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                                BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING
                                       August 8, 2005
      Conservancy & Fire District No report.
      Rick Huddleston announced that the Feast-'N'-Ski Event was wonderful. They had a great turn
      out. If you didn’t have a chance to join us, it was a fun evening.

      Rick Huddleston announced that the next community event is scheduled for August 27th at 7:30
      p.m. This event will be an ice cream social. The Band is the “Fret Set”. The last concert of the
      summer will be Saturday, September 24th with the band “Rigid,” that volunteered to play at no cost
      to the POA.

      Rick Huddleston also announced that the Board will be filing suit against delinquent property
      owners this next week. The filing fees will be approximately $x. The delinquent assessments we
      are going after are around $x. A list of these property owners has been posted on the large
      meeting room door.

      Rick Huddleston mentioned that Knapp Covington sent a letter to the Board thanking the
      maintenance people who helped install a memorial for his late wife.

      A representative with an ambulance service called Air Evac Lifeteam, was invited to the August 3rd
      Executive Session to make a presentation on membership in Air Evac. It is an air ambulance
      helicopter that is based in Brazil, Indiana. If fifty Heritage Lake members join they have agreed to
      offer a special rate. The Board has invited them to have an exhibit at the August 27 Community
      Event so they could explain the membership to anyone interested. Some Heritage Lake residents
      are already members and asked if they counted in the fifty. Rick didn't know.

      Call to Order Rick Huddleston, President, called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m.

      Roll Call Directors present were: Rick Huddleston, Joan Snyder, Betty Workman, Leo Schubert,
      Michael Lambert, Paul Prather, Larry MacDonald and Ken Miller. Also present were Terry Myers,
      Manager and Delores Heavin, Asst. Manager. There were approximately 35 property owners in

I.    Presentation of Agenda Betty Workman moved to accept the agenda as published. The
      motion was seconded by Joan Snyder and carried.

II.   Presentation of Minutes
                  th                                                         th
      A. July 11 , Board meeting minutes Joan Snyder moved the July 11 Board meeting minutes
         be accepted. The motion was seconded by Betty workman and carried.
      B. August 3rd Executive Meeting Minutes. Paul Prather moved the August 3rd Executive
         Session meeting minutes be accepted. The motion was seconded by Larry MacDonald and
      C. August 3rd Operations Committee minutes The following correction was made: Under
         adjournment, Michael Lambert’s name was corrected to read ‘Mark Starnes moved to adjourn’.
         The closing date of the pool was changed from the 15th to the 14th. Michael Lambert moved to
         accept the August 3 Operations Committee minutes as corrected. The motion was seconded
         by Joan Snyder and carried.

III.   Treasurer’s Report Rick Huddleston reported the following income and expenses:

                                      Income             Expenses                   Net Income
                    July          x
               Year-to-Date       x

       Betty Workman moved the Treasurer’s Report be accepted. The motion was seconded by Leo
       Schubert and carried.

IV.    Committee Reports
       A. A&E Committee Ben Fuchs, 77GB, reported that at their July meeting they approved 10 total
          permits: 7 house/foundation permits, 1 reissue, 1 addition, and 1 boat dock.

       B. Campground. No verbal report. Paul Prather addressed a couple of issues in the Open
          Forum of the Campgrounds written report. The statement that some were wondering why the
          Campground was not mentioned in receiving any of the assessment increase money if the
          increase is approved. He doesn’t know where this came from because when they sent the
          priority survey out it was for nothing more than to prioritize the ten items that were given to
          them by the auditor, Jake Dunton. In the process of doing that, they added one line so that if
          anyone had any other issues that we really needed to take a look at they could add them. This
          was not in any way, shape or form to determine how this money was going to be spent at that
          particular point in time. Paul also addressed the next statement in their open forum that read
          that several said they put it down on the survey that was sent out. Paul Prather said he went
          back to the data base and calculated the write-ins and put them in priority order: the 11 item
          was additional dredging with 48 votes, 12 was sidewalks around the lake with 29 votes, the
          next item was additional mowing with 25 votes, additional weed treatment had 20 votes, then
          street lights and improved house numbering and then campground upgrade had 10 write-ins.

       C. Clean-up Committee. Janet Duby, 91MS, Co-Chairman, reported that the Clean-up
          Committee met on July 25 . Terry Myers and Margaret Dermond attended the meeting to give
          them an update on compliance activities and to further discuss the abandoned car issues.
          Terry advised them to keep documenting issues that they find based on our policies and he
          and Margaret will proceed with those that can be pursued now and will have information
          available to pursue those in question when the issue of policies vs. Bylaws is resolved. They
          will have a special burn to allow residents to dispose of storm damage debris on the 13th of
          August from 8:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. The committee decided to hold off on the Curb Appeal
          Contest at least until after the assessment vote and then decide whether to have the contest
          starting with the remainder of this year or put it off until 2006. Their next meeting is August
          22nd @ 9:00 a.m.

