THE SCHOOL BELL by yaohongm


									    THE SCHOOL BELL
                                            DECEMBER 22,2011
      Williston,                                                                              Vermont
   Williston School Board                        n School Di
                                               toAllen Brook School
                                            is Williston Central School
 Holly Rouelle    879-7257                                                                 St George School Board
 Deb Baker Moody 879-0429                                                              Wendy Goodrich      482-3779

                                                                             s tr
                                                                                       Hester Hemmett      482-7450

 Kevin Mara       879-8122
 Josh Diamond     878-1989                                      Kelly Bowen         657-3935

 Giovanna Boggero 578-4621                  878-2762, 879-5850 (both schools)
                                         ABS Office: 879-5806; WCS Office: 879-5805

          Caring teachers engaging students in meaningful learning
           UPCOMING                                            A Message from the Administration
                                                                          by John Terko
  12/23 (Friday) - 1/3 (Tuesday)
            No School                                                     ‘Tis the Season
 School resumes Wednesday, Jan. 4
1/5 Continental Math Meet, gr. 5-8                I look outside and wonder if it really is the holiday season. The
    1:30-2:30 pm; WCS Dining Rm.              grass is green and the temperatures are hovering around 40 degrees.
                                              Everyone wants to ski but there is no snow to be found. It’s nice to see
1/5 School Board Budget Meeting               that houses are decorated for the holidays and it helps to put us all into
       4:30 pm, WCS Dining Room
                                              the spirit of this time of year.
1/6 School Dance, gr. 5-8
       6:30-8:30 pm, WCS                          This Thursday is our last day of school before our break. It is a time
1/10 Parent info/Ski/Ride Program             we spend with families and friends and celebrate the new year. Instead
       6:30 pm, WCS Auditorium                of school work, it’s time to have fun and relax before we come back to
                                              the school routine.
1/11 4 Winds Training
      8:30-10:30 am, WCS Dining Rm.               The next few months are crucial for learning. Students become
1/12 FAPAC Meeting                            focused through the dead of winter and the curriculum picks up steam.
       8-10:30 am, WCS Dining rm.             More Kindergartners are beginning to read, 8th graders are working
                                              on their graduation challenge projects, and for those students who sign
1/13-14 VKAT Lock-in
                                              up and keep their school work up to date, the Williston Recreation Ski
       4pm-8 am, WCS old gym
                                              program is in full swing.
                                                 This is a time to rest and stay healthy as the cold and flu season
                 Variety Show                 begins and we can start January in good health.
                Plans are in the works            A quick reminder that we don’t have school on January 2 or Janu-
                to hold the Variety           ary 3rd. The first day back for our students will be Wednesday, January
                Show on February              4.
  17, 2012. Applications for acts will            So, enjoy the break, have some fun and spend time with family
  be included in the School Bell and          and friends. All of us here want to wish every family a Happy Holiday
    available in the school offices.          and only the best for the New Year. We look forward to the second half
                                              of the school year with excitement and anticipation of great things to
                                              come for each and every student.

                         NO SCHOOL FRIDAY, December23.
                   School resumes WEDNESDAY, January 4, 2012!
8th Grade Challenge
Piano Lessons
     I’m Brigitte Durieux, and for my
8 grade challenge, I plan on taking
                                           Dear Parent/Guardian:
on two students from grades 2-4 to
teach free piano lessons, on Wednes-       New confirmed cases of Pertussis (whooping cough) have been identified in
days, from 3:00- 3:30 or 3:30 to 4:00.     individuals at Allen Brook School and Williston Central School. Pertussis is a
      If you or your child are inter-      contagious disease that is spread through the air when infected people cough.
ested, please contact-                     While immunization protects most children during the elementary school years,
-                     protection from the vaccine lessens over time. Pertussis can occur in fully im-
-                  munized individuals.
         - (802-) 878- 7479                Pertussis begins with cold symptoms and an irritating cough, which usually be-
         - (802-) 324- 5165                comes increasingly severe over 1-2 weeks. Symptoms often include a long series
         - (802) 343- 4773                 of coughs, sometimes followed by a whooping noise. However, older children,
                                           adults and very young infants may not develop the whoop. Vomiting may occur
                                           after a coughing episode. There is generally no fever.

                                           Antibiotic treatment early in the disease may decrease the severity of symptoms
                                           and reduce the infectiousness of the ill person. Antibiotics are also recommended
                                           for close contacts of pertussis cases in order to prevent them from contracting
                                           and/or transmitting the disease.

