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					                   No. GEN-26/TE/Office Stationery/2011-12/03

                   TENDER DOCUMENT FOR
                       CIRCLE, RAIPUR

Date of issues :                 : 30 /11/2011
Tender available from            : SDE (General),
                                   O/o CGMT, C.G. Circle, Vidhan
                                   Sabha Road, Khamhardih,
                                   Raipur (C.G.) – 492007

Last date of submission         :    22 /12/2011     1300 Hrs.
Date of Opening                 :    22 /12/2011     1500Hrs.

Issued by : SDE (General),

Issued to :

                                              Signature of the tenderer with seal
                                  Table of Contents

 S.No.                                  Details                               Page No.
Section – I
   1.         Notice Inviting Tender                                              1
   2.         Scope of Work                                                       2
              Section -II                                                        3-9
   1          Instructions to Bidders
              Section - III                                                     10-13
   1.         General (Commercial) Conditions of Contract
              Section - IV
   1.          Special Conditions of Contract                                     14
              Section - V
   1.         Bid Form                                                           15
              Section - VI
   1.         Performance Security Bond Form                                    16-17
          Section - VII
   1.         Authorization letter for attending Bid opening                     18
              Section - VIII
   1.         Certificate – Non participation of near relative                   19
          Section - IX
   1.         Agency Details                                                     20
          Section - X
   1.         Price Schedule                                                    21-26

                                                          Signature of the tenderer with seal
                                             SECTION - I

                                       (A Govt. of India enterprise)
                         CGMT, CG Circle, Administration Building,
                            Vidhansabha Road, Khamhardih,
                                    Raipur- 492007
                                    NOTICE INVITING TENDER

Tender No. GEN-26/TE/Office Stationery/2011-12/06                                 Dated 23 /11/2011

NIT No. & Date :- GEN-26/TE/Office Stationery Item/ 2011-12/06                    Dated   /11 /2011
Last Date of Receipt of Tender :-      22 /12 / 2011                    Time up to : 13.00 Hrs.
Date of Opening of Tender :-          22/12 /2011                       Time at      : 15.00 Hrs.

        The Chief General Manager Telecom, Chhattisgarh Telecom Circle invites Wax/PVC sealed
tender for supply of stationery items from Suppliers having experience for supply of Stationary items to
Govt/PSU/Reputed organization for atleast Rs. 2 Lakhs during last three financial years( i.e. 01/04/2008 to
31/03/2011). Estimated cost of bid is 5,60,000/- ( Rs.Five lac sixty thousand only ).

        The intending bidders may obtain Tender Documents containing the detailed descriptions/
specifications of items required and terms and conditions, from the SDE (G) O/o CGMT, CG Circle,
Raipur- 492007 on payment of Rs. 570/- (Rupees Five Hundred Seventy Only) non-refundable in cash or in
the form of crossed DD in favour of A.O. (A&B) O/o CGMT, CG Circle, Raipur payable at Raipur from -
30/11/2011 upto 22/12/2011 between 11.00 hrs to 17.00 hrs. on all working days.

        Bid security in the form of demand draft drawn in favour of A.O. (A&B) O/o CGMT, BSNL CG
Circle, Raipur payable at Raipur will be Rs. 14000/- ( Rs, Fourteen Thousand ) only.

        Tender document is also available on our website at and the bidders
who submit tender form downloaded from the website shall enclose Demand Draft for a Rs. 570/- drawn in
favour of A.O. (A&B) O/o CGMT, CG Circle, Raipur payable at Raipur towards the cost of the tender
document while submitting their bids, Tender submitted without cost of Bid, shall be rejected.

                                                                Assistant General Manager (Admn)
                                                                  O/o CGMT, CG Circle, Raipur

2. Scope of Work

2.1. Service : Supply of General Stationery Items as specified in the description of items.

2.2. Period of Contract :     Under normal circumstances the contract shall be valid for a period
               of one year from the date of issue of work order. However contract may be
               extended unilaterally by BSNL for a further period upto Six month on the same
               rate, terms and conditions. It will be entirely the discretion of the CGMT BSNL,
               Raipur to extend it or not.

2.3. Quantity : Estimated quantity of items required is mentioned in the Description of items –
              Section X. However it should be clearly noted that BSNL shall place the order only
              as per the actual requirements from time to time.

2.4. Supply Requirement : The supply of item shall be made to this office within 7 days of
              written order. In case of emergency, telephonic intimation shall be considered as
              order and will follow with written order.

