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									                 Northern California Working Sheepdog Association, Inc.

                       The Shepherd’s Whistle
Volume 15, Issue 4                                                                                        July 2006

                           President’s Report (the squeak of the wheel)
2006 NCWSA
Officers and
Board Members

President                  I hope everyone is managing to stay
Rusty Jeffers              cool this summer. I find it hard to
                           believe the year is half over already.
Cris Flint                 Entries for the Pleasanton Scottish
                           Games trial are out. This newsletter
Secretary                  has an entry included. This is always a
Marcia Wilson              fun and interesting event being held at
                           the largest Scottish Games in the west.
Treasurer                  Thanks to Russ Dotson and Yvette
Marijke Tenge              Cook for doing the heavy lifting on
                           putting this event together.       And    Rusty’s Nap (photo courtesy of Mary Asmus)
Newsletter Editor          thanks to John Grey and the               Championship trial for this year. It
Dale Flint                 Caledonian Club of San Francisco for      will be held at Thompson Ranch in
                           inviting us for another year.             Auburn on Nov 10-12.
Board Members
Yvette Cook                Kathy Hoffer, Jan Davis and Polly         Stay cool everyone, and I hope to see
Richard Mallouf
                           Lowry are organizing and NCWSA is         you at Pleasanton.
Jennifer Stewart
                           co-hosting the Western Regional                                 -Rusty
Marilyn Bates
Mimi Wilson

                           Ron Curran/Ken Blake Memorial SDT Results
 Inside this issue:
                           Saturday, May 13, 2006                    Pro/Novice
Dominance              2   Ione, California                          1 Suzy Applegate Lynn 81
Hierarchy                  Judge: Sandi Andersen                     2 Shelley Parker Zeke 80
                                                                     3 Fred Temple Cap 80
Scottish Games         3
Entry Form                 Open                                      4 Cris Flint Darby 77+
                           1 Tom Spencer Maid 93                     5 Jane Harrison Annie 77
Bio Form               5   2 Suzy Applegate Bet 90                   6 Shelley Parker Jace 74
                           3 Suzy Applegate Hap 89                   7 Barbara Spencer Bell 72
                           4 Barbara Spencer Lex 85                  8 Anne Mock Pip 71
Classified Ads         7
                           5 Shelley Parker Nell 84                  9 Phyllis Karsten Boss 70
                           6 Cris Flint Rose 78                      10 Fred Temple Sugar 63
Pt. Pleasant Results   7   7 Rusty Jeffers Nap 76
                           8 Guido Lombardi Jessee 76                Novice/Novice
                           9 Anne Mock Taff 69                       1 Stephanie Summers Kate 69
Upcoming Events        8   10 Tom Spencer Floss 67                   2 Gloria Atwater Jesse 64
                                                                     3 Fred Temple Jack 55
PAGE 2                                        T HE SHE PHER D’S W H IS TL E                          V OLU ME 1 5, I SSUE 4

