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                                                                                            WEEK 3 - march 11, 2008

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 By Lachlan Colquhoun

 In the original classic ballet               These vampire-like beings exist only to
 Giselle there are three minutes              take their revenge on men by dancing
 of hysteria which are confined               them to death, but when Giselle meets
                                              her former lover she spares him and
 to the main character, but in
                                              the two pledge their love, despite
 the Australian Dance Theatre’s               inhabiting different worlds which will
 contemporar y interpretation                 separate them forever.
 G all the dancers become                     “There’s a pre-occupation on my part
 hysterical as the piece reaches              with death and dying and other worlds,
 its climax.                                  with the idea of transformation and
 Choreographer Garry Stewart’s bold           parallel universes existing concurrent
 interpretation of Giselle explores           to our own,” says Stewart.
 the themes of revenge, hysteria,             “And these concepts of the afterlife
 vulnerability and the afterlife which        are key to Giselle and are tied into the
 made the ballet such a success in the        romantic pursuit which was popular
 first part of the 19th century, but with a   when the work was first performed.”
 21st century twist.                          But while the original Giselle is
 G, which is premiering at the Festival,      danced to a classical score, G thumps
 follows a re-working of Swan Lake            to contemporary music. Although
 called Birdbrain which Stewart brought       there is a hint of the classical in the
 to the 200 Festival.                         dancers’ tutus, the dancing is so
 “In reworking a classic one thing            contemporary and physical that an
 that you are trying to do is make a          injury toll has forced the re-scheduling
 relationship between the original text       of performances.
 and contemporary aesthetics,” says           Another idea Stewart explores is that of
 Stewart.                                     “anxiety,” and this manifests itself in the
 “I think one of the most interesting part    way that the hysteria spreads to all the
 of this process is in recontextualising      dancers in the second of the two acts.
 the concepts to put it in the                “Certainly anxiety and anxiousness is
 contemporary realm, and with Giselle         something that pervades our current
 it’s a juicy, meaty and fleshy pursuit.”     contemporary state,” said Stewart.
 The story of Giselle is one of hopeless      “So hysteria is not only relegated to the
 love, suicide and revenge. An innocent       women in G, and the men exhibit it too
 village girl called Giselle falls in love    and they also show vulnerability, which
 with a man she thinks is a peasant,          is another key theme.
 only to find that he is a nobleman and       “Because we have flesh, because we
 already has a girlfriend.                    are human we are human and hysteria
 This knowledge sends Giselle mad and         is part of that vulnerability: to lose your
 she kills herself and joins a group of       grip on the rational and the logical is
 otherworldly beings known as “wilis”         not that far away for most of us.”
 the ghosts of young women betrayed           G plays at the ADT Studios, 126
 by their lovers who have taken their         Belair Road, Hawthorn, until
 own lives.                                   March 16.
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  Lachlan Colquhoun

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                                       After winning the Melbourne            When we both entered the Melbourne          making people uncomfortable. And if
                                       Comedy Festival’s RAW stand up         Comedy Festival’s RAW amateur               people are uncomfortable, they are too
  Distribution                         competition, Melbourne Muslim          standup competition a year ago.             scared to tell us.
  Maryanne Agostino                    comedy duo Nazeem Hussain              All your jokes stem from…                   Do you think most of Australia is
  maryanneagostino@ripitup.com.au                                                                                         paranoid?
                                       and Aamer Rahman thought they          Personal experiences growing up as
                                       could actually do the whole Jerr y     Muslims in Australia.                       Sometimes. Although less so since John
  Published by
  Rip It Up Publishing Pty Ltd         Seinfeld thing. And so their Fear      Fave minority group to target?              Howard isn’t around to encourage that
  The Adelaide Review Pty Ltd                                                                                             paranoia.
                                       Of A Brown Planet begins, the          We don’t target minorities, police do.
  Level 8, 33 Franklin Street                                                                                             Your thoughts on race relations?
  Adelaide SA 5000                     comedy routine that talks about        You guys are ver y politically
                                                                                                                          Always room for improvement. Always.
                                       what other people are too scared       incorrect…
                                                                                                                          Oh, and your English is ‘so good’…
  Disclaimer                           to say. Taboo subjects ranging from    There’s nothing incorrect about what
  Opinions published in this paper                                                                                        Actually, it’s fantastic. I could kick your
                                       race relations to the War On Terror    we do. We had it checked, all the           ass at Scrabble.
  are not necessarily those of the
  editor, nor the publisher.           get a guernsey, as both comedians      answers we have are right.                  Now for the hard sell – why should
  All material subject to copyright.   tell their side of being part of a     Have you ever seen anyone leave in          we pay $22 to see you?
                                       minority group in Australia. Belinda   disgust?                                    Our show is fun, political, and unlike
                                       Pappalardo caught up with Nazeem       Never.                                      any others on at the festival. Also, we
                                       and Aamer to get the skinny on         Have you ever crossed the line?             are quite good looking.
                                       their Fringe show.                     With which joke/obser vation?               Fear Of A Brown Planet is on at
                                       At what point did you decide you       Not really. Our comedy is about saying      The Garden Shed in the Garden Of
                                       wanted to be a stand up comedian?      things that aren’t heard, not necessarily   Unearthly Delights.

                                                                                                  SHAZZA JONES AND MIKE
                                                                                                  RANN: IT DIDN’T HAPPEN
                                                                                                  Despite having the best seats in the house for the hottest
                                                                                                  set in Adelaide over the weekend – catching Sharon jones
                                                                                                  and the Dap Kings at WOmAD – it appeared mike Rann,
                                                                                                  Bob Ellis and Vinnie Ciccarello didn’t seem to all that
                                                                                                  impressed with the deep funksters. The Labor trio had the
                                                                                                  front row seats on the side of stage, literally in sweating
                                                                                                  distance from the mighty Dap Kings horn section, which
                                                                                                  caused some jealous stares from some soul and funk fans
                                                                                                  in the backstage area. But soon after Sharon had joined
                                                                                                  her Dap Kings, Ellis, Rann and Ciccarello vacated stage
                                                                                                  right. But maybe Rann and co. knew something we didn’t
                                                                                                  because soon after they vacated Shazza pulled a dude
                                                                                                  from that section to join her on stage for some freaky
  adelaidereview.com.au                                                                           dancing. If only mike had stayed there seeing him getting
  onion.com.au                                                                                    his freak on with Sharon jones would have been worth the
  nova919.com.au                                                                                  admission price alone.
the preferred play company presents