January Bottle Drive                       Please consider the following Vermont Department of Health recommendations:
     Williston Central School Harbor        1. Close contacts, including household members, of persons diagnosed with
House 8th grade students will be hold-         pertussis should receive a protective course of antibiotics to prevent ad-
ing a bottle drive on Saturday, January        ditional infections. Usual classroom contact of school aged children is not
7 from 11-2 p.m. to raise money for            considered close contact unless additional activities, such as participa-
their upcoming field trip to Washington,       tion on the same sports team, have occurred. A Public Health Nurse will
D.C. this spring. Harbor students will         investigate to identify close contacts and refer them to their health care
be picking up bottles in all Williston         providers.
neighborhoods. If you are interested in
donating bottles, please leave in a bag     2. If your child has any of the above symptoms or a cough lasting more than
at the end of your driveway by 11 a.m.         a week, contact your health care provider to have your child evaluated for
Bottles can be dropped off at the Korner       pertussis.
Kwik Stop from January 1 – January
7 (just tell Bernie for Harbor House).      3. Children or staff with confirmed or suspected pertussis should be excluded
Contact Phyllis at 879-3616 for further        from school until they have completed 5 days of the antibiotic treatment
info. Thank you for your support.              for pertussis.

                                            4. The Vermont Department of Health recommends that all adolescents, ages 11-
                                               18 years, receive a single (booster) dose of Tdap vaccine. Adults, especially
Dress for the Weather                          those who have, or anticipate having, close contact with an infant should
    Please be sure kids have                   receive a single dose of Tdap vaccine. Please consult your child’s/your health
appropriate outdoor clothing for               care provider.
the weather. Hats, mittens, warm
coats, snowpants, and boots will be         5. Children less than 1 year old, particularly infants under 6 months of age,
necessary during the winter months. If         are most likely to experience severe illness if they develop pertussis.
you need help supplying any of these           When possible, young infants should be kept away from people with a
items, please contact the guidance             cough. Babies with any coughing illness or choking episodes should
department.                                    be promptly evaluated by their physician.
                                           Please notify the school nurse or health department personnel if anyone in your
                                           household is diagnosed with confirmed or possible pertussis. If you have any
                                           questions, please call the Vermont Department of Health at (802) 951-0072 or
                         Williston Recreation Department
                     Ski/Ride Program at Cochrans                                          Hill Closings
                                                                                                During the winter months,
Students in grades 1-8 in Williston can participate in the downhill skiing, snow-          shifting weather patterns can
boarding and telemark ski program on Friday afternoons (kindergartners can                 rapidly deteriorate road conditions.
participate if accompanied by an adult). The program begins on January 13th at             This sometimes happens after the
Cochrans ski area in Richmond and runs through mid-March.                                  school buses have begun their
Students participating in the program must be up to date with all school work.             routes, often making hill roads*
The fee is $55 for early registrations, and $10 additional for bus transportation.         particularly difficult for school
Equipment Available: Parents/Guardians who need equipment to instruct may                       On the occasions it is deter-
inquire about borrowing equipment.                                                         mined a WSD bus will not be driv-
Paperwork: Program registration forms will be available in December through                ing on a hill road during the morn-
the schools, the Parks and Recreation Department, and this link:Q                          ing pick up, we hope to be able
                                                                                           to contact families early enough
                                                                                           for you to get students to a stop
                                     Time table:                                           at the bottom of the hill to catch
                              Dec. 22: Registration ends                                   the bus. Alternatively, during the
                  A $10 late fee will be charged for late registrations                    afternoon bus runs, we will contact
                      January 10th : Parent information night                              families to advise you that the bus
                  6:30pm in the Williston Central School auditorium.                       will need to drop children off at
                          January 13, 2012: Program starts                                 the bottom of the hill, and you can
                                                                                           meet the bus there if necessary. If
Friday Program Basics                                                                      no one arrives at the base of the
Skis and snowboards can be dropped              have attended half the lessons and be      hill road to meet younger students,
off after 7 am in the ski trailer at the stu-   at level 5 or above.                       they will be brought back to school
dent drop off area in the WCS parking           Students who are not riding the bus to     until arrangements are made for
lot. Students take their boots and other        or from Cochrans, because they have        them to be picked up. Please talk
outdoor gear with them to class.                another ride, must turn in a note to the   with your bus drivers to let them
If a student will attend but not ride the       main office by noon.                       know if you are comfortable let-
bus, notes stating driving arrangements         Students are not allowed to attend         ting your child walk up the hill.
must be dropped off in the morning              if they write a white plan, a physi-            We will use the AlertNow
at the school office for ski attendance         cal aggression plan, or if any school      automated calling system to send
purposes. Students taking the bus to            personnel tells them that they cannot      a voice message to families on the
Cochran’s but using alternative rides           go because of poor behavior or poor        hill roads.
home must inform the ski bus driver             academic effort.                                We are sorry for any incon-
when boarding for the ski area.                 For cancellations check the 879-5841       venience this may cause you, and
1:30-dismissed from class:prepare to            line. The ski area may cancel due to       thank you for your cooperation.
load bus                                        unskiable conditions. We ski in many       These are the hill roads: * But-
1:45-buses leave school for Cochrans            conditions and some are far from           ternut, Highlands, Porterwood,
2:05-buses arrive and unload                    perfect. This helps students to adjust     Oak Knoll, Rabbits Run, Ever-
2:15-lessons start                              to variable conditions and makes           green, Fortier, Douglas, Yantz Hill,
4:30-lifts close due to darkness (5:00          them better skiers/riders. The school      lower River Cove, Meadow Ridge,
later in the season). Students load bus         may cancel due to unsafe traveling         Ledgewood, Bayberry, Terrace,
5:15-buses arrive back at WCS to meet           or weather conditions. If there is no      Jasmine, Wild Ginger, and a por-
parents. Allen Brook students will need         school or half-day there is no ski pro-    tion of South Road.
to pick up their backpacks and boots            gram. Parents must decide if condi-
from the ABS cafeteria.                         tions are proper for their child. If the
Policies for Attendance                         students are not dressed properly for
Students are free to attend or not attend       the weather, they will be sent to the
any session. To attend the mountain trip        lodge.
at the end of the season, students must

