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					    Washington Map Society                         To join, just cut out the application form
   MEMBERSHIP INFORMATION FORM                      and mail it in, with your dues payment.
                                                     For additional information about the
How did you learn about the WMS?                   Washington Map Society or its programs,             WASHINGTON
                                                          please visit us on the web:
What are your cartographic interests?                      Email: washmap@earthlink.net                 SOCIETY
                                                                     or contact:
                                                                   John Docktor
Is it OK to publish your name, address and con-           3100 N Highway A1A PHA1
                                                         Ft. Pierce, FL 34949-8831, USA
tact info in the member directory? Yes No

May we refer others to you with queries about
similar cartographic interests?     Yes No

Do you belong to other map societies? Please
list them:

Are you interested in helping with the work of
the Society? If so, in what capacity?

       Speak at a WMS meeting                                                                          Supporting and Promoting
       Topic:                                                                                              Map Collecting,
       Write a Portolan article                                                                              Cartography,
       Topic:                                                                                              and the Study of
                                                      The Society’s logo is one of the earliest pub-
       Review a Book                                  lished versions of Pierre L’Enfant’s “Plan of      Cartographic History
       Serve as a WMS Board Member/Officer           the City of Washington” (1792). The original
       Help with the Portolan or Ristow Prize        is housed in the Library of Congress, Geogra-
                                                    phy and Map Division, Washington, DC, as are
       Other:                                             originals of the maps pictured above.
                                                                                                       Become A Member Today!
                                                  The Washington Map Society is a non-profit or-
      Thank You for Your Participation !          ganization, chartered in the District of Columbia.
                                                  ers WMS and cartography related events          Washington Map Society
                                                  around the world, and a listing and reviews      MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
                                                  of recent publications.

The Washington Map Society was
founded in 1979 and has grown to its cur-
rent membership of nearly 400. Interest in
maps is the only membership requirement.
Current members comprise collectors,                                                              HOME PHONE:
scholars, cartographers, geographers, librari-
ans, archivists, curators, surveyors, teachers,   The Ristow Prize, which includes a cash         WORK PHONE:
and many who just love to learn about maps        award, is offered annually by the Washing-
and the history that surrounds them. Society      ton Map Society for an outstanding research     CELL PHONE:
members come from and live all over the           paper in cartographic history. The winning
globe.                                            paper is published in the Portolan. Walter      EMAIL:
                                                  W. Ristow was an eminent cartographic his-      PLEASE ALSO COMPLETE THE REVERSE SIDE
WMS Activities:                                   torian, a former chief of the Library of Con-            OF THIS APPLICATION
                                                  gress Geography and Map Division, and a
Meetings are held monthly from September          founding member of the WMS.
through May, normally in the Reading                                                              DUES (see rates below)               $
Room of the Library of Congress. Speakers                                                         Differences reflect mailing costs for The Portolan.
                                                  An Annual Dinner is held in May with a
address all aspects of cartography and his-       speaker on some aspects of maps or carto-       United States
tory, presenting their research and accumu-                                                       $37 for 1 year ; $72 for 2 years ; $105 for 3 years
                                                  graphic history.
lated years of knowledge. Typically, rele-                                                        Canada:
vant LOC maps and materials are available                                                         $42 for 1 year ; $82 for 2 years; $120 for 3 years
                                                  A Comprehensive Internet Site provides
for examination.                                  up-to-date info about WMS with links to         Rest of the World:
                                                                                                  $56 for 1 year ; $110 for 2 years; $162 for 3 years
Field Trips provide behind-the-scenes ac-         other cartography sites around the world:
cess to map related events and map collec-        www.washmap.org
tions in the Washington, DC area and                                                              Please pay by check or money order, in U.S.
nearby locations.                                                                                 dollars, payable to the Washington Map Soci-
                                                                                                  ety. International members may use PayPal;
The Portolan, the WMS journal, is interna-                                                        see http://www.paypal.washmap.org
tional in scope, scholarly in content and
used by universities and libraries throughout                                                         Please mail application and payment to:
the world. Issued to members three times a                                                                         John Docktor
year, it contains feature articles on carto-                                                               3100 N Highway A1A PHA1
graphic themes, an events calendar that cov-                                                             Ft. Pierce, FL 34949-8831, USA