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                                     Idaho Youth Ranch, Volume 51, Issue 2, Fall 2011

Focus on long term directs teen on road to success
The story of Michael shows why the         Over the course of three months,       The counselors showed Michael how
Idaho Youth Ranch chooses to focus         Michael began to respond well to the   to manage his anger, and improve
on long-term successful outcomes           professional and caring counselors     the critical thinking and social skills
and provide comprehensive services         at Anchor House. “The longer he was    he needed to overcome the lure
that change lives.                         here, the more he realized he needed   of drugs and alcohol. “The staff at
                                           help,” Christenson said.                                   continued on page 2
The teenage Michael found himself
being shuffled between the homes
of his divorced parents, who too
often put Michael in the middle of
their disputes. When his mother
turned to alcohol for comfort, Michael
started drinking himself and then to
taking his mother’s prescription pain
pills to find a place where he could
escape the realities and anxieties he
felt pressing in on him. Deep down
Michael wanted to cut down or stop
his use of these mood-altering drugs.
But he couldn’t stop without help and
denied he had a problem.

At their wits’ end, unsure of how
to deal with him and not coping
with their own stresses very well,
Michael’s parents turned to the
Ranch program near Rupert.

Michael had been at the Ranch for
only a short time when the staff
realized that he needed more drug
treatment than they could provide.
So the staff worked to move Michael
into IYR’s substance abuse program
at Anchor House in Coeur d’Alene.
There he could receive the focused
treatment and guidance he needed.

“Michael struggled to take
accountability for his actions and
behaviors,” said Mary Christenson,
program director at Anchor House.
“He didn’t think he had an issue
with substance abuse and could quit
anytime he wanted to.”

Clinician Laura Cook counsels a
resident of the Ranch near Rupert.

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                 The Maverick

Focus on long term directs                up to help other kids get through        services allow children such as
                                          the program. He learned how to           Michael to better apply what they’ve
teen on road to success
                                          communicate with his parents and in      learned and achieve success in life.
continued from page 1
                                          time was able to talk to them about
                                          the issues in all their lives.           “We are confident Michael and his
Anchor House helped me understand
                                                                                   family are learning the tools needed
that I used drugs to retreat from the
                                          After he successfully completed the      to live successful and productive
anxieties of my life,” Michael said.
                                          Anchor House program, Michael            lives free of drugs,” Stockberger
He worked hard in the substance           returned to the Ranch to complete        said. “Because of our comprehensive
abuse program and even stepped            his program there. “Michael has          approach, we are able to provide
                                          done a wonderful job, both at Anchor     services across our programs.”
                                          House, and here at the Ranch,” said
                                          Jim Stockberger, program director at     This approach is part of the Idaho
    Road to anchoR house                                                           Youth Ranch’s commitment to stick
    leads away fRom dRugs                 the Ranch.
                                                                                   with the children in our programs
    Anchor House provides 90              With the help of reintegration           to assure their long-term success.
    to 120 days of intensive,             clinicians, Michael eventually           For Michael, another major step in
    residential, drug and alcohol         began going home two weeks a             his success came in August. He
    abuse treatment and                   month. Reintegration clinicians help     graduated from the Ranch program
    education for boys 13 to 18           coordinate programs and wrap a           and returned home.
    years old. Services at Anchor         family in a blanket of caring. These
    House include:
    ■■ Individual counseling for

       substance abuse and
       underlying mental health.              youth’s success stoRy Raises         goose bumps
    ■■ Group counseling, anger
                                              The Idaho Youth Ranch (IYR)          the trainer and told him about
                                              sometimes learns in surprising       how appreciative he was to IYR
       management, critical
                                              and inspiring ways about how our     counselors at the Ranch and
       thinking, and social
                                              programs improve lives, change       Anchor House for making his life
       behavior classes. This helps
                                              lives and save lives.                and his parents’ lives better.
       the boys gain the skills
       needed to refuse drugs and             When one of IYR’s supporters         He also was excited to share
       alcohol.                               went to the gym for a workout,       with the trainer about how care
    ■■ Family education and                   her personal trainer couldn’t        continues even after a child
       counseling.                            wait to tell her about an amazing    leaves the IYR, including help
    ■■ An accredited school.                  young man he had met.                with college. The trainer told the
    ■■ Nutritious meals.
                                                                                   IYR supporter “I’ve got goose
                                              The young man had come to a          bumps just telling you about
    ■■ Recreation and structured
                                              workout with his father. The young   meeting him. What an amazing,
       leisure activities as part of          man resided at the Ranch near        life-altering transformation he’s
       substance abuse treatment.             Rupert and was on a visit home       experienced!”
    ■■ Supervision around the                 from the program. He willingly
       clock.                                 shared his personal story with       That young man was Michael.

                  SaM Neal, who began at              Idaho with a bachelor’s degree     important than helping troubled
                  Anchor House as a member            in psychology and master’s         children,” Neal said. “Working
                  of the floor staff in 2006, was     in counseling and human            within the framework of the
                  promoted to senior clinician in     services. He has lived in the      Idaho Youth Ranch’s mission
                  Family Services North earlier       North Idaho region most of         is the perfect setting for the
                  this year. Neal, who moved over     his life and has worked in the     Family Services team, and for
                  to Family Services in 2009,         mental health field since 1996.    me, personally, as well.
                  graduated from the University of    “I can think of nothing more

                                                                                      Volume 51, Issue 2

Ambitious course calls for increasing                                                             boaRd of
services for children falling through                                                             Pam Ahrens
cracks of public agency services                                                                  Allan Bosch
                                                                                                  Richard A. Cummings
Our organization recently set out in an         It may be the                                     Bill Daniels
ambitious direction. We are on a course         day a teenager                                    Jim Eckhardt
to continuously improve and increase our        admits he                                         John V. Evans III
services for at-risk children, especially for   needs help with                                   Teresa Hatter
those children who are falling through the      a drug problem.                                   Dave Lakhani
cracks of publicly funded social services.      It may be the                                     David R. Murray
                                                day a young                                       Cynthia Ozaki
It is evident to us that public services for    woman accepts
                                                                    Steve Woodworth,              Chris Reiten
at-risk children are on a path of steady        that being
                                                                                                  Rick Rietmann
decline, while the need is increasing.          sexually abused President and CEO
We believe our organization must step it                                                          Morgan Roach
                                                wasn’t her fault
up and help decrease the widening gap           and she quits hurting herself. It could be        James Roper
between those children who need help and        the day a youngster decides to be the first       Mark Skaggs
those who get help.                             one in his family to go to college.               Rich Stivers
                                                                                                  Todd Weltner
We don’t feel it is right to sit back and       It’s up to us to ensure that each child has       Stephen Westfall
watch more children slip into despair,          the opportunity to experience that special        Ron Ashley – Emeritus
hopelessness and eventual self-destruction      day in which he decides to change his             Steve Woodworth –
when something can be done about it. We         life. We do that by immersing the child             President & CEO
recognize it’s in the best interest of us all   in therapeutic and educational programs.
to ensure that all of our children get a hand   These programs focus on each child’s
up when they need it.                           strengths and on managing his or her              The Maverick is
                                                emotions. Our programs allow children to          published three times a
As we grappled with the changes we must         change their thoughts, which change their         year by the Idaho Youth
make in our organization to help more           beliefs about themselves and the world …          Ranch, Inc., 5465 W.
children, it became clear that we have to       thus changing their lives.                        Irving Street, Boise, ID
develop better ways of communicating                                                              83706. Subscriptions
and demonstrating what we do for these          Our mission states that the Idaho Youth           are free to supporters.
children. We also need to do a better job of    Ranch provides troubled children a bridge
forming connections between the children                                                          An independent audit
                                                to a valued, responsible and productive
                                                                                                  of the organization’s
we help and the donors who support them.        future. We can provide the path for these         finances is conducted
                                                kids but we need your help. You provide the       each year. A copy of
This will involve finding the right balance     volunteer hours and the financial means           the audit, IRS 990, or
of safeguarding the privacy of these            that keep their hope alive as they shed           a copy of the annual
children while providing information and        their fear, anger and despair, and move           report will be provided
opportunities to have our children interact     toward the day that will change their lives.      upon request. The
with our supporters. We need to make                                                              annual report is also
the experience more real. When these            We committed ourselves to doing what we           on our website at
connections are made they typically             can do to provide as many of these days 
become powerful, uplifting and mutually         as possible. We can only accomplish this
beneficial experiences for donors and                                                             Ralph Poore, Editor
                                                with your continued support and we will do
our kids.                                       our best to involve you in the experience of
                                                those life-changing days.
Our board of directors and staff spent a
lot of time discussing and deciding what            —Steve Woodworth, President and CEO
direction we should take. But we never lost
sight of the simple fact that every day a
child receives help in one of our programs
can be the day that a life is changed for
the better.
                                                                                                       FALL 2011            3
                The Maverick

New members add valued skills to                                                                Teresa Hatter, owner of
                                                                                                the Baja Fresh Mexican
Idaho Youth Ranch Board of Directors                                                            Grill restaurants in the
                                                                                                Boise area, also decided
The Idaho Youth Ranch Board of            in law enforcement and later working                  to become involved with
Directors this year welcomed three        at Northwest Passages Hospital,           the Idaho Youth Ranch after the event
new members. “Our new board               I saw the devastating effects that        at the Hays Shelter Home.
members bring valued skills and           abuse, neglect, drugs and alcohol
                                                                                    “I was so impressed by the stories
perspectives to our board,” said          had on great kids. I always wanted
                                                                                    I heard and the kids I met that night,”
Steve Woodworth, IYR president            to be a part of something that had a
                                                                                    Hatter said. “I wanted to be a part
and CEO.                                  real chance of making a difference in
                                                                                    of this amazing organization and the
                                          those kids’ lives.”
            Dave Lakhani is                                                         work that is being done to improve
            the Founder of Bold           Several months ago, Lakhani               the lives of these youth.”
            Approach, Inc., a             attended an event with the
                                                                                    Hatter has lived in the Boise area for
            business consulting firm      Entrepreneurs’ Organization at Hays
                                                                                    10 years, but was born and reared in
            and the co-founder of         Shelter Home. There he heard Del
                                                                                    the northern part of the state. Among
Advance or Die, Inc., a business and      Morgan, E-Commerce manager for
                                                                                    other things, she said “I enjoy many
personal growth strategy firm.            IYR, tell his story of growing up in an
                                                                                    outdoor activities, running and cycling
                                          abusive home and how the Ranch
He is a best-selling author of five                                                 being a few of them.” Hatter and her
                                          saved his life.
books and widely recognized as one                                                  husband have three children.
of the nation’s top experts on applied    “His story resonated with me in a
                                                                                              Morgan Roach is the
persuasion. Lakhani speaks to more        very meaningful way,” Lakhani said.
                                                                                              father of four boys ages
than 100,000 people a year in events      “At that moment I realized that IYR
                                                                                              12, 9, and two 6-year-
around the world. For fun, Lakhani        was the outlet I’d been looking for
                                                                                              olds. He is the founder
enjoys spending time exploring with       to help make a difference and I look
                                                                                              of NCompass, a software
his 7-year-old daughter Austria,          forward to doing all I can to support
                                                                                    company based in Eagle, Idaho.
crossfit, martial arts, scuba diving,     the vision and the mission of IYR and
and reading.                              to working to create a sustainable        “I became interested in the Idaho
                                          future of opportunity for Idaho kids      Youth Ranch when I heard about all of
“I’ve been a fan of IYR for many          for many years to come.”                  the great things it was doing for youth
years,” Lakhani said. “In a former life
                                                                                    in Idaho,” Roach said. “I admire the
                                                                                    mission, dedication and vision of IYR
                                                                                    and wanted to help contribute.”

                                                                                    One of Roach’s favorite quotes
                                                                                    comes from World War II British Prime
                                                                                    Minister Winston Churchill, who said,
                                                                                    “We make a living by what we do, but
                                                                                    we make a life by what we give.”

                                                                                    Roach said “I believe there is
                                                                                    tremendous power in giving and
                                                                                    decided to volunteer for the board.
                                                                                    I am pleased to be part of the
                                                                                    board and hope to see the IYR grow
                                                                                    and succeed in its mission and
                                                                                    investment in the youth of Idaho.”

                                                                                    Eighteen people from around the
                                                                                    state serve on the IYR Board of
                                                                                    Directors. The board meets quarterly.