   Contact The Williston Parks & Recreation Department at
         878-1239 or
                                                              Partial Computer Desktop For Sale
                                                                   Williston Central School has a limited number of
                                                              retired school computers for sale to our community mem-
                                                              bers. Price is $5, cash only. What is included: Seven-
                                                              year Gateway E Series 4300 desktop, XP Pro, Libra
                                                              Office, DVD burner, Firewire, Avast (antivirus); PS2 key-
                                                              board, USB mouse, mouse pad, power cord, and network
                                                              cable. What is NOT included: Technical support is not
                                                              available through the school. In addition, the computer
FAP Tax Letters                                               does NOT come with memory, monitor, or speakers. Will
                                                              require the purchase of memory stick: DDR2 533 MHz or
    Letters recognizing Williston Wins donations for tax
                                                              DDR2 400 MHz DIMMs matching pairs of modules - ap-
purposes were mailed a couple weeks ago. If you didn’t
                                                              proximate cost $20.
receive yours, please contact Patty Pasley at plpasley@
                                                                   Order period is December 21-30. Pick-up period is We may have a wrong address for you, or
                                                              January 4-6, 2012, at Williston Central. To reserve yours,
your donation may have been misplaced.
                                                              leave your complete name and contact phone number at
                                                              879-5884. (Confirmation of reservation will be left with
Celebrate The Arts Night                                      your contact phone number.)
     The third annual Celebrate The Arts Night at Champ-
lain Valley Union High School in Hinesburg, will be held
Thursday, January 5th! From 6:00-7:30 p.m. You can                                   Speak Up 2011
enjoy a visual arts show of over 450 pieces of visual art                                  Be a part of the conversation!
created by students currently enrolled in arts courses.                               We will be participating in the
     Every student from CVU’s Introduction to Art class                               Speak Up national research proj-
through Advanced Placement Studio Art will be showing a                               ect. Speak Up is the first survey
piece they feel best represents their work from the semes-                            designed to help parents share
ter. Also on view will be practical art work from Technol-                            their ideas directly with schools
ogy Education and Fashion Design students.                                            and national policymakers. As
     At 6:00, there will be demonstrations in the Technol-                            key stakeholders, Speak Up pro-
ogy Education rooms. At 6:30, there will be a short music                             vides parents with a mechanism
performance by Garrett Brown and at 7:00, a performance       for expressing their views to the administrators at their
by the String Ensemble. At 7:30 in the CVU Theatre,           child(ren)’s school and district about key issues impact-
notable performances will be given by the CVU Madrigal        ing their child(ren)’s education.
Singers, Acting students, and Symphonic Band.                      Since 2003, Speak Up has collected and shared the
     Family and Consumer Science classes will be mak-         views of over 2.2 million students, teachers, and parents
ing refreshments. Art activities for the whole family! All    from all 50 states, as well as internationally. By partici-
events are free to the public. For more information contact   pating in Speak Up, parents are expressing their views to                                             a wider audience of local, state, and national policy mak-
                                                              ers as well as the business community—and contribut-
                                                              ing to the national dialog about science, technology, and
                                                              preparing students for the 21st century workforce.
                                                                   The online survey is open to students, educators and
                                                              parents; it’s quick and easy to get involved.
                                                                   To take the survey visit:
                                                      . By be-
                                                              ing part of Speak Up 2011, you are sharing your ideas
                                                              to improve education. Thank you for your participa-
                                                                   ** You will need to enter wsdspeak as Williston’s
                                                              secret word.
                                                                   You may access the survey through December 23rd,
                                                                   Any questions? Contact: Bonnie Birdsall, Technology
        artwork by Taylor Kingston, CVU senior                Integration Specialist, Williston Schools
    Community Bulletin Board
Dorothy Alling Memorial Library Events
*All events are free* 878-4918
Note: Children ages 8 & younger must be accompanied by
an adult while in the library.
Drop-In Craft: December 27-30. Make a beaded snow-
                                                                             ENRICHMENT SCIENCE CORNER
flake! All ages. Stop by our craft table in the youth area
during the holiday break.
Vacation Week Movie: Friday, December 30, 3 pm. Can
                                                                         Science Events in Our Area
Po the panda conquer evil forces to save China and kung             A Week of Wacky Science at the Montshire
fu? Rated PG, Grade 1 and up. Free popcorn. Children
age 8 and younger must be accompanied by an adult.
                                                                    From experimenting with Magnets,
Watch for these events coming in January:                           listening through Paper Cup Telephones,
• Chess Club: 4-week series. Wednesdays at 3 pm, Janu-              Color Mixing, flying Gliders and Paper
  ary 4-25. Grade 3-8.                                              Crafts, and creating Hot Air Balloons
• Toddler Yoga & Stories: Fridays at 10:15 am, January              and Flying Marshmallows, the Montshire
  6-27. Ages 1-5. Pre-register.                                     Museum in Norwich has a variety of events throughout
• Story Hour: Tuesdays at 11 am. Starts Jan. 10. Ages 3-5.          next week. Check out the details at http://montshire.
• Science Magic: Thursday, January 12, 3 pm. Grades 3
  and up. Pre-register.                                                              Sleigh Rides at Shelburne
• Reading with Frosty & Friends Therapy Dogs: Tues-                                  Farms
  days, 3:30-4:30 pm. New session starts January 17.                                 Daily from December 22-January 1
 Library Giving Tree: Please help the library by donat-                              (except Christmas)
ing an item through our Giving Tree program. Look for the                            TIME: Every half hour, 11:00 am-2:00 pm
small tree in the lobby and the snowflakes decorating the                            FEE: $8/adult, $6/child, children under 3
windows. Each decoration represents an item that we would           free. No reservations. Seats are first-come, first-served.
like to add to the library collection. Select an item for the li-   INFORMATION: 802-985-8442
brary to be given in the name of a family member or friend.         Private rides by reservation at 2:30 & 3:00 pm. Fee: $95/
We’ll provide a gift enclosure card for the recipient and a         sleigh. Call 802-985-8442.
brief dedication inside the item. Your generosity is much           For more information see: http://www.shelburnefarms.
appreciated by all!                                                 org/calendarofevents/index.shtml

