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Web Designing & Animation India

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What shows that sells! Letters are not enough to show up the things that you want to sell. Your web sites
designing will show how professional is you and your business.

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Web Designing & Animation India

What shows that sells! Letters are not enough to show up the things that you want to sell. Your web sites
designing will show how professional is you and your business. Want to design such a web site that will
catch your visitors’ imagination and multiply your ROI, then Modulesoft Solutions is the best destination for
you. Modulesoft Solutions has a long expertise in web designing and animation. Currently Modulesoft
Solutions deals with projects related to

Corporate Websites

Whenever Modulesoft Solutions has attempted to design a corporate websites, its first and foremost step is
to begin with a user-centered approach to strategy, content, architecture, and design to create sites that
deliver exceptional value, are distinctively branded, and most of all, easy to use.

Flash Intro

Modulesoft too provides Flash Intro design service. As we claim that we are one of the cost-effective e-
commerce solutions providers, surely you will get a better deal with us. Hire our web designers and
animation experts for designing a professional Flash Intro for your company.

HTML/Flash Templates

HTML/Flash Templates are ready-made web layouts that can be used for fast and high-quality web sites
instantly. Thus you won’t be wasting your valuable time and hard earned money by hiring a designer or
team for designing your web site. A business based company also can customize a business type html, flash
or Photoshop template as Modulesoft does. Music, flowers, pets, art, photo, commerce (and many more)
based html, flash or Photoshop templates can also be found on our website.

Flash Websites

Our Flash web sites can be much more than “Wow!” and surely your visitor would say “what a cool
website!” Our web designer team can incorporate html, 3D graphics, audio and video into your website that
will make your site a fully interactive multimedia experience for your user.

2D &3D Animation
Keeping pace with the competitive web designing industry, Modulesoft Solutions too offers its creative
designing solutions including 2D&3D Animation and Visual Effects to its clients from both in India as well
as all over the world.


Forward us any static page layout (whether in a PhotoShop or JPEG form), we can design the document into
fully functional XHTML and CSS. Modulesoft is committed to its high quality technical standards and
promises to provide a advanced, highly optimized web document that will help your site rank better in
search engines and visitor friendly.

Flash Header

Want to add some cool features like “Flash Header” to your website? Then don’t you try out Modulesoft
Solutions’ designing service.

Modulesoft Solutions promises to provide you every advanced technological solution that our customers
may look for online. It is our promise to provide complete e-commerce solutions (i.e. from web designing to
web development; from application software to web promotion) to our clients. Check out our individual
services for more details.

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