                                                                                      Volume 51, Issue 2

Children at Hays
connect with story
of victim’s abuse
Matt Pipkin wants to reach out to
children who are suffering from
abuse. That’s why the 27-year-old
Boise resident came to talk with the
children at Hays Shelter Home in
Boise in June.

Pipkin knows about child abuse
because at age 5 he was sexually
abused by a family friend. For nearly
20 years, he kept the abuse a secret.
The secret quietly took over his young
life and made him feel powerless,
worthless and ashamed. To all who
met him, Pipkin seemed like a well-
adjusted, happy-go-lucky kid who
didn’t get in trouble and succeeded in
school. But the secret Pipkin carried    Matt Pipkin, top left, talks with kids at Hays Shelter Home.
became too much for him to handle
on his own. It wasn’t until Pipkin       Now I know something wrong was            physical, emotional or, for some,
began therapy and started talking        done to me. Understanding this            sexual, just like Pipkin.
with his counselor that he understood    has changed my life in so many
what the secret was doing to him.        positive ways.”                           “Meeting people like Matt is great
                                                                                   therapy for the kids,” said Steve
“It was like this weight was lifted,”    Pipkin’s story is all too familiar to     Fields, program director of Hays
Pipkin said “I always believed I was     many of the children at Hays. About       Shelter. “They were excited to hear
an accomplice to the molestation,        7 out of 10 kids at the shelter have      about this young man’s journey,
that I had done something wrong.         suffered some kind of abuse, either                            continued on page 6

RecoRd time in flight to help            What most interested the                                  months!” One resident
lift silence on abuse                    kids at Hays was how                                      quietly asked if Pipkin
Matt Pipkin wants other children,        Pipkin intends to draw                                    was going to focus
such as those at Hays Shelter Home,      national attention to the                                 his message only on
to know that they don’t have to suffer   issue. He plans to break                                  sexual abuse.
in silence and shame. “For many          a world record for the
years, I thought I was at fault, but     longest time in flight. He                               Pipkin said he is
really, I wasn’t,” he told them.         and his dad Chet Pipkin,                                 focusing his message
                                         a longtime military and commercial        on sexual abuse because that is
Pipkin has begun a national campaign     pilot, will fly for more than two         his story and he knows how to tell
to help victims of childhood sexual      months without touching down.             it. But he encouraged the children
abuse to “speak your silence                                                       at Hays to share their own personal
to a loved one.” He has formed           The children at Hays got swept up         stories so they can begin the
Commit65, Inc., a nonprofit              in the flight plans and asked Pipkin      healing process.
designed to help victims break the       questions about his trip, like how he
silence surrounding sexual abuse         and his dad will stay clean. Pipkin       Pipkin’s website (
and raise awareness about its            said “We’ll take sponge baths,            has more information about him and
devastating effects.                     but I won’t get to shower for two         his project.

                                                                                                         FALL 2011       5
                 The Maverick

Children at Hays                      Agencies award $146,000
connect with story of                 to Hays Shelter Home
victim’s abuse
continued from page 5                 Two agencies have awarded a               ■■ Provide education classes,
                                      total of $146,000 to Hays Shelter            tutoring, and General Educational
but they also connected with
                                      Home, the only emergency shelter             Development (GED) tests.
him because of the abuse
                                      for unaccompanied children in             ■■ Transport children to their own
they’ve endured.”
                                      southwest Idaho.                             schools and to many other
The informal talk was part of                                                      activities that allow them to keep
                                      The United Way of Treasure Valley
the Hays Shelter Home RECS                                                         as normal a life as possible.
                                      awarded Hays $87,000 to provide
program. RECS stands for                                                        ■■ Participate in community service
                                      services to children while in our care.
Recreation, Education and                                                          learning projects.
Community Service. The program        Hays provides boys and girls ages 9       ■■ Teach social skills.
helps maintain the physical,          to 18 who are runaways, homeless or
mental and emotional well-being                                                 The Idaho Council on Domestic
                                      in crisis with a safe place to stay and   Violence and Victim Assistance
of the children at the shelter.       counseling. Among other things, Hays      awarded Hays Shelter Home $59,000
                                      Shelter Home will use the funds to:       to partially fund the salaries of one
Through activities such as sports,
social outings and presentations,     ■■   Supervise the children 24-hours      clinician and three youth specialist
the children learn to deal with            a day.                               positions to provide services for
depression, stress and anxiety.                                                 at-risk children.
The kids get exercise, improve
their reasoning abilities, build
confidence and learn to socialize.    Big wishes and little needs
“Like Matt, the children at
                                      anchoR house                              hays shelteR home
the shelter understand the
importance of giving back to          ❏ Two treadmills                          ❏ Interior painting in client bedrooms
the community,” Fields said.          ❏ Two ergometers or indoor                ❏ Funding for admission to
Each week, Hays children                rowing machines                           activities such as movies,
and staff spend at least one          ❏ Rubber interlocking floor covering        museums, sporting events, and
hour volunteering their time.           for weight room                           other activities
“Whether it’s delivering meals,                                                 ❏ Frisbee golf discs and two to
raking up leaves or working at                                                    six goals
a local event, this activity helps                                              ❏ Funding for group curriculum
children feel more connected,”                                                    materials
Fields said.                                                                    ❏ Commercial vacuum
Hays Shelter Home provides                                                      Ranch
24-hour emergency care,                                                         ❏ Wii and Wii Fit for use in recreation
counseling, and education for                                                     skills class
boys and girls between the ages                                                 ❏ Rubber interlocking floor covering
of 9 and 17 who are runaways,                                                     for weight room
homeless or victims of abuse or
                                                                                ❏ Four mirrors of almost floor-to-
neglect. A program of the Idaho
                                                                                  ceiling length
Youth Ranch, it is the only shelter
for unaccompanied youth in                                                      ❏ Indoor cycle
southwest Idaho.                                                                ❏ Ergometers or indoor rowing
                                                                                ❏ BMX-type bicycles and helmets

                                                                                For more ways you can help with
                                                                                big wishes and little needs, visit
                                                                                the Idaho Youth Ranch online at
                                                                                       Volume 51, Issue 2

Idaho Youth Ranch
and founders James
and Ruby Crowe
enter Idaho’s Hall
of Fame
Around 200 people gathered May
5 for the formal ceremony marking
the entry into Idaho’s Hall of Fame
of the Idaho Youth Ranch and its
founders, the Rev. James R. and
Ruby Carey Crowe.

Present for the ceremony in the
Stueckle Sky Center on the campus
of Boise State University were the
Crowe’s sons, John and George              John Crowe, standing left, and George Crowe, seated, helped mark the entry
Crowe, and their wives and children.       of their parents the Rev. James and Ruby Crowe into Idaho’s Hall of Fame
The Rev. Crowe, born in 1909, died         (IHF). Pictured with them, from left, are IHF Director Mary Hartung, former Gov.
in 2000. Ruby Crowe, born in 1912,         Cecil Andrus, IHF directors William Vaughn, Donna Jones, Andrea Cox, and IHF
died in 2002.                              President Dallas Cox.

Hall of Fame President Dallas Cox          course. They had a vision of a ranch      The Idaho Hall of Fame is a nonprofit
presented plaques to the Crowe             where troubled kids would work hard,      organization with the goal of
family and to Allan Bosch, chairman        go to school, and change destructive      recognizing men and women of Idaho
of the IYR Board of Directors. Former      behaviors into useful habits.             who have made an impact on their
Gov. Cecil D. Andrus served as the                                                   communities, their state, their nation
master of ceremonies for the event.        Years of dreaming, planning and hard      and, in many cases, the world. Since
                                           work became a reality in 1957 when        1995, more than 100 individuals,
The Idaho Ranch began as a dream           the Ranch took in its first youth.        businesses and organizations have
of the Crowes. They wanted to              Since those early beginnings, more        been inducted.
help troubled children before their        than 22,000 boys and girls have had
problems became serious, before            their lives changed by Idaho Youth
a young life was set on the wrong          Ranch programs.

    new videos tell the stoRy of finding the hope, vision, couRage and will to succeed
    Two new videos about the Idaho          helped them find the hope, vision,      Both videos make it clear that
    Youth Ranch made their debut            courage and will to succeed.            some things have not changed
    before the audience at Idaho’s Hall                                             over more than 50 years. The
    of Fame ceremony.                       In the short video, Introduction to     Ranch still seeks to help troubled
                                            the Idaho Youth Ranch, viewers          children before their problems
    In the feature video, Improving         learn about the origins of the          set them on the wrong course for
    Lives, Changing Lives, Saving           Ranch as a dream of the Rev.            life. The Ranch still seeks to turn
    Lives, children in our programs tell    James Crowe and his wife Ruby           troubles into triumphs.
    their own stories of neglect, abuse     Carey Crowe. Viewers also learn
    and loss of hope. They also talk        that since its founding, the Idaho      The videos will be posted on the
    about how the caring professionals      Youth Ranch has grown and               IYR website,,
    of the Idaho Youth Ranch, who           changed as children’s needs have        and on YouTube.
    also are a part of the video,           changed with the times.

                                                                                                           FALL 2011          7
                 The Maverick

Volunteers beautify
downtown Paul
Children from the Idaho Youth Ranch
near Rupert joined with adults in the
southeast Idaho community of Paul to
paint and clean up Paul’s downtown.

The Paul City Council invited the
Ranch youth to participate in the Paul
beautification project.

“We spent five hours with the
City Council painting a building in
downtown Paul,” said Todd Forsman,
boys’ lodge parent at the Ranch.
“Members of the boy’s lodge worked        Hays kids welcome refugee families
hard and seemed to enjoy the
process of transforming something         Children at Hays Shelter Home              The Hays kids also have met other
into a greater potential than             supported Boise’s refugee community        refugee families while working in their
currently stood.”                         by helping set up booths for the           neighborhood community garden. The
                                          downtown outdoor celebration of            garden is a partnership of Hays, St.
On a hot day in June the boys painted     World Refugee Day on June 18.              Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Chateau
the entire building exterior, including                                              de Boise retirement residence and
trim and doors. Their hard work           The event, in connection with the          the International Rescue Committee,
inspired the owners to renovate the       Capital City Public Market, featured       a refugee service agency. Eagle
interior of the building to match the     music, dance, poetry, ethnic foods         Scouts, the Capital High School
exterior. The boys won first place for    and crafts. The highlight of the           lacrosse team and parents helped
the best work completed among the         event was the naturalization of 31         with labor and materials to start
beautification projects.                  newcomers as American citizens.            the garden.

The building’s owners provided            The Hays kids have become                  Sarah said, “It was really nice to have
refreshments during the project.          increasingly familiar with the             the World Refugee Day celebration,
After the project, they treated the       challenges that refugees face.             because they have a lot to be
volunteers to milkshakes.                 “I know lots of refugee children at        proud of. They can be proud of their
                                          school, and they seem really nice.         cultures and their accomplishments
                                          Sometimes I can tell, though, that         in making it here as refugees.
                                          they are having a hard time fitting in,”   The celebration was a neat way
                                          said Hays resident Sarah. “We see          for everyone to come together in
                                          the refugee kids who come to stay at       support, and for the refugees to feel
                                          Hays, and we hear about how hard           welcomed. It was also good to see
                                          of a time their families are having. It    how they have brought diversity to
                                          makes me want to help and let them         our town.”
                                          know that everything will be OK.”

Kids from the Ranch near Rupert
paint a building in downtown Paul.
                                                                                 Volume 51, Issue 2

Foundations’ reports highlight work of Idaho Youth Ranch
Two Idaho community foundations          Boise. The foundation began issuing    as a calendar that its supporters
are helping raise awareness about        grants in 1991 and the Ranch           can display all year. The Anchor
the important work of the Idaho Youth    received its first grants from ICF     House story appears on the month
Ranch. Both the Idaho Community          funds in 1993. The Idaho Youth         of December.
Foundation (ICF) and Inland              Ranch has received more than
Northwest Community Foundation           $117,000 since then.                   INWCF helps individuals, families,
(INWCF) included feature stories on                                             businesses and nonprofit
the Ranch in their annual reports.       In its annual report, ICF included     organizations create funds to support
                                         separate feature stories on Kim        charitable causes. Headquartered in
Grants from community, family and        Mora, who was at the Ranch in the      Spokane, INWCF serves 10 counties
business foundations play a critical     early 2000s, Del Morgan from the       in Eastern Washington and 10
role in helping troubled children in     early 1980s, Tosch Keshian from        counties in North Idaho.
Idaho find the hope and promise of a     the mid-1970s, and Ron Ashley from
brighter future. These organizations,    the early years of the Ranch in the    Anchor House received a $20,000
through their grants, partner with the   late 1950s.                            grant in 2010 from INWCF funds to
Idaho Youth Ranch to rescue children                                            support the Outreach and Functional
who face dangerous situations in         In its annual report, the INWCF        Family Therapy project. The project
our community.                           ( included a photo       is a three-step plan to reduce teen
                                         and feature story on Anchor House,     drug use and treat recurring mental
The Idaho Youth Ranch has had            a program of the Idaho Youth           health issues.
a long relationship with ICF (www.       Ranch in Coeur d’Alene. INWCF’s, headquartered in          unique annual report is designed

                                                                                Event supports service
                                                                                men and women
                                                                                Over the July 4th weekend the kids
                                                                                from Hays Shelter Home created
                                                                                balloon animals and painted faces for
                                                                                children in support of U.S. military
                                                                                men and women serving the country,
                                                                                away and at home.

