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					1                                                                                                             Fancy Cats Rescue Team

The Scratching Post
Volume 7, Issue 2 • Autumn 2003                                                                 In This Issue…

e Scratching Post is the biannual newsletter of the Fancy Cats          1      A Letter from our President
Rescue Team. Issues are printed in February and September.               2      Rescue Me
Submissions should be sent to Newsletter Editor, P O Box 182,            2      In Memoriam: Bernie and Bianca
Herndon, VA 20172-0182, or by e-mail to              3      Ask Aggy
                                                                         3      Sabrina, A Fancy Cats Success Story
Fancy Cats Rescue Team is a  (c) () non-profit organization          4      Volunteer Opportunities
founded in August  by Catherine McCullough-Awad and                  4      The Youth Volunteer Program
incorporated in February  in the Commonwealth of Virginia.           4      Fundraiser: Cat Paintings by Mary Reilly
Fancy Cats Rescue Team is an all-volunteer organization with no
                                                                         5      Success Story: Taylor
paid staff. Most volunteers have full-time jobs or are students and
donate their non-working hours to help save cats from needless
                                                                      A Letter from our President

    “Our Mission is to end needless euthanasia by having our          is Spring and Summer have flown by for Fancy Cats, with the
     cats spayed and neutered…to find suitable lifetime homes        much-anticipated advent of kitten season. Our volunteers and
     for our cats with loving adopters… to educate potential          foster homes have all been overwhelmed with the need to provide
     adopters on issues such as sterilization, declawing, and         shelter and tender loving care to the full range of needy felines.
     behavioral problems.”                                            We have had many orphaned bottle babies, pregnant cats, cats
                                                                      with young kittens, and litters of just about weaned kittens. In ad-
A copy of the latest financial report and registration filed by       dition, we have continued to focus on hundreds of adult cats who
Fancy Cats Rescue Team may be obtained by contacting the State        have needed to be rescued and placed in loving homes.
Division of Consumer Affairs, Department of Agriculture and
Consumer Affairs, P O Box 1163, Richmond, VA 23209.                   e wonderful news is that this year, as of the end of June, we had
                                                                      found homes for  more cats and kittens than during the first
Donations to Fancy Cats Rescue Team are tax deductible.               six months of . We are on track to far exceed our  totals
We are an approved United Way/CFC organization, United                of rescued cats and kittens. We have accomplished this while still
Way . You can also donate online through our Web site,           providing a quarantine home for our cats during the first two                                                    weeks they are with us and ensuring that they are provided with
                                                                      all basic medical care and tons of love and attention before mov-
Fancy Cats Rescue Team Board of Directors:                            ing to our PETsMART adoption center to seek forever homes.

