; Color Blindness JACOB LAWRY Color Blindness
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Color Blindness JACOB LAWRY Color Blindness


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									                                           JACOB LAWRY

                     Color Blindness

Information on color
Color blindness is when                                 effect on color
someone cannot see cer-                                 blindness. Some
tain colors in the normal                               symptoms of color
way. This disease can be                                blindness are, diffi-
either minor or severe.                                 culty distinguish-
Color blindness doesn't                                 ing between col-
mean someone is blind.                                  ors, inability to see
They can still see and re-                              shades or tones of
act exactly the same but                                the same color,
react differently to colors.                            and rapid eye
Dogs are also not color blind they      movement in severe cases of color
have normal vision like humans.         blindness. So far there have been
This disease is also a recessive dis-   no recorded treatments for color
ease that gets passed down from         blindness. There are three differ-
generations. It is found in the x       ent types of color blindness, pro-
chromosome and chromosome               tan, Deutan, and Tritan.
pair number seven. Severe indus-
trial pollution can have a minor

Fac t s o n c o lo r b l i n d n e s s
8 percent of all men have color         woman are color blind. Color
blindness. If a woman is color          blindness is also called Datonisim.
blind al of her sons will be color-     Like humans, dogs are not color
blind as well. 99 percent of all        blind. 1 of 10 men suffer from
color blind people have red-green       color blindness. Color blindness is
colorblindness. 0.5 percent of all      most often inherited .

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