Good News Club Christmas Celebration                                Grossology at ECHOLake Aquarium and
     The Christmas celebration continues on Thursday,               Science Center
12/22/11 with a showing of “Charlie Brown’s Christmas”              Sometimes it’s stinky, sometimes it’s
and holiday games, snacks & songs.                                  crusty, and sometimes it’s slimy. Explore
     All children, grades 1-4, are invited to attend in the         why our bodies produce mushy, oozy, scaly
WCS Upstairs KIVA after school at 2:55 PM till 4:25PM.              and smelly gunk at GROSSOLOGY! On
Students from Allen Brook School may ride the bus to                exhibit through January 8th. For more infor-
WCS and meet Mrs. Ronco in the WCS Lobby. This club                 mation see:
is a free non-denominational Christian children’s Bible             its/grossology2.html
club meeting Thursdays after school through April, 2012.
(Parents welcome to attend first meeting with their child/
     Please register by contacting Beverly Ronco at 288-                 Next week in the Science Corner…
9628 or e-mail @ bevhillbilly4@aol .com.
                                                                            More Cool Science Events
We offer this space for announcements by local non-profit
community groups. Information posted will be of benefit to
Williston children and families. Inclusion of events is on a space-available basis; announcements run for limited periods of
time for this reason. Publication of events in this section does not imply school sponsorship or endorsement of them.
Participant One
Last Name: ______________________________ First Name: _________________________ Age: ____ Dob_________                                                                                                                   M or F

