi-       tification gives recognition of the
internal needs of the organisation,        dered effective in helping to achieve       achievement of the newly acquired
especially to the individual Business      business objectives.                        skills, so training has an impact on the
Units, by making changes to its know-         The portal offers the chance of          behaviour considered effective for
ledge content.                             taking a training route relative to the     business purposes.
   This is how a Pirelli employee and,     skill the person wishes to or must             Once entered, the person must take
more generally, the Business Units         improve. An example: after having           an admission test for the next phase of
can now take advantage of the offer,       compiled the evaluation form with his       the learning curve, with the chance to

monitor his level of achievement and       built up over a period of time and has          information. When the person con-
progress towards his objective of          been enriched by the experience of              cerned leaves the Group, that capital
being a certified possessor of the         other people. That is called tacit              is lost. To find a solution to this criti-
skill he wishes to acquire. Each path      knowledge, which is the driving                 cal situation, it was necessary to con-
is tied to prerequisites the employee      force of the company’s activities.              sider at least three things: have the
must have in order to move on to the       This special wisdom has always                  people concerned recounted their
next stage.                                sustained the organisation’s ability to         professional case histories. Has that
   The objective is to make the trai-      compete but, paradoxically, it is limi-         information been made available in a
ning offer clean, increasingly synthe-     ted by the fact that few people have it         format that can be easily consulted?
tic, focalised and well distributed.       and it is often difficult to distribute.        Is that knowledge in a virtual contai-
                                           Individual knowledge, gathered                  ner that can be easily accessed? A
  The report possibility                   making attempts to find a solution to           solution was found at Pirelli, thanks
  It is possible for human resources       a problem, errors committed along               also to technology. The case histories
and line managers to have control of       the way and sharing with colleagues             have become means by which to
the reporting aspect of such training      all transform experience into case              learn, created by the use of short
and the results. This provides an ove-     histories. In many instances, those             films, simple animations and quick
rall picture of progress being made        case histories remain personal, and             tests, all put together on the portal.
and future needs, based on the results     sharing is limited to a few associates          Through those case histories, related
of learning that emerge from reading       without the company being able to               personally by the people who expe-
the report.                                capitalise on it and keep track of such         rienced them, the portal offers the
  With that data, managers and the                                                         chance of explaining and diffusing
human resources organisation can re-                                                       ‘how things should be done’. With
design interventions and make them                         Lady L                          the contribution of the people who
progressively more coherent with                                                           know how to move, the nuggets of
business needs. It is also possible to         The September 2002 portal communica-        knowledge inserted into the learning
correlate the effects of training inter-    tes better with everyone, thanks to Lady L,    path are the key elements of a union
vention to the attainment of results        a Pirelli education mascot. Lady L is a        between training and business: T2B
by the person involved.                     channel open to the people linked to the       or training to business.
  In this way, every manager also           portal, and to those obtaining feedback           This new portal development has
has the opportunity to evaluate the         from it. Thanks to Lady L, people are infor-   as its objective the faster diffusion of
type of investment made in order to         med of new behavioural courses, training       knowledge, in a more complete form
further develop others who work             routes, reports and nuggets of knowledge       and more efficiently, facilitating
with him, generating a virtuoso circle      on how to move. Employees are always in        access to, and the insertion of, new
regarding the behavioural improve-          contact with the opportunity to learn. They    knowledge case histories and making
ment and continuous training or life-       are also able to request specific training     public the efforts of the person who
long learning, as it is called. The         assistance and developments relative to        is learning.
manager has a kind of training dash-        individual needs.                                 Training has changed: it has beco-
board: a lever with which to guide                                                         me more suited to verification needs
his people, their growth and their                                                         and relevant to the requirements of
motivation.                                                                                business. It has moved on from being
                                                                                           a standard monolithic to become a
  Training and information                                                                 system that is flexible and closer to
  The training portal is a container of                                                    the need to know and knowing how
knowledge. In it, there are courses                                                        to move. Training in Pirelli has been
not only on managerial behaviour,                                                          enriched by the communication, dif-
but also on Pirelli awareness and                                                          fusion and promotion of the ability to
knowledge of the different areas of                                                        fill in the knowledge gaps that limit
business that guarantee the right                                                          the opportunity of the whole Group
results to the client. So not just                                                         to develop. But words are insuffi-
knowledge itself, but also knowing                                                         cient with which to demonstrate the
what to do. Quite often, this                                                              efficiency of this new system. Log on
‘knowing how to move’ is not a                                                             to the portal and try it out.
structured procedure: it has been                                                                        by Marco Rosetti, Milan


