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Scope Creep and your Website

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’Scope creep’ may not be a common term among us. However, if you are a
website designer or enthusiast, this is definitely a term worth learning.

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In simple words, ‘scope creep’ happens when the scope or focus of a site
changes due to improvements. When it expands, it is said to creep. That
is where the coined term ‘scope creep’ came from.

‘Scope creep’ may be drastic or may be not. However, in times of
‘creeping’ your website may need a change in the content or design of the
site so as to accommodate the improvements. Every web design must be
flexible thus, it continues to change with time so as to cater to the
needs of visitors. Change is inevitable hence, scope creep is also
inevitable. If you care about your site, you have to tweak and improve
your site regularly.

Nonetheless, in doing the ‘scope creep’, problems may eventually occur.
Poor planning is the most common reason of these problems. Another is the
hodge-podge of offers that can lead to lose of focus that makes these
offers pieces of crap - nothing more!

So how do you make ‘scope creep’ manageable?

1. Good planning strategy. Give yourself more time for planning.
Acknowledge problems that may arrive in the future. Allow flexibility to
take its course. Anticipate the breakthroughs and new phenomena so that
you can go with the trend and fresh flow of the business you are in.
Fluidity is something that must be master with grace.

2. Your primary goal must prevail over ‘scope creep’. The changes must be
in accord with the primary goal of the web design. This will make the
site focused, organized and cohesive. If ever you are faced whether to
use ‘scope creep’ and distract the primary goal or stick with it, the
unanimous choice must be the latter. This is so because your site is
created to relate to the primary goal and adding a new agendum can be
treated a misnomer and will not be a good idea for the website.

3. Function rules over form. You may encounter a conflict that may
trigger the extinction of the usability or functions of the site however,
do not be tempted. This will just result to confusion on the part of the
visitors. Moreover, function or usability must be effectively carried

Now you know what ‘scoop creep’ is and why it is essential to websites.
It is good and they can keep your business updated and flexible.
Nonetheless, in doing ‘scope creep’ do not forget the basic principles of
wed design development.

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