Grade in Fall 2011: _______                             House:________                      Circle One:                 Ski              Snowboard

Participant Two
Last Name: ______________________________ First Name: _________________________ Age: ____ Dob_________                                                                                                                   M or F

Grade in Fall 2011: _______                             House:________                      Circle One:                 Ski              Snowboard

Participant Three
Last Name: ______________________________ First Name: _________________________ Age: ____ Dob_________                                                                                                                   M or F

Grade in Fall 2011: _______                             House:________                      Circle One:                 Ski              Snowboard

1st Guardian Name: ______________________________________                                                                 Email: _____________________________________________

Home Phone # __________________                                                              Daytime Phone #: __________________ Cell Phone #: __________________

2nd Guardian Name: __________________________ Daytime Phone #: __________________ Cell Phone #: __________________

Emergency Contact : __________________________ Daytime Phone #: __________________ Cell Phone #: __________________

WAIVER:                         In consideration of being permitted to enroll in the Williston Recreation Program, the undersigned hereby releases the Town of Williston, its elected or appointed officials, instructors, agents and/or
employees, from all liability to the above-named participant for any and all loss of damage or any claim resulting therefrom on account of injury to the participant while the participant is engaged in the Williston Recreation
Program. The participant understands that serious accidents occasionally occur in sports-related activities and that participants occasionally sustain serious injuries as a consequence thereof. Knowing the risks, dangers and
unpredictability of such sports-related activities, participant hereby assumes full responsibility for the risk of bodily injury while participating in the Williston Recreation program. The undersigned expressly agrees that this
release is intended to be as broad and inclusive as permitted by the laws of the State of Vermont and that if any portion hereof is invalid the balance shall continue in full force and effect. I hereby give permission to have
participant transported by ambulance should the situation so require.

________________________________________________                                                                                         _______________
Parent/Guardian Signature                                                                                                                       Date

Registration Dates:                                        October—December 22
Registration Fees:                                         $55.00 per participant                                                      $55 X ________ = _________
Transportation Fee:                                        $10.00 per participant (if needed)                                          $10 X ________ = _________
Equipment Rental Fee:                                      $25.00 per participant (if needed)                                          $25 X ________ = _________
Late Fee (due after 12/22):                                $10.00 per participant (if applicable)                                      $10 X ________ = _________

Total Fee Due:                                                                                                                                                          _________


TOTAL FEE PAID: ________ DATE: _______ CHECK # _______ REC’D BY: _______
                     2012 FAP Variety Show Application
The following guidelines should be understood when deciding if you would like to participate in the
2012 Variety show on Friday, February 17.

       • A talent act for this event will be described as one of the following:
               choreographed dance
               playing an instrument (not to exceed 5 minutes in length)
               skits (not to exceed 5 minutes in length)
               vocal to be sung by participant (no lip syncing)
               entertainment (magic, juggling, comedy, etc)

       • All acts will be previewed by a committee. If changes are made to your act after this date, they
         will need to be approved.
       • Because this is a family event, all acts need to be appropriate and the school dress code
         applies to all performers.
       • We reserve the right to limit the number of similar acts. The final decision of the program will be
         left up to the Variety Show Committee.
       • All applications received after the deadline will be placed on a waiting list.

