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									genealogy of the andrew powell family

    Commemorating the 100th Anniversar y Reunion
           of the Andrew Powell Family

                   August 5, 2000

Foreword, by W. Gene Powell....................................................................................................................................................v
Introduction, by H. Eugene Powell (as it first appeared in 1985) ............................................................................................vii
Genealogies from Phillip Powell (3) through Andrew Powell (6) ............................................................................................xii
Key to the Genealogical Numbering System .............................................................................................................................xiv
History of the Andrew Powell Family, by Homer K. Powell (as it first appeared in 1952).......................................................xvii

                             The genealogical record of the Andrew Powell Family

Children of Andrew Powell and his first wife Phebe Ann Yates:
                                                   Emily Dreisbach . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .3
                                                   Theodore Powell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .13
                                                   Franklin Powell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .27
                                                   Priscilla DeLong . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .39
                                                   Elijah Powell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .43
                                                   Sherman Powell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .45

Children of Andrew Powell and his second wife Caroline Dotson:
                                                   Sarah Ellen (Ella) Hamlin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .55
                                                   Ellsworth . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .63
                                                   Charles Powell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .69
                                                   Sullivan Powell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .73
                                                   Huntington Powell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .79
                                                   Jennie Troutner . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .87
                                                   Homer Powell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .103

Children of Andrew Powell and his third wife Sarah Ann Fellers Longbrake:
                                                   Inez Yates . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .111
                                                   James Powell . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .117

Photo order form (photo taken at the Andrew Powell 100th Reunion, August 5, 2000) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .131


It’s been four years since I first began work on this publication. At that time, I was simply retyping the History of the Andrew
Powell Family by Homer Powell in an effort to preserve my fading copy. That manuscript has been included in this record and is
of particular interest in that it provides a first-hand account of life on the Andrew Powell farm along with some colorful anecdotes
of Homer’s siblings. It was during this preservation effort that I volunteered to update the genealogy for the 100th reunion, a
task that proved to be a lesson in patience and perseverance (family history not withstanding). I wish to thank all the members
of the Andrew Powell family who contributed to this work by sending me their own family records – they are the real reason for
it’s completion.

Also included in this book are the introductory pages from the 1985 genealogy (The Blue Book), something I felt would
provide some perspective to this volume for those who may not be familiar with the former work or with genealogical
nomenclature (via the decimal system) in general.

I’d also like to thank Howard Troutner and the reunion committee members of 1985 who compiled the first thousand names.
Their careful record keeping served as my guide through this endeavor. Like them, I’ve done my best to ensure a high degree of
accuracy. Although mistakes and omissions are inevitable, they are certainly not intentional.

Lastly, I’d like to thank the reumion committee for their support and guidance. It is their wish that this chronicle serve for many
years to educate and inspire future generations of the Andrew Powell family.

                                                                                      W. Gene Powell

                                                                                      July, 2000

                                                                                                                    Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

The following introduction first appeared in “A Pictorial Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family; Commemorating 300 Years of the Powell American
Heritage 1685-1985”. Written by H. Eugene Powell (13.1), it portrays some of the “pre-history” of the Andrew Powell family and sites some of the written
works by other family members.

Nine years ago, for the Andrew Powell Family 76th Annual Reunion, August 29, 1976, this writer prepared Bicentennial Notes
on the Philip Powell Family History. Appended was a map showing the “Powell Trace” from Wales to Ohio for six generations
from William (1), an immigrant in 1685, to Andrew (6), who came to Hancock County, Ohio, with his father Samuel (5).
Twenty-four years later Andrew’s grandfather Peter (4) also moved from Fairfield County to Hancock County where he died in
1863 at the age of 86. He was buried in the Powell Cemetery, Eagle Township, where also have been buried a number of his
descendants and relatives.
      Peter (2-24-1777 to 9-13-1863) was born in Berks County and Samuel (3-25-1800 to 10-1-1868) in Mifflin County,
Pennsylvania where Peter’s father Philip (1743 to 1821) was buried in a grave no longer marked in the “old” Presbyterian
Cemetery at McVeytown, Pennsylvania. Peter was born during the year that his father Philip served in the Pennsylvania Militia,
probably helping to protect the arsenal near his farm home at Reading, Pennsylvania the winter that George Washington and the
Revolutionary Army spent at Valley Forge.
      Our ancestors from Philip (3) down to Andrew (6) were farmers and pioneers, settling near Reading, Pennsylvania, then
McVeytown, then moving on to Lancaster, Ohio and then Findlay, Ohio. Their farm tradition was carried on by all of Andrew’s
fourteen surviving children and their families, with the exception of my father Homer K. Powell (7) who lived and worked on
his father’s farm while teaching country school and attending Findlay college. At the age of 28 he received his first Bachelor of
Science degree, later becoming a principal of a high school, an academy and then professor at two colleges. Many of Andrew’s
descendants remained farmers, spreading out over the Midwest.
      It should be noted that the farm tradition at the 1834 location was maintained by the eighth child of Andrew; Ellsworth D.
(1862-1950) who married E. Era Yates. His youngest child and only surviving son Marion (1910-1964) who married Alice
Wyer, continued farming Ellsworth’s farm next to the homestead of Andrew until Marion died tragically in 1964. Ellsworth’s
second child Ilo Mae and husband George Stringfellow purchased the old brick Andrew Powell home, built fronting the Lima
Road (US 25) in 1871-72, which burned in 1901 and was rebuilt. The first family reunion was held there that Christmas and
has continued to be held in and near Findlay ever since. The farm, now retained by Marion’s wife Alice, contains much of the
original homestead. The Andrew Powell brick home, beautifully restored, has been deeded to Marion’s and Alice’s daughter Janet
and son Greg who recently moved back to Ohio and into the home built by his great-grandfather Andrew over one hundred ten
years ago on the one hundred fifty year old farm.
      With the computer age upon us and using computer technology to reproduce the records kept by Dorothy (Mrs. Robert)
Shoemaker, Ellsworth’s (7) youngest daughter, we have produced this collection of genealogical records and family photographs
for our Tricentennial Celebration 1685 to 1985. Under the able leadership of President Howard Troutner (9), the son of Lowell
Troutner (8) grandson of Jennie June (Mrs. Elmer) Troutner (7) the 12th child of Andrew Powell (6), together with the help of
many of Andrew’s descendents in contributing vital statistics and photographs, this pictorial genealogy has been produced for the
85th Annual Reunion of the Andrew Powell Family. It may well be the most comprehensive and unique genealogical record of
its kind. Hopefully, it will provide a greater realization of the contributions of our Powell family and other related families to the
life of our country over the past three hundred years.
      Appended is a map of the eastern half of the United States showing the “Powell Trace” beginning in Wales (1685) and
extending from New Jersey through Pennsylvania and Ohio. A complete trace of the descendants of Andrew Powell alone would
cover the United States from Ohio to the Pacific Coast and corner to corner.
      Also appended herewith is a “key” to the Dewey Decimal System as applied to the generations following Andrew Powell.
We use 1.0 to 15.0 for Andrew’s children; 1.1 to 15.9 for his grandchildren; then 1.1.1 to 15.9.3 for his great-grandchildren,
and so on. We are now into the sixth generation after Andrew. This key will enable the reader to visualize on one page the
method of numbering Andrew’s descendants for ready reference in certain branches of the family tree and in the main body
of this genealogy.

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Genealogical accounts for our Powell family have been given in the following references:

       1. Reverend John Powell, “Memorial History of Philip Powell of Mifflin County, PA and His Descendants and Others,”
          Dayton, Ohio 1880 (Library of Congress).*
       2. Mrs. Jessie Powell Moore, “A Brief History of the Philip Powell Family and Preface to the Peter Powell Descendants,”
          1936 (18 pages).
       3. Homer K. Powell, “History of the Andrew Powell Family,” Adrian College Michigan, 1952 (38 pages, map of

      A family tree, prepared in 1935 by Jessie Powell Moore and Harley B. Dreisbach (artist) shows the descendants of William
Powell (1). In his history (1952) Homer K. Powell lists over four hundred descendants of Andrew, many of whom took up farm-
ing; many also became teachers, some ministers or leaders in religious, educational and scientific vocations, or in the avocations
of music and art.
      Andrew’s library contained leather-bound volumes on history, literature, theology, foreign languages, astronomy and chem-
istry as well as the Bible in several languages, many of them with his autograph and date on the fly-leaf. Where and when
Andrew’s interest in education and such a library arose is uncertain, it is evident that he may have inherited a “thirst for knowl-
edge” which he passed on to his children and succeeding generations.
      In Homer’s history he related how the family, after the day’s work was done would gather in the sitting room to read by
lamplight the books of the library, the newspaper or to study their lessons. The younger child the farthest away from the lamp!
Of the books which I inherited from my father are the Bible in English, Latin, French and German, the latter two possibly
having come through my mother Edith DeBerry who taught those languages at West Lafayette College (Ohio) alongside my
father before and after I was born. There is also a history of the Bible and Jewish race by the historian Josephus; a chemistry
published in 1846 when only half of the currently known chemical elements (including uranium at that time) were then known.
An Atlas of the Heavens published in 1835 showing the constellations of mythological creatures, the magnitudes of stars and
details of the size of our solar system with its planets and their satellites out as far as Uranus which was then called Herschel in
honor of a great astronomer. In 1927 this Atlas was painstakingly reproduced as a large chart on oilcloth by my father working
on our parlor floor, for use in teaching Astronomy at Adrian College; this was one of the many factors quoted by President John
Dawson of Adrian College in granting my father the honorary Doctor of Science degree when he was ninety years old and still
very active at the college.
      An abiding faith and devotion to religious and Christian principles have been characteristic of the Powells over the genera-
tions. Witness the establishment of the Powell Memorial Church on what was the Dixie Highway (US 25) from Findlay to
Lima, near Andrew’s homestead (The church celebrated its centennial in 1983). Its light in the steeple at night guides the trav-
eler on his way.
      Andrew Powell had been married twenty-five years when the Powell Memorial Church was established. Thirteen of his
fifteen children had been born and the brick home of his family was but eleven years old. In the early 1920’s, past the front of
the church went the tracks of one of the interurbans which radiated out from Toledo to cities in northwestern Ohio and nearby
Michigan. After our family moved to Adrian, Michigan in 1916 and before we bought our first car in 1925, we traveled on foot
and bicycle to church, college, etc.; out-of-town trips were by interurban to Toledo along the right-of-way followed by the Erie
and Kalamazoo RR which terminated at the courthouse grounds in Adrian. This right-of-way built in 1837 is now shared by
present US 223 and the “old road” of the New York Central. From Toledo we reached the Powell homestead by another interur-
ban running beside the Dixie Highway (US 25) on its way to Lima.
      One cannot help but reflect upon the contributions by our Powell ancestors to our country’s agricultural, commercial,
industrial, transportation and educational development over the past three hundred years. The wagon treks from Lancaster,
Pennsylvania to Reading, then McVeytown, which followed Indian trails and later possibly became plank roads. Some of Samuel
Powell’s timber may have gone into building the plank road which stretched northward from Findlay to Toledo across the miles
of the Black Swamp. This covered much of northwestern Ohio after the glacial age left behind what are now the Great Lakes and

* Copies of “Memorial History of Philip Powell of Mifflin Co., PA & His Descendants and Others”. By Rev. J. Powell, 1880 may be ordered from: Higginson Book Company; 148 Washington St.; PO Box 778;
 Salem, MA 01970; Phone (978)745-7170, Fax (978)745-8025.

                                                                                                    Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

the rivers known as the Maumee with its tributaries; the St. Joseph in Michigan and Indiana, meeting the St. Mary’s flowing
from Ohio to Ft. Wayne, Indiana, the Auglaize and the Blanchard flowing through Findlay beside the Riverside Park where our
reunions have been held for many years (“Down By the Old Mill Stream”).
     Andrew Powell had multi-faceted interests in addition to the church, family and farm. To name only a few; the development
of oil and gas wells in northwestern Ohio which led to the Ohio Oil Company, later Marathon; the short-lived glass factory in
Findlay which used gas from the wells; possibly this interest even led to the Cooper Tire Company which before World War II
used rubber from far-off countries and afterward had to convert to synthetic rubber made from petroleum. It would be interest-
ing to know how many of Samuel Powell’s descendants attended the country schools of Eagle and Liberty Townships, the area
high schools or Findlay College, to become in turn leaders in education, religion or other fields.
     While Andrew was growing to young manhood, canals were built from Ft. Wayne to Toledo along the Maumee River, from
Ft. Wayne westward to the Wabash to provide access to the Mississippi and from Defiance on the Maumee south to Cincinnati
and the Ohio River. St. Mary’s and Indian Lakes were created to supply the latter canal with water. In turn, before the Civil War,
the canals and plank roads were replaced by macadamized roads of crushed stone and, in the following one hundred years, by
the railroads, paved state and interstate highways and the airplane. My father, Homer K. Powell, born four years after the Civil
War lived to travel by foot, by bicycle, interurban, train, car and airplane, from the Gaspe peninsula in Quebec on to the east, to
San Francisco on the west, from Lake Superior on the north to Louisiana on the south. With his interest in astronomy, he would
have enjoyed immensely watching on television the first footsteps of man on the moon in 1969 had he lived for two more years
to be one hundred.
     As evidence of the abiding influence of the Andrew Powell family life, witness also the steadfast devotion to religion and
education of my father who saw no conflict between religion and science as he taught mathematics, astronomy, biology, geology
physics and New Testament Greek to undergraduate and pre-ministerial college students. As he substituted for ministers in small
churches near Adrian, to which he would ride his bicycle for at least seven miles on a Sunday morning. He used a bicycle for
transportation to and from Adrian College from 1916 to 1964 when he was compelled to quit by reason of slipping on icy
streets and sidewalks. In his last few years he “kept his hand in” by translating from the original Greek one of Homer’s literary
works. He also purchased four inexpensive paper-back New testaments and wrote a paper on the “Harmony of the Gospels” by
cutting out sections of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, rearranging them to cover the life and works of Jesus in chronological
order. When he died in 1967, much of his library was willed to Adrian College; President John Dawson, D.D., a former pre-
ministerial student and graduate of Adrian, asked to be given this “Harmony of the Gospels” in its original form.
     Many of the survivors of Andrew Powell’s eighty-six grandchildren could relate their own personal backgrounds and experi-
ences as this writer has. The children of Andrew’s 15th child, James, did just that in 1980 for their reunion held in Oskaloosa,
Iowa, where they gathered their families for a civic performance of the musical production “Georgiana,” the words and music of
which were composed by Iola Cadwallader, James’ youngest child, in honor of the lives of their mother and father. Perhaps the
record of this introduction and reflection upon our genealogical history may lead others to contribute their own family history.

                                                                                    H. Eugene Powell

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Genealogies from Phillip Powell (3) through Andrew Powell (6)

Phillip Powell (3) (1743-1821): 16 children, 116 grandchildren.
The children of Phillip (3) by Julia Ann Miller who married about 1769 and homesteaded a farm near Reading,
Pennsylvania, were:
John                                    1770-1849              married Regina Alspaugh                17   children
Margaret                                1772-                  married Jacob Sines                     1   child
Ann Maria                               1775-1858              married Jon Godfrey Boyer              10   children
Peter (4)                               1777-1863              married Mary Alspaugh                  12   children
Jacob                                   1779-1852              married Mary Ann Idelman               10   children
John Phillip                            1781-1849              married Elizabeth Raudebaugh           14   children
Polly (Mary)                            1783-1827              married Peter Roads (Rhodes)           10   children
Elizabeth                               1784-1849              married Charles Phillips                5   children
Barbara                                 1786-1799
Susannah                                1789-1860              married John Corkle                    10 children
Catherine                               1792-1848
Daniel                                  1794-                  married Elizabeth Norton                7 children
Christina                               1796-1878              married John Beatty                    10 children
Two Infants                             1798&1800
Rosannah                                1802-                  married John Norton                    10 children

Peter Powell (4) (1777-1863): 12 children, 86 grandchildren.
The children of Peter Powell (4) by Mary Alspaugh were:

Samuel (5)                              1800-1868              married Sarah Raubenault               12   children
Catherine                               1801-                  married Soloman Raubenault             12   children
Henry                                   1803-1879              married Catherine Fellers               8   children
                                                               married Margaret Myers                  2   children
                                                               married Amelia Whitelock
Elizabeth                               1804-                  married George Billman
John                                    1806-                  married Polly Fellers
                                                               married Rebecca Miller                  3   children
Jacob                                   1807-                  married Mary Hart                      12   children
Philip                                  1809-1866              married Elizabeth Fetters               3   children
                                                               married Susannah Tussing                1   child
                                                               married Magdalene Feasle                3   children
Daniel                                  1811-                  married Elizabeth Beatty                8   children
Polly                                   1813-                  married Jacob Fellers                  12   children
Rebecca                                 1814-                  married John Miller
Peter                                   1817-                  married Hannah Savage                   2 children
George                                  1819-                  married Sarah Ann Beatty                8 children

Samuel Powell (5) (1800-1868): 13 children, 49 grandchildren.
The children of Samuel (5) by Sarah Robenalt (Raubenault) were:

George W.                               1826-1916
Andrew (6)                              1827-1916              married Phebe Ann Yates                 6   children
                                                               married Caroline Dotson                 7   children
                                                               married Sarah Ann Longbrake             2   children
Elizabeth                               1828-1857              married Moses Myers                     6   children
Mary                                    1830-1929              married Jesse Ford                      7   children
Soloman                                 1832-1900              married Hannah Myers                    4   children
Susannah                                1834-1929              married Andrew Sager                    4   children

                                                                                             Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Samuel Powell (Cont.)

Christina                     1836-1856
Katherine                     1838-1914                       married Henry Hartman                      2 children
David                         1840-1894                       married Hannah Hartman                     2 children
Abraham                       1841-1864                       killed in Civil War
Samuel                        1844-1869
Gideon                        1844-1868                       married Millie Hartman                     1 child
Valentine                     1847-1925                       married Sophronia Schoonover               8 children

Andrew Powell (6) (1827-1916): 15 children, 86 grandchildren
The children of Andrew (6) by Phebe Ann Yates were:

Emily                         1849-1932                       married Cornelius Dreisbach                9   children
Theodore                      1851-1926                       married Emza Jane Kibler                   7   children
Franklin                      1853-1927                       married Susan Shank                        7   children
Priscilla                     1854-1923                       married Francis DeLong                     3   children
Elijah                        1856-1870
Roger Sherman                 1858-1915                       married Margaret Hamlin                    7 children

The children of Andrew (6) by Caroline Dotson were:

Sarah Ellen                   1861-1938                       married John W. Hamlin                     6   children
Ellsworth                     1862-1950                       married Ella Era Yates                     8   children
Charles Dotson                1863-1940                       married Matilda Heflin                     4   children
Sullivan                      1865-1958                       married Agnes Shank                        5   children
Huntington                    1866-1911                       married Olive Swisher                      7   children
Jennie June                   1867-1964                       married Elmer E. Troutner                  6   children
Homer K.                      1869-1967                       married Edith A. DeBerry                   4   children

The children of Andrew (6) by Sarah Ann Longbrake were:

Inez May                      1878-1976                       married Ezra Otis Yates                    4 children
James Garfield                1881-1958                       married Georgiana Conaway                  9 children

The “Powell Trace” from Wales to Ohio: 1658 to 1985

        (1)          William Powell:       1685           emmigrated from Wales to Camden, NJ
        (2)          John Powell:          1736           in Lancaster, PA
        (3)          Phillip Powell:       1743           Lancaster, PA
                                           1769           cleared farm in Berks County, PA
                                           1777           served in Revolutionary War
                                           1795           moved to McVeytown, Mifflin Co., PA
        (4)          Peter Powell:         1777           Berks Co., PA
                                           1795           moved to McVeytown
                                           1814           moved to Fairfield County, Ohio
                                           1858           moved to Findlay, Hancock Co., Ohio
        (5)          Samuel Powell:        1800           Mifflin Co., PA
                                           1814           moved to Fairfield Co., Ohio
                                           1834           moved to Hancock Co., Ohio
        (6)          Andrew Powell:        1827           Fairfield Co., Ohio
                                           1834           moved to Hancock Co., Ohio

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Key to the Genealogical Numbering System

Andrew’s Children                       Grandchildren                       Great Grandchild

1.   Emily Dreisbach                    1.1    Lawrence Dreisbach           1.1.1
                                        1.2    Jennie May Dreisbach
                                        1.3    Mabelle Knight
                                        1.4    Orville Dreisbach
                                        1.5    Ardo Dreisbach
                                        1.6    Myrtle Broadbooks
                                        1.7    Gladys Diehlman
                                        1.8    Harley Dreisbach
                                        1.9    Fern Crandall

2.   Theodore Powell                    2.1    Bertha Hull                  2.1.1
                                        2.2    Lawrence Powell
                                        2.3    Ernest Powell
                                        2.4    Merlin Powell
                                        2.5    Edith Cole
                                        2.6    Clark Powell
                                        2.7    Ira Powell

3.   Franklin Powell                    3.1    Estelle Maish                3.1.1
                                        3.2    Kendall Powell
                                        3.3    Mabel Perkins
                                        3.4    Florence Stahl
                                        3.5    Martin Powell
                                        3.6    Laura Blubaugh
                                        3.7    Dwight Powell

4.   Priscilla DeLong                   4.1    Earl DeLong                  4.1.1
                                        4.2    Olive Rush-Foster-Williams
                                        4.3    Charles DeLong

5.   Elijah Powell

6.   Sherman Powell                     6.1    Curtis Powell                6.1.1
                                        6.2    Edith Helpman
                                        6.3    Harry Powell
                                        6.4    Mamie Ohl
                                        6.5    Ralph Powell
                                        6.6    Gail Hanna
                                        6.7    Ethel Campbell-Hernby

7.   Ella Hamlin                        7.1    Ellsworth Hamlin             7.1.1
                                        7.2    Emerson Hamlin
                                        7.3    Howard Hamlin
                                        7.4    Florence Hamlin
                                        7.5    Edna Hamlin
                                        7.6    Carl Hamlin

8.   Ellsworth                          8.1    Eva Dorsey-Shoemaker         8.1.1
                                        8.2    Carl Ellsworth Powell
                                        8.3    Ilo Stringfellow
                                        8.4    Bernice Bair
                                        8.5    Helen Huffman
                                        8.6    Hester Grimm
                                        8.7    Dorothy Shoemaker
                                        8.8    Marion Powell
                                                               Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Andrew’s Children        Grandchildren                 Great Grandchild

9.   Charles Powell      9.1    Homer Powell           9.1.1
                         9.2    Jason Powell
                         9.3    Othello Powell
                         9.4    Chester Powell

10. Sullivan Powell     10.1    Marie Benson          10.1.1
                        10.2    Roy Powell
                        10.3    Arthur Powell
                        10.4    Dwight Powell
                        10.5    Harold Powell

11. Huntington Powell   11.1    Treva Fraizer         11.1.1
                        11.2    Waldo Powell
                        11.3    Flossie Schutt
                        11.4    Esther VanSteenburg
                        11.5    May Belle Glathart
                        11.6    Dotson Powell
                        11.7    Laurel Powell

12. Jennie Troutner     12.1    Inez Farthing         12.1.1
                        12.2    Arthur Troutner
                        12.3    Florence Farthing
                        12.4    Kenneth Troutner
                        12.5    Irene Clements
                        12.6    Lowell Troutner

13. Homer Powell        13.1    Eugene Powell         13.1.1
                        13.2    Carroll Powell
                        13.3    Margaret Thomas
                        13.4    Eleanor Scouten

14. Inez Yates          14.1    Willard Yates         14.1.1
                        14.2    Randall Yates
                        14.3    Joyce Eberhadt
                        14.4    Medford Yates

15. James Powell        15.1    Mildred Bond          15.1.1
                        15.2    Cleone Herron
                        15.3    Virginia Ross
                        15.4    Ned Powell
                        15.5    Martha Gowens
                        15.6    Wanda Harvey
                        15.7    Don Powell
                        15.8    Audrey Burdette
                        15.9    Iola Cadwallader

History of the andrew powell family

            Homer K. Powell
                                                                                                                        Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

This account of the Andrew Powell Family or Clan was undertaken by the writer at the suggestion of Othello D. Powell, as president at the reunion of
1950. Some families of the descendants are treated in more detail than others. This is because the location of some is such that knowledge of them is rather
meager. Some of the latest newcomers by marriage and of children may lack mention. Also the writer naturally recorded events in more detail about the
members of the family with whom he was brought up and has first-hand knowledge of their common experiences.
     Aid and some quotations have been drawn from members of the family, Powell Memorial History by Rev. John Powell, Powell Family History by the
Media Research Bureau of Washington D.C., and newspaper clippings covering some family events.

The log house was located on rather high ground with a steep                             Ellsworth, Aug. 27, 1862; Charles Dotson, Nov. 27, 1863;
slope to the lower flood ground of the stream. This small                          Sullivan, March 21, 1865; Huntington, Oct. 14, 1866; Jennie
slope afforded a place for sled sliding in winter. Along north                     June, Dec. 14, 1867; Homer K., Feb. 13, 1869.
of the house ran a ravine with a ditch ending in the main stream                         Caroline Powell died Sept. 19, 1877. Father Powell’s
or creek.                                                                          comment on her, as given in Powell Memorial History, was that
    The land first cleared, of course, was that surrounding the                    “She was a good, industrious woman, kind and affectionate to
house, leaving woods to the south, later to be gradually cut back                  her family.” His third marriage was to Sarah Ann Longbrake, a
by Andrew and sons till at the present only a small patch of                       widow, March 5, 1878. She was the oldest daughter of Andrew
timber is left by the east bank of the creek next to an adjoining                  Fellers, and was born Feb. 24, 1846 in Hancock County, Ohio.
farm to the south.                                                                 She had been living with her father’s family in Wood County,
                                                                                   Ohio since the death of her former husband, Harmon
Life of Andrew Powell                                                              Longbrake. Her children by her first husband were: Cora Silva,
Amid these surroundings the boyhood days of Andrew were                            Minnie Etta and Curtis. The two daughters later joined
passed with his numerous brothers and sisters. Of these youth-                     the Powell family. The third set of children were: Inez May,
ful days very little of interest is known. Imagination can picture                 born Dec. 27, 1878; James Garfield, Oct. 21, 1881; later a son,
the children at play about the house and by the stream, and                        still born.
roving through the woods; but George and Andrew soon were
occupied in helping their father clear away brush and woods and                    History of the Andrew Powell Family
helping with the farm work. In these same surroundings, which                      About three miles out from the city of Findlay, Ohio, as you
came into possession of Andrew later, his family was raised,                       proceed south-west on the Dixie Highway or Lima Road you
though somewhat changed as time passed, and became dear in                         come to a low brick residence of bungalow type, close to the left
memory of later years, just as the “Old Oaken Bucket” poem                         side of the road. Concerning the family for which this was their
expresses it:                                                                      home for many years this account is being written.
                                                                                       Andrew Powell, son of Samuel and Sarah Raubenault
    How dear to my heart are the scenes of my childhood                            Powell, was born May 25, 1827 near Lithopolis, Fairfield
                                                                                   County, Ohio, the second of a family of thirteen children, eight
    When fond recollection presents them to view;
                                                                                   sons and five daughters, viz, George W., Andrew, Elisabeth,
    The orchard, the meadow, the deep tangled wildwood                             Mary, Soloman, Susanna, Christina, Katherine, David,
    And every loved spot which my infancy knew                                     Abraham, twins Samuel and Gideon, and Valentine.

    Andrew was to some extent educated, being somewhat given                       Ancestry and Early History
to reading and possessing a fair sized library of books. He could                  The ancestors of Andrew Powell lived in South Wales. It is said
speak Pennsylvanian Dutch, handed down by ancestors from                           that the ancient Welsh family was descended from a Norman
Pennsylvania. He taught a term of county school one winter.                        knight who accompanied William the Conqueror in the
                                                                                   conquest of Britain in 1066. This knight made his home in
His Marriages and Children                                                         Wales. Five Powell brothers came to America about 1685 to
Andrew Powell was married Dec. 21, 1848 to Phebe Ann Yates,                        Camden County, New Jersey. One of the brothers, William
oldest daughter of William Yates. She was born in Richland                         Powell, settled near Philadelphia, PA. The Andrew Powell
County, Ohio, Nov. 1, 1830.                                                        Family is in his line, the line being as follows: William Powell;
    Their children were: Emily, born Sept. 28, 1849; Theodore,                     John Powell, who moved to Lancaster County, PA in 1736;
March 15, 1851; Franklin Pierce, Feb. 12, 1853; Priscilla                          Philip Powell, 1743-1821, moved to Berks County, PA, then to
Catherine, Oct. 26, 1854; Elijah, May 22, 1856 (died Dec. 3,                       Mifflin County, PA, near McVeytown, about 1795; Peter Powell,
1870); Roger Sherman, Feb. 14, 1858.                                               1777-1863; Samuel Powell, 1800-1868; Andrew Powell,
    Phebe Ann Powell died Sept. 15, 1859. Father Powell                            1827-1916.
married his second wife, Caroline Dotson of Allen County,                              Peter Powell moved from Mifflin County, PA to Fairfield
Ohio, March 15, 1860. She was the daughter of Charles Dotson                       County, Ohio in 1814. Samuel Powell moved from Fairfield Co.
and was born in Pickaway County, Ohio, Dec. 14, 1838. She                          to Hancock County, Ohio, in 1834, when Andrew was seven
had been living with the John Horn family in Findlay before                        years old, and brother Soloman was the youngest child, two
marriage. Their children were: Sarah Ellen, born June 15, 1861;                    years old. Later that year, November 2nd, sister Susanna was

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

born. She married Andrew Sager. The journey evidently was                      In 1851, Andrew bought for $800 his first farm of eighty
made in a conestoga wagon with spacious box of curved bottom              acres in Findlay Township, to the east of the old homestead, and
like a flat bottomed boat. Such a wagon box was still preserved           soon had cleared considerable of the woods; but left twenty acres
on the home farm in the memory of the writer.                             at the extreme eastern part for a fine sugar camp which, at its
     Samuel Powell and wife with their brood of five children             greatest development, afforded 300 tapped trees. A north-south
settled three miles south-west of Findlay in the woods on the             road passes thru this eighty dividing it into forties. Later he
bank of a small stream and built a large log cabin of two stories,        added to his farm other adjoining land until it became about
front facing the east toward the stream which later the family            300 acres. A forty bought in 1858 cost $350. In 1863 he paid
designated as The Run or Creek. This house was fronted with a             $1500 for 120 acres, and in 1868 another forty cost $2300.
large open porch over which the houseclapboard roof extended                   An orchard lay to the rear of the large house and a bee shed
supported by logs extending from the house sides. The house               in a corner of the orchard immediately back of the house. Other
was built from the surrounding woods, cut hewn and split suit-            buildings nearby were a brick springhouse, so called, with a
able for walls, puncheon floor and clapboard shingles. A large            cellar for milk and a rear room with cider press and fireplace; a
fireplace and chimney built of stone and brick occupied the               woodhouse, smokehouse, etc. Some of the above named build-
middle of one end, and a rustic ladder led to the upstairs in the         ings were nearby, along a lane beyond the ravine that passed in
north-east corner of the one big room. Later after the old log            front of the house. There was a house over east by the road divid-
house ceased to be occupied an old tool chest that had a strong           ing the eastern part of the farm, which was occupied for a time,
musk scent remained on the first floor, and some of the children          as the writer understands, by grandfather Samuel Powell after
of Andrew Powell built little play houses in the upstairs story of        leaving the former home to Andrew.
brick from the chimney. Linwoodlumber from a house that had                    The Civil War was going on along at this time, and in 1864
stood on a remote part of the farm was piled in the house.                Mr. Powell was drafted into the army as a member of an inde-
     Near the house were other log buildings, a hen-house and             pendent company for one hundred days service. He sent a
corn crib near the stream, a sheep shed east across from the              substitute, paying him $100. At the expiration of the 100 days
stream, with log poles laid over the clapboard shingles to keep           “he was drafted for a year’s service. He again sent a substitute and
wolves from getting into the sheepfold. These were evidently              paid him $1000.”
among the first buildings constructed. Other log buildings were                In 1871-72 he built a brick mansion fronting the Lima road,
a large barn, a corn-crib and hen roost over pig pens, located            at a cost of about $8000. Here he continued to reside till the
back north of the house. A few rods beyond these last mentioned           time of his death. The brick for this large building was made
buildings ran the road from Findlay south-west to Lima usually            from local clay and burned in a kiln across the road from the
called the Lima road, now route no. 25.                                   house. Several outbuildings, some of brick, were built at the
                                                                          same time, one being a bake-oven and apple drying house joined
Father Powell as a Farmer
                                                                          under one roof with open space between for cart, wheel barrow
Andrew Powell and first wife “went housekeeping in the old log            and garden tools. A frame woodhouse adjoined the rear side of
house his father built when he first came to the county and               the house, and nearby under one roof a combined work-house
farmed for his father.” Here his first set of children were born.         and buggy shed, poultry house and pigpen. A garden and grape
Meantime his father had built a two story house, partly log and           arbor adjoined the yard on the south-west next the road, and
partly frame, a few rods west and back from the old log house.            back of the garden a frame bee shed forming three sides of a
In this house the children of his second wife were born. This was         rectangle with open part to the south-east. A new orchard occu-
a large house suitable for the large family of Samuel Powell and          pied the back space between these buildings and the former
also later for Andrew’s family, to whom it was willed in 1858,
                                                                          home place.
and into which he moved in the spring of 1859. The house was
                                                                               In 1873 he built a sheep barn by the old log sheep-shed and
a sort of double with a hallway from front to rear on the first
                                                                          a barn near the house by the road over to the east at a cost of
floor between the two parts; the smaller part built of logs
                                                                          $400. Then “in 1875 he built the main barn near his residence
boarded over on the outside and on the inside of the first floor.
                                                                          at a cost of $3500” and a cow barn and pig-pen with upper story
It had a fireplace at one end of the large room which was used as
                                                                          for corncrib.
a kitchen. The parents bed occupied a back corner, while several
                                                                               The foundation stones for the older buildings were gotten
of the younger children slept in a trundle bed which for the day
                                                                          from water-lime strata in the bed of the local creek. This quarry
was pushed under the parent’s bed. The older children slept
                                                                          afforded a swimming hole in the stream, which was patronized
upstairs. The larger frame part of the house entered from the
                                                                          by the family lads and was used for sheep washing for some time.
hallway and had a garret or loft to which a stairway led from the
                                                                          The foundation stones for the new brick house and the other
second story. A cozy little room fronted the upstairs over the
                                                                          adjacent buildings were massive dolomitic limestone from
hallway below. The plastered walls of this little room later had
                                                                          Niagara strata east of Findlay. Andrew improved the crop yield-
many name signatures left by momento minded people. A porch
extended along the front at the right end of which, as you faced          ing capacity of his land with tile drain ditches, the creek afford-
it, was a small room adjoining the larger part of the house. This         ing a handy outlet. John Vollweiler, a neighbor, did considerable
little room, according to the writer’s knowledge, was occupied in         of this ditching.
his old age by grandfather Powell and wife.

