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					SEPTEMBER 2009 6 A Monthly Publication of The Costa Mesa Senior Center 6 VOLUME XVII NO. III
                                 A Non-Profit Corporation

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   Flea Market                                                            Calendar of Events - - - - - - - - - - 3

                                                                          Center Classes
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                     September 26, 2009                                   Legislative News - - - - - - - - - 18-19

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                     8:00 am - 2:00 pm                                    Member Services
                                                                           & Membership - - - - - - - - - - - 21
     We create community through our people, programs and partnerships!
                                                                          How to Include the Costa Mesa
                                                                          Senior Center in Your Will
                                                                          By including the Costa Mesa Senior Center in your will, you can
                                                                          ensure that your support of the center will continue in perpetuity.
                                                                          There are several ways to make gifts to support the work of the Costa
                                                                          Mesa Senior Center through your will and language you can suggest
                                                                          to your attorney to help you accomplish your goals.
                                                                          Percentage - “I give, devise and bequeath to the Costa Mesa Senior
                                                                          Corporation for the support of the Costa Mesa Senior Center located
                                                                          in Costa Mesa, California,           % of the residue of my estate.”
                                                                          Dollar Amount - “I give, devise and bequeath to the Costa Mesa
           THE COSTA MESA SENIOR CENTER                                   Senior Corporation for the support of the Costa Mesa Senior Center
This multipurpose Center is governed by the independent nonprofit         located in Costa Mesa, California, the sum of $              .”
Costa Mesa Senior Corporation. The Mission of the Corporation and
the Center is to maximize the quality of life among the older adult
                                                                          Specific Property - “I give, devise and bequeath to the Costa Mesa
population of Costa Mesa and surrounding communities through              Senior Corporation for the support of the Costa Mesa Senior Center
provision of programs that will:                                          located in Costa Mesa, California, my interest in (describe the
1. promote dignity and self-esteem;
                                                                          property, and/or its location, address, license number, etc.).”
2. foster independence and self-determination;                            Your bequest can be unrestricted as to its use, or restricted for a
3. facilitate social interaction and involvement in community life; and   specific purpose such as scholarships, an endowment, capital or
4. dispel stereotypical and negative myths about aging.                   equipment purchases, or a specific center program. For more
                   Costa Mesa Senior Center                               information on including CMSC in your estate plan please contact
              695 W. 19th St., Costa Mesa, CA 92627                       your financial advisor.
               (949) 645-2356 Fax (949) 645-4804                          Donations made to the Costa Mesa Senior Center are tax deductible
               Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
              Email:                       as charitable contributions.
                             Gift Shop

               9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., Monday - Friday
                                                                                                            I’d like to support the

                                                                                                          Costa Mesa Senior Center
                Executive Committee of Board                                                            in its effort to maximize the City’s
                      Bruce Garlich, President                                                         matching funds grant by making a tax
                   Mike Scheafer, Vice President                                                       deductible unrestricted contribution.
                  Ronald Frankiewicz, Treasurer
                     Patricia Linsky, Secretary
             Arlene Flanagan, Immediate Past President
                                                                                                                Date:                                  .
                         Board Members
              Phyllis Daugherty, Paul Flanagan, M.D.                      Name:                                                                        .
          Judy Lindsay, Gwyn P. Parry, M.D., David Stiller
                       City Representatives                               Address:                                                                     .
                     Jana Ransom, Wendy Leece
                                                                          City:                                  State:         Zip:                   .
                       Next Board Meeting
             Tuesday, September 15, 2009 at 7:30 a.m.                     Day Phone: (         )                                                       .
            Aviva Goelman, Executive Director, ext. 20                    Please make check payable to the Costa Mesa Senior Center.
           Marian Criss, Administrative Assistant, ext. 16                Remit completed form to: Costa Mesa Senior Center
               Darryl Kim, Program Director, ext. 15                                               695 W. 19th Street
               Cecilia Zhang, Fiscal Officer, ext. 28                                              Costa Mesa, CA 92627
          Charu Mody, Social Services Coordinator, ext. 24
             Ashley Craig, Center Coordinator, ext. 13
          Community Senior Serv - (949) 631-8171                           Disclaimer: The Costa Mesa Senior Center Corporation does not
              Erica Sepulveda, Nutrition Site Manager                      assume responsibility for errors, omissions or misinformation, nor do we
                  See page 9 for more information.                         recommend, endorse or guarantee products, professional services, or
                                                                           personal opinions expressed.
                 Center Travel - (949) 645-1032
               Phyllis Daugherty, Travel Chairperson                       In keeping with the mission of providing a variety of programs and
               See Travel insert for more information.                     services for the enjoyment of all seniors using the Senior Center, please
                                                                           be aware that classes and services may be added or deleted and schedules
          Health Screening - (949) 645-2356, ext. 18                       rearranged without prior notice.
                    Cheryl Lowes, R.N., P.H.N.
                  See page 10 for more information

                            CALENDAR          OF EVENTS

 1   Tuesday   Ballroom Dancing: 7:30 - 10:30 pm.
               Live music, refreshments. Join the fun
               and make new friends. Fee: $5.00.

7    Monday    CENTER CLOSED for Labor Day

15 Tuesday     Board of Directors Meeting: 7:30 am. Meeting room.
               No Membership Meeting. Next meeting October 20th.
               Ballroom Dancing: 7:30 - 10:30 pm. Live music, refreshments. Join the fun and make
               new friends. Fee: $5.00.

26 Saturday    Flea Market: 8:00 am - 2:00 pm.
               Parking lot. FREEADMISSION.

                                        First Day Fall
                                        September 21st
                                         Autumn is a second spring when every leaf is a flower.
                                         ~Albert Camus

                                                   Classes & Activities
Volunteer instructor, Jackie Johnson, will assist anyone with
difficult patterns or just brushing up on rusty skills.                        FUN & GAMES
DAY                     TIME               ROOM              COST
Tues.              1:00-3:00 PM              B            $.25/Day
MARSHALLESE ISLAND CRAFTS                                                     Prizes consist of pastries, bread and $1.00 grocery certificates.
Come learn the ways of the island by making authentic crafts using            Each card is 25¢, 4 card maximum. You may bring your own
pandanus leaves. Instructor: Greta Briand.                                    cards, but must still pay to play.
DAY                     TIME               ROOM             COST              DAY                     TIME           ROOM             COST
Wed.               2:00-3:30 PM              B             FREE!              Tues.              1:00-3:00 PM          MP          $.25/Card
                                                                              Thurs.          10:30 AM - 2:00 PM       MP          $.25/Card
This class is designed for the beginning and intermediate                     BRIDGE, CONTRACT
watercolor painter.                                                           Volunteer coordinator hosts Contract Bridge. No partner
DAY                     TIME               ROOM              COST             necessary, everyone welcome.
Tues               2:30-4:30 PM              M              FREE!             DAY                    TIME            ROOM            COST
                                                                              Tues.           10:00 AM - 2:00 PM       AC          $1.00/Day
SCRAPBOOKING CLASS - ART 400                                                  Wed.            10:00 AM - 2:00 PM        B          $1.00/Day
Learn to preserve photos and journals to be enjoyed by friends and
family for generations. Make your album come to life by using                 BRIDGE, DUPLICATE
many craft techniques and colorful enhancers. Gather your photos              Volunteer will host Bridge on Monday and Thursday. This activity
and bring them to class; we will show you how to get started.                 requires a partner.
Course offered by Coastline College. Instructor: Donna Bunnell.               DAY                    TIME            ROOM             COST
DAY                     TIME               ROOM              COST             Mon.            10:30 AM - 2:30 PM       B            $.50/Day
Tues.              7:00-9:30 PM              B              FREE!             Thurs.          10:30 AM - 2:30 PM       M            $.50/Day
WATERCOLOR - ART 400                                                          BRIDGE, SOCIAL
Emphasis on creative self expression and an appreciation for                  Volunteer coordinator hosts Social Bridge. Everyone welcome.
various art forms. Come have fun and play with watercolors.                   No partner needed.
Course offered by Coastline College. Instructor: Theresa Fernald.
                                                                              DAY                    TIME            ROOM             COST
DAY                     TIME               ROOM              COST             Mon.               1:00-3:00 PM          M            $.50/Day
Fri.                2:30-5:00 PM             M              FREE!
                                                                              BEGINNING PINOCHLE
DANCE                                                                         Come learn to play the exciting game of Pinochle. No partner
BALLROOM DANCING - TUESDAY NIGHTS                                             necessary and everyone is welcome.
The Costa Mesa Tuesday Ballroom Dance features live music with                DAY                     TIME           ROOM             COST
Betty’s Trio and refreshments. Everyone welcome!                              Fri.              9:00 - 10:30 AM        M            $.50/Day
DAY                     TIME               ROOM              COST             PINOCHLE
1st & 3rd Tues. 7:30-10:30 PM               MP           $5.00/Night
                                                                              Volunteer coordinator Luella Ottele hosts Pinochle. Everyone
BEGINNING BALLROOM DANCE - (PE 401)                                           welcome, no partner necessary.
This exciting dance class is geared toward active seniors. It is taught       DAY                    TIME            ROOM             COST
by a current teaching professional who will show you the latest               Tues./Fri.      10:30 AM-2:30 PM         M            $.50/Day
dance techniques. Every four weeks a new dance is introduced.
Course offered by Irvine Valley College. Instructor: Pat Baron
DAY                     TIME               ROOM              COST
Mon.               1:30-3:30 PM             MP              FREE!
Professional dance instructor, Candy Davis, teaches dances such
as the fox trot, cha-cha, waltz and more. No partner necessary.
DAY                     TIME               ROOM              COST             TABLE TENNIS -
Fri.               2:30-4:30 PM             MP            $6.00/Day            PING PONG
                                                                              Come and compete with this
                                                                              lively group. It’s all in fun!
Come exercise while learning the beautiful and graceful dance of
the Hawaiian Islands. Instructor: Kuulei Fahilga.                             DAY                    TIME            ROOM             COST
DAY                     TIME               ROOM              COST
                                                                              Wed.               2:30-5:00 PM          MP           $.50/Day
Wed.               12:30-1:30 PM            MP              FREE!