If the above is understood, please complete the following:
Names of all Performers: _______________________________________________________________
House: _____________________________________________________________________________
Core Teacher: _______________________________________________________________________
Grade: ____________________________________________________________________________
Name of Contact Person for this Act: ____________________________________________________
Phone Number: ______________________________________________________________________
E-mail Address (only if checked regularly): ________________________________________________
Description of Act: (please signify which category from above list and describe fully):

Music, Props, etc. you will provide: _____________________________________________________
Music, Props etc. you need the Variety Show to provide____________________________________
Costume planned for Act: ______________________________________________________________

Parent Signature: ___________________________________________________________________

                Applications are due in the FAP Mailbox at ABS or WCS by January 13.
                       Auditions will be held on Thursday January 26 at 6:00pm
           Rehearsals will be Thursday, February 9 and Monday, February 13 at 6:00pm
 Questions? Contact Eileen Sinopoli 879-7884, Laura Kalagher - 238-5868 or Michele Eaton 238-6856
Williston School District
Williston Central School & Allen Brook School
           Monday                                  Tuesday                                    Wednesday                                                               Thursday                                               Friday
        HOLIDAY BREAK               2      NO SCHOOL - INSERVICE          3                                                                     4                     RAMUNTO'S                        5                                                     6    W
                                                                               BAKED CHICKEN NUGGETS                                                 BRICK OVEN PIZZA                                       TURKEY BLT                                            I
                                                                               WHOLE WHEAT DINNER ROLL                                                                                                      ON FRENCH BREAD                                       L
                                                                               STEAMED GREEN BEANS                                                   WILDCAT TOSSED SALAD                                   VEGGIE STICKS                                         I
                                                                               FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT                                                 FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT                                  FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT                                 S
                                                                               ICE COLD MILK                                                   102   ICE COLD MILK                                    101   ICE COLD MILK                                   100   T
                                    9 WILDCAT CAFÉ PIZZA                 10                                                                   11                      RAMUNTO'S                       12                                                    13    O
SHEPHERD'S PIE                          HEALTHY PIZZA SELECTIONS               CHEESEBURGER DELUXE                                                   BRICK OVEN PIZZA                                       CHICKEN AND GRAVY                                     N
WHEAT DINNER ROLL                                                              WHEAT HAMBURGER ROLL                                                                                                         WHOLEGRAIN ROLL
PEAS AND CARROTS                        WILDCAT TOSSED SALAD                   CRISPY OVEN FRIES                                                     WILDCAT TOSSED SALAD                                   MASHED POTATOES                                       C
FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT                   FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT                  FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT                                                 FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT                                  FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT                                 H
ICE COLD MILK                      99   ICE COLD MILK                     98   ICE COLD MILK                                                    97   ICE COLD MILK                                    96    ICE COLD MILK                                   95    O
  MARTIN LUTHER KING DAY           16 WILDCAT CAFÉ PIZZA                 17          BREAKFAST FOR LUNCH                                      18                      RAMUNTO'S                       19                                                    20    O
                                        HEALTHY PIZZA SELECTIONS               SCRAMBLED EGGS WITH CHEESE                                            BRICK OVEN PIZZA                                       NACHOS SUPREME                                        L
                                                                               FRENCH TOAST STICKS                                                                                                          CRISPY CORN TORTILLA CHIPS
                                        WILDCAT TOSSED SALAD                   HASH BROWNS                                                           WILDCAT TOSSED SALAD                                   SHREDDED LETTUCE & TOMATOES                            I
                                        FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT                  FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT                                                 FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT                                  FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT                                  S
                                        ICE COLD MILK                     94   ICE COLD MILK                                                    93   ICE COLD MILK                                    92    ICE COLD MILK                                   91     T
                                   23 WILDCAT CAFÉ PIZZA                 24                                                                   25                      RAMUNTO'S                       26                                                    27     R
SLOPPY JOE'S SANDWICH                   HEALTHY PIZZA SELECTIONS               GRILLED CHICKEN BREAST                                                BRICK OVEN PIZZA                                       BAKED FISH FILLET                                      I
WHEAT HAMBURGER ROLL                                                           RICE PILAF                                                                                                                   WHEAT DINNER ROLL                                      C
STEAMED CORN                            WILDCAT TOSSED SALAD                   STEAMED CARROT COINS                                                  WILDCAT TOSSED SALAD                                   CRISPY OVEN FRIES
FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT                   FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT                  FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT                                                 FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT                                  FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT
ICE COLD MILK                      90   ICE COLD MILK                     89   ICE COLD MILK                                                    88   ICE COLD MILK                                    87    ICE COLD MILK                                   86

