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					                   Examples of Things
              for which you Might Monitor
        You keep forgetting to take home your lunch
  2 You keep forgetting to feed your pet.
        Being tempted to play, rather than work on
    When you are being nasty to your brother or
  4 sister, to remind you that you don't really
    want to be a nasty person.
    That you are having difficulty thinking
    because you have been working too long,
    and that you need to take a break. (But NOT
    during class time, please!)
    That you are just "Doing" rather than
    "Thinking" to solve a problem.

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                    The steps are
    Figure out how a monitor might be able to
  1 help you with a problem that keeps
    Program it (talk to yourself). Clearly
  2 identify the "trigger" and the ideas you
    want to remember.
  3 Rehearse it in your imagination.

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