              The P Zero spring/summer collection                                The shoe has a sailing look about it.
                                                                                 P Zero Athletic is the maximum
                                                                                 expression of tech-shoe for lovers

          Fashion in
                                                                                 of the most sought after casual
                                                                                   • P Zero Acqua
                                                                                   Mix and patchwork. Melange of

          Full Swing                                                             textiles. From leather to micro-
                                                                                 fibre, from water repellent canvass
                                                                                 to suede. Every sector of the upper
                                                                                 has its material; every part of the
Excitement, dynamism, practicality: all that and more can be                     foot is protected and covered with
                                                                                 the most suitable textile to ensure
found in the new collection for men, women - and even kids                       the maximum performance and the
                                                                                              best treatment that gives

              e last met up with         Athletic. A new line of                               better comfort. Versa-
              Pirelli’s    industrial    shoes with an                                          tility to defeat bore-
              design project back in     innovative                                              dom and create new
February (see Pirelli World number       tread design,                                            and infinite mat-
30), when the P Zero project was         due to the                                               ching and coordina-
formally unveiled and made its           inlaid pattern.                                          tion opportunities.
debut in the world of fashion.           Pirelli resear-                                          The strip of rubber
Today, after only 10 months, the         ch has concen-                                          that wraps around
project is in full development and       trated on the                                           the shoe and supports
has just revealed its collections for    creation of a sole                                    the foot in the P Zero
next spring and summer. Here’s           that can assure lightness, breathabi-   becomes interchangeable. A set of
how our fashion friends describe         lity, maximum freedom of move-          coloured straps to modify the P
their latest offerings.                  ment on all terrain. A versatile sole   Zero Acqua and make it suitable for
                                         to mix with different kinds of           all occasions. For women, the
         P Zero Performance              uppers, from moccasins to ultra-                colours are gold and silver,
  Technique, soft, multi-use: the        sports sailing shoes. This new                    fancy and bright. The
new P Zero footwear leaves a daily       line is characterised by its                       Pirelli shoe line could not
footprint. Freedom to wear, a liking     sole, the softness                                  be without an affinity of
for walking. The spring/summer           of its upper, its                                   trendy coordinates and
’03 P Zero Acqua, Athletic and           sporty look. The                                    has the most brilliant
Nero are a sought-after union of hi-     inlaid pattern of                                      shades for P Zero
tech elements – extracts from the        the sole is desi-                                       Acqua, night&day.
match race of sailor’s shoes – pat-      gned to ensure
chwork materials, vital colours.         the maximum                                             • P Zero Nero
Anti-stress synthetic rubber soles,      flexibility in the                                    Metropolitan light-
because nothing needs the right          most delicate underfoot area: the       ness. With the greatest elegance, a
amount of relaxation like the sole       hollow of the foot. To guard against    more tapered line for city wearabi-
of the foot. Tapered lines, never        daily knocks, there is a shaped         lity. P Zero Nero is the shoe that
oppressive,      avoids     slipping.    groove like the appendix of a mis-      breaks the mould of the ordinary
Breather vents to control the tempe-     sing puzzle piece. This is a moc-                    working look, maintai-
rature of the feet. Achieve a perfor-    casin for relaxation, due to                            ning an essential
mance result in terms of comfort         the softness of its                                      shape. Technical
competition. P Zero, the performan-      upper, the exter-                                        approaches min-
ce seeker.                               nal stitching, the                                       gle with ‘footwear
                                         broad sole desi-                                        tailoring’.
             P Zero Athletic             gned by Pirelli to                                        Light Boot. A
  The latest creation of the House       give the maxi-                                          technical, laced
of Pirelli’s footwear sector is P Zero   mum       comfort.                                      half booty to pro-