       D. HLNAC. Tracy Montgomery reported that they participated with Feast-'N'-Ski. They
          sponsored the children’s games, paddle boat races, and a pet contest (one pet showed up).
          They had 25 children participate in the paddle boat races, and they had a really good time.
          She publicly thanked the Board for allowing the use of the swimming area and the members
          who volunteered the use of their paddleboats. Tracy stated that they didn’t do very well with
          the games that were on the tennis courts. HLNAC also sponsored a band last Saturday night,
          which unfortunately was a flop. If it hadn’t been for the 2 corporate sponsors (Ben Fuchs and
          Carolyn Sabean) HLNAC would have been in a lot of trouble. They sold 45 tickets, 30 of them
          were purchased by Ben Fuchs and 15 other people. She doesn’t know at this point what
          HLNAC can do to try to raise money, but if they don’t come up with a way, HLNAC won’t be
          able to sponsor the children’s functions next year. The "Back to School Luau" is this Saturday
          evening at the pool. Everybody was invited to come by and swim.

       E. Lake Committee Brian Waldman, 201VH, reported that they have 4 new voting members,
          Dan & Marci Thompson, Noel Brooks, Sr., and Chuck DeLattre. The Lake Committee has five

     fishing tournaments that are and will be sanctioned by them. These are tournaments that are
     organized by the Bass Club at Heritage Lake. They include 3 adult and the 2 children’s
     tournaments that they put on. At the present time those are the only sanctioned tournaments.
     There was a discussion and a vote for a water quality survey to be funded by the Lake
     Committee. That will be held pending the second vote to be taken at their next meeting. The
     Lake Committee wanted to publicly thank the Ski Club, HLNAC, the Board for the concert
     following the event, and all the volunteers who helped with the Feast-'N'-Ski Event. Debbie
     Muehlenbein presented Brian with a tentative report for income and expenses, which was a
     much better success than they thought originally. On the vendor side it brought in $x, over $x
     in raffle ticket sales, $x in concessions and $x in the dunk tank. On the expense side was $x
     for food and soft drinks, $x for Jerry Gray, $x for the dunk tank and just under $x in raffle
     prizes. This looks like a net of just over $x. They are thrilled to death. He added a quick side
     note; they did purchase $x worth of new merchandise. A display was set up at the Feast-'N'-
     Ski that sold almost $x worth of merchandise. The merchandise is now for sale at the marina.
     They also purchased six 2-way radios for the Committee’s use in the amount of $x.

F. Maintenace Committee. Bob Hansen, 10MS, remarked with Board approval the Maintenance
   Committee will no longer be submitting any minutes because the only time they meet is to
   work. They will also discontinue putting down the hours spent on each project. They will just
   list the projects completed. They have two new members: Jim Pell, who is a great carpenter,
   and Jim McGinnis who has also allowed them to use his equipment. The Activities Center
   deck was opened Thursday. Their fall project is to paint the fence around the pool, which they
   didn’t get done last year because they painted the tennis court.

G. Restrictive Covenants. Marilyn Bigelow, 115MS, reported that she invited Betty Workman
   and the Board Liaison, Paul Prather, to meet so they could discuss where the Planning
   Committee was going with the document that was presented to the Board last year and how
   they could fine tune things. They did agree that most of the covenants as presented last year
   to the Board were in pretty good shape, a little verbiage will be worked on but the essence of
   them will not change. They will meet starting August 11, at 1:30 p.m. She invited anybody
   who wanted to come. Anybody with ideas who can't or doesn't want to come may write down
   their ideas but they must be signed so they can be contacted if there are any questions. They
   will meet as needed and hope to complete this by the end of November.

H. Siltation Gene Mills, 219GB, reported that they met on July 28th. They discussed the pre-
   construction site of the 30 acres for the detention pond. Last Friday, they met with Burke
   Engineering and the detention basin contractor to review the job. On Saturday, the engineers
   from Burke staked the 30 acres for construction. The contractor will be starting the work
   tomorrow. They hope to start dredging early September. However, the lake will be lowered in
   October to put in the new gate system, so they may have to wait until next spring if time
   doesn’t permit completion of the dredging. It depends upon when the site is prepared and
   when the hole is drilled underneath the road for the dredged output to flow. It will take several
   weeks to clean out Cove 20. As of July 28 they had expenses of $x for engineering and the
   east fork deflector wall installation. With this year’s income they have approximately $x so that
   left them with $x. They are estimating that all the work being performed on the 30 acre site is
   probably going to be around $x. He did a quick review of the Siltation Program: 1. Siltation
   removal, 2. Detention, 3. Clean out of detention ponds when needed, like the east fork. Their
   next meeting is August 25th at 1900.

