Local Government Property Insurance Fund LGPIF Fund Administrative Contact Information The ASU Group 7633 Ganser Way Suite 206 Madison WI 53719 Toll Free Phone Toll Free Fax 877 229 0009 877 832 by WinstonVenable


									Local Government Property Insurance Fund (LGPIF)
        Fund Administrative Contact Information
                                     The ASU Group
                                7633 Ganser Way, Suite 206
                                   Madison, WI. 53719

Toll Free Phone                                                  877-229-0009
Toll Free Fax                                                    877-832-0122

LGPIF Claims Contact Information
Link to Loss Reporting Form                     http://oci.wi.gov/lgpif/4-0084.doc

Jenny Edge, Claims Examiner                                      608-821-1182
Email: jen2360@asugroup.com

Peter Callies, Claims Supervisor                                 608-821-1184
Email: pet2276@asugroup.com

Claims can be reported via fax, email or mail.
General Claims Mail Box               LGPIFclaims@asugroup.com

LGPIF Policy Services Contact Information
Link to Fund Policy Input forms                 http://oci.wi.gov/lgpif.htm#forms

Kalyn Timmons, Policy Services                                   608-821-1186
Email: kal2273@asugroup.com

Amy Hawley, Policy Services                                      608-821-1187
Email: amy2445@asugroup.com

Sue Hoffman, Policy Services Supervisor                          608-821-1185
Email: sus2380@asugroup.com

General Policy Services Mail Box                LGPIFpolicy@asugroup.com
ESOV Mail Box                                   ESOV@asugroup.com

John Flanagan, District Manager                                  608-821-1188
Email: joh2454@asugroup.com
John is responsible for overall office and staff management and Policy Holder service.

Danford Bubolz, Director of LGPIF                                608-264-6226
Office of the Commissioner of Insurance
Email: dan.bubolz@wisconsin.gov
Dan is responsible for Overall Fund Program Administration and Contractor Performance.

Revised: 7/31/2008

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