tect the ankles. Among the new            called the Caban – in                                      P Zero Aria – Men
developments in the P Zero Nero           treated water repellent                                     The masculine indu-
line, there is also this higher shoe,     satin or micro-nylon,                                         strial design is cal-
of bright colours, with padding at        to protect its wea-                                              led Impronta, a
the sides of the ankles and a split at    rer from the                                                       radial jacket:
the tendon level.                         day’s inclement                                                      pneumatic
                                          weather.                                                              protection.
          P Zero Kids Shoes               Developed to                                                            The P Zero
  The most recent development: P          satisfy the                                                              d e s i g n
Zero Acqua – Kids. So the family is       practical                                                                takes on a
now complete, as far as the season’s      feminine                                                                j a c k e t
new arrivals are concerned. Here is       s e n s e ,                                                           shape. Ultra-
the young P Zero footprint, the           Caban is                                                            light, water
Pirelli laboratories’ newborn,            produced                                                           repellent,
which joins the P Zero Acqua- Nero        in sports                                                         b r e a t h a b i l i t y,
men’s and women’s lines. It is a          casual                                                             multi-functio-
shoe for the very young, who with         colours                                                            nal, transversal
             P Zero Kids can plou-        like white,                                                        in all climates:
                    gh through the        red, navy                                                          that is the new
                        c i t y ’ s       blue and                                                           P Zero clothing
                        asphalt,          beige.                                                            development,
                       steer       and       For the sporting                                               which responds
brake in the playgrounds of schools       motorcyclist, Pirelli P Zero Aria pro-       to functional needs with new
and parks. A footprint for little ‘dri-   poses a protective ‘motor jacket’,           aesthetic criteria. Rubber coated
vers’ who want to stay on their feet.     shortened, feminine, with essential          cordura bearing the Pirelli logo.
A kid’s shoe with a rough and tum-        lining only on the shoulders and             Double front pockets, with a secret
ble tread pattern, made in two ver-       made in nylon and satin cordura. The         compartment. Internal space with
sions (are laces friend or foe?):         inner coulisse indicates the waist of a      pockets for all accessories.
classical lace-ups or the practical       dynamic jacket for those who like the          P Zero has civilised the Field
strap fastening to avoid stumbling        practicality of many pockets, but            Jacket. A garment with a soft look
problems.                                     without having to give up a little       and waist. Without the harsh messa-
                                                 dashing elegance. And then            ge of a military mood, enriched
    P Zero Aria – Woman                              there are Bomber-Mini,            with tailoring techniques, like the
   Woman in Air. P Zero                                  Little Jacket and Gilet:      construction of the armholes, which
Aria will even make                                          all-round jackets         makes them functional for all occa-
her fly! Lightness                                              made in radial         sions. Beaten three-ply cotton.
and vital propor-                                                quilted, nylon        Colours: Panama white, sand, red
tions. Dynami-                                                     micro fibre for     and navy. And then again, there is
sm, practica-                                                       the       short    the Pirelli Barracuda, a light James
lity, elegance.                                                      bomber,           Dean-type jacket, a garment with a
Femininity                                                            Pirelli sket-    vintage flavour that has been revi-
with a high                                                            ched satin      sed in technical terms. Linear, equi-
technological                                                           for      the   librated in its proportions and its
content:                                                                first pro-     volume. The sailor’s clip fasteners.
Pirelli takes                                                            tective       The odourless, water repellent oiled
care of and                                                              layer of      cotton. Skipper gilet. The nautical
embraces                                                                 the little    world leaves its mark on the P Zero
the woman.                                                               jacket        collection. Not only in spirit, but
In fact, the                                                              and the      also in detail. Quick-release faste-
new col-                                                                  wind-        ners, dynamic, high quality features
lection                                                                   proof        that make the garment unique
includes a                                                                micro        among the classic and the sporting.
jacket –                                                                  gilet.            by Carlo Corti Galeazzi, Milan


                            Strengthening relationships with the stakeholders

The Sustainability Asset
              After recognising the principle of ‘sustainable development’ in 1995,
 Pirelli’s efforts have been rewarded by inclusion in two prestigious world renowned indexes