I.   AdHoc Assessment Committee Jim Muehlenbein, 312LH, reported they met on Monday,
     July 25th. They had 12 people in attendance. They discussed the town hall meetings, the
     agenda and what type of training they were going to work on. Marianne Ash has 45
     neighborhood meetings scheduled. One of the ideas was to have a Board member and a
     moderator at each meeting, to help answer questions. These meetings will start on August 21,

        and run through September 11. Paul Prather and Ken Miller will meet this week to work on the
        agenda. Then they are going to work on a training session for all the moderators. The
        invitations will be by written invitation in the blue boxes, in the mail or door-to-door. They
        would like each person to only come to one meeting to make sure everybody is covered. Rick
        Huddleston expressed the need for everybody to support this, to get the word out on the need
        for money and what our options are when we receive it. Ken Miller asked the Board members
        to turn in the meeting dates that they can attend to him before they leave this evening.

V.   Misc. Reports:
     A. Manager’s Report Terry Myers reported that a very large tree in the Gettysburg Common
        Area fell during the last thunderstorm endangering a house. We called a tree service to drop
        the tree away from the home. This consisted of a very large piece of equipment to drop the
        tree and the cost is not in the budget so it was moved to New Business for the Board to
        discuss funding.

        The Marina/Boat Launch Beach was closed due to concerns about the old footing where the
        seawall was removed. The beach will remain closed for the rest of this season.
        As mentioned earlier, Heritage Lake will be lowered on October 31 . Docks and shorelines
        may be repaired without a permit. New dock structures and dredging of the lake bottom do
        require a permit. When in doubt, call the POA Office.

        Construction on the Dewatering Basin located on the 30-acre site at the south end of the lake
        is to start this week. It is very likely that we will not be able to dredge Cove 20 until February
        because they have not started negotiations for an easement under Heritage Drive.
        The Swimming Pool will close for the summer at closing time on August 14 . The last day for
        the Marina to be open will be Sunday, September 11th. Right now the pool will be closed until
        Thursday at noon, because we had 2 bad water samples. When you receive 2 bad samples
        the Board of Health requires the pool closed until you get a good water sample and it takes 48
        hours. We had a probe that went bad at the time a water sample was sent in. This probe
        reads the amount of chlorine in the water and turns on a piece of equipment that feeds more
        chlorine when it’s in demand. From the time we got it fixed we ended up having to send in
        another water sample so we ended up with 2 bad samples. It should be open by the end of
        the week. He will take another sample in tomorrow morning and again on Wednesday.

     B. Security (Common Area) No verbal report.

     C. Lake Security Sue Cord, 76GB, reported that during the month of July, Lake Security had 47
        verbal warnings, 1 written violation, 5 tows and assisted recovering 2 pontoons after a major
        storm and located one paddleboat reported stolen. They collected numerous personal items
        after the last storm, so check at the marina if you're missing some toys. The violations
        consisted of:

              8 – above idle in no wake areas or after sunset
              7 – passengers outside seating area
              2 – fishing within 50’ of spillway
              2 – over capacity
              1 – guest operator
              2 – zig-zag north end
              2– PWC with illegal maneuvers outside square maneuver area
              2 – usafe passing
              2 – PWCs with passenger in maneuver area
              6 – wrong way/left of center

               3– orange flag issues
               1 – inside 100’ above idle
               2 – no lights after sunset
               She commented that the majority of these violations were over the 4th of July holiday.

VI.   Old Business

VII. New Business:
     A. Proposed Rule Changes for 2006 Paul Prather reported that 11 proposed rule changes were
         discussed at the Lake Committee meeting. Five were recommended as follows: 1. Idle speed
         definition: The slowest possible speed that maintains steerage so that the wake or wash
         created by the watercraft is minimal. Leo Schubert moved to implement this rule. Betty
         Workman seconded the motion. Terry Myers felt the 5mph should be left in the definition as
         defined by state law so there is no wiggle room. He thinks it is easy to judge what 5mph would
         be even if on the water. Paul Prather explained that the basic reason the 5mph was removed
         was because the security boat could not show 5mph. The Board discussed what was the
         lowest speed on the boats’ speedometers. Brian Waldman explained the issue that came up
         during the discussion at the Lake Committee meeting was that every boat is different, so idle
         speed for one boat is not for another. The point being without a radar gun there is no way you
         can tell how fast a boat is traveling. Because they can’t truly enforce 5mph, they thought when
         you pop it into gear that is the slowest that boat would go. The motion carried.