                                              by timberlake wertenbaker
                                                 directed by Glenda Linscott

ürtext studios
Level 2, 14 Grenfell Street

4-8 March, 11-15 March @ 7.30pm
8, 12, 15 March @ 2.00pm
9 March @ 5.00pm

Adults $23
Conc $15
Fringe Benefits $17
Group $17 + service fee

“Great Performances...A joy to watch” - The Advertiser

Bookings: Fringe TIX
Media contact: Glenda Linscott 0408 338 195
Photo: ponsch hawkes
 JON CLEARY                                                                                                                                            by Robert Dunstan

 Jon Clear y is a UK-born pianist,
 singer and occasional guitarist
 from Kent who has somehow found
 himself in New Orleans playing
 funky soul music. He and his band,
 The Absolute Monster Gentlemen,
 were in Australia late last year
 where they recorded a soon to be
 released live album, Mo’ Hippa, at
 Sydney’s legendar y The Basement
 nightclub and they are now touring
 the countr y again.
 Jon, who has worked with Taj Mahal,
 Bonnie Raitt, BB King and Ryan Adams
 to name but a few, used to venture to
 Australia in solo mode back in the early
 “And then I kind of got a bit busy in the
 US so I stopped touring Australia. But,
 yeah, I was pretty regular for a while.
 And it’s getting that way again now with
 the band.”
 Jon became a member of Bonnie Raitt’s
 touring and recording outfit after
 working with the legendary US blues
 musician and vocalist on a couple of
 tribute albums.
 “We’ve made a few records together            something with a band in Sydney?’           out at Jackie’s place because I felt much   “Cornell Williams, the bass player,
 and toured the world a couple of times.       And I said, ‘Gee, it’s very hard to find    more at home there than in a hotel.         actually comes out to Australia a lot
 We’ve got another tour coming up in           people, even in the US, who can play        We’d just hang out, cook some meals,        these days as he plays with [Australian
 July so, in the meantime, I’m doing as        New Orleans music properly because          tell jokes and listen to music. He was      singer songwriter] Belinda Butler.
 much as I can with the Monster Gents.         it’s not enough to just be a very good      a great teacher and he influenced two       Derwin Perkins – who is better known
 There’s no such thing as time off these       musician. You need to have the right        generations of musicians.”                  as Big D – is the guitar player and
 days because I’m always juggling things       inflections to play that kind of music’.    Jon says that one of the things he most     the newest member is the drummer,
 around.”                                      And then he told me that Jackie was         enjoys about touring Australia is the       Eddie Christmas. They are all church
 The Monster Gents’ live album, Mo’            a Hungarian-born bass player and I          audiences.                                  musicians, as are a lot of the musicians
 Hippa, is dedicated to the memory of          thought, ‘No way is that going to work      “They really get it. I get a lot of         from New Orleans, but church
 Sydney musician Jackie Orszaczky, who         out.’ But Jackie was just phenomenal. I     musicians coming along to the gigs and      musicians from New Orleans are pretty
 died recently.                                was just blown away.                        afterwards you invariably get chatting      funky. And they are all great players and
 “The sad news [Jackie’s passing] came         “And later I ended up doing some            about music. And Jackie’s name often        we have a lot of fun doing what we do.”
 in just as I was doing the artwork for        shows with Jackie in Europe and a           comes up as an influence. It’s like when    Jon Clear y & The Absolute Monster
 the new record,” Jon sighs. “I’m going        couple of gigs fell through so we drove     I first moved to New Orleans and I          Gentlemen play SoCo Cargo in
 to miss that guy. The first time I came       from Vienna to Budapest and he gave         learnt from a lot of the older cats.”       Rundle Pk’s Garden Of Unearthly
 to Australia to do some solo stuff, the       me a guided tour. And whenever I’d          Jon’s band have been together for a         Delights at 10.30pm on Wed Mar
 promoter said, ‘Do you want to do             come to Australia I used to just crash      number of years.                            12 and Thu Mar 13.

                                                                    If you could do any job here at the garden,            Conservative, but the best place to be in Feb.
                                                                    what would you do?                                     If you could do any job here at the garden,
                                                                    (Chopper) I would be the Fidel Castro of Yiros         what would you do?
                                                                    sales.                                                 I would be the Silent Disco DJ.
                                                                    Silent disco – yay or nay?
                                                                    Yay – definitely a highlight of this fuckin’ garden.

                ChRIS mCDONALD, hEATh
                “ChOPPER” FRANKLIN & LORI.
                Highlights so far?
                Dodgem cars and spontaneous interviews by the       jImEOIN                                                KATE, jULIA, ShANE & jOSh
                Ferris wheel.
                If you weren’t here to perform – would you          Highlights so far?                                     Highlight so far?
                visit Adelaide?                                     Meeting all of the lovely ladies.                      Tom Tom Club, Cookie baker, Corn on the Cob
                Of course, I mean the clipsal bogans you get here   What are you doing here right now?                     and La Clique
                are a real tourist attraction                       Well, I came to make people laugh and now I’m          What are you here for?
                The craziest outfit you’ve have seen?               wandering around, lost.                                Sex, drinking and festival fun.
                A man dressed in green lycra trying to be a frog,   How would you describe Adelaide to                     Craziest outfit you’ve seen tonight?
                and Jimeoin.                                        someone who has never been here?                       The Cowboy


                     by Robert Dunstan

                     Canadian comic Tom Stade, who’s
                     here to perform in Best Of The Ed
                     Fest as part of Adelaide Fringe 2008,
                     is hardly staid.
                     In fact, his confrontational brand of
                     comedy has incurred the wrath of
                     a patron who immediately reported
                     him to the authorities about a joke
                     Tom does about Alzheimer’s Disease.
                     “I’d forgotten how PC some people
                     in Adelaide can be,” Tom spat as he
                     almost, but not quite, lit the wrong
                     end of his cigarette. “What did Lenny
                     Bruce achieve if I’m in danger of
                     having a joke pulled from my show?”
                     But Tom, who says he just does what
                     he does, isn’t too concerned about
                     having the local police pull him off.
                     “It’ll just be more publicity,” he
                     laughs, “so I kinda hope it happens.”
                     I must have heard Tom’s Alzheimer’s
                     Disease joke on opening night but
                     I’ve totally forgotten what is was now.
                     Best Of The Edinburgh Festival
                     continues at the Governor
                     Hindmarsh from Tuesdays until
                     Sundays until Sun Mar 16 at
                     7.30pm. Friday and Saturday
                     evening’s comedy shows are
                     followed by The Late Show
                     featuring a smorgasbord of comic
                     talent at 10pm.

