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SkiHawks                                May, 2009
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                                  Skihawks at Lake Tahoe

                      SkiHawk Upcoming Activities
May 8: Bowling at Westside Lanes in Olympia 6pm Contact Sue Widman 360-754-4080
May 12: Skihawks annual pizza party/elections at the Hub, 203 Tacoma Ave S (New location) in Tacoma
        6:30pm (New time) Free pizza! Board nominations Jeff Britt, Ron Ewert, Connie Fraser, Jean
        Holbrook, Mary Lloyd, Sandee Miner, Barbara Reed, Randy Singer.
May 16: Miner Chowder Challenge & Bike Ride Contact Sandee Miner 360-943-4108
May 26: Skihawks Social Meeting Chamber's Bay trail walk and potluck bbq at Mary Lloyd's
June 5-7: 22nd Shoot the Pass Contact Joel Carlson 253-549-2692
June 9: Membership meeting at Elmer's, 7427 South Hosmer Street in Tacoma 7pm
June 23: Skihawks Social Meeting
July 14: Membership meeting at Elmer's, 7427 South Hosmer Street in Tacoma 7pm
July 25: Skihawks Annual Picnic Burfoot Park
July 28: Skihawks Social Meeting
August 11: Membership meeting at Elmer's, 7427 South Hosmer Street in Tacoma
August 22: Sue Widman Birthday Party 1973 Crestline Blvd NW, Olympia 360-754-4080
August 25: Skihawks Social Meeting
November: Warren Miller
December 5: Skihawks Christmas Dinner/Dance 6pm Ft. Lewis Golf Club

 For up to the minute updates:
            Third Annual Chambers Bay Walk and BBQ Potluck
                            Tuesday, May 26
            This is becoming a bit of a tradition…

            At 6:00 PM, we gather to do the 3.25 mile walking trail that winds above and through the Chambers
            Bay Golf Course (site of the 2015 U.S. Open). Then the walkers—and anyone else who wants to
            join us—convene at Mary Lloyd’s house to socialize, grill whatever we have brought for ourselves,
            and share our potluck dishes.

           THE WALK: The SOUNDVIEW Trail, 12-feet wide, 2 miles long, and paved, goes down the bluff,
           along the bottom through the new golf course and then back up the bluff through the trees to the
           GRANDVIEW Trail, which runs back along the top of the bluff for 1.25 miles. The result is a 3.25
mile walk with a view of Chambers Bay—and the new course—most of the time.

bluff. (That means we will only do one uphill and it will be earlier in the walk.) There is ample parking for
walkers and a restroom at Central Meadows. This area of the complex opened last August. You get to it by
driving into the golf course parking lot and following the signs for Central Meadows (which is the same road
golfers take to get to the first tee). NOTE: DO NOT PLAN TO LEAVE YOUR CAR HERE AFTER THE

Bring a dish to share, whatever you want to cook for yourself on the gas grill, and whatever you want to drink.
The last two times have been really fun, so come join us—even if you can’t do the walk!

For more information contact Mary Lloyd ( or 253-460-0099).


