Lpl-Rev - North West Air News by yaohongm


									       Liverpool John Lennon Airport Review – October 2011

                          RAF-Avia Antonov An-26B paid a few visits during October. (Photograph – Adrian Thompson)

                                                          SCHEDULED SERVICE NEWS

                                                     CURRENT AIRLINES/DESTINATIONS:

EasyJet Alicante, Amsterdam, Barcelona, Belfast Int., Berlin, Bodrum (ceased 31/10), Brussels, Faro, Fuerteventura, Geneva, Gibraltar, Isle of
Man, Jersey, Krakow, Lanzarote, Lisbon (ceased 01/11), Madrid, Malaga, Malta, Naples (ceased 30/10), Nice, Palma, Paris/CDG, Rhodes
(ceased 02/11), Tallinn
Flybe Belfast City, Isle of Man
KLM Cityhopper Amsterdam
Ryanair Alicante, Bergerac (ceased 29/10), Bratislava, Carcassonne, Cork, Derry, Dublin, Faro, Fuerteventura, Girona (ceased 28/10), Gran
Canaria, Ibiza (ceased 29/10), Kaunas, Knock, Kos (ceased 26/10), Krakow, Lanzarote, Limoges, Lodz, Malaga, Milan/Bergamo, Murcia (ceased
29/10), Nimes (ceased 28/10), Oslo/Rygge, Oslo/Torp, Palma (ceased 29/10), Pisa (ceased 29/10), Porto (ceased 27/10), Poznan, Reus (ceased
28/10), Rhodes (ceased 27/10), Riga, Rimini (ceased 26/10), Rome/Ciampino (ceased 29/10), Seville (ceased 28/10), Shannon,
Stockholm/Skavsta, Szczecin, Tenerife, Toulon (ceased 28/10), Wroclaw
Wizz Air Gdansk, Katowice, Warsaw

The introduction of the winter timetable saw a number of routes dropped at the end of October/beginning of November, especially those of
Ryanair. This has led to a number of based aircraft now being surplus to requirement, but they remain here in store ready for use in place of tech
aircraft etc. This situation is also happening at other Ryanair bases with 80 or more aircraft expected to be out of service during the winter period
as Ryanair attempts to cut costs over the lean months. The known route changes at the time of writing are listed in the above table.

easyJet Airbus A320s on base this month were G-EZTM (1st– 3rd), G-EZTU (3rd–10th), G-EZTF (10th – 15th) and G-EZTT (15th onwards).

As mentioned last month, Flybe are dropping their Belfast City service from early November – the last service operating on the 6th. BBC Northern
Ireland quoted Flybe chief executive officer Jim French as saying that the route was inherited when Ryanair pulled out of the City Airport and was
not profitable. "We're a business at the end of the day," said Mr French. "We tried to make it work, it didn't work, and we have to make decisions
for the strength and the long-term security for all the routes out of Northern Ireland."

Meanwhile, ERJ-190 G-FBEH stood in for the usual Dash-8 on the 1st when it operated the BEE103/104 Belfast City rotation.

KLM Cityhopper Fokker 100s appearing this month were PH-OFL (8th), PH-OFN (10th), PH-OFO (4th/5th, 20th, 21st, 26th, 30th) and PH-OFP (9th, 17th,

                                                          CHARTER/IT. FLIGHT NEWS

We actually had an IT flight this month with Atlantic Holidays offering a week’s holiday in Madeira. Monarch Airbus A320 G-OZBK operated the
outbound flight MON5844 on the 24th and G-MPCD operated the return MON5845 on the 31st.

Atlantic Airways BAe 146-200 OY-RCW operated f. Vagar t. Copenhagen on the 14th as FLI7978/100, bringing in football fans. The return flight on
the 23rd was operated by Avro RJ-100 OY-RCC, which routed f&t Vagar as FLI9978/7979.

Eastern Airways ERJ-145 G-CGWV visited f. Humberside t. Farnborough on the 4th as EZE769P/1769 and returned the following day routing f&t
Farnborough as EZE1772/785P. Eastern SAAB 2000 G-CERY night-stopped on the 15th, routing f. Heathrow t. Norwich as EZE1762/762P,
bringing in Everton FC. Norwich City used ERJ-145 G-CGMC on the 21st-22nd, when the team visited for their match against Liverpool. The game
also brought in Linksair Jetstream 31 G-EIGG on the 22nd as LNQ100B/100C. Chelsea FC used Titan Airways BAe 146-200 G-ZAPK to bring
them in for their match against Everton on the 26th and they returned on BMI Regional ERJ-145 G-EMBN in the early hours of the 27th.
Pan Europeenne Air Service ERJ-145 F-HBPE visited f. Paris/CDG t. Glasgow on the 17th as PEA421. The aircraft took Liverpool FC up to
Glasgow for a friendly against Rangers. The return on the 18th was operated by BMI Regional ERJ-135 G-RJXL.