                                                           Signature of the tenderer with seal

                                                SECTION – II
1. Instructions to Bidders
    (a)     The bidder should be a reputed stationery supplier having well registered office,in ,
            Raipur city .Copy of shop registration to be enclosed .
    (b)     The annual turnover of the firm/ company should not be less than Rs. 10 lakhs per
            annum during the last three financial year.Turnover certificate by chartered accountant
            to be submitted for last three financial year.
    (c)     The bidder must enclose certificate of satisfactory completion/ performance for supply
            of stationary items from any Govt. offices/ PSUs/Reputed organisation etc. in last
            years.The certificate should be issued by an officer not below the rank of divisional
    (d)     The bidder should have been registered with sales tax/ VAT authorities and enclose the
            copy of Registration Certificate with bid document.
    (e)     The bidder should have PAN allotted to him by IT Department (Copy to be enclosed)
    (f)     The bidder shall submit income tax return for the financial year 2010-11.
    (g)     Solvency certificate in original for Rupees one lakh for the nationalized bank or
            scheduled bank. The solvency certificate should not be older than the date of NIT .
    (h)     Declaration regarding non black listing .
    (i)     Declaration regarding no near relative working in BSNL.
        The bidder shall bear all costs associated with the preparation and submission of the bid.
BSNL in no case be responsible for these costs regardless of the conduct or outcome of the bidding
1.3.1 Bid document includes.
    a.      Notice Inviting Tender.
    b.      Instruction to bidders.
    c.      General (Commercial) conditions of the contract.
    d.      Special conditions of contract.
    e.      Bid form .
    f.      Performance Security Bond Form.
    g.      Letter of authorization to attend bid opening.
    h.      Certificate/ Undertaking of non-participation of near/ close relative of BSNL
    i.      Agency Details.
    j.      Financial bid.
1.3.2 The bidder is expected to examine all instructions, forms, terms and specifications in the
        Bid Document. Failure to furnish all the information required as per Bid Document or
        submission of the bids not substantially responsive to the Bid Document in every respect
        will be at the bidder’s risk and may result in rejection of the Bid.
1.3.3 A prospective bidder requiring any clarification on the Bid document shall notify BSNL, in
        writing. BSNL shall respond in writing, to any request for the clarification of bid
        document, which it receives not later than 3 days prior to date of opening of Tender.

                                                          Signature of the tenderer with seal
1.3.4 Any clarification issued by BSNL in response to query raised by prospective bidders shall
      form an integral part of bid documents and it may amount to an amendment of relevant
      clauses of the bid document.


   (i)       At any time, prior to the date of submission of bid, BSNL may, for any reason whether
             at its own initiative or in response to a clarification required by a prospective bidder,
             modify the bid document by amendments.

   (ii)      The amendments shall be notified, in writing, to all prospective bidders on the address
             given at the time of purchase of the Bid Document and these amendments will be
             binding on them. Simultaneously, it would be notified on our website also for the
             information of those bidders who intend to download the tender document from the


          The bid prepared by the bidder shall comprise the following components.

   a. Documentary evidence in accordance with clause 1.1 of Section- II to establish that the
          bidder is eligible to bid and is qualified to perform the contract if his bid is accepted.
   b. EMD furnished is in accordance with clause 1.8 of Section – II.
   c. Bid Form and price schedule completed in accordance with clause 1.6 of Section – II.
   d. Copy of Partnership Deed or proprietorship deed or Articles/ Memorandum of Association
          as the case may be.
   e. The bidder shall furnish the particulars of his past performance with PSUs/ Government
          Departments/ Scheduled Banks.
   f. Non-participation of any close relative as per clause 1.11 of Section – III in bid form.
   g. A clause by clause compliance as per clause 1.9 of Section –II.
   h. PAN/TIN/CIN number of firm/ company.
   i. Sales Tax/ Service Tax Registration number of firm/ company.

(1.6.) BID FORM
    The bidder shall complete the Bid Form as per Section –X and the appropriate price schedule
    (Form of Section X ) furnished in the bid document covering the items to be supplied.

                                                                Signature of the tenderer with seal
(1.7.) PRICE BID

1.7.1   The bidder shall give the total composite price inclusive of all levies, duties & taxes,
        packing, forwarding, freight & insurance etc. against the goods, it proposes to supply
        under the contract as per price schedule given in section- X in Indian Rupees.
1.7.2   Prices indicated in the price schedule shall be entered in the following manner:
        The supplier shall quote as per price schedule (financial bid) for all the items given in the
        Technical Conditions of Contract.
1.7.3   The prices quoted by the bidder shall remain fixed during the entire period of contract and
        shall not be subject to variation on any account. A bid submitted with an adjustable price
        quotation will be treated as non-responsive and rejected.
1.7.4   The prices quoted by the bidder shall be of sufficient detail to enable the purchaser to
        arrive at prices of goods offered.
1.7.5   “Discount”, if any offered by the bidders shall not be considered unless they are
        specifically indicated in the price schedule. Bidders desiring to offer discount shall
        therefore modify their offers suitably while quoting and shall quote clear NET PRICE
        taking all such factors like discount, free supply, etc into account.
1.7.6   The price approved by the purchaser for procurement will be inclusive of levies, duties,
        taxes, packing, forwarding, freight and insurance etc. as mentioned in Para 1.7.1 above.
1.7.7   Form ‘C’ or ‘D’ will not be issued.

   1.8.1 Pursuant to clause 1.5(b), the bidder shall furnish, as part of his bid a bid security of
          Rs.14,000/- in the form of Demand Draft drawn in favour of A.O. (A&B), O/o CGMT,
          BSNL, Raipur payable at Raipur.
   1.8.2 The bid security is required to protect the BSNL against the risk of bidder’s conduct,
          which would warrant the security’s forfeiture, pursuant to para 1.8.7

   1.8.3        The bid security shall remain valid for a period of 180 days from the date of
                tender opening.

   1.8.4        A bid not secured in accordance with para 1.8.1. & 1.8.2. shall be rejected
                by the BSNL as non-responsive at the bid opening stage.

        1.8.5     The bid security of the unsuccessful bidder will be discharged/ returned promptly
                 as possible but not later than 30 days after the expiry of the period of the bid
                 validity prescribed by the BSNL, pursuant to clause 1.17.

   1.8.6         The successful bidder’s bid security will be discharged upon the bidder’s
                 acceptance of the letter of intent satisfactorily in accordance with clause 1.13 and
                 furnishing the performance security.

