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									                                                     Fall 2004 Issue

                         MOUNTAIN ECHOES
                         A publication of the Idaho Health Information Management Association.

                                          President’s Message
                                            Nancy Fricke, RHIA
 I am honored and excited to be a part of the changes in the information management field. There is
 so much going on in the field that there are unlimited possibilities. Over the years I’ve found that this
 is a field that has many opportunities but never more than there will be in the next five years. Much
 of my professional growth has been directly related to my volunteer activities in the HIM field. We
 are always looking for members to get involved by helping with a committee such as the Coding
 Roundtable, IdHIMA Annual Meeting, or a recently developed educational committee. We need to
 prepare the way for new HIM professionals by mentoring them and also help current members. Please
 let one of the Board members know if you are interested in serving on a committee or helping with a

 IdHIMA wants to help you but we have to know what would help you. The environment of our
 profession is accelerating so fast that we all need to make sure that we are prepared for the changes.
                                                   One of the changes we need to make is the transition
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                  to ICD-10 and IdHIMA should be very active in
                                                   providing education to the members. We also need to
                                                   promote the migration from paper to electronics and
                                                   change the way we manage records. We all need to be
1    President’s Message
                                                   involved, no matter what job we currently have. The
3    IHIMA Board Members 2004-2005                 core HIM functions do not go away when we move to
                                                   the electronic age – they become more important and
4    Treasurer/Database Director
                                                   there are great opportunities for professional growth
5     “Riding the Wave of Change” – IdHIMA’s 41 st
                                                   but if we sit back and wait, someone else may be
     Annual Convention                             asked to do the job.
6     AHIMA National Update
                                                              We welcome your comments, questions and
8     Specialty News                                           suggestions regarding this publication.
10    IdHIMA Announcements                                    Those inquiring about article submissions,
                                                               publication dates, or advertising please
11    In the News                                                              contact:
12    IdHIMA 2005-2006 Board Nominating Form                  Melanie Schmidt, RHIT, Publication
13    Nominations for Distinguished Member - 2005                           Chair
15    Continuing Education – The Eye

                                                    Mountain Echoes 1
                                           Fall 2004 Issue

President’s Message cont…

If you have not read the reports “A Vision of the e-HIM Future” and “Data for Decisions: The HIM
Workforce and Workplace”, I would recommend that you do so. During the annual meeting, IdHIMA
will be doing some environmental scanning of the members so that the Board can see what issues are
most important to us. Targeted education can be developed to help us to deal with the major changes
that deal with our profession. We need to be looking at more opportunities for specialty advancement.

I look forward to serving this year as your President and promoting the lifelong learning that was
presented at the House of Delegates at AHIMA. How can the Board help you with more tools to
improve the way you do you job? Cindy Andreason is working on the IdHIMA Annual Meeting and she
would appreciate your input. Thank you for allowing me to be your President and representing you at
the AHIMA National Convention. As usual, it was a great experience!

 "According to the Life Safety Code we know our files are too close to the ceiling but moving them
                            was too expensive, so we hired a gymnast."
                                      Cartoon by Dave Harbaugh

                                          Mountain Echoes 2
                                            Fall 2004 Issue

President/1st Delegate          President-Elect/2nd Delegate              Past-President/3rd Delegate
Nancy Fricke, RHIA              Serena Tschirgi, MPA, RHIA                Kaelyn Coltrin, RHIT
4885 Lake Front Place           610 24th Avenue                           3373 W. Twin View Lane
Boise, ID 83714                 Lewiston, ID 83501                        Meridian, ID 83642
Home: 208-853-0210              Home: 208-743-8672                        Home: 208-888-3453
Work: 208-381-2173              Work: 208-799-5276                        Work: 208-367-7977
Fax: 208-381-2438               Fax: 208-799-5339                          Fax: 208-367-2699
E-mail:       E Mail:               E-mail:

Secretary                       Treasurer                                 Program Director
Kelly N. Houser, RHIT           Shelley Babbit, RHIA                      Cindy Andreason, RHIT
1328 W. 4th St                  1905 N. Cliffrock Rd                      5264 N. Schumann Ave
Weiser, ID 83672                Nampa, ID 83651                           Meridian, ID 83642
Home: 208-550-0127              Home: 208-465-6181                        Home: 208-884-3814
Work: 208-549-0370 x186         Work: 208-465-6181                        Work: 208-381-1310
Fax: 208-550-0127               Fax: 208-463-5775                         Fax: 208-381-2469              E-mail:              E-mail:

Acute Care Director             Long-Term Care Director                     Specialty Care Director
Janet Hecker, RHIT              Debbie Freeze, RHIT                         Linda Osgood, RHIT
2507 Hayden Way                 1606 Birch Avenue                           5952 N. Serenity Lane.
Boise, ID 83705                 Lewiston, ID 83501-5904                     Meridian, Idaho 83642-5601
Home: 208-344-9759              Home: 208-798-7123                          Home: 208-888-5650
Work: 208-381-2038              Wk: 208-743-9543                            Work: 20-42-5697
Fax: 208-381-3981               Fax: 208-746-8662                           Fax:
E-mail:       E-mail: E-mail:

Coding Roundtable Coordinator   Publications Chair                        Legal/Legislative Chair
Cristal Player, RHIT, CCS-P     Melanie Schmidt, RHIT                     Karen Fleming, RHIA
805 Park Avenue                 11854 W. Blueberry Avenue                 9729 West Preece Street
Lewiston, ID 83501              Nampa, ID 83651-8092                      Boise, ID 83504
Home: 208-746-4496              Home: 208-861-0156                        Home: 208-658-5983
Work: 208-799-5389              Work: 208-442-2812                        Work: 208-367-2001
Fax: 208-799-5339               Fax:                                      Fax: 381-367-2699
E-mail:       E-mail:         E. Mail:

                                          Mountain Echoes 3
                                                 Fall 2004 Issue

               Greetings from the Treasurer/Database Director
                                              Shelley Babbit, RHIA

I just want to take a minute to remind everyone to make sure that any changes in your personal information be
sent to me as soon as possible. It is so easy, just go to go to members and update your profile all
information automatically comes to me. It is also helpful to get everyone’s current e-mail addresses. The more
updated we keep our roster the better it is for you all to receive all the information you are looking for.

Thank you.

                         Idaho Health Information Management Association

                                                Account Balances
                                                As of 11/02/04

                     Account                                                       Balances

               Bank Accounts
                IdHIMA Checking                                              $ 2,572.60
                IdHIMA’s Money Market                                        $28,917.27
               Total Bank Accounts                                           $31,489.87

               Asset Accounts
                IdHIMA’s CD                                                        $6,372.74
               Total Asset Accounts                                          $6,372.74

                OVERALL TOTAL                                                $37,862.61

                                               Mountain Echoes 4
                                             Fall 2004 Issue

The warm days of summer are over and we are reaching the cold days of winter. As we bring out the
sweaters and put the tank tops away, don’t forget where you put your summer gear. ‘Cause, just around
the corner, after the holiday hub bub and the croccus have bloomed, the Big Kahuna (Annual
Convention) will be here.

Come “Ride the Wave of Change” on April 14th and 15th at the Grove Hotel in downtown Boise, Idaho.
Bring your flip flops and your shades to join other HIM professionals in this educational opportunity.
We will have topics in HIM best practices, electronic medical record and coding.    Registration
information and topics will be posted to the IdHIMA website as they become available. Please send
Cindy Andreason, an email if you have a topic suggestion or if you would like to
volunteer to help with the annual convention.

2005 Annual Convention Fees:

                                             Both Days         One Day   ½ Day          Student *
                                             $140.00           80.00     45.00          25.00
     AHIMA/IdHIMA Member
                                             $165.00           105.00    70.00          50.00
     AHIMA/IdHIMA Non- Member

•   Student’s must be a student member of AHIMA and be able to show proper identification regarding
    member status and student status.

                                            Mountain Echoes 5
                                            Fall 2004 Issue

                             AHIMA NATIONAL UPDATE

                              AHIMA DELEGATE REPORT
                                         NANCY FRICKE, RHIA

Thank you again for allowing me to be a delegate at the AHIMA National Convention. During the
meeting, delegates voted on two action items and discussed hot topics in the issue forums. Executive
Vice President/CEO Linda Kloss updated delegates on AHIMA activities. The past year has been a
year of tremendous growth, opportunity, and the ability to make an impact on the future. I am
continually impressed by all the influence AHIMA has provided to help progress the profession and
also the benefits AHIMA provides to the member to help them to develop their skills. AHIMA
continually makes new knowledge available that will enhance our ability to compete in the job market.
This does not happen without a lot of hard work and commitment.