                                                 Classes & Activities

Conditioning activities to fit the personal health and fitness needs
of older adults. Course offered by Coastline College. Instructor:
DAY                    TIME               ROOM              COST
Mon./Weds.        9:00-10:30 AM             MP             FREE!
Fri.              9:00-10:00 AM             MP             FREE!
Designed to improve your ability to perform activities of daily
living with greater ease and confidence and to reduce your overall
risk for falls. You must register and be evaluated before attending
class. Instructor: Becky Rigali.
DAY                    TIME               ROOM             COST
Tues./Thurs.       1:00-2:00 PM             MP             FREE!
Tues./Thurs.       2:00-3:00 PM             MP             FREE!             JAZZERCISE
                                                                             The world’s largest dance fitness program. You’ll DANCE with
FUNCTIONAL SENIOR FITNESS                                                    music. And while you’re enjoying yourself, your body will be
Designed to maintain the ability to successfully perform activities          getting into the best shape it’s ever been! For information call
of daily living and to improve or enhance functional capacity in             Dawna Banse at (949) 642-8408.
terms of strength, flexibility, and posture. Instructor: Becky Rigali.              DAY                       TIME                       ROOM
DAY                    TIME               ROOM              COST             Mon./Wed./Thurs.             6:00-7:00 PM                     MP
Wed.               1:00-2:00 PM             MP             FREE!                  Tues.                   5:45-6:30 PM                     MP
                                                                                   Sat.                  9:00-10:15 AM                     MP
This class has step-by-step instructions for Tai Chi Qigong 18               CHAIR EXERCISE
movements and Yang-style Tai Chi Chuan level I, ten movements,               This class is designed to bring more movement to the individual
emphasizing the importance of the regulation of breathing                    with arthritis, but it is also beneficial for anyone interested in relief
technique, body posture, and mind. The artistic movement to                  from stiffness while improving mobility. The class will focus on
peaceful music will bring the mind and body to a state of harmony            restoring or maintaining joint range of motion and muscle strength
and tranquility. Beginners are welcome. Please wear comfortable              in addition to improving posture and endurance. Instructor: Minh
clothing and low flat-soled shoes. (NO denim and NO flip flops               Dai.
allowed.) Instructor: Diana Wong.                                            DAY                     TIME                ROOM             COST
DAY                    TIME               ROOM              COST             Wed.              10:30-11:30 AM              M             FREE!
Wed.              9:00-10:30 AM             MP             FREE!             PILATES - PHYSICAL EDUCATION 400
TAI CHI FAN                                                                  Based on exercises and concepts developed by Joseph Pilates. The
                                                                             course will utilize mat work and will focus on exercises for
This class is a combination of Tai Chi Chuan movements and
                                                                             improving body alignment, strength, coordination and breathing.
special fan techniques. Learn graceful Tai Chi fan forms to
                                                                             Course offered by Coastline College. Instructor: Keith Glassman.
improve joint flexibility, strength, balance and health. Tai chi
yin-yang principle and applications of movements will be                     DAY                     TIME                ROOM              COST
explored. Students with some Tai Chi background are                          Mon.& Wed.          5:30-6:30 PM              B              FREE!
preferred but not required. Please wear comfortable clothing                 LOW IMPACT AEROBICS
and low flat-soled shoes. (NO denim and NO flip flops
                                                                             Designed to fit the personal health and fitness needs of older adults,
allowed.) Instructor: Diana Wong.
                                                                             but at a slower pace. Instructor: Becky Rigali.
DAY                     TIME              ROOM              COST
                                                                             DAY                     TIME                ROOM              COST
Mon.               3:30-5:00 PM             MP             FREE!
                                                                             Mon.                1:00-2:00 PM             MP              FREE!
                                                                             Fri.                1:00-2:00 PM             MP              FREE!
This musically active class incorporates simple resistance                   YOGA CLASS
exercises with walking patterns. This class is fun and easy and              Professional instructor Elizabeth Markley teaches Hatha Yoga.
especially popular with those new to exercise. Instructor: Dawna             This is a friendly and warm group. Wear comfortable clothing and
Banse.                                                                       bring two blankets and join in being healthy and happy.
DAY                     TIME              ROOM              COST             DAY                     TIME                ROOM              COST
Tues./Thurs.      9:30-10:15 AM             MP             FREE!             Tues./Thurs.      10:45 AM-12 PM            C1,2            $10/Day

                                     Center Classes & Activities

                                                                 POKER BASICS
                                                                 An introduction to poker for new players and players who
Class Schedule: October 19, 2009                                 want to brush up on their strategy. Learn the basics of Texas
This class is designed to help senior drivers recognize their    Hold’em, 7 card stud, and 7 card Hi-Lo split. Instructor:
physical limitations and learn how to compensate, thus           Esther Weborg.
reducing accidents and retaining driving privileges. Class
                                                                 DAY                 TIME             ROOM           COST
size is limited to 30 people. Sign-up begins the first week of
                                                                 2nd & 4th Fri. 1:00-3:00 PM           C2           $1/Day
the month until class is full. Proof of previous enrollment in
past 4 years required.
DAY            TIME           ROOM             COST              BEGINNING UKULELE
Mon. 9:00 AM-1:30 PM            AC      AARP Members $12         Come learn to play the ukulele and learn to play the sounds
                                         Non-Members $14         of the island. Instructor: Uncle Henry.
                                                                 DAY                  TIME            ROOM          COST
                                                                 Wed.             9:30-10:30 AM          M         $5/Day

                                                                 Come learn the sounds of the islands by playing the ukulele.
                                                                 Instructor: Uncle Henry.
                                                                 DAY                 TIME           ROOM            COST
                                                                 Wed.         11:00 AM-12 NOON         M           $5/Day

Enjoy preparing mouth-watering, easy-to-prepare dishes           Explore the South Pacific, with visits to Hawaii, Tahiti, Fuji,
from around the world. Recipes and lectures emphasize            Australia and New Zealand. See some beautiful sights and
hearty, healthy meal ideas that reflect the latest information   learn new interesting things about each region. Course
on nutrition, heart healthy eating and weight loss support.      offered by Coastline College. Instructor: Caron Clay.
Course offered by Irvine Valley College. Instructor: Joleen      DAY                 TIME             ROOM           COST
Johnston.                                                        Thurs.         12:30-2:00 PM           AC           FREE!
DAY                 TIME             ROOM             COST
Fri.                         No Class – Fall Break

Sit around a table and play read with us. Shaw to Simon,
“Country Wife” to “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.” Everyone gets a
part and a chance to participate, or if you want to sit in and
listen. When we complete the reading, we analyze the
quality, depth, and humor of the play while sharing a
pleasant social experience.
DAY                 TIME             ROOM           COST
Fri.         10:30 AM-12 NOON           AC           $.50

