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					Lesson 7               Growing in My Uniqueness
      Lesson #7 addressing the uniqueness of each of us, and as we grow
      how the entire kingdom of God is benefited.
  Foundational verses for the study: Galatians 2:20; Philippians 1:21
                                     2 Corinthians 12:10; Hebrews 4:9-11
    Contest: By the end, who can guess my type (with wings)
 A. The diversity in the Body of Christ is by design (1 Corinthians 12:17-18)
    Every member MUST grow in his/her personal health to be a blessing.
 B. The Enneagram
  1. 9 types in 3 groups – put up slide (With wings - will discuss later)
      Even though we all have some of everything, we have dominant tendencies
      These are where we draw on the Lord; Our strengths are our weaknesses
  2. Each type has an average, unredeemed, redeemed state - depending if we
      are growing in God or not.
  3. If you’re interested in honest evaluation and growth, this is for you.
  4. Helps you to understand others more, judge them less, help them more
 C. The groups – gut, heart, head - this is how you initially discover yourself
 D. The types:
  1. The perfectionist - the need to be right (life is good when all is orderly)
  2. The helper - the need to be needed
  3. The achiever - The need to succeed
  4. The artist - The need to be special (different)
  5. The thinker/investigator/observer - the need to perceive
    a) Researchers, inventors, philosophers, collectors
    b) Observe all; take in information; don't give quite as much
   c) Always see more options
   d) Can be outstanding counselors
   e) Symbols: Scotland; owl
   f) Examples: college professors; Howard Hughes; Thomas
   g) Conversion - action & commitment; learning to love; get involved with people
                     Get filled with the Spirit and speak in tongues

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The Types (continued)
VI. Type 6 - The trooper - The need for security / certainty
              (the pure center of the head group)
     1. They tend to be fear based
     2. Some say up to 50% of the human race are 6s. Why?
  The Loyalist (The plus side of the negative tendencies)
                  From redeemed to unredeemed scale
      The Likable-Loyal-Dependent-Fearful-Paranoid-Psychopathic Person
 A. Overview
  1. Their weakness is fear and mistrust; Their strength is loyalty
  2. They see the world as a scary place; They overcome their fear by aligning
     themselves with a strong person, institution, or even country.
   a) Lack of self confidence leads to sixes looking for authorities or those who offer
       security. Will naturally seek out and trust authority figures.
   b) Many need an institution for security.
     1) The Catholic church is a 6 church. Why do intelligent people put up with so
        much lifeless structure? Security.
          A six will tend to, more than others, sacrifice freedom for security.
     2) Legalistic Protestant churches, as unbiblical as they are, provide security (not in
        the Lord).
       a) They manipulate people fearful of wronging God.
       b) We saw the power of this in Central America
     3) 6s can be attracted to the military, gangs, clubs, etc. Anything for security.
  3. Continually sense danger – in their psychopathic form, are victims of paranoia.
    a) Live with a sense of anxiety.
    b) Want absolute clarity (that can't be had)
  4. Sixes fight for survival, but never for success.
    a) Hitler wasn't fighting for his success but for the survival of his odd vision of
       Aryan supremacy and the world.
    b) The "Final Solution" - fear based
  5. Two types of sixes:
   a) Phobic sixes – careful, hesitant and mistrustful. Easy to lead.
     1) Tend to move to inaction because of fear; Fear is first reaction.
     2) On the positive side, they are naturally loyal and faithful. Once they decide to
        trust you, you have a friend for life.
   b) Counterphobic sixes – equally fearful of reality
     1) But do damage by denying and overcompensating for their primal fear.
        Disguise fear with bravado.
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     2) The radicals, KKKs, suicide bombers, Hitler (was scared of the Jews), etc.. Might
         look like 8s, but their motivation is totally different. Very dangerous people
    3) Racism is rooted in this - fear, and response to fear - self validating system
        "I will eliminate that which makes me afraid"
    4) Explains the rise in Islamic fundamentalism – because it provides the illusion of
        security. And, the world is becoming more uncertain.
 6. On the positive side.
   a) Are cooperative, team players, reliable. In relationships, you can count on their
   b) Redeemed sixes know how to combine holding on to tradition and taking new
       paths. They won't lose traditional values where others might.
   c) The redeemed six is a person of great courage.
B. The Struggles:
 1. Temptation – Permanent striving for security
 2. Projection - their mistrust leads to their tendency to project hostility, hatred, and
     negative thoughts onto other people, even when there is scant evidence of it, as
     in racism. Major conspiracy theorists - Unabomber types
   a) Thus in a partnership, they can advance exaggerated notions about their
         partner’s “unconscious motives.”
   b) "You can keep your stupid jack"
 3. Root sin – fear
    a) Sixes in positions of power can control others by means of fear, BUT will call
        it loyalty or obedience.
    b) Fear is located in the head – not the gut or heart. Its is interesting to note that
        the fear of the Lord is based on respect, not on anxiety.
    c) Unredeemed sixes avoid doubt. They are fussy about upholding norms, laws
        and rules. Different from the one who has to believe the rules are right.
 4. Pitfall – of the phobic sixes is cowardice
                of the counterphobic sixes is taking foolish risks.
 5. Fruit of the spirit – courage. In a moment of crisis, sixes can overcome their fears
     more easily that others.
C. Symbols
 1. Animals – Phobic - mouse - takes off at first sign of trouble (deer too)
                   Counterphobic - Rhinoceros - afraid and charges into you
 2. Country – Germany – loyal, artificial self-assuredness behind which is motivated
          by fear and uncertainty. Made Hitler's rise to power easier. Jon Perrin
          reinforces this by seeing it from the outside.
   a) Always dividing the world up into good guys and bad. WWI, WWII, etc.
   b) Even Reformation became another absolute answer to everything.
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 3. People
   a) George Bush - stay the course
      Hitler - different from Che Guevara
      Maybe Hugo Chávez; For you 24 fans, President Logan
   b) Biblical – Timothy (phobic) – Paul needs to reassure him - was faithful
                  Peter – counterphobic six
D. 6 breakdown:
 1. Healthy: Elicit emotional responses from others, engaging, appealing, endearing,
    lovable, friendly, committed, loyal, like to belong, cooperative, reliable,
    responsible, trustworthy, hardworking, dependable.
 2. Average: Fear decisions, identify with authority figure, traditionalists, team player,
    dutiful, can become unpredictable as they grow ambivalent toward authority. Can
    get grumpy, negative, obstructionist, defensive, and overcompensate.
 3. Unhealthy: Highly insecure, inferiority complex, cowardice, exaggerate problems,
    anxious, feel persecuted, abandoned, self-punishing, masochistic, paranoid.
E. Conversion and Redemption
 1. Do things to boost self-confidence.
 2. Learn to live by faith - the journey into mystery and incertitude. This is the story
    of man’s relationship with God. Mark 5:36
   a) Must experientially meet their God, THE Rock
   b) Has to move from outer authority to inner authority
 3. By nature, sixes prefer a form of spirituality that is structured, ordered, and
    controlled from the head. Look at "out of the box" spirituality.
 4. Make decisions without asking authorities for permission. Learn to disobey.
    Learn to question things.
 5. Learn to relax - check out your 7 wing.
 6. Find out what you believe and courageously follow it.

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