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Are ID card printers important?

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what are ID card printers

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What are ID card printers?

ID card printers are basically the software included in printers that
controls the data being printed on each card. This software is the one
“in-charge” of all the functions. It is also the one providing the
printer with the proper tools to be able to perform each function.

It is a common belief that heavier ID card printers with bigger
footprints are more durable and have many capabilities. While the lighter
ones have fewer capabilities and are better off being used for less
intensive printing purposes.

But then, this is not always the case.

There are more factors to be considered regarding ID card printers. What
are these?

1. Single versus Double-sided card.

A single sided ID card is best for simpler uses, like a student or school
employee ID card.

But a double-sided ID card can give more security to your company and is
better for a bigger company or corporation that needs superior security.

2. Color versus Monochromatic images?

You should have a good idea what kind of images you want to put in your
card. Then you can decide on the ID card that will be used to achiever
your desired output.

3. Highly technological cards.

Government institutions, schools, hospitals and banks are taking
advantage of the quickness and hassle-free effectiveness of proximity
cards, contact less smart cards, and magnetic stripes.

Proximity and contact less cards use radio frequency technology allowing
higher security, greater efficiency, and ease of use.
4. Other features.

Besides the basic encoding used in ordinary cards, there are also more
complicated forms of security for ID cards. One example is holographic

These cards are created by moving holographic over-laminates and into the
cards. The purpose behind these types of cards is that it minimizes the
risk of the printed image being changed and even forged.

If you want to make use of this method, be sure that customized your
holograph. The ones that can be bought may be being used by others

These are some of the most fundamental questions you should have an
answer for before buying an ID card printer.

Check with your provider and bring up other queries that you may have.
Remember that you are investing in the security and protection of your
organization. Having the right material and printer will mean the
difference between a sloppy and a perfect ID card.

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