Rose McKinney, President                                              It is through the tireless dedication and unstingting hard work
Evelyn Sobera, Vice President and Executive Director                  provided by our volunteers that we have been able to accomplish
Kristen Tunstall, Secretary                                           this impressive achievement. It is hard to imagine how much time
                                                                      and effort it takes for our kitten foster families to successfully
Jill DeRoos                    David O’Donnell                        raise a litter of kittens from birth, or bottle baby status, to readi-
Lisa Robinson                  Lois McCormick                         ness for adoption. While they are small the kittens are terribly
Amanda Rutkowski               Paige Leverett                         fragile and require a great deal of attention to survive. is year
Marta Kirik                    Anice Ogden                            we have weathered deadly upper respiratory virii, devastating di-
                                                                      arrhea due to parasites and worms, and an unprecedented number
                                                                      of ringworm cases. Nursing young kittens through all of these
                                                                      problems can be exhausting, both emotionally and physically.
                                                                      Many foster families have lost kittens despite their best efforts.
Newsletter masthead designed by David O’Donnell, Web master.          Others added weeks to normal foster time in order to ensure that
A full-color, downloadable PDF version of this report is available    their kittens were totally over their maladies. en it was neces-
on our Web site:                                  sary to take the babies to PETsMART for weekend adoption fairs
                                                                      until every kitten had a new, loving home, and to follow up with
1                                                                                                             Fancy Cats Rescue Team
2                                                                                                                Fancy Cats Rescue Team
the new owners to help integrate the new family members into               Rescue Me
their forever households. Anyone who came in to our adoption
center toward the end of Summer probably observed a number of
worn out foster moms there with their kittens. And kitten season           Rescue me not only with your hands but with your heart as well.
is not over! ese volunteers are the backbone and heroes of                   I will respond to you.
Fancy Cats.                                                                Rescue me not out of pity but out of love.
                                                                              I will love you back.
ough it was rewarding to have increased the number of kittens             Rescue me not with self-righteousness but with compassion.
adopted so far this year, we have also significantly added to the             I will learn what you teach.
number of adults placed into new, loving homes. We continue                Rescue me not because of my past but because of my future.
to adhere to our new philosophy of rescuing cats from animal                  I will relax and enjoy.
shelter euthanization rooms and from the streets where they were           Rescue me not simply to save me but to give me a new life.
homeless and afraid. It is tremendously rewarding to work with                I will appreciate your gi.
these cats, who in almost all cases only needed another chance to          Rescue me not only with a firm hand but with tolerance and
show what lovely companions they could be. I couldn’t count how            patience.
many times our volunteers have remarked that they wish they                   I will please you.
could take home one or another of the gorgeous, loveable cats we           Rescue me not only because of who I am but who I’m to become.
have had at PETsMART and in foster homes this year (if only we                I will grow and mature.
had endless room and time at home). For the volunteers, it is a            Rescue me not to revere yourself to others but because you want
wonderful feeling to send a favorite cat home with her new family          me.
and to hear later how much they love these formerly unwanted                  I will never let you down.
cats.                                                                      Rescue me not with a hidden agenda but with a desire to teach me
                                                                           to trust.
We are sincerely grateful for the generosity of our supporters, our           I will be loyal and true.
veterinary clinics, the Homeless Homer™/Free Revolution® Adop-             Rescue me not to be chained or to fight but to be your companion.
tion Program, the Fair Lakes PETsMART staff and our adopting                  I will stand by your side.
families, the vets at VETsMART, as well as the much appreciated            Rescue me not to replace one you’ve lost but to sooth your spirit.
financial contributions of our friends that have enabled us to help           I will cherish you.
hundreds of wonderful cats. We invite you to visit our lovely cats         Rescue me not to be your pet but to be your friend.
and kittens on our website or at our adoption center at the Fair              I will give you unconditional love.
Lakes PETsMART soon.
                                                                           Author Unknown
                                        —Rose McKinney, President                                      —Submitted by Cynthia Kochendarfer,
                                                                                                        FCRT Volunteer and Foster Mother 

Help the environment and even more cats!
                                                                           In Memoriam: Bernie and Bianca
Do you have Internet access at home? Receive the Fancy Cats
                                                                           Adopted from FCRT in March , Bernard and Bianca (former-
Rescue Team newsletter, e Scratching Post, via e-mail! Published
                                                                           ly Luke and Gwyneth) were a gi. I had lost my cat of fourteen
twice a year, Scratching Post will be delivered as a full-color PDF
                                                                           years, Keiki, only a year and a half before and had decided to
document. You will get to see our publication in color before it
                                                                           volunteer for FCRT to help heal. e first night I volunteered,
goes to press, save trees, and help our environment; but you will
                                                                           Bernard crawled in to my lap. ough very shy, Bianca quickly
also help Fancy Cats Rescue Team direct even more of our funds
                                                                           followed. I knew immediately I just had to take them home. ey
to the critical task of rescuing cats and kittens and placing them in
                                                                           were inseparable, and I know now they are no longer in pain.
loving homes. Each printed issue costs some  to publish!
                                                                           Bernie and Bianca are finally together, forever. ey were the best
                                                                           cats anyone could ever ask for. ank you for the love you gave
To sign up for e-mail delivery, send an e-mail message containing
                                                                           unconditionally. I will miss you guys.
your name and postal address, and the e-mail address to which
you would like to get future issues, to

Please rest assured that Fancy Cats will not provide your address to any
third parties. We need your postal address to match you in our mailing
list so that we don’t send duplicate (printed) newsletters.
                                                                 —Ed. 