             Atlantic Airways BAe 146-200 OY-RCW brought in football fans on the 14th October. (Photograph – Adrian Thompson)

                                                                 FREIGHT NEWS

RAF-Avia SAAB 340 YL-RAG night-stopped on the 5th, routing f&t Stuttgart as MTL305/306F. It visited again on the 7th, routing f. Stuttgart t.
Birmingham as MTL305/305F. Company Antonov An-26B YL-RAD visited twice on the 6th. It routed f&t Stuttgart as MTL303/304F and then
returned from there as MTL1304 and night-stopped before departing to Birmingham as MTL303F. It visited again on the 13th and 14th. Fleet Air
International SAAB 340 HA-TAB night-stopped on the 5th, routing f. Stuttgart t. Le Touquet as FRF2000/200F and it visited again on the 7th, routing
f. Stuttgart t. Luton using the same callsigns.

We had five Metros this month Aero Nova examples EC-HCH and EC-JCU visited on the 5th and 14th respectively – the latter one night-stopping.
LetsFly Metro III EC-GEN arrived from Valencia on the 10th as LLY311 and departed to Barcelona four days later as LLY301P. Binair Metro III
D-CSAL night-stopped on the 11th, routing f. Karlsruhe t. Le Bourget, while Flightline BCN Metro II EC-GXJ was here from the 21st to 24th, routing f.
Barcelona t. Stuttgart.


      Gulfstream IV N119FM was here from the 13th to 15th October, routing f&t Bedford, Massachusetts. (Photograph – Adrian Thompson)
We had a few airliner diversions this month, all the following being destined for Manchester. Monarch Boeing 757-200 G-DAJB arrived from
Malaga on the 2nd, while Airbus A300 G-OJMR arrived from Lanzarote on the 6th. The 10th saw Thomson Boeing 737-800 G-FDZJ arrive from
Marrakech, while Airbus A320 G-OOPU arrived from Lanzarote on the 24th. All later re-positioned over to Manchester.

There were just over 30 biz jets visiting during October. Highlights included Boeing 737-BBJ N92SR, which visited f. Tri-Cities Airport Tennessee t.
Southend on the 21st. Gulfstream IV N124TF night-stopped on the 7th, routing f. Atlanta, Georgia t. Bridgetown Barbados with pop star Rhianna,
who had been appearing at the Echo Arena. Another Gulfstream IV, N119FM was here from the 13th to 15th, routing f&t Bedford, Massachusetts.

Hawker 4000 N412TF was a Hawarden diversion on the 1st, routing f. Luton t. Hawarden. Another biz jet diversion that day was Citation 510
Mustang S5-CMT, which dropped in en route from Maribor to Dublin due to bad weather at Dublin. Staying with diversions, Astra OE-GBD was a
Blackpool diversion on the 17th, routing f. Catania t. Innsbruck as TYW412/413.

German Learjet 55 D-CAAE visited f&t Tunis on the 3rd and also night-stopped on the 7th, operating the same route. Meanwhile D-CUNO night-
stopped on the 6th, also routing f&t Tunis. On each occasion, these aircraft were bringing in Libyans who had been injured during the revolution
there. They were coming for treatment at the Royal Liverpool Hospital.

GA visitors this month included Cessna 208B N717RD, which visited f&t Liege on the 7th. German Cessna 172S D-EFUC paid visits on the 14th
and 16th, while Cherokee Arrow D-EAWW visited on the 26th. Vans RV-6 G-GDRV visited f&t Gloucestershire Airport on the 16th. Probably the
most interesting helicopter movement this month was A119 Koala N119JT, which night-stopped on the 21st.

                                                                 MILITARY VISITORS

Just a few military movements to mention this month. The highlight was French Navy EMB-121 Xingu 68 which routed f. L’Orient t. Lossiemouth
on the 12th as FNY5023. RAF visitors this month were Islander CC2 ZH537, which visited from an unknown location to Waddington on the 4 th as
RRR7941 and BAe 125 CC3 ZE396, which visited f. Hanover t. Northolt on the 12th as RRR1799.