                                                                                The Old Navy clothing story in
                                                                                Boise hosted the event in support
                                                                                of Operation Care and Comfort
                                                                                (, a volunteer
                                                                                organization that provides care
                                                                                packages to servicemen and women.
                                                                                OCC also supports military families.
                                                                                Customers at the store could donate
                                                                                everyday items needed by military
                                                                                members, or make a cash donation,
                                                                                and receive a discount
                                                                                off purchases.
    Twenty volunteers in two crews spiffed up Anchor House buildings
    and grounds during the United Way of Kootenai County’s annual Day
    of Caring in Coeur d’Alene on Sept. 15. A crew from UPS cleared
    flower beds of weeds and debris, and planted new bushes and
    perennials while a crew from the U.S. Bank call center painted the
    auxiliary LaCrosse House building.

                                                                    FALL 2011     9
                The Maverick

Thank you for                  Cumulative cash donations     John and Joanne Flinn         David and Liane Reynolds
                               received July 1, 2010         Russel and Alice Fogel        John and Joy Richards
making it possible             through June 30, 2011         Mark Freeman                  Genevieve Robertson
to turn children’s                                           Michael and Jana Frei         John J. Robison
troubles into                  $500 - $999                   David and Celia Gadda         James H. Roper
triumphs.                      Douglas and Linda Adams       Jean A. Gardner               John Rudolf
                               Avadhesh and Uma Agarwal      Great Western Barbecue        Mat and Peggy Jo Runcorn
Thank you for your             All West Aviation Services,     Supply, LLC/Sherman         Paul D. Saras
investment in Idaho Youth       Inc.                           Leibow                      Nathan and Michelle
Ranch programs that have       Carol S. Allen                Leonie B. Griswold              Schroeder
the power to improve lives,    Jack and Betty Allred         Ralph and Elsie Groom         August L. Schultz
change lives and save          Ashley 35th                   Ralph and Regina Harding      James Shirey
lives. The list that follows   Norman and Ellen Batt         Robert and Anne Hay           Patricia J. Shook
recognizes individuals         Mike and Joslyn Bernhardt     Sandra B. Helm                Sigma MFG & Logistics, LLC
and organizations who          W. Kurt and Linda             Barbara B. Hogan              J. R. Simplot Company
have made total cash and        Birkenhagen                  Cliff and Kathryn Hopper        Foundation Inc.
noncash donations of goods     Boise Paper Holdings, LLC     John and Dona Howell          Susan A. Smith
and services of $500 or        Betsy W. Brooks               Warren C. Keene               Robert Sojka and Linda
more in the year before        Richard and Jill Bryant       Joseph and Toni Kinney          Helgeland Sojka
June 30, 2011.                 Sylvia C. Buerkle             Alva B. Kline, USAF Ret.      Craig and Jane Spencer
Space does not allow           D. Dale and Penny Cady        Sharon L. Koelling            Orville and Frances Swenson
us to list the thousands       Capitol Law Group, PLLC       Ralph and Jo An Kreizenbeck   Richard L. Taylor
of you who gave smaller        James David Carpenter         Brenda Lammers                James M. Thompson
amounts to support the          Memorial Fund in the Idaho   Joann Leone                   Vertical Corporation
mission of the Idaho            Community Foundation         Patricia G. Libby             Eric and Tonya Waide
Youth Ranch. Thank you         Kathleen Carter               Patrick J. Malloy             William and Gretchen Walsh
for partnering with us to      Thomas and Catharine          Gary and Marilyn Manda        Philip and Danielle Wehr
shelter children who have       Chopp                        Lynn and Carol Marsh          Westmark Credit Union
nowhere else to turn and       Rod and Kathleen Cleland      Margaret Marshall             Keith Whitaker
to provide counseling          Stephen and Brenda            Harold and Judy McConnell     Gary L. and Trish Chadez
for their emotional and         Colgrove                     Margaret McGee                  Whitney
behavioral challenges.         Carol Cullen                  James and Jody McNamara       WIL-AIR, INC.
We also want to extend         Johnny and Hazel Davenport    Don and Shelley               Jack and Mary Pat Winderl
our sincere appreciation       Patricia DeBoer                 Montgomery                  Erin Wingfield
to the many donors who         Curtis and Sherrie Derr       N W Cruiser’s
                                                                                           $1,000 - $4,999
requested anonymity.           Desert Winds Development,       P T Cruiser Club
                                Inc.                         Ken and Beth Nash             Dennis Bankhead
Great care was taken           James and Jodi Dugger         John and Paula Neils          Boise Centennial
to make this report as         Frederick and Marimae         Kathlyn O’Neall                Rotary Club
accurate as possible.           Dunhour                      Carl and Marlene Pebler       John W. Bryant
We apologize if anyone         Craig and Leslie Durham       Robert and Evelyn Pedersen    Burroughs Hutchinson
was mistakenly left off        Greg and Estrella Eames       Peterson Motor Co., Inc.      Cancer and Community
or incorrectly listed.         William and Deborah           Ronald Plantz                  Charities (3Cs)
Please contact us at            Eisinger                     Anthony and Daria Pori        Champion Equipment
208-377-2613, if you           Wayne and Janie Ernst         Jeff and Janis Reid            Leasing, LLC
have a correction.             Warren and Deborah Fisher     Irene U. Reinhold             William and Peggy Chapman
                                                                                           Carla D. Claar

                                                                                      Volume 51, Issue 2

                                                              Larry and Deann Mendenhall    Cloverdale Storage
                                                              W. T. and Sheila Richards     Coca-Cola Bottling Company
                                                              David Zuares                  Commercial Home
                                                                                            Costco Wholesale
                                                              James and Nellie Eckhardt     Denver Mattress Co.
A young woman at the Idaho Youth Ranch program                Herbert and Alberta Evans     Donahoe Pace & Partners
near Rupert shows off a tote bag she has selected.              Family Foundation           Ennis Furniture
The handmade tote bags were gifts from quilters at the        Fraternal Order of Eagles     Evergreen Home Loans
Shepherd of the Valley Lutheran Church in Boise to the        Idaho Council on Domestic     Fairfield Inn & Suites
children at the Ranch. In previous visits to the Ranch, the     Violence and Victim         Finer Frames
church members also have presented gifts of quilts.             Assistance                  Franklin Corporation –
                                                              Knife River                     Venture Import Program
                                                              Zimri and Maizie Mills        Freedom Storage Center
Coeur Products Ltd. Inc.       Harry W. Morrison              Greg and Nor Rae Spohn
Richard and Roxanne             Foundation, Inc.                                            Hallmark
                                                              U.S. Health & Human           Hampton Inn & Suites,
  Cummings                     Dennis and Aubrey Pace           Services Runaway and
Curlew Creek Packaging         PacificSource Health Plans                                     Boise
                                                                Homeless Youth              Hampton Inn & Suites,
Gary and Helen DeMoss          Betty Rae Pastoor              United Way of Treasure
William and Mary Dittrich      C. Arlen and Susan Planting                                    Nampa
                                                                Valley                      Herald Square Design LLC
Gerald and Kathy Doyle         Paul and Lynn Ramm             Wal-Mart Foundation
Carol Browning Dumke           Richard and Jean Reiten                                      Hilton Garden Inn, Boise
D.L. Evans Bank – Burley       Kirk and Paula Reuer                                         Intermountain Gas Company
Dave and Judy Fairbanks        Steve and Julie Rice
                                                              Businesses partner            J. C. Penney Co.
John and Delores Fery          Rick and Marilyn Rietmann      in rescuing children          Jordan’s Hallmark
Richard and Shirley Fields     RK Promotions                  Idaho businesses play         King of Glory Church
Betty J. Frazier               John and Arlene Rueb           a critical role in helping    Men’s Warehouse
Global Technical Staffing      Ed and Stacy Salvi             troubled children find the    Meridian Library
  Partners                     Usto Schulz                    hope and promise of a         Millennium Science &
Grassroots MX LLC              Eric C. Sept                   brighter future. We are         Engineering
Einar and Madora Irion Hoff    Arnold L. Silva                                              Mor Furniture
                                                              truly grateful for their
Henrietta Hogan                Six S Ranch, LLC                                             Nearly Nu Shoppe
                                                              compassionate support.
Idaho Community Foundation     Mark and Cindy Lou Skaggs                                    Old Navy
                                                              The list that follows
William J. Ivanich             St. Luke’s Regional                                          Oxford Suites Hotel
                                                              recognizes businesses
Jerry and Pamela Jackson        Medical Center                                              Paragon Corporate Housing
                                                              that have made cash
Bill Jones                     Glenn and Margaret Suchy                                     Renewed Expressions
                                                              and noncash donations
Dr. and Mrs. Chris Kantarian   Upson Company                                                River Ridge Engineering Co.
                                                              of goods and services in
Kenworth Sales Company         VanderVegt Dairy                                             Shilo Inn Boise Airport
                                                              the year before June 30,
David and Shannon              George A. Wade                                               Sierra Trading Post
                                                              2011 through the Idaho
  Killebrew                    Daniel Ross Wallis Memorial                                  Springhill Suites Marriott,
                                                              Youth Ranch Business
Knitting Factory/Trans-         Fund in the Idaho                                             Boise
                                                              Contributions Program.
  Siberian Orchestra            Community Foundation                                        St. Luke’s Regional Medical
                                                              A Treehouse                     Center
Jeffrey and Julia Kulm         Stuart B. Weiser
                                                              Aaron’s Furniture             Stor-N-Lock Self Storage
Lex and Celia Kunau            Steve and Joyce Westfall
                                                              Again Consignment Clothing    Syngenta Seeds Inc.
William and Donna Kyle         Weyerhaeuser Company
                                                               Boutique                     T Mobile
LarsonAllen LLP                 Foundation
                                                              Albertsons Inc.               The Sign Center
Gary and Cathy Lyons           Keith Whitaker and
                                                              AmeriTel Inn                  TJ Maxx
Macy’s Northwest, Inc.          Candace Charity
                                                              Best Bath Systems             Treasure Valley Reading
William J. and Shirley A.      Steve and Cherie Woodworth
                                                              Boise Hunter Homes LLC          Foundation
  Maeck Family Foundation
                               $5,000 - $9,999                Boise Racquet & Swim Club     U-Haul
Steven J. Malek and Leanne
                               Ambrosiani Pastore             Boise Therapeutic             Urban Exchange
  M. Rousseau
                                Foundation Inc.                Associates                   U.S. Suites
George and Karen McCown
                               Camille Beckman Foundation     Budget Office Furniture       West Valley Medical Center
Thomas K. McGuire
                               Bill and Bernie Daniels        Central Corporate Rentals       Auxiliary
Michael and Barbara Morey
                               L & M Foundation               Central Rent To Own           Wolff Services

                                                                                                      FALL 2011      11
                 The Maverick

                                                                                     “One of the boys told me he wasn’t
                                                                                     interested in learning to play golf
                                                                                     because it was a boring game
                                                                                     that old folks played,” said Gina
                                                                                     Pebles, recreation specialist at the
                                                                                     Ranch. “I challenged him to give
                                                                                     his best effort and remain patient
                                                                                     as golf does not provide immediate
                                                                                     gratification like scoring a hoop in a
                                                                                     basketball game.”