                                              Computer Classes

The Orange Coast IBM PC User Group is a nonprofit organization
of individuals who use personal computers based on the Windows©
operating system. The members have an interest in extending
knowledge of computers and in providing computer-related               *EXPLORING WINDOWS VISTA
community services. OCIPUG© holds its general meeting in               Start Date: September 16, 2009
Classroom #2 (C2) from 8:30am to 12:00 noon on the fourth              Modify your desktop to make it reflect your personality. Learn
Saturday of each month unless the center is closed. The standard       basic Windows procedures. Prepare your START menus and task
exception is November and December when the meetings are held          bar for the way you want to work.
on the third Saturday due to holidays. The public is welcome to
                                                                       DAY                 TIME                        FEE
attend any of the meetings at no charge.
                                                                       Wed.           9:30-11:30 AM         $40/50 - NON-MEMBERS
OCIPUG© publishes a monthly newsletter for members and has
an Internet Web Site ( with a members section
where an OCIPUG© club member may pose questions and/or                 Start Date: September 15, 2009
share information with other members. As part of OCIPUG©               Sending and receiving E-Mail with and without attachments.
community service program, members serve as instructors in the         Formatting your messages using basic word processing
computer courses that are currently underway at the Costa Mesa         techniques. Setting up and using your Address Book. Organizing
Senior Center under the auspices of SeniorNet.                         your mail box and filtering incoming mail, including junk mail
OCIPUG© also conducts moderated Special Interest Groups                DAY                 TIME                        FEE
(SIGs) at the Costa Mesa Senior Center in Classroom #2 (C2)            Tues.          1:00-3:00 PM           $40/50 NON-MEMBERS
The SIG meetings start at 7:00pm on each of the first four
Tuesdays of each month when the center is open. These                  *MICROSOFT WORD
meetings last two to three hours and generally have a question         Start Date: September 16, 2009
and answer portion.                                                    Tips and techniques to using Word, editing, character formatting &
                                                                       paragraph layout. Learning tabs and tables, headers and footers
       DAY             SIG
                                                                       and spell-checking. Using the Task Wizard to create multiple
       1st Tues.       The Internet & Networking
                                                                       personalized letters.
       2nd Tues.       Hardware (Items in the computer)
       3rd Tues.       Windows Operating System                        DAY                 TIME                        FEE
       4th Tues.       Digital Cameras, Scanning & Printing            Wed.           9:30-11:30 AM          $40/50 NON-MEMBERS
The public is welcome to attend any of the meetings at no              *PRINTSHOP
charge.                                                                Start Date: September 14, 2009
                                                                       Learn to create impressive print projects. Greeting cards, custom
                                                                       calendars, fliers, postcards, etc. Scan your own pictures into
                                                                       DAY                 TIME                        FEE
COMPUTER CLASSES                                                       Mon.           9:30-11:30 AM          $40/50 NON-MEMBERS
                                                                       *DIGITAL PHOTO EDITING
COMPUTERS MADE EASY                          (4 WEEK COURSE)           Start Date: September 17, 2009
Start Date: September 14, 2009                                         Make your photos really stand out. Cropping and editing photos.
Very basic introduction to the computer. Find out what computing       Stitch photos together to create panoramas. Special effects and
is all about. Learn to control your mouse.                             colorizing photos.
DAY                TIME                        FEE                     DAY                 TIME                        FEE
Mon.           1:00-3:00 PM         $20 - ALL PARTICIPANTS             Thur.          9:30-11:30 AM          $40/50 NON-MEMBERS
INTRODUCTION TO COMPUTERS                                              *DIGITAL PHOTO EDITING - INTERMEDIATE
Start Date: September 18, 2009                                         Start Date: September 15, 2009
Learn about Windows XP procedures and useful hints. Create             Learn to convert photos into color sketches and bring out the
Word Processing, Database & Spreadsheet documents. Explore             details in a dark portion of the photo. Colorize photos, restore
the World Wide Web and E-mail.                                         damaged pictures, and replace selected parts of a photo.
DAY                TIME                        FEE                     DAY                 TIME                        FEE
Fri.           9:30-11:30 AM         $40/50 NON-MEMBERS                Tues.          9:30-11:30 AM          $40/50 NON-MEMBERS

                                                                       *Must have completed an introduction class.

                                                        INTEREST GROUPS

      SUPPORT               Costa Mesa Senior Center
      GROUPS                Social Services Department                                 SENIOR SERVICES DIRECTORY
 Everyone Welcome           (949) 645-2356
                                                                            AARP Member Choice ................................(800) 439-4457
AA Men’s Support Group                                                      ADAHelpline..............................................(800) 564-4232
DAY                                TIME              ROOM                   Angus Golf Group........................................(949) 631-0734
Tuesdays                      8:00-9:30 PM             M                    CaliforniaAdvocates for Nursing
Caregiver Support Group                                                           Home Reform.....................................(800) 474-1116
The Caregivers Support Group offers a comfortable and                       City Hall ......................................................(714) 754-5223
supportive atmosphere where caregivers can discuss issues and
                                                                            Contractors State License Board ..................(800) 321-5223
concerns and find ways to deal with day to day challenges of
caregiving. This support group will help individuals with issues            Department of ConsumerAffairs .................(800) 952-5210
around: Balancing your life, how to manage stress, feelings of              Department of Insurance..............................(800) 927-4357
hopelessness and helplessness or depression. Become aware of
caregiving/respite care resources and importance of self-care.              ElderAbuse Hotline ................................877-4-R-SENIOR
Communicating with those who have similar issues and concerns.              ElderAbuse Hotline .......................................877-477-3646
DAY                                TIME              ROOM                   Home Delivered Meals ................................(714) 226-0550
1st & 3rd Wed.               10:00-11:30 AM            C2
                                                                            HICAP (Health Insurance Counseling
Diabetes Discussion Group                                                    andAdvocacy Program for Medicare
The Diabetes Discussion Group, facilitated by Cheryl Lowes,                  recipients) .................................................(800) 824-0780
R.N., P.H.N., provides support for diabetics and their caregivers.          HUD Housing..............................................(714) 480-2800
It focuses on topics such as dietary concerns, the complications of
diabetes such as neuropathy, diabetic eye problems and the                  LegalAid Society Hotline ............................(800) 834-5001
emotional barriers involved with having diabetes. Preventive                Medi-Cal .....................................................(714) 575-2400
techniques to avoid such complications are discussed.
                                                                            Medicare......................................................(800) 633-4227
DAY                                TIME              ROOM
2nd Friday/Month                10:00 AM              AC                    MSI (Medical Service for the Indigent) ........(714) 575-5858
                                                                            NationalAuto Safety Hotline .......................(800) 424-9393
Take Control Group
Chronic illnesses have no cure and frequently force people to live          National Fraud Information Center ..............(800) 876-7060
with lifestyle limitations. Examples are emphysema, lung disease,           OC Social ServiceAgency
diabetes, heart conditions, arthritis and stroke. This support group         (CashAid) .................................................(714) 435-5800
is developed only for those persons who have completed the 7
week Chronic Disease Management course.                                     OC Social ServiceAgency
                                                                             (Medi-Cal and Food Stamps).....................(714) 435-5900
DAY                                TIME              ROOM
4th Friday/Month             10:00-11:30 AM           AC                    OCTA-Access, Transportation .................(714) 636-7433
Transitions Support Group                                                   Office onAging
                                                                            (Information/Assistance).............................(714) 567-7500
Are you going through life's many changes? Grieving over a loved
one? Loneliness? Relationship problems? Medical issues and                  Ombudsman ................................................(714) 479-0107
health problems? There is a support group for those who need to             Pharmaceutical ManufacturersAssoc. .........(800) 762-4636
vent. You will learn healthy ways of coping with issues that come
up in your daily life. A variety of encouraging and enjoyable               Police Dept. Non-Emergency ......................(714) 754-5280
approaches are used to express ourselves. Please call Charu Mody,           RSVP...........................................................(714) 953-5757
LCSW at (949) 645-2356, extension 24, to pre-register or register
                                                                            Senior LegalAdvocacy Program..................(714) 571-5245
at the front desk in Social Services appointment book. (Same day
appointments accepted.)                                                     Social Security ............................................(800) 772-1213
DAY                                TIME              ROOM                   SOS Share Our Selves.................................(949) 642-3451
2nd and 4th Tuesday           1:00-3:00 PM            AC
                                                                            State Department of Managed
Senior Support Group                                                         Health Care and Complaint Hotline...........(800) 400-0815
We don’t grieve, we achieve! We have many activities such as                TDD Line.....................................................(949) 645-8406
potlucks, boat trips, etc. Come join in the fun. Let us help you
become yourself again.                                                      Utility Reform Network...............................(800) 355-8876
DAY                                TIME              ROOM                  Yellow Cab ...................................................(800) 200-0000
Wednesday                     1:00-3:00 PM            AC

                                                 CENTER SERVICES

   Center                 Medical Van          Service Van
                                                                                                        Nutrition Site Manager
Transporation            (949) 645-2356      (949) 645-2356
                             ext. 19             ext. 23                                                (949) 631-8171

