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									             Mango Sample Job Descriptions
1. Introduction

This pack gives examples of the specific responsibilities for finance staff in two different
sized offices. The examples provided are:
     Finance Manager and Finance Assistant, for a medium sized NGO office, and
     Finance/Admin Manager and Cashier/Admin Assistant for a small NGO office.

2.1 Finance Manager for a medium sized NGO office:

      Ensure that appropriate finance systems are maintained, and that all procedures and
       controls are implemented.
      Ensure that all transactions are properly accounted for.
      Manage bank accounts, and the transfer of money between head-office, country
       office and field offices.
      Monitor cashflow, and ensure that sufficient funds are always available in the bank.
      Authorise payroll, and other payments. Sign cheques.
      Prepare the monthly financial accounting reports at the end of each month, and
       submit them to head office by the second week of the following month.
      Prepare monthly management reports at the end of each month.
      Monitor the funding situation, and prepare the funding grid at the end of each
      Assist in the preparation of budgets and accounts to donors, as requested.
      Provide any other financial information, as requested, and respond to any other
       financial queries.
      Liaise regularly with budget holders.
      Assist any audit undertaken.
      Provide support to field finance staff, and work closely with them to ensure that
       financial information is accurate and up to date.
      Continue to develop improvements in the finance system, as necessary.
      Manage the Finance Assistant.

2.2 Finance Assistant for a medium sized NGO office

A) Make payments and receive funds in accordance with finance procedures:
    Collect and examine supporting documents.
    Ensure that documents and signatures are valid.
    Prepare payment vouchers, and receipt vouchers.
    Maintain float, loan and salary advance registers.
    Prepare monthly payroll.
    Prepare cheques/payment orders and ensure that they are properly delivered.
    Record all transactions, on manual/computer systems as appropriate.

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B) Manage the petty cash:
    Ensure that supporting documents/signatures are valid.
    Prepare petty cash vouchers.
    Be responsible for petty cash held in the office.
    Prepare Petty Cash Form, and request additional cash as necessary.
    Carry out cash count every two weeks.

C) Ensure that all accounts records are filed in an orderly manner.
D) Produce bills for staff use of vehicles, photocopier and phone.
E) Assist in the production of the monthly accounts (specifically, produce the cashbooks
   and the analysed cashbooks for the office).
F) Undertake any other duties that may be requested by the Finance Manager.

3.1 Admin and Finance Manager for a small NGO office:

A) Finance
    Make sure that all financial transactions are carried out and recorded in accordance
       with standard financial procedures.
    Regularly review the float, loan and salary advance registers.
    Carry out a cash count every two weeks.
    Monitor cashflow and request top-ups from head office.
    Approve the monthly payroll.
    Check the month end cashbooks, and ensure that all book-keeping and coding is
    Ensure that all financial records are properly kept.
    Prepare an analysis of the cashbooks, management report, comparison with budget,
       and commentary at the end of the month.
    Ensure that accounts are received in head office within the second week of each
    Assist in the preparation and review of budgets.
    Monitor actual expenditure versus budgets.
    Assist in preparation of financial reports to donors, in liaison with head office.
    Continue to develop appropriate financial systems and help all staff to understand
       and work with them.
    Provide support to the office in all other financial matters.
    Manage the Cashier/Admin Assistant.

B) Vehicle Management
    Ensure that the office has vehicles appropriate to its needs.
    Provide fuel for all vehicles and the generator through the fuel vouchers system.
    Allocate vehicles to journeys (particularly making sure that project staff are dropped
      off and collected in as efficient a manner possible).
    Ensure that the agreement with the fuel supplier is valid, fair and works well.
    Ensure that the agreement with the vehicle owners is valid, fair and works well.

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      Prepare monthly vehicle/fuel reports.

C) Administrative
    Allocate VHF radios as required, and ensure that they are used according to accepted
     operation procedures.
    Analyse the phone bill, produce private bills for private usage and a summary report.
    Manage the purchase, distribution, use and repairs of all office equipment (e.g.
     computers and photocopier).
    Ensure that all computers have appropriate software.
    Ensure that the security procedures are implemented.
    Ensure that there is appropriate accommodation and furniture for both office and
     residential needs and that there is a valid lease contract.
    Negotiate any changes to the property contract, or improvements to the property,
     with the landlord.
    Manage all domestic arrangements. This includes both managing domestic staff and
     overseeing the day to day running of the house (e.g. monitoring costs).
    Liaise with other agencies/government.
    Oversee all administrative filing and records, and archiving.
    Ensure that all major financial (or other) commitments with other parties are
     covered by a legal written agreement.
    Provide support to the office in all other administrative matters.
    Manage the Watchmen, the Cook, and the Cleaner.

    Ensure that all staff have valid contracts and job descriptions, and that they
      understand them.
    Ensure that staff move from step to step up their grade as appropriate.
    Implement performance review and performance management for all staff.
    Prepare the staff list every month.
    Maintain the leave register.
    Periodically review salary scales.
    Review the structure of the staff contracts.
    Manage the recruitment of all new staff.
    Calculate and disburse terminal benefits packages as required.
    Review staff training needs, and organise for them to be met.
    Maintain HR records, including staff lists, staff files and the leave register.
    Ensure compliance with local labour law regulations on all staff matters.
    Liaise with the Ministry of Health and Labour as necessary.
    Provide support to the office in all other HR matters.

E) Logistics
    Organise for the purchase and delivery of goods to support the office and its work.
    Receive and distribute goods in a professional manner (count goods in and out,
      make sure that paperwork is complete).
    Oversee the stores.

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      Ensure that all logistics and stores paper work is properly completed and stored (e.g.
       delivery notes, stock cards).
      Prepare paperwork for all international imports (e.g. tax exemption, landing
      Provide support to the office in all other logistics matters.
      Manage the Storekeeper/Office Assistant.

F) Other
    Produce a monthly written report for the Programme Manager.
    Deputise for the Programme Manager when necessary.
    Monitor security situation and report to senior management as necessary.
    Ensure staff comply with security guidelines.
    Liaise with head office as necessary.
    Undertake any other duties that may be requested by the Programme Manager.

3.2 Cashier/Admin Assistant for a small NGO office:

A) Finance
    Maintain cashbooks and accounts records.
    Make payments, including preparing payment vouchers.
    Receive cash, including preparing receipt vouchers.
    Maintain float, loan and advances registers.
    Prepare monthly payroll and salary payments.
    Prepare month end cashbook.
    Change money into local currency, and cash bankers’ drafts as required.
    Produce personal bills for all personal use of phone, photocopier and vehicle.

B) Administrative
    Maintain all administration files.
    Receive, distribute, circulate and file all documents that come into the office.
    Distribute documents to other agencies.
    Send the weekly pouch to head office, including keeping full records of pouch
    Answer radio calls, and receive/send SITOR messages (when possible).
    Send/receive faxes.
    Ensure that all communications are properly referenced and recorded.
    Book flights and arrange visas for staff and visitors.
    Meet visitors at the airport.
    Make arrangements for meetings and workshops.
    Maintain and manage a suitable stock of office stationery.
    Receive visitors to the office in a polite and helpful way.

C) Other
    Assist with logistics when necessary, particularly in obtaining government papers.
    Undertake any other duties that may be requested by the Admin & Finance

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