                                                                                     She said by the end of the day
                                                                                     the boy found that golf tested his
                                                                                     perseverance, impulse control and
                                                                                     his ability to accept disappointment
                                                                                     in healthy ways.
Kids learn to apply                         year, David Crozier served as head
                                            pro and coordinator of the IYR Golf
                                                                                     “I learned tolerance for frustration
golf skills on the                          Teaching Program.
                                                                                     and respect for not giving up when
course of life                              “If we can teach these kids how to       the situation gets tough,” he told her.
                                            be professionals in everything they
Sixteen children from the Idaho                                                      The Golf Teaching Program ends with
                                            do, they’re going to do better in
Youth Ranch (IYR) program in Rupert                                                  a tournament and prizes given out to
                                            life,” said Jim Stockberger, program
learned in June that the skills needed                                               the kids. As it worked out, the boy
                                            director of the Ranch. “Golf is a
to play golf can be applied on the                                                   became the chipping champion of the
                                            great outlet to teach these kids fun
course of life as well.                                                              boys’ lodge at the Ranch.
                                            and responsibility.”
The children also had two weeks of                                                   You can watch a TV news report
                                            Not all of the kids saw it that way,
fun as 20 professional golfers from                                                  about the Golf Teaching Program
                                            at first. Golf doesn’t have the fast-
around the state volunteered to teach                                                at
                                            paced action so many teens are used
them the game at the Ponderosa                                                       Golf-Tournament-for-Idaho-Youth-
                                            to in the sports that are popular
Golf Course in Burley. For the second                                                Ranch-124120924.html.
                                            with them.

     pRos help with life’s line of play
     The Idaho Youth Ranch’s Golf Teaching Program depends on the professional golfers from around the state who
     volunteer to organize the program and to teach the kids. This year’s program included:
     volunteers            Mike Dayley              Ron Hosking             Al Roltweder           trophies and
     Greg Allbright        Blackfoot Golf           Pocatello               Jerome                 awards
     Pocatello             Course                   Bud Jensen              Troy Vitek             Floyd Newbold
                           Blackfoot                Rupert                  Gooding Golf Course    Chubbuck
     Bill Beck
     American Falls Golf   Gaylen Denning           Ryan McQuary            Gooding
                                                                                                   course and
     Course                Sage Lakes Golf          Sage Lakes Golf         John Weekes            driving Range
     American Falls        Course                   Course                  Buhl                   Ponderosa Golf
     Tyson Bowen           Idaho Falls              Idaho Falls             Mike Williams          Course
     Sage Lakes Golf       John Graham              Steve Meyerhoeffer      Burley Golf Course     Earl and Dan
     Course                Sand Creek Golf          Twin Falls              Burley                 Simpson
     Idaho Falls           Course                                                                  Burley
                           Idaho Falls              Tim Reinke
     David Crozier                                  Pinecrest Golf
     Pocatello             Bobby Howell             Course
                           Chubbuck                 Idaho Falls

                                                                         Volume 51, Issue 2

Golfers generate $18,000 at
30th Annual Idaho Youth Ranch
Golf Tournament
Proceeds help abused                     Winning teams and
                                         individuals in this year’s
and neglected children                   tournament included:
participate in life-changing
recreational programs                    1st low gross
                                         Winner: Lynch Oil Team
Golfers and sponsors at the 30th         Nick Lynch
Annual Idaho Youth Ranch Golf            Brian Wageman
Tournament generated about               Chad Wilkinson
$18,000 to help abused and               John Mills
neglected children participate in
life-changing recreational programs.     1st low net
About 77 golfers teed up at the          Winner: ATC
Burley Municipal Golf Course on May      Billy Allphil
20 for the event sponsored by D. L.      Kyle Bradshaw
Evans Bank.                              Eric Bywater
                                         Robert Hitt
The tournament raises funds each
year to provide quality recreational     2nd low gross
activities for children in Idaho Youth   Winner: Old Duffers
Ranch programs. Many of the kids in      Nestor Hapayan
the programs had never before picked     Janice Larsen
up a golf club, camped or ridden         Thomas Larsen
a horse.                                 Skip Andrew

Golf and other outdoor activities        2nd low net
such as the 4-H and horsemanship         Winner: D. L. Evans Team
programs offered at the Ranch            J. V. Evans
reinforce core values that include       Claire Cutler
perseverance, honesty, integrity and     Jim Evans
responsibility. Activities like hiking   John Evans
and canoeing also contribute to
personal and social development.         longest drive men
                                         Winner: Brent Shepherd

                                         longest drive women
                                         Winner: Kathleen Hawkins

                                         closest to the pin
                                         Winner: Jerry Outlaw

                                         mystery ball Raffle
                                         Winner: Burley Rotary Team
                                         Golf for 4 at the Valley Club
                                         Paul Lyons
                                         Randy Hawkins
                                         Kathleen Hawkins
                                         Dee Nelson

                                                                                         FALL 2011   13
                  The Maverick

Supporters select Thrift Stores as ‘Best of Treasure Valley’
Idaho Youth Ranch Thrift Stores have           The Statesman noted that “The                           quality, new and used goods at a
been named the “Best of Treasure               stores never give up on any item.                       low price.
Valley” among the region’s many                Anything that does not sell in one of
thrift stores by the readers of the            the Thrift Stores is shipped to the                     The Ranch’s Thrift Stores also help
Idaho Statesman.                               bargain centers, where things like                      communities by providing jobs for
                                               shelf items and toys are sold on a                      about 200 people. “Our employees
Readers submitted their choices in up          sliding scale beginning at 50 cents                     are our number-one resource,” Jones
to 72 categories the newspaper set             a pound.”                                               said. “It is because of them local
forth on a ballot that ran in its Thrive                                                               residents named our Thrift Stores the
magazine, the Idaho Statesman, and             Neal Jones, vice president of                           ‘Best of Treasure Valley.’”
online at The              Business Enterprise at IYR, said “We
top vote-getters in each category              seek to get the best return possible                    From the first Thrift Store that opened
earned the “Best of Treasure                   out of every donated item in order to                   in Boise in 1983, the business has
Valley” title.                                 help troubled children in Idaho.”                       grown into a chain of 26 Thrift Stores
                                                                                                       located throughout Idaho and one
In announcing its readers’ selection           Besides generating revenue to fund                      in Oregon. Your patronage of these
among thrift stores, the newspaper             Idaho Youth Ranch programs, the                         stores provides substantial revenue
said the “Idaho Youth Ranch has                Thrift Stores serve an important need                   to support programs for youth who
continued to thrive as cost-conscious          in their communities. The stores                        are abused, neglected, homeless or
consumers look to stretch every                provide citizens a place to find good                   in a crisis.
dollar during hard economic times.”

IDAHo YouTH RANCH THRIFT SToRES NEAR You                                                                           schedule a
Please help the children by shopping at thrift stores and by donating your gently used items.
                                                                                                                   donation picK-up
Bring donations to the store nearest you or call to make arrangements for free pick-up!                            You can arrange for
                                                                                                                   donations to be picked up
BLACKFooT                           GooDING                              TWIN FALLS
62 W. BRIDGE, 785-5083              310 MAIN, 934-4504                   162 MAIN AVE. S., 734-3075                in the Boise area (Boise,
BoISE                               IDAHo FALLS                          BoISE DISTRIBuTIoN                        Garden City, Meridian and
1501 S. FIVE MILE, 375-1242         478 SHOUP AVE., 542-5412             5465 W IRVING, 345-6724                   Eagle) by calling (208)
250 N. ORCHARD, 378-8081                                                 Donation Hours Mon-Sat 8am-4:30pm         345-6724. It can take
1417 W. MAIN, 343-2506                                                   “As-Is Yard” Shopping Hours
                                    233 E. MAIN, 324-5351                Mon-Sat 10am-4pm                          up to three weeks for us
7054 W. STATE ST., 853-1408
10353 FAIRVIEW AVE., 322-3610       MeRIDIaN                                                                       to pick up your items, so
                                    231 N. MAIN ST., 895-8433            TWIN FALLS DISTRIBuTIoN
3621 OVERLAND RD., 331-7739                                              3778 N. 3386 E. KIMBERLY,                 please plan accordingly.
Bookstore                           MouNTAIN HoME                        732-0292
Located in the back of the          385 N. SECOND EAST ST., 587-2360     “As-Is Yard” Shopping Hours
Orchard Thrift Store                                                     Mon-Sat 8am-5pm                           To maximize our
250 N. Orchard, 378-8081            1031 CALDWELL BLVD., 466-2776                                                  efficiencies and save
                                                                         ALL THRIFT SToRE HouRS
Boise outlet/Bargain Center:        NaMPa BaRGaIN CeNTeR                 (except Coeur d’Alene and                 fuel, we encourage you to
5465 W. IRVING ST., 345-6724        2619 SUNDANCE RD., 467-9784          Outlet Store/Bargain Centers)             deliver smaller donations
BuHL                                oNTARIo                              Mon-Sat      9am-6pm                      to the store closest to you,
1118 MAIN, 543-4259                 2588 S.W. 4TH AVE., (541) 889-7716   Sunday       Noon-5pm
                                                                                                                   or to our distribution center
BuRLEY                              PaYeTTe                              CoEuR D’ALENE                             located at 5465 W. Irving
1324 ALBION, 678-9294               33 N. MAIN, 642-3880                 Mon-Sat   9am-5:30pm
                                                                         Sunday    Noon-5pm                        Street in Boise near Saint
CalDWell                            PoCATELLo
2804 E. CLEVELAND BLVD., 459-4548   141 N. MAIN ST., 478-8141            ouTLET SToRE/                             Alphonsus and the I-184
CoEuR D’ALENE                       PoST FALLS                           BaRGaIN CeNTeRS                           Curtis Road Exit.
845 N. 4TH ST., 664-1736            317 E. SELTICE WAY, SUITE B,         Boise Mon-Sat 10am-4pm
eMMeTT                              773-1038                             Nampa Mon-Sat 10am-5pm                    We appreciate your
129 E. MAIN, 365-6493               RuPERT                                                                         support. The profits from
GaRDeN CITY                         506 E. STREET, 436-9365                                                        your donations go to help
3840 CHINDEN BLVD., 433-1661
                                                                                                                   at-risk youth and families
                                                                                                                   throughout Idaho.
YouTH RANCH! PICK-uP SERVICE: BoISE 345-6724 • TWIN FALLS 732-0292

                                                                                Volume 51, Issue 2

Twin Falls store stars
in Powerball commercial                                                          Junior high
One of our Thrift Stores is the                                                  soccer tourney
backdrop for a new Idaho Powerball
TV commercial.
                                                                                 raises $400
                                                                                 Students at Fairmont Junior
But viewers may not recognize the                                                High School in Boise turned
downtown Twin Falls store in the                                                 having fun into a fundraising
commercial. That’s because the video                                             benefit to help turn children’s
production company dressed up the                                                troubles into triumphs.
store at 162 Main Avenue South to
match the image of an outdoor cafe it                                            Students at the school
created for the commercial.                                                      conducted a benefit soccer
                                         A video production crew works           tournament last May that
The commercial titled “With a Little                                             raised $400 to benefit
                                         outside our Twin Falls Thrift Store.
Bit of Luck” began airing statewide                                              children in Idaho Youth
on July 5. It was broadcast regularly                                            Ranch (IYR) programs. The
for about six weeks and since then       Sherie Moody-St. Clair, creative
                                         services director for the Idaho         students were members
has been used in rotation for jackpot                                            of the Advancement Via
alerts. The commercial will be used      Lottery, told the Times-News that
                                         the state agency likes to showcase      Individual Determination or
for about a year.                                                                AVID Program.
                                         different parts of the state and
The Idaho Lottery picked the location    location scouts felt Twin Falls
                                                                                 The students adopted IYR
because it looked like a typical small   struck the right chord. “It was just
                                                                                 as one of their causes and
American town with narrow, tree-         fabulous,” she said of the area
                                                                                 decided on a fundraising
lined streets and small-business         and its shopkeepers, including the
                                                                                 event they called the
storefronts. Production of the           Thrift Store.
                                                                                 Fairmont Aid Soccer
commercial drew gawkers down Main                                                Tournament or FAST. To
Avenue on June 21 as they watched a      You can watch a KMVT-TV online
                                         news story about the commercial         raise funds the club charged
waitress with a coffeepot, a bride and                                           soccer teams an entry fee,
others march down the sidewalk.          being made at
                                         local/124353449.html.                   sold hot dogs and soft drinks
                                                                                 at the game, held a raffle,
                                                                                 and asked for donations from
                                                                                 outside the school.
Grand re-opening draws
hundreds of shoppers
Hundreds of eager shoppers turned        Robert Speer, area thrift manager,
out for the grand re-opening of our      East Magic Valley, said “A bigger
downtown Twin Falls Thrift Store         selection also means more revenue
on Oct. 1 and 2. The re-opening          for Idaho Youth Ranch programs.”
celebration featured sale prices and     Revenue from our Thrift Stores
prizes for shoppers.                     helps children who are abused,
                                         neglected, homeless or
The grand re-opening marked a store      in a crisis find hope
makeover that provides shoppers          and promise of a
a larger selection of furniture,         better life.
clothing, electronics and sports and
recreational equipment. Shoppers
also found more of other items
such as shoes, purses, luggage and
household goods.

