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									                            NIUGINI AIR RESCUE
                                    MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM


Niugini Air Rescue Corporate Members and their dependants benefit from knowing they receive a
continuity of care starting with medical advice over the phone to an immediate aero-medical
evacuation. With Niugini Air Rescue Corporate Membership, you have the assurance that you and your
family are cared for by experienced medical staff and a Moresby based air ambulance. With a citation 2
jet aircraft, equipped with state of the art medical monitoring equipment and supported by Cathy Bowen
and Jan Sheehan, who have extensive nursing, and air evacuation experience in PNG you can be
confident that you and your family have the best medical care available.


    NAR provides a quick response time as a result of pre-registration of Members details, including
     blood type, copy of passport, address, name, age, and sex. In a life threatening event these details
     are critical, particularly where there is a situation where delays can cost lives.

    Ease and speed of access through our toll free contact number, direct to medically trained staff
     who can evaluate the patient’s condition and decide upon the best possible course of action.

    24 hour telephone medical advice is available from our International Team of AEA Doctors.

    Access to experienced medical staff and a fully equipped air ambulance based in Moresby,
     provides reassurance should a medical evacuation be required by your staff or dependants.

    Niugini Air Rescue will arrange medical appointments and may guarantee the payment of your
     medical expenses. This service is exclusive to Niugini Air Rescue members
     fee is charged when payment is guaranteed.

    Niugini Air Rescue will monitor members medical condition during hospitalization and will
     communicate status to family or company colleagues in a confidential manner as requested. This
     service is exclusive to Niugini Air Rescue members.

    Niugini Air Rescue will provide emergency medical evacuation and repatriation under the care of
     a fully trained medical team. Fees for this service are quoted on a case by case basis.


    Our team of Niugini Air Rescue medical staff can provide your company and personnel with front
     line medical advice 24 hours a day.

    Niugini Air Rescue holds a database of your employees details including, blood type and passport
     so as to ensure a smooth evacuation without the concern of having to chase vital information at a
     critical time.

    Niugini Air Rescue provides your company with assurance that in the event of an emergency your
     employees and their dependants are cared for by a professional medical evacuation company with
     experience and knowledge in a critical field.


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