Dominance Hierarchy in Dogs (a.k.a. Sibling Rivalry)
Wh at   is    a  dom in an ce          or exiting the home, high
hierarchy and why is it                arousal situations such as
important to dogs?                     fence running, or movement
                                       through tight spaces. These
Dogs are social animals whose          fights occur most often
evolutionary history makes them        between dogs of near equal
willing and able to live in groups.    status and often, but not
Group living enabled wolves to         always, dogs of the same
work together to obtain food, raise    sex, and seem to be most
their young and defend their           severe between female dogs.
territory. It would               be
counterproductive for members of       I try to treat my dogs
a group to fight with each other       equally, but they still
and risk injury. That would            fight. What am I doing
prevent them from working with         wrong?
the group. Therefore, dogs have a      Trying to treat two dogs as
social structure in which each dog     equals will only serve to counter      However, when neither dog is
is either dominant (leader) or         the natural tendency toward a          willing to give up the dominant
subordinate in its relationship        hierarchy. The dog that is the         position (as in a young dog
with each other pack member.           more dominant in a relationship        challenging an older dog in the
This is a "dominance hierarchy".       needs to be supported in its           home), fighting will usually
The leader or "alpha" dog is the       position and the more subordinate      result. A common owner error is
one that has first access to all the   must be taught to accept the           the desire to make life "fair". This
"critical" resources. These            relationship. When you support or      often results in owners allowing
resources include food, resting        encourage the subordinate dog as       subordinate dog’s access to
places, mates, territory and           it tries to gain access to resources   resources, such as attention,
favored possessions. Assertion of      such as your attention, the            treats, toys, or entry into territory
dominance by the alpha is              dominant dog may begin to              that they would not normally
generally communicated through         challenge and fight, in an effort to   have. Usually the subordinate dog
facial expressions, body postures      keep the lower ranking dog in its      would not behave in a manner
and actions. Fighting is rare,         “place". If you then discipline the    that would challenge the
since as soon as the subordinate       dominant dog, or pull the              dominant when no one is around
submits or defers to the alpha         dominant dog away, you have            to "protect" it. If you encourage or
animal and the alpha gets its way,     favored, supported and come to         protect the subordinate dog, it
he or she gives up the challenge.      the aid of the subordinate dog.        may be "tempted" to break the
                                                                              "rules", and the dominant dog
My dogs have lived together            What should I do when one of           may become aggressive to enforce
for some time and now they             my dogs challenges another?            the "rules". If you then punish the
are fighting. Why?                     Aggression between household           dominant dog for aggression, the
Fights between dogs in the             dogs can be difficult to treat. You    subordinate dog learns it can
household are often about              will need to identify the              engage in prohibited behavior
dominance or social status. Social     subordinate dog, and ensure that       while the owner is present. This is
status aggression most often           you are not encouraging the            why, in many households, there is
occurs when dogs reach social          subordinate dog to challenge the       no fighting when the owners are
maturity at 12- 36 months of age.      more dominant. It is critical that     gone. The subordinate is aware of
Fights will be about those             you never come to the aid of the       the hierarchy, and does nothing to
resources that are considered          subordinate against the more           challenge the dominant dog,
important to dogs. Therefore           dominant. If left alone, the dogs      unless the owners are around to
fights may occur over treats,          will often use posturing and           intervene.
owner attention, greeting the          threats to end encounters without
owner upon return, sleeping            injury. If one dog backs down, the     -excerpted in part from
positions near the owner, entering     problem may be resolved.
                      NCWSA SCOTTISH GAMES SDT
                                                         Pleasanton Fair Grounds
                                                           September 2 - 3, 2006
                                2 Advanced Trials - Sat $30   Sun $30    Both Days $55
                              2 Intermediate Trials - Sat $25  Sun $25    Both Days $45
                                         Non NCWSA Members add $5/dog/day
                          Sponsored by The Northern California Working Sheepdog Association
                                    Hosted by The Caledonian Club of San Francisco
                       Two-Day High Combined and Reserve High Combined Silver Belt Buckles
                                 Medallions 1st – 3rd Saturday Plaques 1st – 3rd Sunday
                       Purses: Adv. - $850 each Day (w/20 dogs) Int. - $425 each Day (w/20 dogs)
                               THIS IS A TIMED ARENA TRIAL with OBSTACLES MANDATORY
                                  Advanced Class - Most Obstacles Driven - 2 Runs each Day
                                Intermediate Class - Most Obstacles Assisted - 2 Runs each Day
                40 Total Dogs Each Day                      Classes may be limited                    May Limit 2 Dogs per Class per Handler
                                Free Arena Side Parking for Handlers - MUST ARRIVE BY 8:00 am
                    Trial Information call: Rusty Jeffers 925-634-9131 or
                              NO REFUNDS after AUGUST 18, 2006! Fees must accompany entry.
                         US FUNDS! CHECKS CASHED AUGUST 22. No fax, phone or e-mail entries!
                                Entries received after 8/18 must include additional $5 per run.
                       Mail Entries & Bio Info to: Rusty Jeffers, 125 Eagle Lane, Brentwood, CA 94513

   Dog’s Name                                Class              sat sun both

1. ____________________ Adv                          Int                                        NON NCWSA MEMBERS
                                                                                                ADD $5/DOG/DAY $ _________
2._ ___________________ Adv                          Int

3. ____________________ Adv                          Int

4. ____________________ Adv                          Int                                        TOTAL CHECK ENCLOSED $ __________
                                                                                                Payable to: “NCWSA”

Name______________________________                                         Address____________________________________________

City/State/Zip________________________________________                                                     Phone____________________________

Email___________________________________________________________                                                                (PLEASE PRINT LEGIBLY)

READ AND SIGN: I certify that I am the owner of the above dogs(s) or the duly authorized agent of the actual owner. I hereby assume the sole responsibility for
and agree to indemnify and save the Judge(s), trial committee, helpers, other participants, NCWSA, it’s members officers and directors, The Caledonian Club, the
Alameda County Fairgrounds, Russell Dotson, Michele Krone and Oak Hill Ranch harmless from any and all loss and expense (including legal fees) by reason of
the liability imposed by law upon any of the aforementioned parties arising out of or in consequence of my participation in this herding event.
Member or not, I agree to make myself accountable to the rules and guidelines of misconduct as written by the host club NCWSA. The rules and guidelines may
be reviewed at the club website or by contacting the secretary or president. In case of any injury to any stock by the dog(s), I will assume financially responsibility
for any damage. I will pay shepherd’s cost of $200 for any animal killed or seriously injured, or the veterinarian bill if so required. I certify that the dog(s) are not a
hazard to persons, livestock or other dogs.

