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Every living person needs to know these secrets.

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This article is about building a better world, a better nation, a better
family and a better individual. It discusses about the secrets of a great

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You know everything start within ourselves. We can control our behaviors
and our attitudes - up to us. But our behaviors or attitudes normally
derive from our upbringing. In other words, our family plays a major role
in shaping our behaviors and attitudes. In fact, not just us, everybody -
since the beginning of mankind. Think, if we have a good family, no
marriage problems, our behaviors and attitudes will be better because of
this positive environment. Then we will grow up and be a responsible and
caring citizen with a positive attitude. Thus, if everybody goes through
this kind of process, I guarantee that our world will be a better place
to live because we would have a lot more responsible and caring people
accept for the Schizophrenia cases. I say that we should work towards a
better marriage if we want to live in a better world. Remember, better
world comes from better nations, better nations comes from better
governments, better governments comes from better leaders, better leaders
comes from better individuals, better individuals comes from good family,
good family comes from a good marriage. So if we want a better world for
us to live and for our children and for the next generation, better start
from the root which is to have a better family.

So what is a good family? How do we define a good family? Simply said a
good family is a family with a great marriage. If we have a great
marriage, then we could focus on bringing up our children with positive
attitude and positive environment instead of focusing our energy and time
quarrelling with each other and creating negative environment for our
children. How can our children grow and become a caring person if
everyday he or she has to listen and witness his parents quarreling with
each other. What sort of example is that? I believe it is our
responsibilities to search for the secrets of a great marriage. It is a
must if we want our children to grow in positive person and become a
responsible and caring person. We owe it to our children. Remember, love
alone cannot produce a great marriage. It is an endless search because
we, human have a very special characteristic which is new. New in the
sense that we always change, sometimes we are like this, sometimes we are
like that, sometimes we want this, and sometimes we want that. I think
you got what I am trying to tell.
Again, I want to emphasis that if we want to have a better world to live
in, we better search the secrets of a great marriage. Just remember it is
an endless task of trial and error. But, we must do it; we owe it to our
children. Just remember that this task has to come from our hearts. Do
this for ourselves, for our spouses, for our partners, for our nations
and for a better world. Remember, everything must come from the heart.

Thank you.
Husni Husain.

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