As you know, the House voted on a motion to extend the proviso which created a window of opportunity
that allowed members with the RHIT credential and with a baccalaureate degree in any subject to sit
for the RHIA exam. After extended debate, the motion was defeated by a vote of 128 to 81. The
issue created a lively discussion among the delegates but many members, especially educators, felt
that it would ultimately hurt the profession. Many members felt that since they had to attend an
accredited school to receive their degree in HIM, others also should have to do the same.

The House also approved a resolution intended to raise awareness and promote lifelong learning to
AHIMA members. Since the environment is changing so fast, AHIMA feels that is very important to
make a statement about who we are and what we do. The members will be encouraged to start a
professional development plan that would help them to prepare for the eHIM future. Members should
continually advance their education and take responsibility for preparing for new roles by gaining new
knowledge and skills.

The educational sessions were varied and almost overwhelming. Many of the session topics provided
information on issues that include changes for the future. Such emerging issues as data mining,
outsourcing, data dictionaries, implementing the electronic health record, data quality management, E
Health, organizational change, globalization, and revenue cycle management have made me realize how
much the environment has changed in the past five years. There is a wealth of information and many
opportunities for those who are willing to learn how to cope with the future. I would like to encourage
and challenge you to become an active volunteer in IdHIMA leadership and be able to take advantage
of the wonderful educational opportunities. Thank you for the opportunity to allow me to represent
you as a delegate and president of IdHIMA!!

                                           Mountain Echoes 6
                                             Fall 2004 Issue

                       AHIMA NATIONAL UPDATE CONT…

                  AHIMA 2004 National Convention Highlights
                                     By Serena L. Tschirgi, MPA, RHIA

By any measurement, the AHIMA 2004 Convention was a huge success. Attendance was high, the
vendor fair was the largest in memory, and the available programs covered topics ranging from ICD-10-
CM to the Human Genome project.      Some highlights….

ABC News Veteran Sam Donaldson delivered the closing keynote presentation, sharing historic
anecdotes from his experiences as chief White House correspondent for ABC news during the Reagan
and Clinton administrations. In highlighting memorable moments from presidential and vice-
presidential debates, he took us on an historic tour of presidential politics, and urged us to use our
voice and our vote!

Francis Collins, M.D., PhD of the National Human Genome Research Institute project described the
exciting field of genomics which culminated in completion of the full human genome mapping in April
2003. Since 2003, the project has moved forward with genomic research aimed at improving health
and fighting disease. He presented examples of genetic markers that have already been mapped,
including a marker for a predisposition to colon cancer, and discussed the applications of this exciting
technical breakthrough in medicine. For more information on this exciting area, check out this web
site: Human Genome Project

In the Health Record Paradigm Shift, Leslie Ann Fox, MA, RHIA, discussed the shift towards
consumer driven healthcare, noting that 70% of consumers in a FACCT Survey in 2003 expressed high
levels of interest in a Personal Health Record (PHR), but were concerned about privacy (91%).
Redefined HIM roles were presented, as were AHIMA goals to ensure we advance our profession to
meet the challenges as we migrate to electronic health record systems. Check out

If you have not had the opportunity to attend a national convention, start planning now to attend the
October 15 – 20, 2005 in San Diego, CA. Go to and click on the professional
development tab, then conventions and exhibits to find out more about the 2005 meeting. It is a
wonderful opportunity to network with old friends and colleagues from around the nation, and to meet
and make new contacts and friends.

                                            Mountain Echoes 7
                                       Fall 2004 Issue

                                 SPECIALTY NEWS

                             CODING ROUNDTABLE
                                Cristal Player, RHIT, CCS-P

Since the beginning of 2004, IdHIMA Coding Roundtable activities have included: a statewide
coding education seminar at five regional sites in January which was sponsored by 3M Health
Information Systems; two local coding roundtable sessions: May in Blackfoot, and September
in Rexburg; and an educational seminar by HCPro in October which was sponsored by St. Luke’s
in Boise. The Coding Roundtable Committee will hold their first meeting in November to plan
for future roundtable activities and sessions. If you would be interested in hosting an
IdHIMA Coding Roundtable locally, and/or would like more information on roundtables, please
contact Cristal Player, RHIT, CCS-P, IdHIMA Coding Roundtable Coordinator, at

                                      Mountain Echoes 8
                                                 Fall 2004 Issue


Karen Fleming, RHIA, CHP
Legislative Chair, IdHIMA

AHIMA is actively supporting efforts to insure that Congress restore the full
$50 million in funding requested for the Office of the National Coordinator for
Health Information Technology (ONCHIT) in the Departments of Labor, Health
and Human Services and Related Agencies Appropriations bill. We need your assistance to insure Congress
restores this critical funding request.