Interesting aircraft down the ILS this month were Tornado GR4 ZD844, which carried out a go-around on the 3rd, routing out to Marham as MRH14
and Merlin HC3A ZJ995, which performed a go-around on the 31st as SHF789, departing to Benson.

                                                                  RESIDENT NEWS

Cherokee Arrow N2943D arrived from Barton on the 29th and is reported to have taken up residency here. It is not known if this is permanent as
the aircraft has been a winter resident in the past (for example December 2007 – April 2008). Another Cherokee Arrow – G-BTRT also arrived
from Barton on the 30th and this too has been a winter resident in the past.

LFS Tiger Moth G-AMCK returned from Barton on the 30th for winter. Adding to last month’s report, Ravenair Tomahawk G-BTAS was indeed re-
registered G-RVND at Sleap, but only on the 1st November and therefore had not returned this month. Merseyflight Tomahawk G-VMCG departed
to Croft Farm on the 5th October and returned on the 17th wearing a new colour scheme.

Helicentre held a fly-in at Manley Mere on the 9th October. The private event did have 40 helicopters booked in to attend, in a fund-raiser for the
North West Air Ambulance, but unfortunately the weather prevented most of them from attending. Liverpool based R-44s G-OGJC and G-FCUM
visited as did Schweizer 269s G-DCBI and G-CEBE. Perhaps it would be nice to organise such an event for the general public to attend in future,
potentially raising more cash for such a good cause? Meanwhile, Robinson R-22 G-GJCD arrived from Gloucestershire on the 13th and has been
operating with the Helicentre. It was still here at the end of the month.

                                     LIVERPOOL JOHN LENNON AIRPORT VISITORS – OCTOBER 2011

Reg.        Type                         Arr.      Dep.      From                 To                  Callsign             Notes
1 October – Saturday
N412TF Hawker 4000 Horizon               07:59     09:28     Luton                Hawarden                                 Hawarden diversion
G-BYCP King Air 200                      10:27     16:00     Stapleford           Stapleford          LNX50CP
S5-CMT Citation 510 Mustang              10:39     11:57     Maribor              Dublin                                   Dublin wx diversion
N78DU    Beech G36 Bonanza               13:33     17:40     Shannon              Fairoaks
Also: -
CS-DUE Hawker 750                        -         09:43     -                    Geneva              NJE108W              Had arrived 30/09
G-BUJE Cessna 177B                       -         14:37     -                    Old Sarum                                Had arrived 30/09
D-IFHI   King Air C90                    -         16:54     -                    Amsterdam                                Had arrived 30/09

2nd October – Sunday
CS-DFX Hawker 800XP                      11:33     15:59     Dortmund             Geneva              NJE5GF/569B
G-VIPP    PA-31-350 Navajo               12:20     14:53     IOM                  IOM                 EGL99L/99M
G-DAJB B757-200                          22:45     23:46     Malaga               Manchester          MON661/661M          Manchester diversion

3rd October – Monday
G-HABS Cessna 172S                       10:45     10:09+    Hawarden             Hawarden                                 Out 10th
G-VIPP    PA-31-350 Navajo               14:06     16:28     IOM                  IOM                 EGL99L/99M
D-CAAE Learjet 55                        15:05     17:15     Tunis                Nuremberg           IFA1494              Libyan ambulance flt
ZD844     Tornado GR4                    17:04*    -------   ---------------      Marham              MRH14                *Go-around only
Also: -
G-JDBC PA-34-200T Seneca II              -         08:40     -                    Hawarden            JDA43W               Ex resident/temp res.
G-JDPB PA-28R-201T Arrow III             -         11:10     -                    Hawarden                                 Had arrived 26/09

4th October – Tuesday
G-VIPP    PA-31-350 Navajo               01:24     15:22     IOM                  IOM                 EGL99T/99U
G-CGWV ERJ-145MP                         06:19     07:48     Humberside           Farnborough         EZE769P/1769
ZH537     Islander CC2                   10:53     12:50     unknown              Waddington          RRR7941
G-BOPT Grob G115                         11:27     09:53+    Barton               Barton                                   Out 14th
ZK453     King Air 200                   17:27*    -------   ---------------      IOM                 RRR1445              *Go-around only