                                                                                                               Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Order of Work for a Year on the Farm                                             Often the spring work opened with wood chopping, clear-
For about three months during the winter the children of school             ing a section of the woods to the south or cutting out the dense
age attended school in the brick school house about three fourth            undergrowth and some trees on the forty acres cornering the
mile south-west by the Lima Road. The younger school age chil-              main farm to the south-east, known also as the blackberry patch,
dren, not old enough to be needed in farm work, attended the                from the fact that in earlier days a cleared part had grown up
full term of school and also if there was an extra short spring             with blackberry bushes yielding much desired pickings. Father
term, which some schools conducted at that time. The writer                 Powell furnished the three younger sons with small axes suitable
recalls his first schooling during such a short term under Emza             for boys of their age, and when the six brother group, including
Kibler, who later became the wife of the oldest son, Theodore.              Sherman of the older set, attacked the forest it rapidly vanished
Those school days were happy days, coming as a relief after the             into piles of brush, four foot cordwood and fence rails from
strenuous farm work of the season was over, and the pleasure                the ash trees.
derived from the recess and noon intermissions when sports,                      As soon as the ground was fit, plowing for oats and corn
especially town ball and scrub or rotation (pigtail we called it)           planting began. The corn planting, usually coming near the
were indulged in; also prisoners base, draw base, andy over, crack          tenth of May, first was by hoe, the hills being indicated by a
the whip, etc.                                                              horse drawn sled marker of three runners with shovels attached.
     The teachers usually were women from Findlay, a couple of              Pumpkin seed later was planted spaced several hills and rows
whom roomed and boarded in our house, viz. Jennie Ardener                   apart by a younger boy. The writer, in his first attempt at pump-
and Jennie Eckles. Other teachers were Cal Phillips, Sally                  kin seed planting, misplaced some hills at a corner of the field,
Morrison, Emma Hedges, Chester Powell, Anna Miller and                      using horse tracks where the markings were indistinct, causing
Sadie Miller.                                                               confusion; for which carelessness he received punishment. Later
     The first old school house was torn down and a new brick               a two horse corn planter was introduced. The grains were
built in the 1870’s. A peculiar unpleasant episode occurred in              checked off at cross markings by a handle operated by one of the
connection with the new building. When completed, three of                  younger boys.
the Powell brothers (Sullivan, Huntington and Homer) went to                     Father Powell kept a large flock of sheep which along this
the school house to look around. Homer approached the door                  time of year were washed and sheared. The method of calling the
and turned the knob. He heard something fall on the floor                   sheep together for transfer to another place was accomplished by
inside, and the door was easily opened. We went in, found the               father calling, Sheep! Sheep!, upon which the sheep began
latch and locker fallen on the floor and looked around, but did             following him, and the boys followed back of the flock driving
not disturb anything. On leaving we met Bill Hoppas who lived               on any delaying ones. The sheep washing, as before mentioned,
nearby and sort of kept watch as to the school house. He                    was done in the creek, the water being deepened by a dam which
assumed we had broken into the house and chided us for the                  father made with a plank across the stream. The sheep were
deed. He reported it to the school Director, who came one day               herded in a rail pen by the stream from which father handed
after school opened to fix the latch and lock and scolded Sullivan          them out to the washers. One time it began raining while at the
for this assumed vandalism on our part. Sullivan vigorously                 washing, from which disagreeable condition several of us were
denied it. Now, what was really back of this wrong accusation of            hoarse with a cold for several days. At the time of sheep washing
the boys? Homer was aware that he was the one who opened the                it was, for a time, the part of the writer to hold the lambs while
door, but being young and timid, did not explain to Mr. Hoppas              father cut off tails with a chisel and altered them. His young
how the door opened without violence, though he wondered as                 heart felt pity for the innocent little creatures, but the pain of the
to the fault being his. Possibly someone had been there before              ordeal doubtless was brief.
and broken in and left a faulty closed door, or the lock may not                 Sheep shearing was conducted on the barn floor, the first
have been fastened securely so that as a result it fell down on             method used being to strap the sheep by neck and hind legs to
manipulating the outside knob and broke in the fall. Among our              a bench, shearing one side then turn them over finishing with
schoolmates were Frank Cooper, the Taylors, Smaltzes, Hamlins,              the other side. Later the sheep was set on top of a box on its
Swishers, Cramers, Fluggas and Powell relatives.                            rump, being supported on the arm and breast of the shearer.
     About the beginning of March when spring was opening                   Finally the box was discarded and the sheep set on the floor.
school was over for the boys needed for work on the farm. This              Father did the bundling of the wool on a bench specially
began at a rather early age for the boys at least. It was a sad             designed for that purpose.
Monday morning when the school bell rang and we could not                        The corn cultivation was done the first time with a three
obey its call but must put school books and play aside and take             shovel one horse cultivator; the second and third cultivation
up the usual farm work for another year. Usually, if the weather            with a double shovel cultivator. Father made little two toothed
was favorable, the first thing in order of work for the new year            wooden rakes which the younger boys used to set up the corn
was opening of the sugar camp. Buckets, kettles, hogshead                   covered as the older boys cultivated. The later cultivations were
barrels, wooden spiles and other camp paraphernalia were gotten             attended with a hoe to remove weeds. Finally the two horse
out, hauled over to the camp at the far east end of the farm, trees         cultivator came into use.
tapped, kettles hung and the boiling down of sap to molasses                     Potato planting and garden making came at the usual time
or sugar begun. The sugar camp operation was pleasant                       in the spring. The garden was rather ornamental, fenced in with
and romantic.                                                               paling fence as was the yard, with sunken paths, four large beds

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

between which centered flower beds, and currant and berry                    being summoned for mother who had been ailing for several
bushes around the outer border of the garden.                                days. We were made aware of the possibility of her dying.
     Hay making came in June. Father was rather slow about                   That night she passed on. We were all awakened from sleep and
adopting new machinery to lighten labor. He had sufficient help              father was bowing his head over his arms on the table and weep-
without the extra machinery. In the earlier days father did the              ing bitterly.
mowing and raking together of the hay, and the boys, with some                    Apple gathering, snitzing, making cider and apple butter
hired help at times, loaded it and put it in the mow with pitch              came along in October. Corn husking and pumpkin hauling
forks. The younger boys followed the pitchers in the field while             finished the year’s work. When the last shock was husked a big
loading, raking together the leavings on the ground. Also in the             whoop of joy rent the air, and we were ready for school by about
mow it was the unpleasant duty of the younger to tramp down                  the beginning of December.
the hay while being unloaded. This was disagreeable work, espe-                   The winter chores were usually divided as follows: Father
cially when the hay had to be packed in under the roof on a hot              took care of the sheep and pigs, the older boys the horses and
summer day.                                                                  cattle and the youngest the calves. Milking was performed by
     We envied the man doing the unloading and later were                    both boys and girls. Chickens and ducks looked after by the
somewhat relieved when we succeeded to that job. Finally a                   younger boys. The ducks were accustomed to going to the creek
single harpoon hay fork was installed in the large barn, and hay             during the day and on their return one evening a wild duck had
making became less laborious. A balky horse episode once                     joined them. On hog butchering day kettles were hung early in
occurred in hay making. A mare named Gray balked in the field                the washhouse fireplace, filled with water, fire made, and water
in pulling the load. Thereupon father unhitched and mounted                  heated to boiling, hogshead barrels placed for hog scalding, pigs
her, galloped around the field, beating her lower side where                 shot with a rifle and stuck, scalded, hair scraped off on a plat-
the chain had repeatedly struck; but she performed her duty                  form, then hung from nearby posts. Father did the cutting open
thereupon.                                                                   of the pigs and taking out the insides. The women prepared the
     Wheat harvest came along the fore part of July. The earlier             entrails for sausage making, and after the hogs were cut up the
used reaping machine felled the grain on a platform from which               lard finally rendered.
a man on the machine with a rake shoved it off in suitable sized                  Some neighboring men and tenants at times were hired to
bunches for sheaves. A Champion selfrake was next used, father               help out with the farm work. George Bouvering helped at hay
being the driver. The binding into sheaves was done by the boys              making in 1878. While at this job one day we all stopped work
and hired help, proceeding around the field by stations. The                 long enough to have a picture of the house taken with the family
boys too young to bind gathered the sheaves in piles of a dozen,             in working clothes lined up on top of the front porch and
which the men shocked later. The writer, one hot summer day                  George standing below in the yard. Other helpers were Frank
had the job of gathering the sheaves which were spread out over              Black and Conrad Diefenbaugh. Tenants living in the older
quite a large area. It was tiresome, tedious work for so young a             houses and helping on the farm were Jim Lovell, Jack Teams,
lad. That night, sleeping with brother Charlie, he was dreaming              George Hoppas, Frank DeLong, a cousin who married sister
of gathering sheaves, ceaselessly dragging them together.                    Priscilla, and Bill Woods. Other early tenants were a Mr. and
Suddenly he was awakened by Charlie yelling “Here, what are                  Mrs. Sutton and Joseph Valetine and family. Mr. Valetine was
you doing?", and found himself up on his knees in bed pulling                unfortunate in being subject to insanity for a time occasionally
away at the covers. Finally the self-binder followed the reaper              when he had to be taken to an asylum.
and harvesting became somewhat lightened.                                         In the writers memory father never served at full time regu-
     Oats harvest followed usually in late July or early August.             lar farm work, since he had plenty of help. Besides overseeing he
Wheat was put away in the barn mow or stacked, and oats                      took care of such jobs as orchard and fruit tree pruning, and
always was put in the barn. Oats hauling was comparatively                   keeping things in shape in general besides the work before
pleasant work in the fine August weather.                                    mentioned. He devoted somewhat of time to taking care of bees.
     Manure hauling came next and plowing the oats stubble for               In the Memorial History of the Powell Family he says: “In 1852
wheat sowing, the manure being scattered by fork from piles in               I commenced bee culture, and have found it a very pleasant
which it had been unloaded at the time of hauling.                           occupation. I began with one colony, which trebled itself the first
     Corn cutting came in September. In the earlier times father             year. I had good luck all the way. My apiary prospered so well
made the galluses for the shocks and also made rye straw bands               that within ten years I had nearly one hundred colonies. The
for tying the shocks. Toward the close of the day he brought the             next year I had over one hundred new swarms. Some days I had
bands to the field and with the help of a younger boy tied the               as high as twelve swarms. I united the swarms so as to reduce the
shocks. The plan of cutting when about five or six of us were at             number to about one half, and commenced the winter with
it was for the two older to take the outer corn rows of the sixteen          about one hundred colonies. I have the common black bee.”
row wide shock row, inner rows for next younger and innermost
next the shock by the youngest. This was the order of work
when, on a September afternoon we were cutting corn in the ten
acre field next the barn, word was brought to us of Dr. Hurd

                                                                                                       Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Events and Anecdotes Connected with Life on the Farm                 Charlie went with Tippy down to the creek where evidently she
A number of small incidents attending life on the farm as            drank some water. The spasms returned and she died in them.
“memory reverts to my fathers plantation” may be of interest to      We buried her in a box in a fence corner by the creek meadow.
recall. Some of these incidents concern dangerous situations but,    On Sunday, a warm sunny day, some of us visited the grave after
considering the number of children involved, we all came             church, sad at heart at the loss of our friend Tippy. We had no
through with very little permanent bodily harm. The one of           dog after that for many years till we got a small one named Tony.
permanent misfortune occurred during father and mother’s visit       He died after a few years; then later a dog stopped off and made
with her folks in the Lima, Ohio region. In the old woodhouse        her home at our place. She was nice, well behaved and was given
one of the boys was pounding a nail, or one report had it a brick,   the name Brownie from her shaggy brown hair.
when a piece struck Huntington, then a small child, in the right          One night Homer awoke to hear what he thought was the
eye. His eye was permanently blinded, and mother on                  turkeys gobbling on their roost. The next morning father found
arriving home, shocked at the sight, bewailed her pretty baby        several dogs after the sheep in the field adjoining the barn and
son’s misfortune.                                                    several were killed. Had Homer been better aware of the mean-
     Both Hunter (as he was called for short) and Homer when         ing of the sound he was hearing the disaster to the sheep could
very young and not aware of the danger of such procedure, each       have been stopped ere so much damage was wrought.
were rough handled by a sow pig when their curiosity impelled             An Irish peddler was accustomed to come along occasionally
them to enter her den and proceed to handle her little brood (or     selling linen table clothes etc. Like the Irish usually are he was
wutslings as we named them).                                         gifted with the verbiage of a good salesman, stating that his
     One time when hauling manure to a field beyond the east         clothes were “stiff as a board.” His wares were O.K. and
road brother Theodore, living then in the house by that road and     purchases made.
helping with the manure hauling, at noonday dinnertime turned             A loft above the brick springhouse near the old frame house
the driving of the team home over to brother Sherman. The            was the depository of a variety of outworn footwear of the chil-
horses became unmanageable, under a scare probably, and ran          dren when infants. We found many little shoes etc. cast away
away down the lane toward home. All of the boys fell off the         when outgrown, mementos of those earlier days, giving rise to
wagon except Hunter who stuck to the boards of the wagon till        sentimental reflections worthy of a poets pen. Father was accus-
the horses were stopped by a gate near the creek. None were          tomed to outfitting us with boots once a year before winter.
particularly hurt except Homer, the youngest. A wheel passed         Often repairs were needed before the new set came.
over his arm. Sherman picked him up and tried to soothe his               There was a time when the ague took hold of some of us
pain with sympathetic words.                                         children. Every other day we would have a chill along with some
     One evening Sullivan was using an axe on wood in the            fever. Father would pour cold water over our heads to reduce the
woodhouse when Homer was loading wood in his arm close by            fever. Other light ailments attended our childhood, such as
to be carried to the kitchen woodbox. One of the axe strokes         mumps and chickenpox. The George Crossley neighbor family
came down on Homer’s shoulder, but was muffled by his thick          had the smallpox, and two of the children, Dave and Emma,
winter clothing so that it did not penetrate to cut the shoulder.    schoolmates, died from it. It caused quite a scare, and the family
Had it struck a few inches farther in on the head he probably        affected was quarantined for a time.
would have been seriously wounded or even killed.                         The Blanchard River (subject of Tell Taylor’s “The Old Mill
     One Sunday afternoon, after we were living in the new brick     Stream” ran some two miles north of home. Occasionally in the
house, a storm of violent wind which we designated as a hurri-       spring the boys went fishing to its banks. The creek that runs
cane, probably a small tornado, passed over the farm from the        through the farm flows into the Blanchard River. One Saturday
west. Father exerted considerable strength to shut a west door       in winter Homer thought it would be an interesting exploring
against the wind and rain. When it was over a section of the         adventure to follow up the creek to find where it rises. He trav-
woods to the South presented a ruin of trees broken off. The         elled along the bank through the woods and farmlands, on the
storm seemed to make dips downward at intervals. It ripped off       way the stream passes along the end of a schoolyard by a road
the roof of the Hoppas barn, and later we found a small area in      beside which, some distance to the east, stood a brick house. He
the sugarcamp woods denuded of trees.                                kept on til the stream was a mere shallow ditch of a couple of feet
     The old barn became the roosting place of a large flock of      width filled with leaves. He concluded he had just about reached
pigeons from a pair gotten earlier. They became so numerous          the source and returned home. He afterward determined that
that some boys from Findlay came one evening and we caught           the school passed must be the Swale School and the brick house
and sold them a number for their use in trying their skill in mark   that of Uncle Henry Hartmann. This stream afforded a favorable
shooting.                                                            abode for muskrats, and a number were trapped and skins sold,
     A sad incident of our earlier days occurred in connection       mainly by Hunter. Once he brought a trapped dead animal
with sheep and a dog we had named Tippy. Father put some             home of unknown name. Father identified it as a mink.
poison on a sheep that had been killed by dogs. Our Tippy got             Father at one time bought several shooting firearms, one
some of that poison and had spasms from it of which she was          being a single-barreled shotgun. The family was not given to do
relieved with the help of some milk. But later on Saturday P.M.      much hunting; but one day Father let us go hunting with the

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

shotgun. Not much game appeared except a squirrel or so. We           drawing, in painting, in watercolors. Homer also followed suit,
were late for supper, and the mush we usually had for supper had      and both have drawing books with flowers among the best paint-
become cold, and whether its state or our sylvan ramble that          ings. This work was usually done in the evening on the table
caused it, we had to expel it from our stomachs.                      after the supper dishes were removed. Portraits of men in battles
     The five boys of the second set of children had each a little    also were made. They carved portraits of General Santa Anna
garden space fenced off along the ditch below the old loghouse        and of President Garfield on beechtrees in the sugar camp, that
at a point where two lanes united. Each spring, with interest         being the time of his presidency and assassination, when his
worthy of a larger enterprise, we did our truck planting in each      pictures were prominently displayed and familiar. They also
one’s small patch of a square rod more or less. In the side yard of   became interested in astronomy and study of the heavens, devel-
the loghouse next by the garden some of us stuck tree sprouts in      oped somewhat in reading books on the subject from father’s
the ground which took root and grew into fair-sized trees; espe-      library. This interest eventuated in their making a sort of model
cially a willow tree from a sprout stuck in by Charlie. Several       of the solar system, representing the planets by wooden balls, etc.
cedar trees in the yard of the brick home were found by Sullivan      Homer made maps of the heavens with drawings of the constel-
when clearing the forty acres before-mentioned and planted by         lation figures, which were useful in teaching astronomy, later in
Father where they now stand.                                          college. Of much interest was the great comet of 1882
     One time there was a large amount of piled wood and brush        which stretched for many degrees in the morning eastern sky
piles from a spring clearing of the woods to the south side of the    of September.
farm. Father set the brush piles afire, and the following night the        At one time the boys amused themselves by cutting off the
fire appeared to be rather bright, so several of the boys went up     point end of a couple of buck horns, thus making a blow horn
there fearing that it might be getting at the wood piles. It was      through the hollow within. A very loud blast could be made
mainly the brush piles afire, but fire had just caught at a long      with such a horn. This performance doubtless was much like the
wood pile, and they were just in time to prevent its loss. They       horns used by the Hebrew priests.
stayed there the rest of the night, during which they got some             Those were horse and buggy days, and for what little travel
apples stored in the old framewood house, awaking Mr. Teams           the family did, several types of vehicles were used. Saturday was
who thought possibly burglars were about. He was living then in       the usual time farmers made a weekly trip to Findlay for
the larger part of the house. Sullivan built a little hut in which    purchases, mail and weekly newspaper. Our parents usually
we crawled, at least partly, while a rainshower passed. That          followed this custom, but the children seldom went along, the
morning Father appeared when we were leaving the scene                boys usually working the full Saturday during the farm work
anxious to learn how things turned out. The night’s experience        season. The one day for the whole family to load up in the
was romance for the boys.                                             wagon and proceed to Findlay was for the annual county fair. In
     The ten acre field adjoining the barn and other farm build-      the earlier days it was held in the region of the present Byal Park.
ings must have been the scene of an Indian village or stopping        One year, out about the time of wheat harvest, Father agreeably
place; for the field near the creek was rich in Indian relics and     surprised us by taking us to Cells Brothers Show. That was an
chippings of flint made from the fashioning of arrowheads, etc.       experience some details of which still linger in memory. Other
Some relics were found on other parts of the farm. The boys sold      big days in town were enjoyed occasionally. Besides the wagon as
some to William Taylor, a neighbor, who made a specialty of           a means of travel were a two horse topped carriage, an open two
collecting relics, etc. The relics were chiefly arrowheads; others    seated express and a one seated open buggy. The big high
were Indian hammers, skinning knives, tomahawks, spearheads,          carriage was seldom used. The rider recalls its use in a trip to visit
etc. Taylor paid a penny for an arrowhead and ten cents for a         mother’s relatives, the Dotsons, etc. in and about Lima. Another
tomahawk or skinning knife. He had a brass combined toma-             trip was to visit sister Emily and family at that time living on a
hawk and smoke pipe found on the Hoppas farm. He finally              farm near Tiffin, Ohio. Also, it conveyed us to some township
gave his collection to Findlay College where it may know be           Sunday school conventions.
seen. Some of the boys retained fair collections for themselves.           Christmas morning as now enjoyed by children with electric
Hunter had the unique luck in digging potatoes of digging out         light bespangled tree and profusion of gifts was a far simpler
two Indian hammers in the same potato hill.                           affair for the Powell children. On Christmas Eve the younger
     When a group of hogs were ready for sale, the boys drove         children, anticipating a visit down the big chimney of Kris
them on the Lima Road to Findlay to the L.E. & W.R.R. station         Kringle, provided receptacles, caps, etc., lined up for the gifts on
for shipping. Peter Solt was a chief shipper for the pigs.            the dining room table, in which in the morning they usually
     Some of the boys developed mechanical skill, and as often is     found a man-shaped fatcake of doughnut type for the boys and
the case with boys in their teens, constructed contraptions for       a girl-shaped one for the girls.
play and amusement, such as little four-wheeled wagons, sleds,             For intellectual and social benefit, and affording opportu-
windmills and finally, bicycles. The windmills were located on        nity for oratorical expression, the teenage boys and girls with
the roof of a sheep shed by the log framed barn. A large wind         some from the neighborhood started a literary society, utilizing
pump by the house served as a model to go by. Sullivan was quite      the large kitchen of the old house for the meetings on Saturday
proficient in making such structures. Also he was quite artistic in   evenings. Washington Literary Society was the name adopted.

                                                                                                              Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

It was fairly well attended by the boys and girls of the family and         demorest declamation prohibition contests were held there, and
neighborhood and occasionally by older people. In colder                    a number of the boys and girls of the neighborhood won silver
weather the fireplace was utilized to heat the room, though                 medals and one of them, Inez Powell, a gold medal in a contest
sometimes smoke from it bothered the eyes.                                  of the silver medal winners. The church and land it occupied was
                                                                            bought by Frank Cooper, a member of the league, and partly
Home Habits of the Family                                                   paid for by the holding of several festivals for that purpose.
Father Powell was the first one to arise in the morning and start           When the league ceased to function the property was sold and
the stove fires. The chores were attended to, Father taking care            proceeds divided as a gift to the two churches of the neighbor-
of feeding the hogs and sheep, the older boys the horses, others            hood. The old church house still stands being used as a barn.
the cows and milking and the younger the calves, chickens and
ducks. When breakfast was prepared the family assembled in the              Some Characteristics of Andrew Powell
sitting room for worship, Father reading the Bible and making               Enterprises Promoted
the prayer, all kneeling. Then all assembled around the dining              Father Powell in some ways was progressive and a promoter of
room table for breakfast, Father at the head of the table, Mother           beneficial enterprises, though a little slow to adopt new and
next to his left and the girls down that side of the table in order         uncertain innovations. The building of the above mentioned
of age; the boys to the right on the bench back of table next the           church is a case in the benevolent phase of his life. The erection
wall in order of age; thus the youngest boy and girl joined each            of this Powell Memorial Church came about in this manner; the
other at the foot of the table when the full family was present. A          descendants of Phillip Powell, chiefly settled and living about
dinner bell occupying a little belfry atop the back washhouse               Findlay and Benton Ridge, formed the Powell Reunion
sounded its joyful tones summoning workers to refreshment of                Association, which held a reunion August 15, 1878 on the camp
food and some rest at noon and maybe for supper toward                      meeting ground on the land of a Phillip Powell near Benton
evening. The main item of food for supper was mush and milk                 Ridge. At this reunion a resolution was adopted to hold another
a good diet on which to sleep. The evening chores being                     reunion on August 19th and 20th 1880, which was held on the
completed and supper dishes put away, the family for the most               Andrew Powell farm near Findlay. Reverend John Powell was
part were assembled in the sitting room, part of them reading               chief promoter of these reunions and was authorized to “write
papers and books or preparing school lessons for the next day.              and publish an authentic genealogical memorial history of
The order of assembly around the kerosene lamp on a stand at                Phillip Powell and his descendants;” which he did. From this
the bookcase corner was as follows; Father occupied a chair in              history data and quotations appear in this History of the Andrew
front of the oaken bookcase the lamp to his left. Mother or the             Powell family. These gettings together and promotions of the
oldest boy by the lamp to the other side next the wall. The others          Powell clan led to the desire to build a church as a memorial to
to the front of the lamp and receding further away to an obscure            the Powells. The place selected was on the Andrew Powell farm
distance where light was dimmer and nearer heads partly cut out             and it was built and dedicated as a United Brethren Church in
direct light. Father went to bed about 9 p.m. with admonition               1883. The oversight and direction of the erection of this church
for the rest of us to get to bed also, which was rather tardy of            devolved mainly on Andrew Powell, and he was its main finan-
being obeyed.                                                               cial support in the following years. The church society that
     The arrival of Saturday evening was most welcome, for it               began worship in the church was started in the nearby school-
meant a Sabbath of rest from usual labor. All attended Sunday               house during the summer while the church was being erected. A
School and church service on Sunday morning at the evangelical              Reverend J.W. Powell of the U.B. Church was called in to
church a half mile nearer Findlay from home, and later the                  preach, and thus was laid the groundwork of the first revival he
Powell Memorial U.B. Church erected a quarter mile in the                   held in December, when many young people were converted
opposite direction by the Lima Road. The old evangelical brick              and joined the church. Since then this church has been the scene
church was attended by the related Powell and other families of             of many happy revival meetings and the conversion of many
Grandfather Samuel Powell’s clan, and witnessed many happy                  people young and old of the community, among them a number
revival meetings and religious testimonies of the worshippers. In           of the Andrew Powell family.
accordance with the custom of the times a rail across the seat                   The Powell home became the chief host to the various
tops run down the middle of the central section dividing the                pastors of the church. Father Powell became a life member of the
men from the women. The church was remodeled about the year                 American Bible Society thru a $25 contribution and thereby was
1883 with a middle aisle style. This same year the Powell                   entitled to receive annually a gift Bible which he presented to a
Memorial Church was built on Andrew Powell land, he being                   child, starting with the older and following down to the younger
the main promoter of its building. The evangelical church house             as the years passed by.
was finally abandoned when a new church, built in nearby West                    In promotions of a civic nature he contributed $1000 to the
Park addition to Findlay, took its place. Its seats were removed to         building of the T. & O.C. R.R., which allowed him to take the
the tabernacle of the Byal Campground. For several years a                  family on a free ride to Toledo to attend the Tri State Fair one
prohibition league, having put plank seats in the old church,               day. This was the first train ride enjoyed by the teenage children.
held meetings there. This was along in the nineties. A number of            The most unfortunate enterprise of which he became a promo-

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

tor was a glass factory established in West Park of Findlay in the           On a morning in December 1901 a misfortune, of profound
1890’s following the great natural gas boom. Through the final          effect on sentimental minds cherishing memories of the dear
failure of the enterprise he lost a greater part of his farm. His       haunts and treasures of childhood and youthful days, befell the
financial standing made him the resort of people desiring bail          large brick mansion with some of its treasures. It was burned to
backing, which, in several cases, resulted in his taking the loss.      the ground. At that time the writer was serving as Principal of
     Father Powell was outstanding in some of his personal char-        Barkeyville Academy in Pennsylvania. He received a letter from
acteristics. He was frugal, thrifty, industrious, simple in habits,     sister Inez on opening which he found written on rather poor
honest, dynamic, rigid in discipline, holding strong opinions,          quality paper and also enclosed a small piece of newspaper
well informed as his large collection of books and extensive read-      charred at the edge. The letter conveyed the account of the sad
ing bear witness. The Rev. John Powell Memorial History quotes          event. His bunking partner, Ezra Yates, then assistant teacher in
father Powell as saying “At the age of 21 I made up my mind to          the Academy and destined to become the husband of Inez, was
follow the golden rule in all my transactions, to adopt fixed prin-     present to share in sympathy the deep emotion aroused by the
ciples to govern me in my daily life, and to make my word as            message. Some years previously the brick floored back extension
good as my note. When I made a promise, I endeavored to fulfill         of the house, called the washhouse, was given a wood floor on
it, and always found honesty to be the best policy”. That was a         top of the brick and extended into the fireplace which had
very commendable resolution which he endeavored to carry out;           ceased to be used. Before the floor was put in the chimney above
but in carrying out his principles and purposes, and under the          the fireplace had been closed with a board so as to prevent soot
trying circumstances of managing and disciplining a large family,       from falling down into it. It did not occur to our minds that the
he probably was over strenuous, dominating and severe, which            board above might catch fire from the soot and thus endanger
sometimes occasioned trouble with his children and others. But          the floor to fire. That was precisely what happened.
those were times when disciplinarians were accustomed to use            Unfortunately this occurred in the night when all were in bed
severe means and the rod, which he did not spare, while later           sleeping. Father, on rising in the morning and opening the door
parents and teachers have found milder means of securing obedi-         leading from the kitchen-diningroom to the washhouse found it
ence and good conduct with their children. Presumably in his            all ablaze. Efforts to quench the fire by water were in vain. Most
advanced years father himself felt some compunctions as to              of the furniture, etc. was saved, but in the darkness of the early
strenuous ways in former days. Age has a tendency to mellow             morning some things were missed and went up with the flames,
the disposition.                                                        among which was a scroll with bust drawings of the five broth-
     Besides the cultural value afforded by his library and the reli-   ers of the second set of children, made by the writer, with gift
gious practices in the home, music was also provided by an organ        frame from members of the family. The family moved back into
and piano, girls being the performers. Ella was sent to Ada music       the old house. Some insurance was on the burnt home and a
school for lessons and became the player in the earlier days; later     new house as it appears at present was built within the old brick
Belle Owens of Findlay gave music lessons to Jennie and Cora            walls, somewhat reduced in height.
Longbrake. Cora served as organist in the church for some time.
The family and descendants were for the most part gifted in             Family Reunions
music and song, and were an aid in church worship. Welsh                At Christmas time after the fire, a reunion of the family, mainly
blood may have something to do in this proclivity. Four of the          initiated by brother Huntington, was held in the old homestead
boys of the second set of children formed a quartet which sang          for the first time. These family reunions have been kept up ever
on some special occasions, chiefly religious. Especially well liked     since yearly, except the year of the death of the last mother, June
and harmonious were the songs about The Lower Lights                    1906, at which time the presence of most of the family took the
(“Brightly Beams Our Father’s Mercy”) and the Prodigal Son              place of the regular reunion.
(“What Shall I Do, I Am Poor and Forsaken”).                                 These reunions first held at Christmas time later were
     In respect to education beyond the common school father            changed to summer time in August. They were held at the home
did not take much stock. He thought it made for uppishness and          place and at the homes of the children conveniently located;
spoiled boys for following farming, which he wished his sons to         some at Byal Park, and finally Riverside Park of Findlay has
follow. However, two of his sons pursued college work, which did        become the fixed place, where many other families are accus-
not seem to produce such undesirable results; for one of them,          tomed to reune. These reunions are well attended and very
after teaching for some time, devoted himself to farming, becom-        happy in keeping the large Andrew Powell clan in touch with
ing very proficient in that calling, doubtless aided by his educa-      each other, promoting cherished friendships and the unity and
tion, and the other one, though following the teaching                  tradition of a common heritage. Some cousins and early day
profession, yet loves the soil and trusts he has not wandered from      friends often attend and help make the occasion more enjoyable.
the simple life. Father may have been to some extent justified in       Speeches and reminiscences are usually made after a sumptuous
his opinion of college bred young men since comparative few at          dinner in a park pavilion provided for that purpose. It was at the
the time went to college, especially from the farm, and usually         1950 reunion that the writing of this Andrew Powell Family
those few would likely enter a white collar position and be looked      History was suggested and assigned to the writer by the presi-
upon as somewhat uppish and above the common clod hopper.               dent, Othello D. Powell.

                                                                                                         Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

     The year 1934 was the 100th since the settlement of                Accounts of the Children and Their Families
Grandfather Samuel Powell in the wilderness as before                   At the setting up of households for themselves father was accus-
mentioned. Accordingly the reunion this year took on the wider          tomed to give each son a horse or its equivalent of $100, and
relationship of a reunion of the Samuel Powell family and               each daughter a cow or its equivalent of $50.
descendants at the old homestead. Of course the old log house
and old frame one and other buildings thereabout were gone,             Children by first marriage. Phebe Ann (Yates) Powell,
and their site become farm land; but the location of the old log        first mother.
hut was sought out, and being assembled there a program was
carried out in commemoration of the event 100 years before.             Emily
Beecher W. Powell, son of George W. Powell, gave a talk,                Emily Powell married Cornelius M. Dreisbach Dec. 5, 1872. He
Ellsworth D. Powell described the location of the original build-       was the son of Rev. A. M. Dreisbach, an Evangelical minister,
ings, a male quartet sang the Old Oaken Bucket song “How                born in Pickaway county, Ohio, March 15, 1850. Their chil-
Dear to My Heart Are The Scenes of My Childhood”, and poem              dren: Lawrence A., born Sept. 9, 1873; Jennie May, Dec. 11,
was read by the writer covering the settlement in that place and        1874, died July 1, 1876; Mabelle E., born March 28, 1876;
including the names of all the children of the Samuel Powell            Orville C., born Nov. 10, 1877; Ardo B., born Feb. 20, 1881;
family. Besides the Andrew Powell family, members were present          Myrtle V., born Dec. 27, 1882; Gladys K., born Sept. 21, 1884;
from the George Powell, Catherine Hartman, Susan Sager,                 Harley B., born June 10, 1887; Fern E., born Dec. 12, 1889.
Gideon Powell and Valentine Powell families. Susan, who was             Mr. Dreisbach followed the occupation of farming. They lived
born the year of the settlement in 1834, had attained the age of        for a time in the house on the home farm by the road to the east,
98, having passed on two years before, the last of the first gener-     then moved for a year to a farm near Tiffin, Ohio, bought a farm
ation. At the close of the day’s events some of the family visited      near Mt. Blanchard, Ohio, and finally made their home near
the Powell cemetery about three miles south-west near the Lima          Findlay in a residence near by the old Evangelical Church, and
road, “Where heaves the turf in many a mouldering heap; Each            passed their last days in a home on Hurd Ave., near Byal Park
in his narrow cell forever laid, The rude forefathers of the hamlet     near the homes of some of the children. For many years he
sleep”.                                                                 served as township trustee and, for a time, member of the school
     In this place forefathers as far back as Peter Powell, father of   board of Del. Ty. [sic]. They were for many years faithful
Samuel Powell, were laid to rest; their names may be read on            members of the Evangelical Church. Their golden wedding
monuments side by side in a row, an honored group. The                  anniversary was observed Dec. 5, 1922 at the homestead on
commemorative poem is inserted here.                                    Lima Avenue, part of their children being present. Ten years later
     In later years as the girls went out from home care of the         when about to celebrate the 60th anniversary Emily passed on of
large household required help at times and girls were employed,         pneumonia Dec. 4, 1932 at 83, and one week later Cornelius
first Lydia Ann Flick, then Mary Ernst and finally, after the           also departed at 82.
death of the third mother, Phebe Silvers for some years.                     Lawrence A. Dreisbach, the eldest son, got his education at
                                                                        Findlay College, a law school at Ada, Ohio, taught school, prac-
Old Age of Father Powell                                                ticed law, was prosecuting attorney at one time in Indiana,
As old age drew on father naturally gradually ceased from the           married Miss Emma Hoppenberg of Findlay, 1902, born July 5,
part of the farm work and chores he was accustomed to handle.           1876, by whom he had a son Herbert Paul, moved to California
Up in his 80’s one of his feet became gangrened because of lack         in 1906, held positions and offices of trust and other companies
of blood circulation. It became very painful, so he was taken to        in San Francisco, was active in civic and church affairs, while
the Findlay Hospital and had it amputated. James, who was               living in Oakdale, near which he retired to a fruit farm, and
farming the place at the time, started to make him a wooden             where he passed on at the age of 72, Aug. 22, 1946. His wife
limb, but father was confined to the house and a hand moving            soon followed, Dec. 12, 1946.
chair till the time of his death April 17, 1916 at the ripe old age          Herbert Paul Dreisbach, born Oct. 17, 1904, married Pansy
of 88 years.                                                            Lee Massey 1941, by whom he has a son, Jeffrey Paul, born Jan.
                                                                        2, 1951. Their home is in Charleston, WV. He is an army
                                                                        Captain in Japan.
                                                                             Mabelle E. Dreisbach took a course in the Business School
                                                                        of Findlay College, then along with Stacha Powell, a distant
                                                                        cousin, went to Los Angeles, CA, married Frank Day Knight,
                                                                        Sept. 7, 1910, born Sept. 25, 1870, where he was a hotel
                                                                        manager and YMCA man, now retired. She and husband
                                                                        returned east in 1950, and were present at the reunion that year.
                                                                        Orville C. Dreisbach attended Findlay College, followed teach-
                                                                        ing as regular life work, was principal of the Lincoln school of
                                                                        Findlay till retirement 1938; upon which he bought a farm

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

south-west of Findlay near the airport where he continues to               Myrtle V. Dreisbach, taught in the Findlay schools for seven
reside. He was married to Miss Helen Hodgens, June 1, 1910,           years, married Robert M. Broadbooks May 3, 1911, born Feb.
daughter of Thomas and Dorcas Hodgens of Toronto, Ohio,               27, 1879. He is a Presbyterian minister. They moved to Seattle,
born June 1, 1886, by whom he had three children; Robert              then Naches, Washington State, for his work, and now retired
James, Helen Louise and Virginia Isabelle. She passed on June         reside at Newport, Oregon. Myrtle still does some substitute
22, 1938. They were active members of the First M. E. Church          teaching in the Newport schools. Mr. Broadbooks died Apr. 17,
of Findlay. he married his second wife, Mrs. Virgie Bishop Saul       1953. They have four children: Martin R., Harold E. Mildred
of Findlay June 30, 1940, born Nov. 2, 1884.                          M. and Norman Bruce.
     Robert James Dreisbach, born June 19, 1911, graduated                 Martin R. Broadbooks, born Sept. 16, 1912, graduated
from Ohio Northern University, married Alice Irene Nelson,            from Albany College Oregon, got a Masters degree from Oregon
1941, born May 17, 1909, by whom he has two children, Sara            State College and a Ph. D. from the University of Washington,
Nelson, born Dec. 22, 1942, and James Nelson, June 30, 1945.          married Dorothy Lois Ambrose, 1939, born Nov. 7, 1912, by
They live in Akron, Ohio, where he is an electrical engineer.         whom he has a daughter, Joann Myrtle, born April 28, 1942. He
     Helen Louise Dreisbach, born Nov. 14, 1912, graduated            is a chemist for the Dupont Company, Louisville, KY.
from Wittenburg College, taught school near Bucyrus, Ohio, at              Harold E. Broadbooks, born Aug. 29, 1915, graduated from
Bellefontaine, and Findlay; married Earl Wesley Doty, 1946,           the University of Washington, got a master’s and Ph. D. from
born July 2, 1911. They have a son, Thomas Charles, born              the University of Michigan, had over four years service in World
march 12, 1949. They live in Long Beach, CA, where he is a            War II, and in signal corps and 1950, married Hester Jane
medical doctor.                                                       McCoy, 1950, born Dec. 18, 1928, by whom he has a son,
     Virginia Isabelle Dreisbach, born March 6, 1916, graduated       Daniel Robert, born Aug. 6, 1951. He is a Zoology Professor,
from Findlay College Business School, was secretary to a physi-       Tuscon, AZ.
cian, married Van Abraham Trout, 1938, born Aug. 21, 1915.                 Mildred M. Broadbooks, born April 8, 1920, attended the
They have two daughters, Ann Louise, born Oct. 20, 1944, and          University of Washington for two years, married John Lawrence
Susan Helen, Aug. 20, 1948. He is a chemist. They live in             Blankenship, 1942, born Dec. 9, 1918. They have two children,
Newark, Ohio.                                                         Barbara Jeanne, born March 25, 1943, and Robert Lawrence,
     Ardo B. Dreisbach also attended Findlay College a while,         July 6, 1946. He is manager of the Standard Coffee Company,
followed farming, married Mollie Gail Marshall, May 16, 1906,         Oklahoma City.
born Sept. 12, 1883, by whom he had three children, Eugene                 Norman Bruce Broadbooks, born Nov. 22, 1933, graduated
Marshall, Esther Fame and John Ardo. He bought a farm made            from the University of Washington, became 2nd Lieutentant in
from parts of the George Powell and Soloman Powell farms and          the Navy, a flight engineer in the South Pacific during World
was working hard to pay off for the land, when a terrible tragedy     War II, married Joyce Margaret Lawrence, 1948, born feb. 28,
struck down both himself and son Eugene. The two were work-           1926. He is an aeronautical engineer at Los Angeles.
ing with a team of horses on a patch of ground near the old sugar          Gladys K. Dreisbach married Clarence Hoffan Diehlman of
camp. A thunder shower came over, and they sought shelter in a        Findlay, 1938, born Oct. 15, 1882. They have two daughters,
nearby shed, at a corner of which stood a small tree close to the     Dorotha E. and Evelyn E. Mr. Diehlman served as an account-
iron rod on which the sliding door was hung. Evidently they           ant for many years in the offices of the Ohio Oil Company of
were standing just inside the open door when a bolt of lightning      Findlay. He retired a few years ago, and they spend part of their
struck the small tree, passed along the iron rod and struck both      time with daughters in the west and also in Findlay.
men dead and also one of the horses outside. This was discov-              Dorothea E. Diehlman, born June 20, 1912, taught school
ered soon by William Woods living in the nearby old house. He         for some time in Findlay, married Leslie McDonald Keene,
broke the news to Ardo’s wife Mollie. It was a terrible blow. This    1947, born Nov. 11, 1907. They now reside in Seattle where he
was Aug. 21, 1926. She was left with a large farm on hand to be       is Supervisor of Pacific Produce Co. They have two children,
looked after and paid for, and bereft of a son preparing to be a      David Diehlman, born June 19, 1948, and Karen Gladys May
missionary of the church to Africa.                                   27, 1951.
     Esther Fame Dreisbach, born Dec. 28, 1912, attended                   Evelyn E. Diehlman, born Oct. 23, 1914, did some teach-
College, became a good elocutionist to entertain with recitations     ing, married Albert Henry Boggs, 1937, born April 10, 1910.
at gatherings, married George Merlin Correll, 1936, born June         They lived in Kansas for a time, then he was military
23, 1910. They have three daughters, Miriam Glee, born Nov.           commander of Great Lakes, IL, and now is Navy Commander,
19, 1942, Ruth Elaine, April 12, 1947 and Rachel Dian, Jan. 14,       Hawaiian Islands.
1951. He is a chemist. They live in Akron, Ohio.                           Harley B. Dreisbach married Helen Duff, 1918, born May
     John Ardo Dreisbach, born Dec. 23, 1921, married Bettie          13, 1890. Harley was called to army service during World War
Short, 1947, born June 16, 1923, by whom he has three chil-           I. While away in this service his wife died, Oct, 13, 1918. On
dren, Anne Slesser, born March 18, 1948, John Carey, May 29,          his return from war service he married Araminta Frazer, 1921,
1949 and Elizabeth Reed, July 27, 1950. He is a physician-            born Dec. 3, 1886, by whom he has a daughter, Elizabeth
surgeon, ordained minister, missionary in Africa.                     Araminta, born Jan. 16, 1922. He has been a many year

