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					         10177                                                   Open:
    Grande Prairie, AB                                        Monday-Friday
        T8V 1Y1                                          9:00am - 3:00pm
    780-538-1336                                         School Days Only                                         We’re on Facebook.
     September 2011                                         Become a fan!

                THE TATTLER

                Holiday DIVA Shopping Party
  This fundraiser event will be held at the indoor playground on November
  5th, 2011 from 10 am to 4 pm. Walk through, find something unique and
                finish some of your Christmas shopping early!
 Tables rent for $40 plus door prize donation. Check out our Facebook event
   page or talk to Sandy at the front desk if you are interested in renting a
  We are also accepting garage sale items as donations that can be dropped
                  off at the playground before November 5th.

                                             Membership Information
-Please remember to sweep the floor                   In October memberships
and wipe down your table before              are the regular price of $100 for
leaving the playground.                      the year. Punch cards are $80 for
-All individuals at the playground who       10 visits. All members are required
have children in diapers are reminded        to fulfill the volunteer requirement.
to use the change tables in the              Sign up for your volunteer
bathrooms to change diapers. Diaper          commitments at the playground.
                                             Please be aware that if you are a
changing at the tables inside the
                                             no-show for one of the volunteer
playground is unacceptable.                  commitments, your bond cheque
-Please supervise your child at all times.   will be cashed the next business
         Playground Closures                 day. Let’s work together to keep
                                             the playground running.
             October 10th, 28th
                                      THANK YOU
  A great BIG thank you goes out to New York Fried for donating hot dogs and
   buns, to Jessica Sullivan for donating a Plasma Car, to Alberta Health for
 running a car seat clinic at the indoor playground, to Lori Unger for donating
   diapers and to Panago Pizza for providing the playground with numerous
                  pizzas. Your generosity is greatly appreciated.

                          October 31st Halloween Party
              Let’s celebrate Halloween at the Indoor Playground!
     Carnival Games, Prizes, Treats, Candy Guessing Jar, Hot Dogs - $1.50
                      10 am to 2 pm, sign up to volunteer.

                                                  UPCOMING EVENTS TO LOOK
            Rent-A-Table                               FORWARD TO!
     Every Friday, GPIPS offers one home
                                                  October 12th, Public Library Visit
    business owner the opportunity to rent a
                                                  October 24th, Board Meeting, 7 pm @
  table at GPIPS to display and sell products
                                                  Indoor Playground
        and services from 9 am to 2 pm.
                                                  October 27th, Road Safety, Stranger
 Tables rent for $25. Your home business will
                                                  Danger and Halloween Safety
        be advertised in our newsletter.
                                                  October 31st, 10-2 pm Halloween Party
  All table renters are asked to please pre-pay   November 9th, Parent Link Visit
                                                  December 2nd, Tiny Teeth Program
  at the GPIPS front desk at least one week in
 advance. If you do not pre-pay, your booking
                                                  February 11th, Fundraiser Dinner
    will be filled by another home business.
          October 7th - Scentsy                       We are accepting donations for the
        October 14th - BCharmed                   fundraiser dinner at this time. Please contact
                                                   Tracey Henderson, 780-766-0007 or 780-
        October 21st - Only Green                      831-5232 or drop off at the indoor

                          WE NEED YOUR HELP!!
The Indoor Playground has the opportunity to win $500.00 from "Oh I Have To Have That".
          Please read the instructions below carefully, we appreciate your help!

    1. Click on the Facebook link to "Oh I Have To Have That" to see the contest thread.
  2. The second comment below the contest details is a vote for the Indoor Playground to
  win the money made by Pamela Service Mestinsek. Please 'Like' the comment made by
Pamela. **Posting another nomination for the playground WILL NOT make your vote count,
     nor will liking the contest itself, you MUST like the comment made by Pamela.**

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