   1.8.7        The bid security may be forfeited :
   (a) If the bidder withdraws his bid during the period of bid validity specified by the bidder
       in the Bid form.
   (b)     In the case of successful bidder, if the bidder
                                                           Signature of the tenderer with seal
   i.           Fails to sign the contract in accordance with clause 1.15.1 under section – II ; or
   ii.          Fails to furnish performance security in accordance with clause 1.2 of “General
                Conditions of Contract” under Section – III ; or
   iii.         Fails or refuses to honour his own quoted price for any of the items or part thereof.
   (c) In both the above cases i.e. 1.8.7. (a) & (b), the bidder will not be eligible to participate in
       the tender for one year from the date of issue of letter of intent. The bidder will not
       approach the court against the decision of BSNL in this regard.

   1.9.1 The original bid and one copy of the same clearly mentioning as original and copy shall
          be typed or printed and all pages numbered consecutively and shall be signed by the
          bidder or a person duly authorized on each page. In case of any discrepancy the original
          shall prevail. The letter of authorization shall be indicated by written power of Attorney
          accompanying the Bid.

   1.9.2  The over writing/ erasures in the bid made by the bidder shall be signed by the person
         signing the bid. Unsigned over writing/ erasures shall not be considered.
   1.9.3 A clause by clause compliance of services to be provided shall be given for all the
         clauses stipulated in Section – I, II,III,IV,V,VI,VII,VIII,IX & X of the tender
         document. In case of deviation a statement of deviation shall be given separately.


1.10.1             The bids duly WAX/PVC tape sealed should be submitted in four envelopes.
          (1)      The first envelope shall contain EMD “for Supply of Stationery Items”and cost
                   of bid form in case bid form is down loaded from web site.
          (2)      The second envelope shall contain Technical Bid“for Supply of Stationery
                   Items” and envelope shall be marked as “Technical Bid.”
          (c)      The third envelope shall contain “Financial Bid” “for Supply of Stationery
                   Items”and envelope shall be marked as Financial Bid.
          (d)       The fourth envelope shall contain all the above three envelopes and marked as
                   “Tender for supply of stationery items”

1.10.2 (a) The envelopes shall be addressed to the BSNL at the following address:
                Asstt. General Manager (Admn.),
                O/o C.G.M.T., C.G. Circle, Administrative Building,
                Vidhansabha Road, Khamhardih, Raipur- 492007
        (b)     The envelope shall bear the bid number and the words
                ‘DO NOT OPEN BEFORE’ (due date and time)
        (c) The inner and outer envelopes shall indicate the name and address of the bidders to
        enable the bid to return unopened in case it is declared “late” or rejected.

                                                                 Signature of the tenderer with seal
      (d)     Tender may be sent by Registered Post/delivered in person to/at Asstt.General
Manager (Admn.), BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED, O/o C.G.M.T., C.G. Circle,
Administrative Building, Vidhansabha Road, Khamhardih, Raipur. The responsibility for
ensuring that the bids are delivered in time would vest with the bidder.

       (e)    Bids delivered in person on the day of bid opening shall be delivered up to 1500
              hours to the address given in 1.10.2(d) above. The BSNL shall not be responsible
              if the bids are delivered elsewhere.

       (f)    Venue of the Tender Opening: Bid will be opened in Meeting Hall, Room No. B-
              101, BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED O/o C.G.M.T., C.G. Circle,
              Administrative Building, Vidhansabha Road, Khamhardih, Raipur at 1600 hours on
              the due date, if due to administrative reason, the venue of Bid opening is changed; it
              will be displayed on newspaper.

1.10.3     If envelopes are not sealed and marked as required at Para 1.10.1 and 1.10.2, the bids
shall be rejected.

   (1.11.)     BID OPENING
       BSNL shall open bids in the presence of bidders or their authorized representative who
   wish to be present at the time of opening of bids on due date. Authorization letter to this
   effect shall be submitted by the bidder before they are allowed to participate in bid opening
   (Format is given in Section VII)

   (1.12.)    EVALUATION

   1.12.1 Only those bids shall be evaluated which are found to be fulfilling all the eligibility and
          qualifying requirement of tender both technically and commercially.

   1.12.2 BSNL shall evaluate the bids to determine whether they are complete, whether any
          computational errors have been made, whether documents have been properly signed
          and whether bids are generally in order.

   1.12.3 BSNL shall evaluate in detail and compare the substantially responsive bids and
          comparison of bids shall be on the price of the items supplied inclusive of all levies and
          charges as indicated in the price schedule in section – X of the bid document.

   1.12.4 Arithmetical errors shall be rectified on the following basis; If there is a discrepancy
          between the rate and the total price that is obtained by multiplying the unit price and
          quantity, the unit price shall prevail and the total price shall be corrected by BSNL. If
          there is a discrepancy between words and figures, the amount in words shall prevail.

                                                           Signature of the tenderer with seal

(1.13.)      AWARD OF CONTRACT
             BSNL shall consider placement of letter of intent to those bidders whose offers
             have been found technically, commercially and financially acceptable. The bidder
             shall within 10 days of issue of letter of intent, give his acceptance along with
             performance security.


             BSNL reserves the right to vary the tendered quantity of item (s) upto 25%
             specified in the scheduled of requirement without any change in the rates of the
             offered quantity or other terms and conditions.


1.15.1 Signing of Agreement shall construe the award of contract on the bidder for supply of
       Stationary Items as specified in the description of items, format of Agreement is
       annexed at Section – X.

1.15.2 Upon the successful bidder furnishing the performance security in pursuant to clause
       1.2.1 of Section – III, the BSNL shall discharge the EMD in pursuant to Clause 1.8.1 of
       Section – II.


