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Original content is one of the most important components to a successful
website. Find out how to check how original your content is, and how it
stacks up to your competition.

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One of the most overlooked and misunderstood portions of web site
designing and set up is the content. What do you actually fill the pages
with, is the most common question today. Well the answer is rather
simple, content and lots of it. One of the biggest problems with content
these days is there is not enough original web content for your site. Why
would you have an article that 500 other sites already have on theirs?
This will not keep you in the race if you do not have original stuff.

As every good web site designer knows, it is the use of keyword rich
content that can make or break your site. These keywords are what are
considered a beacon for the page, when the keyword is typed into the
viewer’s browser. Not having keywords or very poor ones will not generate
traffic to the site, leaving the site virtually in the dust of the
competition. This is where creativity comes into play, you need to keep
sharp to stay on top of the competitors and keep your site flooded with
traffic. The more traffic you have the higher the page ranking. When your
page ranking is high, you will have your site up around the top page or
pages where most people surf.

Many people for one reason or another rarely venture past the first few
pages in a search engines listings, if your site is not in high rankings
chances are you are not going to be seen. There is word of mouth yet
someone actually has to stumble onto the site and view it for it to be
noticed. For this one reason alone, you need to have content that can
generate hits. Now there are many sites where you can grab free content
for your site, yet this free content rarely has any keyword rich value to
it and is surely not going to make you financially stable anytime soon.
You need to find the stuff that no one else has in order to be original.
Having fresh content that a viewer is actually looking for and has not
found everywhere else online is the key to bringing in more business.

This is not restricted to merchant based sites or affiliate sites, this
goes all the way down the list of possible web site designs. Many people
today write their own content with their keywords in it, to ensure that
the indexing is updated regularly. If you do not have any writing skills
or have no programs to ensure that the content has not been used before,
this could easily be a daunting task. There are however, many sites
dedicated to this very problem. You can go to a site such as Elance and
employ a hired gun to do your content development. This is a site where
web designers congregate, and you can simply put out ads on what you are
looking for. Then a writer has the option of taking on the task of
filling your site with proven content that will sell for you.

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