dish     Gotta love a                                           BATH BOY BACK
                                                                ON DECK                                            You can listen to Hans

thE dirt bit of a goss!                                         Last week I mentioned that David
                                                                                                                   “Dish The Dirt” on Nova
                                                                                                                   919 every morning with
With     Here are the                                           O’Mer, better known as the Bath Boy                Fitzy, Jules and Lisa. Make

                                                                from La Clique, had to pull out of a
                                latest Fringe                   few shows because of an injury. Well
                                                                the good news for everyone is that
                                                                                                                   sure you check out Hans’
                                                                                                                   Fringe show “The Showpony
                                whispers from                   he is back in action. Young David was
                                                                replaced for six shows by Christy
                                                                                                                   Tour” on every Wed, Thurs
                                                                                                                   and Fri.
                                around town.                    Shelper who has worked for Cirque du
                                                                Soleil in the past as an acrobat. Even
                                                                                                                   Tickets at
                                If you have                     though he may be better, my offer to
                                                                nurse Bath Boy still stands – I want to
                                any more let                    make that very clear.                              au or www.

                                me know -     SILENCE IS
                                hans@nova     GOLDEN
                                919.com.au    Well finally – I’ve done it. On Sunday
                                              night I took the plunge and went in the
                                                                Silent Disco. Like you could stop me.
                                                                If you haven’t been in yet – DO IT. It
                                                                is the best $10 you can spend at the
                                                                Fringe. Well ok maybe not the best, but
                                                                definitely one of the top 30 best things
                                                                to do at the Fringe.

                                                                THE SHOwPONY
                                                                MUST GO ON
                                                                This week is the final week of my
                                                                glittering cabaret spectacular- The
                                                                Showpony Tour. Three final shows have
                                                                been added for Wednesday the 12th,
                                                                Thursday the 13th and Friday the 14th.
                                                                If you miss out, there will be one pissed
                                                                off German – and we all know how that
                                                                ends up.

   welcome to           the Promethean’s spectacular 2008 Fringe Festival
                 Variety Cavalcade with three weeks of non-stop

                music                                   The Idea of North
                                                    - International capella quartet.
                                                                                         The Late Show with
                                                                                         - Mike Stewart Big Band
                                                                                                                          Marmalade Circus
                                                                                                                       - jazz with a cool world vibe

                    cabaret                         Hiptones - Blues, Roots Jazz
                                                     from the Fabulous Hiptones
                                                                                         Urban Jazz Quartet
                                                                                            - Über cool jazz
                                                                                                                             20 Something
                                                                                                                         - Sassy Musical Cabaret

 at 116 Grote Street, Adelaide
 22 February to 16 March 2008
 For session times and ticket prices please see      I Might be Edgar Allan Poe        Adam Page Solo - Winner
 www.thepromethean.com.au, Fringe Guide or             - black comedy drama            of the 2007 Adelaide Fringe
                                                                                       Award for Best Music by an
 book through FringeTIX 1300 374 643.
                                                                                              Emerging Artist

                                                                                                    the Promethean
                                                                                                                                       THE ADELAIDE FIx 7
the fastest talker in the
west and the adelaide Fix’s
favourite man about town, PK,
stumbled from venue to venue
on the weekend and asked
anyone he could find just how
they get their FiX...?
                                                                               “Being slammed against the wall... at
                                                                                                                       “My fix is festivals. Being the Director
                                                                               Smile Off Your Face!”                   of the Adelaide Fringe is only one a
                                                                                                                       year; prior to this I had four a year.
                                                                                                                       Now just the one is totally doing it for
                                                                                                                       me. That and walking around seeing an
                                                                                                                       audience come out of a show!”

“I have two 25 year old boys living with
me at the moment. That’s pretty good.
And they cooked me breakfast this          ELISE                               SARAh
morning, those Elbow Skin lads. I also
have a bath in my apartment if bath-boy
is looking for somewhere to rehearse!”
                                           “Laughing with my girlfriends and
                                           totally appreciating their random
                                                                               “Being blindfolded at Smile Off Your
                                                                               Face. Confronting, but well worth it:
                                                                               like a therapy session.”
                                                                                                                       “Getting smacked!”

                                                                                                                           FRINGE DWELLER

                                         THE HUMMER H3 HAS ARRIVED.                                                      METRO HUMMER
                                         SO LOCK YOURSELF IN FOR A TEST DRIVE AND BE AMONG                               84 – 88 MAIN NORTH ROAD
                                         THE FIRST TO DRIVE SOMETHING THAT’S LIKE NOTHING ELSE .                         PROSPECT
                                         FROM JUST $51,990† .                                                            08 8343 5050
                                         †Plus dealer delivery and government charges. MY07 model shown.                 LVD 3552

Limited Edition                                                                                                 Open air

Dressed up to go out.
                                                               Save $6,800

                                                                                                                NEW 9-3 Linear Convertible. In stock.
Ph: 8354 9555
84 Main North Road PROSPECT
Ph: 8343 5000                                                                                                 Metro Saab Prospect               LVD 3552.

www.metroholden.com.au                                                                                        84-88 Main North Road, Prospect
*Price DOES NOT INCLUDE statutory onroad charges. Dealer delivery ($1495). Metallic Paint ($400). LVD 3552.   Phone: (08) 8343 5050 Email: sales@metrosaab.com.au
                                                                        OUT & ABOUT
     tiX dEal
                                                                        FOR PERSIAN GARDEN

                                       NICK SUN – TEAR
                                       yOUR EyES OUT
                                       The Garden Shed
                                       2 for 1 – $14

                                       KINGS OF ThE
                                       mercury Cinema – The Iris
                                       2 for 1 – $13.95

                                       FRINGE CLUB
                                       higher Ground
                                       2 for 1 – $20

  mIKE ShEER IS                        SEVEN SECONDS
  FREE                                 – IN GOD WE
  Colonel Light hotel                  TRUST
  (Gemini Lounge)                      higher Ground
  2 for 1 – $14                        2 for 1 – $22
  10pm                                 7.15pm

                       Fasta Pasta has just introduced
                  its rst café bar, Fasta Pasta Pronto.
                  Located on O’Connell Street, North Adelaide,
                    Fasta Pasta is a redesigned, smaller yet chic
                      version of its North Adelaide predecessor.