             Failure of the successful bidder to comply with the requirement of clause 15 shall
             constitute sufficient ground for the annulment of the award and forfeiture of the
             EMD in which event BSNL may make the award to any other bidder at the
             discretion of BSNL or call for new bids.


(i)       The bid shall remain valid for 150 days after the date of opening of bids. A bid valid for
          a shorter period shall be rejected by BSNL as non-responsive.

(ii)      A bidder accepting the request of BSNL for an extension to the period of bid validity,
          in exceptional circumstances, will not be permitted to modify his bid.

(1.18.)      DELIVERY

          The delivery of goods shall be made by the bidder in accordance with the terms
          specified by BSNL in the schedule of Requirement and conditions of contract. The
          delivery of good/ items should be completed within 3-4 days from the date of issue of
          Purchase/ order. The actual delivery schedule will be given in Purchase/ order.

                                                          Signature of the tenderer with seal
1.18.1 The supplier shall warrant that goods to be supplied shall be in full conformity with

1.18.2 In case the stationary items are not as per specifications, the same will not be accepted.
       The firm will have to replace the goods as per the actual specifications and requirement.
       BSNL will not be responsible for any loss occurred for this to the firm.

                                                         Signature of the tenderer with seal

                                        SECTION –III



  Submission of bid against this offer shall bind the bidder for the acceptance of all the
  condition\s specified here in or in NIT unless otherwise agreed by BSNL.


  1.2.1   The successful bidder shall be required to deposit an amount equal to 5% of the
          contract value within 10 days of issue of letter of intent, as performance security.

  1.2.2   Performance security shall be submitted in the form of Demand Draft drawn in
          favour of A.O. (A&B) O/o C.G.M.T., BSNL, Raipur.

  1.2.3   Performance security will be discharged after completion of contractors
          performance obligations.

  1.2.4   If the contractor fails or neglects any of his obligations under the contract it shall be
          lawful for BSNL to forfeit either whole or any part of performance security
          furnished by the bidder as penalty for such failure.


        The time period as stipulated in the purchase/ order or letter of intent shall be
  deemed to be essence of the contract.


  1.4.1   After the work has been completed the bill for the work in duplicate prepared on the
          basis of the accepted rates will have to be submitted in favour of BSNL.

  1.4.2   The bill raised by the firm should have all tax registration numbers printed on the
          bill. Validity of the tax registration during the currency period of contract shall be
          the sole responsibility of the firm.

  1.4.3   Payment shall be made on receipt of goods against bill for the supply made after the
          good/items have been checked and accounted and there is no damage/ shortage.

  1.4.4   The payment is released through crossed cheque/ EFT against bills and Income Tax
          and other taxes, if any, shall be deducted against bills submitted.

                                                        Signature of the tenderer with seal
   1.4.5   Bills submitted after 15 days of supply shall be liable for rejection.

   1.4.6 No payment is admissible for goods rejected.

   1.5.1   If delivery is not made in given time and BSNL is required to make purchase from
           outside at higher rates, the loss sustained will be deducted from the bill.

   1.5.2    Irrespective of the fact as to whether or not the BSNL makes purchases from
           outside, the BSNL may impose penalty of 0.5% of value of order for every week’s
           delay or part thereof for a period upto 10 (Ten) weeks and thereafter at the rate of
           0.7% of the value of the delayed supply for each week of delay or part thereof for
           another Ten weeks of delay in complying with the date of delivery of the items for
           delayed supply and/or undelivered material/ supply on each such occasion/ default.
           This amount of liquidated damages shall be paid by bidder to BSNL or may be
           recovered by BSNL from the bills of bidder.

   1.5.3   Quantum of liquidated damages assessed and levied by the BSNL and decision of
           the BSNL thereon shall be final and biding on bidder provided further the same
           shall not be challenged by bidder either before arbitration tribunal or before the
           court. The same should stand specifically excluded from the purview of the
           arbitration clause, as such, the same shall not be referable to arbitration.


          The BSNL may, without prejudice to any other remedy for breach of contract, by
   writhen notice of default, sent to the supplier, terminate this contract in whole or in part.

   1.6.1   If the agency/ contractor fails to supply the items within the period (s) specified and
           agreed in the contract or any extension thereof granted by BSNL.

   1.6.2   If the agency/ contractor fails to perform any other obligation (s) under the contract.

   1.6.3   If the performance is found unsatisfactory due to the negligence of the agency/
           contractor, depending upon the severity of negligence, BSNL reserves the right to
           blacklist the agency / contractor from further participation in any of BSNL tenders/
           contracts. The decision of BSNL shall be final in this regard.


    BSNL may also by giving written notice and without compensation to the agency terminate
the contract if the contractor becomes unwilling, bankrupt or otherwise insolvent without
affecting its right of action.

                                                        Signature of the tenderer with seal


              If at any time, during the continuance of this contract, the performance in whole or
              in part by either party of any obligation under this contract is prevented or delayed
              by reason of any war, or hostility, acts of the public enemy, civil commotion,
              sabotage, fires, floods, explosions, epidemics, quarantine restrictions, strikes,
              lockouts or act of God ( Hereinafter referred to as events) provided notice of
              happenings, of any such eventuality is given by either party to the other within 21
              days from the date of occurrence thereof, neither party shall by reason of such
              events be entitled to terminate this contract nor shall either party have any claim for
              damages against the other in respect of such non performance or delay in
              performance under the contract shall be resumed as soon as practicable after such
              an event may come to an end or cease to exist, and the decision of BSNL as to
              whether the supplies have been so resumed or not shall be final and conclusive.
              Further that if the performance in whole or part of any obligation under this contract
              is prevented or delayed by reason of any such event for a period exceeding 60 days
              either party may, at his option terminate the contract.