5th October – Wednesday
EC-HCH SA-227AC Metro III                03:21     18:21     Bergamo              Siegerland          OVA52P/51D
G-VIPP    PA-31-350 Navajo       09:46    11:22     IOM                IOM                 EGL99L/99M
G-JMED    Learjet 35A            15:52    17:38     Alicante           Oxford              MCD61
G-LEAB    Citation 510 Mustang   16:22    17:51n    Edinburgh          Stansted            LNX02AB
YL-RAG    SAAB SF340A            18:25    09:51n    Stuttgart          Stuttgart           MTL305/306F
D-IEVB    Citationjet CJ2+       18:56    17:17+    Nuremberg          Hamburg                            Out 8th
HA-TAB    SAAB SF340A            19:53    07:02n    Stuttgart          Le Touquet          FRF2000/200F
G-CGWV    ERJ-145MP              20:26    21:24     Farnborough        Farnborough         EZE1772/785P

6th October – Thursday
YL-RAD Antonov An-26B            00:23    14:07     Stuttgart          Stuttgart           MTL303/304F
EI-GJL    AS365N3 Dauphin 2      13:56    14:03     pvt site           pvt site
G-GMPX MD-900 Explorer           14:59*   -------   ---------------    Barton              UKP151         *Go-around only
D-CUNO Learjet 55                17:09    07:41n    Tunis              Tunis               IFA1506/1510   Libyan ambulance flt
YL-RAG SAAB SF340A               18:09    10:29n    Stuttgart          Stuttgart           MTL1306/305F
HA-TAB SAAB SF340A               20:20    10:22n    Stuttgart          Stuttgart           FRF2000/200F
G-OJMR Airbus A300-605R          21:24    23:12     Lanzarote          Manchester          MON547M/547    Manchester diversion
YL-RAD Antonov An-26B            22:40    21:44n    Stuttgart          Birmingham          MTL1304/303F

7th October – Friday
G-VIPP    PA-31-350 Navajo       08:24    09:32     IOM                IOM                 EGL99L/99M
N124TF Gulfstream IV             09:16    01:37n    Atlanta Georgia    Bridgetown                         Pop star Rhianna
N717RD    Cessna 208B            10:24    12:35     Liege              Liege
G-XXEB    Sikorsky S-76C         11:20    12:40     pvt site           pvt site            TQF1R/1
G-VIPP    PA-31-350 Navajo       11:31    13:36     IOM                IOM                 EGL99R/99S
G-GMCM    AS350B3 Ecureuil       14:45    15:19     Blackpool          Cardiff Heliport
HA-TAB    SAAB SF340A            18:19    19:32     Stuttgart          Luton               FRF2000/200F
D-CAAE    Learjet 55             19:06    09:35n    Tunis              Tunis               IFA1512/1516   Libyan ambulance flt
G-GMCM    AS350B3 Ecureuil       19:19    19:39     Cardiff Heliport   Blackpool
YL-RAG    SAAB SF340A            19:54    21:12     Stuttgart          Birmingham          MTL1305/305F
8 October – Saturday
G-VIPP  PA-31-350 Navajo         14:32    16:36     IOM                IOM                 EGL99L/99M
ZH888   Hercules C5              19:18*   -------   ---------------    Jersey              RRR053         *Go-around (x2) only

9th October – Sunday
LX-INS    Citation 560 XLS       04:03    06:40     Rotterdam          Rotterdam           LXA109
G-CEMD PA-28-161 Warrior III     13:10    12:46+    Bournemouth        Barton                             Out 14th
G-CJDB Citationjet CJ1+          15:28    16:24     Jersey             Jersey
G-VIPP    PA-31-350 Navajo       15:31    17:28     IOM                IOM                 EGL99L/99M
M-YAIR    Premier 1A             16:53    18:50     Full Sutton        Blackpool
G-PFFN King Air 200              17:14    17:37     Norwich            Leicester
EI-GJL    AS365N3 Dauphin 2      18:53    07:28n    Cork               Exeter
Also: -
EI-JJJ    Hawker 900XP           -        12:12     -                  London City         HYR900A        Had arrived 30/09