         2. Section G. Water Skiing. #3. Personal watercraft including all types of Jet Skis,
         Waverunners, including all variations and sizes of the same, carrying any number of persons
         and other similar powercraft are not permitted as tow powercraft. In their discussion they
         decided they needed some additional information trying to define a PWC and added: "to ride
         on or stand on is not permitted as tow craft." The specific wording will be presented next
         month for the final vote. Leo Schubert moved to accept this proposed rule change. The
         motion was seconded by Ken Miller and carried.

         3. Section A. (Eligibility) g. (4), a, page 5: change the $x fine to $x, and in g. (4) b., change
         the $x to $x. This has to do with guest operators. Currently the fine is $x for guest operation
         and if they are involved in an accident the guest operation is $x. The 30 days off the lake is
         still in there. Paul Prather moved to accept this rule change. Leo Schubert seconded the
         motion. Terry Myers asked if there was any discussion about rather than increasing the fine to
         make it an unappealable offense, so there is no bartering about the 30 days because the 30
         days is the real issue, not the money. He added that the time off the lake hurts more than the
         money does, because the time off the lake is what they argue about the most. Paul
         responded that it wasn’t discussed and this is how it came out at the Lake Committee. He
         added that with almost every case that has been appealed in the last 2 years everybody
         except one remarked that “I know the rules”. Rick Huddleston thinks the appeals process
         needs to be there as long as we are consistent in applying the rules. It is an individual thing.
         Rick agreed with raising both of these numbers however he thinks that the fines in Section D.
         (Watercraft Operation) 11, a, (1) and (2) should be consistent with this because if he was
         drunk or on drugs his fine would be half of what this is. He suggested the Lake Committee
         look at those 2 rules. Paul Prather, Leo Schubert, Ken Miller and Betty Workman voted for.
         Joan Snyder abstained. Michael Lambert and Larry MacDonald voted against. Rick
         Huddleston voted for. The motion carried.

         5. Paul skipped #4 and went to #5 knowing there would be some discussion regarding #4.
         Change the white bass limit from 3 to 5. Ken Miller moved to accept this proposed rule
         change. The motion was seconded by Betty Workman and carried.

   4. Section M. (Violation Enforcement): There will be no verbal warnings. Progression is 1st
                                    nd                                                rd
   violation: written violation. 2 Violation is fine of $x and 8 day suspension, 3 Violation fine is
   $x and 15 days of suspension and taking Rules test. The fine doubles if the suspension is
   violated. Citations will be tracked through the POA computerized data system. Paul Prather
   volunteered to set up this computerized data system and it will not cost the POA any money.
   Leo Schubert moved to accept this proposed rule change. Paul Prather seconded the motion.
   Michael Lambert and Joan Snyder did not think we should do away with verbal warnings. If
   they consistently make mistakes then issue written violations. Rick Huddleston thought there
   is a place for verbals on certain violations. There was a lengthy discussion regarding the
   number of verbals that should be issued before written violations were issued. Terry Myers felt
   that security’s main objective is to keep the lake safe and the best way to do that is to educate
   the boaters. He thinks the records should come into the office weekly and if we see 2 or more
   verbals that came out of the same weekend, the property owner should receive a letter from
   the office stating this is a written warning. If the average boater is stopped and you tell them
   they violated a rule, it is non-confrontational. But if they say they are writing this up then it
   escalates the position. He thinks security needs a lot of discretion because it goes back to
   safety, what they are seeing at that time is going to determine whether something gets written
   the first time. If it is a big safety issue, for example, if a passenger rides the gunwales or is
   outside the passenger compartment while underway, it warrants a written violation. He added
   that he feels pretty good about our security people, and he thinks they have done a pretty
   good job this year. Ken Miller remarked that the first written is similar to a verbal except it is
   written. The second one involves a fine so if we look at it in that manner, it is a verbal. Paul
   Prather remarked that he assumed that most of our rules and regulations are put there for
   safety issues, and he assumes as you drive down the highway the rules of the road are there
   for a safety issue. He asked how many verbals we thought State Policemen gave in the
   month of June? He didn’t think there were very many. Betty Workman objected to no verbal
   warnings because there could be instances where it may be necessary. She thinks we really
   tie their hands by putting that in there. Michael Lambert thinks we need to put wording in the
   rules that it is at the discretion of the security officers. The office can send out letters to
   anyone who receives 2 verbal warnings. He felt that it depends on the violation whether a
   verbal or written is issued. If it’s a safety hazard, write them up. Paul Prather remarked that
   he wants to know while driving down the lake that the boater in front or behind him is following
   the same rules that he does. He wants to know that when it is dusk and they are not at idle
   speed, that they are not going to get just a verbal warning. Ken Miller agreed the bottom line
   is safety. Terry Myers commented that he feels security personnel have done a pretty decent
   job about educating the boaters. He hates to penalize every person who uses the lake
   because of one or two people who choose not to pay attention to what they are doing out on
   the lake. Paul Prather stated that he could go along with everyone gets one verbal warning
   and after that it is written. Michael Lambert stated he agreed with him on that. Joan Snyder
   thinks there should be verbal warnings at the discretion of our lake security. Paul Prather, Leo
   Schubert and Ken Miller voted for. Betty Workman, Joan Snyder, Larry MacDonald and
   Michael Lambert opposed. Paul Prather amended the motion to read everybody gets one
   verbal warning but no more (except for guest operators who don’t get any verbal warning) and
   everything else remains the same for the whole season. The motion was seconded by
   Michael Lambert. Paul Prather, Michael Lambert, Betty Workman, Leo Schubert and Ken
   Miller voted for. Joan Snyder and Larry MacDonald opposed. The motion carried.