Here’s what you can do:
Go to this AHIMA web address:
Add your personal contact information.
Review the letter and your contact information and then click “Send Message.”
To date, consideration of this legislation has resulted in a House bill (HR 5006), which cuts the President’s
request in half to $25 million, while the Senate’s bill (S 2810) current HHS appropriations language provides zero
funding for ONCHIT.

ONCHIT, under the leadership of Dr. David Brailer, has received wide-ranging and bipartisan support within the
healthcare industry and the government, and its 2005 activities are crucial to achieving the goals outlined in Dr.
Brailer’s Framework for Strategic Action, “The Decade of Health Information Technology: Delivering Consumer
Centric and Information-Rich Health Care.”

If you have any questions concerning this request, please do not hesitate to contact Don Asmonga, MBA,
AHIMA’s Director of Government Relations at or at (202) 659-9440.

  The IdHIMA Board Wishes you all a Wonderful, Joyous, and Peaceful Holiday

                               Nancy                   Serena                 Kaelyn

                     Kelly                   Shelley                Cindy                  Janet

                                                      Debbie                  Linda

                                            Cristal                 Melanie                Karen

                                                Mountain Echoes 9
                            Fall 2004 Issue

               IdHIMA Announcements

                     GOT QUESTIONS?????

     IdHIMA would like to help you answer those questions!!!

IdHIMA feels that its members deserve the best answers to those
 often tricky and complicated questions that arise everyday in the
                      health information field.
Thus, if you have a question that you are unsure of the answer or
                best way to handle, then send it to:

                         Mountain Echoes
                       C/O Melanie Schmidt
                     11854 W. Blueberry Ave.
                        Nampa, ID 83651

IdHIMA will be recruiting qualified individuals who can answer
these questions thoroughly for IdHIMA members. Plus, those
questions and answers will be published in upcoming issues of
Mountain Echoes for all IdHIMA members’ benefit.

                           Mountain Echoes 10
                                                  Fall 2004 Issue

                                               In the NEWS!!!
HIPAA in the news….

New York Daily News –
Clinton file snoopers rapped
Saturday, September 11th, 2004

Staffers at the hospital where Bill Clinton had life-saving heart surgery were disciplined for trying to snoop into
his private medical files, the Daily News has learned.

Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center suspended 17 workers – including a doctor, several supervisors, a lab
technician and a number of clerical employees – for trying to access the top-secret computer records, said
Jennifer Cunningham, executive vice president of Local 1199 of the Service Employees International Union, which
represents health care workers.

“If it is true, they should be disciplined. It’s highly regrettable and unprofessional,” said Cunningham, who said
about 12 of the workers belong to the union.

Hospital spokeswoman Myrna Manners would not confirm staffers tried to breach Clinton’s records but said
there is a “zero-tolerance policy” on protecting patient privacy that extends to the hospital’s most senior staff.

“We train our staff to respect patient privacy and that includes the privacy of every patient in our hospital,” said
Manners when asked whether Clinton’s files had been infiltrated. “No one has been fired,” she said.

The workers were caught after they tried to poke into the records using their computer passwords, two sources

“I’m not surprised. People are nosy,” said one hospital worker as she left the building. “It happens all the time.”

Clinton was under tight security after entering the Washington Heights hospital on Sept. 3.

One janitor was even offered $1,000 for his hospital ID, said another hospital worker.

                                                Mountain Echoes 11
                                       Fall 2004 Issue

                        IdHIMA 2005-2006 Board
                            Nominating Form

                        Name:              Phone Number:

President-Elect :______________________________________(3 year commitment)


Program Director :____________________________________(2 year commitment)

Long-Term Care Director :______________________________(2 year commitment)

Specialty Care Director :_______________________________(2 year commitment)

Coding Roundtable Coordinator :__________________________(2 year commitment)


Legal/Legislative Chair :________________________________(1 year commitment)

Publications Chair :____________________________________(1 year commitment)

Nominating Committee Chair :____________________________(1 year commitment)

Nominating Committee Chair :____________________________(1 year commitment)

  If for some reason a board member is unable to fulfill the commitment requirements, the
       IdHIMA Board President will appoint a replacement member to finish the term.
                          Please send completed form to:
                                   Kaelyn Coltrin, RHIT
                                  3373 W. Twin View Ln.
                                  Meridian, Idaho 83642


                                     Mountain Echoes 12
                                                Fall 2004 Issue

                 Call for Nominations for Distinguished Member

IdHIMA is looking for someone who has given his or her time and talents to further the Health Information
Profession. We know that you are out there… we just need to find you. IdHIMA would like to encourage
everyone to take a look around and nominate a deserving HIM professional.