                                                                                                                         Bernie and Bianca
                  What’s Coming Up?                                               Bernie
    Check out our upcoming events on our calendar on the Web
    site:                                                                                                  —Carly Ikuma
3                                                                                                               Fancy Cats Rescue Team
Ask Aggy                                                                 Some of us have had even better success controlling aggression
Dear Aggy:                                                               problems with a new product call Comfort Zone™, a spin off of
         I have two kitties and would like to add a parakeet to the      Feliway. Comfort Zone is a plug in which, life room fresheners,
household. Is it possible to have cats and birds in the same house?      spreads the product by heating fluid in a container and turning
Yours truly, Birdie Catloose                                             it into an airborne substance. e product covers - square
                                                                         feet with one plug in. Plug it in where kitty frequents and forget
Dear Birdie,                                                             about it for a month. Several of us with multiple kitties have no-
          e short answer to the question is YES; birds and cats         ticed a dramatic decrease or complete elimination of spraying and
can live harmoniously as long as their owners take the time to           aggressive behavior. One plug in lasts about four weeks and it is
think about safeguarding their new, feathered friend. First, don’t       advisable to use one refill to assure behavior has been modified.
underestimate the cleverness of kitty. You must make sure your
bird has a cage with the right size bars for that type of bird and      One of the vets that Fancy Cats uses has installed a Comfort Zone
that the cage is stable and secure. Don’t put your birdcage on a        in their cat and dog area to relax the animals while staying at the
stand that can be tipped over—either put the cage on a sturdy           vets (there is a dog version of Comfort Zone). How thoughtful!
piece of furniture close to a wall or hang the cage from the ceiling.
Placing your bird in a room with a door is a great idea. You can        If you are trying to resolve spraying and urinating problems
regulate access to the cage, especially when you’re away. Putting       please remember, a trip to the vet is the first step in the process.
a bell on your kitty’s collar helps your bird know when Tiger is        Although spraying is usually a behavior trait, it’s always good to
approaching. Never have your cat in the room if you bird is out         make sure your cat doesn’t have a urinary tract problem. Some-
of its cage. Both animals can be unpredictable and in a second or       times spraying and inappropriate urination appear similar.
so your birdie can be history. Also, cats have a certain bacteria in
their saliva called Pasteurella bacteria. While this bacteria is part   Please note that Fancy Cats does not endorse the use of any prod-
of the normal flora in your kitty’s saliva, it is deadly to birds. Even uct mentioned in Aggy’s column.
casual contact should be avoided. Make sure all openings to the
cage are secure from unexpected openings by either kitty or birdie. Write to Aggy at She’ll answer if she can! 
If needed, you can use metal twist ties to secure the doors and
other openings for a small bird.                                        A Fancy Cats Success Story
e good news is that with time you can train most cats to under-
stand that the little fellow in the cage is a friend, not dinner. Many
cats lose their fascination with their caged friend aer a while,
especially if many attempts at getting to that bird in the cage have
failed. Just be careful and make sure any interaction is between
bars. Take it from Aggy, who has lived with birds for over a year
now: they’re fun to watch, but Mom has made it clear that touch-
ing one of our feathered friends would not be a good idea.

