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					Student Investment Club
•   Introductions
•   Basic Terminology / Information
•   Stock Simulation Contest
•   Administrative
•   Closing
What is Investing?
    Making your money
      work for you.

 Purchasing an asset or item (a security) with the hope
 that it will generate income or appreciate in the future.
• A stock represents a percentage of ownership in a
• When you INVEST in STOCKS you buy “shares” of
  that stock.
• The percentage of the company you buy with
  each share depends on the total number of
  shares available (shares outstanding)
• Found via their TICKER SYMBOL
  – 1 to 4 letters in length
  – Ex. General Electric = “GE”
  – Apple, Inc. = “AAPL”
              Stock Market
• Where shares of stock are traded
• Several different exchanges: NYSE, NASDAQ,
• International Markets
GE Stock Quote
          Other Sites to Try…
• Yahoo! Finance (
• Morningstar (
              Stock Brokers
• Can buy and sell shares of stocks for you
• Charge a commission each time you buy or sell
  (online brokers usually $3 to $12 per trade)
• Examples: E*Trade, TD Ameritrade, Scottrade,
  Charles Schwab, SogoTrade

• When you buy or sell you create an ORDER for a
                 Order Types
• Market: Buy/sell at the next available price
• Limit: Buy/sell at any price better than what
  you specify
• Stop: Sell if the price falls to a certain price or
  buy if a price rises to a certain price (AKA
•   $10,000
•   Up to 5 different securities
•   3 Weeks (2 orders will be collected)
•   Collect first “BUY” orders next week.
•   Chance to buy or sell again Feb. 22.
•   Winner determined by market values on
    March 1!
      Available Executive Positions
•   Treasurer
•   Director of Investment Simulations
•   Director of Group Investments
•   Director of Technology

• See us after the meeting!