                                                                                                     Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

employee as statistician in the offices of the Ohio Oil Company.    three children, Theodore Loy, born April 13, 1941, Ronald
He is active in civic affairs and along with his wife useful        Joseph, May 27, 1942, and Carol Ann, Nov. 1, 1945. They
members of the Methodist church, especially in song. Harley is      moved to Albuquerque, New Mexico, 1949, where he is doing
a choir leader, conducting song groups in many gatherings.          carpenter work.
     Elizabeth Araminta Dreisbach married Carl Joel Vogt, 1942,         Katherine Hull, born Dec. 10, 1914, gave he life for his
born Jan. 16, 1920. He is an Attorney at Law, Akron , Ohio.         country in World War II, being killed in action in France, June
Their children are: William Dayton, born Aug. 23, 1946;             15, 1944.
Thomas Frazer, May 31, 1950; Susan Elizabeth, May 4, 1952.              Dale Edward Hull, born June 23, 1917, served 42 months
Fern E. Dreisbach, following the lead of her brother Lawrence       in the Navy in the Pacific area during World War II. He is now
and sister Mabelle, went west to Los Angeles, where, after teach-   working as draftsman in Louisville Ky.
ing for some time, she married William McKinley Crandall,               Lawrence J. Powell married Minnie Schiebe, May 12, 1915,
1920, born Jan. 18, 1894. They have two children, Howard            born Aug. 15, 1893, by whom he had two children, Alice Marie,
William and Emily Fern. They live in Alhambra, CA, where he         and Dudley Warren. He entered the ministry of the Lutheran
is an Attorney at Law.                                              Church, serving for some time in Washington, IL till his death
     Howard William Crandall, born June 13, 1921, married           by heart failure Aug. 29, 1940.
Marjorie Jeanne Pape, 1945, born Sept. 10, 1923, by whom he             Alice Marie Powell, born Aug. 7, 1916, married Arthur E.
has a daughter Cathleen Jeanne, born May 12, 1951. He is head       Wulf, July 10, 1941, born Dec. 12, 1913. He is a minister in the
chemist, Standard Oil Company of California, Berkeley, CA.          Lutheran Church. Their children are; David Lawrence, born
Emily Fern Crandall was born Feb. 3, 1930.                          July 30, 1943, and Ruth Alice, Oct. 16, 1945.
                                                                        Dudley Warren Powell, born Sept. 5, 1915, died Sept. 11, 1915.
Theodore                                                                Ernest A. Powell married Amy Garlinger, June 21, 1906,
Theodore Powell, the oldest son of Andrew Powell, married           born Dec. 16, 1885, by whom he had six children: H. LaVerne,
Emza Jane Kibler, 1874, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jacob Kibler,      H. DeWitt, Paul Dean, Ruth Ellen, Nathan E. and E. Maynard.
farmers of Eagle Township, born in 1856. Their children: Bertha     Ernest pursued farming, taking charge of the home farm when
May, born May 8, 1875; Lawrence J., July 10, 1877; Ernest A.,       his father moved to Arlington. The Theodore Powell family
June 1, 1897; Merlin Iro, April 1, 1881; Edith, March 19, 1883;     being somewhat musical, Ernest, for a while, followed piano
Clark S., May 3, 1885. Another son Ira, died in childhood.          tuning, and since retiring from the farm to Arlington, has been
      Theodore followed farming as an occupation. For a while       redeeming some of his leisure time in the same occupation.
after marriage they lived on the home place in the house by the         H. LaVerne Powell, born May 19, 1907, died April 28, 1908.
east road and helped farmed the place. He moved to a farm near          H. DeWitt Powell, born Nov. 17, 1910, now farming the
Portage, Wood County, for a time, then bought a farm near           home place, married Rosalind Grall, born May 1, 1943, born
Arlington in Eagle Township, where they continued to live till he   Feb. 9, 1917, by whom he has three children, Lois Sharon, born
retired to a home in Arlington. The Andrew Powell family            May 27, 1944, David Merlin, June 25, 1945, and Martha Ann,
reunion was held there in 1910. As a farmer he specialized in       Feb. 1, 1949.
raising sheep. The family were faithful attendants and support-         Paul Dean Powell, born May 15, 1914, is helping farm the
ers of the Lutheran Church. Mr. and Mrs. Powell passed their        home place.
last years in their home in Findlay at 223 Park Ave. Mrs. Powell        Ruth Ellen Powell, born July 20, 1916, married Frederick
passed on Feb. 6, 1924, and Theodore, Nov. 4, 1926.                 Laudenslager, Nov. 14, 1936, born June 24, 1914. Their
      Bertha May Powell, the oldest child, taught school, then      children: Roy Edward, born Aug. 31, 1938; Janet Louise, April
married Andrew J. Hull, July 31, 1897, born June 7, 1870.           22, 1942.
Their children are: Van Powell, Esme Fay, Ward Richard,                 Nathan E. Powell, born July 30, 1922, died April 28, 1927.
Thelma Irene, Loy Theodore, Katharine, Myron Luther, and                E. Maynard Powell, born July 28, 1924, attended
Dale Edward. They lived in Jenera, Ohio, until 1905, then           Wittenburg College at Springfield, Ohio, and, after graduation
moved to Manchester, Tennessee, till 1924, when they moved to       and Seminary preparation, is now in the ministry serving a
Louisville, Kentucky. Mr. Hull followed carpentry most of his       charge of the Lutheran Church at Hicksville, Ohio. He married
life, and contracting after coming to Louisville. He passed away,   Ruth Van Allen, July 30, 1938, born..., daughter of ...Charles
Feb. 10, 1948.                                                      Van Allen.
      Van Powell Hull, born March 23, 1899, died April 22, 1908.        Merlin Iro Powell followed teaching for a time, graduated
      Esme Fay Hull, born Feb. 9, 1901, does office work and is     from Wittenburg College, 1908, and Havana Divinity School in
still living at home.                                               1911, married Donna Dorcas Dorney, April 19, 1911, born July
      Ward Richard Hull, born May 21, 1902, died Oct. 27, 1918.     17, 1887, by whom he had eight children, Robert Theodore,
      Thelma Irene Hull, born June 22, 1903, married William        Luther Vincent, Owen Burdette, Isabelle Corrine, Warren
Baete, April 3, 1946, born June 6, 1902. They live in Louisville.   Weston, Richard Wendell, Beatrice Ann and Louella Mae. Like
Loy Theodore Hull, born Dec. 12, 1906, married Geraldine            his older brother Lawrence he entered the ministry in the
Bossmeyer, Oct. 8, 1938, born Jan. 27, 1909, by whom he has         Lutheran Church, serving charges in Convoy, Marion and

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Leipsic, Ohio. In June, 1937, Wittenburg College conferred on              attended Wittenburg College and entered the ministry of the
him the degree of doctor of divinity, and in the same year he              Lutheran Church, thus following the example of two older
became missionary superintendent of the Synod of Ohio. with                brothers. In this rather unusual number of brothers devoted to
headquarters in Columbus. He was a capable speaker and                     the ministry may be seen the influence of a good mother. She
usually called upon for a speech at the Powell family reunions.            was the writer’s first school teacher. Clark married May Meyer,
Following a stroke of paralysis he passed on to his reward, Oct.           Nov. 30, 1916, born 1889, by whom he had three children,
10, 1941. His wife still resides in Columbus.                              Kathryn Marie, Charles Theodore,and Meta Karen. Clark held
     Robert Theodore Powell, born Jan. 14, 1912, married                   pastorates in Nebraska, Louisville, KY., and was serving a charge
Esther Louise Leilich, Oct. 16, 1937, born July 2, 1912, by                in Jonesboro, IL. at the time of his sudden death of heart failure,
whom he had two children, Susan Louise, born Sept. 10, 1943,               May 17, 1940. As were most of Theodore’s children, Clark
died Sept. 10, 1943, and Jane Esther, July 17, 1948. They live in          was of large build, and of smile provoking facial features and
Delphos, Ohio.                                                             disposition.
     Luther Vincent Powell, born May 17, 1913, married Sadie                   Kathryn Marie Powell, born Nov. 3, 1917, married Edward
Collura, Jan. 31, 1948, born Aug. 12, 1913, by whom he has                 E. Newton, Nov. 1, 1941. They have two children, twins, Clark
two sons, Gregory Merlin, born Nov. 1, 1949, and Laurence Jay,             Edward and Karen Ann, born March 5, 1947.
Dec. 4, 1950. They have lived in Cleveland, now in Miami, FL.                  Charles Theodore Powell, born May 24, 1919, married
Owen Burdette Powell, born March 20, 1915, married Charlotte               Margaret McKee, Aug. 1943. They have a daughter, Kathleen
Louise List, May 28, 1938, born Feb. 25, 1915, by whom he had              Carol, born April 7, 1947.
three children, Ida List, born July 7, 1939, died July 7, 1939,                Meta Karen Powell, born Aug. 26 1920, married Harold
Marra Lee, Aug. 27, 1941 and Pamela Lynne, Sept. 30, 1944.                 David Cozby, July 18, 1942. They have a son David Powell,
They have lived in Sturgis, MI and now in Brookville, OH.                  born Dec. 25, 1949.
     Isabelle Corinne Powell, born July 8, 1919.
     Warren Wetson Powell, born Nov. 2, 1920, married Vera                 Franklin Pierce
Mae Giltz, Aug. 18, 1945, born July 29, 1920, by whom he has               Franklin Pierce Powell, the second son, married Susan Shank,
two children, Douglas Edward, born Aug. 29, 1946, and Dorcas               about 1880, daughter of Henry Shank Sr., farmer of Eagle
Catherine, Oct. 6, 1949. He is a minister located near                     Township, by whom he had seven children: Estelle born Feb. 26,
Mansfield, Ohio.                                                           1881; H. Kendall, Oct. 5, 1882; Mable, May 13, 1886; Florence
     Richard Wendell Powell, born Aug. 11, 1922, married Ruth              Susan, June 26, 1888; Martin N., Oct. 28, 1892; Laura, March
Ione Metzger, May 6, 1945, born May 29, 1921, by whom he                   17, 1895; Dwight, who died early in life.
has two sons, Richard Wendell II, born Aug. 10, 1946, and                        Franklin was a farmer. He farmed the old William Yates (his
Timothy Iro, Jan. 21, 1949. He is a minister. They live in                 maternal grandfather’s) farm for a while, then the old Markle
Brookville, Ohio.                                                          farm several miles south of Findlay, later [he] bought a farm near
     Beatrice Ann Powell, born July 1, 1924, died July 12, 1924.           Kirklin, in Boone Co., Indiana, where he spent many years,
     Louella Mae Powell, born Jan. 29, 1926, married Stanley               where he passed on, June 23, 1927. The Shanks adhered to the
George Coffelt, Aug. 20, 1949, born Sept. 27, 1922. They have              Disciples of Christ Church, to which the family gave allegiance.
a son Bruce Alan, born Oct. 17, 1951, and live in Fairport                 The oldest child, Estelle Powell, married John W. Maish, born
Harbor, Ohio.                                                              Jan. 9, 1881. Their children are: Willard P. born May 22, 1967;
     Edith Powell taught music for a while, married Edward Cole            Burris E., Oct. 11, 1908, died Sept. 1909; Josephine, Dec. 3,
of Findlay, Dec. 31, 1903, who was born Jan. 28, 1872. Their               1910, married Ray Gregg, born May 4, 1901. Their daughter,
children are Dorothy, Mildred and Donelda. Mr. Cole followed               Carol Jane, born Sept. 29, 1939; Pauline E., Feb. 2, 1913, died
the occupation of a nurse in Findlay, for which he was well fitted         June 13, 1940; Mary E., Jan. 16, 1920, married Walter E.
in his calm, even temperament. They lived in the home her                  Jacoby, born Feb. 2, 1917. Their son, Donald Howard, born
parents occupied before their deaths at 223 Park Avenue. He was            Sept. 25, 1951. They live in Indiana. She died June 17, 1947.
taken away of stomach cancer April 30, 1940.                               H. Kendall Powell married Hildeer Danielson, born Feb. 26,
     Dorothy Cole, born Dec. 14, 1904, married Roland Kibele,              1887, by whom he has two daughters, Geraldine and Edna. He
May 15, 1926, born Feb. 5, 1905. They have a son John Allen,               is living in Chicago and connected with the Morris Paper Mills.
born Nov. 13, 1932.                                                        Geraldine Powell, born Sept. 21, 1909, married Harold L.
     Mildred Cole, born Feb. 4, 1907, married Albert Smith,                Burke, born Jan. 27, 1907.
June 5, 1932, born Aug. 4, 1903. They have two sons, Robert                      Edna Powell, born March 11, 1911, married James F. Kelly,
Bruce, born March 13, 1934 and Thomas, May 6, 1936.                        born Dec. 4, 1909. They have two children, Thomas K., born
     Donelda Cole, born April 25, 1921, married Richard                    April 13, 1941, and Susan P., May 17, 1945.
Overholt, July 3, 1941, born March 19, 1918. Their children                      Mabel Powell married Carl Perkins, born June 22, 1885.
are, Jon Michael, born Nov. 28, 1942, Linda Kay, Nov. 5, 1946              Their children are; Byron C., Russell Marion, Edith, Martha
and Judith Ann, Sept. 30, 1950.                                            and Lucille.
     Clark S. Powell, youngest son Theodore and Emza Powell,

                                                                                                        Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

     Byron C. Perkins, born Oct. 1, 1910 married Gene Pitman,              They lived after marriage at Lima, then moved to the Powell
born Jan. 30, 1920, by whom he has two sons, Richard Allen,           home farm and helped farm the place for a time, bought a farm
born Sept. 28, 1942, and Timothy Dale, July 7, 1946.                  in Tipton County, Indiana, and returned some time later to help
     Russell Marion Perkins, born Dec. 26, 1911, married Louise       on the home place again. Mr. DeLong and family entered a deep
Ward, born Oct. 17, 1911, by whom he has a son, Norman,               religious experience in revival meetings while in Indiana, and
born Sept. 2, 1946.                                                   feeling called to enter the ministry, he left the farm and took
     Edith Perkins, born March 19, 1917, married Floyd G.             work under the Free Methodist Church. He held pastorates in
Anderson, born Oct. 17, 1910. Their three sons are; George            various places in Ohio, among them Delta, Big Prairie,
Franklin, born April 24, 1937; Charles Marion, June 5, 1941;          Mansfield and Rocky River; finally ending in Toledo. Along with
William Frederick, June, 1945.                                        serving as a minister he also did paper hanging and house paint-
     Martha Perkins, born Feb. 4, 1920, married Ora A Kincaid,        ing. They owned their home on Ottawa Drive in Toledo. He
born Oct. 9, 1918. Their children are; Ora A., III, born Jan. 9,      passed on Dec. 15, 1922 and Priscilla soon after on July 3, 1923.
1944, and Sara Jane, May 4, 1946.                                     Olive DeLong married Cleveland Rush, Aug. 30, 1913, born
     Lucille Perkins, born June 19, 1925, married Floyd F.            March 29, 1885. They lived in Toledo where he had work. It
Andrews, born Feb. 2, 1912. Their two daughters are; Marcia           seems their marriage was to some extent urged upon Olive, and
Sue, born Nov. 22, 1946; Jennifer Linn, March 14, 1952.               finally discontent led her to get a divorce after some years of
     Florence Susan Powell married Henry Luther Stahl, born           living peaceably; whereupon she married Mr. George L. Foster,
Feb. 20, 1895. Their three daughters are, Margaret Lucille,           Nov. 23, 1933, born Jan. 13, 1879. He was a dry cleaner, and
Harriette Eleanor, and Winifred Eileen.                               passed on Sept. 30, 1941. On July 16, 1945 she married Alonzo
     Margaret Lucille Stahl, born Jan. 11, 1923, married Virgil       L. Williams, born Feb. 20, 1879; a real estate salesman of
Lamar Wright, born Oct. 2, 1916. They have three sons: Leslie         Greenville, Darke County, Ohio.
Lamar, born May 30, 1948; Gary Bernard, April 27, 1950; Alex               Charles DeLong, after attending church school in Michigan,
Dale, Dec. 10, 1951.                                                  married Fanny May Cottrell, June 12, 1913, born Nov. 14,
     Harrietta Eleanor Stahl, born April 2, 1924, married Charles     1890, by whom he had four children; Francis Paul, born April
Alex McFarlan, born June 26, 1923. They have two children,            26, 1914, died May 4, 1914; Thelma June, Maybelle Pauline,
Ronald Charles, born Nov. 23, 1942; Janice Day, Oct. 17, 1947.        and Virginia Isabelle. He became a mail carrier in Toledo, which
     Winifred Eileen Stahl, born Nov. 7, 1925, married Otera          position he continues to fill, though near to the time of retire-
Veachel Coffman, born Oct. 22, 1923. Their children; Sharon           ment. Mrs. DeLong, under a state of depression from a year’s ill
Eileen, born Oct. 2, 1947; Dennis Wayne, Oct. 15, 1949.               health, following a nervous breakdown, took her own life by the
     Martin N. Powell married Mary A. Sims, born Jan. 2, 1895,        poison route, March 9, 1922. He married his second wife, Mrs.
in Boone Co. Ind., by whom he had four children, Phillip              Anna Pauline Willis, May 26, 1923, born April 26, 1884, a
Eugene, Clarence Vernon, Marjorie Louise and Raymond                  woman of the same community of Toledo. They live at 2421
Martin. He is farming his farm in Indiana. Phillip Eugene             Trenton Ave., Toledo and are very faithful members of the near
Powell, born April 10, 1921, died Aug. 1925.                          by Free Methodist Church.
     Clarence Vernon Powell was born July 3, 1926.                         Thelma June DeLong, born Aug. 14, 1915, married Anton
     Marjorie Louise Powell, born Aug. 9, 1927, died Aug. 12, 1927.   Popp, Feb. 3, 1940, a real estate salesman.
Raymond Martin Powell, born Jan. 9, 1929, died Dec. 22, 1929.              Maybelle Pauline DeLong, born Aug. 16, 1917, married
     Laura Powell married Chester Blubaugh, born Dec. 1, 1892.        Fred L. Brill, Nov. 23, 1939, born Oct. 30, 1917. He is an elec-
Their children are, Hiram E., and Elmo A.                             trical foreman, Toledo, Ohio.
     Hiram E. Blubaugh, born May 5, 1920, married Betty Lois,              Virginia Isabelle DeLong, born March 28, 1921, married
born April 27, 1916, by whom he has three children;                   Louis Taylor, a restaurant owner of Toledo.
Robert, born Jan. 28, 1946; Rebecca, Aug. 15, 1947; Charles,
Oct. 8, 1951.                                                         Elijah
     Elmo A. Blubaugh, born May 21, 1922, married Mildred             Elijah Powell was approaching young manhood at the age of four-
[last name unknown], born Sept. 16, 1926, by whom he has two          teen, upon his death, Dec. 3, 1870, when convalescing from a
children.                                                             fever. Brother Ellsworth related that he saw Elijah eating a turnip,
                                                                      which doubtless brought on his death when about to be well again
Priscilla Catherine                                                   and pursue a promising life for a youth that age. He was the only
Priscilla Catherine Powell, second daughter of Andrew and             child who was taken away in that early period of life.
Phebe Powell, married Francis DeLong, 1897, son of Mr. and                 Roger Sherman Powell, youngest son of Andrew Powell by
Mrs. David DeLong of near Lima, Ohio, his mother Catherine            his first wife, married Margaret Jane Hamlin, 1881. She was the
being a sister of Andrew Powell’s second wife. He was born July       daughter of Samuel Hamlin Sr., born June 3, 1865, by whom he
2, 1858. Their children; Earl, born Sept. 21, 1879, died Aug.,        had seven children; Curtis, died in infancy; Edith born March
18__; Olive, Sept. 13, 1881; Charles, Aug. 28, 1888.                  31, 1883; Harry, July 5, 1885; Mamie E., Aug. 28, 1889; Ralph,
                                                                      Aug. 3, 1895; Gail, June 7, 1898; Ethel, Aug. 28, 1904.

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Sherman, for the most part, followed farming. For a time he was       1857. Their children: Ellsworth J., born June 6, 1883; Emerson
partner with Frank Cooper in the sawmill in Blackbird hamlet          K., April 2, 1885; Howard Elroy, July 9, 1888; Florence Ermo,
near home by the L.E. & W. R.R. and Washington road. Then             Dec. 20, 1890; Edna Mae, Jan. 4, 1893; Carl Dewey,
he worked at roofing the oil tanks on the nearby farm. He             April 21, 1898.
owned a farm north of Findlay in Allen Township; then one                  Mr. Hamlin was a successful farmer, first on a farm north of
northeast of Findlay by the Tiffin road; finally moved to the         the little Blackbird hamlet along the Washington road. In 1887
north-west suburbs of Findlay. He was a man of large build and        they bought a farm in Henry Township, Wood Co., about five
strong. The writer remembers two incidents in school. During          miles west of North Baltimore, along the county line between
an intermission Sherman got into a tussle in the room with John       Hancock and Wood Cos. Here they raised their family of six
Hamlin, a small, spry, young fellow, later to become a brother-       children, five of whom became teachers, and through thrift and
in-law, and lifted him over his head and tried to lay him down,       up-to-date farming attained competence and retired to their new
but John persistently landed on his feet. At another time Bill        home they made in North Baltimore in 1927. Mr. Hamlin for
Hoppas happened to visit the school ground and had a wrestling        many years was assessor of Henry Township, and a member of
match with Sherman, in which both ended with torn trousers.           the township board of education. The family have been active in
Sherman’s health was affected in his latter days causing aberra-      the Methodist Church.
tion of mind, resulting in his hospitalization, shortly after which        Ella, in her later years, contracted an ailment which rendered
he passed on, March 16, 1915. His widowed wife, Margaret,             her very feeble and almost helpless for her last twelve years. She
later married Henry Bibler of Findlay. She passed on Feb. 17,         departed this life April 30, 1938, at 76 years. [Her husband]
1932. They were members of the U. B. Church.                          continued to reside with daughter Florence in their North
     Edith Powell, the oldest daughter, had by her first husband,     Baltimore home, active up to the time of his recent passing on
a Mr. Hayes, a son , Granville, born May 19, 1903, who married        June 17, 1952, at the advanced age of 95 years. Most of the
Helen _______. Their children are Janet, Peggy and Patsy.             Powells were Republicans in politics, but the Hamlins held to
     Edith’s second husband was Earl Helpman of Toledo, born          the Democrats. The Prohibition Party, for a time, was supported
Dec. 6, 1884. They had four children: Clair, born March 11,           by several of the Powells.
1906; Aldine, July 1909; Edward, Feb. 13, 1916; Harry, Dec.                Ellsworth J. Hamlin married Maud Weirough, Dec. 24,
23, 1917. They live in Toledo. Mr. Helpman died Sept. 23,             1910, daughter of Phillip and Rachael Weirough, farmers of
1950. Aldine Helpman married a Mr. Vogtberger. She died May           Portage Township, born Sept. 15, 1886, by whom he had three
5, 1942.                                                              children; James, Martha Lois and John Phillip. Ellsworth taught
     Harry Powell married Sedella Stine, 1915. They live in Findlay   country school and in the McComb school for several years. He
where he pursued various jobs. He passed on, Feb. 17, 1921.           attended West Lafayette College summer school one season.
     Mamie E. Powell married Lloyd L. Ohl, June 7, 1911. They         After marriage he bought a farm in Hancock County, neighbor-
lived in Allen township for 10 years, then moved to Findlay           ing across the road from his father’s place. Mr. Hamlin become
where he became game protector for Hancock county. Mamie              ill with stomach cancer and passed his last days in the Findlay
passed on, July 3, 1937.                                              Hospital where he passed on Feb. 9, 1940. In the mean time,
     Ralph Powell was the soldier boy of the family in World War      while he was in the hospital, his wife died suddenly of heart
I and died in camp in Georgia, Oct. 1918, of the influenza,           attack in her home, July 8, 1939. Both were buried in the
which disease took a great toll of the soldier boys that year.        Pleasant Hill cemetery of Portage Township. They were active in
     Gail Powell married Ralph W. Hanna, Jan. 2, 1917, born           the Portage Chapel Methodist Church.
July 4, 1897. They have a daughter, Margaret Ellen, born Nov.              James Hamlin, born May 19, 1916, died May 21, 1916.
20, 1917, who married George J. Simon, Sept. 27, 1940. They                Martha Lois Hamlin, born Jan. 27, 1920, attended Bowling
have two children: Jo Ellen, born Aug. 23, 1945; Jan, Nov. 2,         Green State University, married Emerson Apple, Dec. 23, 1940,
1947. Gail and family all live in Findlay.                            born March 9, 1918. They were farmers and have a daughter,
     Ethel Powell married [Mr.] Campbell of Toledo. Their on          Janet, born Aug. 2, 1942.
son, James G., born March 14, _____, who married Helen                     John Phillip Hamlin, born Jan. 4, 1926, married Phyllis
Hampton, Jan. 28, 1950, by whom he has a con James Jr., born          Harris, March 31, 1951, born April 26, 1929, by whom he has
Jan. 31, 1951. They live in Toledo.                                   a daughter, Cheryl Ann, born Sept. 14, 1951. They live on and
     Ethel’s second husband was [Mr.] Hernby of Toledo. She           farm his father’s place.
passed on, Dec. 23, 1943.                                                  Emerson K. Hamlin attended the McComb High School,
     Chldren by the second marriage. Caroline (Dotson) Powell,        married Sadie Robb, Nov. 20, 1907, born Nov. 23, 1892, by
Mother.                                                               whom he had two sons, Paul Kenneth and Howard Eugene. He
                                                                      engage in the clothing business in North Baltimore, where he
Sarah Ellen                                                           passed away Dec. 1, 1921.
Sarah Ellen Powell, usually called Ella, married John W. Hamlin,      Paul Kenneth Hamlin, born Aug. 4, 1908, married Ruth
a third cousin neighbor, Dec. 8, 1881. He was the son of Samuel       Campbell, 1934, born June 17, 1909, by whom he had two
Hamlin by his first wife of Powell descent, born March 28,            daughters, Marylin, born Dec. 31, 1937 and Sara Ellen, Sept. 2,

                                                                                                        Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

1941. His second marriage was to June Heidke, Oct. 3, 1946, by        Edna Mae Hamlin also became a teacher in the public schools of
whom he has a daughter, Cathy, Nov. 23, 1947. He is a                 Wood County. She was doing well, in good health and had just
commercial artist, and they live in Chicago.                          finished the year of teaching when on Sunday evening, May 16,
     Howard Eugene Hamlin, born April 11, 1916, married               1925, she was suddenly seized with heart failure and passed
Ruth Spahr, 1940, born Dec. 20, 1918, by whom he has a son,           away. It was a bitter experience for the family to lose her in the
David, born Aug. 29, 1943. They live at Medina, Ohio, where           early years of a useful life of promise and about to be married.
he is a book keeper in the office of a big foundry.                   Carl Dewey Hamlin, the youngest son, became a school teacher,
     Emerson’s wife, Sadie, married again, a doctor, Dr.              married LaVon Miller, Aug. 16, 1927, a neighbor girl born Nov.
Mummaw and they also live at Medina.                                  20, 1904, by whom he had two children, Leland Carl and Jo
     Howard Elroy Hamlin attended the McComb and North                Ann. Carl took full charge of the home farm when his father
Baltimore high schools, graduated from Ohio Wesleyan                  retired to his North Baltimore home. Besides carrying on as a
University, married Margaret Elizabeth Henry, a class mate, Aug.      successful farmer he became active in public rural improvement,
24, 1916, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Henry of                    served for twelve years as secretary-treasurer of the Hancock-
Circleville, Ohio, born 1892, by whom he has three children,          Wood Electrical Cooperative Association, of which he was a
Julia Elizabeth, Robert Henry and Henrietta Jane. Howard              director, was a past master of Portage grange and traveled exten-
pursued an intellectual life and followed up his college course       sively, having visited every state in the Union and three provinces
with postgraduate work at Simons College where he taught              of Canada and Mexico. He was a member of the Democratic
women’s classes, and at Harvard, preparing to be a physician,         Central Committee in Wood County. He and family were
getting his masters degree; moved to Columbus, did work in            members of Portage Chapel Methodist Church. The Hamlin
Ohio State University, changed his purpose to be a physician and      family, at least in part, were capable as musicians, forming a sort
entered the lecture field, particularly in the public schools of      of orchestra in their home and took part in a church orchestra in
Ohio, dealing with the evils of alcohol and narcotics. He occu-       Portage Chapel at the time of Edna’s death.
pies the position of Supervisor of Health and Narcotic                     When about to retire from farming, Carl took up teaching
Education, Ohio Department of Education, and has issued               again, going to the North Baltimore school. He built a brick
several pamphlets in that field. They reside in their home place      house in the south part of North Baltimore and was about to
in west Columbus and are members of the Methodist Church.             move in when, after some finishing work he was doing at the
He is a popular speaker in his line and fills many engagements.       new home, he was found dead in the back yard, evidently of
Julia Elizabeth Hamlin, born Sept. 1, 1917, attended and grad-        heart failure, April 29, 1950.
uated with a degree from Ohio State University,taught at                   Leland Carl Hamlin, born July 13, 1928, married Jo Ann
University High School in Fine Arts at O.S.U., and at the             Apple, May 27, 1948, born Jan. 27, 1929, by whom he has a
Ethical Culture Schools in New York City, in Ceramic Art, and         daughter, Jo Lee, born Jan. 7, 1949. They live in North
now teaches in the Museum of Modern Art, Rockefeller Center,          Baltimore where he works at the Roseford Ordinance, an over-
New York City. She married Charles H. Duncan, a physician,            seer in the transportation department.
Feb. 12, 1944. They have a daughter, Norine Elizabeth, born                Jo Ann Hamlin, born Aug. 27, 1929, married Ray Roberts,
Feb. 27, 1950.                                                        July 9, 1950, born June 17, 1929. They have a son, Larry Roy, born
     Robert Henry Hamlin, born April 2, 1923, attended North          Dec. 11, 1951. Mr. Roberts is in the service in the Korean War.
Western University at Evanstown, Ill., then completed a course
in the Harvard Law School, and on June 1 this year, 1952,             Ellsworth D.
becomes First Assistant to the Commissioner of Public Health of       Ellsworth Powell, the oldest son of Andrew Powell by his second
the State of Massachusetts.                                           wife, (added the D to his name in honor of his mother) followed
     Henrietta Jane Hamlin, born Nov. 7, 1924, graduated with         the teaching profession for a number of years. He attended Ada
a degree from O.S.U., did secretarial work in New York and at         Normal College, then Findlay College for a year, married E. Era
O.S.U., married William Paul Stoker Dec. 27, 1949. They live          Yates Dec. 23, 1888, by whom he had eight children: Eva Lois,
in Chicago where he, a Ph.D. man, is a member of the staff in         born Oct. 20, 1889; Carl E., Oct. 8, 1891, died Sept. 5, 1892;
nuclear physics with the Argonne Laboratories in Chicago. They        Ilo Mae, Sept. 16, 1893; Bernice Fae, June 15, 1896; Helen and
have a son, Paul Howard, born Sept. 12, 1952.                         Hester, twins, Oct. 16, 1898; Dorothy, June 23, 1904; Marion
     Florence Ermo Hamlin, older daughter of John and Ella            E., May 13, 1910.
Hamlin, has followed the teaching profession for many years,              While Ellsworth continued to teach country school for some
occupying positions in the Schools of Van Buren, Cygnet and           time after marriage, he took up farming, first on his uncle Henry
North Baltimore. In the meantime she attended summer school           Hartman’s place in Eagle Township and living in the old house
at Bowling Green Normal University, from which she received           in which he was born. The schools in which he taught were the
her M.A. degree in 1950. She has been living with her father in       Kellar school, Eagle Center, the Swale school in Eagle Township
their home near the school in which she teaches, and both have        and a school near home in Liberty Township. When the old
been faithful attendants at the Methodist church across the street    home farm was sold in part he bought the part to the south-west
from their home, in which she teaches Sunday-school class. She        next to the Cox and Swisher farms; also a part of the old Flugga
also clerks part time in a North Baltimore store.
Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

place. He moved the old Hoppas house to his land by the Lima         Bair, born Nov. __, ____. They have a daughter Mary Louise
road for his residence, which later he remodeled and enlarged to     born Jan. 22, 1921. They have a farm by the Lima road
its present size. He built adjoining barn and other out buildings,   near Findlay, that joins to the sugar-camp woods of the old
added to his farm part of the old home farm and place to the         Powell farm.
east, and land from the old Cox and Cromley farms along the              Mary Louise Bair graduated with A.B., 1942, B.G.S.U.,
Washington and Lima roads, including the old home school-            married Eldon Shafer, 1943, born June 3, 1918. He is a farmer
house and grounds, which later was sold and made into a              and they own a farm near Mt. Cory, Ohio. They have an
dwelling house. He became a prosperous, model farmer, raising        adopted son Steven Eldon, born Feb. 1952.
sheep, cattle and hogs along with large crop production. About           Helen Powell taught school, attended Findlay College,
the year 1905 in the dead of winter his barn burned, possibly        married Ralph E. Huffman Sept. 20, 1922, born April 23, 1900.
spontaneous combustion, destroying the feed and several horses.      They have a daughter Patricia, born Feb. 14, 1928. They live in
Immediately he rebuilt and later moved to his place a neighbor-      Findlay where he works for the Hoover Sweeper Company.
ing barn for dairy and stock use.                                        Patricia Huffman attended Ohio State University from
     Ellsworth served as an Ohio farmers institute speaker one       which she graduated in 1949, married Norbert Laube June 14,
year, about 1914, was a member of the Hancock Co. school             1949, a college mate. Both are teachers and have a daughter
board for several years, a chief supporter of the nearby Powell      Krista Ann, born Oct. 10, 1951.
Memorial Church of which he served as s.s. superintendent for            Hester Powell, twin sister of Helen, taught school, attended
many years and taught a class up to the time of his death. In his    Findlay College, married John W. Grimm June 23, 1921, son of
later life he became quite a world rover, usually joining farm       John Grimm Sr. of Findlay, born Dec. 4, 1898. He is manager
groups on tours, visiting the West, Alaska, the West Indies and      of the truck tire division of the Cooper Tire and Rubber Co.,
Panama, Mexico and Europe. He spent several winters in recent        and in World War II had charge of truck transportation in Iran.
years at Lakeland, Florida. His oldest daughter Eva usually          The twin sisters live in adjacent homes in south Findlay.
accompanied him on these travels. It was while on a trip to New          Dorothy Powell taught school, attended Findlay College,
England and Canada with his daughter Ilo and husband that he         married Robert J. Shoemaker, June, 1926, son of Byron
became ill and, on returning home, passed away in the Findlay        Shoemaker, second husband of her sister Eva, born Feb. 21,
Hospital Aug. 12, 1950, having nearly attained his 88th birth-       1903. They have a daughter Cynthia, born April 1, 1943.
day. His wife Era had passed on years before on June 20, 1934.       He is in the drug business in Findlay with his brother-in-law as
She had taught school before marriage, a woman of high intelli-      before stated.
gence. Their graves are in Maple Grove cemetery of Findlay               Marion E. Powell, married Alice Wyer Aug. 18, 1934, born
where some others of the Powell family are buried.                   June 26, 1914, by whom he has a daughter Janet Kay, born Sept.
     Eva Lois Powell, oldest daughter of E.D. and Era Powell,        19, 1941. Marion took charge of his father’s farm and has been
married Clyde Dorsey Aug. 7, 1912. He was born Oct. 30, 1887         fortunate in having as a helper his farm raised wife. He is well
and taught school. To them was born a daughter Winifred, May         supplied with up-to-date machinery by which he does most of
10, 1914. Mr. Dorsey passed away Dec. 5, 1914. Eva took a            the work himself on the large extended farm. A son, James
second husband, Byron C. Shoemaker, Jan. 1, 1924, born May           Gregory, was born Jan. 23, 1954.
26, ____. He was a salesman. He passed away Aug. 14, 1926.               The Ellsworth Powell family has been mainstay of the
After his death she has made her home with her father. Her           nearby U.B. Powell Memorial Church.
industrious propensity expresses itself in her doing clerk work in
Findlay stores, besides home work for the household.                 Charles Dotson
     Winifred Dorsey was married Aug. 18, 1939 to Verdell            Charles Dotson Powell married Emma Burket, 1889, of near
Clymer of near Rawson, Ohio, born July 2, 1914. He is a farmer.      Elwood Ind., born 1870, by whom he had two sons, Homer K.
Their children are, Tom and Sally, twins born Aug. 21, 1940,         and Jason who died in childhood. Charles, upon arriving of age,
and Mary Ann, Jan. 1, 1944.                                          was variously employed; for a time at the saw mill near home,
     Ilo May Powell taught school, attended Findlay College,         then on the old Cox farm, at that time run by Ransom Wallace,
married George T. Stringfellow of near Rawson, born Dec. 9,          then on the nearby oil company tank farm as a striker in tank
1885. He had been married before and had a daughter Lois. He         building. Through thrift he accumulated funds and went to
was a drug clerk in the Jackson store, then joined with his          Indiana, Tipton County where good farm land was having sale
brother-in-law Robert Shoemaker in taking on their own S.S.          and bought an 80 acre farm from his father who first purchased
drug store in Findlay in which they have done a good business        it. The DeLong boys, cousins, had gone from Lima to the same
for many years. Ilo and George have purchased the old brick          region and took up land and residence there. Charles got his first
Andrew Powell homestead, fixed it up, preserving its                 wife there, but she died July 22, 1892, leaving him with the two
former appearance and surroundings, which they now use as a          small sons; the younger, Jason, soon followed his mother to the
summer home.                                                         grave. Bereft of wife and child, sad at heart, he let out his farm
     Bernice Fae Powell taught school, attended Findlay College,     and returned with his remaining son to the old home place,
married Harry E. Bair March 20, 1918, son of Mr. and Mrs. Al         where he was employed for a time. He returned to his Indiana