      n September 2002, Pirelli S.p.A       from January 2000 to Q2 2001 in avai-           The Dow Jones Sustainability Index
       was selected as a component of       lable financial products to the private      at world level (DJSI World) includes
       two important index families         clientele . The growth rate is particu-      over 300 companies from 23 countries.
which track companies on a worldwi-         larly interesting when considering the       At European level, the pan-European
de basis: the Dow Jones STOXX               reference period – 18 months since the       sustainability benchmark – DJSI
Sustainability Indexes (DJSI STOXX)         last survey – that coincides with a diffi-   STOXX – includes more than 180 cor-
and the FTSE4GOOD series. Both are          cult period for asset management and         porations from 14 countries and Pirelli
the most prestigious of their kind, ena-    financial investment activities all over     S.p.A. is one of the four Italian compa-
bling and encouraging investors to          Europe. Socially responsible invest-         nies selected this year. The second
allocate their assets based on sustaina-    ment can, therefore, be considered one       index (FTSE4Good) selects consti-
bility criteria.                                                                         tuents exhibiting good policy, manage-
   Nowadays, a growing number of                                                         ment and performance with regard to
companies are increasingly realising                                                     corporate responsibility. Pirelli is a
that their commitment towards social                                                     component of the FTSE4Good Global
responsibility has a major effect on                                                     Index with a 0.02% weight, effective
either their reputation or their success.                                                from September 23rd 2002, after
Such awareness has been created by the                                                   showing a good level of commitment
work of many sustainable or ethical                                                      and results as a socially responsible
consultants, which have been analysing                                                   company.
the commitment of business to social                                                        Naturally Pirelli is proud of the
responsibility. As a result, the current                                                 results it has achieved to date. It wishes
approach of companies is to progressi-                                                   to respond promptly to the increasing
vely integrate environmental issues                                                      need of communication, so it discloses
into the corporate world, and to disclo-    of the most dynamic and rapidly              information regarding its sustainability
se information on their policies and        growing activities in the investment         commitment and results in terms of
procedures. This allows them to increa-     funds industry.                              environmental performance, in relation
se their overall performance, and to          In this context, the Pirelli Group         to the increasingly wide audience of
strengthen their relationships with all     declared its commitment to the princi-       socially responsible investors and con-
stakeholders.                               ple of “Sustainable Development” back        sultants.
   This development is mirrored by a        in 1995. Since that year, the company           To fulfil this commitment, a section
growing number of “socially responsi-       has made a continuous effort to integra-     entitled “Environment” has been crea-
ble investors”, who recognise the           te environmental standards and to            ted        on      Pirelli’s      Website
importance of economic, environmen-         reinforce green working practices,           www.pirelli.com, where all publicly
tal and social criteria as long-term suc-   resulting in an improved management          available environmental documents are
cess factors for business. The prolifera-   capability in the environmental dimen-       shared. The site can be visited by all
tion in Europe of new “green, social        sion, and in an increased overall sustai-    stakeholders and has proved to be an
and ethical” funds and their growth rate    nability performance. As evidence of         effective tool in allowing external
over the last year, confirm this ten-       the good results achieved Pirelli was        research providers to access the rele-
dency. On 30 June 2001, there were          selected as a member of the Dow Jones        vant information and assess it in their
251 green, social and ethical funds ope-    Sustainability Indexes and the               sustainability analysis.
rating in Europe, with a 58% increase       FTSE4Good index series.                                          by Ilaria Scola, Milan


                A journey through the city’s history                                   tury until today. An audio-visual instal-
                                                                                       lation recalls the most significant
                                                                                       moments in the city’s history as it

                                                                                       moved towards modernity: it covers
                                                                                       the period from the First World War to
                                                                                       now, with a progressive acceleration
                                                                                       as, one by one, events close in on the

                  to Milan                                                             present. At the end of this voyage, each
                                                                                       person is invited to leave his or her own
                                                                                       mark on the construction of a future
                                                                                       city municipality, choosing the prefer-
                                                                                       red option that leads to modernity from
       Palazzo Reale in Milan hosts the exhibition created                             the citations proposed. The preferences
         to celebrate the Bocconi University centenary                                 expressed by the public are seen in real
                                                                                       time on a screen that is in continuous