                                        The Fasta Pasta philosophy
                               is modeled on an age-old southern
                             Italian belief, “That which is simple,
                        is often wholesome and good for you.”
                           This belief is evident at Pronto with the
                                          slightly smaller menu and
                                                    takeaway focus.

                                      Fasta Pasta Pronto is open
                                     7 days for lunch and dinner
                                   47 O’Connell St, North Adelaide
                                           Lunch: 11:00am - 2:30pm,
     Dinner: (Sun-Thurs) - 4:30pm - 9:30pm, (Fri-Sat) - 4:30pm - 10pm

                                Ph: 8361 9441 Fax: 8361 9442

     Visit www.fastapasta.com.au for more information
 thE adElaidE FiX’s
 hot PiCKs For

                                           SIX PACK!
LOS mOjO REVUE                             ThE GARDEN OF UNEARThLy
                                           DELIGhTS - ThE PUPPET                                                                  WOyzECK
SARAh’S CAFé                               PALACE                                      RON SEXSmITh
10.30Pm                                    9Pm                                                                                    FRINGE FACTORy ThEATRE -
                                                                                       FOWLER’S LIVE                              ThE TEA ROOm
If you like to swing to the beat of 60s    Six super short shows in one! Starring      8.30Pm                                     10.30Pm
music and have mind altering moments,      six emerging Australian Puppeteers. Six
then this fun, solo, magic-comedy show     Pack is hip, satirical, irreverent, witty   Elton John says Sexsmith has the voice     This new adaptation of Büchner’s 1836
is the grooviest on planet earth.          and fun. ‘Gijan - The Yellow Man’ Conor     of an angel. His sparkling collection      working-class tragedy is Woyzeck’s own
A groovy and swinging time suitable        Fox. ‘Misbehaving notation’ Michael         of songs range in tone from sad to         cathartic autobiography; a lush, surreal,
for all ages, afternoons for family and    Bevitt. ‘The Fouth Dementia’ Chris          surreal, melancholy to magical. Other      psychological re-imagining of a classic
nights for adults. Mind you, with ‘mind    Willoughby. ‘Tea for One’ Jenny Ellis.      massively-famous admirers include          text. A powerful, reflexive, critically
altering moments’ and a kick off time of   ‘The Duel’ Beth McMahon. ‘Cast Away’        Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Bono, Elvis       engaged performance work. Get some
10.30pm, perhaps the wee ones can be       Leonie Van Eyk. Interesting fun in a        Costello. Why all the love? It’s simple:   old-school culture before the Fringe
left at home for this?                     40-minute window.                           great songs sung with genuine soul.        wraps up.


                                                                       8227 1007
                                                                       39 Hindmarsh Square

                                            Fringe Special
                                               Choose from                                                               Mon - Fri:
                                                                                                                         12 noon to late
                                                  3 cocktails                                                            Sat: 5 pm to late
                                                  3 small plates                       for     $10            each
                                                                                                                                                        THE ADELAIDE FIx 11
 thE adElaidE FiX’s
 hot PiCKs For

                                          SPACE ThEATRE
CAT ON A hOT TIN                          7Pm
                                          Kommer traces the intersecting paths of
hER mAjESTy’S ThEATRE                     six people as they respond to the news
8Pm                                       of the death of a loved one. For the first
                                          half of the show, we witness their acute                                                   ShORT ORDER
This searing Pulitzer Prize-winning       grief as they try to give and receive
                                                                                       jON CLEARy                                    ImPRO
drama is set in a sleek, modernist cage   comfort by saying words wellmeant
of mendacity woven around money,          but, at the same time, misplaced and
                                                                                       ThE GARDEN OF UNEARThLy                       LA BOhEmE
family, greed, sex and mortality.         clichéd. Seamlessly, in the second           DELIGhTS - SOCO CARGO                         9.30Pm
Truth eludes the grasp of all except,     half, the play is replaced by a film that    10.30Pm
perhaps, the ever-watchful buzzard        follows the ‘real’ lives of these people                                                   Melbourne’s masters of improvised
in the physical cage hovering above       after the curtain has dropped. We            Jon Cleary is a triple threat-with a salty-   comedy return with a roster including
– a startling image and metaphor          voyeuristically trace them discovering       sweet voice, masterful piano skills,          the Crew’s finest, plus special guest
for our times. With extraordinary         their individual stories and private pain.   and a knack for coupling infectious           comedians! A different show every
performances and the bold stage           Using few words, precise physicality,        grooves with melodic hooks and sharp          night with all your favourite games,
aesthetic and imaginative conception      and humour, Kommer captures                  lyrics. His live shows are an explosive       plus the Crew’s own acclaimed formats.
for which the Schaubühne is renowned,     the sadness and accompanying                 funk party mixing old school soul             The venue is also worth checking out
Cat on a Hot Tin Roof enables Adelaide    awkwardness inherent in these                with the rhythms of New Orleans. An           if you haven’t already done so, it’s full
to more deeply explore its relationship   moments, and reflects with uncanny           interesting diversion from the hectic         of character. Another title said this
with one of the most lauded theatre       truth the human community in times of        late night antics the last two weeks have     was one of the best ways to wrap up an
ensembles in the Festival’s history.      grief and stress.                            visited upon us.                              evening of the Fringe.

              Adelaide Bank and the Festival,
              transforming our community
              with light, life and energy.