10th October – Monday
ZK037     Hawk T2                11:26*   -------   ---------------    Valley              VYT272         *Go-around only
G-VIPP    PA-31-350 Navajo       12:29    14:42     IOM                IOM                 EGL99L/99M
G-JMED Learjet 35A               15:26    17:51     Mahon              Oxford              MCD81
G-VIPP    PA-31-350 Navajo       18:08    19:47     IOM                IOM                 EGL99R/99S
EC-GEN SA-227AC Metro III        18:56    20:29+    Valencia           Barcelona           LLY311/301P    Out 14th
G-FDZJ    B737-800               23:05    00:03n    Marrakech          Manchester          TOM485         Manchester diversion

11th October – Tuesday
G-PHAB Cirrus SR22               09:57    17:02n    Fairoaks           Fairoaks
ZK019     Hawk T2                11:51*   -------   ---------------    Valley              VYT289         *Go-around only
?         Hawk                   13:07*   -------   ---------------    Valley              VYT32          *Go-around only
G-CMLS Cirrus SR20               16:26    16:57     Yeovil             Sleap
D-CSAL SA-227AC Metro III        20:30    17:41n    Karlsruhe          Le Bourget          BID8B/8A
12 October – Wednesday
G-CGKY Cessna 182T               09:02    14:34     Elmsett            Elmsett
G-PFFN King Air 200              10:08    11:21     Leicester          Leicester
68      EMB-121AN Xingu          10:30    11:29     L’Orient           Lossiemouth         FNY5023
G-GLTT PA-31-350 Navajo          10:58    13:00     IOM                IOM
G-VIPP  PA-31-350 Navajo         12:11    13:58     IOM                IOM                 EGL99L/99M
ZE396   BAe 125 CC3              23:30    23:51     Hanover            Northolt            RRR1799

13th October – Thursday
YL-RAD Antonov An-26B            00:29    18:40     Stuttgart          Stuttgart        MTL1303/304F
OE-FHA Citation 510 Mustang      06:59    07:56     Le Bourget         Rome/Ciampino    GAC85YM
G-WINA Citation 560 XL           09:17    10:09     Madrid/Torrejon    Stansted         LNX51WW
G-TBEA Citationjet CJ2           10:47    12:39     Manchester         Stockholm/Bromma CLF89
G-VIPX    PA-31-350 Navajo       11:35    15:08     IOM                IOM              EGL99L/99M
G-BCCF PA-28-180 Cherokee        11:55              Manchester
G-CMLS Cirrus SR20               14:24*   -------   ---------------    Sleap                              *Go-around only
G-GJCD Robinson R-22 Beta        15:07              Gloucestershire                                       ops with Helicentre
G-VIPX    PA-31-350 Navajo       17:07    17:38     IOM                IOM                 EGL99R/99S
N119FM Gulfstream IV             20:44    16:59+    Bedford MA         Bedford MA                         Out 15th
Also: -
G-BITM    Cessna F172P           -        11:24     -                  Barton                             Had arrived 30/09

14th October – Friday
YL-RAD    Antonov An-26B          00:43    14:17     Stuttgart          Birmingham         MTL1304/303F
D-EFUC    Cessna 172S             08:38    09:20     pvt site           Lognes
N577PA    Cessna 425              08:39    16:21+    Jersey             Jersey                            Out 16th
EC-JCU    SA-227AC Metro III      08:58    12:50n    Cologne            Bergamo            OVA92P/99T
G-LACB    PA-28-161 Warrior II    09:02    16:02+    Barton             Barton                            Out 18th
ZK451     King Air 200            10:45*   -------   ---------------    Cranwell           CWL65          *Go-around only
ZK454     King Air 200            11:00*   -------   ---------------    Cranwell           CWL68          *Go-around only
G-BHSE    Commander 114           11:57    15:07     Wycombe Air Park   Wycombe Air Park
G-GOTH    PA-28-161 Warrior III   12:06    12:56     Barton             Barton
OY-RCW    BAe 146-200             12:29    13:20     Vagar              Copenhagen         FLI7978/100    Football fans i/b
G-VIPX    PA-31-350 Navajo        15:53    17:59     IOM                IOM                EGL99L/99M
G-VIPX    PA-31-350 Navajo        21:17    21:31     IOM                IOM                EGL99S/99R
Also: -
G-ISAX    PA-28-181 Archer III    -        09:52     -                  Barton                            Had arrived 26/09
G-BPVA    Cessna 172F             -        15:37     -                  Barton                            Had arrived 27/09