            rganised by the Bocconi         Next Step – the exhibition covers more     evolution and are also available on the
            University and the Milan        than 2000 square metres. It has an         exhibition’s Internet web site.
            Municipal Council, an exhi-     absorbing logical progression, moving         A special section is dedicated to
bition entitled ‘The New World. Milan       from a sort of modern Wunderkammer         cinematography: in co-operation with
1890/1915’ has opened at city’s Palaz-      full of marvels of creation containing     Milan’s Museum of the Cinema, a
zo Reale as part of the university’s cen-   real objects, to a fascinating multi-      small motion picture theatre of the
tenary celebrations. Open to the public     media narration.                           period has been reconstructed in which
until 28 February 2003, Pirelli is one of     The exhibition boasts works by some      a montage is projected of rare films
the exposition’s main sponsors, both as
a witness to the period covered, as an
inheritor of the modernism that charac-
terised Milan at the start of the 20th
century and as a long-standing partner
of the university (see Pirelli World
number 32 of August 2002).
   Milan, city of financial importance
and art, enterprise and culture, industry
and leisure time, social conscience and
commerce, rebellion and learning: the
theme of this exhibition spotlights
Milan’s new vocation through excep-
tionally creative seasons that were part
of the city between the 19th and 20th
centuries. The central theme is the con-
cept of modernity as expressed in
Milan from 1890 to 1915. The exhibi-        of Italy’s greatest artists, including     found in various Italian archives,
tion, a full and rich gallery of works of   Canaletto, Gaetano Previati, Umberto       depicting various aspects of Milan life.
art, rare, precious and curious objects,    Bocconi, Carlo Carrà, Mario Sironi            “The exhibition is an offering that
enables the visitor to perceive the         and many others. Of notable interest, is   the Bocconi wanted to make to the city
extraordinary and unrepeatable com-         a rare photographic mural by Luca          of Milan”, said the university’s rector,
plexity of the process of modernisa-        Comerio called Workers Leaving the         Carlo Secchi, “to renew the memories
tion, which radically changed Milan         Pirelli Factory in Via Ponte Seveso,       of an economically, socially and cultu-
from the social, urban, economic, insti-    1905, restored by the Bocconi Univer-      rally effervescent period. Above all, it
tutional, cultural and artistic points of   sity and loaned by Pirelli for the occa-   is a wish that Milan continues to be the
view.                                       sion.                                      driving force of modernity, in the sense
   Comprising over 700 objects divided         The last section of the exhibition      of projective ability and the art of indu-
into three sections – The Labyrinth of      takes visitors on a Milan journey throu-   striousness”.
Modernity, Milan 1890/1915 and The          gh time, from the start of the 20th cen-                 by Livia Armellini, Milan


                                                  A Pirelli UHP natural

      Tuning Switzerland
                               As the Swiss tuner market continues to expand,
                        Pirelli re-launches itself to the country’s magicians of speed

         he success of tuning, the              with the tuners, the tuner business and      the first time in ‘Auto Emotionen’.
         mechanical and aesthetic pre-          market developments, continually pro-        Held in the capital of Bern, ‘Auto Emo-
         paration of cars so that they          viding the most appropriate Pirelli tyre     tionen’ is the most successful exhibi-
perform and look better, is in constant         solutions to solve all individual needs:     tion of its kind in Switzerland: it pro-
expansion in Switzerland, home of               a person who will guarantee this army        motes the aesthetic and sports prepara-
some of the best known tuners such as           of go-faster specialists and their           tion of road cars by showing the latest
Carlsson, Abt and Hartge. But the Hel-          growing number of customers a well           developments in car high performance
vetic Confederation is also the home of         qualified and professional service.          modification, hi-fi and multi media.
an infinity of small craft companies               A re-launch of Pirelli to Swiss tuners       With a view to increasing Pirelli
that work on a wide range of different          is also going ahead, using a number of       Tyres’ involvement in the tuning world
models. So the business possibilities           other interesting marketing tools:           and boosting its contact and bank of
are almost endless: both motoring               among them is a series of targeted           user potential, the Swiss company deci-
                                                                       events for tuners,    ded to be among the protagonists of the
                                                                       which have crea-      large exhibition to present the Group’s
                                                                       ted really positi-    latest developments in UHP tyres to
                                                                       ve results. Last      visiting enthusiasts. Over 30,000 peo-
                                                                       August,         for   ple attended the three-day ‘Auto Emo-
                                                                       instance,      our    tionen 2002’ in Bern and they showed
                                                                       Swiss subsidiary      great interest in the PZero range. Many
                                                                       held an event         also entered a competition to win a
                                                                       called ‘The First     copy of the new 2003 Pirelli Calendar.
                                                                       Pirelli Tuning in        On the basis of factors such as a deci-
                                                                       Motion’ at the        sive increase in the number of visitors
                                                                       ex-Formula One        to this year’s show, the notable sati-
                                                                       circuit of Dijon      sfaction of exhibitors with the quality
                                                                       in France, in         and number of contacts made in Bern,
                                                                       which some of         Pirelli’s Swiss subsidiary is pleased
                                                                       the best-known        with its first time involvement in the
                  Pirelli tyres on show at Bern’s “Auto Emotionen”. Swiss          tuners    country’s unique tuner show.
                                                                       took part. The           So in the light of that experience, it is
magazines and daily newspapers carry modifiers had the chance to exhausti-                   with evident optimism that Pirelli Tyre
large numbers of advertisements pla- vely test the whole range of Pirelli                    Europe Swiss Market is looking to
ced by companies large and small, all Ultra-High Performance tyres. They                     2003 and greater penetration of the
offering to modify just about any car to also took part in a detailed technical              country’s booming car tuning sector. A
suit any taste or pocket.                       training session, in which they discus-      sector which, offers services and
   In recognition of the obvious impor- sed with Pirelli specialists the wide                models able to satisfy any kind of soft
tance of this burgeoning market seg- range of solutions offered by the PZero                 or hard personalisation of a motorist’s
ment, Pirelli Tyre Europe Swiss Market Collection: and acquired useful advice                road car, a sector that will take on an
has reinforced and underlined its pre- and information on Pirelli’s UHPs and                 ever increasing role and value in the
sence by taking on a special technician. PZero Nero ranges.                                  future.
A man who will keep in close touch                 In early October, Pirelli took part for         by Enrico Campioni, Switzerland