 thE FiX
David Robinson

What a lovely way to spend an evening;
looking on as three fellows enjoy a
drink and a bit of craic after closing
time at the pub. Episodes from this
late-night session are punctuated with
bicycle-oriented reminiscences of the
town constable as he goes about his
business, ensuring all is well. Chris
John’s adaptation of the writings of
Flann O’Brien make for an entertaining,
thoughtful and often funny portrayal of
front bar philosophy, after hours, on a
cold winter’s night in Dublin. The four
actors acquit themselves very well; the
conversation is natural, the drinking,
singing and playing are all skilfully
interwoven. The beautiful rendition
                                                                                       WEARING AWAy                                life and the secret life. Each life
                                                                                                                                   ebbed and flowed into each other but
of The Parting Glass is a wonderful                                                    OUR LIPS                                    remained singular. This is dramatised
moment in what is an entirely enjoyable                                                VIVA FUNCTION CENTRE, FRI                   in the scene where the actors try on
performance all around.                                                                mAR 7                                       and take off their coloured top. It is
An Irish Joke continues at Talbot                                                      Sandy Werner                                as if they are finding their identity.
Hotel at various times until St                                                                                                    During the middle part of the dance
Patrick’s Day, Mon Mar 17.                                                             This superbly crafted and intense           a video was played showing obscure
                                                                                       performance was captivating and             clips of the girls. I assumed the
                                                                                       poignant. Without words, three              trapped ‘secret life’ got into drugs
                                                                                       beautiful women danced and gyrated          because she had a wild and frantic
mURDER IN ThE                              barons and King Henry II are at odds
                                           with the holy Archbishop and the
                                                                                       the fickle but fierce ups and downs         leap about and then died, much to
CAThEDRAL                                  church at large leads towards a tragic
                                                                                       of life, of passion, of self. Each player
                                                                                       represented different aspects of our
                                                                                                                                   the sadness of the other two selves.
                                                                                                                                   A very enjoyable and expressive
                                           end suggested by the title. There are       lives… the public life, the private         performance.
                                           plenty of twists and turns along the
Luke Balzan
                                           way, as the tale is told from a number
The big old Catholic cathedral of
                                           of perspectives. There’s some superb      1984                                          of the future is at once chilling in
                                                                                                                                   this rendition, with certain concepts
                                           acting taking place, with the heavily     hOLDEN STREET ThEATRES,
Adelaide forms the ethereal set for                                                                                                presented reflecting reality perhaps a
this adaptation of TS Elliot’s Murder      poetic dialogue that drives this one      ThU mAR 6                                     little too closely for comfort! Ultimately
In The Cathedral, and is particularly      along being spoken so eloquently. This    Luke Balzan                                   dealing with totalitarian control over
enchanting for this poetic masterpiece.    one’s definitely a sheer poetic delight
                                                                                                                                   people’s minds and wills and breaking
The play is set in 12th century England,   and another triumph for Therry. Just      Orwell’s infamous tale of despair and         the human spirit, Nineteen-Eighty-
where the one-time somewhat corrupt        get there early to get a close seat       destruction in the wake of totalitarian       Four was gripping literature in its day.
Catholic Archbishop Of Canterbury          and best position yourself for the        regime gets a new lease on life from          Adaptations such as this demonstrate
Thomas Becket has returned to his          Cathedral’s interesting acoustics.        this young troupe of actors, talented         that it still retains relevance today, and
homeland after being exiled due to his     Murder In The Cathedral                   beyond their years. The minimalist            is every bit as emotive, thrilling and
‘discovery’ of God late in his priestly    continues at St Francis Xavier’s          set is put to good use, with cold             shocking as always. This is certainly a
career. A tale of political intrigue as    Catholic Cathedral at various times       industrialism conveyed simply yet             fine piece of work from a fine upcoming
the wishes and intentions of the land      until Sat Mar 15.                         very effectively. The bleak outlook           company of actors.

                                                                                                                                                          THE ADELAIDE FIx 13
 thE FiX
my yEAR WIThOUT                            Jessica Gerger transform instantly
                                           from Tickletext to her exasperated
SEX                                        counterparts with just a change of body
ThE COURThOUSE, ThU mAR 6                  language or facial nuance. One second
Jenny Smith                                Gerger is Tickletext raving about the
                                           dangers of pre-marital kissing; the next
Performer Jessica Gerger pulls off this    she’s a snooty Italian waiter - equally
cleverly scripted solo performance         exasperated but at the hapless customer
perfectly. It’s a fun scenario where the   he finds before him. Full marks to all
recently widowed Winifred Tickletext       involved for their professionalism in
travels Europe comparing all and           this delightful journey. This is one case
sundry to the way things are done          where the heart grows quite fond of this
back home in Britain. The disdainful       lady’s abstinence.
Tickletext endures humiliation             My Year Without Sex continues
and harassment on the course of            at Courthouse at 8pm until Sun
her journey. It’s a delight to see         Mar 16.

ThE SmILE OFF                              and S&M spring to mind, there’s a lot
                                           more to this show. As you get wheeled       TOmmy DEAN –                           and living in Australia for the past
yOUR FACE                                  around the room and are subjected to        SOmEWhERE IN                           16 years, feels that the fact that he’s
                                                                                                                              too lazy to fill out the Naturalisation
FRINGE FACTORy ThEATRE,                    a number of ‘stations’, incidents and
                                           events, the entire experience is surreal.
                                                                                       BETWEEN                                forms should perfectly qualify him
ThU mAR 6                                                                              RhINO ROOm, SAT mAR 8                  as an Aussie! He shares his love
Luke Balzan                                While being deprived of your senses,
                                                                                       Catherine Blanch                       of Aussie Rules and cricket, his
                                           particularly sight, may at the outset
                                           seem daunting, stressful and downright                                             confusion at rugby and the joys of
I’ve seen a great many Fringe shows                                                    Tommy Dean politely declined an        being a stay at home dad. Tommy
                                           scary, the experience actually left me
in my time, but this one, which I          feeling an ensuing sense of peace and       offer to have his sleeves cut off      sees the lighter side of tragedy, is
discovered by accident, has got to be      relaxation. Ironically, without my sight,   and his jeans made into a pair of      funny without the need to swear and
one of the very best! The concept seems    I was somehow enlightened! Definitely       shorts, telling the audience that he   is intelligent yet non-conformist.
rather bizarre: rather than attending a    a brilliant show; check it out before it    felt more comfortable performing       Some great laughs to be had at this
show, you actively become involved in      completely sells out!                       fully dressed, although he admitted    show!
the show. On arriving, you are seated in   The Smile Off Your Face continues           he was sweltering in the heat wave.    Tommy Dean continues at Rhino
a wheelchair, blindfolded, and have your   at Fringe Factory Theatre at various        Tommy, an American happily married     Room at 8.30pm until Sat Mar 15.
hands tied up; while images of bondage     times until Sun May 16.

 thE FiX                                     mARImBA SOIREE                            audience with their various personal
                                                                                       styles and range of percussion

