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Patel stands out with Sunbelt business brokerage chain

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Patel may be the Ceo and Leader of Sunbelt Business Sales and Purchases
franchise in Colonial which has four offices in Massachusetts, and
intends to expand to a different six offices within the next 3 years.
SunbeltNE also focusses on mid-market Mergers and Purchases deals. Patel
instructions the status among the leading business brokers in entire

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WOBURN, Mass. ? Satish Patel has large plans for his Sunbelt Business
Sales & Purchases franchise in Colonial, that they began in 2003. Patel,
the ceo and leader, is continuing to grow his franchise to four offices
in Massachusetts, and that he is searching to grow to a different six
offices within the next 3 years.

Sunbelt Business Experts Network LLC is really a national business broker
located in Independence, Ohio, that can help people purchase and sell
companies. Sunbelt has 300 offices within the U . s . States too as with
30 nations and utilizes 1,500 business brokers. In Feb 2006, Sunbelt was
acquired by Merrymeeting Corporation., a good investment firm that
concentrates on obtaining and developing franchised brands.

Sunbelt concentrates on: general companies with product sales of under $a
million and less than 20 employees, in addition to franchise re-sales.
Typical brokerage deals have been in the $3 million to $$ 30 million
range. Sunbelt brokers the purchase around 4,000 companies yearly.

Sunbelt was founded in 1978 by Edward Pendarvis, who remains chairman
emeritus. Pendarvis first met Patel in a Sunbelt franchise meeting and
stated he is incorporated in the ?upper tier? at Sunbelt because they can
broker a few of the chain?s bigger deals. Based on Pendarvis, the very
best brokers are individuals who've experience of business and comprehend
it, and why is Patel a great businessman is that he's proficient at
coping with people.

Patel is initially from outdoors of Mumbai and found the U . s . States
two decades ago. He's a diploma in worldwide management in the Maharaja
Sayajirao College in Baroda, India, as well as an accounting degree from
California Condition College, Fullerton. He is another charter person in
The Indus Entrepreneurs.
He's a licensed public accountant and after about ten years in
accounting, he grew to become his brother?s chief financial officer at
his software start-up, helping sales achieve $ten million and organizing
for that purchase of the organization in 2000.

He grew to become involved with helping his wife?s small chain of stores,
which increased to around twelve, and was later offered to some public

Patel stated as he and the wife were searching for anyone to represent
them in selling their retail chain, he couldn't find anybody who had been
capable of handle a sizable transaction such as this, or someone he could
trust. This stuck in the mind, and that he started researching and
considering e-commerce sector.

Patel stated he likes the broker business since it is challenging,
complicated, and you will find very few good brokers available. He added
that as being a business broker is one of the process, by which choosing
the best buyer can reap the utmost value for an organization.

?Our goal always is to locate multiple people putting in a bid on a
single company and consequently, we attempt to find the maximum cost for
the organization,? he stated.

His ability to do this has brought to success. Since beginning in 2003,
he stated the company is continuing to grow each year, and that he really
wants to get to be the premiere business broker and merger and
acquisition company in the region. Presently, Patel?s Sunbelt franchise
business has about 25 people focusing on the company brokerage side.

Patel?s Sunbelt franchise relies in Woburn, Mass., with offices in
Worcester, Boston and Stoughton. Patel is the owner of the privileges
towards the totally new England territory and wishes to establish offices
in Maine, Vermont and Nh. As he bought the brand new England territory,
he stated it had been underdeveloped at that time, but he's altering

?Our goal is essentially to spread out about 10 offices through the
Colonial territory. Which?s our territory,? he stated.

Patel stated his Sunbelt franchise concentrates on more compact
companies, which take into account 50 % of his franchise?s revenue.
Another 50 % originates from bigger deals, the mergers and purchases side
from the business that concentrates on deals worth over $5 million.

The truth that Patel?s Sunbelt franchise also concentrates on mergers and
purchases puts it in an advantage since couple of similar companies have
divisions for business brokerage, in addition to mergers and purchases,
he stated. The main difference from a merger-and-acquisition buyer along
with a business-broker buyer is the fact that a merger-and-acquisition
buyer includes a more proper outlook. For instance the aim inside a
purchase would be to add another products. A company broker really wants
to purchase a business which will give clients employment in operation
like a convenience store or pizza shop.
Patel added that by having the ability to accommodate both kinds of
purchasers gives his business comes with an advantage because.

Patel stated it usually takes about nine several weeks to market a more
compact business.

He added that his Sunbelt franchise can also be selective about which
companies it selects to represent simply because they focus on
commission. If your clients are doesn't have the possibility available or
perhaps is overpriced, Patel won't go.

Like a lengthy-term goal, Patel stated he wants his franchise also to
function as a good investment banking firm that delivers small- to mid-
sized companies with services like talking to, financing and help make
the transaction move easily despite the company is offered, whether
someone has an interest in selling or obtaining. Patel stated he sees it
as being a 1-stop service for small- to mid-sized companies.

Based on Patel, his Sunbelt franchise has offered 100s of companies
because it began. This past year, the franchise received an award for
closing the biggest deal associated with a Sunbelt office. Patel stated
the offer involved a building material supply company which was offered
for more than $50 million.

Patel also is the owner of a part of Sunbelt?s India territory, and that
he intends to open a workplace in Mumbai and perhaps another within the
condition of Gujarat He stated you will find lots of mix-border
transactions happening at this time between Indian and American
companies, and that he wants his franchise being the primary officer to
cope with these transactions through Sunbelt?s network.

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