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									                                    Baltimore, Maryland


By Alexandra , 1/10/11, Ms. Clark

                             The State of Maryland
   The Capital!
Marylands state Capital is Annapolis. Founded in 1649. On the side walks, if you
   squint slightly you will see the town the founding fathers saw. The population in
   the entire state is 5,042,438. That is a lot of people! Also, the state flag is 12,407
   square miles long. June 14th is also Flag day! When you walk up to the capital
   building, there is a notice that says Please Come in. Once you walk in, a woman
   will come and ask you if you would like to have a tour. She might tell you if there
   is one starting now or when one will. No other Capital building has been in such
   long continuous use. There is a picture of William Pit, supporter of American
   rights, Washington resigning his Commission as C in C of the Continental Army in
   this building in 1783. The Capital building is very beautiful, there are many echoes
   of European architecture. The Capital building became a historic land mark in
    About Maryland
   Marylands state bird is the Baltimore Oriole.
   State Flower: Black eyed Susan.
   State Tree: White oak
   State Song: Maryland My Maryland
                   State Cat: Calico
   State Sport: Jousting
   State fossil: Ecphora Gardnerae Gardnerae
   The state motto is italian, Fatii Maschii Parole Femine. It means, Strong Deeds, Gentle
    Words. It was decided in 1776

   State drink: Milk
   State Reptile: Diamondback Terrapin
   State Dinosaur: Astrodon Johnstoni
   State dog: Chesapeake Bay retriever!!!
   The State fish, The rock fish.
   The top ( the states theatres) theatres in Maryland are The Center Stage and Olney theatre.
   And the state insect is the Baltimore checker spot butterfly!
   State boat : Skipjack
    Cambridge Tour

     Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge: It was Birthplace of
        Harriet Tubman: The Blackwater national wildlife refuge
        was established 1933 as a refuge for migrating birds.
        Activities there, the wildlife area, bird sanctuary, and
        more! There are also many forests and ponds in

Blackwater National Wildlife Refuge           Cambridge
Baltimore tour

Art Museum: It displays self-taught artist in 6
  galleries. The main buildings architecture is
  an art creation too. It won many national
  awards for its beauty and design. All day you
  could walk around and see the beautiful art!
Maryland Colleges

 St. John's College is a liberal art college with two
  U.S. campuses: one in Annapolis, Maryland.
  Founded in 1696 as a preparatory school, King
  William's School, the school received a
  collegiate charter in 1784, making it one of the
  oldest institutions of higher learning in the
  United States. Since 1937, it has followed an
  unusual curriculum, the Program, based on
  discussion of works from the Western
  philosophic, scientific and literary canon; this
  program is probably that for which the school is
  best known. The mascot or logo for the basket
  ball team is a bird.
Maryland College: Bowie State
Located in the heart of the Washington-
  Baltimore-Annapolis region, Bowie State
  boasts a best-of-all-worlds learning
  experience—high-quality undergraduate and
  graduate programs delivered in a convenient
  and welcoming environment at affordable
  tuition rates. Bowie State University's logo or
  mascot is the Bulldog.
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Words to know!

 CLIPPERSHIP – a fast sailing ship
 INTEGRATE ( In - Tuh – grate) to make places, services, and
  goods available to people of all races.
 JIMCROWLAWS – laws saying that African and European
  Americans should live separately.
 ROWHOUSES - a row of houses connected to each other.
 SKIPJACK - a small sailboat made for harvesting oysters.
 WHITEWATERRAFTING – steering a small boat through fast
  moving water.

I think Maryland would be a good or fun place to
   live. There are so many things to do there! Even
   if I just had a vacation probably would enjoy it.
 My opinion on Maryland from 0 – 10 would be a 7.
   In Maryland, there are so many places to go. You
   could go to a museum or see some friends.
 On Chesapeake Bay you could even go swimming!
   Chesapeake Bay is probably one of the places I
   would go to if were to go to Maryland. There are
   supposed to be many boats. You might enjoy
   watching them go by.
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