                                                                                                 FALL 2011         15
                    The Maverick

                                                                                                      Boise Hawks
                                                                                                      baseball team fan
                                                                                                      Grace Murton, second
                                                                                                      from left, donates
                                                                                                      some books to the
                                                                                                      Idaho Youth Ranch at
     idaho youth Ranch                                                                                a Hawks game. The
     provides children a
                                                                                                      Hawks, a Class “A”
     system of services                                                                               affiliate of the Chicago
     throughout idaho.                                                                                Cubs, conducted a
                                                                                                      book drive for IYR at
     provides three areas of                                                                          every Tuesday night
     non-residential service:                                                                         home game during
     Family Services – home-                                                                          July and August. With
     based counseling for the                                                                         Murton, from left
     purpose of keeping                                                                               to right, are Hawks
     families together,                                                                               Game Day staff
     resolving crises, or                                                                             members Beth Lidell,
     reuniting families with
     children returning home
                                                                                                      Majorie Jacobsen, and
     after placement                                                                                  Bob Stotts.
     and treatment.
     Transition and Aftercare
     Program – helps young         Book drives gather hundreds of volumes
     adults transition to
     independent living.           E-Commerce turns books into cash to help kids
     Adoption Services –
     provide infant adoptions,     Meridian firefighters and the Boise Hawks    The Boise Hawks, a Class “A” affiliate of
     counseling services for       baseball team gathered hundreds of books     the Chicago Cubs, conducted a book drive
     birth mothers, birth          this summer to help the children at the      at every Tuesday night home game during
     fathers, adoptive
     parents, and ongoing          Idaho Youth Ranch. Book sales are an         July and August.
     support after placement.      important source of funds to operate IYR
                                   therapeutic programs and services.           Hawks’ fans donated 250 books.
     GRouP HoMES provide
     structured residential                                                     IYR’s staff at the Nagel Distribution
                                   Meridian firefighters gathered 634 books
     placement and treatment
                                   during their second annual book drive June   Center sorts donated books and selects
     for young people:
                                   25 to July 11 for the Idaho Youth Ranch.     those that are best suited for sale online.
     The Ranch – The
     original site of the Idaho
                                                                                Others are sent to our Thrift Stores, each
     Youth Ranch near Rupert       Bill Allen, captain of the Meridian Fire     of which carries about 4,500 books on
     began in 1953. Still          Department, said “The Idaho Youth Ranch      their shelves.
     operating today, the          mission to help troubled children fits
     Ranch is a residential        perfectly with our mission to help kids in   Neal Jones, vice president of Business
     program with unique           our area. We especially like the idea of     Enterprise at IYR, noted that IYR is working
     ranch-like experiences                                                     to increase its inventory of online books.
     for kids.
                                   helping children at Hays Shelter Home.”
                                                                                “As inventory increases, so do sales,” he
     Anchor House – Located        Hays Shelter Home is the only emergency      said. “This generates more funds for our
     in Coeur d’Alene, Anchor
     House provides sub-           shelter home for unaccompanied youth in      programs to benefit children.”
     stance abuse treatment        southwest Idaho, which includes Meridian.
     for teenage boys.             Hays provides boys and girls ages 9 to 18    You can find books that the Idaho
     Hays Shelter Home –           who are runaways, homeless or in crisis      Youth Ranch has for sale online three
     Located in Boise, Hays        with a safe place to stay and counseling.    different ways:
     provides emergency            The Hays staff also operates the only        ■■   Go to
     shelter for abused,           24-hour help line supporting at-risk youth
     neglected, abandoned,                                                      ■■   Visit online bookstores,
                                   in the Treasure Valley.                 ,, or
     runaway or homeless
     children.                                                                  ■■   Search on Google for “Idaho Youth
                                                                                     Ranch Books” to find books from IYR.
                                                                                             Volume 51, Issue 2

Ensure your legacy and the legacy of loved ones
contributions for the period
                                  Memorials                         William “Bill” Bales
                                                                      Ron and Faye Russell
                                                                                                   Katherine Ann Carr
                                                                                                     J. Harrison and Bonnie
february 1, 2011, through         Children and families served      Della Mae Barnes                    Dennis and Family
august 31, 2011                   by the IYR frequently cannot        Francis Kopp                   Charles and Lee Thompson
                                  afford the help they need.        Edward Manuel Bastida            Wednesday Bridge Club
The Honor and Memorial            All Tribute gifts are placed in     Al and Connie Ayres          Walter o. Casey
Program is one of many            our Consolidated Investment       oscar E. Batdorf                 Wayne and Jackie Durnil
unique fundraising                Trust (CIT). A portion of the       Don and Joann Cissel         Arduth Brown Chandler
opportunities that provides       annual interest income from       Harvey oscar Beaver              Kent and Sue Parrish
hope and healing for the          the program is applied to           Dick and Jan Huizinga        Ray E. Chapman
children and families served      statewide programs and            Marie Kennedy Bell               Ron and Mari Santi
by the IYR. Through the Tribute   services designed to insulate       Marjorie A. Kennedy          Harriet “Happy” Martha Lee
Program, you can tailor your      hundreds of Idaho children        Douglas Roy Bennion            Chavez
gift to honor or recognize                                            Marlene Gorton                 Jim and Betty Jensen
                                  from a life of despair and
a loved one or colleague’s        unrealized potential.             Raymond Francis Berent         Helen E. Choborda
birthday, anniversary, or                                             Anne E. Gibson                 Loyce Smith
                                  In memory of
promotion. You can also tailor                                        Joan K. Ramsey               Esther Cissel
your gift to honor the memory     Domingo M. Aguirre                                                 Don and Joann Cissel
                                                                      Troyce Bevelhymer-Hitt
of a loved one or friend. In        John M. Mason and Joy L.                                       George C. and Barbara Cissel
                                                                      Barbara Meier
either case, the honoree or                                         Lorraine Trenhaile Bicandi       Don and Joann Cissel
                                    Steven Russell Albrecht
bereaved are appreciative           Shirley M. Harris                 Roscoe and Anita Smith       George E. “Bill” and
and moved when they are                                               Lorraine Biles               Irene Cissel
                                  Rev. George H. Allen                                               Don and Joann Cissel
notified that such a gift has                                         Dora Stauffer
                                    Lee and Sharron Presley
been made.                                                          Roy P. Blackwood               John P. Cissel
                                  Bobbie Edward Anderson                                             Don and Joann Cissel
                                                                      Doris M. French
Anniversaries                       Udy Core Drilling
                                  Charles E. “Chuck” Anderson
                                                                    Gladyne Blanton
                                                                      Delphine Aldecoa
                                                                                                   Joseph C. Cissel
                                                                                                     Don and Joann Cissel
In honor of                         Ron and Mary Santi
                                                                      Bob and Esther Henderlider   Irene Clay
Clete and Mae Bubel               Garn R. Anderson                    Dave and Karrie Murray         Ray and Beverly Schmierer
  Mark and Donna Stambaugh          Eagle Mountain Accessories,
                                       Inc.                         E. June Bowman                 Mary Lou Lessinger Clements
                                                                      John and Lois Ayers            Mariam J. Higgins
Birthdays                         Johanna L. Anderson
                                    First Evangelical Lutheran      Donald T. Bray                   Eda “Louise” Colaianni
In honor of                                                           Billy and Shirley Harmon       Bill and Janet Staker
                                                                      Jerry and Lee Harmon           Agnes Collins
Amy Hippock                       Matthew Anderson
                                                                      Mickey and Mary Harmon         Lee and Virginia Moberly
  Shirley L. Crowe                  Nancy L. Anderson
                                                                      Wayne and Elora Harmon       Jack and Eileen Combo
Rita Kennedy                      Nolan Ryan Anderson                 Spiro and Barbara Hondros      Wilbert and Donna Jensen
  Norma Tulloch                     Lyle and Anna Peck
                                                                    William “Bill” George Briggs   Robert Clyde Cooper
Allene A. Schlueter               Reta Maxine Andrus                  Ken and Nancy Frederiksen      Robert and Georgia Wills
  Gail Zamzow                       Grace Horkley
                                                                    Dean C. Burgess                Frederick G. and Rhoda J.
Deborah Stenkamp                  Elaina Jane Archibald-Dawson        Gene and Louise Curtis       Coyte
  Gail Zamzow                       Jerry and Verna Sherrets          Phyllis Durell                 Don and Joann Cissel
Will Varin                        Dick Arnold                         Bruce and Joyce Knight       Helen Dorothy Cozakos
  Shirley L. Crowe                  Ron and Mary Santi                Stanley and Janet Rishel       Shirley M. Harris
Gail Zamzow                       Roy Brown “PaPa” Auten              Emma Melvina Byers           Kevin Craft
  Allene A. Schlueter               Velma D. Sanders                  Lyle and Jamie Howell          Bob and Flo Craft
                                  Robert R. “Bob” Auth              William Robert “Bob” Cagle     Jeane Crawford
                                    Thomas and Kathleen Sorge         Betty J. Mooney                Bernard and Jeanne Scott
                                  Lillian Sybil Abigail Maude         Gary Cannon                    Dot Crook
                                  Cory Bafus                          Ron and Mary Santi             EIRMC, Auxiliary
                                    Lyle and Jamie Howell           Lorraine H. Carlson            Marjorie E. Crowton
                                  Shirley I. Baker                    Janet Parks                    Don and Joann Cissel
                                    Jim and Virginia Walker         Ernie Carr                     Pastor Robert E. Culter
                                  Terre Ellen Baker                   Dave and Kerrie Murray         Dick and Karen Bass
                                    Gerald Thomas