                                             ThE GARAGE INTERNATIONAL,
                                                                                       sounds. The collaborative work on
                                             ThU mAR 6
                                                                                       the marimba and the vibraphone was
                                             Kathryn Barclay and Edel Perth
                                                                                       a sound sensation. The venue left a
                                             The Marimba is such a beautiful           lot to be desired with the clattering
                                             instrument and to hear it played          of cutlery and coins from downstairs,
  PUPPETRy OF                                by very talented and charismatic          but it did not take away from the
  ThE PENIS: RES-                            guys made for a wonderful                 musicianship. Check these guys out
  ERECTION TOUR                              experience. This performance was an
                                             international event from the College
                                                                                       before they become famous.
                                                                                       Marimba Soiree continues at
                                             Of Fine Arts, University Of Nevada,       Garage International at 10pm
  Jenna Bonavita
                                             with their students delighting the        until Fri Mar 14.
  If it wasn’t for the charm of
  founding member, Simon Morley,
  and supreme cheekiness of new
                                           WE COULD LIVE                               CONFESSIONS OF
  puppeteer, Dan Speed, this show          hERE                                        A CULTURAL SPy
  may qualify for an ‘R’ rating and        WhAT A DISh!, ThU mAR 6                     ThE GARAGE INTERNATIONAL,
  be deemed somewhat per verse.            David Robinson                              WED mAR 5
  However, believe it or not, there                                                    Jennifer Stokes
  is nothing sexual about this show,       Perhaps this is a meditation on getting
  except for the fact that sexual          away from it all without leaving your       From the moment Mark Johnson
  organs are twisted and squashed          room; quite possibly it is something        walks on stage with ribbons hanging
  into shapes that are totally hilarious   else entirely. Nevertheless, We Could       out of his pockets and fly, you know
  and so, so wrong! The boys’ world        Live Here is an enjoyable 50-minute         that you’re in for a classic Fringe
  renown ‘dick tricks’ include highly      rollercoaster. Karina Smith and Bron        performance. At 60 minutes long, his
                                           Batten have combined a series of            impassioned, schizophrenic monologue
  disturbing ‘installations’ such
                                           loosely related pieces and attempted        purports to unpack the difference
  as the dick-eridoo, hamburger
                                           to weave a thread through them. The         between Americans and Europeans
  (100% Aussie beef, folks!) and the
                                           differing personalities of the characters   in the interests of greater cultural
  theatrical passing of the Olympic
                                           are well-projected. The show moves          understanding. In reality, he observes a
  flame. A must-see show! Go for a
                                           along quickly in terms of dialogue          few mundane differences between the
  giggle and be astonished at their
                                           and action, and there’s a puppet show!      Swiss and residents of the USA before
  flexibility! You’ll also never be able
                                           Props are used imaginatively, and all the   moving into an increasingly esoteric
  to view Star Wars the same way after
                                           sound and lighting is managed by the        discussion of the difficulties of accurately
  the ‘Yoda’ experience!                   performers. On the evening I attended,      representing another people. Confessions
                                           the volume of the recorded soundtrack       Of A Cultural Spy then segues into an
                                           interfered with the words being spoken      eccentric Art History lesson, by way of
                                           but these things are easily fixed. Good     an existential discussion, delivered with
                                           fun and very Fringe.                        a humour so subtle it’s easily missed.
                                           We Could Live Here continues at             His ponderings on the possibilities of
                                           What a Dish!, 89 O’Connell St at            using an old-fashioned camera to capture
                                           7.30pm until Sat Mar 15.                    emotional clouds served to confuse
                                                                                       rather than enlighten the audience.
                                                                                       Even the 35-degree heat didn’t halt his
                                           FLUTE TRAVELLER                             enthusiastic delivery, but the audience
                                           NORTh ADELAIDE COmmUNITy                    was left with a lingering confusion…
                                           CENTRE, ThU mAR 6
                                           K*m Mann & Angie Starr
                                                                                       TINGED WITh GILT
                                           Songs swell like stories from forests,      WhEATShEAF hOTEL, ThU mAR 6
                                           villages, old times… Suffering the fond     Rosie van Heerde
                                           delusions of jet lag, Ron Korb plays
                                           woodwind instruments from many parts        The funniest moments in this show
                                           of the world, gliding with ease through     were actually provided by Rundle
                                           Japanese, Celtic and Indian modes and       Mall shoppers during a vox pop-style
                                           scales. Pre-recorded backing music on       film segment shown at the start of the
                                           some songs features ancient Chinese         evening. Anthony Juha (pronounced
                                           and Indian instrumentation. Solo songs      Yoo-ha) presents a show outlining one
                                           blow clarion notes, calling from the        lawyer’s trials and tribulations from
                                           mountains. Like small birds, his fingers    Sydney to Port Kemble to Redfern
                                           twitter and flutter above. In a show of     and back again. There are moments
                                           skilful musicianship, embrasure and         of interest – one can’t avoid the sexual
                                           breath control, the artist plays soprano,   strangulation scene – however for the
                                           Chinese, bass and Cambodian flutes.         most part the show lacked rhythm and
                                           Songs of bravery and tragedy delivered      at times didn’t seem to even have much
                                           in poignant and wistful tones. Clever       point. There were a couple of giggles,
                                           lighting for dramatic effect. The artist    even a few extended chuckles, but
                                           creates two shadows, the hero and the       nothing that could produce a decent
                                           dead. Soothing bass flute. An Irish jig     belly laugh. Worth a visit just to check
                                           for encore.                                 out the groovy beer/wine list at the bar.

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Ph 8235 9990


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Sketch comedy theatre troupe
                                                           by David Knight