                                                                                                         Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

home and took a second wife, Matilda Hefflin, Oct. 1893, born          home place. A house was located on this part of the farm, and a
Aug. 3, 1866, by whom he had two more sons, Othello D. and             corn crib wagon shed of the home place moved there for a barn.
Chester. Charles improved his land and in time added a new             Here he continued to live and farm his place for several years,
frame dwelling to the home place buildings, where he lived till        having in the meantime bought Huntington’s share. Then he
his sudden death by heart failure, Jan. 27, 1940. Charles was a        sold out and bought a farm west of Mt. Cory, having as a neigh-
faithful attendant at the reunions of the Andrew Powell family         bor a second cousin, Jacob Powell, son of Peter Powell. He soon
each year, and with his family attended and supported the              sold that farm and bought an eighty acre farm in Eagle Ty.
churches near his home. His wife did not survive him long; her         Several miles south of the home place. Here he continued for
death occurring March 14, 1943.                                        some years, raising a family, supplying the farm with good
     Homer K. Powell, oldest son of Charles D. and Emma                machinery, among them a threshing machine. Finally he sold
Powell, born July 5, 1890, married Hattie Smith, by whom he            this farm and bought a forty acre one in Amanda Ty. North-west
has a son King. They live in Kokomo, Ind.                              of Vanlue. His children by this time had reached their majority
     Othello D. Powell, born Sept. 16, 1894, married Marian            and were married and located elsewhere. His wife Agnes passed
Trittschuh April 12, 1922, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto               on, July 26, 1934, leaving him a lonesome man for a few years
Trittschuh, born July 15, 1895, by whom he has two children,           till he married Lola May Essex June 22, 1940, a neighbor girl,
David and Helen. Following high school Othello attended                born 1900. After several years a sold the farm and they bought a
Indiana University graduating with the B.A. degree, taught             residence in Findlay, 908 E. Sandusky St., near the Old Mill
school three years, in the army service during World War I for         Stream of Tell Taylor’s song. Taylor’s old home place is across the
two years, in Y.M.C.A. work for twelve years, as Educational           street from Sullivan’s home, and the Hancock County Fair
Secretary at St Joseph, Mo., General Sec. At Keokuk and at             ground lies next to the east. Here they live with a beautiful
Sioux City, Iowa, in insurance business in Tipton, Ind. for 8          garden of a variety of flowers etc. cared for by his artistic hand,
years, and is now Sales Manager for the Pioneer Corn Company           while she supplements her home keeping with a diversion in
for the State of Ohio, being with the company for ten years, and       which she takes pleasure, the care of some children.
lives in Findlay. He has been president of the family reunion               Marie Powell, only daughter of Sullivan and Agnes Powell,
several years and at the reunion of 1950 suggested the writing of      was born Sept. 11, 1892, married Howard Benson Sept. 10,
this history by the writer.                                            1919, born Jan. 21, 1897. They have two daughters, Virginia
     David Powell, born May 12, 1926, has been a student for           and Martha. They live on a farm near Mt. Blanchard.
five years in the Indiana University School of Music from which             Virginia Benson was born July 7, 1920, married Earl Launder,
he received his master’s degree June 1951. For three years he          Aug. 20, 1947, born Aug. 20, 1917. They have two children; Earl
served as teaching assistant in the piano department at the            Jr. born March 26, 1948, and Nancy, April 29, 1949.
University. He married Judy Ahrens, Feb. 1950. He is now                    Martha Benson was born March 23, 1925.
teaching piano at Eastern Kentucky State College in Richmond.               Roy C. Powell was born Aug. 21, 1895, married Irene
Helen Powell, born Feb. 1, 1928, is a W.A.C. in the Army at Ft.        Snyder, 1915, born May 15, 1897, by whom he had a daughter,
Lee, Va.                                                               Louella Agnes, born Oct. 28, 1916. They have been living in
     Chester Powell, born Oct. 7, 1895, married Glenna Jackson,        Toledo.
Aug., 1921. He was drafted into the army in World War I. He is              Louelle Agnes Powell married James Russell, Jan. 30, 1936,
a farmer, bought a farm of forty acres near his father’s home,         born Feb. 19, 1915. They have two sons, James Jr. born Nov. 28,
helped also to farm his father’s farm, and, upon his father’s death,   1936, and Todd Alan, Feb. 23, 1949.
moved to the home and took full charge of the home place.                   Arthur Eugene Powell, born Nov. 15, 1898, married Vesta
Chester is somewhat of a humorist and affords much amuse-              A. Blunk Oct. 13, 1919, daughter of Samuel M. and Ella Blunk
ment by his wit as a speaker at the family reunions.                   of Findlay, born Dec. 5, 1901, by whom he had a son Lester
                                                                       Eugene. Arthur is a farmer, having lived in Marion Ty., then east
Sullivan                                                               of McComb, and at present on a farm east of the old Powell
Sullivan Powell upon arriving of age worked for his brother            place, which was at one time the home of David Dreisbach,
Frank on his farm several miles south of Findlay, on what was the      brother of Cornelius, husband of Emily Powell.
old John Markle place. Later he helped farm the home place                  Lester Eugene Powell, born Feb. 15, 1922 in Marion Ty.,
with Francis DeLong. He married Agnes V. Shank March 4,                graduated from Van Buren high school and attended Bowling
1891, daughter of Robert and Mary Shank of Findlay, born May           Green State University for two years. He joined the army serv-
25, 1866 in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio, by whom he had five chil-            ices in Oct. 1942, went to Italy with the 135th Infantry division,
dren, Marie, Roy C., Arthur Eugene, Dwight and Harold E. He            was killed in action Feb. 9, 1944. His body was brought home
continued on the home farm jointly with brother Ellsworth,             in 1948 and interred in Maple Grove Cemetery. He was a
both families living for a time in the old house in which they         member of Calvary Bible Church of Findlay. Thus war takes a
were born. When part of the home place was sold to satisfy the         toll and cuts short a promising career.
glass factory involvement, Sullivan jointly with brother                    Dwight Powell, born Feb. 21, 1902, married Esther Sims
Huntington bought the part north-west across the road from the         Jan. 8, 1923, by whom he had two children, Maxine E. and

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Robert. This marriage was dissolved by divorce, leaving Dwight                Clark Kelly Frazier, born Dec. 12, 1927, married Mary Lou
with two small children. He later married Ethel Mick, Feb. 8,            Steegman, Oct. 3, 1948, born Feb. 9, 1929. They have a daugh-
1930. They have an adopted daughter Kathleen, born Mat 1,                ter Pamela Ann, born April 24, 1950, and live near Rawson.
1948. They have a farm near Mt. Blanchard.                               Ferrall Neall Frazier, born Oct. 22, 1935, lives with his mother
     Maxine E. Powell was born Jan. 29, 1925, married Aubrey             at home.
O. McEnery, Feb. 21, 1943, born Feb. 22, 1923. They have                      Waldo E. Powell was born July 20, 1900, married Dorothy
three children; Aubrey Leon, born Nov. 20, 1943; Gary Lane,              Kinsey of Detroit Sept. 14, 1927, born Sept. 15, 1903, by whom
Jan. 5, 1946; Dixie Jo Lee, Dec. 28, 1950.                               he had a son Bruce K., born Sept. 26, 1929. They lived in
     Robert Powell, born March 4, 1927, married Catherine                Detroit where he was an accountant for the Inter-City Trucking
Molterni Dec. 4, 1948, born June 24, 1926. They have a daugh-            Company. He attended Walsh Institute preparatory to his work.
ter Patricia Susan, born March 26, 1951.                                 He passed on after an operation for a tumor, Nov. 26, 1934. His
     Harold E. Powell, born 1905, married Eula B.B. Moore Feb.           wife, left so early in married life, with a young son, has carried
9, 1927. This marriage was dissolved, and after some years he            on at advertising drafting. She has married again, W. E. Sandy
married a Toledo girl. They live in Toledo, where he has been            Newall, and they live in Wyandotte, Michigan. Waldo and
occupied with green-house work.                                          family belonged to the Metropolitan Methodist church of
                                                                         Detroit. Son Bruce, after preliminary schooling, has entered
Huntington                                                               military training in Kentucky.
Huntington Powell, upon attaining majority, was employed a                    Flossie Powell, born April 24, 1902, became a teacher in the
year on the George Fifer farm. Then he was employed at various           Findlay schools, also attended the Bowling Green State Normal
jobs, such as wood cutting and ditching jointly with brother             of summers, lived with her mother till her marriage June 26,
Homer, running a wagon making and repair shop, painting                  1948 to Bion S. Schutt, born Feb. 21, 1884, an accountant of
tanks on the nearby oil tank farm. He married a neighbor girl,           Bowling Green where they now reside, while she continues her
Olive Swisher, March 17, 1898, daughter of Charles and Helen             teaching in Findlay.
(Croft) Swicher, born Feb. 13, 1879, by whom he had seven                     Esther Powell, born Dec. 10, 1903, married Charles Bruce
children: Treva, Waldo E., Flossie, Esther, Mae Belle, G. Dotson         Van Steenburg, Dec. 13, 1922, born Oct. 27, 1902. They live in
and Laurel. He farmed his grandfather-in-law Daniel Croft’s              Florida where he follows engineer work.
farm, bought a property of several acres in Blackbird, the heir of            They have two children, Ted and Alice.
the hamlet Blue Pigeon when the oil tank farm replaced the                    Ted Van Steenburg was born March 26, 1926, graduated
latter. Here he lived the rest of his days, raising a large family and   from Gainesville College, Fla.
also working at days labor, mostly for brother Ellsworth on his               Alice Van Steenburg, born Jan. 26, 1931, married Sergio
farm. He was taken away suddenly by a stroke of apoplexy, death          Rosa July 4, 1948, born June 19, 1927. They have a son Alan
following within a couple of days, March 11, 1911, at the                Randolf, born March 15, 1949, a daughter, Sandra Lee born
middle age of 44. This was a sad and unfortunate stroke for his          Dec. 30, 1952, another daughter, Debra Sue, born Dec. 31,
wife and large family of young children; but they managed to             1954, and Mark Anthony, born July 13, 1961.
carry on, the older son Waldo helping to support by labor on the              Mae Belle Powell, born May 17, 1905, married T.H.
George Powell farm. As the children grew up Olive at length sold         Glathart Sept. 15, 1927, of Findlay, born Aug. 6, 1898. He was
their place and moved to a residence on Hurd Ave., Findlay.              in the life insurance business till his death, July 26, 1938. Mae
Here she, with two daughters, lived till recently when they sold         Belle is quite a business woman and has continued to carry on
the property and moved to an apartment on north main street              the insurance office work while living with her mother.
Findlay. The family attend the U.B. church. Huntington was                    G. Dotson Powell, born June 4, 1908, married Mary Ellen
deeply religious, of a jovial nature, and taught class in S.S. at the    Gallant Nov. 8, 1930, born Sept. 30, 1910, by whom he has four
home Powell Memorial church for some years.                              children: Lane, born Dec. 9, 1932; Roger, Sept. 5, 1936; Ned,
     Treva Powell, oldest daughter of Huntington and Olive               July 17, 1942; and Ann, Nov. 15, 1943. They live in Findlay
Powell, born Jan. 24, 1899, married Clark Frazier Aug. 16,               where Dotson has worked for the Cooper Rubber Co., and is
1923, son of William and Frances Belle Frazier of near Rawson,           now employed in the Ohio Oil Company office.
Ohio, born Sept. 16, 1889 in Ada, Ohio. Their children:                       Laurel Powell, born July 8, 1909, married Dorothy Cramer
William, Clark Kelly, and Ferrall Neall. Mr. Frazier farmed his          May 27, 1934, born March 11, 1908, by whom he has a daugh-
home farm and also for a time ran a fruit farm near Baconton,            ter Gretchen, born Aug. 15, 1937. They live in Michigan where
Georgia. Of late years he was a gasoline distributor. He was             Laurel has been in the employ of an oil company. Later he was
suddenly taken away of coronary occlusion Feb. 26, 1951. The             transferred to Lawrenceville, Ill., then to Terre Haute, Ind.,
family adhered to the Methodist church of Rawson.                        1950, where he is a divisional engineer for the Ohio Oil
     William Frazier, born June 10, 1924, was with the army in           Company, having Illinois, Indiana and Michigan in his territory.
France in World War II when he was missing in action Sept. 19,
1944. No word has since been heard of him.

                                                                                                       Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Jennie June                                                               Carolyn Farthing born Sept. 30, 1920, died the day of birth.
Jennie June Powell married Elmer Ellsworth Troutner Feb. 5,               Virginia Eileen Farthing born May 20, 1922, married Willis
1889, son of Andrew and Amelia Troutner of Rockland,                 W. Nigh, Jan. 5, 1941, born Jan. 6, 1915. They have four chil-
Venango Co. Pa., born March 14, 1861. They had eight chil-           dren: Sharon Mae, born Nov. 9, 1942; Frederick Ellis, Dec. 3,
dren: Inez Burdette, Arthur Burton, Florence May, Kenneth            1945; Andrew Gail, May 9, 1949; John Michael, Aug. 30, 1950.
Eugene, Mary Irene and Lowell Laverne.                               They are farmers near North Baltimore.
     Mr. Troutner taught school, then became a roofer on oil              Margaret Eloise Farthing born Dec. 8, 1923, married Ralph
tanks in Pa., came to Ohio in 1886 to do the same work when          W. Leonard, July 13, 1941, born May 9, 1922. They have three
the oil tank farm was started near the Powell home, where he         children: Larry Lynn, born May 20, 1942; Samuel Ralph, July
along with some other tank roofer men roomed and boarded.            11, 1943; Patricia Kay, Oct. 24, 1944. They live in Findlay and
He bought a farm in Portage Ty. near the Wood Co. line, close        he operates a restaurant in Arcadia.
to his brother-in-law John Hamlin’s place. Later he added 20              Le Jean Mae Farthing, born April 4, 1927, married Foster F.
acres across the road to his original farm, built a large barn and   Ford, May 26, 1946, born May 12, 1921. They have two chil-
was a successful farmer. When the barn was under construction        dren, Sheila Anne born July 2, 1948, and Sundra Lee, Nov. 13,
a wind storm threw the unfinished structure down, obliging him       1951. They live in Arcadia, where he works in a garage and
to do the work over again. The family attended the Methodist         drives a school bus.
Portage Chapel, in which Elmer taught a S.S. class for some               Marilyn Joanne Farthing, born Dec. 14, 1929, married
time, and several of their children played in the orchestra. He      Robert L. Armentrout, Oct. 2, 1949, son of Mr. and Mrs. A.L.
passed on March 28, 1943, at the ripe age of 82 years.               Armentrout of Leipsic, Ohio, born Feb. 23, 1928. She and
     Inez Burdette Troutner, oldest daughter of the Troutners,       husband graduated from the Leipsic High School, she being
was born Feb. 1, 1890, became a school teacher, married Joseph       employed at the Eoff Insurance agency in Findlay before
Ellis Farthing Oct. 20, 1910, son of Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Farthing      marriage and he a Sgt. served in the air force for three years, with
of McComb, Ohio, born April 28, 1889. To them were born ten          two years overseas serving in Guam. They lived in Dayton for a
children: Florence Ethelyne, Cleone Alberta, Elmer Burdette,         while. Now she lives in Arcadia and works for the Ohio Oil Co.
Merritt Galin, Ellsworth Leroy, Carolyn, Virginia Eileen,            of Findlay, while he is in the U.S. Air Force, stationed in
Margaret Eloise, Le Jean Mae, and Marilyn Joanne.                    Okinawa.
     Mr. Farthing was employed variously; for a time with a R.R.          Arthur B. Troutner, born Dec. 3, 1894, was employed in the
company. Unfortunately involvement in affairs with other             clothing store business for a time then plumbing and electric
women led to separation from his family. Inez has carried on,        heating in Bowling Green, where he still resides.
living for a time in Arcadia, Dayton, Leipsic and now in Findlay.         Florence May Troutner, born Nov. 18, 1899, married Earl
Florence Ethelyne Farthing, born Nov. 6, 1911, graduated from        Merritt Farthing, June 29, 1927, brother of sister Inez’ husband,
Tiffin Business University, married Milford David Cline July 22,     born Feb. 27, 1899. They have four children: Wilma Irene,
1933, born Feb. 17, 1907. They have a son James David born           Florence Lucile, Earl Eugene, and Lynn Laverne. They live in
June 26, 1936, and live in Gallup, New Mexico, where he is           McComb where he is manager of the parts department for the
administrative officer with the Bureau of Indian Affairs, Dept. of   Hall Hardware Co.
the Interior, and she does secretarial work.                              Wilma Irene Farthing, born Oct. 23, 1929, attended
     Cleone Alberta Farthing, born Nov. 27, 1912, married            Bowling Green State University two years and taught one year,
Howard Unser, Sept., 16, 1935, born Oct. 19, 1913. They have         married Merle Gene Bovee, June 4, 1950, born Feb. 12, 1927.
two children, Carolyn Jean, born April 14, 1941, and Robert          They have a son Randall Jay, born March 2, 1952. He farms near
Lee, June 7, 1945. Both Cleone and Howard graduated from             McComb.
Tiffin Business University and live in South Bend, Ind., where            Florence Lucile Farthing, born Feb. 11, 1931, married
he is manager Sales Promotion for Mishawaka Rubber and               Thomas C. Bach, Feb. 25, 1952, born Feb. 12, 1929. He is Sgt.
Wollen Mfg. Co.                                                      in the U.S. Air Force at Waco, Texas.
     Elmer Burdette Farthing, born Feb. 7, 1915, married Burnis           Earl Eugene Farthing, born April 10, 1932, is in the U.S. Air
Miley, Jan. 1, 1939, born June 24, 1917, by whom he has five         Force, San Antonio, Texas.
children: Donald Burdette, born July 19, 1939; Joyce Ellen, June          Lynn Laverne Farthing, born Aug. 1, 1933, works at
24, 1940; Janice Burdette, Jan. 9, 1943; Dennis Dean, Jan. 8,        Automotive Fibers, Findlay.
1945; Janeen Joan, May 10, 1948. They live in Leipsic where he            Kenneth Eugene Troutner, born Jan. 3, 1903, married Ruth
is Asst. Signal Maintainer on Nickle Plate R.R.                      L. Kelley, Sept. 9, 1935, born Sept. 12, 1911, by whom he has
     Merritt Galen Farthing, born Feb. 14, 1917, married             five children: Naida Lane, born July 29, 1936; Karen Gay, Oct.
Margaret Elizabeth Hayes, Jan. 22, 1940, by whom he has a            3, 1939; Pamela Ruth, Nov. 14, 1940; Douglas Powell, May 15,
daughter Linda born April 11, 1941. They separated and Merritt       1942; Mary Elizabeth, March 22, 1949. They live in North
married Gertrude Cimino Jan. 3, 1946, born Sept. 3, 1921.            Baltimore where he runs an automotive electrical shop.
They live in Cleveland where he works for General Motors.                 Mary Irene Troutner, born Oct. 6, 1904, married Roy R.
     Ellsworth Leroy Farthing born Dec. 6th, died Dec. 11, 1919.     Clements, June 18, 1931, born Sept. 14, 1902. They live near

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Blufton, Ohio, where he farms and raises fancy poultry, and also    Homer was late in choosing a companion for life; not that he
is custodian of Beaverdam school.                                   was averse to the opposite sex, for he was subject to their alure-
     Lowell Laverne Troutner, born Sept. 9, 1909, married           ments, which occasioned grief in his early love, in that consum-
Lillian R. Farthing, Nov. 18, 1934, daughter of John Farthing,      mation in marriage did not seem suitable; besides he was not
born Feb. 22, 1914, by whom he has three living children,           prepared to take a companion while pursuing his education and
Howard Laverne, born Jan. 24, 1937, Elaine Ann, June 22,            wanderings in teaching. His bachelor days ended when he met
1942, and William Elmer, Nov. 29, 1951. A twin of Elaine Ann,       Edith A. DeBerry at West Lafayette College, daughter of Clark
Blaine Eugene died on the day of birth, June, 22, 1942. They        and Jeanne DeBerry of near Oakland, Md., born Sept. 27, 1878.
live with his mother on the home farm which he has run success-     They were married Sept. 1, 1909. She graduated from Western
fully since his father’s death.                                     Maryland College in 1902, taught school, and came to West
                                                                    Lafayette College in 1907 to teach languages French and
Homer K.                                                            German and some Mathematics. Their children are: Home
Homer K. spent a winter in No. 9 High School of Findlay, a          Eugene, Carroll Fredlock, Margaret Eloise, and Eleanor
winter in business school, taught a two month spring term of        Virginia. She continued to teach some college classes up to the
school, remained at home for several years after attaining major-   time of going to Adrian in 1916.
ity, employed on the home farm and at other jobs, such as wood           Homer took to reform movements, particularly as to the
cutting and ditching, taught a five month winter term at Eagle      liquor traffic; was active in promoting the prohibition club in
Center, 1891-92, then entered the spring term at the Findlay        the old church before mentioned; canvassed county
College in the Preparatory Dept. He continued to attend the         Prohibitionists for party funds, etc. one summer; was county
college, dropping out one year, 1895-96, to replenish funds by      chairman of the party for a time up to 1896. His church activi-
teaching the home school, took charge of the Science Dept. of       ties began early, conversion experience coming at the age of 14,
the college during his senior year, graduating in 1898. He          in the revival meeting first held in the Powell Memorial church
continued to teach in his alma mater two more years, then went      by Rev. Wesley Powell in Dec. 1883, when quite a number of the
to Barkeyville, Pa., where he took charge as Principal of a         young people of the community experienced religious new birth.
Church of God Academy for two years, 1900-02. His career has        On the 5th night at the alter when praying earnestly a flood of
been characterized by quite a variety of experiences, in keeping    spiritual power came pouring into him like an electric shock,
with the philosophy of “experience in all lines”, as he expressed   flooding his whole being. This experience was redeeming in
it. He had much travel experience with the bicycle; first, in       quality and influenced his life ever after. He became S.S. super-
attending college from his home, on a high 54 inch Standard         intendent at 17, continuing such for some 15 years, taught S.S.
Columbia, then later on a safety; made a trip of fifty plus miles   classes most of the time since leaving the home church, was
to Sulpher Springs, Ohio, and back again the same day to            called upon occasionally to serve in church pulpits, especially
arrange purchase of an astronomical telescope of Jacob Rice, very   while teaching at Adrian College, the longest tenure being at the
much exhausted on arriving home; a trip of some 150 miles to        West Adrian Congregational Church. His church connections,
brother Charles’ place in Indiana, part of the journey to and       determined somewhat as to where located in teaching, included
from Barkeyville, Pa., to arrange taking charge there of the        United Brethren, Church of God, Methodist Episcopal,
Academy, and other trips of less extent. He continues to use the    Methodist Protestant and finally Methodist upon the union of
bicycle at his 83 years.                                            Methodist persuasions in 1940. He with family did somewhat of
     Homer continued teaching as his life’s work; the home          traveling, ranging from coast to coast, visiting expositions, places
school, 1902-03, Principal of the McComb high school, 1903-         of historic interest, and some of the chief natural scenery features
06, attended the University of Chicago the year 1906-07,            of the U.S.
getting B.Sc. degree; taught mathematics and science, West               Homer Eugene Powell, older son of Homer and Edith
Lafayette College, 1907-1916, then transferred to Adrian            Powell, born Nov. 16, 1910, at West Lafayette, married Mary
College as head of the department of Mathematics and                Edith Hawyer, May 30, 1935, daughter of Harley and Carrie
Astronomy, given Emeritus standing in 1942, but continued           Hawyer of near Huntsville, Ohio, born March 22, 1911, by
part time work up to retirement in 1949. His teaching extended      whom he has three children: Daryl Eugene born Oct. 3, 1937;
into other fields besides the particular departments assigned
                                                                    Richard Harley, April 11, 1939; Kay Marguerite, July 23, 1944.
him, including languages Latin, Greek and German, History
                                                                    They met as students at Adrian College, graduating the same
and Geography. His favorite field was Astronomy, aided with his
3 inch objective equatorial mounted telescope. In the meantime,     year, 1932. After graduation she taught school near her home
he extended his education in attending summer schools; at           place for several years and attended summer school at Bowling
Chautauqua, New York, 1999 [sic]; Ohio University, 1904;            Green. Eugene attended the University of Michigan for a year,
Ohio State U., 1907, and the State U. laboratory at Cedar Point,    Physics being major work, receiving the M.S. degree in 1933;
1908; the U. of Chicago 1916 and a couple following summers;        took up teaching, mainly Physics and Chemistry, in the high
finally four summers at the University of Michigan, receiving the   schools of Carleton, Onsted and Sturgis, Michigan; changed to
M.A. degree, 1925.

                                                                                                      Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

laboratory work in 1942, in the Preston Laboratories dealing             Eleanor Virginia Powell, born Aug. 3, 1923, graduated from
with glass products at Butler, Pa.; changed in 1947 to the Toledo   Adrian College in 1945; her goal being Journalism, which she
Owens-Illinois glass research laboratory where he continued.        followed up on a scholarship at the U. of M. for a time. She
They reside in their own home in Maumee, Ohio, where on             taught a year and a half, 1947-49 in the Roseville, Mich. School,
their spacious grounds they do somewhat on gardening as side        went to Battle Creek to help edit the Kellogg Co. monthly
hobby, she having again taken up teaching in the                    magazine for a time in 1949, and has been teaching in the State
Monclova, Ohio, school. They are members of the Maumee              School for the Deaf in Flint, Mich. In the meantime she has
Presbyterian church.                                                pursued courses at the school and under extension work of the
     Carroll Fredlock Powell, born Feb. 20, 1917 at Adrian,         U. of M. from which she received her M.A. degree, June, 1952;
married Dorothy Barnhart Aug. 30, 1947, daughter of Mr. and         also summer school in Spanish at the University of Mexico in
Mrs. Charles A. Barnhart of Columbus, born Aug. 30, 1918, by        1946, and this present summer of 1952 attended the University
whom he has two sons, David Benson born Aug. 23, 1948, and          of Washington at Seattle. She goes to Detroit this coming year
Byron René, March 4, 1950, and a daughter Karen Elaine, Jan.        to teach in a Lutheran school for the deaf. Eleanor has traveled
22, 1953. Carroll graduated from Adrian College in 1939, then       some. During the summer of 1950 she in company with another
on a scholarship, two years at the University of Michigan with      girl friend made the trip to Alaska, getting as far as Kotzebue
the M.S. degree, Chemistry being his major work. He was assis-      above the Arctic Circle to see the Midnight Sun, taking advan-
tant in chemistry his senior years at Adrian. He left the summer    tage of the airplane part of the journey. In the summer of 1951
session at Michigan in 1941 to do metallurgy work in getting        she made an auto journey thru New England and points East,
magnesium from Ohio dolomite rock at the Bettsville, Ohio           with her parents accompanying; summer of 1953 a conducted
laboratory. Then, while World War II was on, transferred to the     trip to the countries of western Europe, a summer of 1954 trip
government Basic Magnesium plant near Las Vegas, Nevada.            around the world.
Upon the ending of the war he took work in chemical metal-
lurgy in the Batelle Memorial Institute in Columbus. Here he        Inez May
met his future wife. They have resided several places in            Inez May Powell, daughter of Andrew Powell by his third wife,
Columbus and now are located in their own property by the           Sarah Ann (Longbrake) Powell, prepared for teaching, attended
Scioto River in the suburbs of north-west Columbus. They            Findlay College the year 1899-1900, taught rural school for a
belong to the First Community Church of Columbus.                   time, married Ezra Otis Yates Aug. 27, 1903, son of Mr. and
     Margaret Eloise Powell, born Feb. 11, 1920, married Archie     Mrs. Absalom Yates of near by neighborhood, born Sept. 8,
McNeal Thomas, Jan. 3, 1943, son of Mr. and Mrs. Archie M.          1871. Their children are: Willard Eugene, Randall Paul, Joyce
Thomas Sr. of Pittsburg, Pa., born March 14, 1919. They were        Quentine, and Medford Wendell.
class mates at Adrian College, graduating in 1941. She assisted         Mr. Yates taught school, was a minister in the United
in Biology in her senior year. Their children: Paul McNeal, born    Brethren Church for several years, assistant teacher in Barkeyville
July 1, 1944; Richard Bruce, July 13, 1947, died Aug. 25, 1947;     Academy 1901-02, and after marriage was Superintendent of the
Barbara Jean, Feb. 22, 1949. Upon graduation Margaret entered       Mt. Blanchard school, turned to farming jointly with his
the U. of Mich. Hospital as a biology student, and later became     brother-in-law, James Powell on the home place, bought a farm
an assistant bacteriologist. Mr. Thomas took a year’s post gradu-   several miles south of Findlay where he built a new house and
ate work in the University of Michigan for his M.A. degree, then    farmed for several years, sold out in 1918, moved west, locating
was called into army service in 1942; was located in camps in       on a ten acre plot of land near Florence, Colo., later moved to a
Mississippi, Arizona, California and Ft. Dix, New Jersey; trans-    farm which he bought near Carr, Colo., meantime teaching
ferred to Italy and served in the 5th army in the Italy campaign    school at Greeley, Colo. And for a number of years at Ft. Collins
till war end. Margaret joined her husband by locating nearby his    as Superintendent after locating near Carr. They are now living
camps, taking employment at Yuma, Arizona, Indio, Cal., and         in Ft. Collins in their own home which he has built, and belong
Trenton near Ft. Dix.                                               to the Presbyterian church.
     Upon Archie arriving home from the war, in which he                Willard Eugene Yates, born Sept. 8, 1904, attended college
attained the rank of 1st lieutenant, they located at Willow Run,    at Gunnison Colo., majoring in journalism, married Ora
while he furthered his education, mainly in Speech, at the U. of    Katherine Martin, May 4, 1931, born April 30, 1906, by whom
M. In 1947 he became instructor in Speech in Heidelburg             he has four children: Yvonne Elaine, born April 19, 1932;
College, Tiffin, Ohio, where he continues, specializing in over-    Willard Eugene Jr., May 8, 1935; Ronald Dean, Oct. 21, 1941;
seeing Debate, in which his team has attained high honor. They      Richard Lee, Aug. 27, 1943. She was a stenographer and former
live in their own property in Tiffin and have membership in the     instructor in Recreation. They live in Vellejo, Calif., at Mare Is.
Methodist Church.                                                   where he is advertising manager on a large paper.

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

    Randall Paul Yates, born July 20, 1907, graduated from the              since a field is being developed on neighboring sections, and
Ft. Collins Agriculture College, majoring in Agronomy, married              have leased their farm for that purpose. They are active members
a girl fellow student in college, May, 1931. They lived in Ft.              of the near by Friends church.
Collins for a time while he held a position there. They separated                Mildred Maxine Powell, oldest daughter of James and
finally, and he married Margarette Hill, June 16, 1945, a teacher           Georgia Powll, born Aug. 28, 1908, married Alvin Joshua Bond,
in high school, born June 2, 1917. They live on the home                    Sept. 25, 1929, a neighbor, born April 23, 1905. They have four
place which he farms, wheat being a main crop. He bought the                children: Maxine Eloise, born Aug. 29, 1930; Hubert James,
home farm and built a good modern house, has shops and outer                Sept. 21, 1931; Harvey Alvin, Sept. 28, 1939; Roger William,
buildings.                                                                  Oct. 14, 1943. They have a farm near their home folks and have
                                                                            built their home and other buildings where they live. Maxine is
    Joyce Quentine Yates, born April 29, 1909, spent a year                 attending a Junior College of Tuonar University, Wichita, Kan.
in college, married Lester Leroy Eberhardt, Oct. 4, 1930, born              Preparing for the ministry. Hubert has finished high school,
Jan. 15, 1902. They have two sons: Quentin Leroy, Nov. 29,                  1949 at Plains and helps his grandfather Powell in building his
1931, now in army service in Oklahoma, and Norman Lee, Feb.                 new house.
18, 1943.                                                                        Cleone Toinette Powell, born Oct. 12, 1910, attended
    Medford Wendell Yates, born June 11, 1918, graduated                    Kansas City University, taught several years, married Ross Davis
from the Ft. Collins College, majoring in Mechanical                        Herron, June 5, 1938, born Nov. 2, 1907. Their children are:
Engineering, married Elsie Jean Rethay, July 4, 1942, born April            Elinor Ann, born Sept. 16, 1939; Shirley Jean, March 14, 1942;
17, 1918, by whom he has two daughters, Christine Ann, born                 Ronald Davis, July 12, 1944. They live in Hutchison Kan.,
Dec. 16, 1943, and Kathryn Lynn, May 1, 1947. She was                       where he teaches mathematics and science of the 8th and 9th
cashier in a bank in Los Angeles. Medford became an aviator and             grade. They have a half section farm near Spearville, Kan., and
now is instructor in Mechanical Air Craft in Los Angeles where              he also farms a section for his mother.
they live.                                                                       Virginia Rebecca Powell, born Jan. 19, 1912, taught several
                                                                            years, married Lowell Brown Ross, June 9, 1940, born March
James Garfield                                                              21, 1907. Their children are: Erric Virgil, born March 21, 1941;
James Garfield Powell, youngest son of Andrew Powell, married               Gordon Lee, May 23, 1942; Janet Gwendolyn, April 14, 1943;
Georgia Ann Conaway, Dec. 3, 1907, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.                 Marvin Dean, June 25, 1947; Larry Basil, Sept. 9, 1948. They
Basil Conaway of Findlay, born May 15, 1886, by whom he has                 live in Oregon. He works in the lumber business and also takes
nine children: Mildred Maxine, Cleone Toinette, Virginia                    care of their farm.
Rebecca, Loyal Ned, Martha Juanita, Wanda Ruth, Don                              Loyal Ned Powell, born March 6, 1914, married Barbara
Garfield, Audrey Rose, and Iola May.                                        Leona Bray, Dec. 28, 1945, born Nov. 27, 1909. They have a
     James on attaining majority continued to farm the home                 son, James Thomas, born Sept. 28, 1946. They live in Plains
place, into possession of which he came jointly with sister Inez;           in an adobe built house. He is a mechanic and works in
later in full possession till 1918 when he sold out, part of the            Meade, Kan.
place being bought by brother Ellsworth and part by cousin                       Martha Juanita Powell, born Aug. 25, 1915, married
Junius Powell. He purchased a farm of 120 acres in Arkansas and             Clarence Henry Gowens, May 10, 1935, born May 9, 1914.
went on to Kansas where a couple of uncles were located, bought             Their children are: Robert Duane, born June 20, 1936; Joyce
a farm of 640 acres south-east of Plains where he moved his                 Fay and Marilyn Kay, twins, June 22, 1938; Patricia Louise, Jan.
family and has lived there ever since, the last three children being        15, 1941; Ronald Eugene, Dec. 23, 1942. They live in Liberal,
born there. The land they own is in the dry steppe region where             Kan., where he is a foreman for the Southwest Iron and Metal
wheat is the main crop. The living there has been of a pioneer-             Works, whose business takes in five states.
ing nature, requiring stamina in the face of lack of facilities and              Wanda Ruth Powell, born Feb. 11, 1917, married John
discouragement of crop failures some years because of drought.              Charles Harvey, Dec. 6, 1942, born Sept. 28, 1918. Their chil-
However, they have braved these disadvantages and overcome                  dren are: David James, born June 18, 1944; Paul Wayne, Jan. 9,
the extra financial trials of the depression of the 1930’s, at which        1946; Vera Jean, Dec. 22, 1949; Timothy Wright, May 5, 1951.
time he sold off a quarter section; he had sold the Arkansas farm           Mr. Harvey is a minister of the Friends Church; was pastor of
earlier; he has built a large barn and other out buildings, and             the church in Oskaloosa, Iowa, 1945, and taught Bible in Penn
now they have about finished and are living in a new adobe                  College. They now live Highland, Ohio, where he is pastor of a
house which replaced the old one. Their family are all married;             rural church.
son Don now helping farm the home place and living in a house
erected near by on the farm. They have good prospect of oil,

                                                                                                              Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

     Don Garfield Powell, born Nov. 6, 1918, married Esther                graduates with degree. Some of these pursued several of the
Marie Spencer, Nov. 13, 1943, born Nov. 12, 1917, by whom                  occupations mentioned. The family is noted for thrift, musical
he has three children: Wayne Garfield, born Sept. 29, 1946;                talent, and instrument as a piano or organ being in many of the
Donnetta Marie, Sept. 23, 1948, and Betty Jean, July 17, 1952,             homes; of strong convictions, some gifted in forceful speech as
Esther in a home for feeble minded children at Buckley, Wash.              testified in that medals were awarded to two in Demorest contest
where Don also worked and later at Agronomy farm at Ames,                  declamation and to one in college oration contest; abstemious,
Iowa, 1943, assumed the farming of the home place where they
                                                                           abstaining from the evils of liquor and the tobacco habit; reli-
now live in their home close by his parents.
                                                                           gious, supporting the church, and bound by strong family ties
     Aubrey Rose Powell, born Sept. 1, 1920, married Lester
                                                                           and tradition as witnessed by the yearly reunions and the Family
Otto Burdette, Oct. 6, 1940, born Jan. 23, 1910. Their children
                                                                           Tree designed and executed by cousin Jessie Powell Moore and
are: Barbara Carol, born Dec. 25, 1941; Frances De Ann, July
                                                                           Harley Dreisbach.
25, 1943; Robert Leroy, April 26, 1945. They lived near
                                                                                A Powell family history gotten out by the Media Research
Witchita where they raised poultry, 1946; now live near Valley
                                                                           Bureau of Washington D.C., has this to say of the general Powell
Center. Their house was destroyed by a tornado in 1949. They
                                                                           family in this country, “They have been noted for their energy,
rebuilt and in 1951 bought 90 acres of land. He is chef in Innes
                                                                           ambition, industry, moral and physical strength, initiative,
Tearoof at Witchita.
                                                                           perseverance, fortitude, resourcefulness, courage and leader-
     Iola May Powell, born Aug. 14, 1924, attended Friends
                                                                           ship”. This is quite a list of excellent characteristics for us of the
University, Oskaloosa, Iowa, graduating in 1946, married
                                                                           particular Andrew Powell family to endeavor to emulate and
Warren Eves Cadwallader, Aug. 12, 1948, born July 11, 1921.
                                                                           bequeath to our posterity.
They have a daughter Mariann Dee, born Oct. 27, 1950, and
live near Oskaloosa, Iowa, on their large stock and grain farm. A
son, Warren Lee, born Oct. 20, 1953.
                                                                           June 21, 1951
                                                                           Adrian, Mich.
Children of the Third Mother by the First Husband
     The two daughters of Sarah Ann (Longbrake) Powell by her
                                                                           Finished typing July 29, 1952
previous marriage became members of the Andrew Powell
household up to the time of majority, and also the son for a
brief period.
     Cora Silva Longbrake, born Oct. 19, 1868, married W.
Sherman Lucas, Jan. 16, 1887. They had five children: Eva
Gertrude, Virtue Hazel, Gladys M., D. Ray and Harlowe L.
The first two died in childhood. They lived in Findlay where
he was employed. He passed on , Jan. 9, 1943, and she on Nov.
20, 1951.
     Minnie Etta Longbrake, born about 1871, married Albert
Shank, April, 1891. They had four children, two boys and two
girls: Clarence, Robert, Beulah and Bernice. They live in Findlay.
Curtis Longbrake married Cela Morgan; later they separated and
he took a second wife. They live in Findlay. He passed away
some years ago.
     It appears from the foregoing account that the descendants
of Andrew Powell number 408 or more. The family of Theodore
Powell bears the palm in number, there being 7 children, 30
grandchildren and 32 greatgrandchildren, a total of 69; Franklin
Powell comes next with a total of 52; Jennie Troutner third with
48, and Emily Dreisbach fourth with 47. Farming is a chief
occupation, though teaching for a time was followed by many.
As far as known there are 8 ministers, 38 teachers, and 23 college

Children of ANDREW Powell
Bor n: 5-25- 1827 Died: 4- 17- 1916

          and his first wife

      phebe ann yates
Bor n: 11 - 1- 1830   Died: 9- 15- 1859

        Married: 12- 21- 1848
        Emily Powell
Bor n: 9-28- 1848   Died: 12- 5- 1872

        Married: 12- 5- 1872

  Cornelius Dreisbach
Bor n: 3-15- 1850   Died: 12- 11- 1932
Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                      1 EMILY

Children                         Grandchildren            Gt. Grandchildren       Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

1.1                              1.1.1          
Lawrence A. Dreisbach            Herbert Paul Dreisbach   Jeffery Dreisbach
b. 9-9-1873                      b. 10-17-1904            b. 1-2-1951
d. 8-22-1946                     d. 4-23-1973
                                                          m. 10-12-1974
m. 6-11-1902                     m. 6-14-1941             Nancy Carol Brickhead
Emma Hoppenburg                  Pansy Lee Massey         b. 2-22-1956
b. 7-5-1876                      b. 5-17-1918
d. 12-19-1946

Jenny May Dreisbach
b. 12-11-1874
d. 7-1-1876

Mabelle Dreisbach
b. 3-28-1876
d. 6-20-1967

m. 9-7-1910
Frank Day Knight
b. 9-25-1870
d. 6-15-1957

1 EMILY                                                                                            Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children               Grandchildren            Gt. Grandchildren        Gt. Gt. Grandchildren            Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

1.4                    1.4.1                  
Orville Dreisbach      Robert James Dreisbach   Sara Nelson Dreisbach    Robert Warren Brannen
b. 11-10-1877          b. 6-19-1911             b. 12-22-1942            b. 12-11-1972
d. 8-5-1959            d. 3-11-1992
                                                m. 8-27-1966
m. 6-1-1910            m. 6-15-1941             Herbert C.Brannen
Helen Hodgens          Alice Irene Nelson       b. 12-29-1944  
b. 6-1-1886            b. 5-7-1909                                       John Herbert Brannen
d. 6-22-1938                                                             b. 10-26-1974

m. 6-30-1940
Virgie (Bishop) Saul
b. 11-2-1884
d. 3-13-1976

                                                James Nelson Dreisbach   Jessica Ryan Dreisbach
                                                b. 6-30-1945             b. 11-23-1975

                                                m. 6-9-1973
                                                Susan Lynn Knierer
                                                b. 7-3-1950    
                                                                         Marisa Alison Dreisbach
                                                                         b. 10-15-1977