Informacion en Espanol es Posible.                                    Center Lunch Meals
  ! No Fee.                                                           Monday Friday, 11:45 a.m. 12:30 p.m.
  ! Door-to-Door Service.                                             Please join us for a hot, nutritionally balanced meal with
  ! Available to Costa Mesa Residents.                                friends. We offer a variety of meals for a suggested donation
                                                                      of $2.50 to those 60 years and over. Guests under 60 may
  ! Minimum 50 years of age.
                                                                      enjoy a meal for $3.50. The Volunteer lunch receptionist can
  ! Wheelchair accessible.
                                                                      take your reservation daily between 10:00-11:30 a.m. in the
  ! May be accompanied by an assistant.                               Sunroom.
  ! Packages not to exceed limit of what can be carried on
    and off the Van by passenger in one boarding.                     Home Delivered Meals
  ! Priority service for people with limitations                      Monday - Friday
  ! Availability basis only, to be determined by the van driver       We provide 3 nutritionally balanced meals daily to
    the day of service.                                               seniors who are homebound and have difficulty preparing
                                                                      nutritious meals. Meals are delivered by caring volunteers
The Senior Center offers two Transportation Services                  from the community. For more information, please call
Made possible through the generosity of Hoag Memorial                 (714) 226-0550.
Hospital Presbyterian and the City of Costa Mesa.
MEDICAL-RELATEDAPPOINTMENTS                                 .         To help sustain and expand these two meal programs we
Debbie - Van Driver                                                   are constantly looking for new volunteers who are willing
                                                                      and able to help serve and/or deliver meals to seniors. If you
Hours of available service:                                           are interested in volunteering for either of these programs
   9:00-11:30 a.m. & 12:30-3:00 p.m.                                  please contact the Costa Mesa Nutrition Site Manager at
   (949) 645-2356 ext. 19.                                            (949) 631-8171.
1. Call the Center one week or up to two weeks in advance                       Senior Community Services
   between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m.
2. Leave a message with your name, phone number and                   Assistance for Seniors
   transportation needs.                                              The Orange County Social Services Agency manages two
3. Your call will be returned and your medical related                programs which aim to help senior citizens with fixed
   transportation reservation confirmed.                              incomes remain at home.
SERVICE AREAS INCLUDE MEDICAL OFFICES IN                              Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP)
SURROUNDINGAREAS OF:                                                  This program provides a higher level of services to seniors
! Fountain Valley Medical Center                                      who receive Medi-Cal and suffer from disabilities or health
! Hoag Health Center (Beach &Adams)                                   problems that make them eligible for placement in a nursing
                                                                      facility. The need may be chronic or short-term. Clients
! Hoag Memorial Hospital                                              receive an assessment of their social and health needs, help
! Kaiser Permanente (Beach & Talbert)                                 planning for and arranging care, and regular visits from
! Newport Medical Center (Fashion Island)                             social workers and nurses. MSSP clients are usually eligible
! Talbert Medical Center                                              for IHSS.
ALLOTHER TRANSPORTATION NEEDS                               .         For information on IHSS or MSSP, call (714) 825-3000.
Lisa - Service Van Driver                                             Caregiver Registry
Hours of available service: 7:45 a.m. - 3:45 p.m.                     Homemaking Programs help seniors at home by providing
(949) 645-2356 ext. 23                                                basic housekeeping and personal care services. Contact
                                                                      Community SeniorServ at (714) 226-0550.
Call the same day you need service between 7:45 - 8:30 a.m.           Case Management
and make your ‘same day’ reservation. Our van service will            Professional personnel will assess the needs of frail and
provide transportation for grocery shopping, hairdresser,             homebound seniors determining areas in which they need
movies, shopping, library, or come to the Center for lunch,           assistance in order to maintain independence. Seniors are
classes and socializing.                                              then linked to community resources.

                                            HUMAN SERVICE PROGRAMS

  Health Screenings
                                                                            Legal Counseling with an
Blood Pressure Clinic - No appointment necessary                            - Call for an appointment.
Nurses are available to take your blood pressure reading.                   An attorney will counsel and advise clients on legal matters.
DAY                             TIME                ROOM                               DAY                       TIME
Tuesday                   9:00-11:00 a.m.             AC                     2nd & 4th Thurs./month         5:00-7:00 pm
Preventive Health Care For the Aging                                        Medical Equipment Loan Program
Cheryl Lowes, R.N., P.H.N.
                                                                            This short-term loan program provides equipment which
(949) 645-2356 ext. 18
                                                                            includes: canes, crutches, walkers and wheelchairs.
                 Health Screening
                 The preventive Health Care for the Aging

                 Program offers basic health screenings for those
                 over the age of 60 including: health history, blood
                 pressure, height/weight, vision screening, urine
                 screening, colo-rectal screening, hemoglobin and
                 blood sugar testing, hearing testing, nutritional
                 counseling, medication counseling and breast
                 self- examination.
                            TIME                   ROOM           .
                                                                            C    A
                                                                                         loving word, a kindly deed,
Wednesday               9 a.m. - 2 p.m.     Health Clinic Upstairs                    A helping hand in time of need,
Every other Tuesday     9 a.m. - 2 p.m.     Health Clinic Upstairs                    A bit of praise, a bit of cheer
2nd & 4th Friday        9 a.m. - 5 p.m.     Health Clinic Upstairs                    We at the Center, have missed
                                                                                      you here.
  Information & Assistance
Costa Mesa Social Services Department
                                                                                 O       ur thoughts and get well wishes
                                                                                       go out to those we've missed.
Charu Mody, Licensed Clinical Social Worker
(949) 645-2356, ext. 24. Appointments and walk-ins welcome.
Case Management
                                                                                 T       he celebration of life continues
                                                                                        in the memories of those we have
The Social Service Department will make necessary referrals for                         loved. We send our sincerest
frail and homebound seniors to maintain independence. Referrals                         sympathy to those who have
include: reassurance calls, friendly visits, home delivered meals                       experienced a loss:
and home care assistance.
Social worker available to provide supportive counseling and
                                                                                 D        onate to the Center and
                                                                                      recognize special events
therapy to seniors in the process of adjusting to losses related to                   in the lives of your
various issues of housing, employment, finances and relationships.                    family and friends.
Home visits are also scheduled to evaluate needs of homebound
                                                                                   In Memory of:
                                                                                             Ron Greenwood
Financial Counseling
First Wednesday of each month at 9:00 am - 12 noon. Call the front                           Phil & Tallie Mixon
desk for an appointment.                                                                     Angelo DiMino
Health Insurance Counseling Advocacy Program                                       from Mary Anne Bane
(HICAP) Need help making sense of Medicare, HMOs, health
insurance, long term care, or billings? Counselors are available to
help you make sense of it all. Call for an appointment.
DATE                            TIME                ROOM
1st Thursday            9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.          AC
3rd Thursday            9:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.          AC

                                                     CMSC News

What To
Do With                                                              CMSC
Foreign Money                                                        Fundraising
It's easy to end up with some
leftover foreign currency as
you wrap up a trip abroad.
If the sum is small, exchanging it back into dollars may
yield practically nothing. And most currency-exchange
locations – including banks, airport exchanges and Web
                                                                     February 17, 2009
sites – don't accept coins.                                          Target Opportunity Drawing
Still, there are ways to put that extra cash to good use:
                                                                     Total: $97.00
Shop at the airport. Shop the airport stores before                  April 27, 2009
boarding the plane. Many duty-free shops will let you mix            Gold Party
and match currency, says Mike Weingart, president of a
Travel Leaders franchise based in Houston. “I was in South
                                                                     Total: $843.00
Africa in March and used up my rand toward a purchase                May 21, 2009
and paid the balance in U.S. dollars,” he says.
                                                                     Newport Rib Fundraiser
Donate it to charity. Unicef’s “Change for Good”
program collects foreign currency and is available on
                                                                     Total: $200.50
international and some domestic flights from 10 carriers             May 30, 2009
includingAmericanAirlines, BritishAirways and Qantas.
                                                                     Flea Market
Passengers can put coins or bills of any currency into the           Total: $1000.00
donation envelopes provided by flight attendants who
volunteer for the program. (Foreign-currency donations
aren't tax deductible.)
If a program flight attendant is not on board your flight,
or if you fly on an airline that isn't part of the program,
you can mail foreign currency to Unicef. Visit for the address.
Look to fellow travelers. Leftover currency makes a great                            Membership
gift to slip into a card for a friend going on a trip, says Susan
Tanzman, president of Martin's Travel & Tours in Los                                Meeting Update!
Angeles. You can also offer to sell currency to friends or
family for the same price you paid, she says.                        Due to overwhelming request by members, we will
                                                                     be changing our Membership Meetings to quarterly
Send in retired currency. Leftover currency from a pre-              meetings. Meetings will now be held on the third
euro trip to Europe can also be put to use. A private                Tuesday in July, October, January and April,
company called the Currency Commission (the                          from 1:30 - 3:00 pm. We will have bigger and will give you euros or U.S. or               better prizes, fantastic entertainment, bread &
Canadian dollars for out-of-use European currency such as            pastries and lots of trivia. The meetings will be
French francs or German marks.                                       themed and definitely more exciting! There will
The Web site lists accepted currencies, as well as exchange          also be a $$ Dollar Day Sale $$ in the Gift Shop from
rates. The base euro rate for the expired banknotes was              9:00 am - 3:00 pm on Membership Meeting Days.
determined when each country set a conversion date to the            We will be checking your membership cards at the
euro, says spokesman David Brooks. After that rate is                door, so please remember to bring them with you!
determined, the euros are converted to U.S. and Canadian             See you at the next meeting, October 20, 2009.
dollars based upon the current exchange rates.

