Review of 4th Grade Material by CedricFebis


									        Personhood Curriculum, 4th Grade Review
              Review of 4th Grade Material
                                        Lesson Plan

                                    Review Goals
1. Deliver essay "Choices" again. (Do not go through the follow-ups.)
2. Project the slide with Life-Goals and Life-Rules. Review what Life-Goals and Life-Rules
3. Review Balanced Life-Rules.
4. New Students: Need to pick 6 life goals & write Life-Rules for them. See me.
5. Are you Living by your Life-Rules? If not start doing it again.

                                    Teacher Prep
These documents were used before. Have them ready to use
in this review.
"Choices"                                          choices.htm      choices.rtf
"Sub-Life-Goals to Earn a Good Living"             subgoal2.htm subgoal2.rtf
"Life-Rules to Earn a Good Living"                 subgoal4.htm subgoal4.rtf
"Unbalanced Life-Rules"                            no-balnc.htm no-balnc.rtf
"Balanced Life-Rules"                              balnc.htm        balnc.rtf

If the presenting teacher does not know the names of the students, have the regular teacher tell
the students to place their name-signs on their desk prior to this class-time. Student names are
required for the essay presentation, "Choices."

                                      Class Time
Last year I delivered the essay titled "Choices." The message of that essay is EXTREMELY
IMPORTANT. I am going to do it again, to remind you of its message, and for any new

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Present the talk "Choices"
Last year we defined Life-Goals and Life-Rules. I will review them for returning students, and
introduce them for new students. I will present a set of Life-Goals and Life-Rules. If you have
questions or comments, raise your hand.

Project the slide "Sub-Life-Goals to Earn a Good Living." (subgoal2.htm or .rtf)
A Life-Goal describes what you want to be like now, or when you grow up. (Point out some
on the projection.)
We see on this slide a top-level goal "Earn a good living." Underneath we see other goals that
will contribute to reaching the top-level goal. (Discuss the indented sub-goals.)
Notice that the bottom one is marked as a Long-Term-Goal. Does anyone know why it is not a
Life-Goal? What is the difference? Anyone? (Answer: Because it is something with a clearly
defined end point, rather than something you work on all of your life!)
Why didn't I call "A good education" a Long-Term-Goal? This is a very tricky Question!
(Answer: Because education should be an ongoing activity, hopefully for all of your life! At
this time our society and our business world is constantly changing. You will have to learn all
your life to just keep up with them.

How do we make our Life-Goals come true? Do we make and follow plans? Anyone?
Show the slide "Life-Rules to Earn a Good Living." (subgoal4.htm or .rtf)
Usually, we do not make plans, but we have Life-Rules instead. You see below the Life-Goals
some Life-Rules I have written for them. If we chose good Life Rules, learn them, and follow
them, they will help us reach our good Life-Goals. Show several of these rule-sets, each under
a Life-Goal.

There are other Life-Rules that help us lead balanced lives. They help us decide between two
or more Good Life-Rules. They help us set good priorities - what to do first.
Project "Unbalance Life-Rules." Talk about them. Open floor for any discussions or

                                      Teacher Follow-up
Continue to make use of teaching moments for any part of the personhood curriculum.

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