Applications can be found on the IdHIMA web site at or in this publication. Applications need to
be turned in by April 10th to the Distinguished Member Committee.

                                  IdHIMA Distinguished Member Committee
                                        Attn: Nancy Fricke, RHIA
                                          4885 Lake Front Place
                                           Boise, Idaho 83714

                              Past Distinguished IHIMA Members

                          2004           Diane Coates, RHIT
                          2003           Valerie Lynn, RHIT
                          2002           Glenna Young, RHIA
                          2001           Suzanne Griffin –Lawson , RHIA
                          2000           Kaelyn Coltrin, RHIT
                          1999           Lisa Stoppenhagen, RHIT
                          1998           Kay Hall, RHIT
                          1997           Deanna Schmidt, RHIT
                          1996           Donna Freestone, RHIT
                          1995           Janet Hecker, RHIT
                          1994           Debra Harris, RHIA
                          1993           Carol Seddon, RHIA
                          1992           Sylvia Edson, RHIA
                          1991           Royce Dougherty, RHIT
                          1990           Serena Tschirgi, RHIA
                          1989           Nancy Fricke, RHIA
                          1988           Brenda Shappee, ART
                          1987           Kathy Schumacher, ART
                          1986           Lorraine Schimmels, ART
                          1985           Mary Lou England, ART
                          1984           Pat Kemper, ART

                                              Mountain Echoes 13
                                               Fall 2004 Issue

                 2004 DISTINGUISHED MEMBER AWARD
                         NOMINATING FORM
       Please fill out and submit the following form to the IdHIMA President (Nancy Fricke).
Name of Member:                                               RHIA         RHIT
Date of Registration/Accreditation:
Nominee is a member in good standing with AHIMA and IdHIMA:

Circle at least TWO of the following criteria met by the nominee:
        A:      Fifteen years of service as an active Health Information Professional.
        B:      At least ten years of service to AHIMA and/or to a Component State Association with at least
                five years involvement in IdHIMA as an Officer, Director, Committee Chairman, or Committee
                Member or Delegate.
        C:      A contribution to the Health Information profession in any of the following: Publication,
                Research, Education, Systems Design, Public Relations, etc.

Explain why you think this nominee should receive the Distinguished Member Award:
(if needed, please attach separate sheet of paper)

Nomination submitted by:______________________________________________________
                            Name                              Phone Number

                      Nominees must be submitted to the State President, Nancy Fricke
                                Postmarked no later than March18, 2004
                                       Send to: Nancy Fricke, RHIA
                                          4885 Lake Front Place
                                           Boise, Idaho 83714

                                             Mountain Echoes 14
                                                 Fall 2004 Issue

                         Continuing Education for
                    The Health Information Professional
              Carol Seddon M.S, RHIA, Associate Professor, Health Studies Emeritus
                                  Health Information Program
                                      Boise State University


Emphasis: Sensory System continued – THE EYE

The following is a brief discussion and review of the medical terminology associated with the Human Eye and

ANALYSIS OF THE EYE:           (It is helpful to have a diagram of the eye as each part of the eye is

The main parts of the eye, complete with a brief discussion of functions include, but are not limited to:
   (1) CORNEA – the function is to refract or bend light.
   (2) POSTERIOR CHAMBER – is located behind the iris and contains the ‘humor’.
   (3) LENS – serves to accommodate and to refract light.
   (4) SCLERA – a tough, white, outer coat of the eyeball; is supportive.
   (5) CHOROID – many blood vessels in the area; supplies nourishment to eye.
   (6) RETINA – sensitive nerve layer of eye; serves to take the “picture” or image.
   (7) OPTIC NERVE II – the second cranial nerve; vision.
   (8) FOVEA CENTRALIS – greatest number of cones here; area of sharpest vision.
   (9) VITREOUS BODY – refractive; have vitreous fluid for support.
   (10) CANAL OF SCHLEMM – (venous sinus of sclera) – drains the aqueous humors.
   (11) ANTERIOR CHAMBER – cavity – contains the aqueous humor.
   (12) IRIS or IRID/O – is Greek for “colored circle”.