                                             is it totally different to The Glass
Pig Island are making their debut            Boat?
appearance at The Adelaide Fringe            It’s different as it is one story. We’ve
with their show The Glass Boat.              done lots of different stories kind of
Written and performed by the three           connected lets try to do one story, wow.
members of Pig Island (they even             But it’s the same sense of humour and
make their own costumes) The                 the same people doing it.
Fix spoke to one of the members              Was it difficult for you guys to write
Claudia O’Doherty.                           a long stor y but keep that same
You have been doing the show The             humour?
Glass Boat for a while?                      A little bit. At first when we sat down for
We first did it in January in Sydney in      a long time we were freaking out about
2007 in a tiny theatre there, and then       what the story would be and came up
we took it to the Melbourne Comedy           with something really complicated.
Festival last year. But we haven’t done it   Then we just realised it was important
since then. We haven’t done it for a year    to have something ridiculously simple
but we’re pretty excited, and wondering      story and then you hang your sense of
if we’ll remember our lines.                 humour and develop something from a
So how come you’ve decided to                very simple base.
bring the show back after a year?            How long has Pig Island been
We’ve got a new show we’re doing
                                             We met in University and we did plays
for Melbourne but we really wanted
                                             with Nick and he wrote there, and then
to make Adelaide a part of what we
                                             the first show we did writing together
do. So we thought we’d start from the
                                             was The Glass Boat in January 2007.
beginning and bring our first show           Was this the show you took to New
here.                                        York as well or was that a different
I’ve read reviews and the press              show?
releases but I still have no idea            That was a different one that was the
what the show is about, so can you           one that Nick wrote that was called The
explain it to me?                            October Sapphire.
It’s basically a very, very odd sketch       Did the humour translate well to
show. So, any effort to describe it          America when you took the show to
makes it sound ridiculous because            New York?
we tackle the important issues like          One of the things that was really
giant talking frogs and babysitting          worrying was that I played an American
and zombies, which makes it sound            character and I was just pretty worried
ridiculous. In a way that is true, it is     because I thought people might be a bit
ridiculous, but it’s just a really odd       angry. People seemed to really like it,
show.                                        so it was fine and some of them thought       want to keep doing what’s fun for us.        that but we don’t have any money.
I read one review that said its like         I was American and it didn’t occur to         And for the moment that’s doing hour-        Because there are three of us as well it
channel surfing a bunch of situation         them that I wouldn’t be, so it was good       long theatre shows. We’d like to do little   will cost many thousands of dollars. So,
comedies in a parallel universe, is          they were receptive.                          films or whatever but were not crazily       unless we get picked up by some big
that an accurate description?                For the future are you going to keep          ambitious we just want to keep doing         time producer, no we won’t be going to
I guess you could say that, except you       working on shows together or go for           our stupid things.                           Edinburgh.
would say an excellent situation comedy      a show on TV?                                 Have you got plans to go to                  The Glass Boat is on at SoCo Cargo
[laughs].                                    I mean ideas like that have been tossed       Edinburgh this year or next year?            in the Garden Of Unearthly Delights
The new show you’re working on,              around but I think for the moment we          We would love to do something like           at 7.30pm until Sat Mar 15.

                                                              INSIDE THE
                                                                MIND OF

                                                                                                                                               by Scott McLennan

If you’ve come for jokes about           It’s hard to tell if you have an            How comfortable are you with your           under-informed, poorly engaged point-
drinking yourself into a stupor or       inferiority complex or superiority          followers?                                  missing masquerading as critique.
how crazy chicks are, you’ve come        complex.                                    I wouldn’t call them followers, to be       Both positive and negative. I have had
to the wrong place. British comic        I have neither of those things. Like        honest. I’m slowly building an audience     some blindingly positive reviews that
Daniel Kitson offers far more than       most people I have moments of               which is generally lovely and receptive     irk me as much, if not more, than some
most of the mundane fools who            insecurity and moments of confidence,       to me doing and trying new or different     negative ones. Because the point is
dare to call themselves comedians,       I have people that intimidate me and        things. There is a part of me that feels    missed and one’s work is represented
but that’s why we love him. His          people that I fear not.                     that audiences are only as dim as the       wrongly and damagingly by someone
philosophies are both wretchedly         Since you’re known for your acidity,        comedian lets them be. It’s certainly       more interested in displaying
witty and distinctly original, giving    when you write ‘Stay Strong, Stay           not always true but I think sometimes       their towering intellect than being
his audience more to ponder than         Proud’ on your website it’s hard to         the audiences are blamed for the lazy       understood.
lowbrow jokes about beer and             know whether you’re taking the piss         dullard nonsense that is coming from        How often do you take a side of
aeroplane food. Appearing at the         or not.                                     comedians. But my stuff is hardly           an argument you don’t agree with
Adelaide Fringe in two separate          I think it’s pretty clear that when I       searingly intellectual. It’s my desire to   simply as a bit of a challenge?
shows, The Fix attempted to find out     write that I am being ridiculous. It’s      be understood rather than clever.           I don’t. I did at university, but I was a
what makes this gifted comic tick.       a ludicrous thing to say. That doesn’t      Do your critics and reviewers ever          dick then.
When you’re on stage you don’t           mean there is no truth in it, but it is     get it right?                               Daniel Kitson performs The
suffer fools gladly.                     quite clearly a joke. I think most people   There have been times when reviews          Impotent Fury Of The Privileged
I’ll suffer fools gladly enough, self-   are fine with conceiving where I’m          have pointed me in a slightly clearer       at Royalty Theatre at 9pm until Sun
importance and rudeness is given         coming from to be honest. I don’t think     direction, making me articulate myself      Mar 16 and The Ballad Of Rodger
slightly shorter shrift. But the         others are as perplexed as you seem to      a little clearer, and pointing out how      And Grace at Theatre Bosco at
foolish are okay, as long as they have   be. But maybe I’m wrong. Maybe I’m a        things can be misunderstood. But            3.30pm from Tue Mar 11 to Sat
compassion in their silly hearts.        riddle to many.                             there is an endless slurry of lazy,         Mar 15.

                                                                                                                                                       THE ADELAIDE FIx 19
  Fringe isn’t all about corn, comedians and cacks. It’s about art
  mediums, collections, exhibitions and narratives too. So make sure
  you get behind the local and international artists each displaying their
  respective artwork in and around various venues throughout this
  wonderful festival city we call Adelaide…

                                                                             ADELE BOOTH
                                                                             By day 26-year-old Adele Booth               choice to either post them back, ignore
  wINE – PRESENTED                                                           works in a Post Office as a parcel           them, keep them or throw them in
  BY SIx PACK                                                                sorter. By night she studied                 the bin. Quite surprisingly most of
  WhEATShEAF hOTEL                                                           sculpture at AC arts. And now?               them came back. It was like loosing a
  FRONT BAR                                                                  She’s displaying her Post Building           purse or wallet and having it returned,
                                                                             Project, involving canvas-sewn               something that reaffirmed my belief in
  ThEBARTON                              wOOD SHOw                           envelopes and debris from                    general public goodwill.
                                         TS GALLERy                          Adelaide’s built environment,                Your art mainly features...
  As part of the Adelaide Fringe 2008,   22 CURRIE ST,                       and the postal ser vice. Adele               Things collected from the streets, bits
                                                                             endeavours to insert art into public         of rubbish and debris. It also represents
  the Sixpack artists return to the      ADELAIDE                            places, in turn reaching new and             an action undergone by someone else.
  Wheatsheaf Hotel to present another
                                                                             unsuspecting audiences. Belinda              At the moment I’m into postal art, but
  of their intoxicating inspirations –   Artists Fredrock, Store and Benzo
                                         make art from wood.                 Pappalardo caught up with the                I’m always looking for new ways to
  wine! Opens Mon Mar 3.
                                         Concludes Sat Mar 29                artistic genius.                             incorporate art into the cityscape and
  Concludes Mon Mar 31
                                                                                                                          communicate with strangers.
                                                                             How’s the art exhibition going?              If you weren’t an artist you’d be...
                                                                             We are having a good response from           Well, some kind of guitar god I guess.
                                                                             the public, many kids are coming to see      I always thought I was destined for
                                                                             it. Also lots of support from older ladies   musical greatness until I realised that I
                                                                             which is great for a contemporary show.      couldn’t sing in key.
                                                                             Describe your art...                         Best fringe show so far?
                                                                             My art is about interacting with             The installation of collected junk at
                                                                             people in public spaces. It is about         the fringe factory is really special, also
                                                                             creating a situation in which people         there is a collection of shopping lists in
                                                                             are encouraged to participate in the         Gays Arcade that took many years to
                                                                             work. In The Post Building Project I         complete. I like to see the work of other
                                                                             hid envelopes around the city streets,       artists who are more mad and obsessive
                                                                             and people who found them had the            than myself.