                                   30 WILDCAT CAFÉ PIZZA                 31                                                                     1                                                      2                                                     3

ICE COLD MILK                      85   ICE COLD MILK                     84

  ** START YOUR DAY RIGHT, EAT SCHOOL BREAKFAST! BREAKFAST IS SERVED DAILY IN THE CAFETERIA AND STUDENTS MAY COME IN FOR BREAKFAST AS SOON AS THEY ARRIVE TO SCHOOL.                                                                                               J
ALTERNATE MENU SELECTIONS                                                      PRICES:                                                               MORE PRICES:                                           CONTACT INFORMATION:                                   N
In addition to the above menu selections we also offer daily….                 BREAKFAST PRICES                                                      COLD DRINKS - $1.00, $1.25, $1.50                      Scott Wagner, Food Service Director                    U
* PASTA SELECTION WITH SAUCE                                                   FULL $1.75         REDUCED $.00* ADULT $2.50                          FRESH FRUIT - $.75                                     PHONE: (802) 879-5816                                  A
** SPECIALTY SANDWICHES AND WRAPS                                              LUNCH PRICES                                                          SNACKS - $.25, $.75, $1.50                             EMAIL:                                R
*** SPECIALTY SALADS                                                           FULL $3.00 REDUCED $.00* ADULT $4.00                                  ENTRÉE ONLY - $3.00                                    195 CENTRAL SCHOOL DRIVE, WILLISTON, VT 05495          Y
All COMBO meals served with….                                                  MILK & JUICE PRICES                                                   2ND ENTRÉE - $2.00                                     *COMMENTS & SUGGESTIONS APPRECIATED

* CHOICE OF FRESH OR CANNED FRUIT OR 4 OZ. 100% FRUIT JUICE                    MILK $.50                                                             SIDE VEGETABLE/SALAD - $1.00                           ** MENU SUBJECT TO CHANGE

** FRESH TOSSED SALAD OR VEGETABLE OF THE DAY                                  4OZ. JUICE $.50                                                                                                              *** LOOKING FOR FOOD SERVICE SUBSTITUTES              2012
*** ICE COLD MILK                                                              * There is no charge for reduced breakfast meals thanks to a Vermont initiative to increase breakfast participation.                       more info at              RSW
     Make Memories While Making a Wish Come True
On January 14, 2012, CVU’s Business Ethics class will host the fifth annual Family Formal. The
Family Formal is a dance for students in grades K-5 (older and younger children are
welcome). These students will attend the dance with a significant adult in their lives or with
their family. The dance will be held in the CVU Cafeteria from 4:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Tickets will be sold for $15 per adult, $5 per child, and $40 for a family of 4 or more. The
class goal is to raise $3000. All proceeds will be donated to the Make-a-Wish Foundation of
Vermont to sponsor the wish of a child from Chittenden County.

   If you cannot attend the event, but would like to make a financial
   donation, checks can be made payable to CVU and sent to Tamie-Jo
   Dickinson at the address below.

   We would like to thank our current sponsors which include: Laborie Medical, Heritage 
   Automotive, Yankee Candle, Vermont National, 3 Tomatoes, Majestic 10, CVU school store, 
   CVU Access , Best Nails, Vermont Lake Monsters, Al's French Fries, Papa Nick's, Northern 
   Lights, Leonardo's, Good Times Café, and NPC Processing 

      This is a great opportunity to spend time with your family, support a great
                                  cause, and have fun!

                 Party Favors                       Dinner Included
                 On-site Photographer               Silent Auction

   Reserve your tickets by completing this form and mailing it with payment to the
   address listed below. Checks should be made payable to CVU. Please mail form and
   payment to:
      Tamie-Jo Dickinson, CVU High School, 369 CVU Road, Hinesburg, VT
   Name: __________________________________________________________
   Address: ________________________________________________________
   City, State, Zip: _________________________________________________
   Phone: ____________________________Email:________________________

   _____Adult ($15 each):_____ Child ($5 each):_____ Family (4 or more) ($40):_____
   Total Due: ________ Total # of Tickets: ______

