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 Findings and the Future
         Findings…Now What?
• Presented the document to our District
  Improvement Team (DIT).
           Findings…Now What?
• DIT Analysis
1. Summarize and Share the report.
2. Determine the most important points to share with the
3. Make recommendations for adjustments to the strategic
Strengths                           Challenges
 Clear, aligned strategic plan      Organizational leadership structure
 District and plan focused on         – district level
   student achievement                  o Org. Chart
 Clear expectations for BOE and        o Job Descriptions
   admin team                        “Front loaded” strategic plan
 District operates on a team           o Reprioritize
   approach – all levels             Additional Communication
 Strong, competent and committed       o District
   BOE and admin team                   o Parents
 Data-driven decision making           o Community
 New evaluation process for the     Focus with so many new initiatives
   bldg administration               Board involvement with budget.
 DIP built around MTSS model        Stability in administrative staff
1. Examine job titles, job descriptions, and reporting assignments among the
   district’s central office and make changes as appropriate.
2. Examine the timelines in the strategic plan and make changes as
   appropriate. In addition, make plans to evaluate the quality of
   implementation and impact of key district initiatives and adjust as
3. Provide supports and regularly monitor progress at the middle school to
   ensure a smooth transition of the new administrative team.
4. Develop and implement a plan for more effectively engaging the Board,
   principals, and other key stakeholders in the budget process.
Strengths                               Challenges
 Youthful leadership                    District community has an
 Increased morale throughout the         inferiority complex and low
  district                                expectations.
 Creation of DIT allowed for: Crisis    Lacks significant post-secondary
  Plan                                    enrollment
   PBS/Discipline Policy                 Explore IB, AP, and dual enroll
 All day Kindergarten                   District Demographics
 9th grade Academy                      Lacking significant community
 Dual Enrollment                         support, resources, partners and
 District wide technology adoption       identity.
 Data Driven Culture                    Dated facilities/texts.
 Emphasis on protecting                 Student behavior among
  counselors, social workers,             subgroups
  nurses.                                Increase of certain populations
                                         PBS support and consistency
1. Develop and implement a plan with the goal of significantly increasing the
   percentage of Turner students who apply, enroll, and graduate with a
   post-secondary degree/training. The plan should take into consideration
   support programs (such as AVID) and AP and/or IB classes and may need
   to include a public awareness campaign.
2. Develop and implement a plan for improving district and school
   communications with parents and the community at large.
Strengths                                 Challenges
   Centralized Management of                Minimal evidence of standards
    Curriculum                                based instruction at the secondary
   Bullseye (Standards based                 level.
    Curriculum)                              Minimal evidence of culturally
   Significant evidence of standards         diverse perspective.
    based instruction at the elementary      50% teacher worksheets (reading
    level.                                    and math)
   Significant evidence of teachers         Lack of buy-in, knowledge, and skill
    checking for understanding and            on sped’s part to implement and
    providing feedback.                       differentiate new curriculum.
                                             Maintain fidelity and thoroughness
                                              of implementation of new
                                             Tier 2 & 3 resources, skills and
Strengths                       Challenges
 Safe, orderly learning         Different perceptions between
  environments                    principals and teachers
 Time is provided for           Lack of resources
  collaboration                  Implementation of Special
 Developed a common language     Education
  for instruction                Staff Development
 Program implementations –      Student Empowerment
  MTSS, Mapping, Marzano, PDK
Strengths                       Challenges
 Strong Assessment Bank         Apply PDK data to change
 Infinite Campus – strong        practice at all levels
 Use of multiple assessment     Bigger variety in types of
  data                            assessments – not just
 PDKs monitoring instruction     paper/pencil.
  and PD                         Curriculum based measures
         Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

1. Develop a plan, reorganize the central office, and create systems for
   fostering and sustaining systemic coherence with regard to the way the
   district serves students with disabilities and English language learners
   (inclusion, MTSS, and differentiation).
               Professional Development
Strengths                      Challenges
 Research/Data Based           Instructional Coaches – mixed
 Aligned with District Plan     review, many hats
 Balance – ½ building and ½    Add district wide induction
  district                       program
 Curriculum Alignment and      PLC consistency and
  Mapping                        development
                                ELL needs – endorsing more
                                PD Topics: Differentiated
                                 Instruction, Rigor, Inclusion,
                                 New Principal Induction,
                                 Multicultural, Classroom
                                 Management, Learning goals,
                                 Non-scripted instruction.
                    Human Resources
Strengths                         Challenges
 Increase participation in Job      Evaluation Instrument
  Fairs/Recruiting                   Induction Program
 Increase in Student Teachers       20% turnover
 Certify Sped (Ottawa, PSU)         Sped/ESL/Minority teachers
 Technology integration in
 Mentors, Instructional
  Coaches, Tech coaches
 Adjustment in salary schedule
  (steps and pay)
 Higher Standards
 Aggressive non-renewal
    Human Resources & Professional Development
1. Implement professional learning communities and a high-quality
   induction program for new teachers district wide.
            Technical Assistance
1. Define the responsibilities and structure the
   reporting of senior staff to facilitate the district
   meeting its goals and objectives and
   implementing its theory of action.

2. Design an instructional delivery and support
   system – built around MTSS, inclusion, and
   differentiation – that effectively educates
   students with disabilities and English language

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