                       Helen Louise Dreisbach   Thomas C. Doty           Jahleh Arianna Doty
                       b. 11-14-1912            b. 3-12-1949             b. 1-24-1978

                       m. 11-16-1946            m. 1-25-1976
                       Earl Wesley Doty         Paricher Ghaffaradli
                       b. 7-2-1911              b. 6-4-1947
                       d. 2-25-1968
                                                m. 4-24-1987
                                                Diana Swendson
                                                d. 4-24-1987

                                                Dennis D. Doty           Max David Doty
                                                b. 5-26-1952             b. 1-11-1982

                                                m. 7-30-1977
                                                Jennifer Upton
                                                b. 4-26-1952   
                                                                         Jacob Michael Doty
                                                                         b. 12-22-1983

                                                David W. Doty
                                                b. 2-7-1954
                                                d. 5-30-1957

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                      1 EMILY

Children                         Grandchildren        Gt. Grandchildren         Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

1.4                              1.4.3                    
Orville Dreisbach                Virginia Dreisbach   Ann Louise Trout          Michael Eugene Norman   Nicholas Norman
(Continued)                      b. 3-6-1916          b. 10-20-1944             b. 3-13-1965            b. 6-3-1998

                                 m. 8-21-1938         m. 8-14-1964              m. 9-13-1997
                                 Van Abraham Trout    Nicholas Charles Norman   Clair Hanby
                                 b. 8-21-1915

                                                                                Penny Jane Norman       Abby Sobolewoki
                                                                                b. 10-19-1967           b. 6-16-1995

                                                                                m. 4-30-1994
                                                                                Tony Sobolewoki
                                                                                                        Josey Sobolewoki
                                                                                                        b. 3-19-1998

                                                      Susan Helen Trout         Amy Louise Worthley
                                                      b. 8-20-1948              b. 12-2-1973

                                                      m. 8-23-1970
                                                      George Worthley III
                                                      b. 8-12-1948         
                                                                                Emily Ann Worthley      Rolf Smith
                                                                                b. 7-28-1975            b. 10-10-1998

                                                                                Mark Trout Worthley
                                                                                b. 5-23-1979

1 EMILY                                                                                       Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children            Grandchildren           Gt. Grandchildren        Gt. Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

1.5                 1.5.1
Ardo B. Dreisbach   Eugene W. Dreisbach
b. 2-20-1881        b. 3-30-1907
d. 8-21-1926        d. 8-21-1926

m. 5-16-1906
Mollie Marshall     1.5.2         
b. 9-12-1883        Esther F. Dreisbach     Miriam G. Correll
d. 11-22-1982       b. 12-28-1912           b. 11-19-1942
                    d. 8-20-1992
                                            m. 8-2-1964
                    m. 12-28-1936           Robert Allyn Chapman
                    George Merlin Correll   b. 10-2-1943
                    b. 6-23-1910            d. 7-24-1976
                    d. 8-7-1992

                                            Ruth E. Correll
                                            b. 4-12-1947

                                            Rachel D. Correll        Tabitha Nicole Jacob
                                            b. 1-14-1951             b. 4-2-1979

                                            m. 3-20-1971
                                            Dennis Charles Jacob
                                            b. 12-16-1947

                    John Ardo Dreisbach     Anne Slessor Dreisbach
                    b. 12-23-1921           b. 3-18-1948

                    m. 4-27-1947
                    Bettie Short          
                    b. 6-16-1923            John Corey Dreisbach     John Patam Dreisbach
                                            b. 5-29-1949             b. 4-22-1975

                                            m. 2-17-1973
                                            Nancy Elizabeth Huff
                                            b. 9-23-1948             Sarah C. Dreisbach
                                                                     b. 8-30-1977

                                                                     Lydia M. Dreisbach
                                                                     b. 9-19-1979

                                                                     Maria Dreisbach
                                                                     b. 6-24-1982

                                                                     Paul Goforth Dreisbach
                                                                     b. 12-25-1984

                                                                     Rose Suzan Brand Dreisbach
                                                                     b. 9-25-1988

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                                1 EMILY

Children                         Grandchildren          Gt. Grandchildren             Gt. Gt. Grandchildren         Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

1.5                              1.5.3                     
Ardo B. Dreisbach                John Ardo Dreisbach    Elizabeth Reed Dreisbach      Jordon Andrew Wertz
(Continued)                      (Continued)            b. 7-27-1950                  b. 8-29-1980

                                                        m. 2-3-1970
                                                        Jerry Alan Wertz
                                                        b. 3-28-1950

                                                        Priscilla Judson Dreisbach    Teresa Kathleen Fink
                                                        b. 2-4-1953                   b. 12-17-1978

                                                        m. 10-11-1975
                                                        James Roy Fink      
                                                        b. 10-2-1951                  Karen Diane Fink
                                                                                      b. 5-30-1980

                                                                                      Richard J. Fink
                                                                                      b. 6-9-1983

                                                        Peter Brainard Dreisbach      Peter Brainard Dreisbach II
                                                        b. 1-7-1955                   b. 8-18-1983

                                                        m. 9-27-1978
                                                        Cindy Blumgardner
                                                        b. 12-27-1956

                                                        Daniel Livingston Dreisbach   Mollie Marshall Dreisbach
                                                        b. 7-9-1959                   b. 1-12-1993

                                                        m. 9-5-1987
                                                        Joyce Crowley       
                                                                                      Mariah Esther Dreisbach
                                                                                      b. 12-3-1995

1.6                              1.6.1        
Myrtle Vina Dreisbach            Martin R. Broadbooks   Joan Myrtle Broadbooks
b. 12-27-1882                    b. 9-16-1912           b. 4-28-1942
d. 7-6-1963                      d. 4-10-1973

m. 5-3-1911                      m. 8-14-1939
Robert Martin Broadbooks         Dorothy Ambrose
b. 2-27-1879                     b. 11-7-1912
d. 4-17-1953

1 EMILY                                                                                                   Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                Grandchildren               Gt. Grandchildren             Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

1.6                     1.6.2             
Myrtle Vina Dreisbach   Harold Eugene Broadbooks    Daniel Robert Broadbooks
(Continued)             b. 8-29-1915                b. 8-6-1951

                        m. 6-4-1950
                        Hester Jane McCoy 
                        b. 12-18-1928               John Norman Broadbooks
                                                    b. 11-9-1952

                                                    Wendy Jane Broadbooks
                                                    b. 2-18-1954

                                                    Thomas Harold Broadbooks
                                                    b. 2-8-1956

                                                    Roy Martin Broadbooks         Jason Michael Broadbooks
                                                    b. 7-5-1958                   b. 6-11-1978

                                                    m. - -
                                                    Robin Howell
                                                    b. - -

                                                    Nancy Louise Broadbooks       Erin Elise Gasperson
                                                    b. 3-5-1961                   b. 3-28-1982

                                                    m. - -
                                                    Stan Basil Gasperson
                                                    b. - -

                        Mildred Myrtle Broadbooks   Barbara Jeanne Blankenship
                        b. 4-8-1920                 b. 3-25-1943
                                                    d. 10-12-1992
                        m. 9-25-1942
                        John Lawrence Blankenship   m. -12-1967
                        b. 12-9-1918                Wayne Patrick Crume
                                                    b. 10-3-1939

                                                    Robert Lawrence Blankenship
                                                    b. 7-6-1946
                                                    d. 10-29-1966

                        Norman Bruce Broadbooks     Janet Laurence Broadbooks     Tyler Charles Randall
                        b. 11-22-1923               b. 8-21-1952                  b. 9-22-1983

                        m. 7-20-1948                m. 11-8-1981
                        Joyce Margaret Laurence     Ray Charles Randall 
                        b. 2-28-1926                b. 9-5-1946                   Cory Joyce Randall
                        d. 12-17-1997                                             b. 6-4-1987

                                                    Dana Joy Broadbooks
                                                    b. 6-11-1955

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                            1 EMILY

Children                         Grandchildren            Gt. Grandchildren      Gt. Gt. Grandchildren       Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

1.7                              1.7.1                
Gladys K. Dreisbach              Dorotha E. Diehlman      David Diehlman Keene   Leslie Rose Keene
b. 9-21-1884                     b. 6-20-1912             b. 6-19-1948           b. 1-3-1991

m. 1-15-1908                     m. 11-8-1947             m. - -
Clarence Hoffman Diehlman        Leslie McDonald Keene    Erin Henderson
b. 10-15-1882                    b. 11-11-1907            b. - -       
d. 5-16-1955                     d. 10-29-1988            Div.                   Kristiana Elizabeth Keene
                                                                                 b. 9-8-1998
                                                          m. - -
                                                          Deborah Foreman
                                                          b. - -

                                                          m. 5-3-1997
                                                          Geri Byrne

                                                          Karen Gladys Keene     Yasha Niomi Goetz           Stevie Vaughn Ray
                                                          b. 5-27-1951           b. 8-22-1970                b. 6-8-1990

                                                          m. 8-25-1969           m. 6-11-1994
                                                          Mark E. Goetz          David Ray
                                                          b. 7-16-1947           b. - -            
                                                                                                             Karen Ann Cortez
                                                          m. 10-6-1979           m. - -                      b. 6-19-1997
                                                          Stephen Driver         Clem Cortez
                                                          b. 6-11-1944           b. - -
                                                          d. 3-30-1990

                                 Evelyn Diehlman
                                 b. 10-23-1914

                                 m. 6-20-1937
                                 Albert Boggs
                                 b. 4-10-1910

                                 m. 11-8-1952
                                 Eugene F. Rapp
                                 b. 12-14-1904
                                 d. 8-16-1991

1.8                              1.8.1                
Harley B.Dreisbach               Elizabeth A. Dreisbach   William D. Vogt        Naomi Elizabeth Vogt
b. 6-10-1887                     b. 1-16-1922             b. 8-23-1946           b. 9-4-1969
d. 2-2-1966
                                 m. 9-19-1942             m. 12-28-1968
m. 1-2-1918                      Carl Joel Vogt           Alice Esmond 
Helen Duff                       b. 1-16-1920             b. 5-6-1948            Benjamin Harley Vogt
b. 5-13-1890                                                                     b. 6-28-1974
d. 10-13-1918                                             m. 4-4-1986
                                                          Barbara Frye
m. 4-12-1921                                                           
Araminta Frazer                                                                  Helen Araminta Vogt
b. 12-3-1886                                                                     b. 11-17-1986
d. 2-18-1982
                                                          Thomas Frazer Vogt
                                                          b. 5-31-1950

                                                          m. 8-1-1998
                                                          Lisa Ann Cross

1 EMILY                                                                                                   Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                    Grandchildren              Gt. Grandchildren        Gt. Gt. Grandchildren            Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

1.8                         1.8.1                    
Harley B.Dreisbach          Elizabeth Dreisbach Vogt   Susan Elizabeth Vogt     Jessica Ann Lonjak
(Continued)                 (Continued)                b. 5-4-1952              b. 8-23-1982

                                                       m. 7-29-1978
                                                       William F. Lonjak
                                                       b. 3-7-1951              Brett Joel Lonjak
                                                                                b. 5-1-1984

                                                                                William Carl Lonjak
                                                                                b. 11-7-1986

                                                       Janet Ann Vogt           Suzanne Elizabeth Myers
                                                       b. 7-13-1953             b. 5-2-1982

                                                       m. 8-5-1978
                                                       Richard L. Myers Jr.
                                                       b. 11-30-1952            Bridget Lynn Myers
                                                                                b. 10-5-1984

                                                                                Lauren Jo Ann Myers
                                                                                b. 4-21-1986

                                                                                Heidi Diana Myers
                                                                                b. 9-27-1989

1.9                         1.9.1                    
Fern E.Dreisbach            Howard William Crandall    Cathleen Jean Crandall   Sean William Henry Raycroft
b. 12-12-1889               b. 6-13-1921               b. 5-12-1951             b. 8-11-1983
d. 8-26-1984                d. 10-16-1990
                                                       m. 8-23-1975
m. 6-29-1920                m. 6-7-1945                Jack Raycroft  
William McKinley Crandall   Marjorie Jean Pape         b. 2-8-1945              Christiana Maryanne Raycroft
b. 1-18-1894                b. 9-10-1923                                        b. 1-25-1986
d. 9-17-1961

                            Emily Fern Crandall
                            b. 2-3-1930
                            d. 10-31-1955

Bor n: 3-15- 1851      Died: 11- 4- 1926

        Married: 5- 21- 1874

Bor n: 10 - 13- 1854    Died: 2-6-1924
Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                          2 THEODORE

Children                         Grandchildren         Gt. Grandchildren    Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
2.1                              2.1.1
Bertha May Powell                Van Powell Hull
b. 5-8-1875                      b. 3-23-1899
d. 4-16-1958                     d. 4-22-1908

m. 7-31-1897
Andrew J. Hull                   2.1.2
b. 6-7-1870                      Esme Fay Hull
d. 2-10-1948                     b. 2-9-1901
                                 d. 10-27-1989

                                 Ward Richard Hull
                                 b. 5-21-1902
                                 d. 10-27-1918

                                 Thelma Irene Hull
                                 b. 6-22-1904

                                 m. 4-3-1946
                                 William Baete
                                 b. 6-6-1902
                                 d. 6-5-1987

                                 Loy Theodore Hull     Theodore Loy Hull    Richard Theodore Hull
                                 b. 12-12-1906         b. 4-13-1941         b. 7-15-1968
                                 d. 11-25-1990
                                                       m. 6-19-1965
                                 m. 10-8-1938          Susan Greenway
                                 Geraldine Bossmeyer   b. 8-13-1942
                                 b. 1-27-1909
                                 d. 6-15-1982          m. 2-7-1987
                                                       Shirley Fay Smith

                                                       Ronald Joseph Hull   Lesley Lynn Hull
                                                       b. 5-27-1942         b. 12-3-1967

                                                       m. 2-18-1967
                                                       Mary Lee Dozois      Elaine Hull
                                                       b. 4-16-1945         b. 5-31-1969
                                                                            d. 3-18-1987

                                                                            Melissa L. Hull
                                                                            b. 8-6-1971

                                                                            Megan Michelle Hull
                                                                            b. 6-11-1975

                                                                            Matthew Joseph Hull
                                                                            b. 8-19-1977

                                                                            Andrew Loy Hull
                                                                            b. 1-4-1981

                                                                            Nathan Thomas Hull
                                                                            b. 4-18-1983

2 THEODORE                                                                                        Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children             Grandchildren          Gt. Grandchildren            Gt. Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

2.1                  2.1.5                    
Bertha May Powell    Loy Theodore Hull      Carol Ann Hull               Laura Stamper
(Continued)          (Continued)            b. 11-1-1945                 b. 7-20-1964

                                            m. 11-1-1963
                                            Gregory Stamper    
                                            b. 5-11-1941                 Monica Lee Stamper
                                            d. 11-24-1976                b. 4-11-1975

                                            Diane Marie Hull             Damien Lee Barth
                                            b. 12-7-1952                 b. 2-13-1977

                                            m. 2-9-1973
                                            Bruce B. Barth
                                            b. 11-29-1952

                     Katherine Hull
                     b. 4-2-1912
                     d. 4-3-1912

                     Myron Luther Hull
                     b. 12-10-1914
                     d. 6-15-1944

                     Dale Edward Hull       Lisa Maria Hull              Elizabeth Elaine Netherton
                     b. 6-23-1917           b. 8-6-1964                  b. 4-5-1988

                     m. 3-22-1958           m. 10-11-1986
                     Dorothy Benningfield   Ward William Netherton Jr.
                     b. 10-9-1926
                     d. 4-6-1990

2.2                  2.2.1
Lawrence J. Powell   Dudley Warren Powell
b. 7-10-1877         b. 9-5-1915
d. 8-29-1940         d. 9-11-1915

m. 5-12-1915
Minnie Schiebe       2.2.2                    
b. 8-15-1893         Alice Marie Powell     David Lawrence Wulf          Patrick Wulf
d. 5-6-1972          b. 8-7-1916            b. 7-30-1943                 b. 12-24-1968
                     d. 1-19-1990
                                            m. 8-19-1966
                     m. 7-10-1941           Mary Olson         
                     Arthur Wulf            b. 12-24-1943                Richard Wulf
                     b. 12-12-1913                                       b. 2-27-1971
                     d. 12-12-1984

                                                                         Suzanne Wulf
                                                                         b. 2-1-1978

                                            Ruth Alice Wulf              Julie Ogburn
                                            b. 10-16-1945                b. 11-12-1970

                                            m. 9-9-1966
                                            Jerald Ogburn      
                                            b. 12-5-1938                 Robby Ogburn
                                                                         b. 4-11-1972

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                    2 THEODORE

Children                         Grandchildren      Gt. Grandchildren        Gt. Gt. Grandchildren        Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
2.3                              2.3.1
Ernest Powell                    H.LaVerne Powell
b. 6-1-1879                      b. 5-19-1907
d. 11-21-1969                    d. 4-28-1908

m. 6-21-1906
Amy Garlinger                    2.3.2                      
b. 12-16-1885                    H.DeWitt Powell    Lois Sharon Powell       Jeffery Douglas Geiger       Meghan Geiger
d. 12-31-1975                    b. 11-17-1910      b. 5-27-1944             b. 5-8-1968                  b. 8-1996
                                 d. 5-13-1995
                                                    m. 10-7-1967             m. 9-23-1995
                                 m. 5-1-1943        William Geiger Jr.       Vicki Brunori      
                                 Rosalind Grall     b. 1-12-1943                                          Caleb Geiger
                                 b. 2-9-1917                                                              b. 2-5-1999
                                 d. 10-16-1999
                                                                             Cynthia Kay Geiger
                                                                             b. 8-31-1970

                                                                             Matthew David Geiger
                                                                             b. 5-9-1973

                                                    David Merlin Powell      Andrew D. Powell
                                                    b. 6-25-1945             b. 5-26-1976

                                                    m. 3-9-1974
                                                    Carol J.Rager  
                                                    b. 9-11-1952             Darren Nathaniel Powell
                                                                             b. 12-27-1978
                                                    m. 8-20-1988
                                                    Cynthia J. Pottschmidt
                                                    b. 1-5-1956    
                                                                             Rachel Elaine Powell
                                                                             b. 8-13-1989

                                                                             Amy Louise Powell
                                                                             b. 2-27-1991

                                                    Martha Ann Powell        Kristi Lynne Hall
                                                    b. 2-1-1949              b. 2-3-1970

                                                    m. 7-6-1968
                                                    Larry D. Hall  
                                                    b. 4-20-1948             Sean Lee Hall
                                                                             b. 5-22-1972
                                                    m. 3-26-1977
                                                    Carney Schnakenberg
                                                    b. 8-4-1945
                                                                             Heather Autumn
                                                    m. 8-21-1999
                                                                             b. 3-5-1979
                                                    Sam Spearman

                                                                             Michael Emmett
                                                                             b. 11-23-1980

                                                                             Brian Anthony Schnakenberg
                                                                             b. 2-27-1982
                                                                             d. 10-30-1999

2 THEODORE                                                                                   Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children        Grandchildren            Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

2.3             2.3.2                     
Ernest Powell   H.DeWitt Powell          Rebecca Sue Powell          Joshua Lee Bowling
(Continued)     (Continued)              b. 8-14-1954                b. 9-30-1980

                                         m. 7-15-1972
                                         John Henderson    
                                         b. 12-4-1952                Leah Anne Bowling
                                                                     b. 10-12-1982
                                         m. -16-1980
                                         Zacchaeus Bowling
                                         b. 10-16-1957     
                                                                     John Oliver Bowling
                                                                     b. 7-1-1984

                                                                     Sarah Bowling
                                                                     b. 2-19-1986

                                                                     Jesse Michael Bowling
                                                                     b. 10-1988

                                         Karen Elizabeth Powell      Jacob Adam Wilch
                                         b. 9-4-1956                 b. 9-28-1982

                                         m. 7-22-1978
                                         Ronald Wilch      
                                         b. 9-23-1955                Jonathan Andrew Wilch
                                                                     b. 1-5-1984

                                                                     Jason Aaron Wilch
                                                                     b. 8-24-1985

                Paul Dean Powell
                b. 5-15-1914
                d. 11-2-1988

                Ruth Ellen Powell        Roy Laudenslager            Karen Laudenslager
                b. 7-20-1916             b. 8-30-1938                b. 11-14-1969
                d. 7-5-1983
                                         m. 5-7-1966
                m. 11-14-1936            Susan Yager       
                Frederick Laudenslager   b. 3-9-1942                 Erik Laudenslager
                b. 6-24-1914                                         b. 11-24-1973
                d. 1-2-1969

                                         Janet Louise Laudenslager   Stephen Ahn
                                         b. 4-22-1942                b. 1-24-1973

                                         m. 8-21-1964
                                         Yong Ahn          
                                         b. 7-27-1937                Aimee Elizabeth Ahn
                                                                     b. 6-13-1978

                                                                     Stephanie Louise Ahn
                                                                     b. 6-13-1978

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                              2 THEODORE

Children                         Grandchildren       Gt. Grandchildren       Gt. Gt. Grandchildren      Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
2.3                              2.3.5
Ernest Powell                    Nathan E. Powell
(Continued)                      b. 7-30-1922
                                 d. 4-28-1927

                                 E.Maynard Powell    Daniel Maynard Powell   Daniel Marlyn Powell
                                 b. 7-28-1924        b. 10-29-1955           b. 6-20-1977
                                 d. 11-24-1984
                                                     m. 3-26-1976
                                 m. 7-30-1954        Cynthia Jean Rolf
                                 Ruth E. Van Allen   b. 5-5-1957             Christopher Allen Powell
                                 b. 8-26-1930                                b. 11-8-1982
                                                     m. 11-23-1991
                                                     Jan Lewis

                                                     Jean Ellen Powell       Lindsey Jean Davis
                                                     b. 7-3-1959             b. 5-30-1988

                                                     m. 6-22-1979
                                                     Bradley Neal Henry
                                                                             Caffie Ellen Davis
                                                     m. 11-1987              b. 4-11-1993
                                                     James Ray Davis

                                                     John Charles Powell     Katie Ellen Powell
                                                     b. 9-11-1963            b. 6-1-1989

                                                     m. - -
                                                     b. - -                  Zachary Alexander Powell
                                                                             b. 3-9-1991

2 THEODORE                                                                                   Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children            Grandchildren           Gt. Grandchildren       Gt. Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

2.4                 2.4.1         
Merlin Iro Powell   Robert T.Powell         Susan Louise Powell
b. 4-1-1881         b. 1-14-1912            b. 9-10-1943
d. 10-12-1941       d. 11-2-1988            d. 9-10-1943

m. 4-19-1911        m. 10-16-1937
Dorcas Dorney       Esther Louise Leilick       
b. 7-17-1887        b. 7-2-1912             Jane Esther Powell      Jennifer Moheyer
d. 5-20-1973                                b. 7-17-1948            b. 3-9-1977

                                            m. 2-10-1973
                                            Jorge Moheyer 
                                            b. 6-12-1948            John Moheyer
                                                                    b. 7-11-1980

                                            Martha Ann Powell       Susan Sackett
                                            b. 11-6-1953            b. 12-30-1981

                                            m. 9-11-1976
                                            William G. Sackett
                                            b. 1-7-1953             Robert William Sackett
                                                                    b. 8-20-1984

                    Luther V. Powell        Gregory Merlin Powell   Kevin Brady Powell
                    b. 5-17-1913            b. 11-1-1949            b. 6-20-1983

                    m. 1-31-1948            m. 9-15-1973
                    Sadie Collura           Carol Brady
                    b. 8-12-1912            b. 12-13-1951
                    d. 6-3-1978

                                            Lawrence J. Powell
                                            b. 12-4-1950

                                            Marilyn Powell
                                            b. 9-12-1952

                                            m. 12-4-1984
                                            Dennis Clayton

                    O.Burdette Powell       Ida List Powell
                    b. 3-20-1915            b. 7-7-1939
                    d. 4-7-1957             d. 7-7-1939

                    m. 5-28-1938
                    Charlotte Louise List       
                    b. 2-25-1915            Marra Lee Powell        Mark Joseph Balling
                                            b. 8-27-1941            b. 6-27-1967

                                            m. 8-24-1963
                                            Joe Balling   
                                            b. 1-5-1940             Emily Kathryn Balling
                                                                    b. 8-11-1972
                                            m. 7-17-1976            m. - -
                                            Neil K. Wollpert        William F.Wollpert III
                                            b. 6-24-1933            b. 2-8-1969

                                                                    Alyson Brooke Wollpert
                                                                    b. 5-4-1977

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                       2 THEODORE

Children                         Grandchildren              Gt. Grandchildren         Gt. Gt. Grandchildren     Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

2.4                              2.4.3                            
Merlin Iro Powell                O.Burdette Powell          Pamela Lynn Powell        Julie Spornhauer          Sarah Spornhauer
(Continued)                      (Continued)                b. 9-30-1944              b. 8-18-1963              b. 7-12-1982

                                                            m. 12-29-1962
                                                            Jan Spornhauer  
                                                            b. 6-26-1942              Tod Spornhauer
                                                                                      b. 9-29-1965
                                                            m. 10-19-1974
                                                            Jim DeJonghe
                                                            b. 1-27-1936    
                                                                                      Ryan DeJonghe
                                                                                      b. 9-27-1975

                                 Isabelle Corrinne Powell
                                 b. 7-8-1919
                                 d. 4-14-1978

                                 Warren Weston Powell       Douglas Edward Powell     Jennifer Erin Powell
                                 b. 11-2-1920               b. 8-29-1946              b. 5-22-1979

                                 m. 8-18-1945               m. 6-23-1973
                                 Vera Mae Giltz             Deborah Jaquay
                                 b. 7-29-1920               b. 11-2-1952
                                 d. 10-18-1979

                                 m. 5-17-1981              
                                 Arlene Louise Lange        Dorcas Catherine Powell   Dane LeRoy Shidler
                                 b. 10-19-1930              b. 10-6-1949              b. 5-1-1975

                                                            m. 6-19-1971
                                                            Douglas Shidler 
                                                            b. 3-20-1949              Dennis Shidler
                                                                                      b. 7-12-1978
                                                                                      d. 1989

                                                                                      Debra Mae Shidler
                                                                                      b. 8-28-1982

                                                            Drych Powell              Branden McClise Powell
                                                            b. 3-9-1955               b. 10-21-1983

                                                            m. 7-26-1980
                                                            Lauren McClise  
                                                            b. 1-17-1955              Whitney Everding Powell
                                                                                      b. 4-10-1986

                                                                                      Elizabeth Weston Powell
                                                                                      b. 5-26-1988

2 THEODORE                                                                                          Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children            Grandchildren            Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Grandchildren             Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

2.4                 2.4.6                     
Merlin Iro Powell   Richard Wendell Powell   Richard Wendell Powell II   Jessica Ruth Powell
(Continued)         b. 8-11-1922             b. 8-10-1946                b. 8-1-1973

                    m. 5-26-1945             m. 8-30-1969
                    Ruth Ione Metzger        Elizabeth Dixon   
                    b. 5-29-1921             b. 4-7-1949                 Jacob Richard Powell
                                                                         b. 4-17-1976

                                             Timothy Iro Powell          Megan Anne Powell
                                             b. 1-21-1949                b. 12-14-1974

                                             m. 6-2-1973
                                             Jody Elizabeth Kirkbride
                                             b. 2-3-1952                 Kristen Elizabeth Powell
                                                                         b. 7-23-1977

                                                                         Erin Corrine Powell
                                                                         b. 11-15-1978

                                             Daniel Mark Powell          Hannah Danielle Powell
                                             b. 9-5-1953                 b. 4-21-1981

                                             m. 9-9-1978
                                             Jill Maute        
                                             b. 9-17-1956                Jordan Andrew Powell
                                                                         b. 1-17-1984

                    Beatrice Ann Powell
                    b. 7-1-1924
                    d. 7-12-1924

                    Louella Mae Powell       Bruce Allen Coffelt         Graham Ross Coffelt
                    b. 1-29-1926             b. 10-17-1951               b. 12-16-1989

                    m. 8-20-1949             m. 11-8-1986
                    Stanley George Coffelt   Lisa Ray
                    b. 9-27-1922
                                             m. 8-31-1996
                                             Carla Hradisky
                                             b. 12-10-1956

                                             Eric Lee Coffelt            Leah Corinne Coffelt
                                             b. 9-17-1955                b. 1-5-1990

                                             m. 7-22-1978
                                             Joann Rotatori    
                                             b. 8-28-1955                Erica Ann Coffelt
                                                                         b. 12-14-1992

                                             Beth Ann Coffelt            Erin Elizabeth Doran
                                             b. 12-11-1959               b. 3-15-1990

                                             m. 6-14-1980
                                             James W. Doran    
                                             b. 12-11-1957               Daniel James Doran
                                                                         b. 8-16-1993

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                            2 THEODORE

Children                         Grandchildren        Gt. Grandchildren     Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

2.4                              2.4.8      
Merlin Iro Powell                Louella Mae Powell   Connie Lou Coffelt
(Continued)                      (Continued)          b. 2-9-1966

                                                      m. 8-30-1998
                                                      James Stuart Bailey
                                                      b. 5-29-1964

2.5                              2.5.1           
Edith Powell                     Dorothy Cole         John A. Kibele        Beth Kibele
b. 3-19-1883                     b. 12-14-1904        b. 11-13-1931         b. 8-5-1958
d. 1-25-1965                     d. 4-8-1975
                                                      m. 2-20-1954
m. 12-31-1903                    m. 5-15-1926         Sophie Chlystek     
Edward Cole                      Roland Kibele        b. 1-17-1933          Karen Kibele            Jennifer Marie Robinson
b. 1-28-1872                     b. 2-5-1905                                b. 10-19-1960           b. 5-30-1986
d. 4-30-1940                     d. 11-5-1970         m. 6-9-1979
                                                      Susan Lethcho         m. 11-22-1985
                                                      b. 11-1-1947          Randy Robinson
                                                                            b. 9-11-1954

                                 Mildred Cole         Robert B. Smith       Charles C. Smith        Jessica Dawn Smith
                                 b. 2-4-1907          b. 3-13-1934          b. 8-27-1955            b. 4-5-1979

                                 m. 6-5-1932          m. 11-8-1954          m. 11-5-1977
                                 Albert Smith         Bonnie E. Moore       Melissa Mendenhall
                                 b. 8-4-1903          b. 4-4-1931           b. 3-13-1955            Natalie Elizabeth Smith
                                 d. 12-20-1987        d. 11-15-1987                                 b. 1-31-1981

                                                                            Arthur Fredrick Smith   Nicole Smith
                                                                            b. 12-4-1956            b. 1-22-1976

                                                                            m. 11-4-1975
                                                                            Susan Jo Carother
                                                                            b. 5-17-1957            Nathan Fredrick Smith
                                                                                                    b. 6-9-1977

                                                                                                    Wendy Christine Smith
                                                                                                    b. 3-27-1979

                                                                            Cynthia Ann Smith       Christine Day
                                                                            b. 12-12-1958           b. 8-5-1977

                                                                            m. 10-12-1976
                                                                            Terry Douglas Day
                                                                            b. 9-5-1955             Corrine Melissa Day
                                                                                                    b. 2-2-1979

                                                                            Suzanne Marie Smith     Aaron Joseph Bowron
                                                                            b. 3-29-1960            b. 10-22-1983

                                                                            m. 11-20-1982
                                                                            Randy Bowron  
                                                                            b. 12-24-1960           Amanda Bowron
                                                                                                    b. 6-2-1987

2 THEODORE                                                                          Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children       Grandchildren      Gt. Grandchildren        Gt. Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

2.5            2.5.2            
Edith Powell   Mildred Cole       Thomas Lee Smith         Douglas Allen Smith
(Continued)    (Continued)        b. 5-6-1936              b. 2-16-1964

                                  m. 8-5-1961
                                  Jo Lynn Barrow 
                                  b. 12-13-1938            Amy Margaret Smith
                                                           b. 12-2-1966

                                                           Stacy Ann Smith
                                                           b. 2-13-1968

               Donelda Cole       Jon Michael Overholt     Dana Lyn Overholt
               b. 4-25-1921       b. 11-28-1942            b. 1-5-1973

               m. 7-3-1941        m. 6-28-1968
               Richard Overholt   Glenda Marsh
               b. 3-19-1918       b. 6-10-1948

                                  Linda Kay Overholt       Wendy Lynn Pool
                                  b. 11-5-1946             b. 10-28-1964

                                  m. 4-25-1964
                                  William G. Pool
                                  b. 10-8-1944             Rusty Richard Pool
                                                           b. 10-24-1969
                                  m. 11-13-1979
                                  Bob Wallace
                                  b. - -

                                  Judith Overholt          Robynn Nicole Smith
                                  b. 9-30-1950             b. 6-4-1977

                                  m. 7-3-1975
                                  William Franklin Smith
                                  b. 5-13-1951             Jilliann Crystal Smith
                                                           b. 2-8-1979

                                  Tracy Lee Overholt
                                  b. 4-28-1961

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                 2 THEODORE

Children                         Grandchildren             Gt. Grandchildren       Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

2.6                              2.6.1                  
Clark Powell                     Kathern Powell            Clark Edward Newton     Cory Edward Newton
b. 5-3-1885                      b. 11-3-1917                                      b. 6-19-1968
d. 5-17-1940                                               m. 11-25-1966
                                 m. 11-1-1941              Ingrid McCormick
m. 11-30-1916                    Edward Newton             b. 11-1-1949  
May Meyer                        b. 9-21-1919                                      Kane Newton
b. 5-18-1888                                               m. 9-18-1971            b. 4-19-1972
d. 2-1-1982                                                Sherry Peterson
                                                           b. 1-29-1952
                                                                                   Kenton Clark Newton
                                                                                   b. 4-9-1982

                                                           Karen Ann Newton        Jonathan Newton
                                                           b. 3-5-1947             b. 1-11-1969

                                                           m. - -
                                                            -- Pender    
                                                           b. - -                  Shane Lee Laminack
                                                                                   b. 4-28-1970
                                                           m. 6-21-1969
                                                           Lindell Laminack
                                                           b. 5-13-1949  
                                                                                   Christopher R. Pender
                                                                                   b. 10-31-1982

                                 Charles Theodore Powell   Kathleen Carol Powell
                                 b. 5-24-1919              b. 4-7-1947

                                 m. 8-1943
                                 Margaret McKee

                                 Meta K.Powell             David Cozby             Mary E. Cozby
                                 b. 8-26-1920              b. 12-25-1949           b. 1-26-1977

                                 m. 7-18-1942              m. 6-1-1974
                                 Harold David Cozby        Gretchen Oeschger
                                 b. 12-18-1915             b. 7-4-1955             Gretchen M. Cozby
                                                                                   b. 3-9-1980

                                                           George Cozby            Nicholas Arron Cozby
                                                           b. 1-10-1952            b. 12-9-1977

                                                           m. 6-19-1975
                                                           Cheryll Hicks 
                                                           b. 7-27-1955            Katherine Jane Cozby
                                                                                   b. 8-3-1981

Bor n: 2-12- 1853    Died: 6- 13- 1927

          Married: 1880

Bor n: 6- 26- 1853   Died: 5-8-1943
Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                       3 FRANKLIN

Children                         Grandchildren              Gt. Grandchildren       Gt. Gt. Grandchildren      Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

3.1                              3.1.1
Estelle Powell                   Willard P. Maish
b. 2-26-1881                     b. 5-22-1907
d. 6-17-1947                     d. 7-11-1989

m. 8-25-1906
John Maish                       3.1.2
b. 1-9-1881                      Burris Maish
d. 9-1-1956                      b. 11-11-1908
                                 d. 9-13-1909

                                 Florence Josephine Maish   Carol Jane Gregg        Lara Hatfield
                                 b. 12-3-1910               b. 9-29-1939            b. 7-5-1967
                                 d. 2-27-1997
                                                            m. 4-16-1961            m. 8-26-1989
                                 m. 9-6-1936                Douglas Leon Hatfield   James Robert Wiedenhoeft
                                 Chester Ray Gregg          b. 6-14-1938            b. 1-20
                                 b. 5-4-1901
                                 d. 10-17-1962
                                                                                    Matthew Hatfield
                                                                                    b. 11-17-1970

                                                                                    m. 5-26-1994
                                                                                    Elizabeth Bugdon
                                                                                    b. 6-2-1974

                                 Pauline E. Maish
                                 b. 2-2-1913
                                 d. 6-13-1940

                                 Mary E. Maish              Donald Howard Jacoby    Luke Samuel Jacoby
                                 b. 1-16-1920               b. 9-25-1951            b. 8-10-1979

                                 m. 6-23-1946               m. 7-30-1972
                                 Walter E. Jacoby           Janet Sue Glendenning
                                 b. 2-2-1917                b. 3-7-1951             Sarah Catharine Jacoby
                                 d. 1-20-1996                                       b. 12-19-1981

                                                            Dennis Jacoby
                                                            b. 12-22-1954

3 FRANKLIN                                                                                       Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                   Grandchildren         Gt. Grandchildren       Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

3.2                        3.2.1       
Henry Kendall Powell       Geraldine S. Powell   Linda Lee Burke
b. 10-5-1882               b. 9-21-1909          b. 5-4-1946
d. 6-6-1970                                      d. 5-4-1946
                           m. 3-19-1939
m. 10-12-1907              Harold Lee Burke
Hildur Alfreda Danielson   b. 1-27-1907
b. 2-26-1887               d. 4-1-1970
d. 3-26-1977

                           Edna C. Powell        Thomas K. Kelly         David Kelly                    Kyle Kelly
                           b. 3-11-1912          b. 4-13-1941            b. 7-6-1965                    b. 9-8-1997

                           m. 5-13-1939          m. 10-3-1965            m. - -
                           James F. Kelly        Elvea Schelvetta        Kimberely
                           b. 12-4-1909          b. 11-19-1941           b. 5-18-1965
                           d. 11-27-1979
                                                                         m. 5-24-1992
                                                                         Tim Middleton

                                                                         Marsha Kelly
                                                                         b. 7-6-1965

                                                                         Janet Kelly                    Megan Schutt
                                                                         b. 7-12-1966                   b. 1-5-1995

                                                                         m. 10-3-1992
                                                                         Mike Schutt          
                                                                         b. 10-28-1965                  Samuel Schutt
                                                                                                        b. 7-11-1998

                                                 Susan P. Kelly
                                                 b. 5-17-1946

                                                 m. 4-19-1980
                                                 Alan Butler
                                                 b. 10-31-1944

3.3                        3.3.1                          
Mabel Powell               Byron C. Perkins      Richard Allen Perkins   Amanda Perkins                 Matthew Davis Webber
b. 5-13-1886               b. 10-1-1910          b. 9-28-1942            b. 8-20-1973                   b. 6-26-1999
d. 5-2-1961                d. 12-19-1999
                                                 m. 11-16-1968           m. 7-1997
m. 12-23-1909              m. 6-25-1941          Pamela Moorehead        Mark Webber
Carl Perkins               Jean Pittman          b. 1-1-1943
b. 6-22-1885               b. 1-30-1920
d. 12-17-1954              d. 7-11-1997

                                                                         Matthew Craig Perkins
                                                                         b. 10-30-1975

                                                 Timothy Dale Perkins
                                                 b. 7-7-1946

                                                 Rose Marie Perkins
                                                 b. 3-5-1944
                                                 d. 3-6-1944

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                     3 FRANKLIN

Children                         Grandchildren         Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Grandchildren    Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

3.3                              3.3.2                       
Mabel Powell Perkins             Russell Perkins       Norman R. Perkins          Matthew Scot Perkins     Jacob Michael Perkins
(Continued)                      b. 12-26-1911         b. 9-2-1946                b. 3-20-1971             b. 4-19-1999
                                 d. 1-4-1994
                                                       m. 1-20-1968               m. 8-17-1996
                                 m. 1-24-1937          Penny Sontag               Jennifer Elaine Smith
                                 Louise Ward           b. 3-12-1947               b. 6-17-1974
                                 b. 10-17-1911
                                 d. 9-12-1993
                                                                                  Richard Leigh Perkins
                                                                                  b. 10-19-1976