                                                                                                             FALL 2011        17
                 The Maverick

contributions for the period      Wendy Foss                       Zelta Hendricks                 Wallace Kendrick
february 1, 2011, through           Thelma L. Clark                  Dorie Burnett                    Harriette Kendrick
august 31, 2011                   Bernie Lynn Fouch                Dorothy Clara Henscheid         Alice Kerr
Phillip Dale Cummings               Wilbert and Donna Jensen         Shane and Joanne Huber           Don and Joann Cissel
  Dick and Shirley Jackson        Verla Freeman                    John Clifford Hepworth             Carl Kerr
  Gene and Theresa Kidney           Jim and Betty Jensen             Harry and Nadeen LeMoyne         Don and Joann Cissel
George J. Curtis                    Ernest N. and Corinne J.       Guadalupe Hernandez             Elsie Kibbee
  Don and Joann Cissel                Frost                          Jack and Dorothy Balch           TelecomPioneers Idaho
Margaret Curtis                     Kay M. Wiseman                 Jack Herndon                         Chapter 121
  Don and Joann Cissel            Annie Mae Fullenwider              Bob and Esther Henderlider       Bruce Arthur Kienlen
  Daga the Lab                      Max and Linda Allen              Ernest Higgins                   Don and Joann Cissel
  James and Earlene Crawford        Rex William Geary                Miriam J. Higgins             Lee Earl Klingler
Miquelyn Ann Daniels                James and Donna Thomas         Lanae Holyork                      Jim and Betty Jensen
  Marty and Joan Martindale       Robert Earle Gillett               Ray and Voneal Ostler         Alvin Earl Knudsen
Jeffrey Peter Davick                Dick Waite                     Laura Hong                         Hilma L. Paarmann
  Jan D. Scripps                  Fred E. Granden                    Gene Muller                   David Lynn Korff
Jay L. Davis                        Zane and Cynthia Drussel       Thomas “Tom” Balman Hook           Ron and Gail Young
  Ray and Voneal Ostler           Patricia Loree Greenup             Elias and Inez Jaca           Janet Mary Larsen
Elizabeth “Betty” Deaton            Betty J. Mooney                Howard R. Horrocks                 Don and Joann Cissel
  Don and Joann Cissel            William “Bill” Gremore             Eagle Mountain Accessories,   Darthella Leavitt
Martha Rose Delsman                 Herm and Diane Hackman             Inc.                           Grace Horkley
  Ashton Hi-Tech Seed Co., Inc.   Robert Lee Gruntorad             Mary E. Howell                  unice M. Leuzinger
  Jean Crommett                     Jack and Dorothy Balch           Steve and Julie Rice             Marie Bradbury
  Zana and Phyllis Easton         Roy Edward “Bud” Haley           Betty Hulterstrom               Monte L. Logan
  James and Caroline                Mike and Shauna Keithly          Jack and Dorothy Balch           Larry and Alda Smith
     Neubauer                       Joyce Spaulding                                                Peggy Lombard
                                                                   Walter Keding Hulterstrom
  Presidential Living, Inc.       James Michael Hall                                                  Florence Menousek
                                                                     Jack and Dorothy Balch
  Jon F. Wadsworth                  Bob and Helen Hall             Nora Lee Humting                Raymond Henry Lorentz
Beverley Jean Denning             Thomas Clark “Tom” Hall, Sr.                                        Jack and Dorothy Balch
                                                                     Norman and Ellen Batt
  Gene and Phyllis Baxter           Dick and Karen Bass            Seth Douglas “Doug” Hust        Robert Martin Lovell
  Jean Denning                      Lee and Sharron Presley          Charles and Bernice Couper       Bill and Wendy Armstrong
  J.D. and Mary Simpson
                                  Welburn Wesley “Bill” Hall         Todd Hyndrex                  Joanne Louise Lindquist
Darren Rick Downing                 Dave and Bonnie Westerberg       Louise Thompson                  Lee and Sharron Presley
  Delbert and Alice Scott
                                  Marilyn Hammond                  Helene Irving                   Steve Madsen
M. Douglas “Doug” Drake             H.S. and Mary Lou Howell         Marlene Gorton                   Ron and Mary Santi
  Jerry and Verna Sherrets
                                  Elmoyne B. Hanks                 Nellie May Langley Jamison      Lawrence Leroy “Larry” Mahler
Maxine R. Driscoll                  Kent and Sue Parrish             Ron G. Fox and Paulie K.         Dick Waite
  Viola E. Toews                                                       Brading
                                  Donald Eugene Hanners                                            William Eugene “Bill” Mai
Leonora “Irene” Wright Ebel         Marion and Margaret Faure        R. Corky and Francie Hill        Dick and Jan Huizinga
  Dave and Bonnie Westerberg                                       Evelyn E. Jensen
                                  Thomas Jackson Harper                                            Lydia Kaye Roberts Malm
Leilani Egbert                      Don and Joann Cissel             Wilbert and Donna Jensen         Dean and Ruth Peabody
  Don and Joann Cissel              Helen Harrington                 John R. Jensen                Lillian Malisa Manwill
Lyle Norris Egli                    LaDell and Margaret Merk         Don and Joann Cissel             Lyle and Rose Fisher
  John H. Wonderly                Norman Harris                    Calvin A. Jibson                Jack E. Marek
Caroline Ellis                      Jerry and Verna Sherrets         Jack and Dorothy Balch           John W. Wagner
  Anonymous                       Sandra Harris Richards           Lucile Sylvia Johnson           Ila A. Marotz
Doren and Lorraine Ellis            Marian T. Snow                   David and Debra Swager           Elizabeth Kidd Morgan
  Anonymous                       Corriene D. Harrop               Monte R. Johnson                JoAnne Claire Marshall
Mertie M. English                   Charles and Elinor Matts         Bob and Esther Henderlider       Elversa Swanson
  Bruce and Paula Tiegs             Doug J. Sept                   Albert “Al” Johnston            Margaret “Peg” Mason
Lois L. Erickson                    Charles Vance                    Delphine Aldecoa                 John and Lois Ayers
  LeRoy and Pam Erickson          Jewell Alleen Hawk               Deloris Dixie Jones
  Ross Every                                                                                       Mary Ellen Matlock
                                    Dave and Kerrie Murray           Gary and Rosemary Fornshell
  Walking O Cattle Co./Dave                                                                           Joan Butler
                                  Finis Troy “Tim” Hayhurst          Rangen Inc.
     and Bonnie Westerberg                                                                         Audrey Adella McAnulty
                                    John P. Evans                    Douglas Ray Jordan
Merlin Lee Fairbanks                                                                                  Laura McAnulty
                                    Viola E. Toews                   Frank and Marlene Jones
  Edith R. Loosli                   Darrell and Patsy Youngblood                                   Glen McBride
                                                                   Roger Quinton Kalbfleisch
Paulena “Polly” Lucas Fillmore                                                                        Loraine M. Campbell
                                  Sam and Theo Henderson             Ronald and Betty Conrad
  Frank and June Ryther             Roger and Jolene Wilson

                                                                                               Volume 51, Issue 2

                                                                       Kenneth and Dorothy Porter      John Nicholas “Johnny” Sanna
Making a gift in the name of the deceased is a heartfelt way to          Anna M. Bernhardt               Marion and Margaret Faure
remember those who have been influential and special in our lives.       Warren Porter                 Charles E. “Chuck” Schiller
                                                                         Kay M. Wiseman                  Rae R. Schiller
                                                                       Gary Dean Potter                Elda Schiller
Gladys McBroom                      Van Douglas Nelson                   Don Hammond                     Rae R. Schiller
  Don and Joann Cissel                Don and Joann Cissel             Thomas W. “Tom” Priest          Helen Nightingale Caine
Robert W. McCall                      Mary Lou Kontes                    Bill and June Flack           Schlofman
  John W. Wagner                    Harry Neufeld                      Dwila Probst                      Bob and Esther Henderlider
James “Jim” McCorcle                  Eugene and Carol Walter            LaDell and Margaret Merk      Barbara Beth Schoen
  Harold and Lila Bumann            Theda Fern Neville                 William H. “Bill” Proctor         Jim and Donna Coleman
John Keith McCoy                      Barbara J. Huskinson               Kenneth and Priscilla Keim    Kevin Schorzman
  Evelyn C. Heidemann               Betty Jean Miller Newkirk          Benjamin Richard Pulliam          Charlotte Schorzman
Jean McDowell                         Ivan Holton                        Bob and Sue Froseth           Walter Carl Schroeder
  Ralph S. Gorton, Jr.              Gayle Newnham                        Chris and Tani Nelson           Elden and Mayvis Thompson
Daniel Henry “Dan” McFadden           Philip and Ruth Eastman          Charles R. “Bob” Raab           Ralph Lee Schwarz
  Dick Waite                        Eleanor A. Nuckols                   Chris and Tani Nelson           Viola E. Toews
David Arthur McFadden                 Pete and Ronda Black               Penny Raab                    Phyliss K. Schwint
  Ron and Monta Shuyler               Lyle and JoAnn Bugbee              Wanda Ralston                   Larry and Alda Smith
  Gerald and Helen Weast              John and Verlee Dotson             Charles and Mirian Humphrey
                                      Kenneth and Lena Heikes                                          Raleigh Richard Scott
Robert G. McNall                                                       Mary L. Redtfeldt                 Allen and Virginia Baltzor
  Rodger and Donna Bender             Judy C. Martin                     Wayne and Elora Harmon
                                      Irving and Marilyn Sue Ritchie                                     Dorothy M. Kidd
Charles E. McNelly and Sons                                            Louis “Al” Reeder                 Don and Carol Raymer
                                      Nelda M. Williams
  Mayme M. Ruffing                                                       Lyle and Rose Fisher          Anastasia “Shea” Service
                                      Deana Young
Mary Ann McPherson                                                     Sandra Harris Martin Richards     Don Peters
                                    Dean F. obenchain, M.D.
  Johnny and Carol Jetton                                                Shirley M. Harris             Elizabeth Louise “Betty” Sheils
                                      Gerald and Helen Weast
  Dorine W. Sorensen                                                   Ray C. Richardson                 Dave and Kerrie Murray
                                    Dorothy L. olowach
Donna Lynn Miller                                                        Elaine Richardson               Jane Ellen Cunningham Shew
                                      Joan Markle
  Diane Morris                                                         Harry Ridge                       Dick Waite
                                    Mary onishi ogawa
Bill Mineau                                                              Helen R. Ridge                Kelley J. Shillington
                                      Ernest and Barbara Hawes
  Phyllis J. Mineau                                                    Gerald Dean “Gerry” Riedel        John and Irene Gibson
                                      George J. Kawamoto
Charles “Chuck” Mock                                                     Joyce Spaulding                 Robert and Georgia Wills
                                    Leland W. “Lee” ogle
  Pat and Debra Woodworth                                              Jeffery Russell Rigby           Joan Tanner Shrum
                                      Wayne and Jackie Durnil
James L. Mooney                                                          Christopher and Selena          Lee and Sharron Presley
                                    Esta M. owen
  Ivan Holton                                                              Earley                        A. H. “Bud” Sickinger
                                      Jim and Virginia Walker
  Betty J. Mooney                                                      Norma Jean Riordan                Mary M. Yorke
                                    David Marsh Paige
Warren G. Moore                                                          Richard and Bonnie Suttle     Garnet Ruby Glass Sieber
                                      Don and Joann Cissel
  Lyle and Anna Peck                                                   David B. Roberts                  Jill Scott
                                    Farrell Blaine Panting
Raughlin L. “Rolly” Morgan                                               Ralph and Kristine Roberts    John Andrew Simko
                                      Ray and Voneal Ostler
  Frank and Marlene Jones                                              Eldon E. Ross                     Bob and Esther Henderlider
                                    Albert M. Parkinson
Verna Morgan                                                             Gene and Phyllis Baxter       Ivan B. Skinner
                                      Don and Joann Cissel
  Jack and Patricia Ely                                                Loyal Richard “Tubby”             Pearl M. Skinner
  Tina Williams                     Melba Parkinson                    Rountree                        Robert LeeRoy Sloan
  Tatsuo Mukai                        Don and Joann Cissel               Gerald and Wanda Sievers        Jerry and Holly McDaniel
  Bruce and Paula Tiegs             Elmer Parks                        Bernard J. Ruffing              Hugh Leland “Lee” Small
Bonnie Lee Murphy                     Janet Parks                        Mayme M. Ruffing                James and Donna Thomas
  Jim and Betty Jensen                Alice Merle Peters
                                      John and Katharine Johnson       Ian A. Ruffing                  Betty M. Holloway Grigg Smith
Jerry Lawrence Murphy                                                    Mayme M. Ruffing                Fayesther Waegelin
  Betty J. Mooney                   Jeret “Speedy” Peterson
                                      Kenneth and Priscilla Keim       Mary R. Rumsey                  Doris A. Smith
Thom Myall                                                               Bill and Shirley Wetzstein      Bob and Myrna Green
                                      Chris and Tani Nelson
  Rodger and Donna Bender                                              Steven Bliss Rumsey             Leah Luella Wade Smith
                                      Lois Spreier
Katherine Myers                       Dorothy White                      Bill and Shirley Wetzstein      TelecomPioneers Idaho
  Elma Glynn                          Wilma Rose Pile                  Mark James Rupert                    Chapter 121
James “Jim” Negri                     Frank and June Ryther              Phil B. Soulen                  Harley and Kasey Weigt
  Al and Connie Ayres                 Greg Poe                         Lisa Sanborn                    Marjorie Ellen “Marge” Smith
Rev. Donald Nelson                    Joseph and Janet Bejsovec          May Hronek                      Ed Bean
  Marigay Harkins                                                        Dave and Katharine Shrum        Jim E. Bean
                                                                       Steven Lindy Sandlin              Ken and Ethel Bean
                                                                         Dennis and Peggy Downer         James and Ester Roesbery