OS is Oculus Sinister or Left Eye.
OD is Oculus Dexter or Right Eye.
Propine is a Miotic (constricts).
Cocaine is an example of a Mydriatic – widens the pupils.
Amblyopia means dull vision.
Accommodation means lens adjustment.
The Uvea consists of the Ciliary Body, Choroid, and Iris. The ciliary body controls the lens shape and secretes
the aqueous humor: refraction is achieved by the cornea, lens, and humors.

OPHTH – is Ophthalmology (be careful of the spelling; note the H between the letters p and t).

                                               Mountain Echoes 15
                                                   Fall 2004 Issue

The Eye – Continued

LASER – is Light Amplification By Simulated Emission Of Radiation.

Corectopia vs. Anisocoria

        Corectopia refers to displaced pupil. The pupil is out of place or position as to one side of the center of
        the iris. Hence—Core/o or cor/o = pupil.

        Anisocoria means unequal in size of pupils; it may not be particularly associated with dilation. Hence an is
        without and iso is equal and coria refers to the pupil of the eye. The pupil and iris have muscles and the
        muscles serve to constrict and dilate the pupil.

The RETINA “knows” no pain since it is a part of the brain. The choroid does respond, however, to pain – we feel
this as pain if the choroid is damaged.

The RODS produce visual purple and rhodopsin. In the dark, this chemical, rhodopsin, increases; and one can see
objects in the dim light.

SOME COMBINING FORMS FOR STUDY: Remember a combining form contains a root and a combining vowel.
These word parts deal with Conditions.

ambly/o         means dull, dim
dipl/o          is double
glauc/o         is gray
mi/o            is smaller or less
mydr/o          is to widen, enlarge
nyct/o          is night
phot/o          is light
presby/o        refers to old age
scot/o          is darkness
xer/o           is dry


Amblyopia – (opia means vision) Hence – partial loss of sight; also called: “lazy eye”.

Diplopia – means double vision.

Glaucoma – (oma here means a mass of fluid). The word comes from the dull gray-green gleam of the
           diseased eye as seen in advanced cases.

Miosis – a contraction of the pupil.

Mydriasis – enlargement of the pupil.

                                                 Mountain Echoes 16
                                                   Fall 2004 Issue

The Eye – Continued

Nyctalopia – (opia means vision); al comes from ala meaning blindness – hence night blindness.

Photophobia – sensitivity to light.

Presbyopia – the vision is impaired due to old age. There may be errors in refraction.

Scotoma – an area of depressed vision surrounded by an area of normal vision; a blind spot. This can be
         due to damage to the optic nerve or to the retina.

Xerophthalmia – a condition of dry eyes.


opia – and its meaning is vision.

opsia – means vision.

tropia – means to turn.

Other eye conditions and diseases include, but are not limited to: astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia, cataracts,
chalazions, diabetic retinopathies, styes or stye for hordeolum, macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and

Helpful clinical procedures for this system are:
                 Fluorescein angiography
                 Slit lamp ocular examination
                 Visual acuity (clearness test)
                 Visual field examination
                 Cataract surgery
                 Laser photocoagulation
                 Scleral buckle

In conclusion – the word parts, vocabulary, disease conditions, clinical procedures, and eye structures – all
provide a good review of medical terminology as it applies to the human eye. Hopefully this study will enhance
your understanding and practice of this very special body system.

Best wishes, should there be any questions – please call Carol Seddon at (208) 345-1524.

                                               Mountain Echoes 17
                                       Fall 2004 Issue

                     Web Sites

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                 Be sure and check out the new website for the
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                           issues of Mountain Echoes.
                  Just go to and check it out!!!

          Know of a great web site you would like to share with other HIM professionals?
          Send information to Melanie Schmidt, RHIT Email:

                                     Mountain Echoes 18
                                         Fall 2004 Issue

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                   Remember To Change Your
                       IHIMA Information!

       Maintaining the IdHIMA database is very challenging. Please do your part in helping us to
maintain the database. If you have a change to any of the following items please fill out and send
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                              Shelley Babbitt, RHIA
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                                       Mountain Echoes 19
                                                          Fall 2004 Issue

                                          Make your plans now to attend
                                 “Riding the Wave of Change”

                                   IdHIMA’s 41st Annual Convention
                                       April 14th and 15th 2004
                                    The Grove Hotel - Boise, Idaho

A Publication of the Idaho Health Information Management Association
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