1.9.1 In the event of any question, dispute or difference arising under this agreement or in
      connection therewith (except as to matter the decision of which is specifically provided under
      this agreement), the same shall be referred to sole arbitration of the C.G.M.T., BSNL. In case
      his designation is changed or his office is abolished then in such case to the sole arbitration
      of the officer for the time being entrusted whether in addition to the functions of the
      C.G.M.T. B.S.N.L. or by whatever designations such officers may be called (hereinafter
      referred to as the said officer) and if the C.G.M.T. B.S.N.L. or the said officer is unable or
      unwilling to act as such, then to the sole arbitration of some other person appointed by the
      C.G.M.T. BSNL or the said officer. The agreement to appoint an arbitrator will be in
      accordance with the Arbitration and conciliation Act, 1996.

1.9.2 The arbitrator may from time to time with the consent of both the parties enlarge the time
      frame for making and publishing the award. Subject to aforesaid Arbitration and Conciliation
      Act-1996 and the Rules made there under, any modification thereof for the time being in
      force shall be deemed to apply to the arbitration proceeding under this clause.

    The venue of the arbitration proceeding shall be the office of C.G.M.T., BSNL, Raipur or such
other palaces as the arbitrator may decide.

                                                           Signature of the tenderer with seal

1.10   SET OFF

       Any sum of money due and payable to the contractor (including security deposit refundable
       to him) under this contract may be appropriated by BSNL and set off the same against any
       claim of BSNL for payment of a sum of a money arising out of this contract or under any
       other contract made by contractor with BSNL.

1.11   The bidder should give a certificate that none of his/her near relative is working in BSNL.
       In case of proprietorship firm certificate will be given by the proprietor, for partnership firm
       certificate will be given by all the partners and in case of limited company by all the directors
       of the company. Any breach of these conditions by the company or firm or any other person,
       the tender/work will be cancelled and earnest money / security deposit will be forfeited at
       any stage whenever it is so noticed. BSNL will not pay any damages to the company or firm
       or the concerned person. The company or firm or the person will also be debarred for further
       participation in any tender of BSNL.

       The near relatives for this purpose are defined as:-

          (a)     Members of a Hindu undivided family.
          (b)     They are husband and wife.
          (c)     The one is related to the other in the manner as father, mother, son (s) & son’s
                  wife (daughter in law), daughter (s) & daughter’s husband (son in law), brother
                  (s) and brother’s wife, sister (s) and sister’s husband (brother in law).

       The format of the certificate is given at Section VIII.

1.12. In case the supply is not completed in stipulated or agreed delivery period as indicated in
      work/purchase order, or bidder’s breach of terms and conditions of contract, BSNL reserves
      the right to cancel/ terminate the purchase order and or recover/ impose liquidated damages
      or forfeit performance security for default.

                                                              Signature of the tenderer with seal

                                             SECTION – IV


1.1 The special conditions of contract shall supplement the “Instructions to the Bidders” as
    contained in Section –II and General (Commercial) Conditions of the contract as contained in
    Section – III and wherever there is a conflict, the provisions herein shall prevail over those in
    Section – II and General (Commercial) Conditions of the contract.

1.2 In case the date fixed for opening of bids is subsequently declared as holiday by the BSNL,
   the revised schedule will be notified. However, in absence of such notification, the bids will be
   opened on next working day. Time and venue remaining unaltered.

1.3 BSNL reserves the right to disqualify such bidders who have a record of not meeting
    contractual obligations against earlier contract entered into with BSNL.

1.4 BSNL reserves the right to black list a bidder for a suitable period in case he fails to honour his
    bid without sufficient ground.
1.5 No sub-contracting is permissible.
1.6 Conditional bid will not be accepted.

1.7 BSNL reserves the right to award/ reject a contract and the decision of BSNL is final and

1.8 BSNL is not bound to accept the lowest tender or any tender or to assign any reason for
    rejecting any or all the tenders. It also reserves the right to accept/ reject (part/whole) or any
    other tender (s) at their sole discretion without assigning any reason thereof. Its decision in the
    matter shall be final and binding.

1.9 The person signing the tender form or any document forming part of the contract on behalf of
    another or on behalf of a firm shall be responsible to produce a proper power of attorney duly
    executed in his favour, stating that he has the authority to bind such other person or the firm, as
    the case may be, in all matters pertaining to the contract including the arbitration clause.
1.10 If the item supplied by the bidder is not found satisfactory or not conforming to the
    specification, BSNL reserves the right at its discretion and without any claim for compensation
    to the contractor, either cancel the order altogether or modify the quantity ordered. In deserving
    cases firm may be black listed for failure to comply as per terms.

1.11   Prices shall remain fixed and valid during the period of contract.

                                                            Signature of the tenderer with seal

                                         SECTION – V

                                           BID FORM
Tender No. …………………………..                                                    Dated …………

A : (Name & Address of the Purchaser)

Dear Sir,
       1.     We, undersigned offer to supply stationery items in conformity with the conditions
              of contract and specifications for the sum shown in the schedule of prices attached
              herewith and made part of this Bid.

       2.     We undertake, to enter into agreement within one week of being called upon to do
              so and bear all expenses including charges for stamps etc and agreement will be
              binding on us.