                      Pirelli’s fibre optic innovations                                    well as to ensuring longevity after being
                                                                                           placed in position. ResiLink LT cables
                                                                                           are composed of a loose tube buffer con-

      Showing the
                                                                                           taining up to four optical fibres and a
                                                                                           stainless steel messenger to enable cost-
                                                                                           effective, self-supporting aerial installa-
                                                                                           tion for applications of up to 200 feet.

       Engineers                                                                           The design can also be direct buried and
                                                                                           the steel messenger is a benefit for cable
                                                                                           location, preventing service interruption
                                                                                           caused by cable cuts during construction
 Advanced double capacity 576 optical fibre premises ribbon                                digs.
                                                                                              An increase in the available fibre
   distribution cable makes its debut at the 2002 NFOEC,                                   count of RCLT™ ribbon cable was also
         the U.S. fibre optics industry’s premier event                                    shown and can now accommodate from
                                                                                           12 up to 432 fibres. Customers were also

         irelli Communications Cables         case, we have put a premium on features      interested in the MassLink PlusTM
         and Systems North America            that enhance ease of handling and con-       1728 ribbon in loose tube design. The
         announced that it has developed      tribute to lower customer deployment         compact RILT cable is ideal for areas
an advanced premises ribbon distribu-         costs.”                                      where maximum fibre count and mini-
tion cable with 576 optical fibres, which        Pirelli’s premises ribbon distribution    mum duct space is required. The new
offers twice the capacity of its previou-     cables, such as the new 576-fibre design,    PremiseLink RILT Plenum rated design
sly available RILT™ (Ribbon-In-Loose-         provide economical
Tube) Distribution cable for indoor           and efficient transi-
Riser applications.                           tion of high-fibre-
   Together with other recently announ-       count outside plant
ced additions to Pirelli’s lineup of cables   ribbon cable from
for outside plant, premises and last-mile     the splice vault into
applications, the newly developed cable       the cable user’s
went on display at the recent 2002            communications
National Fibre Optic Engineers Confe-         centre. The design
rence in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A.                of Pirelli’s premises
   “We have traditionally been the global     ribbon distribution
leader in the development of increasin-       cables allows the
gly higher fibre-count cables,” said Ray-     optical fibres to be
mond L. Robinson, president and CEO           easily mass fusion
of Pirelli Communications Cables and          spliced and connec-
Systems North America, “and our new           torised with (MT)
576-fibre count premises ribbon distri-       ribbon connectors. Easily separable rib-     was also on display with fibre counts of
bution cable now takes its place in the       bons also facilitate linking to legacy       up to 288.
lineup of cable options we offer in an        connectors.                                     Pirelli’s fibre optic cable products
effort to meet any customer need that            Pirelli also recently announced several   include outside plant cables designed for
might arise.”                                 other fibre optic cable design innova-       both long-haul backbone networks and
   He added, “Pirelli’s focus on conti-       tions. First was a ResiLink™ LT aerial       metropolitan rings, premises cables.
nuing to develop cable solutions and          drop cable for fibre-to-the-home             They can meet almost any LAN installa-
cable technology was very much in evi-        (FTTH) applications. ResiLink LT             tion or campus application need. Pirelli’s
dence at NFOEC. Over the past few             cables are ideal for FTTH drop installa-     fibre optic range also includes last-mile
months, we have announced design              tions, which ultimately bring high           solutions, among them integrated optical
innovations in our ribbon distribution        bandwidth fibre optic capacity the last      networking equipment and cable for
cable family, in our drop cable for fibre-    mile to the user’s home. The cables          central office, multiple access and sin-
to-the-home applications and in our rib-      incorporate design features to enhance       gle-point applications, all designed for
bon-in-central-tube cable for indoor-out-     ease of installation and, consequently, a    low installation and maintenance costs.
door transition applications. In each         reduction in the cost of such work, as                by Pat Layden, Lexington, USA