                                           New Year’s at Mt. Hood
Most of us have hung the skis up after a sensational season for skiing.       Here’s a giant THANK YOU to the
Skihawks who led trips this year - Sharon Arneson, Sandi Braget, Bob Fraser, Mary Lloyd, Sandee Miner, and Randy
  But the fun is just beginning.
Biking: Sandee and Mike Miner are hosting the annual Chowder Challenge and bike ride on May 16. Bring either
your chowder or fixings to the Miner’s to enjoy after the ride. If you don’t have a bike, come anyway.
  Shoot the Pass, always an enjoyable outing, takes place this year on the weekend of June 5, two weekends after
Memorial Day. This event always fills up. Lodging is superb, the meals are great as is the camaraderie. A person
doesn’t have to bike to enjoy this event, the important thing is to just be there as this is an excellent opportunity to
sample and purchase some of the finest wines of Washington. It’s also a great escape from the cold and drizzle of
western Washington.
Hiking: No word yet from either Mike Dunn on when or if he’s leading a pack up Mt. Ellinor, but chances are he
will. The date will depend a lot on how quickly the great snowfall we had this year melts off enough that bare
ground can be seen.
  The Skihawks have done hikes in Rainier NP in previous years, and this year will be no exception. Last year a
group of Skihawks participated in midweek hiking, and chances are they will be out there again this year. The best
way to hook up with groups like this is by watching for notices thru Skihawk emails and by making it known at
Skihawk meetings that you’re interested.
Kayaking: As we speak, Sharon Arneson is putting together a schedule for weekly kayaking events this summer.
Watch for the schedule in your emails and on the Skihawks website.
Parties and Events: Mary Lloyd is hosting a walk to build up our appetites followed by a barbeque potluck for the
Skihawks social meeting May 26 at 6pm. The walk is optional and follows an extremely pretty trail.
. No word yet on where the annual 4th of July pot luck and get together will be this year. Be assured that where
ever its held, it’s a great way to spend the Fourth.
  The Skihawks annual membership picnic occurs in late July at Burfoot park outside of Olympia, same place as last
year. We’ve got a big shelter reserved in case of rain.. Two years ago we all huddled under the shelter and
watched it pour, only to be delighted when the sun popped out for the rest of the afternoon. This picnic is the first
opportunity for trip leaders to showcase the ski trips being planned for the upcoming season. Bring your checkbooks
as several trips will fill up before this day is over. It’s also a great chance to renew memberships as well as to sign
up new members.
  All Skihawks are invited to help Sue Widman celebrate her birthday August 22 at her home in Olympia. Live
music, good food, dancing, and great conversation will make this party one to remember.
  Sometime in November the annual Warren Miller movie comes, and a group of Skihawks always meets for a bite
to eat beforehand and then off to the movies, followed by dancing.
  To top the year off, the annual Skihawks Holiday Dinner and Dance will be held once again at the Fort Lewis Golf
Club. It’s a chance for all of us to dress up, eat a sumptuous meal, and then kick up our heels to the tunes that our
favorite DJ Leon spins out.
  All Skihawk events are open not only to members but guests who will hopefully join our ranks.
  That’s it in a nutshell. For a taste of what Skihawks is all about, visit our Skihawks website and at the bottom is
located the Skihawks Scrapbook which holds hundreds of pictures of previous Skihawks events. See you at our
annual pizza feed and elections coming up May 12 at The Hub in Tacoma - a new time and place. Get there early
for a seat as the pizzas start rolling out of the ovens at 6:30pm.

From: Tosh Akamatsu <>
Subject: news
Date: Tuesday, May 5, 2009, 5:01 PM

for the skihawks newsletter former skihawk dave"buffalo"wilhyde died on march 9th and a memorial service was held 4/19
at tacoma country club. attended by a couple of hundred and i visited with 4 other hawks. nice service and a lot of people
got up and spoke highly or kiddingly about him. one got up and said he liked best to ski with the women in the skihawks
especially kendra cause she could ski as fast as he. one thing though, he couldnt make right hand turns worth a damn so
he always ended up on the far left edge of a run
c/o Ron Ewert
21937 7th Ave S #204
Des Moines, WA 98198

                   Skihawks Election/Pizza Party
                       Tuesday, May 12, 2009
                             The Hub
                      203 Tacoma Ave South
                    Tacoma, Washington 98402
          Pizza Served                  6:30pm
          Skihawks Members               Free
          Guests                        $10
       Nominees for Skihawks Board of Directors
                 (One Year Duration)
 Jeff Britt                                 Mary Lloyd
 Ron Ewert                                  Sandee Miner
 Connie Fraser                              Barbara Reed
 Jean Holbrook                              Randy Singer

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