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THE WEDDING GUEST T.S. ARTHUR CHICAGO ILL.: 1856. THERE is no relation in life so important--none involving so much of happiness or misery as that of husband and wife. Yet how rarely is it that the parties when contracting this relation have large experience clear insight into character or truly know themselves! In each other they may have the tenderest confidence and for each other the warmest love; but only a brief time can pass ere they will discover that the harmonious progression of two minds each of which has gained an individual and independent movement is not always a thing of easy attainment. Too soon alas! is felt a jar of discord--too soon self-will claims an individual freedom of action that is not fully accorded; and unless there is wisdom and forbearance temporary or permanent unhappiness is sure to follow. Much has been written on the true relation of married partners and we cannot do a better service to the bride and bridegroom than by gathering words of wisdom on this subject from all sources within our reach and presenting them in as attractive a form as possible. And this we have done in the present volume to which as the title-page indicates we bear only the relation of editor. In it will be found pictures of life serious counsel earnest admonition and hints and suggestions which if wisely followed will keep the sky bright with sunshine or scatter the gathering clouds ere they break in angry storms. May this "WEDDING GUEST" receive as warm a welcome as we desire.

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