                                                                                  Seth William Perkins
                                                                                  b. 10-14-1977

                                 Edith Irene Perkins   George Franklin Anderson   Pamela Lynn Anderson     Elizabeth Claire Burpo
                                 b. 3-19-1917          b. 4-24-1937               b. 4-8-1962              b. 8-24-1987
                                 d. 2-27-2000
                                                       m. 6-18-1960               m. 6-23-1984
                                 m. 12-23-1935         Barbara Gamble             Brad Burpo     
                                 Floyd G. Anderson     b. 3-31-1938               b. 5-7-1960              Laura Kathleen Burpo
                                 b. 10-17-1910                                                             b. 2-6-1990
                                 d. 3-26-1973

                                                                                  Kimberly Ann Anderson    Nathaniel Walker Arrowood
                                                                                  b. 7-9-1964              b. 10-4-1998

                                                                                  m. 6-15-1991
                                                                                  Derek Arrowood
                                                                                  b. 10-24-1967

                                                                                  Amy Elizabeth Anderson   Samuel Anderson Godby
                                                                                  b. 12-14-1966            b. 11-24-1995

                                                                                  m. 6-13-1992
                                                                                  Jeff Godby
                                                                                  b. 1-30-1964

3 FRANKLIN                                                                                                 Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children               Grandchildren                  Gt. Grandchildren            Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

3.3                    3.3.3                            
Mabel Powell Perkins   Edith Irene Perkins Anderson   Charles Marion Anderson      Lisa B. Anderson
(Continued)            (Continued)                    b. 1-5-1941                  b. 7-29-1970
                                                      d. 8-10-1995

                                                      m. 6-5-1964
                                                      Mary Lou Birch
                                                      b. 1-18-1943

                                                      William Frederick Anderson   Marcia Anderson
                                                      b. 6-30-1945                 b. 6-16-1970
                                                                                   d. 6-16-1970
                                                      m. 8-31-1968
                                                      Wahnita Wylie
                                                      b. 6-12-1948       
                                                                                   Mary Anderson
                                                                                   b. 5-12-1971

                                                                                   m. 10-7-1995
                                                                                   Brad Caron

                                                                                   Robert Anderson
                                                                                   b. 7-20-1974
                                                                                   d. 2-10-1996

                                                                                   William Anderson
                                                                                   b. 7-20-1974

                       Martha M. Perkins              Ora Kincaid III              Carl Matthew Kincaid           Emily Josephine Kincaid
                       b. 2-4-1920                    b. 1-9-1944                  b. 5-12-1970                   b. 12-16-1999

                       m. - -                         m. 7-5-1969                  m. 6-20-1998
                       Hale Burgman                   Daleann Murray               Melissa Walter
                       b. 9-30-1916                   b. 2-17-1947

                       m. 10-5-1940
                       Ora Kincaid II
                       b. 10-9-1918
                       d. 7-20-1978

                                                                                   Abigail Ann Kincaid
                                                                                   b. 6-29-1974

                                                      Sarajane Kincaid             Emily Kincaid Walker
                                                      b. 5-4-1947                  b. 1-3-1977

                                                      m. 9-16-1972
                                                      David S. Walker    
                                                      b. 7-9-1944                  Renner Kincaid Walker
                                                                                   b. 11-11-1983

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                        3 FRANKLIN

Children                         Grandchildren            Gt. Grandchildren        Gt. Gt. Grandchildren       Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

3.3                              3.3.5                  
Mabel Powell Perkins             Ruby Lucille Perkins     Marcia Sue Andrews       Stephanie Lynn Adams
(Continued)                      b. 6-19-1925             b. 11-22-1946            b. 9-28-1973

                                 m. 2-3-1946              m. 6-14-1969
                                 Floyd Francis Andrews    David Marshall Adams
                                 b. 2-2-1911              b. 6-18-1945             Brian Christopher Adams
                                 d. 6-20-1994                                      b. 3-27-1977

                                                          Jennifer L. Andrews
                                                          b. 3-14-1952

                                                          m. 9-23-1978
                                                          Michael Miller
                                                          b. 1-31-1948

                                                          Todd Michael Andrews     Kelsey Marie Andrews
                                                          b. 9-7-1967              b. 6-28-1998
                                                                                   d. 7-6-1998
                                                          m. 6-1-1991
                                                          Melissa Ann Meer
                                                          b. 12-10-1968  
                                                                                   Conner Franklin Andrews
                                                                                   b. 6-28-1998
                                                                                   d. 8-17-1998

3.4                              3.4.1          
Florence Susan Powell            Margaret Lucille Stahl   Leslie Lamar Wright
b. 6-26-1888                     b. 1-11-1923             b. 5-30-1948
d. 4-3-1969                      d. 9-18-1988
                                                          m. 8-18-1973
m. -27-1922                      m. 8-30-1946             Elizabeth Eleanor Huff
Henry Luther Stahl               Virgil Lamar Wright      b. 8-17-1950
b. 2-21-1896                     b. 10-2-1916
d. 2-3-1955                      d. 10-14-1979

                                                          Gary B. Wright           Amber Leigh Wright
                                                          b. 4-27-1950             b. 4-5-1978

                                                          m. 8-17-1974
                                                          Cheryl Madge Caster
                                                          b. 10-10-1953            Alex Rhea Wright
                                                                                   b. 10-17-1981

                                                                                   Christopher Andrew Wright
                                                                                   b. 1987

                                                          Alex Dale Wright         Julie Sonya Wright          Kayla Devin Barnett
                                                          b. 12-10-1951            b. 7-28-1974                b. 1991

                                                          m. 9-19-1970             m. 1992
                                                          Bonnie Lou Dixon         Steve Barnett     
                                                          b. 8-23-1952                                         Kelsey Brooke Barnett
                                                                                   m. 6-19-1999                b. 2-4-1994
                                                                                   Shawn Teague

3 FRANKLIN                                                                                                Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                Grandchildren                Gt. Grandchildren         Gt. Gt. Grandchildren             Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

3.4                     3.4.1                       
Florence Powell Stahl   Margaret Stahl Wright        Alex Dale Wright          Amy Dail Wright
(Continued)             (Continued)                  (Continued)               b. 10-25-1980

                                                                               Emily Louise Wright
                                                                               b. 6-30-1990

                                                     Gene Maurice Wright       Timothy Gene Wright               Timothy Bryce Wright
                                                     b. 2-14-1954              b. 9-14-1974                      b. 12-27-1999

                                                     m. 4-13-1974
                                                     Sandra Rae Potter
                                                     b. 2-12-1955

                                                                               Stacy Renee Wright
                                                                               b. 9-14-1980

                                                     Jewell Imogene Wright     Shannon Nichole Hack
                                                     b. 4-24-1960              b. 7-19-1978

                                                     m. 3-28-1979
                                                     Stephen Louis E. Hack
                                                     b. 11-16-1957             Ashley Roxanne Hack
                                                                               b. 2-3-1983

                        Harriet Eleanor Stahl        Ronald Charles McFarlan   Kevin Leigh McFarlan              Roxanna Kay McFarlan
                        b. 4-2-1924                  b. 11-23-1942             b. 8-13-1969                      b. 2-4-1993
                        d. 11-23-1962
                                                     m. 3-20-1969              m. -19-1990
                        m. 12-8-1942                 Betty Ann Middleton       Shannon Wilkerson       
                        Charles Alexander McFarlan   b. 12-20-1937             b. 7-22-1968                      Savannah Leigh McFarlan
                        b. 6-26-1922                                                                             b. 3-16-1996

                                                                               Susan Eleanor McFarlan
                                                                               b. 4-17-1974

                                                                               m. 2-15-1997
                                                                               Fred Aydlett
                                                                               b. 11-18-1958

                                                     Janice Day McFarlan       Monica Lynn Brown                 Charles Frederick Yardon Jr.
                                                     b. 10-17-1947             b. 7-5-1965                       b. 5-29-1983

                                                     m. - -                    m. 7-22-1982
                                                     Charles King              Charles Frederick Yardon
                                                     b. - -                    b. 7-1-1964

                                                     m. 9-15-1964
                                                     Joseph Brown
                                                     b. 8-14-1945

                        Winifred Eileen Stahl        Sharon Eileen Coffman     Raymond Harold Joyce III          Tyler Jarrett Skaggs Joyce
                        b. 11-7-1925                 b. 10-2-1947              b. 5-11-1968                      b. 2-20-1998
                        d. 5-2000
                                                     m. 11-4-1967
                        m. 3-30-1946                 Raymond Harold Joyce II
                        Otera Veachel Coffman        b. 11-19-1947
                        b. 10-22-1923

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                           3 FRANKLIN

Children                         Grandchildren            Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Grandchildren       Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

3.4                              3.4.3                              
Florence Powell Stahl            Winifred Eileen Stahl    Dennis Wayne Coffman        Tammie Renee Coffman        Derek Michael Bare
(Continued)                      (Continued)              b. 10-15-1949               b. 6-30-1970                b. 2-28-1991

                                                          m. 10-1-1969                m. 12-1990
                                                          Debbie Sue Varble           Robert Bare
                                                          b. 9-30-1952                b. 10-4-1967

                                                          Stephen Curtis Coffman      Amanda Kay Coffman
                                                          b. 12-27-1953               b. 11-6-1982

                                                          m. 8-2-1980
                                                          LaNetta Burden
                                                          b. 9-19-1957

                                                          Patricia Susan Coffman
                                                          b. 12-27-1953

                                                          m. 3-15-1975
                                                          Bernie Ray McDonald
                                                          b. 11-28-1946

                                                          m. 12-31-1992
                                                          Teddy Randall Quarles Jr.
                                                          b. 11-20-1964

3.5                              3.5.1
Martin N. Powell                 Phillip E. Powell
b. 10-24-1892                    b. 4-10-1921
d. 9-7-1973                      d. 8-1925

m. 12-24-1919
Mary A. Sims                     3.5.2                     
b. 1-2-1895                      Clarence Vernon Powell   Julia Powell                Shane Allen Salvator
d. 2-16-1986                     b. 7-3-1926              b. 7-28-1958                b. 12-1-1983

                                 m. 12-21-1957            m. 8-29-1981
                                 Winnie Ranney            Richard Salvator  
                                 b. 6-15-1933             b. 11-21-1954               Alec Allan Salvator
                                                                                      b. 3-3-1989

                                                          Peggy Powell                Breanna Leigh Buckingham
                                                          b. 6-19-1960                b. 12-3-1986

                                                          m. -5-1979
                                                          Roger Buckingham  
                                                          b. 8-14-1960                Ryan T.Buckingham
                                                                                      b. 7-7-1989
                                                                                      d. 7-7-1989

                                                                                      Bradley Curtis Buckingham
                                                                                      b. 10-9-1990

                                                                                      Brian Wesley Buckingham
                                                                                      b. 3-20-1992

3 FRANKLIN                                                                               Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children             Grandchildren           Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
3.5                  3.5.3
Martin N. Powell     Marjorie L. Powell
(Continued)          b. 8-9-1927
                     d. 8-12-1927

                     Raymond Martin Powell
                     b. 1-9-1929
                     d. 12-22-1929

3.6                  3.6.1         
Laura Edith Powell   Hiram E. Blubaugh       Edward Blubaugh
b. 3-17-1895         b. 5-5-1920             b. 9-7-1944
d. 12-25-1994                                d. 11-23-1944
                     m. 3-14-1944
m. 7-14-1918         Betty Lois Cloutier
Chester Blubaugh     b. 4-27-1916     
b. 12-1-1892         d. 2-28-1974            Robert Blubaugh     Ann Marie Blubaugh
d. 2-14-1975                                 b. 1-28-1946        b. 7-10-1968
                     m. -20-1976
                     Norma Stattings         m. 8-19-1967
                     b. 9-23-1921            Gail Martin
                     d. 12-25-1993           b. 3-4-1946         Edward Blubaugh
                                                                 b. 12-18-1971
                                             m. 8-9-1980
                                             Dorritt Ann Hall
                                             b. 5-3-1953
                                                                 Bethany Ann Blubaugh
                                                                 b. 4-4-1983

                                             Rebecca Blubaugh    Angela Kathleen Brown
                                             b. 8-15-1947        b. 8-14-1966

                                             m. 1-5-1966         m. 8-9-1986
                                             Ronald Brown        James Vennand
                                             b. 6-12-1948        b. 8-15-1963

                                             m. 2-22-1999
                                             Jeremy Shane Wynn            
                                             b. 2-22-1972        Christine Brown                Johnny Wayne Childers
                                                                 b. 1-10-1970                   b. 3-5-1994

                                                                 m. 7-10-1993
                                                                 John David Childers  
                                                                 b. 8-17-1965                   Jordan Elizabeth Childers
                                                                                                b. 3-9-1999

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                          3 FRANKLIN

Children                         Grandchildren       Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Grandchildren    Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
3.6                              3.6.1     
Laura Edith Powell               Hiram E. Blubaugh   Charles Blubaugh
(Continued)                      (Continued)         b. 10-8-1951
                                                     d. 3-29-1970

                                                     Laura Blubaugh      Ricky Sheppard
                                                     b. 11-9-1954        b. 8-23-1974
                                                     d. 12-25-1994

                                                     m. 1-2-1974
                                                     John Sheppard       Katrina Sheppard
                                                     b. 8-23-1952        b. - -
                                                     d. 12-31-1979

                                                     m. 2-14-1980
                                                     Tai Daniels         Melissa Rae Daniels
                                                     b. 10-26-1954       b. 12-3-1981
                                                     d. 1993

                                                     m. 5-18-1996
                                                     Steve Potts         Joshua Daniels
                                                     b. - -              b. 8-5-1984

                                                                         Frank Potts
                                                                         b. 5-16-1980

                                                                         Richard Potts
                                                                         b. 7-13-1982

                                 Elmo A.Blubaugh     Elmo Blubaugh Jr.   David Allen Blubaugh
                                 b. 5-21-1922        b. 9-4-1952         b. 4-3-1980
                                 d. 1-31-1981
                                                     m. - -1979
                                 m. 12-2-1945        Laura O’Neil
                                 Mildred Fisher                          Ann Catherine Blubaugh
                                 b. 9-16-1926                            b. 9-24-1983

                                                     Dwight Blubaugh
                                                     b. 7-1-1958

Dwight Powell
b. 1897
d. 1897

Bor n: 10 - 26- 1857     Died: 7-3-1923

            Married: 1879

Bor n: 7-2- 1857       Died: 12- 15- 1922
Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                4 PRISCILLA

Children                         Grandchildren              Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

Earl DeLong
b. 9-21-1879
d. 8-1885

Olive DeLong
b. 9-13-1881
d. 1-19-1968

m. 8-30-1913
Cleveland Rush
b. 3-29-1885

m. 11-23-1933
George L. Foster
b. 1-13-1879
d. 9-30-1941

m. 7-16-1945
Alonzo L. Williams
b. 2-20-1879
d. 1959

4.3                              4.3.1
Charles DeLong                   Francis Paul DeLong
b. 8-28-1888                     b. 4-28-1914
d. 7-8-1970                      d. 5-4-1914

m. 6-12-1913
Fannie Mae Cottrell              4.3.2
b. 11-14-1890                    Thelma June DeLong
d. 3-9-1922                      b. 8-14-1915
                                 d. 5-4-1977
m. -26-1923
Anna Pauline Wilcox              m. 2-3-1940
b. 4-26-1884                     Anton Popp
d. 12-21-1976                    b. 5-5-1916
                                 d. 12-21-1981

                                 Maybelle Pauline DeLong
                                 b. 8-16-1917

                                 m. 11-23-1939
                                 Fred C. Brill
                                 b. 10-30-1917
                                 d. 9-7-1964

                                 Virginia Isabelle DeLong
                                 b. 3-28-1921

                                 m. 1944
                                 Louis Taylor
                                 b. 1898
                                 d. 12-21-1972

Bor n: 5-22- 1856   Died: 12- 3- 1870
Bor n: 2-14- 1858   Died: 3- 16- 1915

        Married: 6-1-1881

Bor n: 6- 3- 1865   Died: 2- 17- 1932
Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                         6 SHERMAN

Children                         Grandchildren       Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

Curtis Powell
b. 12-27-1882
d. 8-1883

6.2                              6.2.1     
Edith Powell                     Granville Powell    Janet Powell
b. 3-31-1883                     b. 5-19-1903        b. 6-22-1927
d. 4-14-1957
                                 m. - -
m. - -                           Ola Rummel
Hayes                            b. - -              Peggy Powell
b. - -                                               b. 8-28-1929

m. - -
Earl Helpman                               
b. 12-6-1884                                         Patsy Powell
d. 9-23-1950                                         b. 8-28-1929

                                 Clair Helpman
                                 b. 3-11-1906
                                 d. 11-22-1982

                                 m. - -
                                 Ruth Gardner
                                 b. 9-5-1907
                                 d. 8-31-1983

                                 Aldine Helpman
                                 b. 7-1909
                                 d. 5-1942

                                 m. 1933
                                 Albert Vogtberger
                                 b. - -

                                 Edward Helpman
                                 b. 2-13-1916

                                 m. 10-1935
                                 Miriam Brand
                                 b. 7-22-1916

6 SHERMAN                                                                    Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children       Grandchildren   Gt. Grandchildren     Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
6.2            6.2.5      
Edith Powell   Harry Helpman   Shirley Mae Helpman   Pam Hall
(Continued)    b. 12-23-1917   b. 6-22-1937          b. 10-4-1955
               d. 6-6-1972
                               m. 2-7-1955
               m. 9-19-1936    John Hall   
               Betty Taylor    b. 2-10-1935          John Hall
               b. 12-25-1918                         b. 8-30-1957

                                                     Sue Hall
                                                     b. 8-23-1958

                                                     Michael Hall
                                                     b. 11-16-1959

                                                     Tim Hall
                                                     b. 4-18-1961

                                                     Amy Hall
                                                     b. 1-18-1963

                                                     Dyan Hall
                                                     b. 8-14-1965

                                                     Steve Hall
                                                     b. 9-11-1966

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                            6 SHERMAN

Children                         Grandchildren   Gt. Grandchildren       Gt. Gt. Grandchildren      Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

6.2                              6.2.5        
Edith Powell                     Harry Helpman   Barbara Jean Helpman    Terry Cress
(Continued)                      (Continued)     b. 3-12-1939            b. 5-12-1962

                                                 m. 8-6-1962
                                                 Terry Cress   
                                                 b. 10-4-1937            Lori Cress
                                                                         b. 6-8-1965

                                                                         Beth Cress
                                                                         b. 2-17-1975

                                                 Terry Walter Helpman    Scott Helpman
                                                 b. 4-7-1940             b. 7-3-1966

                                                 m. 5-11-1963
                                                 Carol Varn    
                                                 b. 2-2-1943             Terry Lynn Helpman
                                                                         b. 7-3-1966

                                                 Jo Ann Louise Helpman   Troy Ehrsam
                                                 b. 10-4-1942            b. 11-2-1971

                                                 m. 8-10-1963
                                                 Kenneth Ehrsam
                                                 b. 11-5-1942

                                                 David Edward Helpman    David Edward Helpman Jr.
                                                 b. 9-11-1945            b. 2-13-1969

                                                 m. 6-5-1968
                                                 Debra Roby    
                                                                         Jeffery Helpman
                                                                         b. 8-28-1976

                                                 Sandra Helpman          William Spradlin
                                                 b. 6-1-1947             b. 8-30-1964

                                                 m. 2-28-1964
                                                 William Spradlin
                                                 b. 7-1945               Brian Spradlin
                                                                         b. 7-22-1967

                                                                         Bonnie Spradlin
                                                                         b. 8-24-1970

                                                                         Becky Spradlin
                                                                         b. 3-26-1971

6 SHERMAN                                                                       Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children          Grandchildren   Gt. Grandchildren    Gt. Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

6.2               6.2.5     
Edith Powell      Harry Helpman   Carol Lynn Helpman   Adam Powlesland
(Continued)       (Continued)     b. 8-14-1948         b. 8-13-1967
                                                       d. 5-20-1971
                                  m. 11-10-1965
                                  Daniel Powlesland
                                  b. 10-14-1948
                                                       Jamie Powlesland
                                                       b. 5-11-1973

                                                       Christopher Powlesland
                                                       b. 9-26-1978

                                  Debra Kay Helpman    Kelly Calmes
                                  b. 10-23-1950        b. 4-8-1974

                                  m. 4-22-1972
                                  Richard Calmes
                                  b. 9-5-1948          Ryan Calmes
                                                       b. 5-17-1977

                                  Cathy Jo Helpman     Traci Blackford
                                  b. 11-1-1951         b. 10-2-1974

                                  m. 9-18-1971
                                  Raymond Blackford
                                  b. 9-20-1950         Holly Blackford
                                                       b. 6-30-1975

                                                       Amanda Blackford
                                                       b. 10-3-1977

Harry Powell
b. 7-5-1885
d. 2-17-1921

m. 1915
Sedella Stine
b. - -

Mamie E. Powell
b. 8-28-1889
d. 5-3-1939

m. 6-7-1911
Lloyd L.Ohl
b. 4-20-1890
d. 2-1-1959

Ralph Powell
b. 8-3-1895
d. 10-1918

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                          6 SHERMAN

Children                         Grandchildren       Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Grandchildren    Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

6.6                              6.6.1        
Gail Powell                      Margaret Hanna      Jo Ellen Simon      Kimberly Binger
b. 6-7-1898                      b. 11-20-1917       b. 8-23-1945        b. 9-12-1972
d. 12-1-1966
                                 m. 9-27-1940        m. 10-25-1969
m. 1-2-1917                      George Simon        Larry D.Binger
Ralph W.Hanna                    b. 12-21-1917       b. 9-24-1942
b. - -

                                 Jan Simon
                                 b. 11-2-1947

                                 m. 4-15-1969
                                 David Minard
                                 b. 12-27-1941

6.7                              6.7.1        
Ethel Powell                     James G. Campbell   James G. Campbell   Alyson Campbell
b. 8-28-1904                     b. 3-14-1928        b. 1-31-1951        b. 6-23-1979
d. 12-23-1943
                                 m. 1-31-1950        m. 6-17-1972
m. - -                           Helen Hampton       Victoria Pirolli
Hernby                           b. 5-27-1929        b. 9-14-1951        Abbey L. Campbell
b. 8-28-1904                                                             b. 9-30-1983

m. 11-24-1922
Harry Campbell                                                 
b. - -                                                                   Angela R. Campbell
                                                                         b. 1-19-1985

                                                     Michael Campbell    Mary Ann Campbell
                                                     b. 6-30-1953        b. 10-27-1985

                                                     m. 8-11-1984
                                                     Nancy Jean Kohler
                                                     b. 5-24-1957        Amy Elizabeth Campbell
                                                                         b. 10-10-1987

                                                                         Katy Lynn Campbell
                                                                         b. 7-14-1989

                                                     July Campbell       Andrew S. Hudak
                                                     b. 8-9-1960         b. 11-5-1981

                                                     m. - -
                                                     b. - -              Sarah McCann
                                                                         b. 5-30-1985
                                                     m. 2-25-1984
                                                     James McCann
                                                     b. 1-29-1950
                                                                         James J. McCann
                                                                         b. 2-26-1988

                                                                         Margaret Ellen McCann
                                                                         b. 5-18-1990

6 SHERMAN                                                               Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children    Grandchildren   Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

                            Lynn Campbell       Emily Jagos
                            b. 8-9-1960         b. 12-31-1987

                            m. 4-22-1983
                            Matthew Golds
                                                John Jagos
                            m. 8-2-1986         b. 2-11-1990
                            John Jagos
                            b. 12-24-1950

Children of ANDREW Powell
Bor n: 5-25- 1827 Died: 4- 17- 1916

          and his second wife

     caroline dotson
Bor n: 12 - 14- 1838   Died: 9- 19- 1877

         Married: 3- 15- 1860
 Bor n: 6-15- 1861   Died: 4- 30- 1938

         Married: 12- 8- 1881

 Bor n: 3-28- 1857   Died: 6- 17- 1952
Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                   7 ELLEN

Children                         Grandchildren         Gt. Grandchildren       Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

7.1                              7.1.1
Ellsworth Hamlin                 James Ernest Hamlin
b. 6-6-1883                      b. 5-19-1916
d. 2-9-1940                      d. 5-21-1916

m. 12-24-1910
Maud May Weirough                7.1.2              
b. 9-15-1886                     Martha Lois Hamlin    Janet Lois Apple        Christopher Sean Beam
d. 7-9-1939                      b. 1-27-1920          b. 8-2-1942             b. 1-21-1966

                                 m. 12-23-1940         m. 9-29-1963
                                 Emerson Ray Apple     Gerald Edward Beam
                                 b. 3-9-1918           b. 8-14-1942            Michael Edward Beam
                                                                               b. 10-26-1968

                                                       Genise Ruth Apple       Jennifer Ann Priebe
                                                       b. 7-19-1952            b. 9-23-1978

                                                       m. 8-30-1974
                                                       James Ray Priebe
                                                       b. 12-10-1952

                                 John Phillip Hamlin   Cheryl Ann Hamlin       Jason Douglas Hanna
                                 b. 1-4-1926           b. 9-14-1951            b. 5-22-1978

                                 m. 3-31-1951          m. 7-12-1974
                                 Phyllis Ann Harris    Douglas Allen Hanna
                                 b. 4-26-1929          b. 7-5-1948             Chad Matthew Hanna
                                                                               b. 4-25-1980

                                                       William Joseph Hamlin   John Wilson Hamlin
                                                       b. 1-7-1954             b. 3-29-1974

                                                       m. 9-28-1973
                                                       Lu Ann Nalle  
                                                       b. 11-16-1953           Julie Ann Hamlin
                                                                               b. 6-23-1977

                                                                               Joella Marie Hamlin
                                                                               b. 8-26-1980

                                                       Jacqueline Kay Hamlin   Amber Nicole Clouser
                                                       b. 8-2-1957             b. 4-10-1985

                                                       m. 7-24-1982
                                                       Thomas Clouser
                                                       b. 5-13-1953            Emily Ann Clouser
                                                                               b. 6-9-1987

7 ELLEN                                                                                               Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                 Grandchildren             Gt. Grandchildren       Gt. Gt. Grandchildren             Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

7.2                      7.2.1                  
Emerson Kenneth Hamlin   Paul Kenneth Hamlin       Marilyn Sue Hamlin      Mark Alan Bradbury
b. 4-2-1885              b. 8-4-1909               b. 12-31-1937           b. 7-20-1968
d. 12-4-1921
                         m. 11-1934                m. 9-7-1963
m. 11-20-1908            Ruth Elizabeth Campbell   William C. Bradbury
Sarah Ellen Bobb         b. 6-18-1910              b. 12-24-1932
b. 11-23-1892
d. 1-6-1983              m. 10-2-1946
                         June Catherine Heidke
                         b. 6-2-1918

                                                   Sara Ellen Hamlin       Wendy Sue Norris
                                                   b. 9-2-1941             b. 4-22-1967

                                                   m. 7-25-1964
                                                   James Charles Norris
                                                                           Brian James Norris
                                                                           b. 4-9-1968

                                                                           Matthew James Norris
                                                                           b. 12-20-1972

                                                   Cathy Michelle Hamlin   Jeffrey Paul Lufkin
                                                   b. 11-23-1947           b. 8-17-1970

                                                   m. 9-16-1967
                                                   William Eaton Lufkin
                                                   b. 12-17-1945           Melissa Michlelle Lufkin
                                                                           b. 1-19-1974

                                                                           Laura Kristen Lufkin
                                                                           b. 3-19-1980

                         Howard Eugene Hamlin      David Eugene Hamlin     David Eugene Hamlin Jr.
                         b. 4-11-1916              b. 8-29-1943            b. 3-15-1964

                         m. 9-1940                 m. - -
                         Ruth Monita Spahr         Mary Kay Muth 
                         b. 12-20-1918             b. 10-24-1944           Donna Charlene Hamlin
                                                                           b. 8-3-1965

                                                                           Deborah Ann Hamlin
                                                                           b. 12-11-1967

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                            7 ELLEN

Children                         Grandchildren             Gt. Grandchildren         Gt. Gt. Grandchildren      Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
7.3                              7.3.1                    
Howard Elroy Hamlin              Julia Elizabeth Hamlin    Norine Elizabeth Duncan   Eleanor Margaret Cashman
b. 7-9-1888                      b. 9-1-1917               b. 2-27-1949              b. 8-27-1977
d. 8-19-1963
                                 m. 2-12-1944              m. 4-5-1972
m. 8-24-1916                     Charles Harrison Duncan   David Harold Cashman
Margaret Elizabeth Henry         b. 11-17-1913             b. 12-24-1947
b. 5-4-1892
d. 8-17-1990

                                                           John Duncan Duncan
                                                           b. 9-8-1952
                                                           d. 9-12-1952

                                                           Sarah Lucy Duncan         Noah Jonathan Finn
                                                           b. 10-26-1954             b. 2-24-1980

                                                           m. 6-20-1976
                                                           Peter Finn      
                                                           b. 3-31-1954              Emily Margaret Finn
                                                                                     b. 8-6-1982

                                 Robert H. Hamlin          Andrew Werner Hamlin      Sean Gabriel Hamlin
                                 b. 4-2-1923               b. 5-25-1962              b. 7-4-1993

                                 m. 12-16-1960             m. 12-27-1990
                                 Lise Beate Kraschewski    Shannon Rae Summer
                                 b. 3-16-1931                                        Jeremiah Robert Hamlin
                                                                                     b. 12-6-1994

                                 Henrietta Jane Hamlin     Paul Howard Staker        William Paul Staker
                                 b. 11-7-1924              b. 9-10-1952              b. 4-1989
                                 d. 1-4-1987
                                                           b. - -
                                 m. 12-27-1949             Cynthia A.Dillon
                                 William Paul Staker       d. - -1991
                                 b. 4-9-1919
                                 d. 12-22-1989

                                                           Susan Jane Staker         Andrew Mark Mossman
                                                           b. 7-30-1954              b. 9-25-1991

                                                           m. 11-25-1989
                                                           Mark Alan Mossman
                                                                                     Timothy James Mossman
                                                                                     b. 6-20-1993

                                                                                     Peter Michael Mossman
                                                                                     b. 6-21-1993

Florence Ermo Hamlin
b. 12-20-1890
d. 6-15-1978

Edna Mae Hamlin
b. 1-4-1893
d. 5-16-1925

7 ELLEN                                                                                    Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children             Grandchildren           Gt. Grandchildren     Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
7.6                  7.6.1              
Carl Dewey Hamlin    Leland Carl Hamlin      Jo Lee Hamlin         Brea D. Hamlin
b. 4-21-1898         b. 7-13-1928            b. 1-7-1949           b. 8-9-1985
d. 4-29-1950
                     m. 5-27-1948            m. - -
m. 8-16-1927         Jo Ann Apple            Tim Stroub
LaVon Helen Miller   b. 1-31-1929            b. - -
b. 11-20-1904
d. 10-12-1971                                m. - -
                                             Homer Lee Cowell
                                             b. - -

                                             Terry Lee Hamlin
                                             b. 3-23-1953

                                             m. - -
                                             Aleta Cunningham
                                             b. 9-9-1956

                                             m. 5-18-1991
                                             Karla Gardner
                                             b. - -

                                             Debra Lee Hamlin      Nedra Dyonne Wireman
                                             b. 12-1-1955          b. 4-23-1978

                                             m. 10-8-1977
                                             Randy Wireman
                                             b. 11-29-1955         Sybil Rae Wireman
                                                                   b. 3-18-1983

                                                                   Randi Jo Wireman
                                                                   b. 8-20-1984

                                             Robert Lee Hamlin     Robert Chad Hamlin
                                             b. 4-17-1957          b. 12-20-1989

                                             m. 5-17-1982
                                             Martha Aikens
                                             b. 10-29-1960         Chloe Ann Hamlin
                                                                   b. 3-16-1994

                     Jo Ann Phyllis Hamlin   Larry Ray Roberts     Nicole Lynn Roberts
                     b. 8-27-1929            b. 12-11-1951         b. 4-29-1976

                     m. 7-9-1950             m. 3-18-1972
                     Ray Ethan Roberts       Gail Bergman
                     b. 6-17-1929            b. 2-20-1952          Stephanie Ann Roberts
                                                                   b. 8-15-1982
                                             m. 10-18-1975
                                             Suzanne Marie Ihnat
                                             b. 3-17-1957

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                     7 ELLEN

Children                         Grandchildren           Gt. Grandchildren      Gt. Gt. Grandchildren    Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

7.6                              7.6.2               
Carl Dewey Hamlin                Jo Ann Phyllis Hamlin   Kristin Ann Roberts    Mandie Jo Bryant
(Continued)                      (Continued)             b. 1-17-1958           b. 8-28-1988

                                                         m. 2-18-1984
                                                         Jeffery Scott Bryant
                                                         b. 6-22-1959           Chelsie Ann Bryant
                                                                                b. 8-28-1988

                                                         Timothy Jon Roberts    Austin Nicolas Roberts
                                                         b. 5-11-1961           b. 10-13-1988

                                                         m. 10-4-1985
                                                         Julia Ann Barnhisel
                                                         b. 3-20-1963           Logan Michael Roberts
                                                                                b. 9-10-1992

                                                                                Olivia Paige Roberts
                                                                                b. 7-12-1994

                                                         Sandra Jo Roberts      Matthew Scott Coburn
                                                         b. 2-20-1964           b. 5-8-1989

                                                         m. 9-20-1986
                                                         Scott Link Coburn
                                                         b. 3-16-1962           Mackenzie Ann Coburn
                                                                                b. 4-16-1995

 Bor n: 8-27- 1862      Died: 8- 12- 1950

         Married: 12- 23- 1888

         ELL A ERA YATES
 Bor n: 10 - 22- 1868   Died: 6- 20- 1934
Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                              8 ELLSWORTH

Children                         Grandchildren            Gt. Grandchildren    Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
8.1                              8.1.1           (Twin)     
Eva Lois Powell                  Winifred Louise Dorsey   Sally Jean Clymer    Michele Kay Gillespe    Tyler Aeron Mullet
b. 10-20-1889                    b. 5-10-1914             b. 8-21-1940         b. 6-8-1964             b. 2-14-1996
d. 7-17-1964
                                 m. 8-18-1939             m. 6-15-1962         m. 5-4-1995
m. 8-17-1912                     Thomas Verdell Clymer    William Gillespe     Troy Mullet
Cylde Dorsey                     b. 7-2-1914              b. 3-16-1936         b. 8-27-1970
b. 10-30-1887
d. 12-5-1914

m. 1-1-1924
Byron C. Shoemaker
b. 5-26-1868
d. 8-14-1926

                                                                               Valleria Sue Gillespe
                                                                               b. 2-15-1966

                                                                               m. 9-6-1998
                                                                               Rusty Gehrisch
                                                                               b. 11-10-1966

                                                          Thomas Dean Clymer   Lynn Alan Clymer
                                                          b. 8-21-1940         b. 6-23-1964

                                                          m. 8-15-1963
                                                          Barbara Doty     
                                                          b. 8-2-1943          Jeffrey Lee Clymer      Zane Michael Clymer
                                                                               b. 12-25-1966           b. 11-28-1995

                                                                               m. 5-2-1992
                                                                               Tabetha Keihl 
                                                                               b. 8-20-1967            Nelson Lee Clymer
                                                                                                       b. 9-29-1998

                                                                               Brian Todd Clymer
                                                                               b. 8-16-1969

                                                          Mary Ann Clymer      Andrea Maria Stacy      Amanda Lynn Wilkison
                                                          b. 1-1-1944          b. 11-8-1967            b. 8-23-1988

                                                          m. 8-1-1966          m. 10-8-1987
                                                          William Stacy        Randy Wilkison
                                                          b. 6-6-1944          b. 6-23-1967            Kelly Christopher Wilkison
                                                                                                       b. 6-27-1991
                                                          m. 9-19-1980
                                                          Mark Bolenbaugh
                                                          b. 1-11-1947                       
                                                                                                       Brady Austin Wilkison
                                                                                                       b. - -

                                                                               Krista Elaine Stacy     Jessi Rhoan Metzger
                                                                               b. 8-8-1973             b. 10-24-1998

                                                                               m. 7-4-1997
                                                                               Shannon Metzger
                                                                               b. 2-25-1972

Carl Ellsworth Powell
b. 10-12-1891
d. 9-5-1892

8 ELLSWORTH                                                                                            Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                     Grandchildren            Gt. Grandchildren        Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

8.3                          8.3.1          
Ilo May Powell               Lois Stringfellow        Elizabeth Eeles
b. 9-16-1893                 b. 3-18-1913             b. 5-29-1940
d. 5-28-1985                 d. 12-12-1986

m. 5-28-1918                 m. 5-17-1937   
George Thomas Stringfellow   Charles Eeles            Charles David Eeles
b. 12-9-1885                 b. 11-20-1907            b. 1-25-1944
d. 7-18-1958                 d. 6-24-1995

8.4                          8.4.1                  
Bernice Fay Powell           Mary Louise Bair         Steven Eldon Schafer     Schane Eldon Schafer
b. 6-15-1896                 b. 1-22-1921             b. 2-2-1952              b. 5-19-1973
d. 9-30-1987
                             m. 7-24-1943             m. 6-19-1971             m. 6-22-1996
m. 3-20-1918                 Eldon Waldo Schafer      Dianne Sue Dukes         Michelle Renee Baird
Harry Ernest Bair            b. 6-3-1918              b. 7-27-1951             b. 8-9-1973
b. 11-2-1895                 d. 4-10-1984
d. 10-29-1977
                             m. 1-21-1990                            
                             James Earl Clayton Sr.                            Andrew Gordon Schafer
                             b. 9-20-1922                                      b. 6-10-1976

                                                                               m. 11-23-1996 Amy Sue
                                                                               b. 8-25-1976

8.5                          8.5.1                  
Helen P. Powell              Patricia Ann Huffman     Krista Ann Laube         Nicholas William McMahan
b. 10-16-1898                b. 2-14-1927             b. 10-10-1951            b. 9-8-1981
d. 8-3-1977
                             m. 6-14-1949             m. 6-15-1974
m. 9-20-1922                 Norbert (Bud) Laube      William W. McMahan III
Ralph Huffman                b. 4-24-1923             b. 7-5-1951              Adam Wishart McMahan
b. 4-23-1900                                                                   b. 3-24-1985
d. 10-31-1960

                                                      Steven Joseph Laube      Steven Walker Laube
                                                      b. 2-8-1953              b. 8-14-1994

                                                      m. 9-2-1989
                                                      Diane Walker   
                                                      b. 11-14-1960            Andrew Powell Laube
                                                                               b. 5-29-1996

                                                      Mark Edward Laube        Emily Ann Laube
                                                      b. 7-20-1954             b. 4-8-1976

                                                      m. 9-6-1975
                                                      Cathy Beckwith 
                                                      b. 7-24-1953             Charles Norbert Laube
                                                                               b. 10-26-1978

                                                                               Matthew Jay Laube
                                                                               b. 7-27-1981

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                              8 ELLSWORTH

Children                         Grandchildren           Gt. Grandchildren     Gt. Gt. Grandchildren     Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
8.5                              8.5.1              
Helen P. Powell                  Patricia Ann Huffman    Douglas Laube         Joshua Anthony Laube
(Continued)                      (Continued)             b. 5-7-1959           b. 5-31-1997

                                                         m. 1-10-1981
                                                         Shona Elrod 
                                                         b. 3-13-1961          Lindsey Marie Laube
                                                                               b. 2-18-1999
                                                         m. 8-24-1996
                                                         Lori Lynn Lessig
                                                         b. - -