                       SEPTEMBER CALENDAR 2009
          Monday                                            Tuesday                             Wednesday                                        Thursday                                     Friday
                                                                                   1                                          2                                        3                                          4
                                               9:00-10:00   Simply Lite*           MP 9:00-10:30 Aerobics (CC)                MP    9:00-10:00   Simply Lite*            M 9:00-10:30 Aerobics (CC)               MP
                                               9:00-11:00   Blood Pressure         AC 9:00-10:30 Tai Chi (CC)                 MP    10:30-2:30   Duplicate Bridge*       M 9:00-10:30 Beg. Pinochle*               M
                                               10:00-2:00   Contract Bridge*         B 10:00-11:00 Beginning Ukulele           M    10:30-2:00   Bingo*                 MP 10:30-12:00 Play Reading*              C2
                                               10:30-2:30   Pinochle                M 10:00-2:00 Contract Bridge*              B   10:45-12:00   Yoga*                 C1,2 10:30-2:30 Pinochle*                   M
                                              10:45-12:00   Yoga*                 C1,2 10:30-11:30 Chair Exercise             MP     1:00-2:00   Balance Maintenance    MP   1:00-2:00 Low Imp. Aerobics          MP
                                                1:00-3:00   Bingo*                 MP 12:30-1:30 Hula                         MP     2:00-3:00   Balance & Mobility     MP   2:00-3:00 Balance Maintenance        MP
                                                1:00-3:00   Knitting Group*        C1    1:00-2:30 Functional Fitness         MP                                             2:30-4:30 Ballroom Dance*            MP
                                                1:00-2:00   Balance Maintenance    MP    1:00-3:00 Senior Support Group       AC                                             2:30-5:00 Watercolor (CC)*            M
                                                2:00-3:00   Balance & Mobility     MP    1:30-2:30 Island Crafts               B
                                                2:30-5:00   Watercolor              M    2:30-4:00 Table Tennis*              MP
                                                7:00-9:00   Scrapbook* (CC)        AC    5:30-6:30 Pilates (CC)                B
                                               7:30-10:30   Ballroom Dancing       MP

                                       7                                          8                                           9                                        10                                         11
   CENTER                                      9:00-10:00   Simply Lite*           MP 9:00-10:30 Aerobics (CC)                MP    9:00-10:00   Simply Lite*            M 9:00-10:30 Aerobics (CC)               MP

   CLOSED                                      9:00-11:00
                                                            Blood Pressure
                                                            Contract Bridge*
                                                                                   AC 9:00-10:30 Tai Chi (CC)
                                                                                     B 10:00-11:00 Beginning Ukulele
                                                                                    M 10:00-2:00 Contract Bridge*
                                                                                                                                                 Duplicate Bridge*
                                                                                                                                                                         M 9:00-10:30 Beg. Pinochle*
                                                                                                                                                                        MP 10:30-12:00 Play Reading*
                                                                                                                               B   10:45-12:00   Yoga*                 C1,2 10:30-2:30 Pinochle*                   M
                                              10:45-12:00   Yoga*                 C1,2 10:30-11:30 Chair Exercise             MP     1:00-2:00   Balance Maintenance    MP   1:00-2:00 Low Imp. Aerobics          MP
                                                1:00-3:00   Bingo*                 MP 12:30-1:30 Hula                         MP     2:00-3:00   Balance & Mobility     MP   1:00-3:00 Poker                      C2
                                                1:00-3:00   Knitting Group*        C1    1:00-2:30 Functional Fitness         MP                                             2:00-3:00 Balance Maintenance        MP
                                                1:00-2:00   Balance Maintenance    MP    1:00-3:00 Senior Support Group       AC                                             2:30-4:30 Ballroom Dance*            MP
                                                2:00-3:00   Balance & Mobility     MP    1:30-2:30 Island Crafts               B                                             2:30-5:00 Watercolor (CC)*            M
                                                2:30-5:00   Watercolor              M    2:30-4:00 Table Tennis*              MP
                                                7:00-9:00   Scrapbook* (CC)        AC    5:30-6:30 Pilates (CC)                B

                                     14                                           15                                          16                                       17                                         18
 9:00-10:30    Aerobics (CC)             MP 9:00-10:00 Simply Lite*                MP 9:00-10:30 Aerobics (CC)                MP    9:00-10:00   Simply Lite*            M 9:00-10:30 Aerobics (CC)               MP
 10:30-2:30    Duplicate Bridge*          B 9:00-11:00 Blood Pressure              AC 9:00-10:30 Tai Chi (CC)                 MP    10:30-2:30   Duplicate Bridge*       M 9:00-10:30 Beg. Pinochle*               M
11:00-12:00    Balance & Mobility        MP 10:00-2:00 Contract Bridge*              B 10:00-11:00 Beginning Ukulele           M    10:30-2:00   Bingo*                 MP 10:30-12:00 Play Reading*              C2
  1:00-2:00    Low Imp. Aerobics         MP 10:30-2:30 Pinochle                     M 10:00-2:00 Contract Bridge*              B   10:45-12:00   Yoga*                 C1,2 10:30-2:30 Pinochle*                   M
  1:00-2:00    Sign Language             AC 10:45-12:00 Yoga*                     C1,2 10:30-11:30 Chair Exercise             MP     1:00-2:00   Balance Maintenance    MP   1:00-2:00 Low Imp. Aerobics          MP
  1:00-3:00    Social Bridge*          C1,2   1:00-3:00 Bingo*                     MP 12:30-1:30 Hula                         MP     2:00-3:00   Balance & Mobility     MP   2:00-3:00 Balance Maintenance        MP
   1:30-3:30   Beg. Ballroom Dance (IVC) MP   1:00-3:00 Knitting Group*            C1    1:00-2:30 Functional Fitness         MP                                             2:30-4:30 Ballroom Dance*            MP
  2:00-3:00    Balance Maintenance       MP   1:00-2:00 Balance Maintenance        MP    1:00-3:00 Senior Support Group       AC                                             2:30-5:00 Watercolor (CC)*            M
   3:30-5:00   Tai Chi Fan (CC)          MP   2:00-3:00 Balance & Mobility         MP    1:30-2:30 Island Crafts               B
  5:30-6:30    Pilates (CC)               B   2:30-5:00 Watercolor                  M    2:30-4:00 Table Tennis*              MP
                                              7:00-9:00 Scrapbook* (CC)            AC    5:30-6:30 Pilates (CC)                B
                                             7:30-10:30 Ballroom Dancing           MP

                                     21                                           21
                                                                                  22                                          23                                       24                                         25
 9:00-10:30    Aerobics (CC)             MP 9:00-10:00 Simply Lite*                MP     9:00-10:30   Aerobics (CC)          MP    9:00-10:00   Simply Lite*            M     9:00-10:30   Aerobics (CC)         MP
 10:30-2:30    Duplicate Bridge*          B 9:00-11:00 Blood Pressure              AC     9:00-10:30   Tai Chi (CC)           MP    10:30-2:30   Duplicate Bridge*       M     9:00-10:30   Beg. Pinochle*         M
11:00-12:00    Balance & Mobility        MP 10:00-2:00 Contract Bridge*              B   10:00-11:00   Beginning Ukulele       M    10:30-2:00   Bingo*                 MP    10:30-12:00   Play Reading*         C2
  1:00-2:00    Low Imp. Aerobics         MP 10:30-2:30 Pinochle                     M     10:00-2:00   Contract Bridge*        B   10:45-12:00   Yoga*                 C1,2    10:30-2:00   Pinochle*              M
  1:00-3:00    Social Bridge*          C1,2 10:45-12:00 Yoga*                     C1,2   10:30-11:30   Chair Exercise         MP     1:00-2:00   Balance Maintenance    MP      1:00-2:30   Low Imp. Aerobics     MP
   1:30-3:30   Beg. Ballroom Dance (IVC) MP   1:00-3:00 Bingo*                     MP     12:30-1:30   Hula                   MP     2:00-3:00   Balance & Mobility     MP      1:00-3:00   Poker                 C2
  2:00-3:00    Balance Maintenance       MP   1:00-3:00 Knitting Group*            C1      1:00-2:30   Functional Fitness     MP                                                2:00-3:00   Balance Maintenance   MP
  3:30-5:00    Tai Chi Fan (CC)          MP   1:00-2:00 Balance Maintenance        MP      1:00-3:00   Senior Support Group   AC                                                2:30-4:30   Ballroom Dance*       MP
  5:30-6:30    Pilates (CC)               B   2:00-3:00 Balance & Mobility         MP      1:30-2:30   Island Crafts           B                                                2:30-5:00   Watercolor (CC)*       M
                                              2:30-5:00 Watercolor                  M      2:30-4:00   Table Tennis*          MP
                                              7:00-9:00 Scrapbook* (CC)            AC      5:30-6:30   Pilates (CC)            B

                                     28                                           29                                          30
 9:00-10:30    Aerobics (CC)             MP    9:00-10:00   Simply Lite*           MP     9:00-10:30   Aerobics (CC)          MP
 10:30-2:30    Duplicate Bridge*          B    9:00-11:00   Blood Pressure         AC     9:00-10:30   Tai Chi (CC)           MP
11:00-12:00    Balance & Mobility        MP    10:00-2:00   Contract Bridge*         B   10:00-11:00   Beginning Ukulele       M
  1:00-2:00    Low Imp. Aerobics         MP    10:30-2:30   Pinochle                M     10:00-2:00   Contract Bridge*        B
  1:00-3:00    Social Bridge*          C1,2   10:45-12:00   Yoga*                 C1,2   10:30-11:30   Chair Exercise         MP
   1:30-3:30   Beg. Ballroom Dance (IVC) MP     1:00-3:00   Bingo*                 MP     12:30-1:30   Hula                   MP
  2:00-3:00    Balance Maintenance       MP     1:00-3:00   Knitting Group*        C1      1:00-2:30   Functional Fitness     MP
  3:30-5:00    Tai Chi Fan (CC)          MP     1:00-2:00   Balance Maintenance    MP      1:00-3:00   Senior Support Group   AC
  5:30-6:30    Pilates (CC)               B     2:00-3:00   Balance & Mobility     MP      1:30-2:30   Island Crafts           B
                                                2:30-5:00   Watercolor              M      2:30-4:00   Table Tennis*          MP
                                                7:00-9:00   Scrapbook* (CC)        AC      5:30-6:30   Pilates (CC)            B
                                                                                                                                          SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 13