                                                                                                                          jOSh ThOmAS
                                                                                                                          josh is 20. he won the
                                         fine Northern Italian food                                                        2005 RAW Comedy
                                                                                                                          Competition, has
                                                                                                                          performed at the
                                                                                                                          Edinburgh Fringe and

                                                                                                                          montreal Comedy
          Ground Floor

                                                                                                                          Festivals, been seen
          Cnr Wakefield                                                                                                    on Sideshow (ABC)

          and Hutt Streets                                                                                                and Stand-up Australia
          ADELAIDE                                                                                                        (comedychannel) and
          Ph. 8227 0961                                                                                                   heard on Triple j.
                                                                                                                          To win, just tell us what
          Open 7 days                                                                                                     ‘world’s greatest’ josh’s
          Mon - Fri 6.30am til late                                                                                       show is based on. Answers
          Sat - Sun 7.30am til late                                                                                       to <fix@ripitup.com.au>
                                                                                                                          as soon as you can, the
                                                                                                                          show’s on tomorrow.
 thE                                                                                                                                 SHIT TO
                                                                                                                                     CHECK THIS
 onion                                                                                                                               wEEK:

                                                                                                                                     KATALYST AT THE
                                                                                                                                     PERSIAN GARDEN ON THU
                                                                                                                                     MAR 13
                                                                                                                                     Getting behind the decks at the
                                                                                                                                     Persian Garden is none other
                                                                                                                                     than Oz hip hop’s funkiest soul
                                                                                                                                     head Katalyst. Anyone who
                                                                                                                                     has seen Katalyst DJ will know
                                                                                                                                     they are in for a safe journey
                                                                                                                                     of the finest hip, soul and funk
                                                                                                                                     toonage. Check Katalyst on Thu
                                                                                                                                     Mar 13 with LABJACD and DJ

The Persian Garden’s official in            crowds are pretty open to whatever          Nickodemus Feat Tempo & the Candela
house DJ Troy J Been is in The              vibe you lay down?                          Allstars.                                    TOM MIDDLETON AT THE
Onion Fix’s hot seat today. The             Festivals, particularly those that are      What tune is the one you always              PERSIAN GARDEN FRI
well-dressed DJ, whose threads              ‘arts’-driven, seem to attract a broad-     seem to drop when the dancefloor             MAR 14
are almost as cool as his record            minded crowd looking for a real taste       isn’t moving?                                On this page you would have
collection, will be spinning most           of culture. They’re happy to delve deep     I’m generally getting cats up with Latin     read that Troy J Been is excited
nights at the Persian Garden (when          below the surface to find something         vibes these days, so I’d say Pavlov &        about seeing this English
it is open) this week.                      challenging, yet engaging. The Persian      Mishkin’s Rata Del generally does the        DJ work his way around the
How has the Persian Garden been             Garden is a perfect example of that –       trick – it’s such an addictive groove!       decks. well The Onion Fix
travelling this year?                       cats are groovin’ to musicians and DJs      What other acts you keen to see              shares Troy’s enthusiasm, as
It’s been super cool! Despite initial       they’ve never heard of. The setting and     this festival season?                        Middleton’s upcoming set at
grumbles from those who loved the           the vibe is so cool, you can’t help but     There’s been so much incredible stuff        the Persian Garden will be the
                                            get down! It’s a great mix of people too,   to see already this season. Just recently,   perfect night for anyone who
setting of the Garden in 2006 before
                                            and they’ve all got one thing in common     Nickodemus, the Bamboos, Mark de             loves beats, no matter your
they’d seen the new location, the move
                                            – open minds. It’s such a pleasure to       Clive-Lowe, Mo Horizons, Sharon Jones        genre preference.
to the Festival Centre Ampitheatre
                                            share the music with them.                  & the Dap-Kings, but I’m really hangin’
certainly hasn’t dampened anyone’s
                                            What five records never leave your          to see Tom Middleton do his thing.
spirits. It’s been a really special vibe,
                                            record box/CD case or whatever              His taste is so diverse and I’ve heard
especially with these hot, sticky nights                                                                                             If you have any club related Fringe
                                            new DJ technology has been                  so much about his ability to seamlessly
we’ve been having. The audience is                                                                                                   and Festival Of Arts news you want
                                            invented?                                   move between varying tempos and
elevated and completely surrounding                                                                                                  to share with The Onion Fix email
                                            These five refuse to budge from my box:     genres. He’s a genuine music lover and
the main stage, so there’s not a bad seat                                                                                            <fix@ripitup.com.au>.
                                             Barbwire - Sono Rhizmo                     such a lovely guy too. I won’t be leavin’
in the house – particularly if you secure   Shimmy Shimmy Ya - Taggy Matcher            until I get kicked out that night!
one of those ‘pods’ – but you’ve gotta      Supreme Illusion (Nickodemus Remix) -       Catch Troy J Been at The Persian
get in early! And, it’s so accessible too   Thievery Corporation                        Garden on Fri Mar 14 with Tom
– just $7 to see Billy Cobham!?! There’s    The Way We Lived (Benji Remix) - Wax        Middleton and Mark Walton and
just no excuse not to check it out.
Do you find the Persian Garden
                                            Tailor Feat Sharon Jones
                                            Mi Swing Es Tropical - Quantic &
                                                                                        Sat Mar 15 with Soma Rosa and
                                                                                        Norman Jay.

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