B. Payments to Tree Service for Removal of Storm Damaged Trees (#2710). Terry Myers
   explained that a very large cottonwood tree fell during the last storm, damaged 2 large Maple
   trees, and they were all near a house. Therefore, all three had to be removed to keep any of
   them from eventually falling on the house. The total price was $x, which didn’t include any
   cleanup. Paul Prather moved we pay for this bill out of account #2710. Betty Workman
   seconded the motion, motion carried.

      C. Purchase of Computer Projector. Rick Huddleston explained that this is for a projector that
         connects to a computer that can project power point presentations, the agenda, old and new
         business items, etc., for the members to view at the Board meetings. Leo Schubert moved to
         purchase a projector. Ken Miller seconded the motion. These projectors range in price from
         $x to $x. We can obtain some decent ones for approximately $x. This is borrowing a lap top
         computer to use with it. Ken Miller amended the motion to appropriate up to $x from account
         #2796. The motion was seconded by Leo Schubert and carried.

VIII. Forum
      Margaret Dermond, 309LH, commented regarding the proposed rule changes. She wanted to
      make sure that it was clear that at the present time we have been violating the rules because there
      has never been a verbal warning according to our lake rules. She wanted to make sure that it is
      clear in the motion that when Paul Prather said “and the rest of it is the same”. It isn’t the same as
      it is in the rulebook now, it is the same as what the Lake Committee presented. Paul Prather
      clarified that it was the same as he read this evening. Margaret repeated for clarification purposes
      that first there is going to be one verbal, then the first written violation and it is going to carry what?
      Paul Prather responded “no fine and no suspension”. Margaret asked what is the second fine
      going to carry? Paul responded $x and 8 days suspension and the 3rd is a $100 fine and 8 days
      suspension and they must take the rules test. Margaret addressed the comment made by boaters
      that “I didn’t know the rules". When you register a boat at our marina you sign a form that says
      you’ve read the rules. Margaret also questioned if we are not asking the lake patrol to keep track
      of the verbal, first, and second written violations, etc. She asked if the Lake Patrol officers are just
      to write the violation, they don’t get into a discussion with the violator, they just hand them the
      ticket, the office will keep track of this through the computer program and the office will issue the
      fine. The only problem she sees with this is security person number one is out there and gives a
      verbal, then person number 2 goes out and they give another verbal to the same boater. So, we
      could rack up a few verbals. She also remarked that she has the Appeals Committee records for
      5 or 6 years. The only thing that has ever come to appeals has been a guest operator. So that
      shows this progression of written violations has never gotten beyond verbals. She also clarified
      the definition of personal watercraft. She was asked to look up the definition and Ski Doo now
      makes a boat so we can’t say Ski Doo’s in our rules that is why we have to come up with the
      definition of stand on or ride on. Margaret Dermond commented that Feast-'N'-Ski was a good
      success, but we can’t run this place on events, that amount of money is nothing compared to what
      we need to run this place. One of the things we might need in the future to help prove to people
      that we are running this place on the backs of volunteers are the hours that people rack up like on
      the Maintenance Committee. She has been asked to keep track of the hours that she has
      donated to the office, and she hasn’t been doing it either. The Maintenance Committee has put in
      hundreds of hours of repairs, painting, etc., and we really need to know how many hours they
      work. So if there is any way we can keep track of those hours she thinks it is something we will
      need after this vote. Rick Huddleston added that we need the Maintenance Committee's hours as
      well as the hours that Margaret volunteers, so we know how many hours to appropriate for a part-
      time person next year in the budget. Margaret Dermond also stated that Terry Myers is taking a
      lot of flack from property owners who don’t think they should have to abide by the Restrictive
      Covenants and the Clean-Up rules, etc. Rick Huddleston agreed and added that we have put a lot
      of pressure on Terry this year, and he has stepped up and is doing a fantastic job trying to keep
      this place how it needs to be kept. It all comes back to money, when we get the increase, we are
      going to hire it the way we need it. As an example, Margaret added that we received a hideous
      letter along with other things about how we hadn’t done anything about the mess around the rental
      home on Heritage Drive by the graveyard. That person did not know what he was talking about,
      as Terry Myers had been working on this for at least 3 months. She sent letter after letter trying to
      get something done. It is cleaned up now. Margaret also announced that the Clean-Up
      Committee donated $200 to help with postage, etc for the clean-up letters. Again, we are running
      it on committees and volunteers. Rick Huddleston agreed with her that we are running on

volunteers and added that we cannot continue on very much longer the way we are running
things. We need more money.

