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					                           [COMPANY NAME]
                               Salary Slip
Name of the Employee:
Month & Year :

Earnings                             Deductions
Basic & DA                  3,900.00 Provident Fund                  468.00
HRA                         2,500.00 E.S.I.                          140.00
Conveyance                    600.00 Loan                                 -
                                     Profession Tax                       -
                                     TDS/IT                               -

Total Addition              7,000.00 Total Deduction                  608.00
                                     NET Salary                     6,392.00

Rupees Six Thousand Three Hundred Ninety Two Only
Cheque No.       drawn on Citibank
Dated 29/08/2008
                                                       For [COMPANY NAME]

SIGNATURE OF THE EMPLOYEE                                Director