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									Cosmetic Laser Procedures
Since they first became popular in the mid 1990s, cosmetic laser procedures have revolutionized the skin care industry. Before lasers were widely
used for cosmetic procedures, patients had to undergo an invasive, painful surgery with at least ten days of healing downtime to eliminate sagging and
wrinkles. Today men and women can greatly improve the look of their skin quickly with little or no downtime thanks to the modern technology of
cosmetic lasers. Cosmetic lasers are also able to treat aesthetic concerns that a scalpel cannot - take, for instance, laser hair removal. With a few
quick laser treatments, hair can be permanently removed to eliminate the need for waxing, shaving and other depilatory methods. Laser hair removal
makes the lives of people with unwanted hair much easier and carefree, and is an especially popular procedure just before summer.

Over the past ten years, cosmetic laser procedures have become more effective with less downtime. The oozing skin and swollen faces of laser
resurfacing’s past has given way to more technologically advanced lasers that leave the top layer of skin intact while penetrating deeply into
the tissue. This allows the laser to generate collagen production and repair years of skin damage without creating a burn on the face.

At the Los Angeles Renaissance Laser and Vein Institute, patients are treated with the latest cosmetic skin care lasers including the Titan, Pearl,
Photofacial, and Laser Genesis. Our institute also uses lasers for permanent hair removal and the elimination of spider, reticular and varicose veins.
The use of lasers in varicose vein removal is a marked improvement over the old procedure, a painful vein stripping surgery. Vein stripping required
multiple incisions and removal of the vein, a much more invasive and painful procedure with additional downtime. Our Laser and Vein Clinic uses a
revolutionary technique known as endogenous laser treatment that requires no incisions and only local anesthesia. Best of all, there is no downtime -
patients can treat their varicose veins and resume their lives immediately after. Thanks to our friendly, qualified staff and wide range of cosmetic laser
treatments, Los Angeles populace flock to our clinic from across the city - from Calabasas and Thousand Oaks to Simi Valley and Malibu

About the Author
The Renaissance Laser & Vein Institute is the first center in the Conejo Valley to offer the Titan Procedure™, and is one of a very few sites in
Southern California where this technology can be accessed. For maximum skin enhancement, you may benefit from their revolutionary 3-D Skin
Rejuvenation treatment, combining the Titan™ Procedure with IPL Photofacial™ and Laser Genesis treatments.


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