                              World Brief
                                            China, from 29 October-2 November.            offers a comprehensive range of cour-
                                            Among the 700 stands from 30 diffe-           ses, from basic to advanced sessions,
                                            rent countries was the Pirelli Cables         for both individuals and groups.
                                            and Systems Telcom booth, in which            Highly trained, professional instruc-
                                            the Sector showed its latest cables,          tors conduct all courses. “We - says
                                            fibre optics and innovative develop-          Ashley Cooper, Managing Director of
                                            ments for Fibre to the Home.                  Pirelli Tyres South Africa - are proud
                                                                                          to say that our tyres meet more and
                                                                                          more vehicles and end-users expecta-
                                                      The 2002 Key Award                  tions. It is our aim to keep “excellen-
                                                    goes to Pirelli’s The Grip            ce” in product and service quality
     Diablo’s Advertising Campaign                                                        levels (...). This is in the spirit of land
                                               The Pirelli tyre advertising campai-       discoveries. All road should lead to
   After launching its new Diablo           gn called The Grip was proclaimed             civilisation and Pirelli wants to drive
motorcycle tyre at the Intermot show in     the winner of the Special Effects cate-       on them as a protagonist”.
Munich, Germany, a new advertising          gory of the 29th Media Key Awards at
campaign for the tyre has been created      a gala evening in Milan on 14 Octo-
by the Group’s agency Armando Testa.        ber. Launched last March, the Pirelli
The name of the new tyre, which means       TV commercial was created in colla-
Devil in English, inspired the campai-      boration with the Group’s advertising
gn’s copy line, which reads Diablo. Hell    agency, Armando Testa, and was shot
for the others. The concept of the cam-     entirely on location in Malta. The role
paign plays on the counter position of      of the Key Awards, which are assi-
heaven and hell. In this case, hell beco-   gned twice a year, is to stimulate crea-
mes paradise for a motorcyclist, who        tivity in the development and realisa-
races through some remarkable Dante-        tion of advertising films for TV and
type divisions, where demons and mon-       the cinema, in an effort to improve the
sters try uselessly to obstruct him. The    effectiveness of communication, tech-
rider feels he is in heaven – and leaves    nical and aesthetic quality in such
hell to the others. The pictures were       productions.
created by Canadian artist Dominique
Gaucher and his team, who have produ-
ced painted backdrops for films, stage
productions, photographers and archi-
                                                The Sting in the Scorpion’s Tale                WORLD
tectural decorators since 1986. Gaucher,       In South Africa, Pirelli’s commit-                The quarterly international newsmagazine
                                                                                                          for Pirelli management
one of whose more recent works was for      ment to 4X4 driving support goes far                       NOVEMBER 2002 - NO 33
the film ‘Bone Collector’, painted a real   beyond tyre supply and service. Situa-                            www.pirelli.com

pictorial canvass for the Pirelli Diablo,   ted in the Blue Hills area of Midrand,
of which digital images were formed         Johannesburg, the Pirelli Scorpion                       Published by Pirelli S.p.A.
                                            Off-Road College is a place of lear-                           Personnel Affairs
                                            ning. Not only does the college enjoy                        Editor Silvia Vanini
  Pirelli at Asia’s Biggest Telecom Fair    the backing and well-developed infra-                 Assistant Editor Livia Armellini
                                                                                                Editorial Consultant Robert Newman
                                            structure of Pirelli, but it is also invol-         Artwork Y&R Communications, Milan
   Over 300,000 people visited              ved with and named after Pirelli’s                          Photographs: p. 23 Image Bank
PT/Expo Comm 2002, Asia’s biggest           renowned Scorpion range of off-road                     Printed by Arti Grafiche Meroni, Milan
telecommunications show, in Peking,         tyres. The Scorpion Off Road College


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