       3.     If our Bid is accepted, we will deposit an amount equal to 5% of the contract sum in
              the form Demand Draft or in the form of a bank guarantee for the due performance
              of the contract.

       4.     We agree to abide by this Bid for a period of 150 days from the date fixed for Bid
              opening and it shall remain binding upon us and may be accepted at any time before
              the expiry or that period.

       5.     Until an agreement is signed and executed, this Bid together with your written
              acceptance thereof in your notification of award shall constitute a binding contract
              between us.

       6.     Bid submitted by us is properly sealed and prepared so as to prevent any subsequent
              alteration and replacement. We have submitted EMD of ……………….. in the
              form of Demand Draft or in the form of a bank guarantee alongwith the Bid.

       7.     We understand that you are not bound to accept the lowest or any bid, you may

       8.     The samples available with you have been inspected and rates have been quoted
              accordingly as per sample.
       Dated this ………………………Day of ………………2011
       Signature of
       In capacity of
       Duly authorized to sign the bid for and on behalf of ……………………..
       Address …………………………….
       Signature                                            Signature of the tenderer with seal
                                        Section VI
                              PERFORMANCE SECURITY BOND FORM

1.    In consideration of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited, Raipur (here in after called the BSNL,
      Raipur)having             agreed            to          exempt          __________________
      ____________________________________(here in after called the said contractor(s) from
      the demand of security deposit/earnest money of Rs. _____________on production of Bank
      Guarantee for Rs._________________
        For the due fulfillment by the said contractors of the terms & conditions to be contained in
        an Agreement dated ____ and Tender document no.Gen-26/TE/Office Stationery/2011-
        12/03 dated      /10/2011 (herein after referred to as Agreement) in connection with the
        contract for supply of ________________________________________ we, (name of the
        bank)                                   ___________________________________________
        (Here in after referred to as “the Bank”) at the request of ____________________
        (Contractor (s) do hereby undertake to pay to the BSNL, Raipur an amount of not
        exceeding _________________________________, against any loss or damage caused to
        or suffered or would be caused to or suffered by the BSNL, New by reason of any breach
        by the said contractor(s) of any of the terms & conditions contained in the said agreement.

2.      We (name of the bank) _________________________________________
        do hereby undertake to pay the amounts due and payable under this guarantee without any
        demur, merely on a demand from the BSNL, Raipur stating that the amount claimed is due
        by way of loss or damages caused to or would be caused to or suffered by the BSNL,
        Raipur by reason of breach by the said contractor(s) of any of the terms & conditions
        contained in the said agreement or by reason of the contractor(s) failure to perform the said
        Agreement or breach of any terms and conditions of contract. Any such demand made on
        the bank shall be conclusive as regards the amount due and payable by the Bank under this
        guarantee where the decision of the BSNL, Raipur in these counts shall be final and
        binding on the bank. However, our liability under this guarantee shall be restricted to an
        amount not exceeding Rs.________________________________________________

     3.. We undertake to pay to the BSNL, Raipur any money so demanded not with standing any
     disputes raised by the contractor(s)/supplier (s) in any suit or proceeding pending before any
     court of tribunal relating there to our liability under the present being absolute and equivocal.
     The payment so made by us under this bond shall be valid discharge of our liability for
     payment there under and the contractor(s)/supplier(s) shall have no claim against us for making
     such payment

4.      We (name of the bank)____________________________further agree that the guarantee
herein contained shall remain in full force and effect initially for a period of one year from the date
of acceptance and further agree to extend the same from time to time (one year at each time). It
shall continue to be enforceable till all the dues of the BSNL, Raipur under or by virtue of the said
agreement have been fully paid and its claims satisfied or discharged or till BSNL, Raipur certifies
that the terms & conditions of the said agreement have been fully and properly carried out by the
said contractor(s) and accordingly discharges this guarantee. Unless a demand or claim under this
guarantee is made on us in writing on or before the expiry of ONE YEAR from the date hereof, we
shall be discharged from all liabilities under this guarantee there after.

5.      We (name of the bank) further agree with the BSNL, Raipur that the BSNL, Raipur shall
have the fullest liberty without our consent and without affecting in any manner our obligations
here under to vary and of the terms & conditions of the said agreement or o extend time of
performance by the said contractor(s) from time to time or to postpone for any time to time any of
the powers exercisable by the BSNL, Raipur against the said contractor(s) and to forbear or
enforce any of the terms & conditions relating to the said agreement and we shall not be relieved
from our liability by reason of any such variation, or extension being granted to the said
contractor(s) or for any forbearance, and or any omission on the part of the BSNL, Raipur or any
indulgence by the BSNL, Raipur to the said contractor(s) or by any such matter or thing
whatsoever which under the law relating to sureties would, but for this provision, have effect of so
relieving us

6.    This guarantee will not be discharged due to the change in the constitution of the Bank or the

7.   We (name of the Bank) lastly undertake not to revoke this guarantee during its currency
except with the previous consent.

       This guarantee is valid from ____________________to_______________

       Dated: _________________________

                                                                 (Indicating the name of the bank)

N.B.: this guarantee should be issued on non-judicial stamped paper, stamped in accordance with
      the stamp act.

                                     SECTION –VII


The Assistant General Manager(Admn.)
O/o CGMT,CG Circle Vidhansabha Road ,
Khamhardih, Raipur- 492007.

Subject : Authorization for attending bid opening on ___________________________(date )
          in the Tender of _________________________________________________.