   Mail the tickets or hold them at the door for the night of the event? Please circle your
   preference. Mail      Hold
      Chittenden South Supervisory Union supports Publicly Funded Prekindergarten
                          for children between the ages of 3 and 5 who reside in the towns of:
                               Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, St. George and Williston
                                     Applications for 2012-2013 school
                                                  Due March 12, 2012
What is publicly funded prekindergarten education?
Publicly funded prekindergarten is defined as:
                    Six to ten hours per week of developmentally appropriate early learning experiences that are based
                    on Vermont’s Early Learning Standards.
                    Children who reside in Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, St. George and Williston and are between
                    the ages of three and five are eligible. Prekindergarten education is limited to the academic year.
                    (September 2012-June 2013)
Where are these publicly funded programs?
Chittenden South Supervisory Union’s publicly funded prekindergarten programs are located in community private
early care and education programs that meet specific quality standards, and a classroom in each of the K-8 schools
within the supervisory union. The qualified community early care and education programs that Chittenden South
Supervisory Union expects to partner with are:
           Annette’s Playschool                                            Otter Creek Children’s Center
           Ascension Childcare, Inc.                                       Pine Forest Childcare
           Burlington Children’s Space                                     Robin’s Nest Children’s Center
           Bellwether School                                               Shelburne Nursery School
           Carolyn’s Red Balloon                                           Stepping Stones
           Charlotte Children’s Center                                     Terri’s Morning Garden
           Childcare Resource Home-based providers                         Trinity Children’s Center
               (Elsa Bosma, Trish Blood, Sara Driscoll, Donna               UVM Children’s Center
               Leicht, Sheila Quenneville, Ellen Drolette, Beth             Williston Child Care Center
               Sanders, April Ploof)
                                                                            Greater Burlington YMCA
           Children’s School
                                                                            Kinderstart
           Discovery Preschool
           EJRP Preschool
           Heartworks – Burlington, Shelburne,
           Hinesburg Nursery School
For information about prekindergarten located in your school building contact your local school.
Is this 6-10 hour/week program tuition free?
The prekindergarten program offered in the public school is tuition free. The prekindergarten program offered
through a community early care and education program may charge families the difference between their actual cost
of providing the 6-10 hour prekindergarten program and what Chittenden South Supervisory Union pays. Families
would continue to be charged fully for whatever care and education program the child attends beyond the 10
hours/week during the academic year. We recommend you contact the prekindergarten program directly for
information about tuition.
Is my child eligible for Chittenden South Supervisory Union publicly funded prekindergarten?
If your child is 3 years old by September 1, 2012 and resides in Charlotte, Hinesburg, Shelburne, St. George or
Williston, then your child is eligible to participate.
Please note: If interest in publicly-funded prekindergarten rises above our enrollment cap, then we will need to use
a random selection process (lottery) to determine which children receive publicly funded prekindergarten education.
We will inform you whether your child has a slot by April 15, 2012.
How do I apply? Submit an application form which can be obtained by calling Wendy Clark at 383-1235,
email or the Chittenden South Supervisory Union Website:
                 Thank You for
                  Helping WCS
         Red Ribbon Week
                                                     Red Ribbon Week unites schools and
Please join us in thanking the   communities with the common goal of
following businesses for placing supporting children to make healthy
a red ribbon in their door:      choices.
Amarah's Chocolate Company
Artists' Medium Inc.
Auto Sport Imported Car Center                       Please join us in thanking the
Bead Crazy                                           following local businesses for
Chef’s Corner Café and Bakery
Clark’s Sunoco                                       generously donating gift cards.
Greer’s Dry Cleaning                                 Students answered “Fit Facts”
Guy’s Farm and Yard
Hannaford Food and Drug Superstore                   and were entered into a daily
Korner Kwik Stop                                     raffle for amazing prizes from:
Lenny's Shoes
Majestic 10
Mexicali Grill and Cantina                           Bead Crazy
Monty's Old Brick Tavern
Once Upon a Child                                    Chef’s Corner Café and Bakery
Paper Peddlers                                       Guy’s Farm and Yard
Passport Video
Plato's Closet                                       Majestic 10
Ramunto's Brick Oven Pizza                           Monty's Old Brick Tavern
Rite Aid Pharmacy
The Salon Professional Academy                       Paper Peddlers
Shaw Supermarket and Pharmacy                        Passport Video
Sports and Fitness Edge
Starbucks Coffee                                     Ramunto's Brick Oven Pizza
Thomas Chittenden Health Center                      Shaw Supermarket + Pharmacy
Three Tomatoes Trattoria
    WCS Vermont Kids Against Tobacco
                   and                               Three Tomatoes Trattoria
   Connecting Youth in Chittenden South
     Contact 383-1230 or check out

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