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Search the Internet like a Pro

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Search the Internet like a pro! aSearch.INFO Albero makes your Internet searches much more effective with
the use of special desktop software, allowing you to make a fully customized search engine.

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Effectively searching the Internet is not easy. Overwhelming amounts of information, outdated and duplicate
content as well as enormous number of junk Web sites filled with pop-ups and flashing ads make search
results stuffed with irrelevant junk and harmful resources. Finding the exact piece of information you are
looking for is incredibly time-consuming if you use any of the current Web search engines.

Defining your topic and carefully constructing the search request helps somewhat, but you'll quickly
discover that this takes an enormous amount of work. Using keyword corrections, exclusions of certain
terms and Web sites, strict phrase search and obligatory keywords will yield the desired results, but by that
time you've already spent too much time. And even then, you are likely getting outdated search results as the
Web search engines don't visit every Web site every day!

So far there are no Web-based technologies to provide a significantly better search experience. But what if
you move your search from the Web to your own PC? Will that help you improve your search productivity?

aSearch.INFO Albero ( makes your Internet searches much more effective with the
use of special desktop software. The product is not just another search aggregator that fires your search
through several search engines at the same time, and combines the result. There are many such aggregators,
and they all suffer from the problems that are inherent to Web search engines.

Instead, aSearch.INFO Albero sends search queries directly to the local search engines located on the Web
sites, always returning the freshest and the most relevant results.

Sounds complicated? The technology is complex, but using it is not! aSearch.INFO Albero is no more
difficult to run than your familiar Web browser, with a search bar and a list of popular search categories.
aSearch.INFO Albero only searches within the list of pre-defined Web sites, ensuring search results that are
meaningful to you. Needless to say, you define the sites to search, effectively creating a search engine that is
custom-tailored to you!

Searching through multiple Web sites at the same time returns the results almost instantly, while smart
keyword analysis algorithms automatically tailor your searches to certain categories. You can run several
searches in a row, defining your own category. For example, run a search for "music" to define a set of sites.
Your second search for "mp3" will make aSearch.INFO Albero to look up that keyword in all of the "music"
Web sites. You can then specify a particular artist and song to find exactly that composition in an MP3

Finally, you can define your own search criteria and your own categories, making a fully customized search
engine that always finds what you need and when you need it.

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