       Following persons are hereby authorized to attend the bid opening for the tender
mentioned above on behalf of ____________________________________________________
(Bidder) in order of preference given below.

       Order of Preference                  Name                      Specimen Signatures

Alternate Representative

Signatures of bidder
Officer authorized to sign the bid
Documents on behalf of the bidder.

Note : 1.        Maximum of two representative will be permitted to attend bid opening. In
                cases where it is restricted to one, first preference will be allowed. Alternate
                representative will be permitted when regular representatives are not able to

       2.         Permission for entry to the hall where bids are opened may be refused in case
                authorization as prescribed above is not recovered.

                                                        Signature of the tenderer with seal

                                         SECTION – VIII

(Certificate on Non Participation of near Relatives in the tender called for Engagement of Agency for
supply of Stationery items for BSNL Circle Office, vide No.Gen-26/TE/Office Stationery/2011-12/03 as
required under section III. 1 Clause 11 of Bid document)


I __________________________________Son of / W/o ______________________________

R/o ______________________________hereby certify that non of my relative (s) as defined in

Section III.1 clause 11 of tender document is/are employed in BSNL unit as per details given in

tender document. In case at any stage, it is found that the information given by me is false/

incorrect, BSNL shall have the absolute right to take any action as deemed fit / without any prior

intimation to me.

                                                      Signed _________________________

                                                         For and on behalf of the Bidder

                                                 Name (Caps) ___________________________

                                                 Position _______________________________

                                                 Date __________________________________

                                                           Signature of the tenderer with seal

                              SECTION – IX

                               AGENCY DETAILS
              (Including performance records, financial viability etc.)

NAME OF AGENCY/ COMPANY                             :

OWNERS NAME/ DIRECTOR’S NAME                        :

PAN NUMBER                                          :

(Proof to be enclosed)


TELEPHONE NOS.                                      :

RESIDENTIAL ADDRESS                                 :

BANKER’S NAME & ADDRESS                             :

EXPERIENCE (YEARS)                                  :



                                                   Signature of the tenderer with seal

T.E.No.Gen-26/TE/Office Stationery /2011-12/03

                                         SECTION - X
                                         Financial Bid
S.     Discription             Unit                     Rates including all levies and taxes
No.                                                        (X)                       (Y)        Z (XxY)
                                          In Figures    In Words (Rs)             Annual     Total Amount
                                             (Rs)                                 Quantity
1.     Pin Pointed             Per pkt                                            100 Pkt
       100 gm . Omega or
 2.    Dak Pad 24x36 cm        Per                                             50 Pcs.
       Good qlty each          Pcs.
 3.    Envelop Plastic         Per
       coated printed Small    Pcs.                                            1000 pcs
       8”x 10” Good qlty
 4.    File cover ( thick )    Per Pcs                                         4000 pcs
       Printed 350Gsm
       Good qlty each
 5.    Index File (Thick)      Per Pcs                                         50 Pcs
       With clip fix400
       pages Delux/Cobra
 6.    Gum bottle Small        Per Pcs                                         100 pcs
       150 ml Camel/Koresh
 7.    Flag / Stickers Small   Per Pcs                                         200 Pcs
       25x75mm Good qlty
 8.    Stamp Pad Small         Per Pcs                                         100Pcs
       Small Camel / Kores
 9.    Envelop Polynette       Per Pcs                                         1000 Pcs
       with printed 12”x 16”
       Good Qlty
 10.   File Pad Thick          Per Pcs                                         4000 pcs
       25x45 cm 28 mm
 11.   Correcting Fluid        Per Pcs                                         150 pcs
       Whitener Kores
 12.   Short Hand Note         Per Pcs                                         50 Pcs
       book 50 pages
       Good qlty/each
 13.   NoteBook Conferene      Per Pcs                                         1500 Pcs
       Printed BSNL CGMT
       plain paper 20 pages
        ( 75 Gsm)
                                                        Rates including all levies and taxes
                                                           (X)                        (Y)        Z (XxY)
      Discription               Unit       In
No.                                                                               Annual
                                         Figures           In Words (Rs)                       Total Amount
14.   Flag / sticker small     Per Pcs                                            50 Pcs
      40x75mm Good
15.   Xerox paper A-4          Per                                                1200
      size( Red Cover )        Ream                                               Ream
      75 Gsm J.K. Copier
16.    Sketch pen              Per Set                                            20 Set
      Set of 12 Pik/Kores
17.   Pen ( Dot pen )          Per Pcs                                            1200 Pcs
       Reynolds / Cello
      Fine Grip
      Pencil H.B.              Per Pkt                                            20 Pkts
18.   10 pc s Natraj / Kores
19.   Pencil (Steno )          Per Pkt                                            5 pkt
      10 pc s Apsara
20.   Pen Stand with two       Per Pcs                                            20 Pcs.
      pen Good qlty
21.   Poker plastic            Per                                                100 Pcs
      Good qlty each           Pcs
22.   Pin cushion              Per Pcs                                            100 Pcs
23.   Register rulled          Per Pcs                                            200 Pcs
      1 Qr 96 pages
24.   Register rulled          Per Pcs                                            200 Pcs
      2 Qr 184 pages
25.   Register rulled          Per Pcs                                            100 Pcs
      3 Qr 276 pages
26.   Register attendance 1    Per Pcs                                            50 Pcs
      Qr 96 pages
27.   Refill Jotter            Per Pcs                                            100 pcs
      Reynold / Cello Fine