                                                         David Laube           Christopher David Laube
                                                         b. 8-26-1960          b. 7-2-1992

                                                         m. 3-17-1990
                                                         Mari O’Brien
                                                                               Madeline Ruth Laube
                                                                               b. 10-3-1994

                                                                               Meredith Ann Laube
                                                                               b. 10-3-1994

8.6 (Twin)                       8.7.1              
Hester Powell                    Cynthia Ann Shoemaker   Heather Ann Bahlman   Emma Kathleen Vahle
b. 10-16-1898                    b. 4-1-1943             b. 4-28-1970          b. 7-24-1998

m. 6-23-1921                     m. 6-12-1965            m. 10-10-1992
John W. Grimm                    Steven H. Bahlman       Darren Louis Vahle
b. 12-4-1898                     b. 10-16-1941           b. 1-11-1969
d. 9-21-1985

Dorothy M. Powell
b. 6-23-1904
d. 5-3-1992

m. 6-21-1926
Robert J. Shoemaker
b. 2-21-1903
d. 7-19-1985

                                                         Deborah Sue Bahlman   Jacob Daniel Brown
                                                         b. 9-29-1973          b. 4-3-1999

                                                         m. 6-24-1995
                                                         Eric Daniel Brown
                                                         b. 5-1-1974

8 ELLSWORTH                                                                                     Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                  Grandchildren          Gt. Grandchildren      Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
8.8                       8.8.1        
Marion Ellsworth Powell   Janet K. Powell        Rick Lynn Cherry
b. 5-13-1910              b. 9-19-1941           b. 11-26-1967
d. 5-7-1964
                          m. 8-7-1966            m. 5-5-1996
m. 8-18-1934              Roy Cherry             Rhoda Yun Gai
Alice Wyer                b. 11-8-1938           b. 7-29-1963
b. 6-26-1914

                          James Gregory Powell   Jennifer Sue Powell
                          b. 1-23-1954           b. 5-16-1981

                          m. 8-16-1975
                          Diane Renee Lentz
                          b. 9-12-1955           Jeffrey Allen Powell
                                                 b. 4-16-1983

Bor n: 11 - 27- 1863    Died: 1- 27- 1940

          Married: 10- 1893

 Bor n: 8- 3- 1866     Died: 3- 14- 1943
Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                  9 CHARLES

Children                         Grandchildren          Gt. Grandchildren        Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

9.1                              9.1.1                
Homer K. Powell                  King Powell            Ross Powell
b. 7-5-1890                      b. - -                 b. - -
d. 1967
                                 m. - -                 m. - -
m. - -
Hattie Smith
b. - -

Jason Powell
b. - -
d. 1892

9.3                              9.3.1        
Othello Dotson Powell            David Charles Powell   Walter David Powell
b. 9-16-1894                     b. 5-14-1926           b. 12-17-1954
d. 3-16-1962
                                 m. 2-2-1950            m. 4-2-1976
m. 4-12-1922                     Judith Ann Ahrens      Margaret Reed Burchell
Mirian Estella Trittschuh        b. 11-4-1929           b. 12-8-1945
b. 7-15-1895
d. 12-16-1986
                                                        Katharine Elise Powell   Caleb David Cooper
                                                        b. 11-26-1957            b. 9-20-1982

                                                        m. 3-20-1980
                                                        Craig Skelly Cooper
                                                        b. 5-16-1956             Emily Anne Cooper
                                                                                 b. 2-14-1984

                                 Helen F. Powell
                                 b. 2-1-1928

Chester Powell
b. 10-7-1895
d. 4-15-1962

Glenna Jackson
b. - -
d. 1981

Bor n: 3-21- 1865   Died: 2- 19- 1958

        Married: 3-4-1890

Bor n: 5-25- 1866   Died: 7- 26- 1934
Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                            10 SULLIVAN

Children                         Grandchildren         Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

10.1                             10.1.1        
Marie Powell                     Virginia Benson       Earl Launder Jr.    Jeffery Lynn Launder
b. 9-11-1892                     b. 7-7-1920           b. 3-26-1948        b. 10-1-1966
d. 3-16-1984
                                 m. 8-20-1946          m. 6-5-1966
m. 9-10-1919                     Earl Launder          Marcia Businger
Howard Benson                    b. 8-20-1916          b. 11-3             Jonathan Launder
b. 1-21-1897                                                               b. 4-2-1969
d. 4-10-1973

                                                                           Jan Anthony Launder
                                                                           b. 12-31-1972

                                                                           Jason Earl Launder
                                                                           b. 10-14-1974

                                                       Nancy Launder
                                                       b. 4-29-1949

                                                       Rose Ann Launder
                                                       b. 4-26-1953

                                                       Thomas Launder
                                                       b. 7-8-1954

                                                       m. 6-5-1976
                                                       Beth Alge
                                                       b. 2-1-1956

                                 Martha Benson
                                 b. 3-23-1925

                                 m. 7-4-1964
                                 Dale Amstutz
                                 b. 2-11-1928

10.2                             10.2.1            
Roy C. Powell                    Luella Agnes Powell   James J. Russell    James Scott Russell     James Eric Russell
b. 8-21-1895                     b. 10-28-1916         b. 11-28-1936       b. 9-20-1959            b. 8-13-1980
d. 2-15-1966
                                 m. 1-30-1936          m. 11-29-1958       m. 7-15-1978
m. 1915                          James H. Russell      Carolyn Perkins     Nikki Rettig  
Irene Snyder                     b. 2-19-1915          b. 11-30-1939       b. 4-16-1959            Amanda Marie Russell
b. 5-15-1897                                                                                       b. 7-23-1981

                                                                                                   Matthew Russell
                                                                                                   b. 12-5-1983

                                                                           Craig Steven Russell    Steven James Russell
                                                                           b. 11-23-1961           b. 8-19-1984

                                                                           m. 4-9-1983
                                                                           Dianne Crum
                                                                           b. 4-16-1963

10 SULLIVAN                                                                                 Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children               Grandchildren         Gt. Grandchildren      Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
10.2                   10.2.1           
Roy C. Powell          Luella Agnes Powell   Todd Allen Russell     David Russell
(Continued)            (Continued)           b. 2-23-1949           b. 3-15-1971

                                             m. 12-27-1969
                                             Paula Sue Ellington
                                             b. 2-21-1948           Carissa Marie Russell
                                                                    b. - -

10.3                   10.3.1
Arthur E. Powell       Lester E. Powell
b. 11-15-1898          b. 2-15-1922
d. 1-15-1979           d. 2-9-1944

m. 10-13-1919
Vesta A. Blunk
b. 12-5-1901
d. 11-2-1979

10.4                   10.4.1                      
Dwight Powell          Maxine E. Powell      Aubrey Leon McEnery    Sharon Lynn McEnery            Mandi Lizabeth Ward
b. 2-21-1902           b. 1-29-1925          b. 11-20-1943          b. 11-27-1966                  b. 8-24-1987
d. 1-23-1997
                       m. 2-21-1943          m. 4-13-1965           m. 7-14-1986
m. 1-8-1924            Aubrey O.McEnery      Frances Darlene Dean   Robin Ward           
Esther E. Sims         b. 2-22-1923          b. 3-23-1947           b. - -                         Christina Lynn Accardo
b. 11-6-1908           d. 7-9-1988                                                                 b. 9-7-1990
d. 2-12-1971                                 m. 12-9-1978           m. 10-27-1990
                       Div. - -              Barbara June Dwyer     Carl Accardo II
m. 2-8-1930            m. - -                d. 12-7-1987           b. - -               
Ethel I. Mick          Vaughn W.Stuck                                                              Carl Accardo III
b. 5-15-1901           b. 4-26-1925                                                                b. 4-3-1994
d. 12-7-1987

m. 5-26-1988
Zella Leora Richards
d. 5-31-1996

                                                                    Terrence Lee McEnery           Stephanie Loise McEnery
                                                                    b. 1-14-1968

                                                                                                   Amber Lynn McEnery
                                                                                                   b. 6-15-1988

                                                                                                   Katie Lin McEnery
                                                                                                   b. 2-17-1990

                                                                    Paul Leonard McEnery
                                                                    b. 7-20-1971

                                             Gary Lane McEnery      Jeffery Lane McEnery
                                             b. 1-5-1946            b. 9-8-1964
                                             d. 5-4-1993

                                             m. - -       
                                             Diana Mae Yuhas        David Lloyd McEnery
                                             b. 7-26-1945           b. 5-14-1973

                                             m. - -
                                             Carol Wilda Cole
                                             b. 3-4-1944            Jason Landon McEnery
                                                                    b. 1-25-1975

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                  10 SULLIVAN

Children                         Grandchildren          Gt. Grandchildren       Gt. Gt. Grandchildren      Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

10.4                             10.4.1                    
Dwight Powell                    Maxine E. Powell       Dixie Jo Lee McEnery    Alan Lane McEnery          Heather Lee McEnery
(Continued)                      (Continued)            b. 12-28-1950           b. 8-11-1967               b. 3-9-1986

                                                        m. - -                  m. 5-12-1988
                                                        Alan Yeoman             Cynthia Stoner   
                                                        b. - -                                             Alan Lane McEnery
                                                                                                           b. 12-14-1989
                                                        m. 11-24-1972
                                                        James W. Pendergrass
                                                        b. 10-31-1945
                                                        d. 10-1-1982

                                                                                Genna Lynne Pendergrass
                                                                                b. 2-24-1980

                                                        Wilson Larry McEnery    Shari Lee McEnery
                                                        b. 9-21-1952            b. 12-14-1975

                                                        m. - -
                                                        Carolyn Smith 
                                                        b. 5-11-1974            James Lawrence McEnery
                                                                                b. 12-20-1989
                                                        m. 8-19-1990
                                                        Nichole Wallace
                                                        b. - -
                                                        d. 5-1-1992

                                                        m. 7-11-1994
                                                        Joy-Beth Anne Hall
                                                        b. - -

                                                        Wendy Lee Stuck         Sabastion Lance Richmond
                                                        b. 8-26-1968            b. 7-3-1993

                                 Robert Eugene Powell   Patricia Susan Powell
                                 b. 3-4-1927            b. 3-24-1951

                                 m. 12-4-1948       
                                 Catherine Molterni     Debbie Powell           Andrea Meredith
                                 b. 6-24-1925           b. 8-3-1953             b. 12-15-1978

                                                        m. - -
                                                        b. - -

                                                        Bobby J. Powell
                                                        b. 1-15-1956

                                                        Andy Powell
                                                        b. 10-23-1957

                                                        Jeannie Powell
                                                        b. 10-5-1960

                                                        Barbara J. Powell
                                                        b. 5-8-1963

10 SULLIVAN                                                                          Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children         Grandchildren     Gt. Grandchildren         Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

10.4             10.4.3  
Dwight Powell    Kathleen Powell   Christine Michele Blair
(Continued)      b. 5-1-1948       b. 2-5-1967

                 m. 6-11-1966
                 Robert Blair
                 b. 4-28-1947      Pamela Sue Blair
                                   b. 6-19-1969

                                   Matthew Scott Blair
                                   b. 10-7-1970

Harold Powell
b. 9-11-1905
d. 11-11-1984

m. 2-9-1927
Eula B. Moore

m. 6-7-1944
Mildred Carnes
b. 11-7-1907

Bor n: 10 - 14- 1866   Died: 3-8-1911

        Married: 3- 17- 1898

Bor n: 2- 13- 1879     Died: 9-7-1978
Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                            11 HUNTINGTON

Children                         Grandchildren         Gt. Grandchildren         Gt. Gt. Grandchildren    Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
11.1                             11.1.1              
Treva Pauline Powell             Billy Frazier         Pamela Ann Frazier        Kathryn Kelly Cottrel
b. 1-24-1899                     b. 6-10-1924          b. 4-24-1950              b. 10-5-1977
d. 1-24-1986                     d. 9-19-1944
                                                       m. 7-10-1971
m. 8-16-1923                                           William Russell Cottrel
Clark Frazier                    11.1.2                b. 7-1-1949               Anne Elizabeth Cottrel
b. 9-16-1889                     Clark Kelly Frazier                             b. 5-5-1982
d. 2-26-1951                     b. 12-12-1927

                                 m. 10-3-1948                          
                                 Mary Lou Steegman                               Erin Rose Cottrel
                                 b. 2-9-1929                                     b. 11-27-1987

                                                       William Dean Frazier
                                                       b. 7-26-1954

                                                       Deborah Sue Frazier       Alisa Sue Bolen
                                                       b. 10-28-1959             b. 8-6-1986

                                                       m. 8-8-1981
                                                       Billy Dean Bolen
                                                       b. 6-26-1959              Kyle Lewis Bolen
                                                                                 b. 5-14-1987

                                                       Christine Rae Frazier     Matthew Eric Doolittle
                                                       b. 10-23-1963             b. 4-21-1995

                                                       m. 12-15-1990
                                                       Eric Lewis Doolittle
                                                       b. 12-7-1965              Andrew Clark Doolittle
                                                                                 b. 11-3-1998

                                 Ferrall N. Frazier    Terri Lynn Frazier        Sarah Grace Althaus
                                 b. 10-22-1935         b. 4-22-1959              b. 8-21-1986

                                 m. 9-14-1957          m. 6-11-1983
                                 Gail Francis          Todd Althaus    
                                 b. 11-29-1937         b. 2-28-1957              Rebekah Joy Althaus
                                                                                 b. 9-29-1988

                                                                                 Rachelle Hope Althaus
                                                                                 b. 8-11-1990

                                                                                 Thomas Courage Althaus
                                                                                 b. 12-29-1995

                                                       Linda Susan Frazier       Abby Lynn Williams
                                                       b. 12-18-1962             b. 10-21-1990

                                                       m. 6-9-1990
                                                       Mark Williams   
                                                       b. 12-10-1961             Alex Arthur Williams
                                                                                 b. 7-12-1993

11 HUNTINGTON                                                                                                  Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                      Grandchildren              Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Grandchildren            Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

11.2                          11.2.1           
Waldo E. Powell               Bruce Kinsey Powell        Brian Bruce Powell
b. 7-20-1900                  b. 9-26-1929               b. 3-21-1961
d. 11-26-1934
                              m. 2-1-1958                m. 5-19-1988
m. 9-14-1927                  Laura Delores Sikorski     Gretchen Ann Idle
Dorothy Ann Kinsey            b. 6-6-1931                b. - -
b. 9-15-1903                  d. 2-10-1988
                                                         m. 11-1994
                                                         June Miller
                                                         b. - -

Flossie L. Powell
b. 4-24-1902
d. 4-2-1984

m. 6-26-1948
Bion St. John Schutt
b. 2-21-1884
d. 3-15-1959

11.4                          11.4.1                     
Esther Lavon Powell           Ted Eugene Van Steenburg   Michael Ted Van Steenburg   Michelle Nicole Van
b. 12-10-1903                 b. 3-26-1926               b. 5-19-1953                Steenburg
d. 9-8-1977                   d. 4-19-1965                                           b. 4-16-1983
                                                         m. 4-25-1981
m. 12-13-1922                 m. -10-1952                Victoria Mae Chamberlin
Charles Bruce Van Steenburg   June Cossin                b. 12-25-1948
b. 10-27-1902                 b. 6-10-1928
d. 11-22-1962

                                                         Kip Patrick Van Steenburg   Chase Tyler Van Steenburg
                                                         b. 3-16-1958                b. 10-11-1985

                                                         m. 8-31-1980
                                                         Jennifer Lynne Patterson
                                                         b. 6-3-1959                 Haley Danielle Van Steenburg
                                                                                     b. 9-29-1987

                                                         Karen Marie Van Steenburg   Nathaniel Mark Douglas
                                                         b. 7-14-1959                b. 2-19-1984

                                                         m. 9-26-1981
                                                         Mark Vincent Douglas
                                                         b. 9-25-1958                Justin Michael Douglas
                                                                                     b. 1-8-1986

                                                                                     Joshua Ryan Douglas
                                                                                     b. 11-1-1987

                                                                                     Zachary Kenneth Douglas
                                                                                     b. 6-14-1991

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                  11 HUNTINGTON

Children                         Grandchildren              Gt. Grandchildren         Gt. Gt. Grandchildren     Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

11.4                             11.4.2                   
Esther Lavon Powell              Alice Joan Van Steenburg   Alan Randolph Rosa        Sergio Michael Rosa
(Continued)                      b. 1-26-1931               b. 3-15-1949              b. 4-14-1972

                                 m. 7-4-1948                m. 7-17-1971
                                 Sergio Rosa                Kathleen Ottomanelli
                                 b. 6-19-1927               b. 11-8-1946              Melissa Marie Rosa
                                                                                      b. 6-20-1975

                                                            Sandra Lee Rosa           Ashley Elizabeth Stuart
                                                            b. 12-30-1952             b. 6-5-1991

                                                            m. 10-29-1972
                                                            Charles C. Paruolo Jr.
                                                            b. 10-7-1943

                                                            m. 11-17-1984
                                                            John Stuart
                                                            b. 5-1-1951

                                                            Debra Sue Rosa            Kristy Lynn Jagelka
                                                            b. 12-31-1954             b. 6-4-1978

                                                            m. 8-25-1974
                                                            Thomas Jagelka  
                                                            b. 5-9-1953               Deanna Rose Mayo
                                                                                      b. 3-31-1996
                                                            m. 10-25-1991
                                                            Michael Angelo Mayo
                                                            b. 11-17-1961

                                                            Mark Anthony Rosa         Lyonella Astrid Rosa
                                                            b. 7-13-1961              b. 8-11-1981

                                                            m. 10-11-1980
                                                            Yathyra Astrid Portilla
                                                            b. 3-1-1963               Natalie Jayn Rosa
                                                                                      b. 5-22-1983
                                                            m. 4-5-1986
                                                            Luanne Goeren
                                                            b. 8-26-1956    
                                                                                      Mark Anthony Rosa
                                                                                      b. 6-8-1986

                                                                                      Benjamin Agostino Rosa
                                                                                      b. 12-3-1988

                                                                                      Desiree Giacomina Rosa
                                                                                      b. 7-9-1990

Mae Belle Powell
b. 5-17-1905
d. 6-2-1982

m. 9-15-1927
Theron H. Glathart
b. 8-6-1898
d. 7-26-1938

11 HUNTINGTON                                                                                         Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                Grandchildren           Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Grandchildren            Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
11.6                    11.6.1                  
Gaylord Dotson Powell   Lane D. Powell          Andrew Scott Powell         Kara Kane Powell
b. 6-4-1908             b. 12-9-1932            b. 7-22-1957                b. 5-19-1986
d. 6-13-1992
                        m. 11-27-1954           m. 8-9-1980
m. 11-8-1930            Janet Lynn Kiser        Constance Kane    
Mary Ellene Gallant     b. 9-11-1934            b. 3-25-1957                Benjamin Lane Powell
b. 9-30-1910                                                                b. 1-27-1988
d. 9-30-1966

m. 3-15-1969
Helen Newcomer
b. 10-12-1915

                                                Allison May Powell          Hillary Lane Meyers
                                                b. 4-8-1960                 b. 7-12-1992

                                                m. 2-22-1986
                                                Randy Meyers      
                                                b. 10-24-1962               Samuel Dale Meyers
                                                                            b. 7-18-1995

                        Roger Earl Powell       Julie Jo Powell             Michelle Renee Motter
                        b. 9-5-1936             b. 2-13-1958                b. 5-6-1979

                        m. 6-22-1956            m. 10-16-1976
                        Joan Carroll Anderson   Rodney Lee Motter 
                        b. 7-19-1938            b. 12-31-1956               Aaron Lee Motter
                                                                            b. 12-28-1983

                                                Jana Michelle Powell        Evan Kent Hartman
                                                b. 6-6-1961                 b. 5-13-1991

                                                m. 8-16-1985
                                                Rodney Kent Hartman
                                                b. 12-15-1960               Mitchell Reed Hartman
                                                                            b. 12-22-1993

                                                William Eugene
                                                “Gene” Powell
                                                b. 9-22-1968

                                                m. 11-2-1996
                                                Dorothy Louise
                                                “Darcy” Reeves
                                                b. 2-20-1968

                        Ned Tracy Powell        Nicole Danielle Powell      Jessi Noel Opperthauser
                        b. 7-17-1942            b. 5-25-1974                b. 12-25-1997

                        m. 6-12-1966            m. 10-22-1994
                        Karen Lou Sheidler      Karl Matthew Opperthauser
                        b. 9-6-1944             b. 5-15-1973

                                                Patrick Dean Powell
                                                b. 4-9-1981

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                           11 HUNTINGTON

Children                         Grandchildren           Gt. Grandchildren     Gt. Gt. Grandchildren     Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

11.6                             11.6.4            
Gaylord Dotson Powell            Marcia Ann Powell       Angela Ann Weber      Mitchell James Shaw
(Continued)                      b. 11-15-1943           b. 12-30-1965         b. 1-10-1995

                                 m. 5-9-1964             m. 9-28-1991
                                 Donald Carl Weber       Peter William Shaw
                                 b. 4-19-1943            b. 2-2-1960           Zachary William Shaw
                                                                               b. 1-30-1998

                                                         Melissa Lynn Weber    Hannah Elizabeth Recker
                                                         b. 10-15-1968         b. 7-18-1998

                                                         m. 10-2-1993
                                                         Craig Thomas Recker
                                                         b. 7-19-1968

11.7                             11.7.1        
Laurel C. Powell                 Gretchen Powell         David Henderson
b. 7-8-1909                      b. 8-15-1937            b. 3-29-1960
d. 6-9-1967                                              d. 7-1970
                                 m. 8-30-1958
m. 5-28-1934                     John Steven Henderson
Dorothy Cramer                   b. 10-31-1939 
b. 3-11-1908                                             John Daniel Spaits
d. 2-23-1997                     m. 8-15-1961            b. 3-14-1962
                                 Frank Spaits            d. 4-10-1963
                                 b. 5-23-1940

                                 m. 1-29-1969  
                                 Aso Forwale Pili        Gilbert Spaits
                                 b. 3-26-1948            b. 6-7-1965

                                                         Erik Aso Pili
                                                         b. 11-2-1969

Bor n: 12 - 14- 1867   Died: 7- 19- 1964

          Married: 2-5-1889

Bor n: 3-14- 1861      Died: 3- 28- 1943
Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                           12 JENNIE

Children                         Grandchildren                Gt. Grandchildren        Gt. Gt. Grandchildren    Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

12.1                             12.1.1                    
Inez Burdetto Troutner           Florence Ethelyne Farthing   James David Cline        Paul David Cline
b. 2-1-1890                      b. 11-6-1911                 b. 6-28-1936             b. 4-7-1961
d. 5-8-1976                      d. 7-2-1998
                                                              m. 4-9-1960              m. 10-18-1986
m. 10-20-1910                    m. 7-22-1933                 Charlotte Ann Peterson   Dyanna Jo Osborne
Joseph Ellis Farthing            Milford James David Cline    b. 12-19-1940            b. 5-20-1967
b. 4-28-1889                     b. 2-17-1908
d. 12-22-1971                    d. 1-13-1984
                                 m. 1-15-1987                                          Cynthia Florence Cline   Forrest Michael Oswald
                                 J.B.Peterson                                          b. 6-11-1962             b. 6-12-1983
                                 b. 7-6-1915
                                                                                       m. 9-6-1981
                                                                                       Michael Erling Oswald
                                                                                       b. 6-18-1961

                                                                                       m. -16-1992
                                                                                       Marc Alexander Howell
                                                                                       b. 1-8-1968

                                                                                       Bryce Milford Cline
                                                                                       b. 4-10-1967

                                 Cleone Alberta Farthing      Carolyn Jean Unser       Steven Dane Hitzeman     Tyler Dane Hitzeman
                                 b. 11-27-1912                b. 4-14-1941             b. 8-20-1961             b. 9-14-1993

                                 m. 9-16-1935                 m. 9-24-1960             m. 8-6-1988
                                 Howard Watson Unser          Erwin C. Hitzeman        Teresa Elaine Gonzalas
                                 b. 10-19-1913                b. 3-15-1939             b. 11-19-1960            Neal Carl Hitzeman
                                 d. 8-16-1967                                                                   b. 12-2-1995

                                                                                       Scott Dale Hitzeman
                                                                                       b. 9-23-1962

                                                                                       m. 6-15-1996
                                                                                       Denise Collins
                                                                                       b. - -

                                                                                       Brent Lane Hitzeman      Theodore Hitzeman
                                                                                       b. 4-10-1967             b. 4-26-1996

                                                                                       m. 8-22-1992
                                                                                       Camilla Lee Drury
                                                                                       b. 12-22-1963

                                                                                       Reid Bennett Hitzeman
                                                                                       b. 8-30-1969

                                                                                       m. 10-2-1993
                                                                                       Jennifer Yilek
                                                                                       b. 5-29-1971

                                                                                       Holly Larissa Hitzeman
                                                                                       b. 8-10-1972

12 JENNIE                                                                                              Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                 Grandchildren             Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

12.1                     12.1.2                   
Inez Burdetto Troutner   Cleone Alberta Farthing   Robert Leland Unser        Gregory Alan Unser
(Continued)              (Continued)               b. 6-7-1945                b. 5-17-1971

                                                   m. 8-27-1969
                                                   Faith Naomi Philpot
                                                   b. 2-6-1948                Heather Melissa Unser
                                                                              b. 6-25-1974

                                                                              m. 7-8-1995
                                                                              Shane Groner

                                                                              Gwendolyn Beth Unser
                                                                              b. 5-24-1976

                                                                              m. 7-10-1999
                                                                              Craig Jackson

                                                                              Brian David Unser
                                                                              b. 1-19-1985

                         Elmer Burdette Farthing   Donald Burdette Farthing   Kim Marie Farthing
                         b. 2-7-1915               b. 7-19-1939               b. 9-14-1960
                         d. 7-21-1992
                                                   m. 10-1-1961
                         m. 1-1-1939               Joyce Smith Troxel
                         Burnis Nedra Miley        b. 1939                    David Wayne Farthing
                         b. 6-24-1917                                         b. 6-2-1962
                                                   m. 11-7-1965
                                                   Carol Sue Jones-Ritcher    m. -6-6
                                                   b. 11-13-1942              Linda Franck
                                                                              b. 11-13-1942

                                                                              Tatia Renee Farthing            Amikela Maura Green
                                                                              b. 12-5-1967                    b. 5-24-1992

                                                                              m. 12-25-1993
                                                                              William Green
                                                                              b. - -

                                                                              Curtis Lynn Farthing
                                                                              b. 4-24-1969

                                                                              m. 8-22-1992
                                                                              Sharon Kay Yarnell
                                                                              b. - -

                                                                              Michael Allen Farthing          Erika Michelle Farthing
                                                                              b. - -1961                      b. 10-15-1987

                                                                              m. 8-3-1983
                                                                              Denise M. Johnson     
                                                                              b. - -                          Drew Thomas Farthing
                                                                                                              b. 10-21-1989

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                          12 JENNIE

Children                         Grandchildren             Gt. Grandchildren         Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

12.1                             12.1.3                      
Inez Burdetto Troutner           Elmer Burdette Farthing   Joyce Ellen Farthing      Steven Miles Stover     Melissa Stover
(Continued)                      (Continued)               b. 6-24-1940              b. 4-17-1963            b. 7-12-1980

                                                           m. 9-21-1960              m. - -
                                                           James Richard Stover      Wendy Leonhardt
                                                           b. 4-16-1941              b. - -

                                                                                     Joni Ann Stover         Christopher Belleville
                                                                                     b. 9-14-1964            b. 7-31-1984

                                                                                     m. - -
                                                                                     William Belleville
                                                                                     b. - -

                                                           Janis Burdetta Farthing   Darin David Frantz      Lacey Anderson Frantz
                                                           b. 1-9-1943               b. 7-24-1966            b. 1-9-1986

                                                           m. 7-20-1962              m. 6-1-1985
                                                           David Dean Frantz         Karen Anderson
                                                           b. 7-3-1943

                                                                                     Kelly Jo Frantz
                                                                                     b. 12-18-1968

                                                           Dennis Dean Farthing      Tonya Marie Farthing
                                                           b. 1-8-1945               b. 11-15-1971

                                                           m. -1-1971
                                                           Carol Irene Teders
                                                           b. 8-20-1950              Gregory Dean Farthing
                                                                                     b. 12-14-1972

                                                                                     Sarah Marie Farthing
                                                                                     b. 2-15-1989

                                                           Janeen Joan Farthing      Bradley Wade Elliot
                                                           b. 5-10-1948              b. 1-8-1969

                                                           m. 3-13-1971              m. 7-1-1989
                                                           William Dale Elliot       UNNAMED
                                                           b. 10-24-1935             b. - -

                                                                                     Mark Allen Elliot
                                                                                     b. 2-16-1973

                                                                                     Stace Jo Elliot
                                                                                     b. 7-5-1974

12 JENNIE                                                                                             Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                 Grandchildren              Gt. Grandchildren      Gt. Gt. Grandchildren             Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

12.1                     12.1.4                
Inez Burdetto Troutner   Merritt Galen Farthing     Linda Jane Farthing    Marna Elizabeth Nicholas
(Continued)              b. 2-14-1917               b. 4-11-1941           b. 5-25-1967
                         d. 9-12-1988
                                                    m. - -
                         m. 1-22-1940               Phillip Nicholas
                         Margaret Hayes             b. - -                 Spencer Mark Nicholas
                         b. 2-1917                                         b. 7-15-1970

                         m. 1-3-1946
                         Gertrude Cimino
                         b. 9-3-1921

                         m. 8-23-1956
                         Evelyn Louise Antel
                         b. 3-2-1914

                         Ellsworth LeRoy Farthing
                         b. 12-6-1919
                         d. 12-11-1919

                         Carolyn Farthing
                         b. 9-30-1920
                         d. 9-30-1920

                         Virginia Eileen Farthing   Sharon Mae Nigh        Dorthy Ann Boots Burnett          Dwain Edward Albert Jr.
                         b. 5-20-1922               b. 11-9-1942           b. 12-2-1962                      b. 6-18-1983

                         m. 1-5-1942                m. 10-30-1961          Dwain Edward Albert
                         Woodrow Willis Nigh        Ronald Boots           b. 9-15-1963            
                         b. 1-6-1915                b. 6-4-1940                                              Jayma LeAnn Albert
                         d. 8-22-1975                                                                        b. 6-15-1985
                                                    m. 6-9-1967
                                                    Matthew Burnett
                                                    b. 3-4-1952                                    
                                                                                                             Allysa Chantel Albert
                                                                                                             b. 2-6-1987

                                                                           Crystal Rae Burnett               Alexander James Peppe
                                                                           b. 7-12-1968                      b. 8-15-1993

                                                                           m. 6-9-1990
                                                                           James Peppe
                                                                           b. 6-8-1966

                                                                           Karl Matthew Burnett
                                                                           b. 3-4-1977

                                                                           Hope Ellen Burnett
                                                                           b. 5-23-1979

                                                    Frederick Ellis Nigh
                                                    b. 12-13-1945
                                                    d. 9-17-1968

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                       12 JENNIE

Children                         Grandchildren              Gt. Grandchildren        Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

12.1                             12.1.7                  
Inez Troutner                    Virginia Eileen Farthing   Andrew Gail Nigh         Toby Lynn Nigh
(Continued)                      (Continued)                b. 5-9-1949              b. 9-17-1969

                                                            m. 11-30-1968            m. 3-5-1994
                                                            Nancy Ann Norwood        Kelli Dee Linekin
                                                            b. 9-23-1949             b. 6-7-1968

                                                                                     Shawn Frederick Nigh
                                                                                     b. 12-13-1976

                                                                                     Nicole Ann Nigh
                                                                                     b. 12-5-1977

                                                                                     Candice Marie Nigh
                                                                                     b. 4-6-1984

                                                            John Michael Nigh        Jason Michael Nigh
                                                            b. 8-30-1950             b. 11-1-1977

                                                            m. 8-17-1973
                                                            Susan Schwinn
                                                            b. 6-17-1952

                                                            Karron Kae Nigh          Colin Dean Chappell
                                                            b. 8-11-1954             b. 7-23-1990

                                                            m. -29-1976
                                                            Terry A. Glaser

                                                            m. 8-26-1982
                                                            Bruce Chappell
                                                            b. 9-9-1946

                                                            Cynthia Ann Nigh         Anthony Frederick
                                                            b. 1-9-1957              Magno Silva
                                                                                     b. 4-16-1982
                                                            m. 3-13-1976
                                                            Augusto Magno Silva
                                                            b. 11-13-1954

                                                            Cecile Sue Nigh          Kurt Joseph Thompson
                                                            b. 5-13-1958             b. 4-2-1984

                                                            m. 11-5-1976
                                                            Ronnie L.Hartman
                                                            b. - -                   Bradley Ryan Thompson
                                                                                     b. 6-5-1986
                                                            m. 5-19-1980
                                                            Jerry DeWayne Thompson
                                                            b. 10-7-1959   
                                                                                     Matthew Jay Thompson
                                                                                     b. 7-3-1990

12 JENNIE                                                                                    Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children        Grandchildren              Gt. Grandchildren      Gt. Gt. Grandchildren             Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

12.1            12.1.7                
Inez Troutner   Virginia Eileen Farthing   Phillip J. Nigh        Christopher Phillip Nigh
(Continued)     (Continued)                b. 1-2-1961            b. 2-7-1992

                                           m. 9-2-1989
                                           Celeste Ann Gunther
                                                                  Rachel Elizabeth Nigh
                                                                  b. 4-7-1996

                Margaret Eloise Farthing   Larry Lynn Leonard     Robert Dean Leonard
                b. 12-8-1923               b. 5-20-1942           b. 3-29-1964

                m. 7-13-1941               m. 5-25-1963
                Ralph W. Leonard           Ruth Ella Risner
                b. 6-9-1922                b. 5-18-1941           Brian Patrick Leonard
                d. 1-9-1986                                       b. 3-17-1966
                                           m. -21-1995
                                           Maria Papole
                                           b. - -

                                           Samuel Ralph Leonard   Mark S.Leonard
                                           b. 7-11-1943           b. 12-30-1964
                                                                  d. 12-30-1992
                                           m. 7-24-1964
                                           Merrily C. Kennedy
                                           b. 9-9-1944  
                                                                  Karen Lee Leonard
                                                                  b. 9-7-1967

                                                                  m. 4-30-1988
                                                                  Jay Bentivegna
                                                                  b. - -

                                                                  m. 5-14-1994
                                                                  Rodney Crandall
                                                                  b. - -

                                                                  Kathleen A. Leonard               Lacey Hughes
                                                                  b. 11-25-1969                     b. 4-3-1998

                                                                  m. - -
                                                                  Troy Hughes             
                                                                  b. - -                            Bo Edward Spencer
                                                                                                    b. 2-27-1990
                                                                  m. 12-10-1988
                                                                  Paul E. Spencer
                                                                  b. - -

                                                                  Chad Michael Leonard              McKenna Leonard
                                                                  b. 2-19-1974                      b. 7-1-1997

                                                                  m. - -
                                                                  Chastity Phillips
                                                                  b. - -

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                        12 JENNIE

Children                         Grandchildren              Gt. Grandchildren         Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

12.1                             12.1.8                   
Inez Troutner                    Margaret Eloise Farthing   Patricia K. Leonard       Derek Snyder
(Continued)                      (Continued)                b. 10-24-1944             b. 12-30-1969

                                                            m. 6-5-1965
                                                            Charles R. Snyder
                                                            b. 1-1-1944               Darin Charles Snyder
                                                                                      b. 12-23-1971

                                                                                      m. 6-13-1996
                                                                                      Aniko Mattson
                                                                                      b. - -

                                 Le Jean Mae Farthing       Sheila Anne Ford          Tabetha Ann Fox
                                 b. 4-4-1927                b. 7-2-1948               b. 3-15-1976

                                 m. 5-26-1946               m. 5-12-1972              m. 9-26-1998
                                 Foster Forest Ford         Kenneth William Fox Jr.   Brian Boissonneault
                                 b. 5-12-1920               b. 12-12-1947

                                                                                      Flint William Fox
                                                                                      b. 10-11-1977

                                                            Sandra Lee Ford           Christen Renee Cole
                                                            b. 11-13-1951             b. 5-8-1982

                                                            m. 12-1-1973
                                                            Paul Lyman Cole
                                                            b. 5-20-1946
                                                            d. 3-31-1993

                                                            Craig Foster Ford         Michael John Ford
                                                            b. 10-10-1953             b. 6-12-1974
                                                                                      d. 8-6-1999
                                                            m. 2-9-1973
                                                            Patricia Ann Gorrell      m. 6-1-1996
                                                            b. 6-16-1954              Stephanie Rowe
                                                                                      b. - -

                                                                                      Alecia Lynn Ford
                                                                                      b. 12-29-1975

                                                                                      m. 7-22-1995
                                                                                      Steven Pieraccini

                                                                                      Pamela Dawn Ford
                                                                                      b. 5-23-1977

12 JENNIE                                                                                         Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children        Grandchildren              Gt. Grandchildren             Gt. Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

12.1            12.1.9                       
Inez Troutner   Le Jean Mae Farthing       Kyle Forest Ford              Kyle Steven Ford
(Continued)     (Continued)                b. 3-24-1957                  b. 7-17-1977

                                           m. 9-11-1976
                                           Louann Edinger      
                                           b. 7-13-1958                  Angela Marie Ford
                                                                         b. 12-17-1979
                                           m. 6-8-1985                   d. 3-17-1999
                                           Mary Susan Patterson
                                           b. 1-23-1957        
                                                                         Nickolos Ryan Ford
                                                                         b. 5-16-1982

                                                                         Terence Lee Kirkendall
                                                                         b. 4-22-1975

                                                                         Travis Lee Kirkendall
                                                                         b. 9-9-1976

                                                                         Troy Lee Kirkendall
                                                                         b. 4-2-1980
                                                                         d. 4-2-1980

                                           Tamara Jean Ford
                                           b. 1-3-1965

                Marilyn Powell             Douglas Allen Armentrout      Ryan Douglas Armentrout
                b. 12-14-1929              b. 1-11-1953                  b. 11-16-1985
                d. 1-6-1999
                                           m. 11-1978
                m. 10-2-1949               Pam                 
                Robert Lester Armentrout   b. - -                        Megan Jean Armentrout
                b. 2-23-1928                                             b. 5-17-1987

                                                                         Jill Marie Armentrout
                                                                         b. 1-3-1989

                                           Scott Armentrout Armentrout   Ryan John Armentrout
                                           b. 5-21-1956                  b. 5-25-1982

                                           m. 6-20-1987
                                           Kathy Marie Lovett  
                                           b. 8-27-1965                  Kimberly Ann Armentrout
                                                                         b. 8-23-1988

                                           Drew Robert Armentrout
                                           b. 10-12-1957

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                       12 JENNIE

Children                         Grandchildren          Gt. Grandchildren         Gt. Gt. Grandchildren      Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

Arthur Burton Troutner
b. 12-3-1893
d. 11-13-1985

12.3                             12.3.1                      
Florence May Troutner            Wilma Irene Farthing   Randall Jay Bovee         Nancy Louise Bovee         Amanda Renee Wade
b. 11-18-1899                    b. 10-23-1929          b. 3-2-1952               b. 7-24-1972               b. 12-14-1992
d. 5-4-1986
                                 m. 6-4-1950            m. 3-30-1972              m. 8-6-1990
m. 6-29-1927                     Merl Gene Bovee        Betty Jean Taylor         Neill Otto
Earl Merritt Farthing            b. 2-12-1927           b. 9-1-1952               b. - -
b. 2-27-1899
d. 11-9-1992                                                                      m. 9-18-1992
                                                                                  Gary Dean Wade
                                                                                  b. - -

                                                                                  b. 10-23-1974
                                                                                  d. 10-23-1974

                                                                                  Diana Marie Bovee
                                                                                  b. 6-8-1979