Signature ______________________________________________                                                              Date _________________________

page intentionally left blank

                        MUST ACCOMPANY ENTRY FORM & FEE

HANDLER: _________________________________________________________________________

YEARS TRAINING___________                       YEARS TRIALING ___________________

# DOGS TRAINED ___________                   # OF DOGS TRIALED ___________________

BREEDS OF DOGS WORKED__________________________________________________________


TRIALING ACCOMPLISHMENTS________________________________________________________




             NAME: _______________________________________________________________



             NAME: _______________________________________________________________



            NAME: ________________________________________________________________


page intentionally left blank
V OLU ME 15 , ISSUE 4                              T HE SHE PHER D’S W H IS TL E                                                                                 PAGE 7

Open Trial June 17, 2006           Open Trial June 18, 2006
Judge: Bill Berhow                 Judge: Bill Berhow
1. Nicky Riehl – Lizzie 98         1. Kathy Hoffer – Jill 94

                                                                            Point Pleasant Summer SDT Results: June 17-18, 2006
2. Sandi Andersen – Brock 96       2. Judy Loflin – Jess 93
3. Amelia Smith – Price 93         3. Barbara Spencer – Lex 92
4. Anne Mock – Taff 93             4. Bob Dias – Faye 92
5. Ed Spencer – Ben 90             5. Gloria Supernaw – Gyp 91
6. Jim Oxford – Lass 90            6. Sandi Andersen–Brock 9 0
7. Sandi Andersen – Harley 90      7. Nicky Riehl – Lizzie 90
8. Gloria Supernaw – Gyp 89        8. Tom Spencer – Maid 88
9. Judy Loflin – Lass 86           9. Mike Meredith – Gwen 87
10. Judy Loflin – Jess 85          10. Guido Lombardi-Jessie 86

                                                                                                                                      Classified Ads
11. George Grist – Del 85          11. Sandi Andersen-Harley 85
12. Anne Mock – Ash 84             12. Anne Mock – Taff 84
13. Angela Akers – Riley 83        13. Shelley Parker – Nell 83
14. Bob Dias – McCloud 82          14. Judy Loflin – Lass 83
15. Guido Lombardi – Jessie 82     15. Bob Dias – McCloud 83                                                                      Pups whelped 5/22/06
16. Tom Spencer – Maid 79          16. Gloria Supernaw-Moss 82                                                                    Dam: Bess ABC #181394. Dam's
17. Barbara Spencer – Lex 77       17. Paul Hackett-Moss 81                                                                       Dam: Fan ABC #73613 Champion at
18. Bob Dias – Faye 75             18. Ed Spencer – Ben 78                                                                        Monterey County Cattlemen
19. Mike Meredith - Gwen 75        19. Bob Dias – Cub 78
                                                                                                                                  Association Cattledog Trial and
20. Gloria Supernaw – Moss 75      20. Ken Wahl – Jake 77
21. Polly Lowry – Jenna 69         21. Polly Lowry – Jenna 77
                                                                                                                                  Santa Clara County Sheepdog Trial.
22. Ed Spencer – Del 69            22. Jim Oxford – Lass 76                                                                       Dam's Sire: Ben ABC #77944.
23. Yvette Cook – Moss 67          23. Polly Lowry – Flash 76                                                                     USBCHA Finals Champion (1996)
24. Nicky Riehl – Roy 65           24. Angela Akers – Riley 76                                                                    under Alasdair MacRae.
25. Judy Loflin – Jen 64           25. Tom Spencer – Floss 75                                                                     Sire: Rudy ABC #166079 (Owned by
26. Bob Dias – Cub 63              26. Ed Spencer – Del 75                                                                        Butch Wilson of PG Dogs; bred,
27. Kathy Hoffer – Jill 59         27. Jana Duncan – Jed 68                                                                       raised, trained & trialed by Jimmy
28. Jim Oxford – Pepper 58         28. Anne Mock – Pip RT                                                                         Walker). USBCHA Reserve National
29. George Grist – Toss 57         29. Amelia Smith – Price RT
                                                                                                                                  Champion & 3rd Place in Nursery;
30. Ken Wahl – Jake 56             30. Judy Loflin – Jen RT
31. Tom Spencer – Floss RT         31. Jim Oxford – Pepper RT                                                                     Texas State Cattledog Champion &
32. Polly Lowry – Flash RT         32. Nicky Riehl – Roy RT                                                                       Texas State Nursery Champion.
33. Shelley Parker – Nell RT                                                                                                      Sire's Sire: Stetson ABC #59050.
                                                                                                                                  4 Females / 1 Male
Nursery Results June 17, 2006      Nursery Results June 18, 06                                                                    $500/each.
Judge: Bill Berhow                 Judge: Bill Berhow                                                                             Dogs are in Salinas, CA.
1. Sara Lisiecki – Bill 78         1. Dave Murray – Kate 84                                                                       Kathy Nielsen
2. Amelia Smith – Sage 77          2. Shelley Parker – Jase 82                                                                    831-484-2382 Home
3. Shelley Parker – Zeke 68        3. Sara Lisiecki – Bill 71
                                                                                                                                  831-905-0368 Cell
4. Dave Murray – Annie RT          4. Amelia Smith – Sage 68
5. Shelley Parker – Jase RT        5. Paul Hacket – Blue 61                                                             
6. Shelley Parker – Gemi RT        6. Dave Murray – Annie RT
7. Dave Murray – Kate RT           7. Shelley Parker – Gemi RT                                                                    ____________________________
8. Shelley Parker - Zeke RT