                                                       Rates including all levies and taxes
                                                          (X)                         Y         Z (XxY)
       Discription             Unit       In
No.                                                                              Annual
                                        Figures           In Words (Rs)                       Total Amount
28.   Refill cello            Per Pcs                                            500 pcs
      Butterflow / Pik

29.   Refill                  Per Pcs                                            500 pcs
      Reynold / Cello Fine
30.   Stapler Machine Big     Per Pcs                                            25 pcs
      24/6Kores / Kangaroo
31.   Stapler Machine         Per Pcs                                            100 pcs
32.   Stapler Pin Big         Per Pkt                                            50 pkt
      24/6Kores / Kangaroo
33.   Stapler Pin Small       Per Pkt                                            250 pkt
34.   Tag long lace           Per Pkt                                            20 pkt
      45 c.m.Good qlty
35.   Tag Small               Per Pkt                                            30 pkt
      22 c.m. Good qlty
36.   Note sheet paper        Per                                                30 Ream
      printed F.S.70 Gsm      Ream
37.   High Lighter            Per Set                                            30 set
      Per set ( 4 Pcs)
      Kores / Pik
38.   Permanent Marker        Per Set                                            30 set
      Pen Per set ( 4 pcs.)
39.   Envelop with printed    Per                                                10,000
      ( White) 4”x9”          1000                                               pcs
      70Gsm ( 1000 Pcs)       Pcs

                                                      Rates including all levies and taxes
                                                         (X)                         Y       Z (XxY)
           Discription          Unit     In
No.                                                                             Annual
                                       Figures           In Words (Rs)                       Total Amount
40.   Envelop with printed     Per                                              2000 pcs
      5”x11”70 Gsm             1000
      ( 1000 Pcs.)             Pcs
41.   Envelop with printed     Per                                              1000 pcs
      10”x12” 70 Gsm/pcs       1000
42.   Cello tape               Per                                              50 pcs
      12 mm                    Pcs
      Good qlty each
43.   Packing tape ( brown)    Per                                              100 pcs
      2”x45 M Good qlty        Pcs
44.   Punching Machine         Per                                              20 pcs
      Double hole              Pcs
      Kores /kangaroo
45.   Paper weight             Per                                              50 pcs
      Good qlty each           Pcs
46.   Fax roll –               Per                                              300 Pcs
      30 Meter Kores           Pcs
47.   Canvas Register          Per                                              50 Pcs
      200 pages                Pcs
      Chandan / Public
48.   Canvas Register          Per                                              20 Pcs
      400 pages                Pcs
      Chandan / Public
49.   Canvas Register          Per                                              20 Pcs
      500 pages                Pcs
      Chandan / Public
50.   Plastic Folder Printed   Per                                              15,00Pcs
      with “Office of the      Pcs
      Chief General
      Telecom Circle
      Raipur ‘BSNL’
      10”X12”Good qlty

                                                      Rates including all levies and taxes
                                                         (X)                         Y         Z (XxY)
          Discription         Unit       In
No.                                                                             Annual
                                       Figures           In Words (Rs)                       Total Amount
51.   Computer Paper         Per                                                10
      Single 10x12x 1        Ream                                               Ream
      80 colom 60 Gsm
      Good qlty/500pcs/pkt
52.   Computer Paper         Per
      Double 10x12x 2        Ream                                               10
      80 colom 70Gsm                                                            Ream
      Good qlty/500pcs/pkt
53.   Computer Paper         Per
      Single 15x12x 1        Ream                                               10
      132 col 70 Gsm                                                            Ream
      Good qlty/500pcs/pkt
54.   Computer paper         Per
      Double 15x12x 2        Ream                                               10
      132 col 70 Gsm                                                            Ream
      Good qlty/500pcs/pkt
55.   Computer paper         Per                                                10
      Double 15x12x 3        Ream                                               Ream
      132 col 70 Gsm
      Good qlty/500pcs/pkt

56    Xerox paper            Per                                                10 pcs
      A-3 size 75 Gsm        Pcs
      J.K. Copier / Cores
57    Xerox paper            Per                                                10 pcs
      F.S. size 75 Gsm       Pcs
      J.K. Copier/Cores
58.   Scale ( Plastic )      Per                                                100 pcs
      12” Good qlty          Pcs
59.   Blank C.D.             Per                                                600 pcs
      (Moser beer)/ Sony     Pcs

60.   Fevi-Sticks            Per                                                100 pcs
      08 Gm Good qlty        Pcs
61.   U-Pins                 Per Pkt                                            100 pkt
      28 Gm Good qlty
62.   Butter Flow Pen        Per                                                500 Pcs
      Cello / Pick Select    Pcs
                                                                    GRAND TOTAL

   1. Rate should be inclusive of all taxes and duties including VAT, etc.(Excluding Service Tax
       and Octroi)
   2. The rate should be quoted clearly in figures and in words without correction.
   3. In case of difference between the rate quoted in words and Figures the rates quoted in
       words will prevail.
   4. The rate quoted should be inclusive of cost of all materials and all taxes.
   5. Octroi (if due) will be paid on actual basis on production of paid receipt.
   6. Quantity ordered may vary to the extent of plus/minus up to 25% as indicated.
   7. Tender will be evaluated based on the total net price arrived at, on multiplying the unit
       price quoted by the bidder with the required quantity given in schedule of quantity.
   8. L-1 bidder will be decided as per the grand total arrived.
   9. Above Requirement is for the period of one year and workorder will be given on Bimonthly
       or quarterly basis .
   10. L-1 will be evaluated as per the grand total cost calculated under column (Z).

                                                        Signature of the tenderer with seal


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