By the way, check out a Web site called if you’re
interested in adopting a bird. It has all sorts of great tips for the
new bird owner.
                                                                                        Sabrina –  years old (adopted )
Dear Aggy,
           Have you folks at Fancy Cats had any experience with          Sabrina has become my baby. We went away on vacation for a
Feliway®, the cat pheromone product? Before I invest in a bottle         week and I was so scared that she was really going to grieve while
I’d like to know if it really works? Signed, Tommy T. Catto              I was away. A neighbor that lives next door doesn’t work and
                                                                         agreed to spend time with Sabrina while I was away. I could not
Dear Catto,                                                              imagine Sabrina without human contact for a week! She loves
          Many of us at Fancy Cats have used Feliway with varying        affection and must have it every day. My neighbor fell in love
rates of success. Feliway is a “copy cat” version of the feline facial   with her. She really did well while I was away on vacation. I have
pheromone, which is the same invisible substance kitty secretes          never seen an animal so happy to see her owner when I got back. I
on you or your furniture when he affectionately rubs his jowls           thought she never leave me alone! I would be reading a book and
against you. e object of this product is to use it on certain areas     she’d crawl right up on my chest or my lap and demand attention.
where kitty has urinated inappropriately or sprayed, or use it in a      She is as playful as ever and eats like a pig. She loves to cuddle un-
small area kitty frequents to lower his stress level and make him        der the blankets at night. I take her to PETsMART to get groomed
feel more comfortable. Before using this product on an area that’s       every once in a while. She is a pampered cat. I don’t know how
been soiled, you must clean and enzyme the area thoroughly. If           many times I have to say thank you for her. When I think back
you do this and are religious about using the product several            to the first time I held her, I would have ever imagined that she
times a day, the success rate is pretty high. To reduce stress we’ve     would be like she is today. A part of the family!
used it in our cat cages and in cat carriers to calm kitty during
transport.                                                                                                        —Mandy, Adoptive Mom 
4                                                                                                                Fancy Cats Rescue Team
YOU CAN HELP!                                                             just to look at the kitties. We ended up bringing home two kittens
Volunteer for Fancy Cats Rescue Team                                      to foster, and we eventually adopted them. While we were foster-
                                                                          ing them, I brought them up to the adoption fairs every weekend,
Fancy Cats Rescue Team is looking for volunteers to help care             and I loved it so much I became a volunteer.
for our Fancy Cats. ere are a number of ways in which you can
become actively involved in our organization’s efforts to save stray      It’s wonderful to spend a few hours with cats and kittens. I clean
and unwanted cats. Even if you only have two or three hours per           out cages, make sure the cats have fresh food and water, pet and
week to contribute, we need your help!                                    hold the kittens and cats, and talk with potential adopters about
                                                                          the kitties. It’s such a wonderful feeling when the cats get adopted;
Here are some examples of the volunteer roles that are available          I love cleaning out the cages because it means a cat has gone
for adults and young volunteers:                                          home. I called my neighbors about a cat who seemed perfect for
                                                                          them, and they came and adopted her. I was so happy to see her
•   Caring for cats at the Fair Lakes PETsMART Adoption Center            go home!
•   Helping with Fancy Cats Adoption Fairs
•   Transporting cats to and from veterinarians for medical work          While my friends were trying to figure out how to get five com-
•   Fostering cats/kittens in your home                                   munity service hours for school, I already had  hours from
•   Helping with fund-raising activities                                  Fancy Cats. Going to PETsMART to volunteer is what I look
•   Helping with publicity and information about Fancy Cats Rescue Team   forward to most about every weekend. It’s my favorite thing to do.”