15th October – Saturday
G-SEAJ Citationjet                10:12    16:14     Bristol            Bristol            CLF79
G-VIPX    PA-31-350 Navajo        12:25    15:20     IOM                IOM                EGL99L/99M
G-HUES Hughes 369HS               12:32    13:48     pvt site           pvt site
G-KWIN Falcon 2000EX              12:37    17:02     Basle              Biggin Hill
LX-EAA    Learjet 45              15:06    18:15     Alicante           Luxembourg         DUK8AMB
G-LEAB Citation 510 Mustang       15:38    00:47n    Stansted           Stansted           LNX02AB
G-JPEG BN-2A-20 Islander          17:52    09:34n    Hawarden           Hawarden
G-CERY SAAB 2000                  22:56    12:49n    Heathrow           Norwich            EZE1762/762P   Everton FC inbound

16th October – Sunday
G-GDRV Vans RV-6                  12:32    13:21     Gloucestershire    Gloucestershire
G-VIPX    PA-31-350 Navajo        13:43    14:18     IOM                IOM                EGL99L/99M
D-EFUC Cessna 172S                16:06    16:37     Le Touquet         pvt site
G-BBTY Beech C23 Sundowner        17:25    11:04n    Cardiff            Cardiff

17th October – Monday
OE-FHA Citation 510 Mustang       10:36    09:57+    Innsbruck          Farnborough        GAC422E/26JW   Out 19th
OE-GBD IAI 1125 Astra/G100        15:15    19:29     Catania            Innsbruck          TYW412/413     Blackpool diversion
D-ISUN    Citationjet CJ2         15:27    17:58     Nuremberg          Giebelstadt
F-HBPE ERJ-145LR                  16:47    18:02     Paris/CDG          Glasgow            PEA421         Liverpool FC outbound
ZK450     King Air 200            16:54*   -------   ---------------    Guernsey           RRR7086        *Go-around only

18th October – Tuesday
G-RJXL    ERJ-135LR               23:41    00:17n    Glasgow            Glasgow            BMR8955/9421   Liverpool FC inbound

19th October – Wednesday
G-VIPX    PA-31-350 Navajo        12:49    13:12     IOM                IOM                EGL99L/99M
G-JBLZ    Citation 550 Bravo      14:13    14:33     Milan/Malpensa     Belfast City       TWF73
?         Hawk                    15:13*   -------   ---------------    Valley             VYT03          *Go-around only
G-GMPX MD-900 Explorer            17:13*   -------   ---------------    Barton             UKP151         *Go-around only
G-WAIN Citation 550 Bravo         21:21    15:22+    Cardiff            Oxford             XJC228/231     Out 21st

20th October – Thursday
G-SWIG Robinson R-44 Raven        08:59    13:17     pvt site           pvt site
G-JDBC PA-34-200T Seneca II       10:00    11:15     Hawarden           Hawarden           JDA43W
G-CMLS Cirrus SR20                10:36*   -------   ---------------    Sleap                             *Go-around only
G-CGUZ Citationjet CJ2+           11:15    11:49     Northolt           Manchester         GMA075
G-TSGE Cirrus SR22                13:34    16:48     Blackpool          Wycombe Air Park
G-VIPX    PA-31-350 Navajo        15:18    17:08     IOM                IOM                EGL99L/99M
G-NETR AS355F1 Ecureuil II        16:18    11:11n    Conington          Birmingham         PDG62
G-WLVS Falcon 2000EX              20:32    17:35+    Vienna             Faro                              Out 22nd

21st October – Friday
EC-GXJ SA-226TC Metro II          04:53    19:28+    Barcelona          Stuttgart          FTL4123/4111   Out 24th
N92SR     B737-700 BBJ            07:20    12:57     Tri-Cities TN      Southend
EI-WXP    Hawker 800XP            07:39    08:04     Shannon            Inverness          EFF8
G-VIPX    PA-31-350 Navajo        10:11    12:55     IOM                IOM                EGL99L/99M
CS-DFS Citation 560 XL            13:30    15:27     Le Bourget         Cork               NJE6XV
G-NETR AS355F1 Ecureuil II        14:28    16:24     Birmingham         Cumbernauld        PDG62
G-CGMC ERJ-135ER                  14:51    21:41n    Norwich            Norwich            EZE1635/1636   Norwich City FC
N119JT    Agusta A119 Koala       19:44    07:53n    pvt site           pvt site
D-CNAF SA-227AC Metro III         21:07    21:39     Vigo               Hahn               BID10B/10C