                                                                                                                  FALL 2011        19
                 The Maverick

contributions for the period
february 1, 2011, through
                                 Suzanne Martin Wakeman
                                   Janet Parks                    Permanent                          Ted and Joan French
                                                                                                     Guerry, Inc.
august 31, 2011                  Euil o’Vede “Vede” Walker        Memorial Funds                     William and Gayle Helmkamp
                                                                                                     Grant and Mabel Johnson
Paul Charles Smith                 Donald and Betty Watts
                                                                  When memorial contributions        Brad and Roxie Johnston
  Pete and Ronda Black           William “Bill” Howard Walker
                                                                  made in an individual’s            Stan and Maxine Jones
Ronald George Smith                Juanita Steen
                                                                  name reach $500, two types         Barbara A. Jovich
  Dietmar and Jenay Barth          Gale Waddell
                                                                  of Memorial Funds can be           Harry and Nadeen LeMoyne
Bobby Dean Smout                 althea Wallace
                                                                  established. The first pays        Doug and Pat Lewis
  Frank and Marlene Jones          Miriam J. Higgins
                                                                  tribute to the deceased            Judy McInturf
  Irene Anderson Snyder          Ruby Watanabe
                                                                  individual. The second, known      Bob and Mari Muffley
  Dorie Burnett                    Bob and Diane Austin
                                                                  as a Family Memorial Fund,         Richard and Kay Neal
  Joyce Spaulding                  Dave and Katharine Shrum
                                                                  is created when two or more        Chris and Tani Nelson
Emmett Paul Snyders              Donald Ellsworth Watson                                             Paula Serr
  Ken and Cris Toews               Exceptional Caregivers, LLC    family members pass, and
                                                                  surviving family members           Ed and Jo Ann Silva
Carmen Sobieski                    Gene and Janet Watson                                             Juanita Steen
  Dale and Janaye Berggren       Catherine Weike                  agree that contributions made
                                                                                                     Ruth Wicher
  Robert and Virginia Hudson       Dave and Kerrie Murray         in each individual’s name may
                                                                                                   Thomas P. “Tom” Mahan, Sr.
  Kent and Radean Wilcox         Robert W. Whiteman               be combined.
                                                                                                   Memorial Fund
Kaye Robert Spackman               Vic and Charlotte Armacost                                        Gilbert and Wilma Anderson
  Marlene Gorton                 George Kirby Whitham
                                                                  New Memorial Funds                 Simeon and Marlys Austin
Margaret Stanford                  Don and Joann Cissel           Martha L. Dodson                   Bob and Debbie Bacon
  Richard and Susan Baker                                         Memorial Fund                      Erma Lee Gooch
                                 Roger Lee Whitnah
Mary Ann Elizabeth Stelljes                                         Wallace E. Turk                  Glen and Dona Kunau
                                   Louis Skaar and Sons, Inc.
  Jack and DorothyBalch            Nelda M. Williams              Kevin Michael Alexander            Delores E. Lowe
William Andrew “Bill” Stellmon                                    DuVall Memorial Fund               Thomas and Shirley Mahan
                                 Jack A. Wilfong, Sr.
  Jack and Dorothy Balch                                            Richard and Carrie Bisping       Dave and Kerrie Murray
                                   Jerry and Holly McDaniel
                                                                    D. L. Evans Bank                 Carl and E. Jane Nellis
Melvin L. Swenson                Doug Williams                      Sherri Green                     Chris and Tani Nelson
  TelecomPioneers Idaho            Jerry and Verna Sherrets         Larry and Roxann Hansen          Bill and Doris Oakley
     Chapter 121                 Grant Victor Williams              Bonnie Johnstone                 Olive Pettygrove
Timothy Fredrick “Tim”             Ray and Voneal Ostler            Michael and Betty Losh           Quality Transport
Swenson                          Ira Lamar Willis                   James and Linda Morrison         Robert and Jackie Reineke
  Elaine M. Davis                  Dick and Jan Huizinga            Dan and Maureen Ollivant         James H. Roper
Sharon Cebulski Tedesco          Pilar Wiseman                      Shepherd of the Valley           Paula Serr
  Norman and Ellen Batt            Elias and Inez Jaca                Preschool                      David and Dotty Stuart
Darleene Thorsted                Roscoe Wiseman                     Tonya Smith                      Dick and Pamela Tucker
  Ron and Mary Santi               Kay M. Wiseman                   Larry and Rebecca Stoller        Steve and Joyce Westfall
Deloryce Emma Lee Timson                                            Stanley and Ilene Wallace        Don and Georgina Wolverton
                                 Daveta Ann “Dee” Wofford
  Jim and Betty Jensen                                              Carroll and Roberta Warwick    Senator James A. McClure
                                   Richard and Justine Heckroth
Boyd Leon Tipton                                                    Steve and Cherie Woodworth     Memorial Fund
                                   Stuart B. Weiser and
  Dick Waite                          Tonya Embree                  Effie “Irene” Farwell            Jack and Dorothy Balch
                                                                    Marvin and Shirley               Charles and Bernice Couper
Cleo Toledo                      Pauline Wolford                      Applewhite                     Diane Dechambeau
  Capitol Law Group, PLLC          Don and Joann Cissel             Tom and Mary Lou                 Robert and Leslee Hoover
  Frank and June Ryther          Peter Paul Wutherich                 Applewhite                     Logan E. Lanham
Jack Toomer                        Gene Muller                      Mattie Lou Ellis
  Gilbert and Eleanor Nelson                                                                         Zimri and Maizie Mills
                                   Mattie Evajean “Nanny”           Carlton and Emma Holland
                                      Youngblood                                                     Randy and Melissa Nelson
Jane Rosenel Littlefield Trail                                      Chris and Tani Nelson
                                   Fred and Nancy Ebel                                               Hudson and Shirley Shake
  Gene and Louise Curtis                                            Bob and Edna Wardlaw
                                   Alice C. Kneeland                                                 Phil B. Soulen
Louise Alexander Trautman                                         Kast-Silva Memorial Fund In        Jody Thomas
  Bob and Esther Henderlider       Sue C. Ryan                    Loving Memory of Edward M.
                                   Lois E. Smith                                                   Beryl Dean “Johni” orgill
Martin B. Trillhaase                                              and Marian Silva, Charles Kast   Memorial Fund
  Don and Joann Cissel             Joan Wren and Family           and Virginia Rose Kast
                                   Darrell and Patsy Youngblood                                      Cynthia Clark
Marsha A. Turner                                                    Bob and Diane Austin             Crop Protection Services
                                   Rick and Nancy Youngblood        Sam and Lee Blackwell
  Mardene Weston                                                                                     Jack and Kathleen Mooney
                                   Paulino “Paul” Zatica            Glenn and Carolyn Bradley
LaForrest Twitchell                Dick and Karen Bass                                               Anna Mullenax
  Anonymous                                                         Mildred L. Brazil                Barry and Peggy Orgill
                                   Phyllis M. Sayers                Ralph Crane
Dora Mary Valentine                                                                                  Kathleen Wernli
                                 Pearl Zoerb                        Meriel Davis
  Archie Service                                                                                     The Williams Companies, Inc.
                                   First Evangelical Lutheran       Dennis and Louise Eells
Irene Virginia Victory                Church                        Ron and Denise Findley
  Frank and June Ryther
                                                                                          Volume 51, Issue 2

Martelle Anita Ritz              Florence Dedrick               Pat Korf Memorial Fund             Laura May Thieme
Memorial Fund                    Memorial Fund                    Barry and Rhonda Salzer          Memorial Fund
  Mettie Clay                      Dennis and Sharon Page       Virginia Lambert                     Dorothy Michaelis
  Brent and Judy Hodder          Edwin C. and Annabel H.        Memorial Fund                      Tracy A. Thill Memorial Fund
  Cindy Paolis                   DeMoss Memorial Fund             Lyle Lambert                       Donn and Dorothy Thill
  Elizabeth M. Pietz               Marion L. Jordan             Lawrence W. Loughmiller            Wilma I. Thomas
  Warren and Carol Ritz            Frances Sanders              Memorial Fund                      Memorial Fund
  Robert and Debra Sayers        Denver Dierks Memorial Fund      Mabel Loughmiller                  Wayne Thomas
Frank D. Rollheiser                Margaret Dierks              Robert and Mildred Lynch           Jonathan Michael Wall
Memorial Fund                    Lois Lee Drips Memorial Fund   Memorial Fund                      Memorial Fund
  Anonymous                        Sue Atwood                     Anonymous                          Gene and Dorothy Wall
Phyllis Maxine Self              Evona Adeline Duff             James H. Lyon Memorial Fund        Ann Westfall Memorial Fund
Memorial Fund                    Memorial Fund                    Verlin and Elaine Lyon             Donald E. Westfall
  Kenneth G. Self                  Anonymous                    James Joseph “Jim” Menousek        John H. Zinkan Memorial Fund
Joseph D. Swoyer, Jr.            Bob Edgerly Memorial Fund      Memorial Fund                        Carla M. Zinkan
Memorial Fund                      Betty S. Edgerly               Florence Menousek
  Andy and Anne Swoyer
                                 Lowell Ferguson                David Waite and Brad Miller        Existing Family
Corian “Cory” Welker Verburg     Memorial Fund                  Memorial Fund                      Memorial Funds
Memorial Fund                      Dolores L. Ferguson            Dick Waite
  Magic Valley Produce                                                                             Belcher Family Memorial Fund
                                 Clifford T. Flaten             Bernard J. and Ettorina Minetti    In Loving Memory of Mary V.
  Glenn and June Reed                                           Memorial Fund
                                 Memorial Fund                                                     Belcher and Barbara Belcher
  David Verburg                                                   Bernard L. and Patrecia A.
                                   Kathlyn Flaten                                                  Inouye
  Volm Bag Co.                                                      Minetti
  Wada Farms Marketing           Rowan and Barbara Frank                                              Donald R. Belcher
                                 Memorial Fund                  Darlene olson Memorial Fund        Gorton Family Memorial Fund
    Group, LLC
                                   Larry and Judy Frank           Dick and Margaret Olson          In Memory of Ralph S. Gorton,
Existing                           Bruce Eric Frantz
                                      Memorial Fund
                                                                Bradford K. orme
                                                                Memorial Fund
                                                                                                   III and Mary Gorton
                                                                                                      Ralph S. Gorton, Jr.
Memorial Funds                     Alan and Bonnie Frantz         Devin Birch and Marcie           Hays Family Memorial Fund
As various fall and winter       Robert H. and Norma Jean           Milner                         In Memory of Gertrude D. and
holidays and religious           Frew Memorial Fund               Jeanne K. Monsen                 Samuel H. Hays
observances approach, please       Lawrence and Mary Willner      Shane and Kaye Olpin                Thomas and Martha Hays
consider making a contribution     Jerry and Barbara Wolahan      Rich E. Orme Memorial Fund       Elizabeth Fitzhugh Lane Family
into an existing named fund.     Carl M. Friedel, Jr.             Jeanne K. Monsen                 Memorial Fund
Your contribution makes a real   Memorial Fund                    Shane and Kaye Olpin                Robert Myer
difference!                        Bob and Patty Friedel        James E. and LaRae Powers          otte Family Memorial Fund In
                                 Charles R. Gibson              Memorial Fund                      Loving Memory of Reid and
Nora Akers Memorial Fund
                                 Memorial Fund                    Cheri L. Pulley                  Frances
  Richard and Sara Josephson
                                   Anne E. Gibson               AW1 Joseph “Boats” John               Rich and Sharon Garr
Carrie E. Anderson                                              Pycior, Jr. Memorial Fund
                                 Etta Hahn Memorial Fund                                              Dave and Katharine Shrum
Memorial Fund
                                   Carlos T. Hahn                 Lyle and Anna Peck
  Dick and Margaret Olson
Richard W. “Dick” Bearg          William D. Hays                  Arlene J. Pycior                 Lifetime Friend Fund
                                 Memorial Fund                    Clifton W. Quinn
Memorial Fund                                                                                      With a minimum gift of $500,
                                   Ann H. Hays                      Memorial Fund
  Hildegarde V. Bearg-Hopt                                        Bonnie Quinn
                                                                                                   you can establish a Lifetime
Marion Best Memorial Fund        Earl E. Hollenbeck                                                Friend Fund to honor someone
                                 Memorial Fund                  Gilbert C. and Jane B. St. Clair
  Richard and Joy Best                                          Memorial Fund                      who’s played a significant
                                   Bob and Kathy Hollenbeck                                        role in your life. All honor gifts
Patricia Louise Bledsoe                                           Dave and Kerrie Murray
Memorial Fund                    Marlene Holton Memorial Fund                                      are tax deductible, and upon
                                                                  Chris and Tani Nelson
  Dennis and Vianna Bledsoe        Ivan Holton                                                     receipt, are added to our
                                   Betty J. Mooney              Darrell “D.C.” Stoddard
Earl H. Brown, Jr.                                              Memorial Fund                      Consolidated Investment Trust
Memorial Fund                    Albert “Hoppy” Hopkins                                            (CIT). Only the annual income
                                                                  Bradley K. Stoddard, M.D.
  Yvonne M. Brown                Memorial Fund                                                     generated by the CIT is used
                                   Rosmary E. Hopkins           Harold and Edith Stoy
Joe Cenarrusa Memorial Fund                                     Memorial Fund                      for our programs. The principal
  Pete and Freda Cenarrusa       Mark K., Bruce G.,                                                is preserved and invested
                                                                  Alan and Bonnie Frantz
                                 and Richard H. Ising
Alice Chaney Memorial Fund                                        Richard C., Sr. and Kathryn      wisely for growth.
                                 Memorial Fund
  Randy and Linda Ramsey                                            Swager Memorial Fund           James H. Roper
                                   Thelma L. Ising
Marvin and Hazel Cole                                             Bob and Judy Bailey
                                 Von Reese Jones                                                     Steve and Cherie Woodworth
Memorial Fund                                                     David and Debra Swager
                                 Memorial Fund
  Gilbert and Wilma Anderson                                    Hilmer and usona Swanson
                                   Jacob and Edith Cole
                                                                Memorial Fund
                                                                                                   Thank you!
                                   Veronica G. Wilde
                                                                  Brent R. Swanson