Pro Novice Results June 17, 2006   Pro Novice Results 06-18-06                                                                    For Sale: 12 spring lambs
Judge: Sandi Andersen              Judge: Sandi Andersen                                                                          2 North Country Cheviot Ram lambs
1. Jim Oxford – Lynn 80            1. LisAnn Spencer – Coy 81
                                                                                                                                  $150 each
2. LisAnn Spencer - Coy 77         2. Guido Lombardi– Bella 78
3. Polly Lowry – Meg 70            3. Barbara Spencer – Bell 77
                                                                                                                                  2 North Country cheviot wethers $90
4. Bonnie Richardson-Grace 69      4. Jim Oxford – Trim 73                                                                        2 NCxRamboulet wethers $90
5. Barbara Spencer – Bell 67       5. Polly Lowry – Meg 70                                                                        6 NCxDorper wethers $90
6. Leslie Pfardresher-Bill 66      6. B. Richardson-Grace 69                                                                      Contact Sandi at
7. Tom Spencer – Shorty 63         7. Tom Spencer – Shorty 65                                                           
8. Jim Oxford – Trim 61            8. Tom Spencer – Floss 65
9. Marilyn Bates – Rob 60          9. Marilyn Bates – Rob 62
10. Charlotte Jones – Jiggs 59     10. Shelley Parker – Jase 60
11. Phyllis Karsten-Boss 57        11. Yvette Cook – Rex 57
12. Mimi Wilson – Ben 51           12. Shelley Parker – Zeke 42
13. Guido Lombardi – Bella 48      13. Phyllis Karsten-Boss 31
14. Yvette Cook – Ace 48           14. Jim Oxford – Lynn RT
15. David Harris-Took 47           15. Mimi Wilson – Ben RT
16. Yvette Cook – Rex 43           16. Yvette Cook – Ace RT
17. Mike Meredith – Jynx 33
18. C. Eardman-Chance 28
19. Mimi Wilson – Midge RT
VOLU ME 15 , ISSUE 4                        T HE SHE PHER D’S W H IS TL E                                         PAGE 8

Upcoming Events ...                                                                      Member
                                                                                  Classified Ads...
Jul 29: Lambtown USA SDT, Dixon, CA
                                                                               are free to NCWSA members!
Open- USBCHA Sanctioned
                                                                                       Send any ads to
Information –
                                                                             Original content (i.e., stories, jokes,
Aug: CA State Fair SDT, Sacramento, CA – final date TBD
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Open/Pro-Novice/Novice-Novice - USBCHA Sanctioned
                                                                            appreciated. This is your newsletter.
Information –
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Sep 2-3, Pleasanton Scottish Games Obstacle & Time SDT,
Pleasanton, CA
Information –

Sep 26-Oct 1: USBCHA National Sheepdog Finals, Klamath Falls, OR

Oct 27-29: Fourth Annual Pt. Pleasant SDT, Elk Grove, CA
Judge: Alun Jones, N. Wales

Oct: Alun Jones Clinic, Elk Grove, CA
Final Date TBD

Nov 10-12: Western States Regional Championship SDT, Thompson Ranch, Auburn, CA

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