                                                                                  Richard Gordon Bovee
                                                                                  b. 8-14-1980

                                                                                  Sandra Irene Bovee
                                                                                  b. 10-5-1983

                                                                                  Christopher Arthur Bovee
                                                                                  b. 12-4-1987

                                                        Jeffery Gene Bovee        Steven Alexander Bovee
                                                        b. 11-14-1953             b. 8-8-1980

                                                        m. 4-9-1977
                                                        Pamela A. Mackres
                                                        b. 8-18-1957

                                                        Mickey Orlin Bovee        Chad Dustin Bovee
                                                        b. 8-22-1955              b. 11-14-1979

                                                        m. 9-9-1978
                                                        Barbara E. Krieger Maki   Paula Lynn Maki
                                                        b. 3-30-1945              b. 2-17-1965

                                                                                  Terri Denise Maki
                                                                                  b. 6-22-1968

                                                                                  Nicki Lee Maki
                                                                                  b. 6-7-1975

12 JENNIE                                                                                           Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                Grandchildren               Gt. Grandchildren      Gt. Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

12.3                    12.3.1            
Florence May Troutner   Wilma Irene Farthing        Karen Louise Bovee
(Continued)             (Continued)                 b. 1-24-1958
                                                    d. 11-23-1976

                                                    Annette Marie Bovee    Jared Robert Peverly
                                                    b. 9-30-1962           b. 10-24-1992

                                                    m. 4-25-1987
                                                    Dale Peverly 
                                                    b. 3-23-1962           Eric Thomas Peverly
                                                                           b. 5-20-1996

                        Florence Lucille Farthing   David Allen Dishong
                        b. 2-11-1931                b. 9-11-1957
                                                    d. 9-11-1957
                        m. - -1952
                        Tom Bach
                        b. - -            
                                                    Gary Lee Dishong
                        m. 11-11-1956               b. 1-14-1959
                        John David Dishong
                        b. 4-27-1929
                        d. 4-22-1989           
                                                    Carlene Ann Dishong    Jason Michael Kitchen
                                                    b. 8-21-1960           b. 4-29-1982

                                                    m. 7-6-1980
                                                    Michael L. Kitchen
                                                    b. 9-2-1959            Justin David Kitchen
                                                                           b. 1-20-1985

                                                                           Nicole Kitchen
                                                                           b. 3-28-1989
                                                                           d. 3-28-1989

                                                                           Adam Ross Kitchen
                                                                           b. 6-9-1990

                                                    Brian Eugene Dishong   Jonathan James Dishong
                                                    b. 8-22-1965           b. 1-3-1985

                                                    m. 8-31-1984
                                                    Heather Campbell
                                                    b. 11-25-1966          David Robert Dishong
                                                                           b. 9-5-1989

                                                                           Matthew Brian Dishong
                                                                           b. 6-10-1991

                                                    Neil LaVerne Dishong
                                                    b. 4-6-1967

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                            12 JENNIE

Children                         Grandchildren               Gt. Grandchildren         Gt. Gt. Grandchildren      Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

12.3                             12.3.3                    
Florence May Troutner            Earl Eugene Farthing        Suzette Jolene Farthing   Ryan Edward Dingess
(Continued)                      b. 4-10-1932                b. 3-6-1959               b. 9-30-1985

                                 m. 6-8-1961                 m. 9-24-1983
                                 Joanne Elizabeth Creaglow   James Edward Dingess
                                 b. 12-19-1936               b. 6-11-1958              Amanda Marie Dingess
                                                                                       b. 10-12-1986
                                                             m. 6-15-1991
                                                             Don Paul Smals
                                                             b. 7-12-1956    
                                                                                       Nicolas Farthing Smals
                                                                                       b. 1-3-1992

                                                                                       Lyndsay Renee Smals
                                                                                       b. 8-3-1993

                                                             Janette Renee Farthing    Christian Matthew Watson
                                                             b. 6-30-1962              b. 10-24-1993

                                                             m. 5-20-1989
                                                             Jeffrey Jesse Watson
                                                             b. 6-30-1962              Courtney Nicole Watson
                                                                                       b. 8-21-1997

                                 Lynn LaVerne Farthing       Teresa Lynne Farthing
                                 b. 8-1-1933                 b. 3-15-1961

                                 m. 11-18-1956               m. 9-15-1984
                                 Dorla Marlene Linhart       Gregory Gene Brown
                                 b. 6-29-1937                b. 6-29-1960

12.4                             12.4.1            
Kenneth Eugene Troutner          Naida Lane Troutner         Adam Douglas Andrews
b. 1-3-1903                      b. 7-29-1936                b. 3-18-1963

m. 9-9-1935
Ruth L. Kelley                   12.4.2            
b. 9-12-1911                     Karen Gay Troutner          Ariel Kathleen Andrews
d. 5-10-1957                     b. 10-3-1939                b. 11-28-1964

m. 10-22-1960                    m. 6-11-1961                m. 1-6-1990
Marvel M.Patton                  Larry Andrews               Jason Charles Bokar
b. 2-13-1909                     b. 8-9-1940                 b. 5-16-1964

                                                             Elisif Amienne Andrews
                                                             b. 12-22-1966

                                                             m. 7-14-1990
                                                             David Walker Brandon
                                                             b. 10-28-1967

                                                             Elodie Antonia Andrews
                                                             b. 9-8-1970

12 JENNIE                                                                                                 Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                  Grandchildren               Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

12.4                      12.4.3            
Kenneth Eugene Troutner   Pamela Ruth Troutner        Erik Charles Fredette
(Continued)               b. 11-14-1940               b. 3-13-1969

                          m. 12-14-1963               m. 9-26-1992
                          Charles Cosner              Veronica Jo Middleton
                          b. 5-13-1941                b. 8-21-1973

                          m. 8-5-1974
                          William Fredette  
                          b. 10-29-1948               William Edward
                                                      Troutner Fredette
                          m. 12-1-1989                b. 6-11-1970
                          Nick Gene Bardo
                          b. - -                      m. 2-13-1993
                                                      Renee Elaine Wolford
                                                      b. 4-29-1971

                          Douglas Powell Troutner     Timothy Douglas Troutner
                          b. 5-15-1942                b. 2-12-1980

                          m. 6-17-1978
                          Francis Kathryn MacMurray
                          b. 3-29-1952                Theresa Ann Troutner
                                                      b. 6-12-1983

                          Mary Beth Troutner
                          b. 3-22-1949

                          m. 11-24-1989
                          Raul Martinez
                          b. 10-22-1949

Mary Irene Troutner
b. 10-6-1904
d. 5-30-1980

m. 7-18-1931
Roy Clements
b. 9-14-1902
d. 8-29-1974

12.6                      12.6.1            
Lowell LaVerne Troutner   Howard LaVerne Troutner     David Carter Troutner
b. 9-9-1909               b. 1-24-1937                b. 11-8-1961
d. 4-2-1997
                          m. 8-17-1958                m. 9-12-1992
m. 11-18-1934             Shirley Lucille Coker       Kimberly Suzanne McAdams
Lillian Rose Farthing     b. 9-22-1937                b. 11-15-1970
b. 2-22-1914
                          m. 6-28-1997
                          Susan Ione Lance           
                          b. 8-3-1945                 Douglas Clarke Troutner    Kyle Douglas Troutner
                                                      b. 4-23-1963               b. 3-24-1992

                                                      m. 7-1-1989
                                                      Kimberly Sue Myers
                                                      b. 10-11-1965              Jason Clark Troutner
                                                                                 b. 12-19-1993

                                                                                 Kaitlin Renee Troutner
                                                                                 b. 11-18-1996

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                        12 JENNIE

Children                         Grandchildren             Gt. Grandchildren        Gt. Gt. Grandchildren     Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

12.6                             12.6.1                 
Lowell LaVerne Troutner          Howard LaVerne Troutner   Daniel Craig Troutner    Timothy Daniel Troutner
(Continued)                      (Continued)               b. 5-9-1967              b. 8-26-1994

                                                           m. 9-1-1990
                                                           Jennifer Kay Schaefer
                                                           b. 10-4-1969             Peter Jacob Troutner
                                                                                    b. 2-25-1996

                                                                                    Rebecca Noelle Troutner
                                                                                    b. 9-14-1998

                                 Blaine Eugene Troutner
                                 b. 6-22-1942
                                 d. 6-22-1942

                                 Elaine Ann Troutner       Keith Aaron Ensign
                                 b. 6-22-1942              b. 3-5-1968

                                 m. 5-2-1965
                                 James Franklin Ensign
                                 b. 11-27-1941             Jill Marie Ensign
                                                           b. 11-22-1971

                                                           m. 6-13-1992
                                                           David Lucas
                                                           b. 5-1970

                                 William Elmer Troutner    Heather Lentz Troutner
                                 b. 11-29-1951             b. 8-4-1970
                                                           d. 1-24-1994
                                 m. 7-27-1974
                                 Cathy Denise Lentz
                                 b. 1-26-1952    
                                                           Kevin Kyle Troutner
                                                           b. 8-18-1975

Bor n: 2-13- 1869   Died: 3- 29- 1967

        Married: 9-1-1909

Bor n: 9-27- 1878   Died: 4- 26- 1966
Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                 13 HOMER

Children                         Grandchildren         Gt. Grandchildren      Gt. Gt. Grandchildren     Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

13.1                             13.1.1           
Homer Eugene Powell              Daryl Eugene Powell   Deborah Kay Powell     Stephanie Ann Minerich
b. 11-16-1910                    b. 10-3-1937          b. 7-1-1959            b. 10-18-1984
d. 11-25-1997
                                 m. 8-16-1958          m. 3-21-1981
m. 5-30-1935                     Nancy M. Gillespie    Shannon Minerich
Mary Edith Hawver                b. 12-22-1937         b. 7-25-1959
b. 3-22-1911
                                 m. 5-2-1970
                                 Judith M. Fromm
                                 b. 11-1-1943

                                                       Susan Carol Powell     Kevin Jerome Perkins
                                                       b. 12-16-1960          b. 2-3-1989

                                                       m. 8-18-1984
                                                       Kevin Perkins
                                                       b. 2-24-1958

                                                       Emily Jean Powell      Sarah May Gomez
                                                       b. 2-21-1965           b. 5-17-1985

                                                       m. 10-27-1984
                                                       John Gomez   
                                                       b. 10-6-1961           Elisha Christine Gomez
                                                                              b. 2-3-1987
                                                       m. 8-15-1989
                                                       William Hartig
                                                       b. 1-25-1944 
                                                                              Darren Alexander Hartig
                                                                              b. 2-27-1990

                                                       Jennifer Jo Powell     Cori Lynn York
                                                       b. 9-22-1966           b. 12-2-1991

                                                       m. 7-2-1988
                                                       David York
                                                       b. - -

                                                       Amy Lynn Powell
                                                       b. 4-11-1973

                                                       m. 6-27-1998
                                                       Spencer Blaker
                                                       b. 7-26-1967

                                                       Carrie Louise Powell
                                                       b. 3-13-1982

13 HOMER                                                                                        Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children              Grandchildren           Gt. Grandchildren         Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
13.1                  13.1.2        
Homer Eugene Powell   Richard Harley Powell   Michael Louis Powell
(Continued)           b. 4-11-1939            b. 6-1-1960

                      m. 8-29-1959
                      Margaret Sue Morrison
                      b. 9-14-1939            David Alan Powell
                                              b. 11-22-1963

                                              m. 7-31-1995
                                              Heidi Barbara Longwell
                                              b. 9-11-1944

                                              Stephen Douglas Powell    Zackary Edward Powell
                                              b. 3-6-1968               b. 9-24-1991

                                              m. 8-7-1992
                                              Lori Ann Antoszewski
                                              b. 9-28-1970              Kaili Olivia Powell
                                                                        b. 10-6-1995

                                              Jeanne Elizabeth Powell
                                              b. 4-20-1972

                                              m. 4-25-1997
                                              Steven M. Parrish
                                              b. 6-6-1970

                      Kay Marguerite Powell   Beverly Kay Klement       April Lynn Capilla
                      b. 7-23-1944            b. 1-9-1967               b. 11-16-1990
                                                                        d. 11-16-1990
                      m. 6-23-1966            m. 11-5-1988
                      Lynn G. Klement         Robert Lynn Capilla
                      b. 3-20-1944            b. 8-1-1968     
                      d. 5-22-1970                                      Jacob Robert Capilla
                                              m. 9-15-1998              b. 9-27-1991
                                              Gary Sands
                                              b. 1-19-1968
                                                                        Jenna Kay Capilla
                                                                        b. 3-4-1993

                                              Michelle Marie Klement    Harold Thomas
                                              b. 1-28-1968              Henneman III
                                                                        b. 12-11-1989
                                              m. - -
                                              Harold Thomas
                                              Henneman Jr.    
                                              b. 7-21-1963              Jeremy Ryan Henneman
                                                                        b. 5-22-1995

                                              Julie Lynn Klement        Kaylyn Jade Quiniff
                                              b. 3-15-1969              b. 8-7-1995

                                              m. - -
                                              Barry J. Quiniff
                                              b. - -

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                        13 HOMER

Children                         Grandchildren            Gt. Grandchildren            Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

13.2                             13.2.1
Carroll Fredlock Powell          David Benson Powell
b. 2-20-1917                     b. 8-23-1948
d. 3-28-1999
                                 m. 7-8-1972
m. 8-30-1947                     Virginia Ann Williams
Dorothy Barnhart                 b. - -
b. 8-30-1918                     Div. 1978

                                 m. 6-29-1983
                                 Kate Fitzgerald
                                 b. 3-3-1944

                                 Byron Rene Powell
                                 b. 3-4-1950

                                 Karen Elaine Powell      James Gabriel Gilbert
                                 b. 1-22-1953             b. 2-6-1982

                                 m. 7-17-1976
                                 James Gilbert  
                                 b. 4-5-1953              David Benjamin Gilbert
                                                          b. 5-3-1983
                                 m. 1-11-1992
                                 Earl Britt
                                 b. 10-7-1952   
                                                          Anita Jane Britt
                                                          b. 9-1-1994

                                                          Wesley Powell Britt
                                                          b. 9-16-1996

                                 Ellen Christine Powell   Katherine Naomi Wardzala
                                 b. 12-30-1954            b. 10-11-1981

                                 m. 8-23-1980
                                 Robert John Wardzala
                                 b. 12-18-1953            Robin Joy Wardzala
                                                          b. 5-13-1983

                                                          Christopher James Wardzala
                                                          b. 12-12-1985

                                                          Joseph Henry Wardzala
                                                          b. 9-8-1987

13 HOMER                                                                                                Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                  Grandchildren             Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

13.3                      13.3.1          
Margaret Eloise Powell    Paul McNeal Thomas        John William Thomas
b. 2-11-1920              b. 7-1-1944               b. 11-24-1968

m. 1-3-1943               m. 8-19-1967
Archie McNeal Thomas      Susan Gay       
b. 3-14-1919              b. - -                    Christopher McNeal Thomas
                                                    b. 9-24-1974
                          m. -30-1970
                          Jean Spielman
                          b. 11-12-1944   
                                                    Jennifer Ann Thomas
                                                    b. 5-3-1976

                          Richard Bruce Thomas
                          b. 7-13-1947
                          d. 8-25-1947

                          Barbara Jean Thomas
                          b. 2-22-1949

                          m. 10-21-1972
                          John A.Kelly
                          b. 11-24-1949

                          m. 11-30-1985
                          David L.James
                          b. 4-12-1941

13.4                      13.4.1
Eleanor Virginia Powell   Stephen Michael Scouten
b. 8-3-1923               b. 10-4-1961

m. 12-23-1960
Edward Leonard Scouten    13.4.2
b. 7-10-1914              Jonathan Lee Scouten
                          b. 4-24-1963

                          m. 11-29-1992
                          Patricia Wright
                          b. 8-2-1942

  Children of ANDREW Powell
  Bor n: 5-25- 1827 Died: 4- 17- 1916

          and his third wife

sarah ANN fellers longbrake
    Bor n: 2- 24- 1846   Died: 1906

          Married: 3-5-1878
Bor n: 12- 27- 1878   Died: 10- 28- 1976

          Married: 8- 27- 1903

  Bor n: 9- 8- 1871   Died: 4- 22- 1968
Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                       14 INEZ

Children                         Grandchildren          Gt. Grandchildren      Gt. Gt. Grandchildren       Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

14.1                             14.1.1       
Willard Eugene Yates             Yvonne Yates Yates     Corine Lee Grate
b. 9-8-1904                      b. 4-19-1932           b. 3-13-1955
d. 10-17-1981
                                 m. 9-14-1952           m. 5-4-1975
m. 5-4-1931                      Robert S. Grate        Jack McBride
Ora Catherine Martin             b. 3-1-1931
b. 4-30-1906
d. 7-22-1984                                       
                                                        Michael Robert Grate   Christopher Michael Grate
                                                        b. 10-10-1957          b. 12-11-1982

                                                        m. 8-14-1981
                                                        Linda Richardson
                                                        b. 9-13-1956

                                                        Patrick Todd Grate
                                                        b. 7-4-1962

                                 Willard Eugene Yates   Steven Winslow Yates
                                 b. 5-8-1935            b. 10-9-1963

                                 m. 5-17-1960
                                 Marie L. Page     
                                 b. 5-26-1934           Risa Lynn Yates        Cassandra Marie Herrin
                                                        b. 6-9-1965            b. 9-13-1988

                                                        m. 7-17-1987
                                                        Robert Paul Herrin
                                                        b. 7-24-1965           Jessica Chante Herrin
                                                                               b. 10-17-1990

                                                                               Nathan Robert Herrin
                                                                               b. 9-29-1993

                                                                               Megan Alvey Herrin
                                                                               b. 5-26-1995

                                                                               Anya Catherine Herrin
                                                                               b. 7-24-1998
                                                                               d. 7-24-1998

                                                                               Zachary Eugene Herrin
                                                                               b. 7-1-1999

14 INEZ                                                                                             Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children               Grandchildren              Gt. Grandchildren        Gt. Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

14.1                   14.1.2                  
Willard Eugene Yates   Willard Eugene Yates       Danita Christine Yates   Olivia Danielle Mendez
(Continued)            (Continued)                b. 3-30-1967             b. 7-2-1993

                                                  m. 4-27-1990
                                                  Omar Mendez    
                                                  b. 5-17-1960             Gabriella Mendez
                                                                           b. 4-16-1995
                                                                           d. 4-16-1995

                                                                           Aerin Nicole Mendez
                                                                           b. 8-23-1996

                                                  Douglas Page Yates       Payden Scott Yates
                                                  b. 7-16-1969             b. 8-11-1993

                                                  m. -3-1991
                                                  Jodi Lynn Johnson
                                                  b. 11-8-1969             Sydnee Yates
                                                                           b. 2-16-1995

                                                                           Madison Yates
                                                                           b. 7-16-1996

                                                                           Brock Douglas Yates
                                                                           b. 9-14-1998

                                                  David Martin Yates
                                                  b. 5-22-1980

                       Ronald Dean Yates          Kevin (Whiteman)Yates
                       b. 10-21-1941              b. 6-8-1965

                       m. 4-3-1971
                       Tony Zackary     
                       b. 8-4-1946                Angela Marie Yates
                       Div. 5-12-1981             b. 2-4-1972

                       Richard Lee Yates
                       b. 8-27-1943

                       m. 4-8-1972
                       Jaqueline “Jackie” Stall
                       b. - -

Randall Paul Yates
b. 7-20-1907
d. 6-29-1985

m. -1931

b. - -
Div. - -

m. 6-16-1945
Margaret Hill
b. 6-2-1917

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                        14 INEZ

Children                         Grandchildren             Gt. Grandchildren        Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

14.3                             14.3.1          
Joyce Quentine Yates             Quentin Leroy Eberhardt   Mary Eberhardt
b. 4-29-1909                     b. 11-29-1931             b. 3-24-1960
                                 d. 10-1998
m. 10-4-1930
Lester Leroy Eberhardt           m. 8-10-1952           
b. 1-15-1902                     Celia Joyce Wilson        Eric Allen Eberhardt     Austin Eberhardt
d. 1975                          b. 2-15-1937              b. 12-8-1961             b. - -

                                                           m. - -
                                                           b. - -                   Carissa Eberhardt
                                                                                    b. - -

                                                           Michael Eberhardt
                                                           b. 4-14-1962

                                 Norman Lee Eberhardt      Alianna Eberhardt
                                 b. 2-18-1943

                                 m. 10-4-1969
                                 Beth Potter
                                 b. 6-14-1942

                                 m. - -
                                 b. - -

14.4                             14.4.1          
Medford Wendell Yates            Christine Ann Yates       Joseph Patrick Weber
b. 6-11-1918                     b. 12-16-1943             b. 10-6-1964
d. 4-4-1995
                                 m. 4-18-1964
m. 7-4-1942                      Patrick Joseph Weber
Elsie Jean Rethay                b. 3-4-1938               Paul Thomas Weber
b. 4-17-1918                                               b. 10-2-1965

                                                           Wendy Kathleen Weber
                                                           b. 3-23-1971

                                 Kathleen Lynn Yates       Julianna Kathryn Jones
                                 b. 5-1-1947               b. 5-7-1971

                                 m. 3-18-1967
                                 Robert Arthur Jones
                                 b. 10-9-1941              Tiffany Roberts Jones
                                                           b. 8-31-1973

                                                           Bryn Elan Jones
                                                           b. 9-19-1975

Bor n: 10 - 21- 1881   Died: 9- 29- 1958

         Married: 12- 3- 1907

 Bor n: 5- 15- 1886    Died: 7-3-1969
Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                       15 JAMES

Children                         Grandchildren         Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Grandchildren     Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
15.1                             15.1.1               
Mildred Maxine Powell            Maxine Eloise Bond    Alvin Harold Lamb          Sarah Catherine Lamb
b. 8-28-1908                     b. 8-29-1930          b. 11-13-1956              b. 2-24-1987

m. 9-5-1929                      m. 9-30-1955          m. 2-8-1986
Alvin Joshua Bond                Edmund Wilfred Lamb   Antoinette Ann Mary Kane
b. 4-23-1905                     b. 11-1-1929          b. 11-5-1963               Joshua David Lamb
d. 5-14-1992                                                                      b. 7-26-1989

                                                                                  Matthew Alvin Lamb
                                                                                  b. 4-7-1991

                                                                                  Rachael Antoinette Lamb
                                                                                  b. 7-29-1992

                                                       Charlotte Mildred Lamb
                                                       b. 9-17-1959

                                                       m. 7-22-1983
                                                       Kenneth Smith
                                                       b. 9-17-1950

                                                       Roger Edmund Lamb
                                                       b. 3-28-1963

                                                       m. 2-28-1998
                                                       Helen Patricia Docherty
                                                       b. 2-27-1960

                                                       Wilmer Hubert Lamb
                                                       b. 9-25-1967

                                 Hubert James Bond
                                 b. 9-21-1931

                                 Harvey Alvin Bond     Gregory Allen Bond
                                 b. 9-28-1939          b. 1-11-1961

                                 m. 12-25-1959         m. 8-15-1981
                                 Jo Evans              Cynthia Jo Alexander
                                 b. 12-10-1937         b. 11-25-1958

15 JAMES                                                                                         Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                Grandchildren        Gt. Grandchildren        Gt. Gt. Grandchildren             Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

15.1                    15.1.3            
Mildred Maxine Powell   Harvey Alvin Bond    Kyle Richard Bond        Kristen Nathan Bond
(Continued)             (Continued)          b. 5-19-1964             b. 9-18-1983
                                             d. 11-4-1994

                                             m. 7-7-1984    
                                             Karen Griego             Kevin Jonathon Bond
                                             b. 6-2-1965              b. 6-5-1986

                                                                      Katelynn Nicole Bond
                                                                      b. 4-12-1990

                                                                      Kaleb Joshua Bond
                                                                      b. 10-28-1992

                                             Barry Wayne Bond         Manuel Christopher Bond
                                             b. 6-26-1966             b. 10-5-1993

                                             m. 3-17-1990
                                             Melissa Ann Meatzie
                                             b. 6-19-1968             Brianna Rebecca Bond
                                                                      b. 5-3-1996

                                             Clayton Eugene Bond
                                             b. 10-15-1968

                                             m. 7-28-1990
                                             Emily Albritton Foster
                                             b. 8-27-1968

                        Roger William Bond   Gwendolyn “Wendi”        Sydney Christine Georgie
                        b. 10-14-1943        Christine Bond           b. 7-24-1988
                                             b. 11-22-1964
                        m. 7-29-1967
                        Carolyn Frye         m. 12-31-1987  
                        b. 11-5-1943         Trent Edward Georgie     Evan Trent Georgie
                                             b. 5-20-1967             b. 8-26-1992

                                                                      Trey Randall Georgie
                                                                      b. 5-28-1998

                                             Randall William Bond     Lauren Elizabeth Bond
                                             b. 12-25-1968            b. 7-18-1991

                                             m. 7-21-1989
                                             Tammy Lynn Yost
                                             b. 10-16-1969            Lindsay Bond
                                                                      b. 2-24-1993

                                                                      Clair Alexandra Bond
                                                                      b. 5-18-1996

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                    15 JAMES

Children                         Grandchildren         Gt. Grandchildren        Gt. Gt. Grandchildren    Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
15.1                             15.1.4             
Mildred Maxine Powell            Roger William Bond    Robert Wayne Bond        Caleb Joshua Bond
(Continued)                      (Continued)           b. 3-12-1970             b. 12-25-1993

                                                       m. 1-30-1993
                                                       Elizabeth Ann Kline
                                                       b. 9-24-1971             Abigail Elizabeth Bond
                                                                                b. 3-3-1995

                                                                                Rachel Christine Bond
                                                                                b. 7-28-1996

                                                                                Nathaniel David Bond
                                                                                b. 7-29-1998

                                                       Richard James Bond
                                                       b. 6-21-1974

15.2                             15.2.1      
Cleone Toinette Powell           Elinor Ann Herron     Stephen Lindsey Entz
b. 10-12-1910                    b. 9-16-1939          b. 8-12-1966

m. 6-5-1938                      m. 8-5-1961
Ross Davis Herron                Stewart L.Entz
b. 11-2-1907                     b. 6-1-1940           Michael Lynn Entz
                                                       b. 10-8-1969

                                                       m. 8-10-1996
                                                       Amy Suzanne Koback
                                                       b. 7-26-1971

                                                       Heather Ann Entz
                                                       b. 7-19-1972

                                 Shirley Jean Herron   Kristin Diane Reed
                                 b. 3-14-1942          b. 7-15-1972

                                 m. 8-20-1966
                                 Don Edward Reed
                                 b. 3-13-1943          Adam Herron Reed
                                                       b. 7-24-1975

                                 Ronald Davis Herron   Jocelyn Lorange Herron
                                 b. 7-12-1944          b. 3-22-1979

                                 m. -18-1974
                                 Joanne Lorange
                                 b. 1-2-1946

15 JAMES                                                                                           Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                  Grandchildren          Gt. Grandchildren         Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

15.3                      15.3.1               
Virginia Rebecca Powell   Erric Virgil Ross      Suzanne Marie Ross        Ashley Marie Van Amburgh
b. 1-19-1912              b. 3-21-1941           b. 2-2-1970               b. 3-5-1990
d. 8-13-1990
                          m. 1-8-1966            m. 12-3-1988
m. 6-9-1940               Joanne Ruth Johnson    David Neill Van Amburgh
Lowell Brown Ross         b. 1-14-1944           b. 9-8-1967               Taylor Michael Van Amburgh
b. 3-21-1908                                                               b. 9-19-1992

                                                 Daniel Alan Ross
                                                 b. 11-27-1973

                                                 m. 6-22-1996
                                                 Michelle Ann Brownlee
                                                 b. 7-14-1975

                                                 Matthew James Ross
                                                 b. 7-3-1975

                                                 Debra Elizabeth Ross
                                                 b. 2-2-1978

                          Gordon Lee Ross        Heidi Lynette Ross
                          b. 5-23-1942           b. 5-19-1979

                          m. 12-23-1964          m. 10-18-1997
                          Mary Evelyn Tucker     Dustin Dale Askew
                          b. 5-23-1943           b. 9-25-1978

                                                 Holly Marie Ross
                                                 b. 5-26-1981

                          Janet Gwendolyn Ross   Karen Elaine Mayer
                          b. 4-12-1945           b. 4-12-1973

                          m. 6-28-1969           m. 7-24-1995
                          Loren E.Mayer          David Earl Curtis
                          b. 9-13-1944           b. 8-13-1971

                                                 Nada Michele Mayer
                                                 b. 4-28-1975

                                                 Alan Douglas Mayer
                                                 b. 5-12-1980

                          Marvin Dean Ross
                          b. 6-25-1947

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                            15 JAMES

Children                         Grandchildren             Gt. Grandchildren             Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

15.3                             15.3.5          
Virginia Rebecca Powell          Larry Basil Ross          Jason Lowell Ross
(Continued)                      b. 9-9-1948               b. 1-30-1977

                                 m. 11-23-1974
                                 Joan Theresa Kostek
                                 b. 9-21-1952              Jonathan Edward Ross
                                                           b. 11-29-1979

                                                           Patrick David Ross
                                                           b. 3-13-1983

15.4                             15.4.1          
Loyal Ned Powell                 James Thomas Powell       Marley Jean Tournade Powell
b. 3-6-1914                      b. 9-28-1946              b. 4-5-1981
d. 8-2-1962
                                 m. 7-28-1979
m. 12-28-1945                    Brenda Jean Fewell
Barbara Leona Bray               b. 1-17-1958              Haley Jo Powell
b. 11-27-1909                                              b. 6-30-1983
                                 m. 1-9-1983
                                 Judy Tournade
                                 b. 4-17-1958

15.5                             15.5.1          
Martha Juanita Powell            Robert Duanne Gowens      Jeffery Scott Daugherty
b. 8-15-1915                     b. 6-20-1936              Gowens
                                                           b. 11-22-1958
m. -10-1935                      m. 3-19-1965
Clarence Henry Gowens            JoAnn Holeman Daugherty   m. 3-12-1993
b. 5-9-1914                      b. 9-17-1937              Heather Hyatt
d. 6-22-1999                                               b. 12-9-1965

                                                           Stephanie DeAnn Gowens        Ian Robert Thomason
                                                           b. 5-4-1968                   b. 12-11-1991

                                                           m. 6-30-1990
                                                           Carey Lance Thomason
                                                           b. 5-18-1964

                                 15.5.2 (Twin)
                                 Marilyn Kay Gowens
                                 b. 6-22-1938

                                 m. 1-14-1979
                                 Melvin Leon Larson
                                 b. 10-1-1929

                                 15.5.3 (Twin)               
                                 Joyce Fay Gowens          Michelle Dee Adams            Angela Nicole Adams-
                                 b. 6-22-1938              b. 11-13-1964                 Melendez
                                                                                         b. 7-27-1997
                                 m. 1-16-1964
                                 John J. Adams

15 JAMES                                                                                 Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children   Grandchildren            Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Grandchildren            Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

                                    Vicki Lynn Adams
                                    b. 6-18-1967

           Patricia Louise Gowens   Barbara Kay Westwood       Matthew David Knipp
           b. 1-15-1941             b. 6-17-1960               b. 4-15-1986

           m. 8-29-1959 Gilbert     m. 7-10-1984
           Harold (Dick)Westwood    David Noel Knipp 
           b. 12-6-1937             b. 1-14-1962               Michael Sean Knipp
                                                               b. 8-24-1987
                                                               d. 10-21-1987

                                                               Steven Lee Knipp
                                                               b. 4-11-1989

                                                               Amber Kay Knipp
                                                               b. 6-2-1990

                                    Richard Duane Westwood
                                    b. 5-14-1962

                                    Kimberly Fay Westwood
                                    b. 11-14-1964

                                    m. 9-28-1991
                                    Daniel Gene Dessenberger
                                    b. 3-9-1968

           Ronald Eugene Gowens     Brent Douglas Gowens       Ryan Douglas Gowens
           b. 12-23-1942            b. 2-3-1967                b. 5-7-1995

           m. 12-28-1964            m. 7-27-1991
           Jo Ann Miller            Carol Ann Glasgow
           b. 3-25-1943                                        Jacob Connor Gowens
                                    m. 11-11-1994              b. 4-3-1997
                                    Jerri Sue Collins
                                    b. 4-29-1968

                                    Heather Ann Gowens         Griffin Odell Hartshorn
                                    b. 8-24-1969               b. 1-1-2000

                                    m. 10-8-1994
                                    Thomas Odell Hartshorn
                                    b. 6-22-1969

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                           15 JAMES

Children                         Grandchildren              Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

15.6                             15.6.1                     
Wanda Ruth Powell                David James Harvey         Bradley David Harvey        Megan Nicole Harvey
b. 2-11-1917                     b. 6-18-1944               b. 2-16-1972                b. 12-28-1996

m. 12-6-1942                     m. 1-27-1968               m. 12-17-1994
John C. Harvey                   Marsha Strong              Jule Whipp
b. 9-28-1918                     b. 3-7-1947                b. 1-22-1970

                                 m. 5-30-1987
                                 Deborah (Debi)Ann
                                 Scully Furderer
                                 b. 3-14-1952

                                                            Scott Alan Harvey
                                                            b. 10-17-1974

                                                            m. 6-21-1997
                                                            Greta Renee Montgomery
                                                            b. 6-1-1973

                                                            Ryan Adam Harvey
                                                            b. 10-10-1982

                                                            Aaron Thomas Scully
                                                            b. 7-29-1981

                                                            Sarah Elyse Harvey
                                                            b. 4-19-1988

                                 Paul Wayne Harvey          Kevin Lee Peck Harvey       Trayer Lee Harvey
                                 b. 1-9-1946                b. 4-13-1963                b. 6-23-1995

                                 m. 7-18-1970               m. 10-12-1991
                                 Elizabeth Ann Beach Peck   Leslie Ann Trayer
                                 b. -4-22                   b. 8-21-1961

                                 Verna Jean Harvey          Brian Adair Tweddale
                                 b. 12-22-1949              b. 7-18-1974

                                 m. 8-29-1970
                                 Douglas Adair Tweddale
                                 b. 11-6-1947               Susan Kathleen Tweddale
                                                            b. 4-5-1977
                                                            d. 4-5-1977

                                                            Elizabeth Carrie Tweddale
                                                            b. 4-5-1977

                                                            Benjamin Todd Tweddale
                                                            b. 1-24-1987

15 JAMES                                                                                              Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children               Grandchildren              Gt. Grandchildren           Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

15.6                   15.6.4           
Wanda Ruth Powell      Timothy Wright Harvey      Timothy Wright Harvey Jr.
(Continued)            b. 5-5-1951                b. 3-26-1973

                       m. 6-26-1971               m. 8-13-1995
                       Rita Kay Scott             Carol A. Glass
                       b. 10-30-1950              b. 8-20-1972

                                                  Alan Scott Harvey
                                                  b. 9-17-1977

                       Cynthia Ann Harvey
                       b. 12-8-1954

                       m. 6-4-1977
                       William Wayne Misner III
                       b. 10-28-1954

                       m. 4-11-1987
                       Stephen Geiger

                       m. 4-18-1998
                       Lee Hankins
                       b. 11-21-1943

15.7                   15.7.1           
Don Garfield Powell    Wayne Garfield Powell      Roger Martin Powell
b. 11-6-1918           b. 9-29-1946               b. 2-22-1975
d. 7-4-1984
                       m. 6-1-1969                m. 12-23-1997
m. 11-13-1943          Donna Williamson           Angie Lynette Corbet
Esther Marie Spencer   b. 12-25-1945              b. 1-9-1975
b. 11-12-1917
d. 7-3-1990
                                                  Tyler James Powell
                                                  b. 7-25-1977

                                                  Justin William Powell
                                                  b. 3-26-1983

                       Donnetta Marie Powell      Michelle Renee Carpenter
                       b. 9-23-1948               b. 8-5-1975

                       m. 8-15-1970
                       Bruce Carpenter  
                       b. 6-24-1947               Jeffrey David Carpenter
                                                  b. 1-22-1977

                                                  Bradley Daniel Carpenter
                                                  b. 9-7-1981

Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family                                                                                        15 JAMES

Children                         Grandchildren             Gt. Grandchildren         Gt. Gt. Grandchildren   Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren
15.7                             15.7.3          
Don Garfield Powell              Betty Jean Powell         Shawn Richard Penrose
(Continued)                      b. 7-17-1952              b. 11-18-1977

                                 m. 12-23-1972
                                 John Penrose    
                                 b. 8-30-1949              Bryan Allan Penrose
                                                           b. 10-8-1980

                                                           Andrew Donal Penrose
                                                           b. 2-5-1984

15.8                             15.8.1          
Audrey Rose Powell               Barbara Carol Burdette    Gordon Eugene Waltner
b. 9-1-1920                      b. 12-25-1941             b. 4-15-1969

m. 10-6-1940                     m. 6-5-1965               m. 7-30-1994
Lester Otto Burdette             Robert Charles Waltner    Pamela Renee Miller
b. 1-23-1910                     b. 12-8-1942              b. 12-1-1968
d. 9-25-1982

                                                           Steven Alan Waltner
                                                           b. 6-30-1972

                                                           Peter James Waltner
                                                           b. 12-13-1975

                                 Frances De Ann Burdette   Amber Renee Siemens
                                 b. 7-25-1943              b. 7-25-1969

                                 m. 8-8-1965               m. 1-20-1996
                                 Robert J. Siemens         John Bachelor
                                 b. 9-23-1938              b. 12-2-1970

                                 m. 11-28-1987
                                 Stephen Goethals
                                 b. 1-20-1944              Austin Dale Siemens
                                                           b. 10-12-1971

                                                           m. 11-7-1998
                                                           Tracey Ann Ralston
                                                           b. 11-30-1972

                                 Robert LeRoy Burdette     Karen Camille Burdette
                                 b. 4-26-1945              b. 6-5-1973

                                 m. 6-8-1968               m. 6-18-1994
                                 Elaine Kathleen Ediger    Jason B. Belden
                                 b. 10-17-1946             b. 6-26-1970

                                                           Robyn Michelle Burdette
                                                           b. 6-15-1977

                                                           Jason Benjamin Burdette
                                                           b. 1-8-1979

15 JAMES                                                                                                 Genealogy of the Andrew Powell Family

Children                  Grandchildren             Gt. Grandchildren            Gt. Gt. Grandchildren          Gt. Gt. Gt. Grandchildren

15.9                      15.9.1          
Iola Mae Powell           Mariann Dee Cadwallader   Christine Elizabeth Harris
b. 8-14-1924              b. 10-27-1950             b. 10-1-1979

m. 8-12-1948              m. 5-30-1972
Warren Eves Cadwallader   Gregory Lawrence Harris
b. 7-11-1921              b. 8-31-1949              Katherine Ann Harris
                                                    b. 6-16-1985

                          Warren Lee Cadwallader    Benjamin Eves
                          b. 10-20-1950             Cadwallader-Staub
                                                    b. 7-11-1984
                          m. 10-21-1979
                          Julie Ann Staub
                          b. 3-16-1957     (Twin)
                                                    Mary Rachel
                                                    b. 4-1-1988

                                                    Nora Marie
                                                    b. 4-1-1988

                          Jane Powell Cadwallader   Ryan Lee Howe
                          b. 12-29-1956             b. 9-23-1985

                          m. 6-19-1983
                          Geery Stewart Howe
                          b. 9-19-1957              Jacob Aaron Howe
                                                    b. 3-15-1988


This book was printed using Adobe Garamond Roman, Bold and Titling, and Helvetica Neue typefaces. It has been printed on
100% acid-free archival paper and is hand bound.

For additional information about this publication, please contact Gene Powell; 3433 Aldringham; Toledo, Ohio; 43606.

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