                                                                                                               FALL 2011          21
                  The Maverick

Having a heart for children and community
In a recent visit with Rick Bloxham,                                  then a long haul truck driver, in 1955. They corresponded
CPA, he described his relationship                                    for two years and then married and moved to Hansen,
with Ove and Nora Andersen.                                           Idaho where they purchased a tract of land and became
Initially, it was related to business;                                farmers. After clearing the land, Ove raised beans, hay and
Rick had been their accountant                                        potatoes. Nora enjoyed the chores and routine of working
for years. However, over time and                                     on the farm and later worked at Universal Frozen Foods.
following Ove’s death, Rick said
that Nora became a friend and                                         Nora and Ove had no children and her surviving brother
member of his family. He described                                    and two sisters live in Pennsylvania. Much to our surprise,
Nora as a sweet, quiet, frugal,                                       and the surprise of nine other Magic Valley organizations
unassuming lady who always                                            and charities, on Sept. 30, 2010, nine months following
                                       Nora Andersen
had a heart for children. To Rick’s                                   Nora’s death, the Idaho Youth Ranch along with the other
knowledge, Nora never received a large inheritance; rather,           charities received nearly a quarter of a million dollars
she was a hard worker and consummate saver.                           each. Considering the gift’s astonishing arrival, and the
                                                                      protracted economic downturn, Nora’s generous gift to the
Nora grew up in the area of Dorseyville and Pittsburgh,               Idaho Youth Ranch could not have come at a better time.
Pennsylvania. Because she enjoyed caring for children,
she attended night school and after receiving her nursing             — Chris Paul Nelson
certificate, worked as a private nurse and nanny. She                   Director of Major and Planned Gifts
cared for several sets of children before meeting Ove,

     Every gift, large or small, helps us achieve our goals. We thank all our supporters and take great care to recognize them
     accurately. Sometimes we miss the mark, make an incorrect listing or misspell a name. If this should happen, please drop
     Chris Paul Nelson a note, email, or call him using our toll free number (877) 817-8141. All honor and
     memorial gifts are tax deductible, and upon receipt, are added to the Idaho Youth Ranch (IYR) Consolidated Investment Trust
     (CIT). Only the annual income generated from Tributes placed in the CIT are used for our statewide programs. The principal is
     preserved and invested wisely for growth.

                                           yes, I want to honor and celebrate family, friends and
                                           colleagues by contributing $____________. My check is
                                           made payable to the Idaho Youth Ranch.
                                           please pRint
                                           IN MEMoRY oF:
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                                           Check One: ❏ Wedding ❏ Anniversary ❏ Birthday ❏ Thank You ❏ Other
                                           Send acknowledgement card to
                                           City                         State        Zip             Phone (     )
                                           GIVEN BY: Name
                                           Address                               E-Mail
                                           City                         State        Zip             Phone (     )
                                           ❏ Check enclosed. Please mail to Idaho Youth Ranch, P.O. Box 8538, Boise, ID 83707. or
                                           ❏ Call (208) 377-2613 or toll-free (877) 817-8141 to pay by VISA or MasterCard.
                                           Please let us know if your gift can be matched.

                                                                                    Volume 51, Issue 2

Partnership with Boise State Public Radio                                            Children’s Home
helps drive funds to children’s programs                                             Society, IYR
Charitable donors now have a way to
                                                                                     partner to help
support both the Idaho Youth Ranch                                                   foster children
(IYR) and Boise State Public Radio
(BSPR) at the same time.                                                             A donation of thousands of
                                                                                     dollars worth of home furnishings
Under a collaborative agreement,                                                     to the Idaho Youth Ranch (IYR)
IYR’s licensed non-profit retail car                                                 will allow foster parents to
center will sell cars and trucks                                                     continue to provide a safe and
donated for the support of BSPR. The                                                 comfortable home for the children
two agencies share proceeds from                                                     in their care.
the sales.
                                                                                     The Children’s Home Society of
“Previously, cars donated to BSPR                                                    Idaho donated the furnishings
                                          Gary Halverson, IYR director of            from a home it previously rented
were sold at wholesale auction or
                                          vehicle sales                              to foster families. The society
sold for scrap,” said Betsy Bearden,
business manager of Boise State                                                      recently sold the home but rather
Public Radio. “Those proceeds were        ■■   Sales proceeds support the            than sell the home’s furnishings,
not as high as for cars sold through           programs of both BSPR and IYR.        Children’s Home Society CEO
IYR’s retail car center.”                 ■■   BSPR’s car donation marketing         Teresa Alexander worked with
                                               also promotes IYR and its             the Idaho Youth Ranch to come
The agreement boosts the car                   mission to help troubled children     up with a solution that would
center’s number of available cars              on radio and online to a nearly       continue to serve the needs of
and attracts more donors and buyers.           100,000-member audience.              local foster children and families.
A higher volume of cars for sale and
retail pricing results in more income     Donating a car is easy. Donors first       The home furnishings have
for both organizations.                   need to call 208-375-7965 or toll-         been used to equip IYR’s former
                                          free 877-278-9664 to answer a few          Discovery House, which is located
Neal Jones, vice president of             simple questions. Be sure to mention       in Nampa. Foster parents from
Business Enterprise at IYR, said          if you are donating the car for the        one of the society’s affiliated
“We are always pleased when we            benefit of BSPR. Then you will get         agencies will move into the
find opportunities such as this           instructions on how to drop off your       house and continue to care for
to partner with other community           car or truck in Boise or at any one        the children.
nonprofit groups to advance both          of the convenient Idaho Youth Ranch
our missions.”                            Thrift Stores located around Idaho.        “One of our priorities is to
                                                                                     partner with like-organizations for
Bearden said “It is a great deal for      Donors get a receipt at the time           maximum impact,” said Alexander.
both of us. Now donors can support        they drop off their car or truck. After    “The Idaho Youth Ranch and
two local causes and keep the money       the vehicle is sold, donors receive        future Discovery House residents
in Idaho.”                                the paperwork needed to claim the          had a need, and we had a way to
                                          largest qualified tax deduction for the    help meet that need.”
The car donation program                  vehicle donation.
benefits include:                                                                    Steve Woodworth, IYR president
■■ Eligible donors may receive a tax                                                 and CEO, said “Our two
   deduction. Idaho taxpayers also                                                   organizations have helped
   may be able to claim a tax credit                                                 generations of Idaho children
   for half of the fair market value of                                              and their families turn troubles
   the vehicle, up to the dollar limit                                               into triumphs. When we find
   set by law.                                                                       opportunities such as this to
                                                                                     partner in our missions, we
■■   Good quality used cars and
                                                                                     strengthen Idaho’s communities
     trucks are made available to
                                                                                     today and for many generations
     buyers looking for a bargain.
                                                                                     to come.”
                                                                                                      FALL 2011         23
Idaho Youth Ranch                                                                                                                                                   NON-PROFIT ORG.
PO Box 8538                                                                                                                                                           US POSTAGE
Boise, ID 83707
                                                                                                                                                                      Boise, IDAHO
                                                                                                                                                                     Permit No. 698
10% Recycled Fibers

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children. Subscribe to the Maverick                                                       
by email, or read it online. Here are       be interested in helping troubled               Thank you for helping a child by
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   invested into programs that help          coffee table or desk.                              Focus on lon
                                                                                                                                              Idaho Youth Ran
                                                                                                                                                              ch, Volume 51,
                                                                                                                                                                             Issue 2, Fall
                                                                                                             g term directs
   abused and neglected children.                                                               The stor y of Mich
                                                                                                Idaho Youth Ran
                                                                                                                   ael shows why
                                                                                                                                teen on road
                                                                                                                                  the        to success
                                          6. you can unsubscribe at any
                                                                                                                       Over the cour
                                                                                                                 ch chooses to
                                                                                                on long-term                    focus                            se of three mon
                                                                                                              successful outc                      Michael bega                   ths,       The counselo
                                                                                               and provide com                omes                              n to respond

2. get inspired. Stories about                                                                                   prehensive serv                   professional and           well to the                   rs showed Mich
                                                                                                                                                                     caring counselo         to manage his                   ael how

                                             time. Test it, and if you don’t like
                                                                                               that change lives                 ices             at Anchor Hou                      rs                       anger, and impr
                                                                                                                 .                                               se. “The long              the critical think                ove
                                                                                                                                                  here, the mor                er he was                       ing and social
                                                                                                 The teenage                                                    e he realized               he needed to                      skills

   children who have found the hope,
                                                                                                                 Michael found                    help,” Christen             he needed                     overcome the
                                                                                                being shuf fled                     himself                       son said.                 of drugs and                   lure

                                             receiving the Maverick by email,                                       between the                                                                            alcohol. “The
                                                                                                of his divorced                     homes                                                                                staf f at
                                                                                                                    parents, who                                                                                continued on
                                                                                                often put Mich                       too                                                                                     page 2

   vision, courage and will to succeed       then just unsubscribe with an
                                                                                               their disputes
                                                                                               turned to alco
                                                                                                                  ael in the midd
                                                                                                                 . When his mot of
                                                                                                                 hol for comfort,
                                                                                              star ted drinking                       Mich
   will encourage you in your own life.      email to
                                                                                              taking his mot
                                                                                              pills to find a
                                                                                                                     himself and then ael
                                                                                                                her’s prescript
                                                                                                                place where he
                                                                                                                                   ion pain
                                                                                             escape the reali                       could
                                                                                                                   ties and anxieties
                                                                                             felt pressing                               he

3. stay in the know. Keep up with
                                                                                                              in on him. Dee
                                                                                             Michael wanted                     p down

                                          7. it’s easy. Just send us an email
                                                                                                                  to cut down or
                                                                                            his use of thes                          stop
                                                                                                                e mood-altering
                                                                                            But he couldn’t                          drugs.

   the latest news and information
                                                                                                                 stop without
                                                                                            denied he had                       help and

                                             at with this              At their wits’
                                                                                                               a problem.

   about the Idaho Youth Ranch’s             message, “YES! I want to receive
                                                                                           to deal with him unsure of how
                                                                                          with their own
                                                                                          Michael’s pare
                                                                                                                 and not coping
                                                                                                              stresses very

   efforts to give troubled children a
                                                                                                              nts turned to
                                                                                          Ranch program                       the

                                             the Maverick by email so that               Michael had been
                                                                                                               near Rupert.

   bridge to a valued, responsible and                                                   only a shor t time       at the Ranch

                                             more money can be invested                 realized that
                                                                                        treatment than
                                                                                                                when the staf
                                                                                                          he needed mor          f
                                                                                                                             e drug

   productive future. And you will be
                                                                                                             they could prov
                                                                                        So the staf f work                     ide.

                                             into programs that help save              into IYR’s subs
                                                                                       at Anchor Hou
                                                                                                               ed to move Mich
                                                                                                            tance abuse
                                                                                                          se in Coeur d’Ale ram

   in the know before your neighbors         young lives.” Be sure to include
                                                                                       There he coul
                                                                                      treatment and
                                                                                                         d receive the
                                                                                                          guidance he need
   who rely on postal mail.                  your name, street address, city,
                                                                                      “Michael stru
                                                                                                        ggled to take
                                                                                                         for his actions
                                                                                     behaviors,” said
                                                                                                            Mar y Christen
                                                                                     program direc                           son,

4. spread the word. When you                 state and zip code so that we          “He didn’t think
                                                                                    with substanc
                                                                                                       tor at Anchor
                                                                                                           he had an issu
                                                                                                      e abuse and
                                                                                    anytime he wan                      could quit

   receive the Maverick by email,            can make sure you no longer                                 ted to.”

                                             receive printed copies of the
                                                                                    Youth specialis

   you can easily send it to family
                                                                                                    t Laura Cook
                                                                                    a resident of                counsels
                                                                                                  the Ranch near

   members and friends who may               Maverick. Then we’ll deliver                                                Idaho Youth Ranc
                                                                                                                                          h • 1-877-81
                                                                                                                                                       7-81   41 •

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