                                                              Saturday  9:00-10:15: Jazzercise* - MP
                                                                                                                                                                              Fee for Activity                       *
                                                                                                                                                                              Arts and Crafts Room, Upstairs       AC
                                                                                                                                                                              Classroom/Side 1, Upstairs           C1
                                                                                                                                                                              Classroom/Side 2, Upstairs           C2
                                                                                                                                                                              Meeting Room                          M
                                                                                                                                                                              Multipurpose Room                    MP
                                                                                                                                                                              Sunroom                               S
                                                                                                                                                                              Coastline College                    CC
                                                                                                                                                                              Computer Lab                         CL
                                                                                                                                                                              Bridge Room                           B
                                                                                                                                                                              Irvine Valley College               IVC

       Your birthday the 3rd Thursday of this month!
                                       PROGRAM NEWS

 Cell Phone Fundraising Program
In the United States alone, an estimated 500 million cell
phones have been retired, meaning they are unused in
someone’s home or in the trash. Most of those phones
end up in a kitchen drawer collecting dust, causing
literally billions of dollars to go to waste. By bringing
them to the Costa Mesa Senior Center you can make
the most of your used cell phones. Now we can collect
used cell phones and make money for the Center and at
the same time help the environment by keeping phones
out of our nation’s landfills.

Please bring your used cell phones to the Costa Mesa
Senior Center and drop them off at the front desk.

   AARP Mature Driving Renewal Course - 55 Alive
   Class Schedule: October 19, 2009
   9:00 am - 1:30 pm
   This class is designed to help senior drivers recognize their
   physical limitations and learn how to compensate, thus
   reducing accidents and retaining driving privileges. Class
   size is limited to 30 people. Proof of previous enrollment
   in AARP Mature Driving Course in the past 4 years
   required. AARP members $12/Non-members $14.

                                                    Senior Tips

Nice Try,                                                            First Federal Exercise
Kellogg                                                              Guidelines
                                                                     Thirty minutes of moderate aerobic exercise five days a
                                                                     week (a total of 2.5 hours) will provide “substantial health
                                                                     benefits,” according to the first ever exercise guidelines
                                                                     published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human
                                                                     Services. Among the benefits of following these guidelines
                                                                     are living longer, improvements in heart function, less
Kellogg now displays a bright purple-and-green “Diabetes             chance of having a stroke, reduction in blood pressure, and
Friendly” seal of approval on seven of its cereals. Do not be        a lower risk of type 2 diabetes, depression, colon cancer
misled. This seal is not recognized industry-wide. Kellogg           and breast cancer. Don't be intimidated by the figure of 2.5
awards it to its own products that meet some of the                  hours a week of “moderate exercise.” It includes walking,
recommendations of the American Diabetes Association.                ballroom dancing, golf without a cart, and gardening. The
However, the March 2009 issue of Environmental                       new Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans are based
Nutrition points out that there are other criteria that are          on the first thorough review of scientific research in a
important for diabetics and that, while low in sugar, the            decade. The evidence is so overwhelming that it's hard to
cereals bearing this self-awarded seal are not necessarily           believe that people don't realize this, says Dr. Miriam
the best choices for diabetics. Some are almost completely           Nelson of Tufts University.Any activity is better than none.
devoid of fiber, which is important in managing blood                You don't have to put on your sneakers and go for a run. You
sugar. Environmental Nutrition comments, “A product                  can dance, walk your dog, garden. So don't just sit there.
that's high in sodium might not necessarily be a problem for         Get up off the couch. Do something!
everyone with diabetes, but that doesn't mean it's
healthful,” adding “People with specific diseases should
look to foods that are healthful for all people.”

                     When Is Zero
                     Trans Fat
                     Not Zero?
                     Trans fat is bad for you. Eat an
                     absolute minimum, as near to zero as
                     possible. Zero means zero, right?
                     Wrong! The food industry has talked
                     the FDA into using a consumer-
                     confusing method of listing food on
labels. What difference does it make? Land O' Lakes Fresh
Buttery Spread label says it contains zero trans fat; so does
Smart Balance Buttery Spread Regular. But if a person had
just one serving a meal of buttery spread for a month, a not
unreasonable amount, one would give him 42 grams of
trans fat and the other 6 grams. But both claim to be zero
trans fat!And the FDAtells us they are both right!

                                                      SENIOR TIPS

Wearing Seat Belts Can Help
                                                                          Are Generic and
You Save Money, Time
                                                                          Brand-Name Drugs
and Your Life
                                                                          Really the Same?
1. Adjust the lap belt to fit low
   and tight across your                                                  YES. The Food and Drug
   hips/pelvis, not your                                                  Administration (FDA)
   stomach.                                                               requires generics to have
                                                                          the same active ingredients,
2. Place the shoulder belt
                                                                          dosage, effectiveness,
   snug across your chest,
                                                                          safety, quality, strength
   away from your neck.
                                                                          and purity as their
3. Never place the shoulder belt                                          brand-name counterparts.
   behind your back or under your arm.                                    They are chemically
                                                                          identical.And both go
If you wear a seat belt every time you get into a vehicle, you're         through the same
more likely to:                                                            eight-stage review and
 ! Get to where you're going on time. Wearing a seat belt isn't           approval process.
    just a good idea, it's the law, and many States are conducting        A generic must be the same as a brand-name
    heightened enforcement of their seat belt laws.                       drug in how it's taken, its intended use and its
 ! Hold onto your hard-earned cash. Seat belt tickets can mean            performance. Both must be absorbed and used
    hefty fines and, in some places, points on your license.              by your body the same way. The only way
                                                                          generics can differ is in color, shape and size.
 ! Prevent disabling injuries and scarring. Every 15 seconds,             United States trademark laws do not allow a
    someone is injured in a traffic crash. If you're not buckled up,      generic to look exactly like its brand-name
    you could be thrown through a window, sent skidding along             drug.
    the pavement or be crushed under a vehicle in a crash.
                                                                          Why Do Generics Cost Less?
 ! Live. Someone is killed in a crash every 13 minutes.
    However, seat belts save over 11,000 lives each year, and they        Generics are cheaper because they're based on
    can help you maintain control of your car in a crash. So buckle       existing FDA-approved brand-name drugs
    up on every trip. Every time.                                         and the manufacturer doesn't have to pay as
                                                                          much to research and develop the generic.
Not convinced by State law? Consider the laws of physics: If              Plus, they don't advertise generics.
you crash or slam on your brakes, your car comes to a sudden stop.
But you will keep moving until you, too, are stopped by the               Does Every Brand-name Drug Have A
windshield, dashboard or pavement. Wearing a seat belt stops              Generic Counterpart?
your body from being thrown around inside or outside the car. A
seat belt decreases the chances you'll get hurt by firmly keeping         No. A generic can only be made after a brand's
you in place.                                                             patent or exclusivity period expires, which is
                                                                          usually about 17 years. More drugs are added
Have air bags? Buckle up anyway. Air bags are designed to be              to the generic list all the time as brand patents
used with seat belts. By themselves, they are only 12% effective at       expire and manufacturers get FDA permission
reducing deaths. In most vehicles, air bags are only in the front         to sell generic versions.
and inflate only in frontal crashes. In rear or side crashes and
rollovers, the seat belt can save you from serious injury or death.
Air bags inflate rapidly in a crash. If you're not buckled up, you
could be thrown too close to the air bag and seriously injured or      You've got a lot of choices. If getting out of bed in
even killed. Air bags are more effective when you're buckled up        the morning is a chore and you're not smiling on a
and seated at least 10" away, and when children under 12 are           regular basis, try another choice.
properly buckled up in the back seat.
                                                                                                         ~Steven D. Woodhull

