Stages of Human Male Development - Lesson by CedricFebis


									            Personhood Curriculum, 8th Grade
                     Stages of Human Male Development
                                            Lesson Plan

                                        Teaching Goals
This is not sex education.

Provide insight to students, particularly girls, to help them during dating in the years ahead.
Boys can benefit also, by learning and UNDERSTANDING the reason the society has the
moral standards regarding fidelity.

                       Special Comments to Teachers
This lesson is intended for 8th graders (or older). Do not give it before then.

Why have I presented this lesson for 8th graders? They certainly are not ready to select mates.

This writer believes that in areas which can be very emotionally charged, it is best to teach the
needed lessons before they are needed. If this lesson is taught now, before dating becomes a
major issue, it will have greater effect than if delivered in the mid teens. For many children, by
the time they reach mid teens, it is too late.

Some 8th grader girls are physically full grown women. They are becoming interested in boys.
If not taught now, it will not be learned in the future when their emotions are running high.

You should talk this lesson plan over with school administration before using it. They may
disallow it, or require that permission from individual parents be obtain prior to using it. If
permission is required, then I suggest sending a copy of the lesson plan and the essay home,
with a permission slip to be returned. I expect that nearly all parents would give permission .

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                                           Teacher Prep
Print the essay "Stages of Human Male Development" - - - malemen.rtf
Make copies for all students.

                                            Class Time
Today we introduce a subject which has nothing to do with traditional school study. It takes
several essays to cover it, and will likely take more than one period.

This lesson has been OK'ed by the school, and by your parents. It is possible that some of you
might feel a little embarrassed. I hope not.

Today's subject has very great importance to nearly everyone. It deals with an aspect of living
which can have very great effect upon happiness, and therefore impacts every other aspect of
your life!

This lesson is written particularly from the girl's perspective, but is important to boys also. I
am hoping that some of you boys will be able to make a special contribution when we get into
the discussion.

Have any of you every seen a news story about man-woman couples, or know a couple, who is
in serious trouble? Often it is the man who is the focus of the problem. He is cheating on the
woman, or abusing her. As a result, great unhappiness come to the couple, especially the

Have you ever wondered what is wrong with these adults? We will take a good look at one
cause. It is really not hard to understand. As you grow into your dating years, and eventually
marry, you can avoid these problems. As I will hopefully be able to show you, you need to
start the process of understanding now, before you begin dating.

I am going to read an essay to you. I want to read it, so I can give it clear emphasis at the right
points. You will then be given a copy, and we will have an open discussion. Save up your
questions until then. Later you can reread it whenever you want. I encourage you to show it to
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your parents. I think they would like to see it.

Read the essay "Stages of Human Male Development"

Hand out the essay.

OK. First I will open the floor for any questions or comments.

If appropriate, try to draw other students into the discussion by asking participating
individuals specific questions about what another student has just said. Try to focus these on
the top students. The reason for this is they are likely to be more mature, and the least
embarrassed. I want them to express themselves, so that less mature students will hear the
comments of their more mature peers.

When there are no more questions from the floor, try to stimulate further discussion by asking

In what way are humans different from most animals when it comes to mating, child bearing,
and child raising?

Why is that civilized difference so important?

Is the civilized difference instinctive or not?

Some young men want to have sex with many girls. Why? - - - It is instinct.

How do men develop the civilized way?

Why is this subject also important to boys?

Girls, tell us some of the things you can to, to avoid boys who are still acting like animals?

You can look at the essay, if you need to. Explain what I mean by these terms:
   An adult human male
   A man
   A gentleman

Here is where some of you boys may be able to help the girls. Have any of you ever heard
other boys say things which would tell you they (at least at that moment) were interested in
girls for sex, rather than as people?

If you have, I would like the girls to know more about what you heard. I want the girls to
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understand that boys will usually not say the same kinds of things to them!

Do not mention any names. Do not say anything about it happening in your class. What did
they say? Try to indicate what they said without being overly dirty or vulgar. If in doubt, come
up here and whisper it in my ear, and I will try to clean it up. Don't worry, you can't shock

In the next lesson we look at "What is a Gentleman?"

                                          Teacher Follow-up
None suggested.

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