No matter what your age may be or what role you choose, volun-                                               —Jillian Cairns, Youth Volunteer
teering with Fancy Cats will be a rewarding experience for you!
You will learn that your contributions really count while directly        “We have done a number of different volunteer jobs with our Mom
supporting our organization’s goal of finding loving life-long             for Fancy Cats this summer, starting with cleaning at one of the
homes for our Fancy Cats.                                                  quarantine foster homes twice a day while Lisa was away on vaca-
                                                                           tion. We also helped clean at the other quarantine foster home,
If you would like to become involved with our organization,                and medicated the cats there twice a day, while Cathy was away.
please visit our Web site to learn more about volunteer opportu-
nities. You may also call our voice mail line at /- and         We have been cleaning the cat cages at PETsMART every Friday
leave a message under the option for “Volunteer Opportunities.”           during the summer vacation. We really enjoy working with the
We hope to hear from you soon!                                            cats—we like being able to get to know them, and while we are
                                                                          cleaning their cages, we let them out to run around and stretch
                                                 —Lois McCormick         their legs. We also brush those cats who need it… they really
                                                                          enjoy it!
About the Fancy Cats Youth Volunteer Program
                                                                          We both love cats, and enjoy being able to help our Mom out, too.
Fancy Cats Rescue Team has a terrific cadre of Youth Volunteers           Our Mom and Dad believe that it’s important for us to have some
who help us out in so many ways! If you or your son or daughter           kind of volunteer responsibilities. Helping out at Fancy Cats give
loves animals and wants to help find them loving and permanent            us the chance to do this, and it’s a bonus that we really enjoy it!”
homes, we would love to have your help. Another plus for our
Youth Volunteers is that Fancy Cats Rescue Team service counts                                                 —Tansy and Kirsten de Roos 
toward goals for volunteer community service hours set by the lo-
cal school systems. Please note that Fancy Cats Youth Volunteers
must be  years of age and must have their parents’ permission
to volunteer with us.
                                                                               Help Raise Money for Fancy Cats Rescue Team!
e two main jobs that our Youth Volunteers fulfill are caring for
cats at the Fair Lakes PETsMART Adoption Center and helping                    Fancy Cats Rescue Team has teamed up with a local
with Fancy Cats Adoption Fairs. Both jobs are extremely reward-                artist for a fund-raising project. Mary Reilly of Creative
ing for young people, as you can tell from reading about the                   Brush Studio in Manassas has created a number of beau-
experiences of some of our Youth Volunteers below. Please contact              tiful limited edition prints of cats and kittens.
us if you want to help our Fancy Cats!
                                                                               Mary has generously agreed to donate a portion of the
“My friends call me CatWoman. My wall is covered in cat post-                  proceeds of the sale of each print ordered through Fancy
 ers and cat calendars. My bath towel has a cat on it. I am always             Cats Rescue Team to our organization. Watch our Web
 covered in cat hair. Ask anyone who knows me what my favorite                 site for more details on how you can indulge your love
 animal is, and they will definitely tell you “CATS!” Naturally, when          of cats and also help further Fancy Cats Rescue Team’s
 I found out that I could volunteer with Fancy Cats, I took the op-            efforts to rescue stray and unwanted cats and find them
 portunity.                                                                    loving, adoptive homes!

In late September of , my Mom and I went up to PETsMART
5                                                                                                                        Fancy Cats Rescue Team

Hello! My name is Taylor

I am a four-year-old neutered male white and brown tabby
with the most beautiful green eyes. I am a very timid little
guy who becomes very affectionate and talkative aer I get
to know a person and realize that I will not be hurt again. I
was abandoned by my original owners and subsequently
hit by a car. is resulted in my right front leg having to be
amputated. I know you must be thinking, “how does he get
around with only three legs?” but let me tell you, I can run
up and down the stairs, jump up on chairs and beds, follow
you around with my rabbit-type hop and us my litter box
like a pro! is disability has not slowed me down!

Aer the accident I was rescued by a nice couple that took
me to the emergency vet to have my injuries evaluated. ey
were unable to keep me due to a pending divorce so aer a
lengthy stay at the vet clinic I was placed in the local shelter.   Some of our Youth Volunteers helped raise money for Fancy Cats by painting
Scared and abandoned again, Fancy Cats Rescue Team                  bricks and selling them as artworks. You can see their report above. Thanks,
rescued me out of the shelter the day I was going to be put         Volunteers!
down.                                                               A larger, color copy of this art can be found on our Web site, with the PDF newletter.