                                                    SENIOR TIPS

Department of VeteransAffairs
As chairman of VA outreach for American Ex-Prisoners of
War, I write to alert all veterans of a recent VA ruling.On
September 23, 2008, Lou Gehrig's disease (amyotrophic
lateral sclerosis), was made a presumptive condition for all
veterans who served in our armed forces for at least 90 days.
This means that the widows of those veterans who died of
Lou Gehrig's disease in years past are eligible for the VA
widows' monthly benefit, which is very substantial. Many                    Labor Day occurs on the first
people are not aware that a veteran's death due to this                     Monday of September. The
disease is now considered service-connected. One claim I                    first Labor Day was celebrated
handled recently involved an ALS death 46 years ago, in                     on Tuesday, September 5,
1963.                                                                       1882. In 1894 the day was
                                                                            established by Congress as a
Thank you for your help in getting the word out.
                                                                            national holiday. The day was
Fred Campbell, American Ex-Prisoners of War                                 set aside to recognize and
                                                                            commemorate the accom-
                                                                            plishments of American labor. It
Keeping Your Balance                                                        is now observed primarily by
                                                                            barbecues and mini-vacations.
Perhaps the feeling comes at night when you turn in bed or
                                                                            In the minds of most
in the morning when you rise. Maybe it hits when you look                   Americans, it is the unofficial
up to reach for something on an upper shelf.                                end of the summer vacation
Suddenly, the room spins. Then, just as quickly, the                        season, when children and
dizziness stops.                                                            college students return to
                                                                            school and the weather begins
Brief bursts of dizziness lasting 10-15 seconds can be                      to turn cooler.
annoying and even frightening. But in adults 50 or older,
they are often symptoms of a relatively harmless, easily
treated condition known as Benign Positional Vertigo
(BPV).                                                           can confirm the condition, and a rapid, noninvasive office
                                                                 procedure leads to a cure for many people.
BPV is fairly common, affecting about 64 out of 100,000
persons annually. Our inner ears contain a gravity receptor      In fact, 90% of patients get lasting relief and many can
called the utricle that is heavily coated with calcium. As we    learn to treat themselves if BPV does recur.
age, some of the coating can dislodge and float in the fluid     Of course, BPV doesn't explain all dizzy spells. Prolonged
of the inner ear, stimulating balance receptors when we          episodes, especially when accompanied by other
change head position. The result is dizziness.                   symptoms like nausea, can be signs of more serious
The most challenging issue for many people with BPV is           illness. In these cases, you should seek urgent or
firm, accurate diagnosis. Symptoms can be confused with          emergency care.
those of several other neurological disorders. Some patients     In any cases, dizziness deserves a diagnosis. If you are
find themselves bouncing from doctor to doctor in search of      dizzy, talk to your doctor or make an appointing with a
answers.                                                         neurologist.
The good news is BPV can be accurately diagnosed and             Gregory Whitman, M.D., Neurologist, UCI Medical Center
treated in a single doctor's visit.Asimple positioning test

                                         LEGISLATIVE NEWS

                         Senior Representative Anna T. Boyce, (RN)
                         California Senior Legislature
                         Senior Congresswoman
                         National Silver Haired Congress

                                                                  September 2009
I do not support or oppose these Bills. I list them so my readers are informed about legislation that can affect
them and others. If a Bill is of interest, call your representative listed with the Bill, for more information to help
you make your own decisions.

Federal Bill:
H.R. 238 - Conyers-Nurse & Health Care Worker Protection Act: Would reduce musculoskeletal injuries
to health care workers from manually lifting, repositioning and moving patients.
The V. Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act (in effect over 6 months) requires all pools to install anti-
entrapment drain covers in public pools. Public pools are those in water parks, hotels, gyms, schools, cities,
apartment complexes and homeowners associations. California is listed as one of the unsafe states.
The Economic Stimulus Package signed into law in February 2009 will now subsidize 65% of the cost of your
health insurance premiums for up to 9 months if you are terminated from your work and your employer is
covered by COBRA. You pay the balance. Search at: It also extends the period
of receiving unemployment benefits to 22 to 33 weeks beyond the state’s 26 weeks. And $2,400 is federal tax
free. First-time home buyers and persons who have not owned a home in 3 years are eligible for an $8,000 tax
credit. Check with your accountant as there are some restrictions based on yearly incomes.

State Bills:
AB 123 – Portantino – Affordable Housing: Would assist seniors in affordable housing to access needed
support services.
AB 142 – Hayashi – Health Studios: Would require a health studio open 24 hours per day and not staffed
during that entire period, to have live video surveillance and a contract with an emergency service to respond to
any emergency.
AB 392 – Feuer – Long Term Care Ombudsman (LTCO): (Signed into Law on August 6, 2009, by
Governor Schwarzenegger.) Restores $1.6 million for local LTCO programs for the next year. This will ensure
protection from abuse and neglect for the vulnerable and elderly residents of nursing home care and assisted
living facilities.
SB 406 – DeSaulnier – Environmental Quality: Would impose a surcharge of $1 or $2 on motor vehicle
registrations by the Orange County TransportationAuthority and the Orange County Council of Governments.

                                         LEGISLATIVE NEWS

News Items:
The U.S. Department of Housing and Development awarded $13,756,384 to the County of Orange in
homeless assistance funding. This is a part of Care Super Notice of Funding Availability
(SuperNOFA) grant competition. The $13.7 million will fund 38 separate projects that serve the
Orange County homeless.
The FDAhas released new bed safety guides to reduce the incidents of injuries and death due to patients
caught, trapped, entangled or strangled in hospital beds. For a copy of the guide “Practice Hospital Bed
Safety” go to: then to Consumers.
According to the Dept. of Health & Human Services, (HHS), the federal stimulus funding of $155
million to community health centers nationwide will offer primary care free or at a reduced rate for the
2.8 million patients.
Free Alarm System: When you are home alone and have a concern about safety, have your car keys
near you. If you hear a noise and feel uncomfortable press the panic button on your keys, the alarm will
be set off and the horn will continue to sound until you turn it off. (Try it.) Also, the car alarm can work
when you are returning to your car and wish to alert people to your situation. This alarm will continue
until the battery dies or you turn it off.
Do you know how to check a web site for safety? In Reporter Jane Glenn Hass’recent article in the OC
Register she interviewed Pamela Warren, with McFee Inc., producer of Security Insights Blog, who
stated this is possible. It’s a FREE service from McAfee. Download: to monitor
many Web sites.

                                    Always remember the compliments
                                    you receive and quickly forget
                                    the rude remarks.

                                  COMMUNITY NEWS

Do You Grow Poisonous Plants?
Some plants are toxic to cats or dogs but not to humans. Some are easy to grow in difficult
conditions, such as Oleander on freeway medians. Some are very beautiful, as Angel Trumpets,
named for the pendulous golden blooms with a ruffled edge to the bell of the bloom. The blooms
have a strong fragrance at night. There are several Angel Trumpets growing happily in our
neighborhood. They grow as tall as a small tree. If you read about Angel Trumpets, they are known
to be poisonous if ingested directly or in a tea.
A couple of weeks ago a healthy neighbor was walking through our neighborhood at dusk with her
daughter and her dog. As she passed a yard with several Angel Trumpet blooms, she had an
immediate allergic reaction, although she had never been allergic to anything previously. She does
not remember smelling anything, but her 10-year-old daughter noticed a strong plant smell. The
neighbor had a medical background and knew she was in trouble. She hurried home and they raced
to the hospital, where she spent several hours in the emergency room. She is recovering, but now
will always carry an “epi” pen with her as a quick response if such a thing happens again.
There will be no absolute proof that the fragrance or pollen of an Angel Trumpet is to blame in this
case, but there is enough circumstantial possibility to put out this caution. It may not be good to
inhale deeply the fragrant smell of the Angel Trumpet flower. For your own safety, it is definitely a
good idea to know if any of the plants in your garden are poisonous for any creature, especially

If you get a Phone Call like this, HANG UP!
I received an electronic phone call saying: “This is an emergency alert to all Visa and Master Card
owners! Since you are a good customer we are giving you this advanced warning. This month all
Visa and Master Card holder’s interest rate is going up.”
The electronic voice will ask for your card number; “So we can tell you how much your new interest
rate will be.”

Warning Message from the Santa Isabel/EldenArea
I had a prowler outside my kitchen area/office window between 2:00-3:00 am. I am an end-corner
unit. About 1:30 pm today, I discovered the rear window of my Honda Element was busted/broken.
I called the Police and they took a report. In addition, I just now discovered that “they” unscrewed
my front porch light that I leave on all night/every night when I am in town.

    If anADT Salesman Comes to the Door, Shut It and Call the Police
     They have been in our neighborhood and others. The last one in our neighborhood was
      contacted by the police at a neighbor’s request. The salesman appeared to have his business
       papers in order but did not have a peddler’s permit (which would have included a background
        check). He was told to cease and desist until he had a permit. They have been warned. It is
         unfortunate people purporting to be ADT salespeople have a possibility of being
           associated with later burglaries. We should not support their activity until they get the
             proper permits which indicate they are cleared to be in the neighborhoods.

                                                     MEMBER SERVICES

                                          September Membership Birthdays
                                 Rita Charlesworth          Wilmajean Hague        Robert Miller                    Ingrid Shores
                                   Marion Conroy              Rowena Hall           Patty Moore                    Eleanor Soukup
                                   Mary Cooper                 Edna Harris          Ben Murata                      Anna Stowell
                                  Juanita Cordeiro            Rachel Hayes         Carol Neufeld                     Jim Stowell
                                  Tom Costantino              John Higuera        Bruce Newbery                      Judy Takaya
       Rose Agostino                 Lisa Coyle                Frances Hill       Virginia Ocson                    Agnes Thiers
       Cesar Alvarado                Judy Dain               Susan Hoglind         Diane Oliver                    Barbara Thomas
       Patty Alvarado             Emily Dalsfoist             Patricia Jones         Ann Pallo                    Madge Thomson
       Jean Anderson                 Helen Deir              William Kagey          Julia Payne                      Kay Tucker
        June Ashton                Joseph Devlia             Stanley Kaplan        Sharon Perry                     Peter Tucker
      Patricia Babineau            Eileen Doorly             William Keller     Margaret Peterman                 Jeane Van Der Aa
        Alex Balazs                 Barbara Dow              Kenneth Kriege         Trisha Pike                     Violeta Velez
         Nancy Berg               Carmen Dunlea                Elsie Leavy           Billie Rice                   Carolyn Vieley
       Carolyn Bjork               Dorothy Dunn             Rosalyn Lostrom       Harold Richards                 Lawrence Wainer
       Leona Boehner              Patricia Durand            Judy Lundberg       Jeanne Richmond                   Dorothy Weaver
          Bob Bolin                  Louis Filep         Jean Mathevet-Femling   Dorothy Robbins                   Barbara Weber
       Robert Brinley               Mary French              Joan McCarthy        Candace Robbio                    James White
        Rella Brooks               Rita Giovinetti          Herb McFarland         Jose Sanchez                    Tillie Williams
       Peggy Bulkley                Mary Gonser              John McKenzie     Georgene Schnoebelen                 James Young
      Reberta Burmood              Heather Goss             Virginia Michael   Richard Schowengerdt
        Wallis Caton               Thelma Grier                Phil Millar        Clara Sherman