Dave Wooden, 391JV, asked about the petition he presented to the Board with 37 signatures for
silt removal of Jefferson Lake. He asked when and if they were going to get Jefferson Lake
dredged? Their pond runs into the lake and is virtually a silt basin for the lake. He pointed out that
at the other end of the pond, if you didn’t sink to your knees, you could walk across it. In some
places it is only one foot deep. Rick Huddleston remembers this being brought up before, the
Board has talked to some contractors about doing it, but we do not have the money to do it this
year. It is on our "to do" list, but we need the money to do it. Paul Prather asked if after it is
cleaned out are the property owners going to rip-rap their areas? Dave Wooden responded that
his area is rip-rapped.

Kent Hoops, 150GB, during the discussion of the rules the remark was made that it was up to us
to tell people that they are breaking the rules. He wanted them to know that he has done that and
he has been told to stick it ... Michael Lambert responded that it is your POA; you have the right to
tell somebody when you know they are doing something wrong. Kent commented that every
weekend around 10:00 p.m. a boat travels at a high rate of speed around the lake with no lights.
After they receive a verbal for breaking a rule, he suggested they consider performing a safety
check the next time (life jackets, fire extinguisher, boat capacity). He made this recommendation
because the DNR does safety inspections. He made one more point, “It is only safe if the security
person can manipulate the boat safely." He doesn’t want the security person in that boat coming
toward him because the security boat has one speed or no speed. You cannot shift it in and out of
gear, you cannot safely approach another boat and say I am going to come to you and dock to
write a ticket. The boat is in disrepair and needs to be looked at. He added that security is doing
a good job and he appreciates her help. Kent also commented in regard to the projector, if we are
going to spend $x, let’s make sure the projector is used at every Board meeting. Paul Prather
responded that it will be used at every meeting. In regards to the rule regarding tow powercraft,
he informed the Board that when you register your boat or obtain proof of insurance it is
categorized as a PWC or a boat. Ski Doo and Yamaha make the boats you are referring to and
they are classified and titled as a boat. They have a Coast Guard approved boating sticker on
them. Paul Prather asked if that was in the title? Kent Hoops responded that is in the title and
registration (they are either registered as a boat or PWC) and the ones you either ride on or stand
on are PWC's and it is on the title as such. So, during the registration process we can insure that
personal watercraft are categorized properly because it is noted on the title, registration and
certificate of insurance.

Kent Hoops publicly thanked all the volunteers who helped with the Feast-'N'-Ski event.

Kent Hoops presented a side thought for the Board in the event that we have some additional
monies at some point that the Board consider building boat slips and leasing them. When he was
a Board member, they decided to charge a fee for the then free boat tie-up areas. The
conversation was that we would never have anyone park their boat for a fee, and that we would
never run out of spaces to park boats because no one was going to do it. At this time, we have
run out of spots. The conversations he is hearing now are that "we cannot take our family to the
beaches for the day because there is no place to park our boat." When he was on the Board,
Terry made the remark that we will make room for additional boats. Let’s get dock space. He
presented another idea to generate some revenue; a lot of property owners have said they would
be willing to purchase a buoy for in front of their area. As a Buoy Committee member he knows
the buoys are dilapidated, they are falling apart, and some are mismarked. On our rules test we
ask what the symbols represent, which are danger, no wake, etc. Some buoys are interchanged
so it is hard to enforce the rules when they are labeled wrong. He suggested the Board
appropriate funds (out of our $x surplus) to purchase buoys and sell or rent them to property

owners. Rick Huddleston responded that the Board has discussed this and it will be sent to the
Lake Committee.

Jim Powers, 388JV, who also lives on Jefferson Lake, stated that the siltation is getting thick. The
last time he noticed any comments about Jefferson Lake in the HIGHLIGHTS is when he spoke
about the 100-year rain and the waterflow that was slowed down back in 2001. He commented
that if we do receive the assessment increase that he hopes they remember them because they
are part of Heritage Lake, too. He also commented about the verbal warnings, he works in a
union shop and having written/verbal warnings is part of the protocol on warnings. Such as, if you
have a verbal written warning it will be on the ticket for 30 days and you can add any other
warnings that may come within those 30 days and ask them to sign it. Rick Huddleston
responded that we are going to have Lake Security write down all verbal warnings, that is how we
are going to track them. All violations will be documented and entered in the computer. Jim
Powers added that the Feast-'N'-Ski was great and that his son played in the band. Rick
Huddleston stated that the band did a great job, too.