                                           Let me tell you a               them. Children scare me also because I am very vulnerable due to
                                           little more about myself.       my disability. My ideal home would be as an “only” cat in an adult
                                           I currently reside in a        “only” home. If you can find in your heart to take me in to your
                                           foster home. I am very          home, I promise that I will love you forever!
                                           clean and neat. I am in
                                           excellent health, with a        P.S. If you any questions about me, please contact Evelyn at
                                           beautiful coat. I eat only, or call 703/464-0760 and leave a message
                                           dry cat food. I am not a        on line #1.                                                    
                                           lap cat. I tolerate having
                                           my nails clipped. I love
                                           to be petted and will
                                           rub around your legs
                                                                                        Since January 2003, Fancy
and gently push my nose into your hand so that you will scratch                         Cats Rescue Team has
behind my ears. I don’t really like to be picked up. I love to play
with my catnip mouse,                                                                   placed over
feather wand and little
balls. My watchful eye
never passes up col-
ored string or ribbon. I
currently reside with
two other cats, but I do
not feel comfortable or                                                                                           cats in
really like other cats. I
am scared of them and                                                                                        new homes.
become very defensive
when I am around
                                                                                                     That’s meowvelous!
6                                                                                                              Fancy Cats Rescue Team
                                                                                                           A copy of the latest financial
                YES! I want to contribute to Fancy Cats Rescue Team!                                       report and registration filed by
                 Nearly  of your donation goes toward the care of rescued animals*                     Fancy Cats Rescue Team may be
                                                                                                           obtained by contacting:
Name:        _____________________________________________________________________
                                                                                                           State Division of Consumer
Address: _____________________________________________________________________                             Affairs
City:        _________________________________________ State: _____ ZIP: ____________                      Department of Agriculture and
                                                                                                           Consumer Services
Phone:       __________________________ E-mail: ___________________________________                        P O Box 1163
Fancy Cats Rescue Team is a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization; your contribution is tax deductible!      Richmond VA 23209

                                                      Did you know…                                        Registration does not imply en-
                                                       feeds one cat for a month.                       dorsement, approval, or recom-
                                                       pays for insulin for one month for a diabetic    mendation by the state.
* Each year, we spend a considerable amount of         cat.
money in our spay and neutering of cats, as well
as caring for some of the more serious medical         pays for one male cat to be neutered.            Please make your check payable
conditions that we inherit from shelter-bound or       pays for one month of latex gloves to            to Fancy Cats Rescue Team and
abandoned cats. Fancy Cats regularly has cats in       sanitarily clean cat cages.
long-term foster care with FIV, FeLV, diabetes, and
                                                                                                           mail it to us at:
                                                       pays for one female cat to be spayed.
emotional problems. Please help us keep these cats
healthy and safe. Send your donation made out to:
                                                       pays for dewormer for  kittens.                Fancy Cats Rescue Team
                                                       pays for five cats to be tested for FeLV/FIV.   P O Box 182
     Fancy Cats Rescue Team                            pays for an elderly cat to get a dental.
     P O Box 182                                                                                           Herndon VA 20172-0182
                                                       buys one quarantine cage.
     Herndon, VA 20172-0182                            buys  cats litter for six months.             We are a non-profit organiza-
or donate via Paypal, iGive, or on our    , provides  cats food for a month.           tion; your contribution is tax
Web site:
                   In addition to our own Web site (, you can see many of our cats at
                               the PetFinder Web site:

Fancy Cats Rescue Team                                                                                         NONPROFIT
P O Box 182                                                                                                   US POSTAGE
Herndon VA 20172-0182                                                                                             PAID
                                                                                                             PERMIT NO. 6205
                                                                                                             CENTREVILLE VA

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