Become a Member Today!
We have many seniors who attend the Center regularly, playing bingo or bridge, and some who attend art and aerobics classes, and others
who just come and have a cup of coffee, grab a loaf of bread, but never become actual members.
These people do not enjoy the benefits of membership they could have for a yearly fee of $20 that includes the following:
A quarterly membership meeting with refreshments, entertainment, updates of news and activities of the Center, travel news, and an
opportunity to win nice door prizes.
 > Monthly issues of “The Chronicle” mailed ONLY to members.              > Discounts on computer classes.
 > Discounts on activities and events, such as the Luau and               > Discounts on travel trips.
    holiday parties.                                                      > Membership card with emergency information for your
Make your visits to the Costa Mesa Senior Center more meaningful by becoming a member and actually getting involved in all of
the exciting activities currently underway. Fill out the form below or request a form at the Front Desk.
NEXT MEMBERSHIP MEETING IS OCTOBER 20, 2009 - We invite all members to come and attend!

YES!     I want to join the Costa Mesa Senior Center!
     New Member             Renewal            Updated Information
                                                                                                 Remit Completed Form To:
                                                                                                 Costa Mesa Senior Center
     $20 Single                    $35 Household                                                 695 W. 19th Street
     $35 Single - 2 years          $55 Household - 2 years                                       Costa Mesa, CA 92627

LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP:             $200 Single         $350 Household
Member Name:                                                                                  Birth Date:                             .
Member Name:                                                                                  Birth Date:                             .
Street Address:                                      City:                                    State/Zip:                              .
Home Phone: (          )                     Emergency Contact:                                     Phone: (       )                 .

                                            Thank You for Your Membership!
                 & OURS

                                                                 A SUPPLEMENT TO THE CHRONICLE
                                                                                                VOLUME XVII NO. III

                                                                               GAMBLING TRIPS
     Travel Information                                                                                       Nita Middleton

       (949) 645-1032                                               September 22, 2009, Tuesday
                                                                    SAN MANUEL INDIAN CASINO
                                                                    Ten dollars back in slot play or food. Members: $15,
                Phyllis Daugherty                                   Non-Members: $20. FULL
                TRAVEL CHAIRMAN
                  Travel Desk open
            Mondays through Thursdays
              9:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m.
         Fridays, 9:00 a.m. until 12:00 noon

                   DAY TRIPS                                           October 29, 2009, Thursday
                                                  Evie Tuell           “SPOOK-TACULAR”
                                                                       PALA INDIAN CASINO
                                                                       Enjoy a fright-filled day at Pala
                                                                       Indian Casino. New Poker room,
                                                                       $5.00 slot play. Members: $20,
                                                                       Non-Member: $25.
                                                                       SPACE AVAILABLE

                                                                    November 10, 2009, Tuesday
                                                                    VIEJAS INDIAN CASINO
                                                                    Includes: Half off for lunch, shopping (across the street).
                                                                    Slots of fun. Members: $15, Non-Members: $20.

October 13, 2009, Tuesday                                           December 13-15, 2009
THE GETTY CENTER                                                    RIVERSIDE HOTEL & CASINO, LAUGHLIN
Lunch on your own at the Center. Members: $23, Non-                 Includes: Two free buffets, fun book, Christmas
Members: $28. SPACE AVAILABLE                                       party. Members: $93 dbl., $114 sngl.,
                                                                    Non-Members: $98 dbl., $119 sngl.

 To receive a refund, a cancellation form needs to be
 submitted. Refunds are subject to cancellation fees per our
 policy statement. No one will be allowed to sell or give
 anyone their space on a trip. If you do, that person will not
 be allowed to go on the trip.
 All passengers are required to sign an excursion waiver
 when traveling with the Costa Mesa Senior Center.                     The Casinos have informed us that all participants in
                                                                       bus programs must use Player Cards or the programs
 You will be required to show your membership card when                will be discontinued!
 signing up for trips.
                    THEATRE                                                              LONG TRIPS
                                             Beryl Daniels                                                      Phyllis Daugherty
Most theaters are requiring that we notify them of the
number of attendees for a performance 30 days before the               October 18 - 25, 2009
date. Please sign up early.                                            SMOKY MOUNTAINS & BLUEGRASS
                                                                       Visit Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry. See
                                                                       Dollywood, Churchill Downs, Pigeon Forge
                                                                       and much more. Eight days. $2279 dbl.,

November 18, 2009, Wednesday
PALM SPRINGS FOLLIES                                                                         December 4 - 9, 2009
The razzle-dazzle of song and dance                                                           WASHINGTON DC AND
with the long-legged Lovelies. Lunch                                                          WILLIAMSBURG
on your own. Members: $83, Non-Members: $88.                                                  HOLIDAY
SPACE AVAILABLE                                                                                Three days in DC, two days in
                                                                                               Williamsburg. Includes round trip
                                                                                              air, sightseeing, eight meals and
                                                                                              more. $1779 dbl., $2229 sngl.

 Baggage Responsibility
 Due to limited motorcoach capacity, tour participants
 may check one bag per person. Handling of this bag is                     Anyone leaving a car at the Center while on a
 included in the tour price. One                                           trip booked through the Costa Mesa Senior
 carry-on will be permitted. It                                            Center Travel Desk
 must fit in the overhead                                                       MUST BE PARKED AT THE BACK
 compartment or under the                                                            OF THE PARKING LOT!
 seat. The carry-on is your
 responsibility and not the drivers.                                         You will be required to display a parking pass
                                                                            on your dashboard. Any car parked after 5 p.m.
                                                                               without a pass will be subject to towing!
                  Please Be Aware
 When submitting a cancellation form you must present
 your receipt for the trip in order to be refunded your
                  money for that trip.

                                            POLICY STATEMENT

 1. Day Trips, Gambling Trips, Theater Trips, and Mini-Trips must be paid in full at time of booking. Most extended trips
    will accept a deposit.
 2. Costa Mesa Senior travel escorts cannot be responsible for special needs of non-ambulatory travelers. Those who require
    physical assistance must be accompanied by a caregiver.
 3. To apply for a refund, a cancellation form must be signed and submitted according to the following terms:
     Day Trips: More than 15 days prior to departure or at any time if a replacement can be found and the trip is full.
     Gambling Trips: On overnight trips, more than 30 days in advance or if a replacement can be found and the trip is full.
     Cancellation forms must be submitted for all gambling trips. Day gambling trips will be refunded if a replacement can be
     found and the trip is full.
     Theater Trips: No refunds unless a replacement can be found and the trip is full.
     Mini Trips: More than 30 days in advance or if a replacement can be found and the trip is full.
     Extended Trips: Approved refunds only; not made until 30 days after the tour departure.
 4. Acancellation fee of $10.00 for all Overnight Trips and $5.00 for all Day Trips, will be deducted from refunds.
   695 West 19th Street                                                                                           PRESORTED
   Costa Mesa, CA 92627                                                                                           US POSTAGE
   (949) 645-2356                                                                                                      PAID
                                                                                                                  SANTA ANA, CA
                                                                                                                 PERMIT NO. 4125

                                                                                                              Time Dated Material
                                                                                                                Please Deliver by
                                                                                                               September 5, 2009

                                HARBOR BLVD.


                    19TH ST.                           55


The Costa Mesa Senior Center is conveniently
accessible from the San Diego (I-405) freeway, the
Costa Mesa (I-55) freeway, and Pacific Coast
Highway (Rt.1). It is also minutes away from the
Orange County John WayneAirport.

*Printed through the courtesy of the City of Costa Mesa*

Center Telephone Numbers                                                     The Center, a unique location
                                                                             for your special event.
         Costa Mesa Senior Center
    695 W. 19th St., Costa Mesa, CA 92627                                    Benefits
     (949) 645-2356 Fax (949) 645-4804                                       8 A variety of rental options available
                                                                             8 Competitive pricing
                   Hours                                                     8 Convenient location
     Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.                                  8 Select the caterer of your choice

          Center Transportation                                              Features
  (949) 645-2356 ext. 23 - General Services                                  8 5,900 square foot multipurpose room
  (949) 645-2356 ext. 19 - Medical Related                                      including stage
                                                                             8 Attractive contemporary decor
              Gift Shop Hours                                                8 Beautiful patio area
     Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.                                  8 Trained and gracious staff
                                                                             8 Full service kitchen
                                                                             8 Ample parking for all your guests
                            (949) 645-1032                                     Appointments: Please call (949) 645-2356

                   Community Senior Serv
                      (949) 631-8171

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