Tracy Montgomery, 198PL, stated that she is the person who cleans the rest rooms. Ninety
percent of the time she cleans them at night so she doesn’t get back to them until the next
evening. She asked that if anybody comes upon bathrooms with clogged stools to please call the
office, and she will go over and get it cleaned up. She added that after it sets all day, it is pretty
rank, and you wouldn't believe what people do with that sometimes. Tracy also reported that they
had some thefts at the Activities Center. They fought hard to get that open, and now, she has kids
stealing equipment (an air hockey paddle, a pool ball, a broken window, etc). She commented
that we are not going to get it opened back up if this continues. She asked everybody to keep
their eyes and ears open. She also asked if they are going to open the Activities Center the next
couple of days while the pool is closed? She doesn’t think they are appreciating it like they did last
year. She knows they like having it open, but somehow, we have to get it across to them that this
is not there for their personal destruction. The Board agreed and Rick Huddleston thanked Tracy
for the great job she is doing.

Glen Cobb asked Tracy for a list of the stolen items from the Activities Center and stated that he
would put a note in the HIGHLIGHTS.

Sue Cord, 76GB, remarked that she is trying not to feel beat up tonight. She apologized that she
turned in the monthly reports in date order. She keeps a running report by lots, which they use on
the boat when they stop people and she can turn that in instead. She added food for thought that
not only does the boat not run well, but also on very busy weekend days when the lake is rough, it
is difficult to pull along side another boat to write a ticket with a rocking and rolling boat. Last year,
she tried it when the lake was rocking and rolling, and she hit the other boat. Lastly, the amount of
time it takes to write a ticket is 20 to 25 minutes. This takes away from being able to patrol other
areas of the lake, or she could be saying to another person who forgot to put up their orange flag
to raise your flag, and then she could go to the next person. She also made this recommendation
last year and again, she invited any Board member to “ride along” on any weekend day (just for an
hour or so) to see what it’s really like out there. Rick Huddleston explained that they didn’t want
her to feel beat up on at all. It was never meant to be that. The information they are getting from
Sue is fine.

Jim Muehlenbein, responded to Sue, and commended the Board on making that decision,
because it takes the burden off of her. She looks like the bad guy out here and, really, she is
doing a good job on the lake. By the Board now saying this is a policy, she can now say here is
your first verbal, here are the rules, I am doing what the Board is telling me to do. He does have a
problem with it though. He thinks the second one shouldn’t be a written with no fine. When the
written comes in, it should be $x. Also, when they are talking about buoys in front of the homes,
she could sit at his dock and write 400 tickets a day for people coming by 15 and 20 feet out from

his dock at full speed with a skier who isn’t 10 feet from his dock. His point is: Let's make it tough.
There has to be personal responsibility in all of us, he would like to see them amend it to one
verbal and the second time written with a fine. Why does she even have to write them a ticket?
Why can’t she just say from a distance if it is unsafe to pull along side that I am giving you this and
if it is your second warning you will be notified by the office. Don’t make her sit there and write out
tickets. Rick Huddleston agreed with some skiing too close to shore, when they ski past his place
and can touch the branches of trees he would say that is too close.

Marilyn Bigelow, 115MS, commented that last month she mentioned the danger she saw over the
4th of July with kids and the golf carts. She asked for a reading from the county, and she received
a copy of the state law that says there would be no ATV’s on county roads and it said they would
prefer not to have golf carts on county roads. However, the local authority has discretion. This
past week she saw the same teens on a golf cart, and they were driving sensibly. So if Ron can
enforce that by his rules that would be helpful.

Mary Williams, 138PL, the problem with Lake Violations and how to do the warnings and fines, is
exactly the same premise that the Clean-Up Committee has been going through for years. We
have to be stewards of our property. It is the same worry that if we don’t, we are not going to
have people coming out and buying and our property values are going to go down. Margaret
Dermond and Terry Myers have been inundated for years, we have taken a real proactive view,
but it’s the same old people that keep violating everything. We have to be vigilant with what we
have out here, but the only way is to go out and check the property and this is done in our
vehicles, and she pumped gas this afternoon for $x a gallon. She also applauded Sue, Lake
Patrol, for everything she does.

Dan Thompson, 305VH, asked why we had to pay someone to remove that tree, if we are short on
money? He stated that he has a beautiful Stihl saw that he loves to fire up any chance he gets,
and he knows there are a lot of other people at the lake that have chain saws. Terry Myers
responded that volunteers could have dropped it on the house. Rick Huddleston added that it was
a dangerous situation, and it could have fallen on the house. Mike Lambert stated that this was a
huge tree (approx. 4’ in diameter) and while they were cutting on it the tree came back and almost
hit the tree trimmer. This also included dropping 2 other trees that were broken down that could
have also fallen on the house the next time wind came through.