22nd October – Saturday
M-YAIR    Premier 1A              07:36    08:24     Blackpool          Nimes
G-EIGG Jetstream 31               15:23    21:16     Norwich            Norwich            LNQ100B/100C
G-KLNB King Air 350               15:32    21:01     Cambridge          Cambridge          SXN35A
G-NETR AS355F1 Ecureuil II        17:22    09:50+    Glasgow            Barton             PDG62          Locals 23&24. Out 25th

23rd October – Sunday
G-VIPX    PA-31-350 Navajo        12:14    14:30     IOM                IOM                EGL99L/99M
OY-RCC Avro RJ-100                12:52    14:28     Vagar              Vagar              FLI9978/7979   Football fans o/b

24th October – Monday
G-OOPU Airbus A320                02:00    03:50     Lanzarote          Manchester         TOM6TM         Manchester diversion
G-OZBK Airbus A320                09:36    11:16     Luton              Madeira            MON844P/5844
M-YAIR    Premier 1A              09:57    10:35     Nimes              Blackpool
G-BBPY      PA-28-180 Cherokee           16:20                Barton
G-GCCL      Beech 76 Duchess             17:54      18:17     pvt site             pvt site

25th October – Tuesday
ZK035     Hawk T2                        10:21*     -------   ---------------      Valley                VYT82               *Go-around only
G-VIPX    PA-31-350 Navajo               11:57      14:54     IOM                  IOM                   EGL99L/99M
G-NETR AS355F1 Ecureuil II               13:50      09:45n    Barton               Barton                PDG62
G-CHEY PA-31T2 Cheyenne IIXL             20:23      20:53     Jersey               Oxford                MCD76
G-FPLE King Air 200                      23:37      18:46n    Durham/TV            Durham/TV             CLB398              Plus local

26th October – Wednesday
G-ZAPK BAe 146-200                       10:45      11:23     Farnborough          Stansted              AWC62A/62W          Chelsea FC inbound
D-EAWW PA-28R-201 Arrow III              12:32      19:18     Oxford               Oxford
ZK011     Hawk T2                        13:42*     -------   ---------------      Valley                VYT93               *Go-around only
G-NETR AS355F1 Ecureuil II               14:25      16:19+    Barton               Elstree               PDG62               Locals 28th. Out 28th
G-BODP PA-38-112 Tomahawk                15:15*     -------   ---------------      Hawarden                                  *Go-around only
G-JDBC PA-34-200T Seneca II              16:26      10:15+    Coventry             Alderney                                  Out 29th
G-ZJET    Citation 510 Mustang           16:50      12:16+    Biggin Hill          Carcassonne                               Out 28th
G-EMBN ERJ-145EU                         22:33      00:25n    Manchester           Gatwick               BMR9431/8948        Chelsea FC outbound

27th October – Thursday
D-IMAG King Air C90GT                    08:35      12:30n    Donauworth           Donauworth
ZK456     King Air 200                   11:01*     -------   ---------------      Leuchars              RRR1953             *Go-around only
G-VIPX    PA-31-350 Navajo               11:47      13:29     IOM                  IOM                   EGL99L/99M

28th October – Friday
G-VIPX    PA-31-350 Navajo               09:39      12:34     IOM                  IOM                   EGL99L/99M
M-PHML AG-5B Tiger                       10:04      15:28     IOM                  IOM
G-SKYV PA-28RT-201T Arrow IV             11:23      14:18n    IOM                  IOM
G-SPVK AS350B3 Ecureuil                  12:21      17:00     pvt site             pvt site
G-VIPX    PA-31-350 Navajo               15:40      18:22     IOM                  IOM                   EGL99R/99S
G-PACO Sikorsky S-76C                    18:02      18:16     IOM                  Barton

29th October – Saturday
G-GLTT PA-31-350 Navajo                  00:43      01:13     Stansted             Belfast Int.          CWY999D/999E
G-FRYI    King Air 200                   10:03      15:37     Stapleford           Stapleford            LNX86FR
N2943D PA-28RT-201 Arrow IV              16:36      -         Barton               -                                         New resident
G-JDBC PA-34-200T Seneca II              17:59                Alderney
M-TSRI    King Air C90GT                 20:10      11:05n    Belfast City         Caernarfon            AAD929B/930A

