New York State Legion Press Association by CedricFebis


									                     New York State Legion Press Association
                           Annual Meeting Minutes:
                                 July 20, 2007
> Meeting called to order by President Regina Davison
> Salute to the Colors
> Prayer by Robert Conway, Chaplain
> Pledge to the Flag, Carl Griffith, Sgt. @ Arms
> Roll Call by acting Secretary Annie Baglio, Dolores Reed was absent
> Motion made by Mike Duggan to suspend the reading of the minutes of the Mid-Winter
meeting because all present had a paper copy. Motion seconded and motion passed.
> Finance report given by Timothy Kuhn. Motion by Carl Griffith to accept the motion and
seconded and passed.
> Michael Duggan proposed the budget and it was motioned by Jamie Brassard and seconded
and motion passed.
> Pres. Regina mentioned that the monthly raffle did not do so well. It has been steadily going
down. Other ideas are welcome.
> Mike Duggan thanked the audit committee.
> Bob Albro handed out the awards.
Journalistic Excellence;
1st — Westchester Legionnaire - Howard B. Heyel, Editor
2nd - George F. Johnson Post 1700 - Barbara J. Beebe, Editor
Posts with fewer than 2,000 members
1st - The Legion Star-Malverne Post 44-Robert Fountain and
Salvatore Canzoneri, Editors
2nd-The Cathedral Post Newsletter-Cathedral Post 1087-Roger
Eastman, Editor
Best Editorial
lst-"We knew what had to be done & did it"-Harpursville Post 1596, Dorolyn O, Perry
2nd-"Public Expression of religion Act"-The Legion Star-Malverne Post 44, Robert E. Fountain
Auxiliary Publication
1st - Scuttlebutt-Concord Unit 431, Anne M. Baglio, Editor
SAL Publication
1st - The Liberty-Detachment of New York, J.Bruce Ruthven,
Computer Generated Publication
1st- Post 953 Newsletter-J. Carter Knapp Post 953, Ken Olkowski,
2nd-Marne Post 270 Newsletter, Shirley F. Connolly, Editor

> Membership report- about 275 members and 85 Legion Posts
> Legion Posts should send $25 for our scholarship award
> Mike Duggan suggested revising the categories on our awards. Bob Morrill put ideas in the last
> New President Jamie will appoint a committee to go over the suggestions and bring these to
    Mid-Winter conference. Bob Morrill will be the advisor. His Post has under written all the
    > Also suggested, that the President of NYALPA take care of the judging of the awards. Please
    offer any other suggestions.
    > Our Scholarship winner is Zachery Lashway from Lyon Mountain, NY. Mike Duggan will get
    in touch with the closest Post to him in order to present it to him.
    > Charles Mills reported that there was a large # of entries for the National awards this year.

     Al Paviglianti-Nominating Chairman:
  President: Jamie Brassard                      V. President: Carl Griffith
  V. President: Patricia Marso                  V. President: Eileen Yager
  V. President: Sandra Junker                   V. President: Howard B. Heyel
  Secretary: L. J. Button                           Treasurer: Michael Duggan
  Historian: Barbara Beebe                        Chaplain: Robert Conway
  Finance: Timothy Kuhn                            Public Relations: Ann Viverito
  Sgt. at Arms: Carl Griffith                    Judge Advocate: Charles Mills
  Director: Dorren Alien                          Director: Sandra Junker
  Director: Doralyn Perry                         Director: Anne M. Baglio
  Director: Ray Beebe
  > A motion made by Regina Davison and 2nd motion to cast one ballot to accept the nominations.
     Al Paviglianti installed the new officers
     President Jamie thanked Regina Davison for a great job as President.
     President Jamie thanked everyone for electing her as President.
      She would like to see this Press Association grow.
  > Closing Prayer by Chaplain Robert Conway
  > Salute to the colors led by Sgt. At Arms Carl Griffith
   Motion to adjourn by Mike Duggan

    Anne M. Baglio, Acting Secretary

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