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SAINT AUGUSTIN LOUIS BERTRAND The original text runs:-- Avulsa a latere meo tanquam impedimento conjugii cum qua cubare solitus eram cor ubi adhaerebat concisum et vulneratum mihi erat et trahebat sanguinem. (_Confessiones_ vi 15.) M. Bertrand translates:-- Quand on arracha de mes flancs sous pretexte qu'elle empechait mon mariage celle avec qui j'avais coutume de dormir depuis si longtemps la ou mon coeur etait attache au sien il se dechira et je trainais mon sang avec ma blessure. Canon Bigg's version is:-- My mistress was torn from my side as an obstacle to my marriage and my heart which clung to her was torn and wounded till it bled. In this place it will be observed that Dr. Bigg does not emphasize the word _ubi_ which as the reader will find on turning to page 185 of this volume M. Bertrand thinks so significant. The remaining English versions of the writings of Saint Augustin and of the other Latin authors quoted are my own except the passages from _The City of God_ including the verse translation of Persius which are taken with some necessary alterations from the Seventeenth century translation ascribed to John Healey. V. O'S.

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