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					The Scottsboro Boys

         By Kris Burkhart
          Trial Background
• There were 9 Scottsboro Boys. Haywood
  Patterson, Charles Weems, Clarence Norris,
  Andy Wright, Ozzie Powell, Olen Montgomery,
  Eugene Williams, Willie Robertson, and Roy
• All charged for the rape of 2 females on a
  train, Victoria Price and Ruby Bates
• They were “train jumpers” which is used for
  people who are poor and cant afford to pay the
  fair for transportation.
     Trial Background Cont.
• They were all going to be hung in front
  of a huge crowd but it was postponed
  so they could go to trial.
• While in jail they were all treated poorly
  but everyone of them kept journals
  which can be read on the website.
• The 9 boys were the defendant’s and they
  had a New York white lawyer Samuel
  Leibowtiz represent them.
• The trial itself though was brought in front of
  Judge Hawkins but then later by Judge
• The boys were all sentenced to death except
  E. Williams since he was a minor at the time
  and was sentenced to life.
• Ruby Bates and Victoria Price said that
  the boys beat them up and raped them.
• There was a letter recovered from Ruby
  that stated she wasn’t really raped.
• Victoria was the main culprit in this
  accusation. Even after Ruby admitted
  she was lying Victoria still stayed with
  her word.
         Where and When
• The original accusation started in March
  25, 1931 in Alabama
• April 6, 1931 was when the first trials
• The Supreme Court reviewed the case
  for 6 months until they decided to
  reverse the boys sentencing winning 7-
         Criminal or Civil?
• This case was definitely a criminal case
  because of the rape charge
• And it was brought to court and
  underwent a trial
          Results of Trial
• Judge Horton lost control of the case
  and went on for 5 years while boys were
  in jail
• A relief committee was formed called
  the Scottsboro Defense Committee
• The trial was made into a movie in July
Information on the 9 boys after
• Patterson: in 190 he was in a bar fight and
  killed the man and was sent to jail but 2 years
  later died of cancer.
• Weems: contracted tuberculosis and moved
  and married in Atlanta.
• Norris: oldest living Scottsboro boy died in
  Bronx Community Hospital on January 23
Andy Wright: was in and out of prison for a few
  years and then charged with rape again but
  was proven not guilty.
         Information cont.
• Powell: being very stubborn and not speaking
  to anyone he was let out of prison in June
  1946 then moved to Georgia
• Montgomery: one of the first boys to be
  released in 1937. Wanted to be a lawyer but
  just ended up traveling along and finally
  settling down in Georgia
• Williams: He moved to Georgia
• Roberson: released in 1937 suffered severe
  asthma attacks in prison.
• Roy Wright: went to the army but came back,
  accused his wife of cheating and killed the
  man, his wife, and himself
            In My Opinion
• At first yes they were all tried unfairly by
  one getting an all white jury and having
  been wrongfully accused
• But William Callahan's did set the court
  case right by helping 4 boys get free.
• And after that everything went fine and
  all the boys were paroled and eventually
  set free.
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