30th October – Sunday
G-VIPX    PA-31-350 Navajo               12:25      14:10     IOM                  IOM                   EGL99L/99M
G-BTRT PA-28R-200 Arrow                  14:28                Barton                                                         Temp resident?
CS-DUG Hawker 750                        14:45      16:28     Hawarden             Perpignan             NJE8AF
G-NWOI Eurocopter EC135P2+               17:49*     -------   ---------------      pvt site              UKP29               *Go-around only
G-ZVIP    King Air 200                   17:56      18:43     Bari                 Exeter                EGL672

31st October – Monday
G-AVER Cessna F150G                      09:55                Barton
ZJ995     Merlin HC3A                    12:40*     -------   ---------------      Benson                SHF789              *Go-around only
N278AP Premier 1A                        13:44                Gloucestershire
G-JILY    Robinson R-44 Raven            14:20      15:36     Blackpool            Blackpool
G-MPCD Airbus A320                       20:48      21:37     Madeira              Manchester            MON5845/845P


“n” alongside departure time = aircraft departed the next day
“+” alongside departure time = aircraft was here for more than one night – see Notes column for departure date.
The appearance of any “blank” departures in the Visitors Log indicates that we do not have the outbound details to hand at the time of uploading
the review. Details will either appear next month (under the relevant departure date) or in an amended version of this review uploaded at a later

Just a reminder that diversion details and arrival/departure locations that are not actual registered airfields are not included in the source material
used in compiling the airport log. Therefore, this information is now only included in the log where the details have been recorded and verified from
other sources. Go-around activity is generally recorded, but military serials can often be erroneous at source.

Please also note that the supplied data regarding ILS/Go-around activity now shows the departure destination rather than the arrival point and this
is now reflected in such movements in the table.

                                             REGISTRATIONS – SCHEDULED PASSENGER FLIGHTS

The registrations of aircraft operating scheduled passenger services during October were as follows: -

BEE        Flybe                    Dash-8                G-ECOA/ECOB/ECOC/ECOD/ECOF/ECOG/ECOH/ECOI/ECOK/ECOM/ECOO/ECOP/
                                    ERJ-190               G-FBEH
EZY        EasyJet                  Airbus A319           G-EZAI/EZAJ/EZAK/EZAN/EZBC/EZBI/EZBR/EZBT/EZDB/EZDD/EZDF/EZDW/EZDX/
                                    Airbus A320           G-EZTF/EZTM/EZTT/EZTU
KLM        KLM                      Fokker 70/100         PH-JCH/JCT/KZA/KZB/KZC/KZD/KZE/KZF/KZG/KZH/KZI/KZK/KZL/KZM/KZN/KZO/KZP/
RYR      Ryanair                  Boeing 737-800       EI-DAC/DAH/DAO/DAS/DCH/DCK/DCW/DHF/DHG/DHJ/DHN/DHP/DHR/DHT/DHX/DLC/
WZZ      Wizz Air                 Airbus A320          HA-LPI/LPJ/LPM/LPN/LPO/LPQ/LPR/LPZ/LWA/LWC/LWH/LWJ

                                            LIVERPOOL AIRPORT STATISTICS – AUGUST 2011

                                    Monthly Position                      Year to Date                   Moving Annual Total
                                                           %                                     Sept 2009     Sept 2010         %
 Passengers                Aug 2010        Aug 2011      Change        2010        2011          Aug 2010      Aug 2011        Change
 Terminal                   556295          574528           +3.3      3425402     3626856         5056557        5209398         +3.0
 Transits                       883             367         -58.4         3064        3287             4921          6219        +26.4
 Total                      557178          574895           +3.2      3428466     3630143         5061478        5215617         +3.0

 Freight (tons)
 General Freight
 Total                          5.70            7.50       +31.6        155.30       124.73          207.40         234.83       +13.2

 Total                          6590            6615        +0.4         46180           48217        71605          70201        -2.0

Courtesy of CAA Aviation Data Unit via Peter Hulme.


This month’s highlights included the Boeing 737-BBJ, Atlantic Airways BAe 146s, RAF-Avia An-26 and SF340 and the Fleet Air SF340. Also of
interest were the two Gulfstream IVs, the IAI Astra and the French Navy Xingu.

CREDITS - Many thanks this month to Adrian Thompson, Margaret Thompson, Del Barrow, Peter Hulme, Simon Montgomery, BBC NI online, the
NWAN Forum and Liverpool John Lennon Airport.

                     AS365N3 Dauphin 2 EI-GJL paid a couple of visits during October. (Photograph – Adrian Thompson)

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