Bob Hansen, 10MS, commented that his committee uses their own tools, and asked what is the
policy for replacing their equipment that fails. They have worn out three battery-operated
screwdrivers. Rick Huddleston responded that to his knowledge the POA doesn't have a policy for
that at all. Bob understands that we don’t have any money. Bob Hansen also remarked that he
works at the marina 2 days a week, they get paid for 10 hours a day and they work 10-hour days.
Some days they work more than 10 hours per day. Saturday night they could not even checkout,
because people came in the marina at 6:00 p.m. and wanted fuel. One gal came in after one guy
came in for fuel to get some ice cream bars and felt they should give her 2 minutes to buy it. They
already worked 10 hours, and they hadn’t even had time to check out the register. He left at 6:35
p.m. He stated that the marina employees work a lot of hours that they don’t get paid for. He also
knows that Lois does all the buying on her day off and pays for her own gas. He thinks next year
we should consider paying them a little extra on the holidays. Last year we had 5 people working
and this year only 4 working at the marina so they are working especially hard. Rick Huddleston
responded that they recognize that as a Board, until we get this increase we don’t see any
changes. He has been down there at 6:05 p.m. and noticed someone would come up and he or
Woody would pump them gas when it reads clearly that the gas pump closes at 5:55 p.m. He
recognizes the service that the employees give is above and beyond what we are paying them for.

Marianne Ash, 335LH, thanked Glenn Cobb and his wife, Mary Ann for the wonderful job they
have done on the HIGHLIGHTS. She also explained that the HIGHLIGHTS have a new rule and

   no negative letters will be printed or if anything comes in that is objectionable, the HIGHLIGHTS
   Board decides whether to publish it. They also have a photographer, Sue Nehrig, who is ready to
   take volunteers' pictures and groups to update the hallway of photos in the Clubhouse, just contact
   her when you are ready.

   Margaret Dermond clarified that the HIGHLIGHTS Board has agreed that they are going to publish
   the list of delinquent property owners in the HIGHLIGHTS. Marianne Ash responded that they
   consider this as positive to try to get the money owed the POA. Margaret Dermond pointed out
   that the list posted on the door tonight is not a complete list of delinquents. Rick Huddleston
   concurred that this is not a complete list, these are the most recent delinquents that the Board
   decided to go after first.

   Kent Hoops, 150GB, commented that Pine Crest Marine (one of the boat dealers at the Feast-'N'-
   Ski) has offered to install the lower unit at no cost, that has already been secured by the POA, for
   the security boat if the Lake Committee would allow them an extra boat on the lake for the Feast-
   'N'- Ski event next year at no cost. They would like to have 2 boats for the price of one and in turn
   for that they will provide the labor to install the lower unit on the patrol boat and give us a list of
   discrepancies that we can address and repair as needed. This installation would cost the POA
   nothing. However, the Lake Committee has to approve that. The dealer is willing to do that prior
   to the end of this year, and said they will install it in a day. He is asking the Board not to make this
   a 2-meeting vote requirement, it’s free, it could be in the Manager’s Report.

   Geri Biear, 91JV, publicly thanked land security for a quick response and taking care of a situation
   for her last month. She was recovering from surgery, called the marina which in turned called Ron
   Barger. She also publicly thanked Marianne Ash and the Heritage Heartland Homemakers for the
   collection of medical equipment at the Clubhouse that is available to POA Residents to use free of
   charge. After a recent surgery, she appreciated having that available for her use. She also
   commented in regards to the safety on the lake. They had an incident this year, while her
   husband was out fishing, of a boat pulling a skier that almost hit their point and the skier slammed
   into the side of their hill. Two days later a buoy was placed out in front of their point. They would
   have purchased a buoy 8 years ago because of how close boaters come to their point. She
   commended Sue for doing an excellent job. But she thinks the verbals should be written down to
   keep track of them, and it should be signed for documentation, because many times after security
   pulls violators over and talks to them as soon as security leaves and gets around the bend they
   begin doing the exact same thing.

   Jim Muehlenbein, 312LH, questioned have we ever discussed our liability with our lawyer about
   that type of incident if a boater goes by too close, slams into the dock, gets hurt and sues because
   we didn’t mark the lake. Terry Myers responded that yes there is liability. Jim asked if we had a
   buoy out there, would it reduce our negligence---?

IX. Adjournment Upon a motion duly made by Paul Prather and seconded by Ken Miller the meeting
    adjourned at 9:10 p.m. The next regular scheduled meeting is September 12th, 2005, 7:00 p.m. at
    the Clubhouse.

   Respectfully submitted by,
   Delores ‘Dee’ Heavin


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